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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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this evening. don't forget, you can always respond @seanhannity on twitter, facebook and of course any other public social media. set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. see you back here monday night. breaking tonight, exactly six weeks before president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. president obama oesrders a new intelligence review aimed at alleged efforts to influence the 2016 election. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. the reviews comes after the dnc and the clinton campaign had embarrassing e-mails released to the public. the obama administration suspects that the russian government was behind the dnc attack. the review is scheduled to be completed before president obama leaves office. as for mr. trump, he was in michigan tonight as part of his thank you tour but did not address the controversy. in moments, we will talk to mr.
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chris stirewalt about the political implications of all of this. we'll be joined by governor mike huckabee. but we begin with kevin cork reporting from washington. >> good evening. a full review, that's what president obama is ordering his intelligence agencies to conduct into the hacking activity in the 2016 election. now this review comes after the administration has already accused russia of conducting many of the hacks that surfaced during the runup to the election. it did deny there was any impact on the actual voting outcome. but the deposit any commissioner said it's time to take stock of the u.s. cyber defense capabilities and reduce future threats. >> it's to capture lessons learned from that and to report to a range of stakeholders to include the congress. >> we're committed to ensuring the integrity of our election and this report will dig into this pattern of malicious cyber
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activity tied to our elections. >> schultz says the president expects the report to be on his dec desk before he leaves office in january. this review is happening after the democrats lost in the general election instead of say victories in 2008 and 2012 and that's led some to accuse the administration of partisanship. but experts say that's highly unlikely. >> what's unusual is the cyber feature, the ability to hack e-mails, dump large amounts of documents. that's having an outside influence so we want to make sure we're addressing that appropriately. >> specificially saying the person who stands to benefit from this kind of review is donald trump himself, not the president. back to you. >> should we be surprised by all of this? chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor. so chris did russia try to disrupt american elections?
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that's the hotly contested debate right now. >> well, of course. of course they did. why is everybody acting so surprised that russia which hates the west and nato, which wants to disrupt the west and nato tried to disrupt our elections. they've been doing it since the end of world war ii and except for a ten-year hiatus, this has been the m.o. for the kremlin whether they be soviets or under the putin regime. to undermine elections and as we can say from the partisan responses today, it's working. >> with the attempt to disrupt american elections by favoring one candidate over another? like favoring hillary clinton over donald trump or donald trump over hillary clinton? is it partisan? >> washington post reporting tonight and what would seem to be quite apparent was that trump was the preferred candidate for the russians and their hackers.
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but that's not really the point. yes, in the past they've preferred left candidates. maybe now they prefer right candidates. they're looking for somebody who is more sympathetic to the position of the kremlin. and trump has made so secret of the fact that he wants to do business with putin and do business there. so i'm sure they preferred him. but the point is to undermine the confidence, ultimate point is under mine confidence in the system. to make americans and people across the west in nato countries doubt the system and despise one another. and if you can do that by undermining the system by which we choose our dually elected officials in washington, if you can undermine confidence in that, is the news fake, u if yo can sew that out there, you can hurt america. >> they're going to do the deep dive on the cyberattacks. we're supposed to see that it's on the president's desk. we don't know if we're going to get a good look at it or some of
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it. what is the ultimate outcome? we're going to talk to somebody who says that's evidence of this hack. you're saying it's obvious that they would want to do this but is there any hard evidence? >> well, either we believe our security apparatus or we don't. if we're at the point now that we say our intelligence community is lying to us, then we're way over niagra. then we have to accept that on its face. but remember, the problem here is again partisan ranker. republicans don't want to accept the findings because it makes their guy look bad. democrats are clinging to it like life itself because it gives them an excuse why a heavily favored candidate went down in a narrow election. it's better to blame it on the russians than it is to blame it on theirandidate wasn't very good at running for president. >> joining us now, former governor mike huckabee and julie
