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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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syria's president calls it an historic event comparable to the birth of christ. government forces retake aleppo and the evacuation of the battered and broken survivors begins. the u.s. meantime calls it a massacre. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. it's a watershed moment in the syrian civil war. the government of syrian president assad is once again in control of the rebellion's most important strong hold. hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed since the beginning of the war in
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syria. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says russia, iran and syria should be ashamed for carrying out war crimes on civilians with barrel bombs, mortars and air strikes. tonight, tens of thousands of syrian await evacuation from aleppo and an uncertain future. john huddy has the latest. >> reporter: the convoy of buses and ambulances carried the first wave of men, women and children from eastern aleppo today leaving with some hope of life amid so much death. u.n. officials say the sick and wounded were evacuated first followed by vulnerable citizens and then rebel fighters and their families. they have been granted amnesty and safe pass saage to other pa of syria. then there are the children like this group of orphans. a 10-year-old says this may be the last time her voice is heard and she talks about how her mom and dad were killed in air
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strikes two years ago in aleppo. the evacuation of some 1,000 civilians today and more than 3,000 rebel fighters effectively ends the four-year control of eastern aleppo by opposition forces. assad congratulated syrians on what he called the quote liberation of the city. >> translator: this history that is being made now is bigger than the word congratulations. >> reporter: the evacuation effort is far from over. an estimated 50,000 people remain in eastern aleppo according to the u.n. and history has shown that all it takes is a spark to reignite the violence. violence that secretary of state john kerry said includes the slaughter of innocent civilians. >> the assad regime is carrying out nothing short of a massacre. we have witnessed indiscriminate
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slaughter, not accidents of war, not collateral damage, but frankly purposeful, a cynical policy of terrorizing civilians. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry said that the u.s. will do everything possible to save lives in syria, including restarting peace talks in geneva. but added the question is if syria's government and assad is willing to accept peace and while this may be the end of a major battle, the battle for aleppo, it's not the end of syria's civil war. >> john, thank you. what do you think the u.s. role should be in regards to syria? let me know on twitter. or on facebook. two u.s. defense officials say isis has taken possession of three russian surface to air
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missile launchers outside of palmyra. the launchers contain four missiles each. a russian defense ministry spokesman says an insignificant number of weapons have been taken by isis. to the top general says if russia does not destroy the weapons the u.s. will take action. now that aleppo has fallen, many are asking if president obama's focus on one particular nation kept the u.s. from doing more to prevent the deaths of untold numbers of innocents. kevin cork is at the white house to fill in the blanks. >> reporter: could president obama have done more to stop the violence in syria or did his insistence on completing the iran nuclear deal weaken his resolve to unseat the assad regime? those are some of the questions the administration continues to face at mr. obama prepares to leave the white house. >> the use of chemical weapons
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is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> reporter: that was the president's now infamous red line in 2012. since the comments, assad has continued to massacre his own people, often with the help of the russians. critics suggest it was the president's zeal to push the iran nuclear deal over the finish line that not only clouded his focus, it enabled other troubling hot spots to percolate. >> there's no question because the entire obama foreign policy machine was committed to this iran deal, that they lookled the other way on a lot of things. i think the iran deal forced us to pull our punches in our policy with russia, especially on ukraine. because we needed the russians to get the president's legacy nuclear agreement with iran. >> reporter: other critics have suggested the deal may have contributed to the surprisingly muted u.s. response to allegations of russian hacking
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attempts during the election cycle. white house officials say the nuclear deal was never about the u.s. or the president's legacy. it was about the world's response to a growing threat. >> the successful implementation of the international agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was a major national security priority of some of our closest allies and partners. >> reporter: so much has happened since the completion of the deal. the russians refused to leave ukraine. they continue to bomb soyria. the chinese are operating in the south china sea. tehran walked away with a billion and a half dollars. while the deal was historic, critics wonder if it came at a pretty high cost. >> kevin, thank you. we are getting world president obama will hold his
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end of the year news conference 2:15 eastern time. ash carter is heading home following his final war planning conference with the anti-isis coalition. he expressed confidence the trump administration will continue the role in the coalition fighting isis. the meeting in london came to an end -- the end rather of an overseaed tr es trip who will b replaced. it may appear there's a huge circular firing squad right now in washington on one topic, congress, the intelligence community, the white house, the tr trump transition team taking shots at one another. then there are the russians. fighting over whether moscow hacked its way into interfering with the u.s. election, how, why and under whose orders, being debated every day.
