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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> see you back here an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. two more to go. president-elect donald trump's cabinet is almost full as he defends his choice for secretary of state ahead of what could be a testy confirmation fight. this "outnumbered." i'll make ban mccain. here today, harris faulkner. sandra smith and fox news political analyst, eboni williams. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, co-host of "forbes on fox," david asman. outnumbered. >> thank you, ladies.
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why wouldn't i be glad? meghan: cheering on names of all the ladies. >> i mispronounced her name. >> and we're still friends. harris: find out what the k is for. harris: good to have you. thanks for being here. >> pleasure. meghan: begin with a cabinet almost full. president-elect donald trump tapping former texas governor rick perry to head the energy department. three sources telling fox news that he also sent along montana congressman ryan zinn key. he touted rex tillerson and talking about the ties to
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russian president vladmir putin. >> rex is friendly with leaders of the world we don't get alongwith. they do not want us to be friendly. i'm doing the deal with rex because this is what this is all about. meghan: those words by the president-elect seemed aimed at republican lawmakers, marco rubio, john mccain and lindsey graham. a all whom expressed concerns about tillerson's russian ties. the bob corker who will head the committee that takes up tillerson's nomination, lawmakers want to hear his positions on vladmir putin. listen. >> putin is not a friend to the united states. putin has not been a friend to freedom and democracy and western values and competition. i mean that is just not who he is. and people are going to want to know. it accelerated or amplified by the fact that president-elect trump has said some things relative to russia that, let's
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face it, is very different than where we've been. meghan: so, david i'm going to you first. >> okay. meghan: this is a little controversial, total split not only within the republican party but many facets of the country. what do you make of the rex tillerson choice. >> let me look at broad picture. i promise i get back to rex. he is hiring people that know the nitty-gritty in the fields he hired them to do. that is something different from the past eight years. past eight years we have had a lot of academics know things from the ivory towers, as a result they make bad choices from benghazi, whole host of things. we would all agree. rex has real nitty-gritty experience. i wish donald trump had not used a friend of putin to refer to rex tillerson. he works with putin. he news how to work with him. he had vast company experience in russia dealing with exxon's
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facilities in russia. that requires diplomacy. friend after kgb guy, born and bred a kgb, i have personal experience and friend of mine named paul was murdered on the streets of moscow after he did a spease about cronies putin. a lot of people think he had a hand in paul's murder about 10 years ago. it hurts me somebody that will be secretary of state, or the president-elect talk about a friend putin when in fact he is murderer. you have to deal with the guy. real life experience. i think he is the perfect choice because one of those people who knows the nitty-gritty who knows how to get around not only russia but all over the world. harris: let me ask you a question. you interview people with ties all the around the world, when a country gives you a friendship award, a medtoday, i understand
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he got it for commerce a deal in russia. when someone gives you title how literal is that. >> great question. harris: that medal has the word friendship in it. >> harris, that is a wonderful question, in that case he was accepting the award not as an individual but head of a company that did business with russia. harris: you're okay with that? >> as a result of doing it for shareholders of exxon which he was working for it is okay. but as a personal friend of a guy i think has been cop police it in killing people -- harris: how do you know that donald trump didn't mean -- >> he may have. i hope he did. i just wish he used a different word. he could have said somebody who knows insides and outs of the crem: he knows how to deal with people in difficult situation. the word friend is not a word i would apply to putin or the people that i trust to putin. having said all that, this is absolutely brilliant choice because he can do business with putin. he can do business with the
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chinese. he can do business with our friend, our enemies, perhaps he can, he is going to need pressure from the president-elect to get exactly what we want but he's the right person to do it, eastern though it is this friend word that bothers me. sandra: critical of key people, former holder of that post, condoleeza rice, bob gates who made the introduction to begin with. >> they know it's a brilliant choice. sandra: that is really the word, tom pritzker, billionaire chicago businessman used exact words, a brilliant choice. but how is the senate confirmation process going to go? >> a lot of people like myself have real legitimate concerns. this conversation harris and david are having is the ambiguity a lot of americans are struggling with. he has a preexisting relationship with vladmir putin. trump can make an argument that that is good thing but those are concerned what is the exact nature of that relationship?
