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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jenna: we will see you back in an hour, outnumbered starts right now. harris: we are awaiting president-elect trump where he will make another stop multistop thank you tour. this is outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner, here today sandra smith, megan mccain and today #oneluckyguy. he never believes that. >> i'm outnumbered happily. i wore my holiday tie.
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harris: that's gorgeous. >> christmas spirit early. we say merry christmas on this couch? harris: you say whatever you like. we support you. we like it when a hashtag comes dressed. >> i have to bring my a-game with you ladies. harris: president-elect trump is for wisconsin after officially announcing his choice for america's top diplomat, exxon mobile rex tillerson. mr. trump tweeted earlier, the thing about best of tillerson is he has vast experience in dealing with foreign governors and i have chosen one of the great leaders of the world to be secretary of state. the oil company chief has close ties to russia and vladimir putin and his selection sets up confirmation fight against the senate. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus fired back at any criticism, watch.
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>> having relationships with people the not a bad thing. i don't know how we got to do place where having an actual functional relationship with someone who might not be a person that we first think of to have that relationship is suddenly a bad thing. we have a lot of problems in this world and we are not going to solve problems by making believe that people don't exist. harris: chief white house correspondent where president trump is set to appear later today. >> memo to president elect, dress warmly. it's 9-degrees here in wisconsin. a lot of reaction about donald trump nominating rex tillerson to be secretary of state. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said is going to throw full support and robert gates believes that tillerson has got the right stuff but a lot of members of congress, democrats and some republicans including
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senator john mccain who are concerned about how deep tillerson ties to russia goes. vladimir putin gave him an award back in 2013. a lot of members of congress want to know how deep the ties go. here he's from this morning at trump tower. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments is willing to step forward and serve our nation as next secretary of state, along with general john kelly, i think kept the -- represent the caliber of experience are coming to expect from the cabinet coming together around our president elect. we are looking forward to more announcements this week. >> that on january four slots to fill and one of those announcements soon, sources tell
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fox news that rick perry will be chosen to head up the energy department in what really is the height of irony, harris, the energy department was one of the departments that rick perry said back in 2011 when running for president that he would eliminate and one department that he forgot in the 2011 debate when it would be commerce, education and then he couldn't remember the rest. other news coming out of trump tower. donald trump was supposed to hold a press conference on thursday in which he was going to lay out the plan for him to separate himself from the businesses. he's decided to postpone that in second week of january. transition sources tell me that they bit off more than they could chew with cabinet appointments. they couldn't jam it all in, however, strategically and not saying that this is the reason why, but donald trump could have faced a lot of difficult questions on thursday regarding russian hacking by separating himself from his businesses, he
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now will not have to answer some difficult questions until after the electors vote which is next tuesday, the 19th. reince priebus said there's no big deal. >> we have one of the person that has built retails of the entire world. this isn't easy stuff. what president elect trump is doing with a lot of lawyers and a lot of people involved is just making sure that all government ethics are followed, that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed and making sure that nothing is compromised. it's going to take some time but we will get it right. >> donald trump meeting with kanye west. he wants to run for president in 2020 perhaps the president elect
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was trying to talk him out of it. harris: hey, i don't want to go too fast, always glad to hear good news about you, john, we love you. >> thank you so much. as you can see, living the glamorous life. harris: live that dream, my friend. live the dream. good to see you. all right, so david, from conjecture to confirmation. >> i think the confirmation is not necessarily in the bag but on a good track. the objections are linear, what senator mccain and what senator rubio have said about him, ignore the fact is building a team of capable people, whether it's about agreement or disagreement is off the table, first are they able to do the job, are they able to negotiate with world leaders, are they able to talk to them on a level where they understand and that
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is something that tillerson brings to the table. harris: megan i want to come to you about rex tillerson and russia. i have many thoughts on this and i have been thinking about this for a long time. he has no diplomatic experience. i'm willing to hear everyone out. i don't know a lot about this man. it's not like a mitt romney where the american knows about his team. he was given a friendship award. he toasted champagne in one onef the business dealings and has close relationship with putin. he also has a long history of working with the russians in a way that could possibly make people uncomfortable. these are all valid questions for any american. >> it's not just russia. >> could i finish because i'm the only person with a decenting opinion on this? putin is a kgb murderer.