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catherine herridge is following it. >> reporter: russian government dismissed reports that vladimir putin was involved and directed the release of hacked e-mails from the democrats. >> translator: you know, i was shocked when i saw this news on the television. i have nothing to add. i think that the stupidity and hopelessness of such an attempt to convince people of this is obvious. >> reporter: fox news has independently confirmed that russian-backed cyber militias back hacking u.s. systems in june 2015. the operation evolved into an effort to interfere in the u.s. election. it was sanctioned by the highest levels of the russian government. the white house spokesman dodged questions on whether the intill ge intelligence statement was code for putin. >> senior most officials in russia would lead me to conclude based on my personal reading and not any knowledge that i have, it's obvious, they were
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referring to the senior most official in russia. >> reporter: they dismissed other allegations from the white house spokesman that the president-elect knew the hacks would help him. >> it's remarkable. it's breath taking. he is auditioning to be a political pundit after his job is over. it's disappointing to hear from the podium of the white house press secretary. >> reporter: nbc news reported new intelligence showed putin directed the e-mail releases and the russian campaign began as a vendetta against hillary clinton. the president-elect tweeted, if russia or some other entutentit hacking, why did they only complain after hillary lost? second of state kerry said he would not comment on intelligence adding -- >> the president understood and made clear, it's a serious matter. it was serious then. it's a serious matter now. more information comes out. >> reporter: the cia declined to provide a briefer today after an urgent request from the republican chairman who is on trump's transition team. the committee is deeply
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concerned that sharing intelligence with congress can enable the manipulation of intelligence for political purposes. another committee member went further. >> in the public statements, the director of national init will he gens, of the fbi have said they don't know what the motive is, if there's a motive, it was to disrupt the election, not to control one candidate over the over. >> reporter: the white house said there should be a proportional response after the intelligen intelligence community said the russians directed this. >> thank you. president-elect trump is about to hold his latest thank you tour rally in pennsylvania. you can cross off one more cabinet vacancy as he named the head of the --
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>> reporter: good evening. donald trump has named 13 members of his cabinet. that means there are two positions left. trump is searching for the ideal candidate. earlier today, a fox news contributor and a former ceo of concerned veterans for america had a third meeting with the president-elect. he is a top candidate for secretary of veterans affairs. trump did not offer him the job during that meeting. other candidates that remain in the running are former massachusetts senator and florida congressman, the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee. the search for a secretary of agriculture continues. sources in idaho tell fox news the governor is being vetted but hasn't been asked to meet with the president-elect. today was supposed to be trump's first press conference in 140 days scheduled to lay out how he was going to separate himself from his vast business empire. that will not happen until
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january. trump today played down the delay tweeting out, quote, the media tries so hard to make my move to the white house as it repar retains to my business so complex when it isn't. kellyanne conway said the process is convoluted, complex and senior transition officials said they bit off more than they could chew. tonight, in hershey, pennsylvania, donald trump will say a big thank you to folks who gave him a big win here in the keystone state. the key issues were bread and butter, jobs and taxes. on the tax reform front, donald trump has promised big changes in his first 100 days. >> we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms april simp simp
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s and simplifying. massive tax cuts for middle class. >> reporter: the middle class tax relief act starts by reducing the number of income tax brackets down to three. people will be taxed at a rate of 12, 25 or 33%. while trump claims middle class gets the biggest cut, an analysis by the tax policy center finds people in the lowest income range would get back about $110. middle income workers would receive an average of $1,010. the highest income group would have their taxes reduced by a whopping $1.1 million. >> on a conference call doing this? >> reporter: this man made the risky leap to start his own market research firm. >> there were months where we couldn't make the mortgage payment. >> reporter: the early days were a balancing act between success and failure. now he is in the top tax bracket
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and could reap an enormous windfall. he says he would likely save some, give some to charity and put a bunch back into the economy. >> you think, wouldn't i like another house? wouldn't i like that car? wouldn't i like that vacation? >> reporter: trump has more changes in mind. eliminating the so-called marriage penalty, alternative minimum and death taxes. he would change the tax structure for contract workers, taxing them at the same rate he proportises for corporations. this woman is a freelance makeup artist. >> i want to pay what's fair. and at the her tax rate is around 24%. the trump plan would knock nearly ten point ofz that. >> when i have money, i spend it. i like to be able to invest if my business. >> reporter: back to brad for a moment. his marketing firm is a