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is it strictly from a business standpoint? is it more personal in nature? certainly the question become what will rex's ability to be able to separate the two and operate in new capacity? i'm not going to condemn him around that. to your point, sandra the confirmation hearings are critically important for people that want more knowledge and fact what is the relationship looks like. harris: will also give us something different i think we should be thirsty for, that is personal accountability. we can talk all around the issue and can accident the president-elect what he meant by the word friend and we can talk ex-testimony -- extemporaneously and i want to do that but i think hearings will give us -- >> that is a great point. you know perhaps better than anybody the mess the state department is. foggy bottom which is the inside the beltway term for state department is tearily-run organization. they wasted $6 billion, just kind of disappeared. they need the hand of somebody who is used to dealing with huge
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organizations that need to be gotten into control and this is one of those things that perhaps rex tillerson will be best at is dealing with it as an organization that is out of control. meghan: the 64,000-dollar question for people like eboni and i, and people like you as well in the hearings i want to hear straight from the horse's mouth. you understand rex tillerson that russia assisted terrorism in europe. refugee crisis -- harris: does outnumbered go to the hearings? >> the three of us can lead it. there are legitimate questions i would like answered. i want to be assured his relationship with putin, whatever the nature will be won't fog his capacity to understand this man is human rights violator, he is aiding terrorism, talk about the atrocities in crimea. there is a whole litany of things we could go down. if we're getting in bed and becoming allies with russia that is something the american public really has the right to know. sandra: can i interject in tom pritzker saying this is brilliant choice. he knows tillerson well, they
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sit on the bipartisan center for international strategic studies. he will be focused on international interests. he addresses russia. there is mistake knowing russia and being pro-russia. rex knows russia which means he is ahead on the learning curve. meghan: so many questions on stance about what we do about islamic extremism. i know there are a lot of people excited about businessmen running everything. part of politician you know exactly where they stand, they have to make speeches an interviews. i have no idea what his stance is. >> russia is the victim. russia as country, been victim of islamic terrorism for a long time. >> before there was 9/11, 9/11 russia was hitting old soviet union in moscow. harris: chechens. >> they are in this sense they are aligned with our interests against muslim extremism.
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we do things very differently. they are willing to take civilian casualties. that we aren't. harris: we don't have the friendship. i will use that word with syria's president bashar al-assad. we don't have the friendship with iran russia does. we don't have the friendship with cuba russia does. >> iran controls hezbollah, they really started hezbollah of the they do have tight relations. so it is complex. it is amazingly complex. meghan: it is not that complex? have you seen what is happening in aleppo last few days? worst refugee crisis since are world war ii. aided and abetted by putin in russia. excuse me if i think their interests are -- >> to decide between isis and russia, frankly i think it is in our interests to side more with russia than it is to side with isis. if you have to make that choice. sometimes you do. sometimes you have you do. >> standing on the line looking into syria this last week, couldn't be more clear to me, kind of to meghan's point where
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this falls on the spectrum. the general said giving us debrief, the enemy of our enemy is still not our friend. it is indeed still our enemy. i think that is important. we sometimes get this false choice space, well we had to choose around alliance. let's be clear. i don't think that is our choice. harris: we'll not align ourselves with isis. i spent time with special on very to syria on friday. he was looking forward to meeting with trump's team. one of the things he wanted to communicate to the president-elect is very simple the if you choose to push isis back, it doesn't get the movement forward. but if you choose to team with russia and defeat them you've done something monumental. that will change the scene there. >> putin is not our friend. we are not in bed with putin. i don't want us to get in bed with putin. i don't think anybody would, but point is, there are certain areas in which our interests overlap and we have to be very aware of those interests in this world, which is so dangerous right now may.
