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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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bill o'reilly up next. is he going to have the trump rally the minute it starts. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're awaiting donald trump, speaking to a crowd in wisconsin. president-elect continuing his thank you tour of states that supported him. when he begins speaking, we'll go live to the badger state for all the action. but first the talking points memo. christmas in america. you may remember about 10 years ago the factor began spotlighting companies that refused to say the words "merry christmas." in fact, some of those businesses actually ordered their employees not to say that well, that culture war issue ignited.
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and we won. most companies stopped the nonsense and merry christmas began a common greeting once again for moo it was interesting to go through that because some on the far left actually denied there was any controversy at all that i fabricated it. more lies from a crew that sin capable of telling the truth. anyway, this year the american family association based in tupelo, mississippi, elvis' hometown has issued its annual naughty or nice list. that tells the public which businesses are christmas friendly and when are not. this year the following companies are rated five star nice. cracker barrel, hobby lobby, kirklands, lowe's, michael stores, wal-mart, i remember at one time lowe's was a problem. obviously that's turned around. also on the christmas friendly list ace hard wear.
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banana, bass pro shops. books a mill. again, all those companies use the word christmas in their advertising and promotion. now, the naughty companies. that kind of marginalized christmas: according to the afa, those companies are not in the christmas spirit. kind of bad news for them because donald trump is on the case. >> we're going to start saying merry christmas
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again. [cheers] how about all those department stores they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow but they don't have merry christmas. i think they're going to start putting up merry christmas. >> or they will be deported. now, does the christmas deal really matter? since the war has basically been won, this is a clean-up operation. but the information is valid. many celebrates christmas because they believe that jesus is the savior and his birth should be honored. because it's a federal holiday there is no reason to diminish christmas or insult those who believe in it. don't like christmas? ignore it. so, companies and stores that embrace christmas obviously will attract folks who feel the same way. as for talking points, we're just happy that most americans see christmas as a positive experience.
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and we're happy we could contribute to that. that's the memo. a marketing strategist here in new york city a retail analyst. so, the list, we checked it twice, what do you say? >> i don't know why lowe's is on that nice list. i was in lowe's it was such a mess trying to get a christmas tree. no one greeted me with merry christmas. >> new york city. >> new york city on the you were west side. >> new york city is different. a lot of pagans here. >> sure. >> but this family council, they are pretty stringent on this stuff, are they not? >> well, sure. i had a conversation with one of the spokes people of the american family association. he was the assistant to the president. and today he was telling me that they deploy a group of two to three people that go out to these stores around the tupelo area, which is fine and all, but a lot of
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the stores that they see and go in to and each research are even in that area. so he said to me twice that they might not even get to all of the stores on that list. >> we assume that what they're doing is an honest attempt to say these stores -- pause you can see the print ads. that's how i do it. i look, too. you can see whether they are saying merry christmas or not. >> respectfully, bill. i'm a retail analyst. they are trying to channel check. which is what i do all year long. especially during the holiday season. >> what. >> channel check. go in the stores and lock at product. see how things are selling and see what type of promotions are there if you are not going to all of those stores that are on your list, or at least if you are not branching out to different areas, then you are not doing it accurate check. >> as a consumer, i will go to the christmassy store i can mr. wallen, and if i see a store that refuses to say merry christmas because if somebody says happy holidays to say i will say are you