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so-called s corporation which means he is taxed at personal income rates. trump would include s corporation income in his proposed 15% bracket, which he says could change his whole world. >> if you literally took our s corporation and that was taxed at a lower rate, that might actually be enough to spur differences when we think about our business. >> reporter: some provisions could actually end up increasing taxes for some people who can ill afford it. trump would increase the standard deduction to $15,000 for an individual, $30,000 for joint filers. he would also ee lliminate persl deductions and head of household deduction. liza is a single mother of two boys. filing as head of household with three personal deductions, her income is reduced by $21,300. trump's standard deduction of $15,000 would mean she would pay taxes on an additional $6,300 of income. in other words, she would pay more tax. >> hopefully, i will still buy
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groceries like i do, clothes for the kids, the mortgage. >> reporter: as many as 8 million families may be in the same boat. trump insists the tax cuts for childcare would offset the increase. she has no childcare costs, relying on family to take care of her boys when necessary. it may be up to congress to fix it. >> i don't know what the solution is to that. that is not fair considering we're all hard working individuals. >> reporter: while all three people we talked to support the idea of tax cuts, they are concerned about two things. an equitable application so all income groups pay and receive their fair share. and whether cutting taxes could blow a huge hole in the budget increasing deficits and debt. >> it seems like the more we reduce taxes, if we don't reduce spending we are going to have an issue. >> reporter: they estimate that donald trump's tax plan would add $7.2 trillion to the debt over the next ten years.
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trump says the economic growth would more than milwaukee ake u difference. he will make sure families do not pay more tax. >> that will happen after inauguration. thank you. our 15 part series looking ahead to the first 100 days of trump presidency continues tomorrow with the incoming relationship with russia. if you want to watch or rewatch any of the reports, you can check them out on we are just four days away from the real presidential election. monday the electoral college will convene and will formally vote. like almost everything else in this election season, what is normally routine is now anything but. here is james rosen. >> this message is for you. >> reporter: martin sheen who played the president leads actors and musicians urging gop
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electors to withhold their votes from donald trump who was elected president in real life. produced by unite for america, a popup group with a progressive pedigree, it invoked alexander hamilton to argue the college was designed to block unqualified individuals from becoming president. >> i'm not asking to you vote for hillary clinton. >> it should be someone you consider competent. >> top officials are whipping the college vote set for monday. >> we're in contact. we don't anticipate any of the electors flipping. >> 29 states and the district of columbia bind electors under state laws largely untested in the courts. colorado, which hillary clinton captured is one of them. democratic electors are suing the state to unbind themselves. >> i'm a former marine. this isn't about the party. this is about my country. i'm put mting my party first. >> they vowed to make electors
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sign a pledge so faithless electors could potentially face perjury charges. >> colorado law was written with the presumption that people would fall the law. >> reporter: michigan binds its electors. a builder among them. >> my imperative is to do what the voters in michigan indicated, and that is to support donald trump. >> i don't know what moral imperative means to some of these people calling me. >> reporter: for the never trumpers to prevail, 37 would need to abstain. only nine have voted for another candidate or abstained. >> james, thank you. even then, the rates would go to the house of representatives. the gop would vote for trump. we will explain this with the panel as well. up next, can yahoo! recover from a hack of 1 billion of its accounts? here is what some of our
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affiliates are covering tonight. in tampa, they announce the arrest of 114 suspects after a six-day under cover operation focusing on human trafficking. it was operation not so silent night. among those arrested, a high ranking official on an area school board. in san francisco, the state of california tells uber to stop using self-driving cars. the state says uber must have permission. uber says that's not true because it has humans behind the wheel to intervene if needed. a live look at miami from wsvn. the big story there tonight, officials from the u.s. coast guard and the royal canadian navy offloading 26.5 tons of cocaine seized in waters off the eastern pacific. the drugs are worth an estimated $715 million. they came from 27 separate drug smuggling vessel introductions and five bail recovery operat n
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operations. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr,
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yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. south carolina church shooter dylann roof has convicted of slaughtering nine african-american parishioners in charleston in the of 2015. a jury took less than two hours to reach its verdict today finding roof guilty on all 33 counts in the hate crimes trial. it will reconvene next month to decide whether roof faces life in prison or the death penalty. the revelation that information has been stolen from more than 1 billion yahoo! accounts is put gs that company's future at risk. jonathan hunt has an update from los angeles.