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meghan: russian tv they're ferociously anti-american. i could talk about this all day long but unfortunately we have to move on. the dow already breaking 16 records since the election t could make history again today. whether the rise on wall street is putting pressure on the president-elect. lebron james is taking a stand against mr. trump, supporting a giant pin on the cover of "sports illustrated." what he had to say about the incoming president an whether athlete should stay out of politics! ♪
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♪ sandra: fox news alert. we are watching the dow as we await the announcement from the federal reserve today. it is widely expected to raise short-term interest rates by a quarter percentage point we're talking after its policy meeting this afternoon. the dow surging toward another record-breaking day today, potentially hitting the 20,000 mark for the first time in history. look at that. the blue chip index hitting a record close 16 times since election day. stocks rallying all this time as investors are betting that president-elect trump's proposal, proposals to cut corporate taxes roll back regulations and ramp up fiscal
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stimulus will accelerate growth. wow, so, dade, you just saw the dow. we're looking at it live. it is off 15 points. hovering above the unchanged line. 19,900. 20,000 is not a far reach, one one point from where we are now. >> it is not. i think the market is pausing for a moment, i think they have worked into the numbers all the positive things about trump. now they will wait to see if he delivers. mentioned tax cuts, regular laying cuts. some of his appointments are wall street guys who are not all that great on kind of tax cuts that would affect average american, the folks out there. yes, they're for corporate tax cuts, oh maybe we could delay, personal income tax. we can't. we can't because the average person has to see the tax cuts could benefit him as well as cooperations. i think markets are aware of that. they're waiting. if he delivers, if he overrides some of the kind of wimpy people he is appointed, some. people on wall street who are
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not big on tax cuts, if he overrides this, looks i'm the boss, you do what i say, then the market will continue to go higher. sandra: so he is not even president yet, right? >> that's true. sandra: we're watching the market rise in anticipation of him entering office comes the new year. >> always does that. always precedes the facts. >> isn't the market really high now? >> talk about president of great expectations from a fiscal standpoint. my goodness, president-elect trump must be looking at this, what is he thinking? intoal maybe he is not conscious of this and doesn't feel pressure. i would. sandra: he acknowledged it. >> i would feel pressure to deliver, to david's point in a way people can feel it, right? in a way the result becomes evident and this doesn't become for nothing. that this is, we've kind of walked down this path of increased expectation and there's no real payoff literally in the end. sandra: 16 record closes for u.s. stock market since trump was elected.
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hard not to attribute this rally to him. meghan: i understand. we talked about this show before. there is excitement with trump coming in. i don't know how this make making steve newspaper mnuchin as treasury secretary. i agree with eboni. i as i said before i will be more interested to he see what happens after the first year in office. sandra: i spent yesterday morning with maria bartiromo on the fox business network, three hours, catch it 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. but we were talking to so many financial professionals who are saying this rally has yet to attract mainstream, main street america. they're still skeptical of this rally in anticipation of possibly interest rates starting to -- harris: that's interesting. you don't have the like everyday american like myself? i'm not the money brainiacs you guys are. i'm not calling that person who is handling my 401(k), if that is the case, hey, are you adjust
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what i've got to the market. it hasn't hit -- >> you have not adjusted your 401(k)? harris: not in the last 17, 18 rallies. no, i haven't. i haven't talked to you. i am sure your advice is free. >> i have to hold my stocks for a while. so i have to make decisions that last for a while but i did the week he was elected, i sold my gold, bought into stocks. i figured gold would go down. i think wants to strengthen the dollar. harris: that is what i have a question about. i hear gloss over of interest rates. quarter percentage, eh, three or four times people start to feel that when they start to apply for mortgage loans, so on, so forth. we know from reports we're spending on national debt and interest on that, more than we do on what, homeland security or education or veterans or transportation or labor or housing. so talk to me about how wise it is at this point, in this particular time in the history to let the market do what it does.
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>> the debt as high, $20 trillion debt we have to pay interest on, all the people that bought our debt we have to pay interest, if we see interest rates go up to 3, 4, 5%, which is possible, there will be huge pressure on new president trump to lower cost of government. he will not only have to lower taxes which everybody likes, he will have to really do the hard stuff, making social security, raising age of social security,. sandra: to that point we talked to a real estate agent yesterday morning, head of a major company out on the west coast. this is usually sleepy time of year, sales are good. put a real estate titan in the white house. harris: i said it so i could hang out with sandra david. sandra: dinner no night on asman. president-elect trump won't be welcoming a team of rivals in his cabinet at all. what it means for the incoming adminstration. whether it could hurt his ability to negotiate with opponents. the tech giants that
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mr. trump butted heads with at the campaign are garretted at trump tower this afternoon. what to expect, and whether the two sides can make peace. ♪
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♪ harris: it's starting to look like, there won't be so-called team of rivals in the trump administration after all. after weeks of speculation and public appearances together, the president-elect passed over mitt romney for the secretary of state job and democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia now says he will remain in congress. it is unclear whether he turned down an offer from mr. trump or was told he was out of running for a post. democratic senator heidi heitkamp from north dakota likely will not take a position with the trump administration either amid fears her open seat would go to republican. meghan? meghan: these are fly over state politicians, west virginia, north dakota.