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roginsky. governor huckabee, i want to get in there about what donald trump had to say about this. he said i don't believe they interfer interfered. every time i do something they say russia interfered. it could be russia, could be china, could be some guy in his home in new jersey. >> let's assume that russia did hack into it. it says less about our lack of cyber defenses than it does that russia would try to hack into every american system it can. do you think for a minute if they can get into donald trump's campaign e-mails that they wouldn't have done it? of course they would have. i agree with chris about. with all due respect, this notion that russia wanted donald trump to win is nonsense. the last person they want in the oval office is donald trump. for eight years they've done whatever they wanted to. they wanted to invade crimea, they did it. they want to fly flighter jets
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30 feet over the heads of an american destroyer in international waters, they did it. i don't think they're going to do that kind of stuff under donald trump because he's bringing in a new approach that america isn't going to sit back and take it in the teeth. >> clinton supporters are adamant about blaming russia for hillary clinton's loss chbl. >> the only thing i'm blaming russia for is it seems that senator mccain, senator graham, the chairman of the house homeland security committee, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, both republicans, all agree that russia most likely hacked. and quite honestly if they did, we need a national intelligence estimate and part of it needs to be declassified so that american people have some access to this information. this should not be taken as the word of our leaders. >> let me say something quickly about what governor huckabee
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said. when you have a president-elect who on the campaign trail was not aware that the russians has invaded crimea, said publicly that he might be okay with crimea being part of russia and not ukraine, saying he wants to weaken nato, saying bashar al assad is somebody we can do business with, that strikes me as somebody that vladimir putin is comfortable with. >> julie, again, that's nonsense. here's why. what donald trump is talking about with nato is making it so that the united states isn't picking up the entire check for the meal when everybody else had the buffet and we had the salad. i don't think donald trump is ready to destroy nato but nato hasn't had an effective stance against stopping the aggressive moves of russia over the past few years. as far as the hacks, let me make one point very clear. it seems that democrats are more
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embarrassed that the russians hacked the system which is a major concern and i do think that that's a bipartisan concern, but why aren't they just as worried about what those hacks revealed, that the democrats -- >> but they are, governor huckabee. congressional republicans are calling for this too. they want to learn from it and find out why it happened and how it happened. >> sure. >> but donald trump says he doesn't. i mean is that setting up for a clash within the republican party? >> no, i don't think so. i think congress has ever right -- and i think frankly they've got a responsibility to investigate it. the fact that donald trump is saying he doesn't know. at this point maybe he doesn't know. >> so julie -- >> but to say he doesn't care i don't think is fair. >> a little known facts about you since you're familiar to this audience. a political refugee from russia, 1980. a graduate degree in russian studies. i want to know what you're
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suggesting by saying you want this fully investigated and retaliate in kind. what are you suggesting? >> what i'm suggesting is that we have means -- i'm not suggesting that we start world war iii. we have means to cut off their means. we have access to their bank accounts in the city of london here in new york and real estate. we have access to hurt vladimir putin. i'm not suggesting hurting the russian people, hurting his inner circle. when you have a member of the party saying, yeah, you know what, we may have had a little something to do with wikileaks, saying that publicly right after our election, i would take him at his word and i would take him at his word that the russians are gloating over this. as to nato, i guess when russian tanks start e massing at the border, the president-elect is going to send a check and then maybe we'll consider coming to their defense.
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i don't think that's how our nato alliances worked since the 1940s and it should not work that way now. >> governor huckabee, last word to you. >> if you think jim mad dog mattis is going to sit back and let the russians do whatever they wish to do, you clearly don't understand who this man is and the kind of caliber that he's going to bring to the defense department. there's in reason at all to believe that donald trump will be anything less than a strong president, much stronger than the one in office that we've had in office for the past eight years who stood back, hands in the pockets as the russians did what they wish. >> thanks to both of you. before the president-elect is sworn in some political analysts are looking down the road to 2018. and it does not look good for the struggling democratic party. larry sabato is here next. even though mr. trump went to bat for organized labor at carrier, he's being accused of prepping for war against the
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unions. anthony scaramucci, a key member of the president's transition team is here on that. plus, a college student videos a shocking anti-trump rant from one of his professors and now the school is trying to punish him. we'll talk with the young man who posted this video just ahead. >> white supremacists and the president is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country.
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you know, so i won michigan a a and, and michigan hasn't been won for many many years. we did phenomenally in michigan and then we won wisconsin, we won wisconsin and of course we won pennsylvania. it started with ohio, that we won by almost nine points. and then iowa came in and we won by more than ten. and we won almost every single county in iowa and we won one county that hadn't been won since 1952. that's a long time.