1:25 am
>> reporter: it's largest data breach in history, 1 billion accounts targeted, a vast amount of information stolen. e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, security questions and answers, passwords, too. the white house confirmed the fbi is involved. >> i can speak from here to the potential scope of material that could be vulnerable or may have been exfill traited. what i can say is that the fbi is investigating this matter. >> reporter: yahoo! stock tumbled. the breach could affect its deal with verizon which agreed to pay $4.8 billion for yahoo!'s digital operations earlier this year. according to press reports, verizon's legal team is considering pulling out of the deal or atrenegotiating the pri. verizon issued a statement which said in part, quote, we will evaluate the situation as yahoo! continues its investigation.
1:26 am
we will review the impact of this new development before reaching any final conclusions. and outside experts warn the hackers will keep coming. >> i think this is the tip of the speer of what we're going to see. >> reporter: yahoo! claims no financial or banking information was accessed by the hackers. the information the hackers did get can potentially provide a doorway because so many people use the same passwords for so many sites. >> if that person doesn't keep their financial information on line, it's easy to be that person. >> reporter: yahoo! made public that 1.5 billion accounts in total and a reminder whether it's international, national or individual level, cyber secure
1:27 am
s security is a major issue. >> that's for sure. more misery tonight for washington, d.c.'s maligned transit system. four metro track inspectors and two supervisors have been fired for falsifying records after an investigation into a derailment in july. metro's general manager says it revealed a disturbing level of indifference, lack of accountability and misconduct. six more firings or suspensions are pending and 28 of the rail network's 60 inspectors are facing some kind of discipline. the u.s. is experiencing its worst mumps outbreak in ten years. mumps. >> it's scary to know something like that is around. >> reporter: parents feeling anxious after top u.s. health officials say they are closely monitoring the largest mumps outbreak in more than a decade. >> what we are seeing is a
1:28 am
highly infectious disease. >> reporter: they have reported aid growing number of cases in five public schools. harvard university has been coping with handfuls of infected students since the beginning of the school year. over at the university of missouri, more than 200 people have come down with the virus. the cdc says mumps cases have now surfaced in all but four states, with nearly 4300 infections reported. arkansas is the epicenter with nearly 2200 cases in mostly school-age children. >> what efveryone can do is mak sure you are up to date with immunization. >> reporter: lack of immunization could be to blame according to public health officials. several years ago rumors circulated that certain vaccine could cause autism in children. while that was later debunked, it still terrified many parents
1:29 am
to the point of completely opting their kids out of vaccine programs. something doctors do not recommend. to prevent future spread of disease. >> there's no doubt that the numbers of cases of mumps has decreased da m ed dramatically. >> reporter: this can be extremely contagious, transmitted through saliva. it can be spread through a cough, sneeze or even drinking after someone. symptoms include, high fever, swollen cheeks and headache. >> thank you. pro life advocates say president obama is using regulatory overreach to further an agenda, congress and the american people have rejected. this time it's about federal funding for planned parenthood. and comes just before the inauguration of a self-proclaimed pro-life president. richard edson has more. >> reporter: two days before president obama leaves the white
1:30 am
hours, his administration will protect money destined for planned parenthood and other clinics providing abortions. several states have tried to ban the providers from receiving federal grant funding. a just released rule from the department of health and human services prevents those efforts. >> this sis empowering parents o make their own choices. that's a principal that should resonate with conservatives. >> reporter: the federal government is prohibited from paying for abortions except in race, insist or if the mother's life is at risk. the government pays planned parenthood for other services. they receive more than a half billion dollars a year from government grants and reimbursement. the congressional budget office says most of that is medicaid paying for services for low income americans. abortion opponents say the payments allow planned parenthood to direct other revenue to providing abortions.