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allowed to say merry christmas? i will ask them. if they look around i go oh, no, we are not supposed to. i'm out of there. i'm out of there. that's just me. i know i'm a little strange. but i don't think i'm alone here, mr. wallen. >> well, you're not alone. there is certainly a proportion of folks who feel the same way you do and they will shop with their perspectives. but, broadly speaking, lists like these do not have a dramatic impact on store sales. they do have an impact. they have an impact with a particular group of folks. there is no question about that. but in terms of deep contact to sales, it hasn't been shown that they have a particularly meaningful. >> if that's true, why then when we did our campaign 10 years ago, and we signale singlt stores. brutal weeks and weeks of a it that every single one of them caved and started to say merry christmas and the ones that told their
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employees not to they rescinded that why did it do it then if this doesn't have any effect? >> well, two things it may have had an effect, but not quite in the immediate visceral way that wield normally think of it. it may have had an effect to inspire those particular brands to do some inner research to actually deploy statistically valid research to start asking customers, potential customers to what degree they embrace christmas during this particular season and to what degree that makes them want to shop more. and if that could be proven, that christmas creates more of a buying fervour, well then they are certainly going to fall in line. >> christmas is the most commercial season in the calendar year. when you walk into a store, ms. herzog and there is no merry christmas and all secular does it offend you, personally. >> personally it doesn't offend me. probably because there is 12 days of christmas overhead on repeat. christmas is blasting from
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the speakers. >> sour getting it you don't need it. >> absolutely. there is red bows everywhere. and bottles. >> a lot of bows. i understand that. mr. wall, when you walk in the store and no sign of merry christmas, it's all then jarks, secular, happy holidays, does that offend you. >> i'm an unashamed fan of christmas. i absolutely am thrilled will christmas. i love to have it. have any feel the same way if you do. if they are going out of their way, they being a retail outlet not to say merry christmas again i will investigate by talking to the fox news decks off the record. i will never burn them. i won't spend money there. thank you very much. good debate. we appreciate it one footnote ms. herzog has a book called "black market billions" how retails funds global terrorists. will he be the new secretary of rap? the factor is coming right back.
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>> looking at paul ryan speaking in wisconsin tonight. warming up the crowd for president-elect trump who is due up there in a few minutes. when he starts to speak, we will go out to the barge state. the impact segment tonight, remain very busy at the trump tower here in new york city. before he took off for wisconsin, the president-elect met with bill gates, jim brown, ray lewis and kanye west. >> we have been friends for a long time. >> what did you talk about. >> life. >> i just want to take a picture right now. [ laughter ] >> we had a good conversation about innovation. how it can help in health, education, impact foreign aid and energy. >> why are we here? >> because we can bring a lot of people to work together. >> we're not here because of politics. we are here to help the president of the united states help the people that need help.
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>> with us now to analyze lisa booth who is in washington this evening here in new york city juan williams. kanye. kanye west. >> i'm telling you. >> okay. what do you say? >> donald trump has a little genius in him. don't you think? i think that the idea is that, you know, when he was talking about lyin' ted or little puts his finger on things and kanye west is going to drive a popular culture conversation. everybody is talking about what is kanye west doing up in the trump tower? they are not paying attention to anything about russian hacking or why isn't trump having a press conference thursday? the whole thing is pop culture and donald trump the ultimate celebrity. >> he did i investigators attention away from potential problems and he gets the attention of people who may not like him. >> oh, yeah. >> young black males. >> bigger than that. this is pop culture for across america. >> i don't know how popular kanye west is across the board. i mean in a targeted sense
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is he popular. so, juan actually made two lucid points, lisa, oh, gosh. >> i'm a little rattled. but it's true by bringing in a kanye west then, you know, who cares about the russian hackers for today anyway. and do you reach a segment of the population, that thinks trump is the devil, right? good. no audio from lisa. i'm sorry about that. lisa, we have no audio for you. i don't know why. so we have to go back to juan, unfortunately. [ laughter ] when we get audio we will go to lisa. all right. that happens. that's a live show. now you know what i have to put up with every single day of my life. now, gates, bill gates. >> that's right. >> very liberal, oh, but my theory is that all the lefties in the establishment, the establishment lefties, with the exception of elizabeth warren who is a kook, they know where the power is going to be nor the next four years so they're
