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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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come back here some day and we are going to say merry christmas again. >> you have to unfan them. [laughter] bill: we are working on it. martha: it's looking pretty good. fabulous day, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. jenna: we start today with a lot of action on the transition front with the president elect tapping a former rival governor rick perry and energy secretary as mr. trump gets ready to host the biggest name of silicon valley for a tech summit. i'm jenna lee. >> hello, everyone, i'm eric sean for jon scott. former texas governor now with same department that he famously forgot in the presidential
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debate. all this comes as the ceo's of some of america's largest tech companies like apple, facebook, amazon and tesla heading to trump tower to meet mr. trump. jenna: here elevator. geelden elevators at this point. john roberts is live at trump towers in new york city. no winter coat compared to yesterday, i'm sure it feels positively warm here. >> high 30's today, basically a beach walk. you mentioned that rick perry was a former rival, not just a former rival but called donald trump a cancer on conservatism but donald trump reaching to rivals wanting to put them in cabinet. well versed in the energy sector
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and invested in fossil fuels and he was saying four years ago he we wanted to abolish the department he is running in with ryan zinke expected to be secretary. two cabinet pix left for donald trump, he may try to get them out of the way by christmas but agriculture secretary is taking longer than they would like as well as secretary of veterans affairs. last night wisconsin, monumental event for the trump campaign with paul ryan and rocky relation, paul ryan presenting donald trump and the vice president elect with green bay packers jerseys. number 45 on it. when ryan came up he was booed up, hey, everything is all right. listen to trump last night.
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>> i come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan, where is the speaker? where is he? he has been, i tell you, he has been terrific and you know honestly he's like a fine wine, every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more, now if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that. [laughter] >> basically i like him, just don't cross me. comings and goings yesterday in trump tower. a lot of them including football greats, lewis and brown. neither one would say who they voted for in the election, although they may not have voted for donald trump, afterwards jim brown said i fell in love with donald trump, here is what he said. >> it couldn't have been a better meeting. graciousness and intelligence, the reception we got was fantastic. >> predicting that donald trump
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will not serve just one term as president but likely two terms. you mentioned the big tech companies, notables that will be at trump tower to talk about technology, innovation, elon musk, of course, from space x and tesla, jeff bezos of amazon and blue origin will be along with sehryl sandberg. a letter to donald trump saying that he has to divest himself of his holdings in the old post office, the new trump international hotel down there on pennsylvania avenue that he opened a month ago because no elected official according to the lease is allowed to have any kind of financial interest in that property, this morning on the conference call the trump transition team that he will address that as part of the press conference that he's going to have early in the year to talk about how he's going to separate himself from his business holdings. jenna. jenna: we are in unchartered territory trying to figure out some of this and how it's going
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to work before inauguration day. >> exactly, very compli -- complicated. thank you. >> senior congressional reporter. rick perry, seems to be a contradiction, phoney mess, oil and gas expiration policies in the lone star state and alternative energy, what do you think his mention of domination is? >> well, i think you really can't find someone with more, kind of a blend of management experience because he's been the longest serving governor of texas and, you know, obviously expertise about the energy industry than rick perry, he's not expert in nuclear weapon stockpile which is a big part of your job as energy secretary. we know he we wanted to abolish
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the department, image he will pursue, you know, a big shrinking of the department which is what, i think, the trump team is interested in and donald trump is interested himself. democrats are worried about the fact that trump transition team is already requesting the names through the obama administration of people employees, of the energy department who have been involved in climate change research and so that -- >> yeah, they said they wouldn't give them up. >> but i think if there's some kind of mix of, you know, ways to sort of let the wind industry blossom and tout that as job creator, under donald trump's presidency, that's not going to surprise me either. >> the legal conservation voters, they say he's quote, unfit for this job. what does the trump administration do and try to pair down the perhaps environmental part of the energy
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department? >> well, environmentalists are not going to be happy with this pick. this is about a shift in priorities. donald trump is about jobs and about establishing more approach to -- he really wants to use the drilling -- have more drilling. he's a man who likes to build things. i've already talked to members of congress who say he wants to pay for this one trillion dollar infrastructure plan with the loyalties for more drilling, both of these selections of rick perry and ryan zinke for interior department, they both signal that this is something that he is going to make a huge priority. >> you mentioned ryan zinke, he will be a new name and a new face, freshman in congressman. he's been against the sale of public sales, he's very much for hunting and he's been for conservation, susan, we talk about drilling, he's voted against some of the issues and he has supported coal, what do