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these are important people in the democratic party which very urgent time they need to show they're not party of california, massachusetts and new york city. i took a lot of hope donald trump reaching out in bipartisan way. that is something i hated about president obama. i like to know how much pressure two of them were put on not to join the trump administration. i love heidi heitkamp. one of the democrats i like have respect for. did a lot of great work on human trafficking. not surprised is a lot of pressure. i'm sure nancy pelosi called up. harris: said we need to retain them keep them within his party. yeah, it is an interesting thought because it was on opportunity for democrats to come from the middle of the country and perhaps challenge politics on either coast in a bipartisan administration. >> i agree. i think for reasons meghan pointed out they got a lot of pressure. unspoken place they got pressure, people are demonized for sitting at table for donald trump.
9:28 am
we could talk very much at length about that. i do think theoretically it makes sense to have this bipartisan working together effect. but i think that the party kind of frowned on that. harris: which party? >> the democratic party. i think at this stage of the game there is still a lot of feeling around trump being our president-elect. harris: i think it is called hate. no, i'm serious. they're acting hateful in some cases. >> i want to be real honest around that, in terms of my perspective. harris: why? >> there is pushback -- why, harris? i don't think there is a real spirit of wishing success around president-elect trump at this point from the democratic party. i could be wrong. that is my gut feeling. harris: what is particularly sad about that, you would think democrats would have learned a lesson. senator mitch mcconnell come out saying number one thing when president obama took office, basically oppose him, take him down, whatever. you would think the lesson would have been learned. >> you would think.
9:29 am
the election was about that. >> i'm talking to friend who are in the democratic party and things of this nature. they're saying because of that, because of the severe opposition that president obama faced why do we have to play nice and make nice with donald trump? harris: that is the opposite of love i was talking about. >> they continuedo that, this extraordinarily important point, if they continue to isolate themselves and they appoint keith ellison, anti-semite, anti-semitic racist from my perspective, that is the way i see him, frankly i think most americans see him, even a lot of democrats, if they appoint him head of democratic national committee, talk about isolating themselves? sandra: talking about team of rivals was meeting with former technology ceo, carly fiorina. i mean wasn't that an amazing moment. >> today meeting with ezekiel emanuel, one of the godfathers of obamacare. sandra: meeting with each other after the choice words they had
9:30 am
each other on the campaign trail, i think that says a lot about the president-elect, willingness, even if he doesn't choose them on his team to sit down and i guess get over some of those words and have a discussion. harris: he and ben carson at one point, before dr. carson on board with donald trump were rivals too, right? now he has been picked for the hud secretary. how important is it, do you think for donald trump who promised to make america great again, which engendered spirit of coming together to pick people across the aisle? sandra: if he were sitting here, he is saying i'm not making who is democrat, who is republican, who did not like me. harris: he would? sandra: i'm sure hearing all of his surrogates, we're saying we're picking best person for the job. meghan: heidi heitkamp has a big future in the democratic party. check as lot of boxeses they need. i frankly haven't met a politician who doesn't, i think if there was threat of not having support from dnc or other
9:31 am
leaders. >> remember what they did to bernie sanders. if they put somebody in their cross-hairs as bad democrat, they will sabotage his or her career. if keith ellison is the head of the dnc, what do you think he would do to moderate democrats. meghan: complete and total radical. such a mistake. mistake for america. harris: i was watching social media in the commercial break. i'm watching kind of a trend in twitter feed, one guy got it started, sandra, you know what? this is close up to the glass, looking at cabinet. we want to know what the policies are going to be like. which is what you said about the dow jones all along. sandra: i think why we continue to see the stock market rally. they're getting clarity and certainty, what is going to happen and what the administration looks like. every time he makes announcement one of his cabinet picks you get a stock market rally. >> we never had a president-elect with as clear a set of policies before, even ronald reagan, i remember at the heritage foundation coming out with a blueprint for him in progress while getting ready to be inaugurated. now we know who the supreme court nominees are going to be.