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mitt romney when he said he had concerns about putin, president obama called him 1980's foreign policy. president bush said i looked into putin's eye and i saw a soul. both of these men have tried to do resets with putin and it's been unsuccessful. and i can go down the list since president obama voted into office, everything from crimea to assisting assad in syria. these are real concerns. if you're looking at the news last night and see what happened in aleppo, know that putin is playing a large hand in that. i take great at the idea that i'm thinking that you raise concerns of personal relationship. sandra: absolutely, they should be asked. here is the thing. evil dictators gather around oil. it's a precious resource.
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rex tillerson had to go and butt heads with everybody. he has to come out on top. i understand. they're not friends. >> he got a friendship award from the kremlin. will it impact his perspective -- harris: i want to talk about the award. what it was for it was a commercial deal. we do want to be specific about that. that is a fact. all feelings aside because facts done care about feelings. what i think what you're asking is what both democrats and republicans are asking now. look at the world in russia's world and not just syria but with iran and not just iran -- >> crimea. harris: things that we are also with them on. so those particular countries, we are part of a deal with iran. we just basically opened up all the diplomatic ties with cuba. and those are countries that they are cozy with.
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it's important to ask the questions that you're posing because that nexus includes us. newt gringrich has supported as well as robert gates. >> anyone with no history of diplomatic experience i would like to ask questions about. it's an unusual pick. i just don't want this sort of anxiety asking questions. is your relationship with putin -- >> my point is when it comes to dealing with the world and something you said is important, harris, this is not about necessarily your lack of diplomatic experience because that is not necessarily required by the way. as the ceo of corporation, you're dealing from a diplomatic point of view with these governments. you're working with teams, your side and their side and the problem we've had in the past is
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we had career diplomats who go through the process and aren't able to deal with them on a businesslike relationship. it's dealing with economic interest in those countries which is a big part of this. sandra: you keep hearing donald trump, to me a great advantage that he knows many of the players in the world and he knows them, well, okay. he went onto say. this is talking to chris wallace. he does deals in russia not for himself but for the company and as you heard reince priebus, what he did for exxon mobile was in the best interest of that publicly traded company as secretary of state he would be acting in the best interest. harris: i want to get in this news because our correspondent mike emmanuel is sending this out. schumer halls released the following statement on tillerson to serve as secretary of state. quote, while mr. tillerson's world view may not seem dangerously interventionist as
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mr. bolton or others, does that not absolve him from being asked the serious questions about relationship with russia. to your point, megan, disturbing opposition to sanctions on sanction, the paris climate agreement and how he views putin. given these serious concerns, the members of the foreign relations committee both democrat and republican because i said the distinction was bipartisan should be given ample time to study record and world view and then ask several rounds of extensive questions. charles humaner again. my question is this going to be as big maybe a supreme court pick in terms of the response that you're going to get particularly from the democrats? >> let's look at the job. the term world view is used. the job as the secretary of state is to carry out the president's doctrine on behalf of the united states. his world view thinks he's done in the past, they exist, but if he doesn't do the job of the president or what the president asks him to do, he can be fired
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right away. trump has a view, the secretary of state, this isn't hillary clinton and barack obama where she carried out world view against obama's wishes at times and doctrine disagree or agreed with it. >> what is the fear there? exxon lost $12 billion of sanctions. >> i don't think that makes any sense. he would no longer profit from anything. he's giving up a fortune by doing this. he's making a huge personal sacrifice. tillerson. he would be making a lot more money. of course, he was against the sanctions because he's supposed to be advocating on what is most profitable for shareholders. he had a legal obligation to be sued if he did not execute on what's best for shareholders. he would be force today execute on what donald trump wants him to do. he would be effective and not
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getting hoesed -- hosed were being hosed. harris: sounds like it's somebody he can speak to as the way they do business around the world. how important is the deputy of state? you talked about the idea of a backstop to that person who might not have the diplomacy that you're talking about. >> i think it's always important. if it's embassador bolton, we had people like rand paul that said they would not accept it. i will say that a final time, they're just asking questions. no one is saying hard, no, this man shouldn't continue or be secretary of state. there are valid questions about his relationship with putin that he will answer in his hearing. harris: and schumer is pressing now. this has to go forward. is there any indication that it
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won't? >> i think that's the point of having hearings and i'm excited to hear what he has to say. harris: president-elect trump's team still denying there's meddling in the election. a lot of talk about russia as hillary clinton's team is backing an intelligence briefing for electors. sour grapes? we will talk about it. you can talk to us on live, outnumbered overtime, we can't wait to see you there. you can watch us live on facebook live, outnumberedfnc, you can tweet us any time you want. tweet, tweet, birdie.