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>> that was president-elect trump in michigan just moments ago thanking local voters for helping flip blue states like michigan to red. and before mr. trump is sworn in the political analysts are looking at what's coming down in 2018 when senate democrats will defend 25 seats. democrats haven't been that exposed in senate mid terms in more than 50 years. could we have an even more republican congress? my next guest know as thing or two about trends. joining me now is the direct of university of virginia center for politics. dr. larry sabato. what do you see in 2018? >> in the kacase of 2018, as ba as this november 8th was for democrats, i think particularly in the senate the democrats are likely to be bitterly disappointed. as you noted, out of the 33
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senate seats that are up in 2018, 25 of them are democratic, meaning democrats are very exposed, have to raise a lot of money just to protect and defend the seats they already have. only eight republican seats are up and out of those eight, at least early on only one is only vulnerable, the one in nevada. it's a great situation for democrats as long as president trump keeps his job approval high. >> so that's the keep point. so what does it have to look like, what does the donald trump presidency have to look like in 2018 for everything that you just said to still remain true? >> i think he has to show real progress on the economy and the promises that he made. the key promises that he made. and it starts out with the economy, because ten of the democratic seats, ten of those 25 seats are in states that
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donald trump carried this past november 8th. so that is a real warning sign to the democratic incumbents in those states. now in the economy doesn't improve for the voters who backed trump, who were hoping to see a turn around, then they'll be less inclined to show up and vote for republican candidates. on the other hand, if we see real economic progress and they're pleased with plump's performance, then i think some of the democrats like in north dakota and missouri and indiana and on and on, some of those democrats will be in real trouble. >> can i talk about one other number here? you say dems need the three seats to take senate control but it's much more likely that republicans go from 52 to mid to upper 50s. some believe that republicans can go to 60 or beyond. why is that important? >> well, yes. ed morsi and the hot air blog thinks that republicans could go to 62 or 63.
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and two years in advance i'm not going to argue with him. i think it's probably, you know, mid 50s, upper 50s. why does it matter. because on many subjects in the senate, in order to pass something you really have to have 60 votes. you have to control 60 votes. now you don't have to get 60 republicans to get 60 votes. again there are democrats representing red states. those who survive the election may be more inclined to vote with the republicans on certain key issues. but you have to get to 60 to make things work for most votes in the senate. >> thank you. here with more and we want to go through the numbers a little bit. chief speech writer to president bush marc thiessen and richard fowler. marc, it looks like trouble for the democrats in 2018.
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what do you see? >> yes, it is trouble for the democrats and particularly it puts them in a bind in terms of how they govern. you look at the numbers that larry just put out. there are ten senate democrat that are vulnerable because they're running in states that donald trump won, some he won overwhelmi overwhelmingly, montana, 22%, missouri 19%, indiana 19%, ohio by 8%. those democrats are going to be targeted by republicans for every single vote coming up in the united states senate. so chuck schumer, the new democratic leader, he's facing a tough senate map, a new president who's won a lot of democratic states. he's got to decide, do i let these ten senate democrats, do i release them and allow them to vote with trump and give him the votes to pass his agenda or do i force them to vote the party line. he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. if he released them and they vote with donald trump, donald
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trump becomes a successful president. passing a lot of things by bipartisan majorities and the country is happy with him. but if he doesn't release them, if he makes them obstruct, they're going to be attacked as obstructionists in the states that donald trump won. >> in the meantime, richard fowler, democrats have to decide who they want to be. and look in the mirror and reflect after this stunning loss. >> there's no question the democratic party is going to have to rebuild. but it's really, really way too early -- we're two years away from the 2018 elections, number one. this time last year we thought it was going to be a george w. -- i mean jeb bush/hillary clinton primary election. that didn't happen. we have to look to the american people and let them make the decision. marc's point, he's talking about all of these races. they're individual races.