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you see in change in terms of the interior department in his watch? >> he is a big hunter and understands the power of both the access -- public access to public federal land a also the importance of extracting the minerals and expanding drilling. he is someone who -- this is a long history of selecting people from western states for interior department, so i think he has a real balance and i honestly think this is a loyalty choice for donald trump. he is selecting him, he came out early for him with loyalty throughout the campaign. he's also very impressed with his background as a navy seal commander who has won two bronze stars. i think this is a balance approach. this is an cer vagues with -- conservation with a small, someone who appreciates values of drilling in public lands and
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the loyalties for other projects and also the tourism industry in his state. >> he has voted with democrats on the conservation act. mr. trump seem to be picking some people that cut against the grain. >> a little bit. his daughter seems to be more environmentalist we knew than before he was elected and this might be -- he actually said in an interview, i think, i believe with his remarks to chris wallace that he's open minded in the environment. he's going to want to show that he's being accommodating to more centrist agenda. it will deny climate change but like i said, it could mean that the wind industry and other alternative fuels industry prosper and, i think, that it's interesting because he was a very attractive prime candidate to challenge senator john tester of montana in two years and with
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the sort of balance record on the environment and the land issues in montana really had a very good shot at defeating chester so it was interesting that he's choosing instead to take this position when he had a real shot at the job. >> ab and susan, thank you so much. >> thank you. jenna. jenna: investigators are searching for clue after a found of big yoga chain was found dead. vermont senator, bernie sanders speaking about the bruising 2016 campaign, why he says donald trump came out on top and what it means for the future of american politics
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>> all right, now, here is a look at some of the crime stories we are following for you. in california police in san diego searching for clues after a founder of a nationwide yoga chain was found dead in his home.
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officials say a friend made the discovery when 48-year-old trevor did not return phone calls or texts, investigating are treating his dead as suspicious. in connecticut two men are facing charges of a death of a man last seen attending at a party at luxury manhattan building. both pleading not guilty. in new hampshire a judge ejecting an appeal and deny trial for this man serving life sentence for the 2012 murder. prosecutors say zeth strongled coed after she rejected his sexual advances. >> i think he said he would not be politically correct. he said outrageous and painful things. people are tired of the same political rhetoric and they
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believe that he was speaking to his heart and willing to take on everybody. jenna: donald trump senator speaking out, is he right? we will ask karl rove? former senior adviser, fox news contributor. karl, is he right? >> there's a lot of wisdom in what senator sanders said. you need to distinguish when we say political incorrect that was used to characterize donald trump's example of the indiana-born judge which was mexican american and trump claimed he couldn't give him justice because he was mexican. that is not what i think was at the core of trump's appeal. i think sanders was right. he was a straight shooter who said, like it or not, here is what i want to do. i want to build a wall and make méxico pay for it. we have bad trade deals and we need to have good trade deals.
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there was a straightforwardness that people found attractive in what trump said and as senator sanders pointed out, a willing to take on the political accomplishment. there's a populist on the left commenting a populist on the right. one thing they share is towards what they see as the government being under the control of people who shouldn't be in control of it on the right it was government is in bed with big unions and with liberals and lost touch with ordinary people and we need to recover control of our government in order to restore the basic principles on which we were founded and make america great green n. the left the government is on the hands to have rich people and wall street and we need to break control in order to establish relationship with the little guy and the economy. jenna: do you believe that the core of either party understand what made the populists so popular? >> i think certainly not so on
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the democratic side, at least not publicly knowledge. the strength of the sanders, elizabeth warren wing, democratic party, you talk to long-time democrats they understand that this understands a democratic change for them. on the republican side, donald trump has some populist rhetoric, but it's not necessarily clear how populist his policies are going to be. for example, his tax cut at least what was laid out in the campaign did include substantial tax cuts for wealthier individuals. you wouldn't see that from a true populist on the right. jenna: interesting, we will see how it goes from there. in the meantime senator sanders has more analysis on the campaign and i want to play sound for viewers and get your reaction. >> one of the arguments as to why trump won is to believe that -- many of his supporters are sexists or racists or home phones, i happen not to believe that's the case.