9:32 am
we know what his tax policy is going to be. what his regulation policy. eliminate two regs for every new reg. a lot of specificity. why the market is up. harris: he only has go more, agriculture and veterans affairs. then he is done of the he will move on to the other 3,000 -- >> mitt romney as head of va. if -- harris: do you still think -- >> mitt romney knows how to reorganize. that is what he did in the private sector. meghan: nope. need a veteran, pete hegseth. need a veteran been to war. harris: scott brown. meghan: scott brown. i feel like pete hegseth. we're looking live in trump tower where president-elect in 90 minutes, now will welcome a who's who from the tech industry for summit on jobs and economy. among those are top executives from ibm, amazon, apple, microsoft, google and facebook, some who voiced concerns about mr. trump's vow to tight
9:33 am
enimmigration restrictions especially his criticism of special visas to lure high-value foreign workers silicon valley relies upon. many of those leaders were very vocally opposed to mr. trump during the campaign. david, go to you, these people are had a hard time being lured in to take the meeting. jack dorsey from twitter not going. very interesting, that donald trump made twitter great again. >> well, exactly. that's true. he has very, very definitive views against him. it is interesting some people came back, like elon musk. he at first wasn't going to do it. depends on the government to help him support a lot of his projects. this h1b visa thing is interesting, it's a great program, but what has happened, there is legitimate point to be made about them, critical point, you hire somebody from ukraine, software engineer from ukraine or bulgaria, they're used to getting paid $300 a week. here they can get paid ten times that. so they hire somebody for very cheap price from bulgaria, they bring them over here, pay them
9:34 am
half of what you would pay an american. a lot of people are upset about that. there is legitimate concern there. that is why they want to change h1b visas for high-end, rather than low-end software engineers, so it doesn't cut out a lot of americans who could get the job but would have to be paid more. meghan: a the love this is about immigration, harris, i want to go with you. you know me. i would be in the tech room, what will you do for national security and keep us safe? when people start threatening america on a facebook post will you flag them and tell people? that will come up. harris: there are questions how much they will be able see behind the scenes. we have black sites isis likes to hide behind. are they able to help us? those are all good questions. but you know it is not a week goes by i don't hear from somebody who is complaining about the fact we gave away the internet to the rest of the world, right? and how that is going to affect us going forward. so my question for you, david, is, how does all of this come together?
9:35 am
is there any benefit in having maybe other people work with us from other countries so we can control -- did we lose what we thought we lost with the internet? >> it is christmastime. people give gifts in christmastime. you said we gave the world the internet. sometimes you get more by giving than receiving. i think that is absolutely true. i don't mean to make a christmas parallel but it is true. we added so much to our own economy and enterprises as a result of that gift we gave the world of the internet i think there is much more that brings these tech folks together with trump than divides them. sandra: can i i interject this number, you probably saw this as well, meghan, national foundation for american policy put out statistics on immigrants involvement in startup process. immigrants founded more than half of the current crop of u.s.-based startups valued at over a billion dollars. so this is really important conversations they're having. i would remind you, remember on the campaign trail donald trump was critical of apple assembling
9:36 am
some of its products overseas and things like that come up. this is a big conversation. >> it is. it is enormous. i'm very happy though that it is taking place. because one of donald trump's big talking points on the stomach was bringing jobs back, manufacturing jobs, things of this nature. that is fantastic he should absolutely do that but on the other front we can't be desperate for nostalgia, place historically america done well economically in those sectors that we ignore real forward moving future what our economy needs to look like. so i think that the job creation component of the conversations that i hope take place today are very critical as well. and we have to keep an eye on that ball because, the economy is not going to slow down for us in the sense of, you know, people are not going to keep, entrepreneurship you're talking about sandra, these technological jobs, they're not going to slow down pace because america want to be great again the way it used to be great. we have to move forward in technological front. meghan: all right.
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with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> the fbi is now being hit with a lawsuit demanding files related to its investigation into hillary clinton's email server and clinton foundation in the run-up to this election. this after the fbi is accused of failing to respond to a freedom of information act request for documents. vice news reporter jason lee owe polled and mit and harvard researcher ryan shapiro filing the suit. shapiro saying reportedly apolitical fbi played unprecedented role in the perhaps most controversial an contested election in modern history.