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cozying right up to it. >> another lucid point from bill o'reilly. >> no, don't give me that. >> absolutely right. he wants access to power. >> he does. >> donald trump is the president-elect, like him or not. these two have very little in common in terms of policy initiatives. in fact, i would say they are at the other end of the spectrum. the fact is if bill gates wants to have access to power, he better show up at trump tower and make sure that donald trump knows what he is about. >> i like gates because he gives away a lot of money. he is a sincere man. i don't think is he a man who is particularly creative in his sincerity because, you know, he ties in to a lot of causes that are just ambiguous, nebulous where i like targeted causes. see, i like let's help the inner cities and that brings to us ray lewis and jim brown. two men that really i do believe both of them are sincere in wanting to help young black males in particular. and i see them as much more important than a kanye west
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in the long run. because these guys, brown and lewis, if they could establish a bridge to the inner cities, for example, and say, look, trump's not the devil, he wants to bring better education and more things to this area, give him a chance. that would be very constructive, would it not? >> absolutely. the thing is they are not politicians, bill. they're not civil rights leaders. i think jim brown much more so than ray lewis is a man of greatest steam in the black community. but the point that i would say to you is you notice these aren't politicians. these aren't civil rights icons. he doesn't have those connections. i think going back to boxing and people like don king. >> he doesn't want to get ambushed. >> he is not going to get am bished. this is the same principal like bill gates. people like power and want access to power. one last point kanye and the inauguration, watch. is he going to perform. >> if he performs, no i'm not going to do that. we
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only have a few more minutes and give you the last word. if i were you, i would sue because your mike was sabotaged'. >> that's the only way to get me show-to-shut up. >> i will tell how did it. go ahead, lisa. [ laughter ] you. >> you have to wrap it up for us. >> smart for donald trump. good politics as you mentioned earlierner the show. diversification from. so earlier headlines he has been saying. party has been doing this with success for years. hobnobbing with celebrities. getting them, using them to get their messages out. they have huge platforms. and i think that is smart for donald trump. to try to utilize some different people and do that this is what ronald reagan did this as well. frank sinatra was a friend of his. john wayne endorsed him. he also had those inroads with the entertainment industry as a former actor. >> bernie goldberg the united states of entertainment. that can't hurt him as long as something good comes of it? >> right. >> i want to see what's at the end of the rainbow.
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his is and juan thank you very much. another outrageous college situation. this one actually appalling. gutfeld and mcguirk on it after these messages. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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>> donald trump just starting his speech. is it gutfeld and mcguirk or trump. who should we go to? >> come on, people, vote. >> you guys are fired. >> i'm offended. >> go out to wisconsin. >> merry christmas, everybody. happy new year but merry christmas. i'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the people of wisconsin, incredible people. [cheers and applause] and you know a wonderful thing because now after
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millions and millions of dollars were wasted, and countless hours were spent, the recount vote has come back. [cheers] you know i called it a scam but i won't say that because we want to be nice. okay? so i refuse to say it was a scam tonight. all right? this way they can't report that i said it. and after all of this money was spent, by the democrats, believe me, they were behind it, okay. and the green party. wonderful party. she got less than 1% but she thought she was going to catch us. [ laughter ] all that money, all that time, all that effort we added, we got 131 votes more. [cheers and applause] than we had before.
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i think it was worth it. what did they spend 3.5 million for 131 votes. that's okay. tells you how important every single vote in america is. right? we won wisconsin for the first time since 1984. [cheers and applause] 32 years ago. you went out and you pounded the pavement, organized your fellow citizens. and propelled to victory a grass roots movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. now, all over the world they're talking about this. and they're now comparing what is happening in other places, far away places with what happened here. so, and brexit now is sort of a small version of what we did.
