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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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and you also get a lot smarter about the economy. are we going to hit 20,000 on the dow this week? >> absolutely. harris: all right are, you heard it from charles payne. stay with us for outnumbered overtime on the web,, click on the overtime tab. and also jon and jenna, "happening now." embassy to turkey. the diplomat is now dead. it happened in turkey in which the embassy was delivering a speech. we are juste getting the first photos. and eyewitness they shouted god is great in a rabic. he continued to rant. and that rant was said in turkish and that is notable for a few reasons. joining us ini tan bull.
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this happened a few hours ago 9:00 p.m. in turkey. what is the latest from the local report. >> there is a load of information coming through. and video evidence, a gunman opened fire from the rear of the ambassador in anchorage. and shooting in 3 or 4 times in the chest and proceeded to go in a round saying remember syria and aleppo. you will not be safe until they are safe. and according to the best information we have had so far. it seemses that the turkish, and the mayor of ankara. it looks to be the highlight he was a turbish person and he has
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assassinated the russian ambassador there. >> tom going back to it that point. we are looking at the image on the screen and viewerson social media there is a lot of video of the assassination to take place. and that's why we have an idea of what actually transpired. the man in the suit was standing behind the ambassador and he's speaking. you can see the ambassador being shot and he steps forward and goes on the rant. those are the photos we are getting because the associated press photographer was one of the first to report this happened nationally. the shooter has been early identified as some sort of law enforcement? >> that's correct.
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it took place in perhaps upon the premier art calorie in anchor and turkey's capitol and that is just down the road from the u.s. ambassador. it has metal detectors. but he managed to get in to the event with a weapon and get behind the russian ambassador and fire and kill him. and it looks like he was in fact a turkish national and policemen. he does give a short snippet of a speech in a rabic. i speak a rabic and it seems like he was a turkish national. >> turkey has had their own issues with terrorism. it is going to be hard to unwrap with, tom, on a surface level
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for the viewers. it is significant and a murder of an ambassador. talk about the tensions between these two countries, turkey and russia. and aside of the murder of an ambassador and the man's family and two countries, the fact is both turkey and russia are two player ares in if the war on syria and on different sides. they have had a lot of of tension. the turkish forces shot down a rusher fighter plane and this is going to have huge consequences. the turkish defense minister was to fly to moscow for a trilateral summit. and i don't know if those plans are going to go ahead, but it will affect the relationship between two countries.
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and the officials are trying to present it as that it might be fine tuned by the united states perhaps. but however it plays out, it is no doubt it will be a hume affect. >> that is unvaluable information. there is a lot of experience. one of them was a military coup in turkey. the turkish government pointed at the united states as well. that is reaction to turkey and the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. you are seeing the alleged shooter in the middle of your television screen. thank you very much and we'll get more on the story as it develops. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> what the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and
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face the reality they lost the election. >> in denial of losing last month and facing the dnc. how will the party get back progressiveses that voted for donald trump. and china took a u.s. navy under water drone. and when might/beijing give it back. >> and a spectacle straight out of a fairy tale. it is all "happening now". we begin with with a fox news alert. electors are meeting in america as they cast their votes for are the next president of the united states. >> and as we go on air now. electors gathered in maryland and will select the 45th president of the united states. typically routine event is
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turned a little bit on itsed head. a nationwide push to choose another candidate. and opponents are trying to prevent him in the white house. it is important part of the story we are watching. and clay burrman live in pennsylvania, a state that was critical will in mr. trump's victory, blake. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. it was a campaign type atmosphere in the pennsylvania state house earlier today. look at video this morning, hundreds of protestors showed up to the front of the steps here in the state cant captain and they are getting the attention of police officers. they were hillary clinton supporter and as you mentioned, pennsylvania went read and one of the electors cast their vote for anyone other than
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president-elect trump. >> i can't for trumpment the electors should not vote him in. she won the popular vote and aside from that they should vote for anybody but him. >> would you be saying that if the hillary clinton won? >> she was a qualified candidate. he's fit -- unfit to be president. >> reporter: it is a rarity in american politics. they meet not only here in pennsylvania but the 49 state and district of colombia. what happened on november 8th is likely to stand. >> we may see 1 or 2 stray votes, but nothing that will affect the majority of the electorial college and he will be the next president. >> reporter: jenna, we should
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mention they had immense pressure on them. and the law enforcement official here in pennsylvania. that person said some of the electors in some instances faced death threats. jenna, back to you. >> blake, thank you very much. mr. trump received 300 vote and meaning that 37 electors would have to switch their votes. is this possible. we'll ask terry, who was with the bush and cheney and simon, former advisor to it bill clinton on. terry, are you nervous that the guy who represent the top of your ticket might not become president? >> no, i am not at all nervous. this is a terrific opportunity for the high school social study teacher ares to explain how the