9:42 am
the public absolutely needs to know how and why the leading nation's federal law enforcement agency played such a determinative role in presidential politics. the pair is seeking documents mentioning donald trump, the clintons, huma abedin, anthony weiner, "breitbart" and the alt-right. we'll take this apart. lawyer of me requires look at motive and merits of this lawsuit. we'll start with motive. >> okay. >> they made this filing request on december 2nd. typically they get 20 days to produce. they want it expedited. conventional wisdom say they want it expedited because they have only two month before donald trump takes office. what do you think that expeditedness has to do with real reason for this. >> it is funny, i thought it was coming from conservative groups interested more in what the fbi was doing in terms of making deals with hillary, whatever. in fact, comes from a bunch of liberals who i think their
9:43 am
motive is a fishing expedition to try to get on the inside of organizations like "breitbart" and remember who "breitbart" was controlled by after "breitbart" himself died is bannon, steve bannon is one of the key advisors to trump. it's, i think a fishing expedition to get on the inside of the trump administration, to try to find out who's talking to whom. maybe they could find stuff as embarrassing to republican as what wikileaks found embarassing to the democratic party. people talking to folks in the press, et cetera. we'll see what happens. i think that's the motive. harris: how does it work, eboni? you're a lawyer. i come and say i want to look at these documents but isn't it a specific request? i can go fishing all i want but how much can i really use? >> perfect question, harris. now you're talking about scope. you can make a request. we get to decide as a body how much we want to deliver. harris: exactly. >> then, these, filings for
9:44 am
requests doj actually comes in and plays referee what that scope actually looks like. harris: if they're stepping in how much do we really think we'll get? >> how much -- hopefully limited amount. as attorney, regardless where you fall on the political scope of this, political spectrum, rather the scope should be limited. harris: keep it narrow. >> keep it narrow. we go out from there. i want to ask you this, harris, get your take as well, sandra. credibility this lawsuit is a fishing expedition. i think credibility of james comey and fbi has been at play and question for a long time around this election. this to me, will this be opportunity do you guys think for something good to come of it? or is this going to make us think less and less, think of fbi and comey himself more political? harris: i think they were already in trouble around july 5th, oh, no, hillary clinton didn't do anything. right next to the election, i can see why their people were upset, maybe there is something in other documents. so on, so forth. the damage is done for him.
9:45 am
it will be really interesting to see how president-elect donald trump deals with him. will he accept a resignation from james comey? we don't know. >> sandra, do you think possibility for any entities to be rehabilitated? sandra: we heard how many times james comey came out and insists politics has nothing to do with the decisions made. credibility certainly has been lost. to me after listening to everything you just said, particularly you, eboni, still the democrats not willing to admit this loss and trying to delegitimize trump's victory. and i don't even know if the american public has the capacity to even look at this and make anything of it is where i keep going. meghan: so dense. you want to find out what happened with hillary clinton but at same time you want to know what fbi knows about steve bannon? this is rogue vice reporter show me everything the fbi has. unfortunately no normal citizen or member of the fbi will have cart blanche to look at every file in the fbi.
9:46 am
this is basically a publicity stunt. a last-ditch every for any democrat to get last dig in on james comey and fbi. i don't see it going anywhere. >> how about this, david, i end with you where i started, the merits. there is such thing as freedom of information act. valuable tool. meghan: classified information? >> never classified. in general, things the public should be exposed to. do you think there is anything in this. >> yeah, i think everybody wants to know, it may take years, maybe 30 years from now, writing definitive book what made comey go back and forth on hillary clinton probe. so everybody wants to find out but, i think the motive of the people involved in this is just to get payback for what happened to hillary and wikileaks. harris: i think american public is waiting for the movie. meghan: i am. sandra: will they believe it? nb. >> nba superstar lebron james making a political statement on cover of "sports illustrated." what the giant safety pin
9:47 am
signifies and what he had to say about the president-elect. ♪
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:51 am
first to jenna lee what is coming up second hour of "happening now." >> they're watching a fire in new york city at nyu hospital. we have some breaking news on that. we talked a lot about the order of friendship award given to rex tillerson, potentially our next secretary of state. what exactly is that award? who receives it? we have a recipient joining us this hour to tell you why i received it and does that really mean you're friends with vladmir putin? finally we know the devastating story about alan thicke dying suddenly about a heart attack. according to the iced rink manage every, he was sitting up and talking going into the ambulance. we have cardiologist talking about warning signs of a heart attack during the busy holiday season. up next on "happening now." sandra: thank you, jenna. harris: lebron james. call him king james on twitter. making a political statement on cover of "sports illustrated" december issue, which names him sports person of year. is it political or not. we'll talk about.