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but i predicted brexit. when i predicted brexit they all said he doesn't know what he is talking about. and when it happened, they refused to acknowledge that i predicted. it was just -- i will never forget you and i will never ever stop fighting for you. [cheers and applause] okay? never. i'm honored to be here tonight with our incredible wisconsin leadership team. sheriff david clarke, where are these people? [cheers and applause] sheriff clarke. senator ron johnson, come from behind. he came from behind. governor scott walker, where is scott? oh, man. he was tough. he was great. is he great governor. he really is is he a great person and is he a great
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governor. and i went against him for a while and i want to tell you he was tough. so now it's going to be your turn very soon. i don't know. you and pence are going to have to fight it out. i don't know. [ laughter ] thank you, governor. i appreciate it. speaker paul ryan, i really come to. [crowd booing] >> oh, no. i have come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan. where is the speaker? where is he? he has been, i tel tell you he has been terrific. honestly, he is like a fine wine. [ laughter ] every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. now, th if he ever goes against me i'm not going to say that is he a great guy. we have some amazing things in store. and we're going to work on taxes. we're going to work on obamacare. we're going to work on -- and he is going to lead the way. thank you.
5:26 pm
we are going to work on the wall, paul. [cheers and applause] it's true. somebody said, look at these guys. you think we are playing games. somebody said the other day, well now that trump won, he is really not going to build the wall. i said what are you? we're going to build the wall, okay? believe me. we're going to build the wall. we have to. we have got to stop the drugs from coming in and the wall is going to be a big, big factor. and i also want to thank a man who is another star from your territory. some very good water in this state. chief of staff reince priebus. fantastic guy. fantastic guy. he has done an incredible job. now is he a super star. you know, i thought he was a super star. but you have got to win to be a super star. right? you have got to win. i said ryans, you are a
5:27 pm
super star but we got to win first before i really go crazy. and we won so now you're the super star that we said. together we're going to washington. are you okay? do we have a doctor in the house, please? doctor in the house? doctor in the house? okay. good. we love this lady. doctor in the house. thank you. we love this lady. we love everybody. we love everybody. that woman who i have seen before is terrific. make sure she is perfect. make sure she is okay.
5:28 pm
take your time. we have time. right? we have time. [cheers and applause] [cheers] together we're going to make washington answer to the people once again. we're going to put the government to work for you, first time in a long time. the whole world is recognizing our movement. it's because of you. and, by the way, again, a movement that they've never seen before. they never knew -- they didn't know what hit them. they didn't know what happened. and it's because of you that
5:29 pm
we, all of us, we're just honored with the "time" magazine person of the year. [cheers and applause] and just a little while ago was announced that we were also honored with the financial "times" person of the year. so that's great. see, in the old days it was called the man of the year, right? okay. so let me dethis. we have a lot of women here. we have got to do it. do you mind? would you prefer i will go person of the year man of the year. person of the year, man of the year. okay. what should it be. i'm doing it for all of your politicians over here. not that we are going to change at this point. would you rather see person of the year, man of the year. [cheers] these guys are so
5:30 pm
politically correct. now, so far i have done that three times. person of the year is not doing well. i also want to give a very special thanks to all of our great veterans that are here, service members, military families. [cheers and applause] by the way, the military and law enforcement, i don't know what our numbers were, but i know they were record-setting highs. so, to all of those veterans and service people and law enforcement people, i want to thank you because you are special people special people. because the fact is that america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known. we are going through something very, very difficult in the world and even in our country. the world has ever known.