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trump senior adviser kellyanne conway says he still denies any evidence of russian meddling but that mr. trump won't stand in the way of the investigation. watch. >> when he was asked yesterday that led to his words was do you believe that they are -- that they somehow upset the election result and that's what -- that's what they did and he said no, that's what he did. he thinks it's ridiculous.
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he's the president of the united states, the legislature can do what it wants. let's make very clear that the cia in this case put out a press release. there is no report to read. there are leaks. that's what should concern all of us. sandra: this as senator mitch mcconnell appear to be breaking with president elect and hillary clinton's john podesta is backing calls for a group of electors to receive an intelligence briefing on the controversy. you seem to be chuckling at that, david. >> john podesta, anyone cares to look at senate lobby and registration they will find that the podesta group represents commercial investment bank. they are russia's largest banking concern. they also got $60,000 on the
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uranium deal. what they're doing is playing the boogie-man argument. let's talk about russia, let's talk about giving electors' briefings which they are not going to get. they will never get it. this is all a boogieman argument to keep us busy. by the way, please, donald, a little advice, let them go on hacking and go in the business of cabinet. >> democrats are being unbelievable hypocrites given the strength of putin under obama. president obama was caught saying he would have more flexibility with russia. what putin has done globally in the past eight years only when it's beneficial. save me me john podesta,
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president obama, they love julian assange, spare me. i personally don't believe it would have been impacted the election results. hillary clinton screwed herself over enough throughout the election without the help of anyone else but if russians had any impact whatsoever on anything, the american public has the right to know and my final thought. i just don't understand what the problem is with finding an investigation? if everyone is so sure -- >> the americans have a right to know and should know, melissa, if it did happen we should certainly learn from it and how it happened? melissa: without question. it seems relatively obvious that somebody who hated hillary clinton released these emails to wikileaks, right, how did they get them? then what? what do we do? what is retaliation? what do you do with the
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information once you get it? >> can i interject the process and what can happen, in order to hack into election systems in the state -- melissa: that's not what we are talking about, though, we are talking about the emails. >> the rush owns couldn't accomplish that without an army of people in the states. it didn't happen. release of the information in the emails could affect an election but how much of an affect has on the voter. again, we are back to argument that the fbi and the cia disagree. they have different burden of proofs. one has the burden of meeting a criminal prosecution which is the fbi. they disagree, they say the rnc wasn't hacked. they are looking at everything in the room, intelligence gathering. they are making a false argument to keep us busy. >> okay. >> we are out of time. >> i'm sorry. sandra: president-elect trump delaying a news conference where he will discuss plans to step
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away from businesses and hand them off to children but is putting them off a good idea? this decision as mr. trump has gone 139 days without holding a news conference. we use today keep the countdown for hillary clinton during the election, right? does he need to face the press and potentially hostile questions or is social media the best way to connect and keep up with americans. we debate that what do you think? if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new sandra: fox news alert. look at dow jones industrial average. the u.s. stock market continues to surge postelection. we're looking at it up 101 points. everybody talking about the 20,000 level. it is at just below 19,900. up half a percent. this is highs of the session right now. on pace for second straight on pace for second straight
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we'll keep watching it. president-elect donald trump delaying a much of had anticipated news conference on what role el play in his business empire when he takes office. he was supposed to speak on thursday, mr. trump tweeting, even though i'm not mandated by law to do so i will leave my businesses by january 20th. so i can focus full time on my presidency. don and eric while manage them. no new deals will be done with my term or terms in office, either one the i will hold a press conference in the near future. cabinet picks an all other topics of interest. busy times with his trademark exclamation point, right? senior advisor kellyanne conway telling cnn they delayed the announcement because details of the business arrangement are legally complicated and they need more time. absent the list from the children and businesses is ivanka. perhaps leaving the door open to
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a role in the administration for her. we don't know. >> if you look what our colleague, congratulations to john roberts again puts in his points, trump turning business over. no new deals done you just said. that leaves ivanka free. eric and don can take over the country. she is brilliant. this woman, i said she will run the corporation. for now she is free to serve in government. she has platforms. she has things she can do to help, especially millenials. she has great appeal and great positives and great business sense. sandra: what do you make of his plans for the business empire, meghan mccain? meghan: i don't have a problem with him postponing this. there is so much going on with the secretary of state pick and filling cabinet i understand if he wants to postpone it a little bit. he has to be crystal clear with the business dealings and there won't be any conflict of interest. no one will rent 600 rooms at trump tower take a meeting with him and look any way there is a quid pro quo happening.