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in virginia, former governor very popular in the state, an independent guy. he didn't vote with the democratic party all of the time or the republican party. what the democrats are going to do is this. when donald trump does something that supports working families, supports the american people, democrats will vote with him. when he goes against working families, goes against immigrants, they'll go against him. it's a simple strategy. >> marc, i'll go to you on the last point. recent polling is show that. pugh research is seeing a dramatic uptick in the way that the democrats are perceiving donald trump. this is the share of democrats who think donald trump will be a poor president. back in october, 89%. that's dropped 25 points to now 64%. >> because i think that everybody wants -- we're at the start of a new administration. everybody wants donald trump to succeed, at least most of the country wants donald trump to succeed. every president starts with a clean slate. what the senate democrats have
11:24 pm
to realize is that obstruction didn't work well for them. harry reid last 12 senate seats and lost control of the senate. does chuck schumer want to continue that reid approach of obstructing everything that donald trump does in trying to stop his agenda or is he going to release these people to cooperate. obstruction hasn't worked too well. >> thanks to both of you for being here tonight. we have a new report tonight that the president-elect could add yet another woman to his cabinet. and we'll show you how his critics are responding. plus, less than a month after his election, mr. trump was going to bat to save organized labor jobs at carrier. so why is he being accused of going to war with the union? anthony scaramucci and bud jackson are next on that. >> we did a great job for carrier with the help of mike pence. we did a great job.
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and you know we did a great job for carrier with the help of mike pence. we did a great job. but you've got to understand. we got to that table a little bit late. they already had built their factory in mexico and lots of other things and yet we saved a tremendous number of jobs. >> well that was president-elect trump talking jobs tonight at a rally in michigan. ironically while mr. trump won the white house thanks to ohio, michigan and pennsylvania, some mayo media outlets are suggesting that trump is getting ready to go to war on unions.
11:30 pm
comes after the president got involved in acarrier. he helped halt what would have been a thousand jobs and he took criticism from the union boss who said president-elect should have done more. joining me now, mr. scaramucci and bud jackson, political action committee. anthony, you have supported donald trump for a very long time. you're a member of his transition team. how would you describe his relationship as of right now with organized labor? >> well, he's definitely not going to war with the unions. he had a little issue with union leadership that is questioning his advocacy for the regular union member. speaking as a child of a union member, what i would say to fellow union poeople out there s
11:31 pm
you finally have a friend in the white house. he's a guy who went out of his way during the transition with vie president-elect mike pence to bring people jobs into indiana and to keep them there. what i would say to the union members out there, you've got a friend in the white house but union leadership should stay on their toes. >> bud, it is an important distinction to make. donald trump in the series of tweets saying that union boss is a terrible leader, doing a terrible job. he's attacking the leader, not the union itself or organized labor in general. >> he's attacking a local leader who's representing his working members. and he's being honest about it by the way. i mean donald trump said he saved 1100 jobs. the reality is he only saved 730, which is good news. >> but he saved jobs. is there good news there? he saved jobs. >> it's good news that he saved jobs but that's a small amount of number of jobs when you're the president of the united states. what he just did is basically
11:32 pm
practicing socialism and that's not coming from bud jackson. that's coming from -- >> all right. i've got to get anthony scaramucci to respond to that. >> it's not practicing socialism. >> of course it is. >> where was president -- >> putting it on the scale for one corporation in the country. >> totally not the case. a cost benefit analysis done by the state. $794 a job paid out over ten years. it's absurd to say it's socialism. the government has to be -- >> $7 million break -- >> one at a time or else nobody can hear you. anthony, i have to point out -- >> you're going to point louder than me because you're wrong on the facts. >> no, i'm not. >> you were talking to me, right? you were talking to bud. >> i'm talking to bud. you're wrong on the facts. go ahead. >> let's deal with what we know right now. and anthony we're hearing from some major union leaders coming out saying that he is not if for organized labor.