9:52 am
the nba champion is wearing a giant safety safety pin on his lapel, a symbol adopted by anti-trump protesters. he was a hillary clinton supporter and joined her on the campaign trail days before the election. he is quoted in "sports illustrated" when i was growing up, i didn't have my father. you looked up toes people in positions power. could be athletes or leaders or presidents. parent could use those people as role models. when he elect a president in a disrespectful way a lot, i don't know we can use him in our house hold. sandra, i'm coming to you, earlier you had a take that was kind of funny and also you know what, maybe it isn't all about politics. sandra: harris, i was joking. harris: it was really funny. sandra: i suggested he had a tear in his suit before the photo shoot happened and they had to pull it together. he is not saying why he was wearing that. harris: exactly. sandra: i guess, guessing that is why he was wearing it. but i don't know about you guys,
9:53 am
but most people i talk to, and i am a sports watcher, i know a lot of sports watcher, we kind ever want politics left out of it. harris: yeah. sandra: these statements fine they have their political believes and share them with friends or family but this is clearly a statement if that is why he is wearing that safety pin. a lot of people are just exhausted from it. let's keep politics out of sports. harris: if we weren't exhausted after colin kaepernick, and you know how exhausted i got and vocal. >> you and me both. harris: we're at a sensitive point but do we really want to be politically correct? if people are preaching about not being political correct, can they live with the lapel pin at this point? >> live with it but i think, one of the great things about this election it put celebrity endorsements in perspective, political endorsements in perspective. sandra: they don't matter? >> because i love lebron. he also said, i hope trump will be one of the best presidents ever for all our sakes, for my family. he is not saying you know, he is
9:54 am
not a never trump person entirely. he is wishing him the best which is something not all hillary supporters have done. meghan: i will defend him, i actually prefer this so much more than colin kaepernick i found him to be disrespectful of our flag. harris: taking a knee. meghan: this is peaceful protest. he doesn't believe in public protest. he said quote can feel almost riot does. i want to help my community. so kids are important parts of growth of america. i'm not here to stomp on trump. this is kind of protesting i can handle. i don't love it but i can handle it. >> i can say i can handle it, i love it not necessarily because of the position he is taking but he is he saying something. to sandra's point, i agree a lot of people like their athletes to stay out of politics. they don't want to know their political positions. i think that is a trip, earlier this year when the great muhammad ali died one of the things he was very widely respected for was his strong political statement. the fact that he was a leader on
9:55 am
that front. so i find it a bit confusing why you know, it seems that some athletes are, become heroes around their strong statements. of course he was also one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. that was part of -- harris: lebron james is pretty hot on the court. >> lebron james, one greatest basketball players to ever live, i don't know what michael jordan would say. harris: he would disagree. >> it is completely fine. i have no desire not for our athletes to have political voice. historically they have and something i think he is entitled to. meghandisrespectful. not desecrating our flag. sandra: didn't stay at trump hotel, did we talk about that. meghan: people don't like donald trump out there and some are famous. of all the insufficientable morons talked about, said bad things about donald trump, we talked madonna. he is doing most respectful way. harris: he said he did it for personal, not political reasons.
9:56 am
when of cavaliers were in town to play the knicks. he chose not to stay at trump hotel. you can stay where you want. if you're in the world of pc how do you navigate and not be a hypocrite? >> good question. harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay with us. want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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being here. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. invite me back i'll come. sandra: anytime. harris: topics we could sink our teeth in.
10:00 am
sandra: food to have you as well. >> always a pleasure. sandra: we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. but prominent senators are questioning the exxon ceo's ties to russia. including the friendship award. and tv sitcom


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