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electorial college works. it is a vast exploration of sour grapes. democrats lost the election because hillary clinton was a flawed candidate and failed to campaign in the states that mattered. she anyhow the rule and could have campaigned in michigan and pennsylvania and ohio and she dpaled to do that. and heree are about to ratify the election of president trump. >> simon, was it a bad election run by a bad campaign run by a bad p candidate. >> i think it was a complicated election and i have been critical of the campaign for having made unforced errors. there were significant mistake and trump out hustled her and we
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got beat fair and fair and square. the fbi and russia was not enough to throw the election. trump goes into the transition president more unpopular and he will have a lot of work to do to bring along his whole party and country. >> sticking with you, simon, you heard are accusations that there is sour grapes out there and donald trump won it and hillary clinton lost it and democrats should get used to it? what do you you say to those points? >> as i said earlier, i thinkld to do. the majority of the people voted didn't vote for him and he would be wise to broaden his coalition to make his power strongener washington. what he is doing is continuing
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to speak to republican and very conservative cabinet that he built and it would be smart for him not only to continue to talk to republicans, but reach out to those who have doubts about him. i am not optimistic about that happening, but let's see. >> should donald trump reach out to the left? >> he won more electorial votes in the election than almost 20 years for a republican. he formed a swift transition to power. and he's reaching out to the people who matter most and that is average american voters who feel they have been left out of the economy, and think they have been rejected by the powers that be. he put america first. it was a superior message in the campaign and as the transition
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goes forward. >> all right terry and simon, we'll see what happens after the votes are counted. >> as democrats mull over what led to it the win. and what the democratic party needs to do to win back. joe trippi wes in next.
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out about the cyber attacks on her party saying they continued through election season. that contradicts president obama's saying they stopped after he spoke to president vladimar putin. >> reporter: you are right. it is a discrepancy or the interim dnc chair has a misstatement of facts based on what she said on recent conversations. >> the president saided hacking story doesn't mean the candidate would have won. the american people spoke. and the only measure that matters. but the white house said it was the russians with the approval of vladimar put hacking stopped
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when president obama spoke to putin. but it may not be true. >> no, they came after us every day until the end of the election. they tried to hack our system reportedly. we put up the best cyber security what i call infrastructure to stop them but they are constantly. >> why is the -- >> in early september when i saw president putin in china, i felt the mostective way to ensure that didn't happen, was to talk to them directly. and tell them to cut it out and there would be serious consequences if he didn't. and in fact we did not see further tampering. election process. but the leaks with wikileaks had already occurred. >> reporter: now the white house continues to insist. 17 different intelligence
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agencies agreed there was no widespread systemic hacking after that conversation. but they are hopeful that the congressional law makers will look into this. >> do you get to fly home on air force one? >> i do indeed fly home on air force and that means red and white m&m. >> and a cocktail. i thought i was joking. thank you very much. >> just look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the scomplekz they lost the election because they are out of touch with the american people and they are so shell shocked and can't believe it. russians and cian and leaked
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reports and the president saying that the reason that hillary clinton lost was not because she blew it in benghazi and russia and secretary secretaries, and ignored the entire midwest and people didn't like the product. that's why she lost. >> reince priebus weighing in. and political co featured one of them. it was a lifelong progressive that she voted for trump. will democrats care enough to win her back? 1 million twitter followers with a warning for democrats. and joe, you say democrats can't ignore voters like this one, are they? >> they can't ignore any voters. look accident that is what every american should want to get to
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the bottom of the bipartisan committee. and how it happened and why. but for democrats. we have to look at what did happen. our flaws and campaign mistakes and when you lose by 78000 votes over the three states of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. and every single thing that everyone pointed to is the reason we lost. and as democrats, it is get-out-the-vote operation. it is because we didn't have enthusiastic support from progressive or we didn't reach out to blue collar factory worker ares in the midwest with. and i mean, all of these are legitimate reason and that's what democrats have to look at our own mistake and learn from them and fight harder to and four years from now.
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>> this particular voter fits a certain profile. an african-american and very progressive on a few issues. and she's said the final straw had nothing to do with wiki leaks or russia. and it has to do with the final straw was clinton's deplorable's rally. hillary clinton insulted the working class voters. >> there was a lot of poling that shows that the deplorable moment certainly hurt. where we lost a lot of people we tried to reach out to that is to my point andy don't know if that is true or not.
