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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> you have another hour lifting you? we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" start now. >> we begin with a fox news alert, we are waiting donald trump's secretary of state choice. more of them going on at trump tower today, mister trump is talking to house speaker paul ryan, sitting down a second time with senator joe mention. that is going to happen on monday. a lot of intrigue going on. we are bringing it to you live on "outnumbered," here with sandra smith, rachel duffy and hashtag one lucky guy, tucker carlson, he is "outnumbered". >> profoundly but happy to be here.
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>> first time you have been on since your show. >> glad to be on this couch. i hope it will last. >> we have our own inauguration with you. >> it is not better than last year. all righty, we will take our smiley self off as we are getting new details about donald trump's choice for secretary of state. the list is getting longer and we are learning stock is rising and whose stock is falling. the decision will come down to one man. >> he met with the head of exxon. the former head of sports who took a job with that company, governor romney, rudy giuliani,
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general david petraeus, senator corker, the easy senate confirmation and the head of the foreign relations committee, talking a very diverse group, dana rohrbacher. >> jim griffin is live, good to see you. >> i spoke to a source close to the president-elect. exxon mobil ceo rex fullerton who met with donald trump, his stock is rising, invited back for another meeting in coming days. run a multimillion dollar business, 50 countries worldwide. he had to negotiate deals in yemen with close ties to vladimir putin in the boris yeltsin era. rudy giuliani is in hot water desp
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most loyal supporters and closest allies. and he is not coming in and out of trump tower. and -- the speech he gave -- and trump and romney reportedly had to demonstrate the one he settles on in the end. unfortunately when trump settled on john kelly for homeland security, would have made his cabinet look too much -- too many four star generals but trump likes general david petraeus and i would not be surprised if there was something on him. and my colleague john roberts first reported last week that bolton is still being considered
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for the position of state that is secretary of state, dana roback are is also being considered. senator bob corker who conway said would have an easy confirmation, and considered for the top spot. >> let's start with rex and his close ties with vladimir putin, russian president. is that a pro or con? >> coming up the honda. the generals are in charge and in control of the agencies. the thing to know about the secretary of state job is it has changed over the past eight years and climate is a huge part of it. the focus of the pentagon and federal agencies. one of the tasks of this administration will be to assess the deals and positions they made on climate and unravel or
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pursue and even consider a valid question, considering a very big statement that we are not on the same page. >> criticism for donald trump going up to the election, ties with vladimir putin. pros and cons irrespective of climate change. >> to address my personal opinion i have a lot of trouble, what does it mean? russia is one of the biggest energy boosters in the world. close ties with the russian government, the government of nigeria and texaco and energy sequences around the world. it is something we don't know and -- >> negative implications, one of the largest energy companies on the planet. if he didn't have relations, he wouldn't be doing his job.
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>> i look at energy concerns between russia over ukraine. a rival does that. they talk smack, throw shade. mitt romney said some things about donald trump. >> i am surprised he is still in the running which i listened to what he said and it was pretty bad. this whole process, obviously not going to pay somebody back for having helped him on the campaign but look. there is a lot of work to be done at the state department because our position has declined under obama. we need someone who will project strength in the world and if you ask me, i like rudy giuliani and the fact he is not entering in and out of trump tower, what does that mean? he can pick up the phone and
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call donald trump. one of the strengths is he knows donald trump so well. that is a great pick. >> you have talked about who you like. any surprises on the rising and lowering stocks? >> ceos are added to the list and i like the traditional role and general david petraeus, i like mitt romney but i also -- i forgot how tough it was at the image of mitt romney talking to a country with a contentious relationship, you said donald trump would be a dangerous president. how about that? that is a conflict of interest. from the screwed up entertainment side i am getting entertainment from this. rudy giuliani is the support of chris christie, loyal supporter throughout the campaign. so many hits with early supporters and they get nothing. >> i wonder how important donald trump, with his pick, talk about
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qualifications, so many people we put on the screen are qualified. how important is it? looking at ceos, alan mullally is one of them. >> it is enormously important, trump is -- not going through a checklist. and a look at the roster of pics, under consideration. they are in common with one another in terms of what they believe, those are not the criteria. and the measures he is using. >> what about the process, the left will always criticize the other side for taking too long or moving too fast. if you look historically this is maybe even a faster pace was what do you think of the
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process? >> there were 3020 different executive branch appointees you have to come up. the top level is not as significant -- the pacing is fine. get new people. >> any final thought? >> i like the process and it is open and doesn't feel like a backroom deal, feels like he is interviewing and finding out who is the best candidate. surprising rudy giuliani is on the outs. if that is true. i believe he will pick the best person because -- >> rudy giuliani is desperate and petitioning himself, like the bachelor and -- >> all right.