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i think what he did do is he said, you know what, there is a lot of pain in this country, people are scared and people are worried. i think his main success story, i will stand up to the establishment, media establishment, economic establishment. i happen to think he won't do that be that as it may we will discuss that tonight. that's his major argument. people are tired of status quo politics. jenna: did senator sanders really did get it, karl, we are not sure exactly whether donald trump will continue to stand up to the establishment? >> well, look, he's absolutely right that the desire for change is what donald trump grabbed a hold of and drove to victory. if you thought the country was going in the right direction you voted for hillary clinton 90-8. the nearly two-thirds of the country that thought the country was wrong direction voted
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overwhelming for donald trump. i think he's also right that again the straight talk about what i'm going the take on, what i am going to stand up to help win him the election, i think here is the difference between economic conservative populist and a liberal economic populist in bernie sanders who is a left populist, his view is that the government is controlled by the money power and that you have to basically take control of the government in order to destroy the hole that wall street has over it. i think donald trump has a nor nuance view which is that the government is standing overregulating, overtaxing and keeping job creators and wealth producers from doing what they can and so what he wants to do is rebalance that relationship so the government is not taking money from ordinary working people and gettering it to the people who have a lawyer or a loophole in the law like the people with cylinder heads. so i think he's absolutely going to take on the media establishment.
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i think what bernie sanders is going to say, he didn't take on the economic establishment is where they are going to have a disagreement. jenna: they would. such different philosophies about the economy and the roles of different people in the economy. karl, a more personal question, there's a lot of analysis, of course, they'll be a lot analysis of 2016 campaign, what have you personally learned seeing donald trump win and the weeks that are followed? >> well,ic it is -- i think it's an election that will be studied by political scientists for years to come. think about this. we now have a president who won a smaller percentage of the vote in the republican nominee received in 2012 when the republicans lost the presidency. that's weird. we have a republican president that runs behind the republican margins in places like arizona or georgia but runs way ahead of him in places like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. again, american politics is
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being royal, both parties are in a state of disruption, the ultimate disruptor was donald j. trump and won the election, fifth american to win minority popular vote. that doesn't keep him from being 100% of the president, that means both parties are -- neither party has position of dominance and a lot of what the political future is going to look like depends upon the success of donald trump and producing results. and he's the most nonideological candidate the republicans have nominated since at least eisenhower and the most nonideological president in the last 50 years and people are going to judge him as practical people if he are getting things done that are making the country better. a big task for him, he could have big consequences if he gets the results he hopes. jenna: i look forward to ask you the same question in another six months. >> there we go. gin general karl thank you, merry christmas. >> absolutely. meanwhile, jenna, one of the
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infamous cold cases in america. the murder of jonbenet ramsey. could options we are told that could potentially solve the 20--year-old mystery what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. .
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twist to old case, authorities in colorado are considering new dna testing in the unsolved murder of 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey 20 years ago this christmas. this move comes in response to an investigation by two local news organizations which uncovered flaws in the interpretation of the 1996dna test. jonbenet's body was found in the basement of the ramsey home in
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1996. >> president-elect trump's victory came after a shock at those in united nations, many policies as you know are in opposition of the world body and that means a potential confrontation is now looming between the new information and the international diplomats at the un. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom, it's not a friend even to the united states of america. >> donald trump clearly no fan of the united nations. the president elect's views are at odds with the world body in a variety of pressing issues from the support of iran nuclear deal, climate change initiatives and resettling refugees. >> the overwhelming feeling among most members was that barack obama was their kind of u.s. president, so i think it will be a different reception, but i think the whole point of the idea of making america great again is to reassert ourselves specially embodies like the
8:27 am
united nations. >> former un embassador john bolton who served republican president george w. bush and talk today mr. trump about joining the administration predicts the president elect will take a hard stance at the un. he says almost $3 billion american taxpayers this year alone, the most of any nation could be cut. >> i think a good hard look at the un budget is long overdue and i wouldn't be at all surprised if a president trump wants an office, does pay particular attention to it. >> it's total insanity. >> that what was the undiplomatic opinion a decade ago when we sat down to discuss the un headquarters million billion dollar renovation. he testified about it to congress and accused the un of overspending. >> it is either the most corrupt thing going on in the world which is saying something or it's one of the most incomettent things i've ever seen. >> mr. trump has tapped
8:28 am
republican south carolina nikkei hailly and may lack foreign affairs. she will need to hit the ground running. >> i think there's a lot of day-to-day issues that she doesn't know about, right, and the problem that nikki haley is going face is that many of the other countries delegates are people that have been there for a very long time like her counterpart from russia has been there for ten years. >> possible preview of what governor hailey could face as embassador. jenna: interesting. president-elect trump taking his thank you tour to wisconsin last night and outlining his priorities for the months ahead. so how will they work with lawmakers in capitol hill?