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but part of the problem if you you believe you are on the way to win withing the popular vote 2 or 3 million. you don't necessarily look back and ignore areas of the country and people. >> look forward to having you back. >> thank you, jenna. remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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a lake michigan light house that froze. very cold temperatures hitting the town in southwest michigan. the strong winds formed waves and hit the light house. it happens this year but this one in particulary we had to show you. >> president-elect donald trump promises to bring jobs back to the country.
10:26 am
trade deals are the reason jobs are dwindling. and it is emiminating the need for certain positions. what can be do to bring those jobs back. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump's solutions are sometimes at outsides with policy p. he wants to penalize the companies that move to other countries with a 35 percent tariff on their goods. and trade agreements are are to blame in loss of manufacturing jobs. 30 years ago the united states had 15 percent of the u.s. labor force in manufacturing jobs. and now fewer than eight percent of the positions in the labor force. and the mitt suggested that
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china's shock drin net reduction and 548 workers 191990 and 2000. and 982000 between 2000 and 2007. some analyst say the president is wrong. >> it is exaggerated story. there is some truth to it. but the truth is not as big as the reality. the big thing that has happened, manufacturing is very innovative and productive. and technology has replaced just lots and lots of jobs. >> 2015 ball state university study said 90 percent of the job losses in the past few decades are due to productivity growth.
10:28 am
factories are ficient and machine and new fewer work withers. president obama points to the half trillion u.s. trade deficit and reversing that will bring jobs back to the u.s. skreptices claim that wage and benefits are too high for the company cans to invest more in u.s. >> let's hope we get those jobs back. >> and a concan vikz for the leader of the imf. what that guilty forward mean and breaking news involving a u.s. navy drone seized by china. and what/beijing. >> they are able to reverse engineering and able to find out all of the technical information. and some of it is pretty valuable. your insurance company won't replace
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a fox news alert. russia's ambassador to turkey shot and killed in the turkish city of ankara. the gunman opened fire and turkish police then killed the gunman. they are stepping up security following the attack. amy kellogg is live in milan
10:32 am
with details. >> reporter: the gunman was a 22-year-old police officer and explained how he got into the event that was held under extremely tight security. said to be a riot policeman. and as the diplomat gave remarkses and the gunman walked up to him shooting him 5 or 9 timeses and then upon he began it rant and shouting allah a la bak. >> the ambassador was a 62-year-old and been russia's ambassador to turkey and korea. this was all before the gunman shot dead.
10:33 am
this is the third terrorist attack in turkey. and the russian foreign ministry called it a terror attack. it is not clear what russia's response to all of this will be. >> another big international story. two u.s. defense officials telling fox news that china will return the underwater drone it seized in the south china sea. here's more on this story. >> reporter: we are are learning that the transfer will be in international waters. it is the same general area where china stole the unwater drone and the american crew watched from a short distance away with. the same ship that stole the drone will return it and the pentagon said it is used to
10:34 am
collect ocean data and the same information could help counter chinese submarins. and the navy destroyer will step it when the chinese return it. there is no indication that it left the chinese ship after they stole it. and the powerful chairman of the senate committee compared it to another one this year. >> fund upon -- fundmental they took the vehicle in gross violation of intl law and maybe they saw the success that the iranians had after they captured american vessels and put americans on their knews? when confronted in/beijing,
10:35 am
a senior official responded this way. >> there should no surprise nor it happened in the south china sea. there are many riskses there and crisis and you know china has undisputed sovereignty of the south china sea. and there are risks with the close surveillance. they said the reason they took the drone, it was blocking international shipping and they were doing a world a favor. >> this is the debate, china said it is their water and every one else said it is not. and president-elect donald trump announcing his plans to announce a new civilian leader for the u.s. army. >> mr. violla is a businessman and owner of nhl florida
10:36 am
panthers and horses and son of italian immigrant and graduated from west point and rose to the rank of major and served in the 101 air-borne divisions and that's where that keep the bin laden document in the famous bin laden raid. and in 2013 mr. violla purchased the florida panthers for 60 million. that franchise is worth today 230 million. >> we with call him civilians but has military roots. jon perked up his son went there. >> fox news alert. french court finding the chief of the international monetary fund guilty of negligence.