1:31 am
donald trump said in february he would support blocking federal funds from planned parenthood as long as it offered abortions. >> not while they do abortions. i made that clear. >> reporter: congressional republicans will renew efforts to prevent any federal money from financing planned parenthood. >> those dollars that are not going to planned parenthood, we are going to provide for that by having that in the more appropriate settings. >> reporter: republicans say they want to instead direct funding to clinics without abortion services. with donald trump in the white house, that could become law. thanks to a senate procedural maneuver, republicans could pass a bill blocking all funding to planned parenthood with just a simple majority in the senate and house. they will have that and the white house. >> rich, thank you. the head of the federal communications commission says he will resign on inauguration day. tom wheeler's departure will leave republicans with a two to
1:32 am
one advantage on the fcc. it's typical for the agency chairman to leave with the old administration outgoing. there had been speculation that wheeler might stay on. stocks were up today. the dow gained 60. the s&p finished ahead nine. the nasdaq jumped 20. president obama, president-elect trump, the russians, the iranians and syria. we will talk about all of it with the panel when we come
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to those who support the assad regime, the days are numbered. >> i am con iffident that assad days are numbered. the use of chemical weapons is totally unacceptable. if you make the mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable.
1:36 am
>> the assad regime is aiding and abetting and carrying out nothing short of a massacre. >> syrian civil war has been going on for a long time. today, you hear the secretary of state john kerry saying it's a massacre happening in aleppo. before you heard all the days were numbered. we will put a number on those. since the president first mentioned that, it's been 1749 days. since he said days were numbered for assad. now we are seeing a lot of the killing and now the evacuation of people out of aleppo. let's bring in our panel. judge andrew nopalitano, laura ingler and charles krauthammer. charles, your thoughts on the lautest developments? >> obama imagines the obama deal
1:37 am
is his legacy. it is not. aleppo is his legacy. history will remember this as a symbolism of the policy of retreat and the inevitable yoult co outcome. it's not as if the civil war was going to go one way or other because of what the united states did. it was essentially in an equilibrium a year and a half ago when the russians decided that their side -- assad was losing. the rebels were on the advance in aleppo and elsewhere. he stepped in to rescue assad. then he saw there was no response on the part of the west, no penalty whatsoever, even economic, coming from the united states. he decided to drive the advantage. we are reduced now to getting speeches from our u.n. spokesman, pleading, saying to the iranians and russians and to assad, have you no shame, have you no pity? the answer is obvious, they have
1:38 am
none. the only thing that could have stopped this ultimately would have been some kind of deterrent from the united states, warning from the united states to keep the russians out. we didn't. and now we have what we have. >> laura, the images out of syria are painful. orphans pleading for their lives. >> someone who visited a lot of orphan anl ages and seeing the children, i think charles is right. it will go down as without a doubt i think one of the biggest humanitarian crises, war crimes obviously committed in syria. the narrative on -- you can read on facebook and videos released of mothers who are asking priests if they can kill their children so they don't have to see them tortured. we have to remember years ago when i think the public polling came out on this, remember, there was no public support for going into syria. we also all have to remember that.
1:39 am
obama was seeing the polls. it's hard because after iraq, the nation was incredible weary. we lost thousands of men, more than a trillion dollars. the public just -- what are we going to gain here? that was the sentiment. but this is the outcome of what's happening. >> how much of this and the situation we're in with syria was about the obama administration and the president concerned about the iran deal? concerned that he didn't want to do something that upset iran and thereby didn't do anything. by not doing anything, he was doing something. >> i think that now five years later, you can look at some of the pieces and maybe draw those conclusions. in real time if you go back to -- i remember this very well that weekend when he took the walk around the south lawn and decided to pull back on air strikes. i really believe that was more about what laura was talking about, a country that was war weary, a president who had won two elections at that point on premises s promising of drawi
1:40 am
from the middle east. it was more about maintaining that. charles is right, this whole dynamic changed when the russians went into syria to actively protect assad. the idea that we are here now trying to negotiate with the russians is something that didn't have to happen if we had been involved more actively. >> here is the washington post. aleppo represents a meltdown of the west's moral and political will, in particular, a collapse of u.s. leadership by refusing to intervene against assad's regimes, atrocities or even to enforce the red line, he, president obama declared on the use of chemical weapons, president obama created a vacuum filled by vladimir putin and iran's revolution a revolutiona. instead, he supported the delusional diplomacy of secretary of state john kerry whose appeals for cease-fires yielded as mr. putin no doubt intended nothing more than a humiliating display of american
1:41 am
weakness. this is a vacuum that president-elect trump steps into. >> i could not agree more with the editorialists at "the washington post." this is a brilliant and tragic description of president obama's utter and john kerry's utter lack of leadership. so bad that they made the situation worse. my concern is -- laura raised this. it's well-known. does the american public have the stomach, have the appetite for the introduction of military force into syria, which would lead to ground troops? do we want to go through that again? this is a terrible, terrible tragedy that's going to be put on donald trump's desk at noon on january 20th. i don't know which will he will go. last tiec the last time he spoke about this, he did not see an appetite for ground troops. >> that is wrong alternative. people talk about two alternatives. the passivity of obama, which
1:42 am
ended today with aleppo. or invasion. when the red line was crossed, we were in a position, the french were going to help us of purely an tack from the air or by cruise missile to out the assad air force and disable the air fields. that's not invasion. that would mean you can't drop the barrel bombs. when the russians started to maneuver, we didn't have to invade. the job of a super power is to deter the other superpower. there was russians had to pay at any stage. that was a role that we could have played short of anything like a ground invasion. to put it up the only alter nafive is to back up the obama decision of doing nothing and we see the result now. >> a couple of fox polls. president obama's job performance on the list of items including the economy, foreign policy, roughly split.