5:31 pm
so to all of you who have worn the uniform i say to you now on behalf of a very grateful nation thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] we're in your debt and we'll never let you down. we will honor your service and sacrifice. and that begins with defending and respecting the american flag. [cheers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] we don't like seeing people burning our american flag, okay? we don't like it. [crowd boos]
5:32 pm
we're going to take a look at that. all right? we are going to take a look at that we will all take a look at that together. one man who understands the meaning of service is somebody that's become unbelievably popular because he is tough, he's strong, and he doesn't lose general mad dog mattis, right? [cheers and applause] he is a popular guy because of his record. >> do you ever hear of somebody named vince lombardi? [cheers] we like people to win, we want to start winning again. our country is going to start winning again, okay? [cheers and applause] would anybody like to keep it the way it is? i don't think. we're going to win. we're going to win so much. we will win so much go to
5:33 pm
paul wine and say mr. speaker, please, we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it he is going to come to see me and say mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. you are winning with healthcare we're winning on the border. we are winning with isis because we are going to get isis out. we're winning all over, mr. president. we can't take it anymore. say paul, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. you have to go back and tell them we're going to keep winning and winning and winning, whether they like it or not. last week i formally announced my plans to nominate general mattis as your new secretary of defense. and i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets. certainly a cabinet with the
5:34 pm
highest iq that anybody has ever -- i mean, these are seriously great people. [cheers and applause] did you say today the president of goldman sachs and we have general kelly. we have incredible people. dr. ben carson. great guy. [cheers and applause] it's going to be one of great cabinets. industry, arts, science, reaching out and wanting to find ways to help. today as an example in my office, the great jim brown, right? >> jim brown. bill gates. anna winter. kanye. that's right. [cheers and applause] i like kanye. ray louis. we have had so many people that come up and want to be a part of what we're doing.
5:35 pm
and we want to use everybody. we want to use all of the brain power because we're going to bring us back. we're going to be not only great. we're going to be greater than ever before. you watch. you watch. tomorrow coming up to the office the true giants of silicon valley. we're going to talk about how to grow jobs. we're going to talk about how they can stay on top. we're going to talk about a lot of great things. but the real giants are coming up tomorrow. so it's going to be great. today i announced my plans to nominate rex tillerson, right? [cheers and applause] chief executive officer and chairman of exxon mobil to be the next secretary of state. rex is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. makes. so greatest deals ever made in the oil industry or any industry a great diplomat.
5:36 pm
a strong man, a tough man. a man who has already earned an avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from our nation's top leaders, including condoleezza rice, bob gates, james baker. dick cheney, majority leader mitch mcconnell and so many more. and people are looking at this resume and honestly they have never seen a resume like this before. rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insight and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. [cheers and applause] blunders and disasters. very excited about rex. rex is many friendly with leaders in the world we don't get along with. some people don't like that. they don't want him to be
5:37 pm
friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. i like what this is all about. we're going to have somebody who is going to be very special. america has been caught in a cycle of failed interventions that have weakened our security and undermined, totally our stability. we've spent $6 trillion in the middle east. $6 trillion. do you know what that is? we could have rebuilt our country three times. and, yet, the situation today is far worse than when we started 15 years ago. far worse. it's not even a contest. it's a mess. the cost of both dollars and lives has been immense we need a new direction. we need a new direction. [cheers and applause] america's foreign policy has lacked a clear vision a clear goal, and a clear understanding of the threats and the threats are immense. instead of jumping
5:38 pm
recklessly from one intervention to another, my administration will build a long term strategy for stability, prosperity, peace, and rebuilding our own country, folks. we're going to rebuild our country. [cheers and applause] we need it. that strategy will be guided by our principles and patriotism. goodwill among our nations. strengthening of vital alliances and the pursuit of shared goals when interests align and we will not be taken advantage of by other countries. [cheers and applause] we will not be. no more. no more. we will get along great with other countries. we will not be taken advantage of. our goal is not to build new nations in far off lands that most of have you never even heard of. but to crush isis, we have no choice. and to defeat radical islamic terrorism.