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jenna: fox business alert on the big day in the business world. the dow closing in the jaw-dropping milestone getting close to the 20,000-dollar mark. that might be what we are seeing right now. fox business lauren simonetti joins us right now, lauren. lauren: the fed is going to let us know in two and a half hours if interest rates are going occupy and by how much. a hike today would be the first of the year and the second in a decade. it likely won't have a big impact on the market because
8:34 am
it's expected but a series of interest rate increases absolutely would. everything from home mortgages, car loans, credit cards, all of that would get more expensive. here is the good news, savers with money in the bank, they will finally earn interest. the real fireworks after the fed's decision today because that's when the chief janet yellen is going to have a press conference, she's likely going to feel questions about how president elect donald trump tax and spending policies would impact the economy. in the meantime, the market continues to sit right near the record highs about 110 points away from 20,000 right now. it was less than a month ago that the dow hit 19,000. it's come a long way. the broader market is up 11% this year which means americans are very likely feeling richer, unfortunately that rich feeling didn't quite extend to the shopping mall last month. we did get a report on retail sales earlier today, they were
8:35 am
weak, that's not encouraging news for the holiday shopping season, right? jenna: something we are going to watch. lauren, thank you. lauren: thanks, jenna. >> we are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. this includes a massive tax cut for the middle class and middle class families from wisconsin. [cheers and applause] >> we are also going to lower business tax rate so that new companies will come to our shores and hire workers in cities like right here, is that okay? that's what we want. we are going to bring our rates down from 35%, we are going to try to get it down to 15%, so right now -- and by the way, the jobs will pour in. right now with the highest-tax nation in the world and when we finish, we will be one of the lower tax. one of the lower. >> that, of course, was
8:36 am
president-elect trump bringing thank you tour to wisconsin. supporters with paul ryan and governor scott walker and senator johnson. he was touting priorities like cutting taxes, creating jobs and addressed securing the border and strengthening the military but what happens when those promises hit capitol hill? republican crisco license from new york state, the trump transition liaison. there's pushback from the big shots. they don't want to add more to the $19 trillion in debt senator mitch mcconnell and tax cuts need to be revenue neutral. how can mr. trump accomplish the vow that we just hear. >> i think it goes back to the dynamic scoring of what tax cuts will do for the economy and growth, creating jobs and getting people of entitlement programs and there's no question if businesses have more money to invest, whether it's rnd or
8:37 am
marketing their products or consumers have more money to spend, there's huge economic growth. we have to grow to be competitive with the rest of the world. it's a pretty much no-brainer. we are in lock-step with that. we have been talking about that. you can put that down as a given. >> what about the pushback that we are hearing in terms of try to offset any of those cuts in the budget so that you don't balloon the deficit? >> it goes back to work, some of the entitlement programs, food stamps or the like are reduced and at the same time through growth and more jobs, you have more tax revenue coming into the government, corporations selling more products, making more money, supply and demand in the labor front, wages go up. it's the dynamics, if you will,
8:38 am
of a growing economy, 3 to 4% 4%gdp. we are pretty much in lock step with the president on that. >> also another issue is the wall, of course, he addressed that last night, let's listen. >> somebody said -- you think we are playing games, right? somebody said well, now that trump won he's really not going to build the wall, i said, what are you -- we are going to build the wall, believe me. we are going the build a wall. we have to. we have to stop the drugs from coming in and wall is going to be a big factor. >> he says he's going to build a wall, virtual wall, maybe a fence. it's going to be billions upon billions and how do you pay for that and how do you think colleagues in capitol hill will