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>> it is thursday, pick me, pick me. >> hillary clinton calling on congress to rein in so-called fake news. there is a lot of it out there. what she says is a threat to our democracy but who should decide what news is legitimate? didn't hillary clinton punish the false narrative about a youto video about the benghazi attack? new questions about conflict of interest. money money money. president-elect trump plans to keep his executive producer title at nbc absolutely apprentice. we will debate it ahead. rock it out. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. ensure enlive. always be you.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour.
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i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> something going on in this set. president-elect trump will be appearing on the news of celebrity apprentice but variety reports the president-elect will keep his executive producer title on the show when he takes office was no word how much he will be paid or if he will be
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paid at all the critics say it could be a conflict of interest for both mister trump and nbc since they have a news division covering the presidency was a former ethics star for president obama saying, quote, trump will be tested consciously or otherwise or use the white house to promote this. it is one more example why he must divest all his interests into a blind trust or the equivalent with broadcast related, monetized and sold to someone else. meantime trump senior advisor kelly and conway dismissing questions whether the executive producer job would interfere with mister trump's presidential duties. >> so concerned about hours and hours, presidents have a right, and the ideas days these men will be all about that is
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unrealistic, it has not happened in a lifetime. >> some extracurricular, be change -- to offend people in power. just to show them he is not playing along and tweak their sensibilities. >> quite obvious. >> it is a right. >> do you inc. it is going to fly? >> so many conflicts for trump. the funniest of them all. if i were giving him counsel i would say come on. >> people ask even if you are supportive of trump and always
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have been, knowing this will not look good, why do it? >> the american public don't have a problem with business dealings, he is still running major businesses, still an executive producer on a hit show that has been around ten years, getting money off of it, not hosting it anymore. if i were him i would take the money and give it to charity, preferably a veterans charity and move on because he is coming off of a hit show, going after saturday night live, on twitter and in the media about what a horrible show it is. the idea that nbc will start being nice to donald trump -- >> it is silly. he should not be executive producer, this is the president of the united states. the title of executive producer of the apprentice, it is silly, you need to let it go, there's plenty of work to be done. one thing i like about trump is he said i am not going to take
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vacations, i will devote myself entirely to this job and whether it is a hobby or whatever, i don't want him to do that. i want him to do his job. he doesn't need it. it is stupid. >> one of the things his supporters like about him, you cannot be independent if you are an executive producer on a show that is content driven by reality, unscripted, whatever comes up, you have to be judging character at that moment, engaged with that title and the main goal is to win. win in the ratings. that stifles your independence. >> is he going to care as much? >> if he collects -- >> his job is to help the show when. >> deal with this new tv show and it does matter to care about
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the brand of that. >> so funny all the people in this county who care i do not care about this. if you are going to get wet you might as well go swimming. he's keeping his businesses all across the country, has ties to building something in taiwan. you know who this man is, they have their eyes open when they vote for him. he conceived of the show. i have no problem with this, taking ownership of the hit tv show that helped get him elected president. >> i am the only one on his couch who was on a reality show. >> got to let it go. >> another reality tv show. >> i am not -- a skills-based contest. >> joining dancing with the stars. we have music like that. we got to work that out.
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moving on. hillary clinton calling on lawmakers in congress to address the dangers of fake news circulating online sake it is a threat to our democracy. watch. >> it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. it is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly. bipartisan legislation is making its way through congress to boost the government's response to foreign propaganda and silicon valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news. >> she didn't address the incident this comes after a man recently fired a shot in washington dc pizza place tied to conspiracy theories online linking clinton, top facebook executive sheryl sandberg making every effort to keep fake news off their site.