1:43 am
isis is upside down in this poll, 41% approve, 51% disapprove. then the question, is the u.s. safer since president obama took office? less safe, 43% now. then you see safer, 20%. same, 35%. i guess the real question about syria is how much this has spurred on not only isis but other terrorist groups and what that means for us. >> yeah. we forget, libya. the limited intervention policy of the obama administration with the limited strikes in syria in 2011 helped, of course, topple syria -- libya and libya is now a terrorist haven. the foreign policy calamities go on and on and on. the pull out of troops from iraq. obviously, the iran revolution we didn't support. obviously, bin ga sdenghazi. now the public is saying, gosh, what is our standing in the
1:44 am
world? what was our foreign policy? what is america today? that's the mood -- andy is right, the mood the country was in when they elected trump. trump is not let's go intervene. he wants a more pragmatic foreign policy that understands the limits of our money, what we have to spend and the public's will to fight. we have to have a public who backs up the wars that we're in. we have to keep the public with the war effort. i think bush lost the public in the second bush term. >> we don't really know though what the trump foreign policy will be. >> we don't. he has talked at times about putting in troops and taking them out quickly, not having long-term commitments overseas. he inherits this in five weeks. he is going to be inheriting a situation that's much more complicated than it was when obama made the decision on the red line. >> don't see him doing militarily the opposite of what he promised the american public
1:45 am
to do. i sympathize very much emotionally and morally with charles' argument. >> apart from the emotion and morality, we have a new situation now in the middle east where iran and russia now have total control of syria. will use it as a base of projecting force, malevolent force in the region. trump's dilemma is not the civil war. it's essentially over. the bad guys have won. now he will have to inherit a hostile outpost of iran in a crucial area in the middle east. that's the legacy. >> iran was the focus of the obama administration foreign policy. the question is whether russia will be the focus of the trump foreign policy. next up the trump transition, pressure on electors. russian hacking and the latest. take one.
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as you know, constitution gives the electors the right to vote for any eligible person. >> it should be someone you consider especially competent. >> especially competent to serve as president of the united states of america. >> by voting your conscience, you and other brave republican electors can give the house of representatives the option to select a qualified candidate for the presidency. >> this is completely phony. what they're asking people to do is to ignore the votes of millions of people in their states who elected them as elector. >> this is an ad by celebrities out there trying to ask the republican electors that meet december 19 to not vote donald
1:50 am
trump. if you remember, donald trump has 306 ele electoral votes. so far, they are the only two with votes. if what the celebrities said happened, it would bo to the house of representatives where they would vote for donald trump. we're back with the panel. i would compel them to add a story by my colleagues who have spent days tracking down the electors asking them what they will do. they found one republican elector who said they will not vote for trump. if russia on some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to hack? why did they only complain after
1:51 am
hillary lost? here is donald trump back on july 27th and the white house today. emails that are missing. >> the defense from the trump campaign is that he was joking. i don't think anybody at the white house thinks it's funny that an adversary of the united states engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our democracy. that's not a joke. >> laura, his rhetoric from the podium has increased over the last couple of days on this very issue. >> think how heart warming that meeting between obama and trump was in the oval and they have been talking regularly. probably complementary trump was of obama and this is what he gets for it the back of the hand. pretty obvious that trump made that off hand comment in the summer. i don't think he was really
1:52 am
telling vladimir putin to hack the u.s. commuters computers. that's not what he would do. it doesn't surprise me at all that josh earnest, obama's press secretary speaking for the president would be another agent provocateur trying to just like with the entire russia story delegitimize the trump victory. the trump victory was a repudiation of the failures in our economy, the failures in the national confidence, and our failure in foreign policy. across the board. it was repudiation of that. and the rust belt, the midwest, the middle americans who turned out in pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, iowa, and beyond. they rejected what hillary was going to do which was going to continue the obama term. and by the way where was barack obama and all the lefties when all of us were talking about the soviets in the 1980s when it was the soviet union they were all railing against reagan and calling him ronnie reagan. we needed him back in the 80's and nowhere to be