5:39 pm
[cheers and applause] my administration, with the represent of paul and ron and everybody will also rebuild our badly depleted military and take care of our great veterans the way they should have been taken care of for a long time. [cheers and applause] we are building this up great military power in the hope we never have to use it we believe strongly in peace through strength. our military is going to be modern and powerful again. believe me. [cheers and applause] but to be a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. doesn't sound so nice. a woman came up to me, she said, mr. trump, i love your speech but i don't like when
5:40 pm
you say rich nation. i said, ma'am, you are a fabulous woman. but if we're not going to be a rich nation we can't rebuild our military. we can't take care of all of the problems we have, including our medical problems. so we're going to be a rich nation. after i spoke to her for a few minutes, she was okay. she was okay. [ laughter ] my administration will be focused on three very important words: jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheers and applause] whether it's building cars, producing steel or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in wisconsin. right? [cheers and applause] first on taxes this is where we really need paul. we are going to undertake
5:41 pm
one of the great tax reforms and simplyifications in american history. this includes a massive tax cut for the middle class and middle class families from wisconsin, too. [cheers and applause] we're also going to lower our business tax rates so that so that new company also come to our shores and hire workers in cities like right here. is that okay? that's what we want. we're going to bring our rates down from 35%. going to try to get it down to 15%. so right now, and by the way the jobs will pour in. so right we're the highest taxed nation in the world. and when we finish we will be one of the lower taxed. [cheers and applause] one of the lower. on regulations which is perhaps even more important because our companies are dying and being strangled through regulation. we are going to eliminate
5:42 pm
all wasteful job killing regulations. on energy, we will cancel the restrictions on the destruction of american energy, including shale, oil, nationa natural gas, and cn beautiful coal. we're going to put our miners back to work. [cheers and applause] on infrastructure i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure. and it is crumbling. you know, i have a friend, big guy, one of the biggest in the world, trucking, and he used to buy these beautiful trucks. beautiful, beautiful, the most expensive. and he calls me up recently and says i can't buy them anymore because we go from california to new york and by the time they get to new york, or california, if they are going the other way they
5:43 pm
are all beat to hell because of the potholes in the highways. i said was it ever like this? he has been doing this for 45 years. he said never been like this. so we have to fix our infrastructure we have no choice. and we're going to put our people back to work in the process. it's time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market. [cheers and applause] rebuilding this country with american hands and with american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire americans. americans, right? we're going to do it. because from now on it's going to be america first, america first. [cheers and applause] i look at. so deals we make and
5:44 pm
treaties and everything and i say i think these people were thinking about the other nations. i honestly do. i say it's impossible for this to happen either that or campaign contributions were magnificent for people. but they are so bad the deals are so bad, so disgraceful that i actually think they are putting other countries aheads of our own. on trade we are now. [shouting] >> you people don't stop. [chanting lock her up] >> so i used to say when i used to hear this chant let's just win on november 8th. but now we've won. all right? we've won, big league. well, anyway.
5:45 pm
tough people in wisconsin, fellows. governor, tough? on trade, we're now running a nearly 800 billion-dollar annual trade deficit. i say who makes these deals? think of it. i have friends in here who are business people. who makes these deals. $800 billion. america has lost 1/3 of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. we have lost 70,000 factories. think of it 70,000. it like doesn't even sound like it's possible. and i know it's right because i have said it for the last month and a half and they never correct me. so it has to be. [crowd booing]
5:46 pm
[chanting] >> it is hard to believe. look, look at all those cameras. look at all that live television. look at that. who has to do this every night with all those live cameras up. you can imagine if we made a mistake? would it be a disaster? see, other people running for office if they make a mistake, but if i made a mistake a disaster, right? look at that you ever see so many cameras? mr. vice president? but i have to tell you they were devastated on november 8th. they were devastated. [cheers and applause] should i go over that evening just once quickly?
5:47 pm
[crowd cheers yes] >> it began with phony exit polls. and i got a call from my daughter at about 5:00 and she was called by people in their business and her husband jared, great guy he was called. they called me and they said, i'm sorry, dad, it looks really bad. it looks really, really bad. i said what's the problem? tell me. now, i was doing -- very interesting. i really assumed i lost. i believe that these things are supposed to be correct. so i sort of thought i lost. and i was okay with it i wouldn't say great. in fact i called my vice president i said not looking good, right, mike? i said not looking good. you were getting the same numbers that i was getting. of course a lot of it is phony stuff too. because they will say donald trump is a bad person, do you agree or not?