9:31 am
i don't have a problem him postponing it. sandra: some will. whether or not he is cleared of any apparent conflict of interest, will it be left alone, melissa, there won't be any conflicts. melissa: in a blind trust you can't do thats, that is not possible with him because his buildings have a giant trump on the side. people will always know what his interests are and where they are. that is significant they would not do new business. that would be a huge conflict. listen, build a hotel in our country for free. that would be great. anything they did would be suspect. leaving his sons in charge, there will always people that say they are benefiting from something as a result of their father being the president. and you know, i mean it is probably true. anyone who has, you know, their father as the president, they're going to be treated difficultly when they go into a restaurant to get a table. i don't think he can be totally free of conflict. that is unrealistic. like you said, he will have to be very, very transparent. harris: more than half the country decided you know, either
9:32 am
you through the electoral process when you look at actual votes, more than 59 million people decided they were comfortable with it. they understood who they were getting. they you knew he was political outsider. he .-u1jut to get his income from someplace. they understood what was going on. there was a kuhl for his taxes but he released a lot of different types of financials. on the other side, those 60 or so million didn't vote for him, if we had his taxes in actuality, as i understand it we wouldn't know anymore about his business dealings than what he already released. but they're never going to be comfortable. no matter what you say to them, they don't get an idea of having that other side. meghan: polling down shows vast majority of american public don't have a problem with him still continuing business dealings. again, people, 100% knew who donald trump was when he was getting elected. harris: especially those who voted for him. meghan: if they wanted something different they could have voted differently. harris: meanwhile by delaying the press conference on his
9:33 am
business empire, donald trump is adding 139 days he has gone without taking questions from the reporters in the form of a news conference, the longest period of time for any president-elect since 1976. however, this is different. instead of standing at a podium or a lecturn actually, in front of the mainstream media, mr. trump has used twitter, facebook and youtube to share information about transition efforts directly with the american people. one journalist suggesting social media could be making news conference as thing of the past, writing quote, they used to be an important tool of free press. they allowed journalists to have dialogue with lawmakers and elites. they allowed for freighter transparency and reporters could ask questions and dig deeper on issues. in today's 24 hour news cycle, press conference get derailed by reporters inciting reaction then instead of extracting information. you and i agree with this, pointing at full screen. that is part of the problem. the idea that reporters would go
9:34 am
deep ask probing questions, we saw them falling away from that and coming up with a their own list of gotchas during the campaign. >> industry which you and i, we have been a part of a long time, has done so much damage to its own credibility because of partisan favor, it fears there may be direct communication with the american people. i'm not for getting rid of press conferences and i want legitimate questions asked by legitimate reporters with legitimate questions of any party of any president. donald trump has done something. barack obama first president to have twitter account. donald trump the first president who will use to it communicate and does communicate with the american people. the landscape changed because of the technology. harris: not for nothing, melissa. when you look how many followers he has on all of those platforms that i mentioned it is actually more potentially than he might get with a news conference, covered by some networks. melissa: it is list opportunity
9:35 am
to correct the record when he feels there is something out there. things came out requesting security clearance for his children. he did not. the story was getting a life of its own. he was able to say i didn't do that whether it is true or not it is a way for him to get his side of the story out. there is something to be said standing in front of reporters taking tough questions. you can't live in a question where you're never being challenged by the press. sandra: i can't believe we're talking about donald trump like this. he has never been reluctant to stand in front of a camera. harris: a while since the news conference. sandra: i'm not saying that he is. funny talking about that in his capacity. his twitter reached 17.2 million. that is twitter followers. he is across platforms. one of his most recent tweets was retreated 16,000 times and went out a couple hours ago. regardless what you think it is effective getting his message out. if it is the best thing for the
9:36 am
country i can leave that thing up for people to debate. the average american responds to that and like it. they feel like they're listening to the president elect directly. harris: my question is, it was with hillary clinton too, when we went 260 days without a press conference. the question is, why are you doing this? i understand he is looking at transition team and cabinet and total picture and getting ready for january with all the jobs that you fill. why not take a couple questions here and there? remember he would supplant stomach speeches with news conferences when he was running. he got really good taking all questions. meghan: there is no law that says the president has to meet the press. harris: no. meghan: i thought that came with the territory. i agree with you, melissa, there is a role to be played especially with white house correspondents, john roberts, real journalists that will ask questions of integrity, questions don't have a distinct bias. i think it is important for that tradition to continue. important for the american public to see our president
9:37 am
standing in front of the white house press corps. that being said i don't have a problem curtailing some of the other news outlets by using his twitter feed for that medium. >> look what he is doing right now. kellyanne conway is out there, reince priebus, sean spicer, jason miller, others are out there keeping us informed. in this period you have a short amount of time to put an incredible cabinet. harris: 4,000 people. >> you have landing teams -- i hope he doesn't do 4,000. landing teams. harris: that is the goal eventually. >> they're interviewing people. the point is that i'm worried less in this period about him coming out and speaking to us in as president when kellyanne tell us what she can. when he is inaugurated we have to get back to traditional stuff. i like the fact he has direct communication with harris: all right. as donald trump's inauguration nears big concerns for democrats. why they fear they could get steamrolled once again about the president-elect's first 100 days in office? we'll talk about it.