1:53 am
found. >> charles? >> putin is actually succeeding in the sense if you wanted to destabilize the american system and to turn people against each other. well, he has produced it have you got cia. you have got fbi. democrats, republicans, committee chairman, at each other's throats. the issue here isn't who elected donald trump. the american people did. the issue is the power of the russians and presumably others to get into our systems and disrupt what we do. and the deeper issue is we have had an administration. it's the same in aleppo, it's the same in ukraine, same everywhere. that does nothing. it does absolutely nothing to deter the other power. the point of a super power is not to invade. it's not to drop the bombs. it's to be so strong that when you issue a warning, secretly or publicly, the other guy listens and doesn't do it. and we are going to suffer from the fact that putin has gotten away with this and succeeded to the extent he
1:54 am
has us at each other's throats. trump is going to have to be a president who gets in there and does something, retaliation that is really going to singh the russians. >> judge, you can respond to this but i want to ask you about the transition and the meeting but go ahead. >> well, i don't think that there is any evidence that the russians hacked. the definition of hacking being entering an operational system and altering what's recorded there. and julian assange has said, told our friend ashante, it will be aired later on tonight, that his source was not the russians who knows hot source was. >> they think -- the intelligence department, the odni, the national intelligence director put out a statement, they think that it may be actors like gutrafer and others. >> that is the leaking. private and truthful information on which voters may have made their decisions. that is not altering an operational system so that vote totals were changed. >>, no, no, no the.
1:55 am
right. exactly. it's interfering with the overall election or the coverage of it i want to ask you quickly about your meeting today. >> the president-elect is nearing the end of his choice for cabinet officers and is beginning to concentrate on the supreme court and has begun to call people in. and i was privileged to be one of those people and we spoke for an hour today about the constitution, about the supreme court. and about the process for choosing the replacement for justice antonin scalia. >> not betraying confidence here but any little nugget, are we going to see an anominee before inauguration? >> i think so. i think that's -- i think that's his goal. i think is he going to begin to concentrate on finding a younger version of justice scalia and have that name out there before he is inaugurated. >> breaking news right here at the panel. judge, thank you. that's it for the panel. the holiday greeting you won't want to miss.
1:56 am
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finally tonight, the south carolina stingrays hockey team wants to issue a happy holidays, merry christmas, happy new year with a little inspiration from the movie mean girls? ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell jingle bell ring ♪ snowing and glowing ♪ bushels of fun
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♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪ jingle bell ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ jingle bell ♪ and jingle ♪ that's the jingle bell ♪ that's the jingle bell ♪ that's the jingle rock ♪ >> happy holidays from the stingrays. >> wow, i was waiting for the payoff there. that's all right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we heard the song. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "tucker carlson tonight" starts right now. ♪ >> it is friday, december 16th. this is a fox news alert. officer down. a 30 year veteran and father of three shot in the head. the gunman taken into custody
1:59 am
moments ago after a tense hostage standoff overnight. the latest straight from the scene. >> preparing for a virtual cold war. enough is enough with the russia hack attack. >> we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. wikileaks founder julian assange talks about who is behind the leak. >> fast food delivering burgers to your door. >> what? >> mum hum. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> love reo speed wagon.
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>> it is very cold here. i am heather childers. we want to take you straight to the fox news alert. the gunman accused of shooting an officer ending moments ago. police washington state who is a violent well-known offender inside of a house firing at officers for several hours. police first responding to shots fired in a mount vernon neighborhood. >> a 30 year veteran father of three hit in the head. he is out of surgery. the 34-year-old suspect is now in custody to other suspects also arrested. >> police expected to hold another