5:48 pm
so people would say yeah. no, but it's easier have yes in a big box like that. no you can't find it. a lot of it is phony deals going on. but, i will tell you. so i got the call. and they said looks bad. looks really bad. and they want to be nice to me. this is -- they're talking this way because they wanted to be nice. they actually thought we might lose. strongly. so i said don't worry about it don't worry about it. whatever happens, last month i didn't do interviews. i did rallies. i did three a day. i did three a day. [cheers and applause] and i'll be honest. i was surprised when i got a that call because i thought every i mean every time we had a rally. look at this building, they are still pour not guilty back. except we had major arenas which were packed. and then we would have 20, 30,000 people outside they couldn't get.
5:49 pm
in i said it didn't make sense to me. it didn't make sense but that's okay. because, you know, like they say in football and in sports, he left nothing on the table, nothing on the field. all right? i was okay. because for the last month i decided not to do introduces because they give you interviews and then they chop up your sentences and cut them short. you'll have this beautiful flowing sentence where the back of the sentence reverts to the front and they cut the back of the sentence off and i would say i never said that. so i said you know what? i'm not going to deal. they are very dishonest people. [crowd boos] >> i said i'm not going to deal with it. all i did for one month i would do two and sometimes four speeches a day. rallies. like, this massive crowds, right? [cheers and applause] and they would call can we have an interview of mr. trump? i said watch me with the speech. tell them, watch me. whatever you want to take
5:50 pm
you can take. watch me with the speech. so we did three or four a day. i will tell you what, that's tough stuff. so i did three a day. couple of fours. and i always had in mind the last two days last two days and last three, but on the last three the third i was going to do five. and then i was going to do six and six. now, when you do six speeches where you have ten, 15, 20, 25 and even 30,000 people, that's not so easy. good stamina, high energy, do you agree, high energy. so i did the three a day, and a lot of speeches. no days off. there was no sunday off. although i did go to church whenever possible. i did go to church, but no days off. and then we got down to the last two and i did six speeches.
5:51 pm
they know. they were exhausted, the press. and then on the seventh day, which you remember, monday, right, i did six speeches. and then i heard that my opponent, does anybody remember my opponent? [ crowd boos ] they don't remember. they don't remember. [ crowd cheers ] >> governor, these people are brutal. now i know why it's always a blood bath for you guys, but you win. that's all, but i heard i did six, right, six on sunday. and then monday comes along and i did six. and about three hours before the final speech, i'm saying, oh, boy. this is it. this was it. started 16 months before coming
5:52 pm
down the escalator, right? a lot of things we talked about illegal immigration, turned out to be right. talked about trade, turned out to be right. we did six speeches and then i heard that hillary was going with her husband and with president obama, who by the way has been very nice, and his wife has been very, very nice. i'm telling you. [ crowd boos ] >> they've been very nice, but they were on a plane going to michigan. i said whoa, that was not a planned trip. they spent $2 billion. you don't get credit of this. i spent a tiny fraction of what they spent. in the old days if you spent less money and won, you got credit for it. nowadays, whoever spends the most money, doesn't make sense. we spent a lot less money. we spent a fraction of what teyt
5:53 pm
spent and they had unlimited money. they did a poll. we didn't. why should i spend money for a poll when the newspapers give you polls every single day. they spent a lot of money. they found obviously trouble in michigan because they had an unscheduled trip to michigan. they went to michigan, did not have a good crowd and i said at 6:00 that afternoon, i said, let's go to michigan. now, by the time i finished in new hampshire. it was already like 9:30 or 10:00. i said let's go to michigan. and my people said are you crazy. you just did six speeches. >> i said, i don't care. this is the presidency, right? this is the presidency. so we went to michigan with no notice with like a tweet. we went up, now i do have
5:54 pm