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obviously you think of benghazi, the youtube video that was a total lie, the reason for the i think of president clinton say it depends on what the definition of is is. they have been distorting reality for decades. >> politicians lie. what is the threat here. the threat that americans are so dumb they will have their minds controlled by foreign propaganda? the real threat, our government will decide the business of classifying some information of news, we will take steps in congress to filter out fake -- are you joking? this is a direct threat -- i am not defending inaccurate material online. there's a lot of it but i am it is old and i can tell the difference or i inc. i can. i don't want a politician deciding they will filter my
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news because they think some of it is fake, bells are going off. >> facebook is saying they will hire them buddy to do this. not just the government, nbc, social media platforms we get our news from and 80% of people said i can figure this out on my own and they don't want access. 81%. they can distant was between real music and fake news. >> facebook has had its own issues anyway with conservative filters that they had and the news tilting one way toward the left and so on and so forth. i love what you said. a couple hours ago on one of the alphabet soup networks, a lot of letters in the networks, their anchor was reading about a christmas party and said think about a hotel in washington now. that he, mister trump, need to be eating only a trump restaurant, staying only in a trump hotel? the rnc is having their christmas party at the trump hotel in washington. fox news is having their
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christmas party there too. doesn't that feel a little hanky? it feels like it is not true. you are nbc on my. have you gone to the party? >> we are having a christmas party at a bar across the street. >> my point is there is a lot of information that needs to go back to the truth zone. there is fake news, that statistic speaks highly. >> it is a call for censorship. this is a politician with a vested interest in information reaching you say we are going to control what you read or hear. that is totally out of bounds. teachings what do you think? >> it is about controlling
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thought and hillary clinton making excuses for why she lost. >> it affected the outcome of the election. >> she should stick to taking weird selfys. hi times on wall street, setting a record after a record sent president-elect trump money, what do members of the cabinet say? mister from promising great jobs for americans, but what about waiter -- better wages? a forecast for the american dream. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> fox news alert, we are keeping an eye on wall street, the tao at 53 points.
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19667. and the surgeon is anything to do with mister trump's cabinet pick. and deregulation moves are coming, four members of his administration are millionaires. aggregation -- and that is the education secretary with $5 billion and treasury secretary steve nguyen, mister trump defended his decision to make these hires. >> i want people who made a fortune because they are negotiating with you, okay? no different than a great baseball player or great golfer -- so proud to do it. these people have given up fortunes of income in order to make one dollar a year. so proud to do it. you watch what is going to happen. it will happen fast.
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>> some say those billionaires, it has given them confidence that these are people who know business and rolling back regulations and lowering taxes will be great for the economy. then critics say how can these guys be in touch with the working-class voters that elected trump? >> i do think the steve mnuchin pick is a little weird but i don't think anyone in wall street is worried about trump. i don't fully understand that pick but the macro point, it is a downturn, still seeing declining life expectancy in the middle-class. and extended middle finger from america's middle-class so it is not a direct connection for how markets to and the group fares. in answer to the question what do you do to restore fortunes? >> to see the stock market
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thriving. >> the economy crashed, wall street and the tao, after his election. >> you get a bounce after the presidential election and democrat or republican, this is like nothing we have seen in recent history. be change as to do with his wall street pick. it will be more impressive if he keeps holding this. >> fair enough question. this is still obama's economy and a reflection of obama's economy. >> the pics show the results driven administration, someone who understands the effect of regulations was more than tax reform, getting rid of these regulations, and being strangled by regulation and his resilience
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and the pent-up energy. we will see the bump and it will last. >> they are seeing the enthusiasm for main street. a stock market rally for low interest rates, and jumping in wanting to participate in this rally. >> the fed will meet next weekend we are anticipating they will raise via quarterdeck and two or three times over the next few months which means you lock in and get a house, you might want to enter rather than later. what tucker was fascinated by is the idea what people feel rather than what they see. are we looking at that with the economy numbers and looking at numbers all along and numbers have shown a lower unemployment across the country but when you ask people how they feel it is incongruent to what they see. >> the labor department asked
9:33 am