11:33 pm
randy winegarden talking about the recent nomination of the labor secretary, she's got 1.6 million members by picking him to be secretary of labor that the president-elect makes a mockery of the promises and puts the department of labor which was created to help workers squarely in hands of corporate america. >> she sounds like a labor leading burr ckr herself. what is left is really concerned about is that mr. trump and his team is going to hijack their constituency, the same way it was hijacked behind the supposed blue wall of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. what those labor leaders are really fearful of is that they've ignored their base for such a long period of time that they've allowed mr. trump and our team to come in there and be advocates for them. >> i have to reference what's
11:34 pm
going on with the economy right now, bud. there seems to be a lot of optimism out there about what the pleresident-elect announced the picks he's made so far. this recent cnbc economic survey for the fourth quarter found that the percentage of americans who believe that the american economy will get better in the next year has jumped 17 points to 42%. the stock market again closed at an all-time high today. people seem to like what's going on. >> let's wait until the rubber meets the road. but of course those people are happy. he' appointing billionaires to his cabinet. let's look at who he's appointing to these certain positions. i agree with lee saunders, the president asked me during the campaign donald trump talked a good game to working people but right now he's appointing people and stacking the deck against people. he's got a guy working for the labor department right now whose own business was cited, 50% of
11:35 pm
his restaurants were cited by the labor department that he's going to head for violating the law and now this guy is going to be running? it's like appointing criminal to a parole board. >> anthony, i know that you meet with the president-elect on a regular basis. we saw the video of you going in the lobby there. what are the president-elect's thoughts right now on organized labor? >> he loves people in the blue collar community that are part of the labor community and andy puzder is going to be focused on bringing high quality jobs to those people. >> do you think it's a good idea for him to be attacking the union leaders in the form of twitter like he is? >> when the union leaders are attacking him, mr. trump is a nonpolitician president and he's going to fight back. and the people love it. >> got to leave it there. >> the executive producer of celebrity apprentice and he's blai behaving that way.
11:36 pm
>> that is a good line. it's starting to look that the trump administration may end up with more women in key positions than the obama administration. how are the critics reacting. nomiki konst is next on the answer to that. plus, a college professor is caught on video comparing trump supporter to terrorists. and guess who the school wants to punish? you've got to see this to believe it when we come back. >> our nation is decided. it's an act of terrorism. one of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people committing the assaults are muslims. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best.
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women, thank goodness, women. man. women. the women, that was the other thing with the polls. it's like i go to these rallies and they have the pink signs all
11:41 pm
over the place going crazy, we did great with women. i want to thank the women. >> that was the president-elect talking tonight about his support from female voters. that comes on the same day we learned he is considering kathy mcmorris rogers a congresswoman from washington to be the secretary of the interior with four other women already announced for top positions in his administration. some folks are giving the president-elect a thumbs-up for his inclusivity but is it enough to silence his critics. peter doocy is reporting tonight from grand rapids, michigan. >> reporter: tonight the president-elect thank voters here in michigan and he introduced them to a new member of his team. >> i'm thrilled now to welcome to the stage, your next secretary of education, betsy davos. >> she is among four women who have already been tasked for
11:42 pm
cabinet level people in the transition. wwe cofounder linda mcma hon who mr. trump wants on top of the business. there is fifth woman may get a top job, congress mom kathy mcmorris rogers. hoping to become the interior secretary. but with the possibility of five women holding cabinet level jobs by this time next week which would be just shy of president obama's numbers, some on the left are not impressed and there is noise among the critics who are offended that anthony pud near said he liked beautiful women eating cheeseburgers. and then there's the "the new york times" opinion page who published seven areas. the paper cites votes cast in
11:43 pm
cabinet like senator jeff sessions and congressman tom price against reauthorizing violence against women act. but they accused some of the whoem are set to work at the white house of being anti-woman. that's because elaine cho has 0 kused of raising the minimum wage and because governor hailey sign into law an abortion ban of 20 week. >> thank you very much. peter doocy. nomiki konst joining me now, rachel duffy is a fox news contributor. rachel, i want to start with you first. because you are very in touch. you are part of a women's group or lead a women's group of latino women. what are you hearing? are they giving him a thumbs-up? >> i think they're opening their mind to it. we had a community organizer president for eight years. we just elected a businessman as president of the united states.
11:44 pm
hispanics start businesses at three times the rate of the average american. a lot of people don't know that. and latinos are leading that. these are entrepreneurial people having trouble with the regulations and having trouble getting access to the capital. all things that newly elected soon to be president trump is promising to fix for them. you talked about in the last segment, all of the optimism. >> not even four cabinet women for cabinet ranked positions and possibly one more, not even that silencing his critics. >> it's not just about having women -- >> extremely qualified women. >> they're qualified. no doubt about it. they have the qualifications but their backgrounds and their policies and histories and records do not reflect what's best for women. these are women who voted against pay equity. elaine chow has voted against
11:45 pm
equal pay, the paycheck fairness act, pay discrimination. >> let me ask you a simple question. what do you believe is the primary concern for the female voter out there? what is most important? >> economics. it's always about economics. and when you're against equal pay, these are the people who fought against the policies that -- >> it seemed like in the last hour, we are seeing some research showing up right now that even democrats are warming up to donald trump during this president-elect process right now. they like his picks. they're confident about the economy. look at the stock market, a record high today. >> absolutely. i think the economy likes a businessman president and likes the thing he's going to do. what's interesting to me is that the democrats see women as a special interest. i think that donald trump, if you look at these picks, they're highly talented women. even she admits that they are.