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♪ melissa: president-elect donald trump's inauguration gets closer, democrats are reportedly getting worried once president obama is gone the party loses its leader around dnc won't have a permanent chair until march. so incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi really have their work cut out for them. "politico" reporting on power vacuum saying quote, former new york governor bill richardson says it's a very serious concern. i just went on tv twice today and fox and msnbc on the cabinet appointments and i winged it. you need something right now. trump every day is doing something outrageous. what do we do, criticize everything he does? hold back a bit? i know we need to develop an economic message but that is long term. we need something now. most democrats i talked to are down.
9:43 am
they're asking, who's in charge? meghan, who's in charge? meghan: quite the confession from bill richardson. nobody knows what we're doing. i don't know what's going on. what's happening? in all seriousness the democrats are having existential crisis at moment. i can't name their leader, number one. if it is still in fact nancy pelosi, the definition of insanity is repeating same action again and expecting different results. i love watching them squirrel. they lost the election. life is tough. melissa: that is by definition squirming. oh, yeah, economy. >> russia. sandra: that is an issue. they haven't had a unified message on the economy for quite some time. they couldn't get it straight during the election. now to be admitting that they still don't have a unified message on that, they might get steamrolled. meghan: who is their leader? who is the leader of democratic party? melissa: i don't know, nancy pelosi. isn't it funny they're saying
9:44 am
going on the air and winging it. what the inverse. you don't go on and say -- harris: who is in charge of messaging? look at dnc for a second. debbie wasserman schultz who was accused choosing side between the two candidates among the democrats. throwing as much shade as she could like a forest toward bernie sanders. and then you have the next, right? meghan: donna brazile. harris: donna brazile potentially giving questions to hillary clinton during critical times of you know, the debates and so on, so forth. if that where your message something coming from, maybe you might want to wing it. thereby fur indicated. we see it. i totally get it. >> let me paraphrase trump. their leaders are very low energy right now. the frankly to the republicans act like winners. really. i wrote this -- harris: like you've been there? >> i wrote this in the hill last week. act like winners. country give you mandate at all levels.
9:45 am
33 republican governors. 1000 seats in the state legislatures. you're continuing to gain policies needed. let democrats be bifurcated, any type of cated you can come up with. they need to be steamrolled. look at failure ever liberal progressive policies. look at failure in the urban centers of this country. look at the forgotten, quote, flyover country where democrats have ignored americans. i don't care. let's steam role them with conservative policies. let's bring the economy back. let's secure our borders. let's take care of our needy. sandra: leader ryan tried to make that point and got shot down. melissa: who emerges in the vacuum. look for next leader to step up. harris: asking, take me to your leader? democrats, take me to your leader! sound like they're on another planet. when it comes to the voters feel like they are. meghan: depressing their young talent.
9:46 am
tim ryan, tulsi gabbard, cory booker, they are not given platforms. she should have stepped down. great for republicans. you have to let new blood n they're strangling up-and-coming bench which is fascinating to watch politically and bad long term for democrats. harris: not just let them in. the definition of success when bringing young people into the fold mentor them in. share the space. i don't know nancy pelosi other than what she said to the american public about waiting for one of the biggest pieces of legislation in our lifetimes to pass, we had to wait for it to pass to know what's in it. imagine what she says to those that compete against her. meghan: sitting on a the "game of thrones," the iron thrown, not giving up power. stay there forever. meghan: weeks after "the new york times" promised its readers would be fair in its coverage, the paper reportedly hiring a white house reporter who sent stories to hillary clinton staffers for approval as exposed by wikileaks.
9:47 am
is the mainstream media doubling down on bias ahead of the inauguration? that discussion coming up next.