8:39 am
go for it? >> keeping illegal immigrants from flooding into the u.s. or just as important the flow of drugs coming into the u.s. any and every nation should have secured borders in the southern border, we clearly don't have that today. cornerstone of president elect's trump campaign and i can tell you with 100% assurance that wall is going to be built, we are going to secure our borders. america will be safer because of it. >> your colleagues are willing to put that in the budget and get it done? >> yeah, there's no question. we've had the money in the budget before, money that wasn't spent because we didn't have the president behind it and in this case, we have to remember this is the first president, republican president since 1952 eisenhower who is coming into office with a republican house and a republican senate and we are in lock-step with president trump who let us keep our majorities in both the house and the senate. >> i'm sorry to interrupt, we
8:40 am
are running out of time. finally quickly, as congressional liaison, how does that work when dealing with colleagues? have you had to twist any arms or are they all coming and patting you on the back? >> they're coming hugging me and patting me on the back, god bless america and god bless donald trump. donald trump has cocktailed that no one saw coming and the gratitude to president-elect trump is universal throughout our republican conference and we are going to work, let him call the shots on the legislative agenda, we put forward the first 100 days, first 200, we are united as we have never been. >> you got on the trump train really early because of the scene behind him, up state new york, the cities that have been so devastated and suffered economically. >> correct. >> that's why he joined mr. trump very early. crisco license, congressman in up state new york. empire state.
8:41 am
jenna. jenna: mistrial in a shocking plot for hire case, a closer look next
8:42 am
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jenna: fox news alert. the judge for murder for hire retrial of dalia has just declared a mistrial. the florida woman accused to hire a hitman to kill her husband back in 2009. he was found guilty in 2011 but conviction was overturn on appeal. the jury in this trial deadlocked after nine hours of deliberation over two days. fox news anchor, attorney live from new york city news room. we were just talking about the case yesterday, are you surprise that had the judge declared a mistrial so soon? >> i am a little bit. remember not 12 jurors in florida, six jurors, four women
8:45 am
and two men and so it really cuts the deliberation time in half and here the jury said we are hopelessly deadlock, apparently there was a single juror who was unwilling to vote to convict, it's unclear whether the judge issued an alan charge, dynamite charge to jurors urging them to reconsider and if there's a long holdout, you should consider the fact that you're all by yourself and your colleagues on the jury are unpersuaded. that's called a dynamite charge to try to dislodge that single juror. it's unclear whether the judge actually gave that dynamite charge today. he might have simply been convinced by the note that the juror sent to him and then questioning the jurors that there was no way that anything was going to dislodge that one juror. to he declared a mistrial. jenna: we talked about this case
8:46 am
quite a bit on the program, our viewers will be familiar, greg, as we talk about the sting operation more or less that police set up and a lot of questions about that and that was the crux of the argument from the defense and the police department out of jol seeking fame and violated the woman's civil rights. what do you think was the issue that led to a mistrial? >> well, i do think that it was a very effective ploy by the defense attorney bryan, colleagues in the defense team to put the police on trial. you know, typically you're going to find some people that, you know, for whatever reason don't trust cops, don't employee in them, are skeptical of what they say and here, you know, the defense said, look, these people framed my client because they were interested in television fame in an episode of cops. they.