11:46 pm
that's the difference. he's not trying to people his cabinet and win women's support that way. he's putting the right people in place and it's the policy and the results of the policies are going to win women over. >> let me and you about cathy mcmorris. s >> she's amazing with, a very busy mother. as we all know, women who are very busy are very good at managing their time. >> she would know, you're the mother of eight children. >> we talk baby talk. >> and nomiki, some people are saying it's time to give him a chance, he's the president. are you doing that? are you giving him a fair shake? >> i want to. he talks about draining the swamp but the cabinet is pull of
11:47 pm
bureaucrats, people of interest, they're not white working class people who reflect the voters that he went after and he won. they're people part of the elite establishment that he fought against. >> all fired up on a friday night. thank you for being here. a college student is in hot water for recording this video. >> a white supremacist and the president who is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country. >> we're about to hear from the college republican who posted this video online and the attorney vowing to defend the student until the end. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?!
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developing tonight, a california college student is receiving threats after recording a now viral video of a professor's tirade against president-elect trump and his supporters. watch. >> white smupremacist and a president that is one of the most anti-gay people in this country. we're in for a difficult time but again i do believe that we can get past that. our nation is divided. we have been assaulted. it's an act of terrorism. one of the most frightening things for me and most people in
11:52 pm
my life is the people created, it's not a stranger from some other country attacking our sense of what it means to be an american. we're waiting on republicans and democrats and we're back to being in a civil war. i don't mean it in a fighting b way but our nation is divided as it was during civil war. >> shortly after the video was posted, a education union commented on it with a menacing threat for filming the instructor without consent. the union said that legal action is not on the table quote, the union does not intend to pursue legal action. obviously professor cox's statements, hyperbole. joining me now is the president of orange coast college republicans and attorney sean steele who is representing the
11:53 pm
students in all of this. good for both of you to be here and tonight. josh, you did not make the video but when you saw the video and your orange coat college republicans, you decided to post it online. what happened then? >> so after posting the video it actually started skyrocketing really the same day. currently we're at 18,000 views on facebook and we've recently posted it to youtube and received close to 24,000 views on youtube alone. it's picked up from the small conservative media outlets and picked up by the wagg post, the first major news outlet to report on it. >> were you or were you not threatened with legal action? >> that's completely not true. we were threatened with legal action. they posted that on our public page. and the fact that they're back pedaling now goes to show that
11:54 pm
we have them on the defense. they have nothing against us and we have maeverything to show th they're trying to farragut thta student open we want to make sure that the student is protected and to make sure that statements like what professor cox said is not going to be able to happen again. >> let me say some of the words again and get sean in here. our nation is divided we have been assaulted. it is an act of terrorism referencing the election of donald trump as our president. sean, is there any legal action here? is there anything that can be done? what other response are you seeing and hearing? >> well, first of all, this went all over america. thousands of college students got the same kind of rants, shaming, attack, hatefulness from professors. this is the video that some brave student did. and we presented it to the
11:55 pm
college president before it became viral. said you've got a problem on this campus what are you going to do about it. >> are you trying to get the instructor fired? >> no. first of all the union is lying. they threatened legal action. they put it in writing. this is the first i've heard no, we're not serious. we're not trying to get her fired. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. we wanted to get you on, show the video and tell the story.
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christmas is just over two weeks away and some are saying "settle for more" would be a great gift. tweeting, can't put down "settle for more." thanks for showing that anyone can change their life. sandra says , great read for young professionals. finishing "settle for more" last
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night. inspiring doesn't begin to kor it. thank you for joining us on this friday evening. good to have you. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith and this ♪ ha-ha, welcome to "red eye." andy. >> coming up on the big show, the washington examiner asks is donald trump already the president? i wished someone happy holidays and i'm not in jail so i guess the answer is no. and the exclusive we brought you about the australian moon who punched a kangaroo to rescue his dog. this is not just an excuse to show that video. and finally, tips on what not to do at your company's christmas party. if you work in television, don't get drunk and


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