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bob gates walked into a meeting with mr. trump. we'll talk with steve maise hayes, named editor-in-chief of "the weekly standard." his thoughts on trump's picks. why watching tv standing up might be the best. it is impractical though. sandra: jenna, thank you. meghan: just weeks after "the new york times" public editor promised paper would try harder to quote, not be a echo chamber of liberal intellectualism. reporting hiring "politico"'s glen thrush, exposed in wikileak emails sending stories to hillary clinton staffers for approve. he will cover the white house. washington bureau chief con terms the move, thrush is called quote a premier political journalist. thrush describing himself much differently in email to clinton's campaign mail in april 2015 revealed through wikileaks. thrush, because i've become a hack i will send you the whole section that pertains to you. please don't share or tell anyone i did this tell me if i
9:52 am
[bleep]ed up anything. thrush later tweeting he was checking to be sure a portion. story was accurate an claiming he does that with everybody. so i'm going to go to you first, david. this is ridiculous. obviously how can this man be covered to cover donald trump and our president fairly? >> he can't. the answer is, he can't of the "new york times" can hire all the people they want to go after trump. they just keep entrenching the trump supporters around the country. glen thrush is right, he is a hack. i read a lot of what he has written over the years. you can go through and debunk. he writes headlines he doesn't support in the story. that is one of our jobs as writers. you write a headline. support it in the story. back it up with facts. maybe he will have his epiphany. i will not hold my breath on that. meghan: harris, one the "new york times" executive editors, in a radio interview "new york times" doesn't know anything about people of faith in the country.
9:53 am
why don't you hire a journalist that can cover people of faith instead after another hack. harris: you look at the total picture, they're trying to anticipate what everybody has pallet for and what will sell. newspapers are feeling pressure of online sources an instant news. when they're reading a paper they keep up in that and the realm is different. they're trying to guess what the american people want to read. it is based on what they want to read. what else did we learn from the poe desis a emails, how they feel on the left side of the aisle about evangelicals and catholics. that is not that much of a shock it is not front and center for them and they're not hiring that type of person. for thrush, i would just ask, if you feel the need to tell somebody to keep your secrets and you didn't put a ring on it --. if you feel the need to say that, then you shouldn't be putting it in an email. that is not a friend you should be sharing any secrets with that
9:54 am
person. because they're not going to hold your secrets. meghan: doing it in writing. melissa: that is crazy. "the new york times" has become a bastion of catering to intellectual elitism, liberal progressive thinking. maybe they should own that. that is their sweet spot. that is who their target audience is? meghan: i think they do. >> whether they want to or not. male they will that is their readership. >> two ladies on the end who covered business for so long, let's do with the business of newspaper, and i have worked with newspapers. i helped rhee sown the worcester telegram, second largest paper in new england. this is your business. you cover all stories all angles, bring in somebody a reporter or see that. run your business well, become profitable, build the online content. sandra: fair question, based on what we saw through the election process and what donald trump did, to expose the media do you
9:55 am
think we will see major changes happen next couple years? >> if you're smart, you want your business you do that to harris's point add online extension of your newspaper. it's a business what we do. you have readers. you have viewers. you have listeners. if you have those advertisers will buy. people are watching. failure of liberal talk, whether it be air america or these failed stations that frankly the test is, could they survive in the free market, and they can't or newspapers, can't survive without loans from carlos slim or others it proves that they're failed as a business. harris: i have always had this contention with the list that you just lined up there. it isn't that they're not big on ideas. it is not that they can't, they can't sell it. because they're not having to try to sell it because they think their opinion is the one that everybody should have. so they don't try hard enough. meghan: they have a disdain for the right as well. she made this announcement of glen thrush. she was one of my least favorite re
9:56 am
i always did think she had liberal bias toward conservatives. not that the paper has economic problem the problem way it is sold and problem with people writing and putting it together. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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harris: want to give a big thank you to david webb. >> thank you. harris: too much fun by the way. >> i have a blast when i do this. ha you're going to stay with us for outnumbered overtime.
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click on the overtime tab, click on that and we will be back on television tomorrow for the tv version of us at noon eastern. for now, happening now. we start with a fox news alert. the bulls are running wall street and taking your 401(k) with them. >> dow within 20 points of that mark. we are covering the news happening now. the russians aren't our friends, we ought to approach all these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> a showdown brewing as congressional republicans join democrats pressing for a probe of russia's meddling in the rrñ and accident investigators9 release audio transcripts from el faro'sa7final


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