between facebook and twitter and instagram almost 40 million people so that's a lot. that's a lot, but with a tweet, so we get there and it's very late. it's like 12:30. and our vice president elect, our vice president elect was there with me. and we had at 12:30 in the morning and i started speaking at 1:00 in the morning, we had in michigan, 31,000 people inside and outside. 31,000 showed up. [ crowd cheers ] >> i said, i said to mike and i said to everybody, we're going to win michigan. i tell you. it hadn't been won in like 35 years, but we are going to win michigan and we ended up winning michigan. i got the bad news from my daughter. and i said, that's too bad. so i go and see my wife. i said baby, i tell you what. we're not going to win tonight because the polls have come out
5:55 pm
and, you know, i always used to believe in exit polls. i don't believe in them anymore. it's just looking bad, but you know what, i'm okay with it because of the fact i couldn't have worked any harder. you can't do any worse that than. if i lose, i lose. and, you know, what, if i lose i lose and i'm going to have a nice easy life. we can all relax together, right? so i felt, you know, you don't feel good if you didn't put out and you lose, but if you put out every single ounce of energy in your blood, you feel like okay. there's nothing more you can do. so i told her, and she looked at me and she has seen these rallies and she said you're not going to lose. she goes you're not going to lose. so then i figured hey, just a nice wife that's trying to be nice. and guess what, she's a great
5:56 pm
person. so what happened, melania, right, we love melania. from the escalator. they love melania. she's great. she said you're not going to lose. okay. so now the poll just closed and they start announcing numbers. oh n is going to be embarrassing. trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i had this ballroom that's not very big because i didn't know if we were going to win or lose. if we lose, i don't want a big ballroom. i love you folks, good night everybody, bye. i'm out of there, right. and she had this massive convention center with a big fireworks display. and they were paying about $7 million for the fireworks and it was a big deal and they knew they were going to win until the final week. they knew bad things were happening and i got a good sign when four days before the end, i
5:57 pm
called up mike, they just cancelled the fireworks was the front page story. they cancelled. now, usually you cancel fireworks because you don't want firework ifs you're going to lose. did anybody ever use fireworks if you're going to lose. in the history of elections you don't set off fireworks if you're going to lose. so they cancelled the beautiful fireworks and i wanted to be a wise guy so i offered them five cents hon t s on the the dollar their fireworks. we never heard back. no, we never heard back. we never heard back, but that was a good sign, do you agree? i'm telling you. so i figured it's election night, figured we're going to lose. this was cool. i never did this stuff before. by the way, did we all do a good job together, right? it's a movement. so then the real numbers started
5:58 pm
coming. and we started with like ohio. and i was expected to win ohio by two points or three points. when i say i, i'm talking about the two of us and all of us. so it comes in. we have breaking news, donald trump has won ohio in a massive number, but we won ohio very close to 10%. so the 2% of 3% was now close to 10%. i said that's good. then we have breaking news, donald trump has won the great state of iowa. said, whoa. and that was supposed to be close. we were up a little bit in the polls like one point. we won it by more than ten point v points. then i'm saying this is a little different than the exit polls. that's going on? the exit polls had me tied in
5:59 pm
ohio. then they would get a little bit like -- they were surprised by the numbers, right? people standing back there. two, three of them, i see. three of them. all of a sudden they get to areas we just dominated and we're sort of tied. and we haven't gotten to the panhandle yet. she loves the panhandle. i love the panhandle too. they told one of the networks, yes, we feel very good about florida. florida is going to be ours. north carolina will be ours. that's the fire wall. north carolina. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of florida.
6:00 pm
now, they spent 10-1, 10-1 on north carolina. i love that state. we won south carolina easily. north carolina was something to be something that's very hard to win. very, very hard to win. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. and you see these people. they go to like, oh, one of the networks is going ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump -- they're like in a state of absolute like getting sick. one of them they say broke down and started to cry, but i don't think she did really. i don't think she did.