last year can you scrape up $400? you couldn't. clearly it is a lot of money. it could go to 30,000. maybe it will end it would not solve the problem which is any quality. i'm not a marketing guy. with massively unequal distribution of wealth you have an unstable society. >> i live in small-town america and talk to many business owners and they are excited about this. they understand what this will do to their businesses. this is not just wall street, it will trickle down to main street and impact. >> that stay right here. we see the stock market surge. a new study with grim news for the american dream which rachel brought up, researchers at harvard, stanford and university of california compiled tax and census data and this is what they found was the percentage of people who make more than their
9:34 am
parents did buy a -- around age 30 has plummeted over the years with 90% of people born in 1940 did better than their parents by age 30. by 1960 the number dropped to 60%. 4 people who were born around 30, only half make more than their parents did. all of this is adjusted for inflation but we haven't seen that much recently. what are your thoughts? >> part of it is to be expected but the country was industrialized, there was a lot of work and an increase in life expectancy says that is what happens when you goes from agrarian economy, but it is still ominous. it is not just the whole country that is stalled. the top percentiles are richer than they have ever been. i'm not attacking rich people. i am excluded from the deal and make the country volatile. >> look at the billions of
9:35 am
bernie supporters. what about -- maybe it is not all the economy but a change in perception of what success really looks like? >> the american dream depends -- in a country that is prosperous because people achieve their american dream is about risktaking, and organizes running the country. we have a successful businessman in the cabinet, and people will be optimistic, and free enterprise. >> you can't underestimate the depression, and statistics, specifically with males. and donald from rose to power, trying to figure out how this started.
9:36 am
and statistics how many young men in the midwest, and 6 hours of leisure time, can't find employment. it is stark and staggering. haven't really done so well in the obama years, the last generation not only did a bad job but screw the generation over and the future doesn't look so bright, one of the main reasons donald from got elected. >> you don't that. >> let's talk wages which don't think anyone dropped the word yet. stanford university economists, wages stagnated in the middle class, and better than their parents. they haven't moved, that is a huge problem for the young
9:37 am
working americans. >> the likelihood of you getting a job you don't have a college education, statistics are staggering, make less money if you don't have a college education, future doesn't look as bright, catch-22 because you are forced to go to college, strapped with all these loans but when you get out the jobs not there. >> the adjustment clinton and trump made in late summer to talk about the issue of student loans. i remember that. is that coming out of the blue or is that bernie supporters who are angry? my question for you would be something -- stop it. on the other side. >> what about donald trump's policies meet this -- >> the talk and -- talk about tax reform, corporate taxes. all of that is being a -- i'm a
9:38 am
little concerned about how fast the stock market is rising. anticipation of him going into office. he has to live up to all that. i am not saying he won't the stock markets have a history of going -- by the river sell the facts, not that this is a rumor but the fact that he becomes the president, i talked to a lot of wall street -- and going back to talking about interest rates. >> is the level of personal debt the average person under 40 is carrying? not just student loans with credit card debt which it is so enormous. >> into the deep end of the ocean. plenty about safe spaces for liberal college students in the aftermath of president-elect trump's victory but what about trump supporters? students at one school who voted for the winner i saying they feel their views are being
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denigrated and they want a safe space. should they get it or is that hypocritical? for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the
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>> it is and does liberal college kids who want safe spaces, now trump supporters want them too. the new york times spoke at the university of michigan se canceling of classes after the election, for traumatized of her classmates makes them feel like their views aren't respected. one of the same know what is dying the united states is not died, democracies more alive than ever since we put the american people voted and trump won. the conservative students are right to demand the same sympathy as the liberals wanting safe spaces and what not? >> the whole --
9:44 am
>> you think -- >> it is possible, the whole point of voting for trump, safe spaces, i wish someone instead of demanding their unequal safe space would stand up and call the bluff when forcing this stuff is name-calling and fear. you can't into a position rashly. you have no real case, you compare your opponent to hitler and try to make them be quiet and i won't take it in here is what i believe, they don't know what they believe, make a real argument, that is what works. >> you were the one who was in college most recently. i that liberals defy it. i know about college statistics, i don't want to tell anybody what i feel because they are afraid they will get not just a grade deduction for it but call the racists for having a trump sticker on the back of the book. >> in my four years of columbia
9:45 am
i met one of the republican the entire time i was there. don't know it is because young people are indoctrinated in college, i went to a liberal school, i have no idea but you can't want a safe space yourself and the against the concept of safe spaces. what turned me into a conservative was having to defend my during the iraq war. a bunch of people who had no idea about the real world around them and makes you stronger. you want to be smarter, stronger, tougher, don't ask for safe spaces. >> you talk to so many young people on your show, you ran fierce debate, what would you tell someone to do? a republican at this university, what do parents tell their kids to do? >> call the bluff of the people doing it. what exactly -- you really don't believe people ought to have a spirited public debate?