8:47 am
>> going to throw a viewing party, they posted immediately before the case was closed on youtube some of the video tape that took place undercover and this was all wrapped around entrapment which is coercion to induce somebody to commit a crime they otherwise wouldn't commit. the judge refused the jury introduction on entrapment but the defense argued it anyway. they are allowed to do that and who knows they may have convinced one juror. jenna: let me fill to the viewers, this woman was basically a newly wed and she was cheating on her husband with a man that she was cheating on her husband with went to cops and said, i think she wants to kill her husband but he also said that he wasn't completely convinced that she was going to do it. >> right. >> thought she wanted him dead. he became the cop's informant, that was part of the trial. here she has been on trial for
8:48 am
years, greg, and this trial ends in mistrial. do you think we go a third round on this? where do you think we go from this? >> there's no limit under the law. you can be tried multiple times in mistrial, double jeopardy does not attach unless there's a conviction. at some point in time one of two things happen, the prosecution finally throws in the towel, look, we are wasting taxpayers' money, we are not going to get a conviction. a judge can step in, no reasonable jury can reach a verdict and therefore the judge issues what's known as a directed verdict of until the. -- not guilty. are either of those things going to happen, no. i suspect they will retrial dalia dippolito will retrial again.
8:49 am
they didn't call the husband who did a couple of years in a scam investment. the defense ended up calling calling the lover who first turned her in because he was a sympathetic witness as prosecutors found out so they didn't call him in the second trial. lo has happened in second and third trials that are different. we will wait and see what happens. jenna: wow, very interesting. bryan led the defense, guest of our show. i will be your use to talk to him. greg: he's a great defense attorney and this proves it. jenna: yeah, absolutely. greg, we will see where it goes from here. thank you for the analysis on the breaking news. we appreciate it very much. >> shocking murder that's still unsolved after four than four months, a father of a woman strangled in new york city, he's speaking out, he says she knew
8:50 am
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new york city jogger speaking out. he knew that karina, his daughter was missing less than a half an hour after she went on final jog telling this to dr. oz. >> she asked me to go for a run, i said i couldn't go. she says, okay, i'm going out. i said, okay. and about 25 minutes later i got a bad feeling. i knew something was wrong. >> how so?
8:54 am
what kind of feeling? >> like something was wrong. i got off the couch and went looking for her. i mean, we were so close that i knew she was in trouble. jenna: shortly into that run that she was strangled and raped and body found four months ago, that's when we first started learning about the case. it remained unsolved. even though dna was found at the scene, that dna doesn't match anyone. investigators are push to go allow some family dna testing to try to locate a relative of the killer. it's ongoing. >> that's chilling. there's new information today in the government's information technology department as we get staggering statistics of it budget. a whopping 80% of that money is being spent on outdated systems as i said like floppy said, peter ducey live in washington, peter, floppy disks, really? >> you remember during the
8:55 am
campaign there was a lot of talk about which candidate you would trust with their finger on the button controlling the nuclear arsenal, some of the technology that's coordinated the nuclear arsenal does rely on 8-inch floppy disk and it's not the equipment that's getting older, the workforce is getting older too. the partnership for public service looked at the data and found that there are more federal it employees over 65 than federal it employees under 30. >> federal government spends almost $90 billion a year on information technology and almost 80% of that is spent on operations and maintenance, servicing systems that may be over than 50 years old including part of the nuclear arsenal that we have. >> what to do about it? some companies think they might be up to something. they are trying to hire about
8:56 am
25,000 new collar workers in the next four years and they don't need advanced degrees. what matters most is that the employees with jobs such as cloud-computing technicians have relevant skills often on taped through vocational training, as cybersecurity threats continue to grow. >> how about the 23 million americans whose social security numbers were stolen by the chinese last year hacked in the office of personnel management. the one national security challenge, the most we are unprepared for but i believe this president elect has got a real chance to win the cyber war. >> experts we spoke to said the president elect sit-down with silicon valley will figure out to make cybersecurity more of a priority in january. >> i'm sure they are talking about cyber-attacks, certainly. jenna: tributes pouring for one of america's tv dad, hollywood
8:57 am
and fans mourn the sudden dead of actor alan thicke, a scene to warm your thought after year. a real life king of the jungle
8:58 am
. . the
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. .
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>> see you back here an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. two more to go. president-elect donald trump's cabinet is almost full as he defends his choice for secretary of state ahead of what could be a testy confirmation fight. this "outnumbered." i'll make ban mccain. here today, harris faulkner. sandra smith and fox news political analyst, eboni williams. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, co-host of "forbes on fox," david asman. outnumbered. >> thank you,


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