9:46 am
you are against freedom of speech cruelly really? press the point rationally. they can't defend their position is that is why they call you hitler. >> can they call you -- >> i think they melt when the sunlight is turned on them. >> young kids have social media, want to make your professor famous? it can happen. there is power in this. >> isn't it time we start demanding diversity of political thought? there is diversity of everything, race, gender, religion. >> as many contribution about gender electricity why not diversity of thought, and why doesn't that exist on universities? >> at some universities, they are asking a lot of -- it doesn't stop. >> you mention columbia. >> the most liberal school in the world. >> there are colleges that are
9:47 am
predominantly black colleges but you have diversity of thought on college campuses. >> parents to be better consumers of higher education and we should reward schools that are fair and just. >> more nonblack stewards -- students at columbia, there is no diversity at all. >> he is "outnumbered" and get the last word. hollywood continuing to lash out over donald trump's victory with one famous to the creator putting his career on hold to fight the president-elect's proposed policy. is this getting out of control? is it time for liberals to finally accept the election results?
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>> more "outnumbered" in a moment. let's go to john scott with the second hour of "happening now". >> news on the president of mcdonald's the transition. a potential new pick for the interior department as speculation racks up about the secretary of state job as we await a speech from mister trump in baton rouge, louisiana.
9:52 am
fond farewell to an american hero, john glenn. we talk to fellow astronaut jean serna and and --gene cernan. take it easy on tucker. >> have a great weekend, good luck. >> a reaction to the election of donald trump. house of cards's creator putting his career on hold to focus on president-elect trump. he found the action group network in response to the election which aims to help people who promote positive race. hollywood pr company canceling a star-studded holiday party saying many people in their workplace felt underinvolved following trump's victories. it will affect planned parenthood in the defense fund. this company is sometimes back representing leonardo dicaprio. he is meeting with donald trump
9:53 am
to talk about the environment and whatever else he wants. >> the youto video get 60 million views that is how many people voted for either one of the candidates, you got to talk to that person. 's video is on fire. it continues the conversation. does this mean donald trump is bipartisan? he is laughing at his there is only one -- there is only one thing to say to leonardo dicaprio which is if you believe global warming is a existential threat to the world, we need to reduce carbon emissions you may not fly a private plane. here is why. they are not discussing science, dicaprio is not a scientist. they are making a moral case, substituting christianity among national religion among rich people we are destroying the earth and therefore immoral and if you don't buy into it you are a bad person, a denier. you want to frame it in moral
9:54 am
terms find, abide by those terms. >> your new best friend on the end of the couch. >> still trying to get over the canceling of christmas parties because of trump. talk about the grinch. what is with the planned parenthood? it is totally gross and shows how disconnected they are from middle america. this is crazy stuff if you are living in wisconsin. be change payback for the harassment. and it is unseemly. be change and -- the change you are like so sweet. >> you were like no, no.
9:55 am
>> let it go because i just think we need -- don't think they will ever accept this election. >> in the end here is the good news. this may force liberals to articulate what they believe, you say trump - you want open borders? make the case, maybe you can convince me. tell me what you think. >> they got their emails hacked. maybe not even hacked. and obtained another ways. >> they are not in the holiday spirit right now. ♪is it manwich night?
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it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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>> we want to thank tucker carlson for your time because you have a huge new show. amazing to have your show tucker carlson tonight monday through friday and it is always live. it is unbelievable and doing so well. >> awesome.
10:00 am
it is original. >> i was the first guy. >> always good to have you. we will let you know. have a great weekend, everybody, thanks for being here, we are back monday, "happening now" starts right now.


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