10:37 am
christine leguard was on trial for her role in a payout when she was france's finance manager. she will not serve jail time or can have a criminal record. they are meeting to discuss the case and will not say how it could affect laguard's position. >> the state will repeat a law in the tar hill state. roy copper said a special session will be call caned to get rid of the bathroom law. john roberts has more on what is an interesting and big story, john. >> reporter: hb-two is the name of the controversial bathroom law in the state of north carolina can. it was a hot button issue and it
10:38 am
cost governor mckror his job. and this morning, charlotte city council decided to vote 10-nothing to repeal the anti- discrimination ordinance that played the ground work for the law to be passed. governor mckrory was trying to get rid of that. and that led to a boy cot by the ncaa and acc. and pay pal decided not to it move in and bruce spring sting and others cancelled the concerts and he said if you get rid of the ordinance i will get rid of hb-two. and they never did that. >> they were not repeal unless
10:39 am
charlotte made the first move. it looks like charlotte was successful in getting the republican governor out of office. >> and it looks like the incoming governor roy cooper is clear the books. he was lobbying the city council members. but the mayor roberts said no, it is not political. this is what she said. >> we didn't have to do a thing. there is no requirement for the state to take any action that preemps what the city has done. >> the out going governor said it is all about p politics and the sudden reversal will after the gubernatorial election sadly proves that the entire issue originated by the left was all about politic and winning the governor's race at the expense
10:40 am
of charlotte and the state. donald trump said he didn't mind which bathroom lgbt people use. and so far. a special session is not yet called and supposed to be convened to repeal the controversial bathroom law and the city said they will repeal their ordinance. >> and a big story and the reaction is national to it. thank you very much. and a woman attacked in new york city is suing new york city and said the attacker was mentally ill and should never have been freed.
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. . . .
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>> new information on a woman slashed in the face in new york in january. and she claimed that the attacker was mentally ill and improperly released. she said he was known to be dangerous with 31 previous arrest. joining us is jana and heather hanson is a trial attorney with with us. does she have a case, jana. it was not the city of new york that slashed her in the face. >> no, that is true.
10:44 am
but they run the place they released him knowing he was a danger to people. no one in the city with different different arrest with slip thu that many cracks. and we have a mandatory reporting law that should not be happening. but for that she would be intact. >> he was found mentally upfit to stand trial in previous attacks. why was he left walk with -- walking around. >> it is the job of the hospitals to treat them and determine if they can be released. unfortunately it is a major problem. one in four americans are diagnosed with mental illness. if he was on his medication and ruled to not be a danger to
10:45 am
himself or others, the hospitals can't keep the people there. there are too many people to treat and measure. >> who will make sure he's on the meds and that is the problem. we don't have resources to make sure when they get out of the hospital there is a monitoring regime to try that. they are trying to do that type of thing and need money. but if she wins the lawsuit that takes away resource. and the system has to be fixed. >> his family said he was in and out of psychiatric institutions for previous five year and treated for bipolar disorder are. and why not the family? >> they are not going to have responsiblity over a grown adult. i know how to solve the problem
10:46 am
when they get arrested second or 31st time, the judge does not set bail and the judge doesn't have to set bail. and if the judge knows they are a danger they can set it so high. they will get meds in jail. the job of the jail to it make sure they are medicated. >> you are an advocate of imprisonning the mentally ill. >> no, if you have someone who is a dangerous person and gets arrested 31 times, at some point they say this person shouldn't be be out until they are cured. >> my understanding in the most recent arrest prior to the attack on this poor woman. this guy, the judge didn't set bail and let him walk in and out. >> there is a lot of problems here and i judge can't be be
10:47 am
sued and so she's going after the hospital. there was a system's break down. and there is no grpt or cure can. best treatment for them to be monitoring and seek treatment and be on the medication. with all of the people that the obama administration has let out of jail, we need to make sure we have resources to make sure it is not happening in the country and will take money and time and cases like this it will not be better until we fix the system. >> the authorities tied him to five physical attacks on women just prior to the one we are talking about. in criminal court that could be be brought in to evidence. and that would be excluded as well. does that help heroine her case? >> in civil court would come in and help heroine the case. i know heather mepgdzed we take
10:48 am
away moan from the system but how about a 25-year-old woman who has a perment on your case. you have to give the plaintiff just do. >> ten mullion and she will be scared for life. 10 million doesn't seem excessive. >> you can't base it on damages. you have to base it on liability. if this gentleman was treated and taking medication and no matter a danger to himself and others, there is nothing the hospital can do. and then the man himself has responsibility for this. and he doesn't have a depmakt and the help can't make everyone stay there. there is not enough room or resources. >> it is it a story that makes people not want to visit new
10:49 am
york city. it is not that crazy of a place. >> thank you. >> thank you, john. >> it is decision day for volkswagon. the automaker telling the truth how they will comp state the owners in the latest emission scandal. we'll have a live report come canning up.
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the russian ambassador assassinated until turkey. we'll have details about the gunman. and across the united states, picking donald trump to be our president. and an unexpected turn of events
10:53 am
for the controversial north carolina bathroom law. we'll explain more on america's news head quarters, next. with woman saved after a massive fire broke out in a california home. this was the scene at a two-story house in glendale. the woman was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. so far no word on whether or not someone else was hurt. crews still looking for the cause of the fire. >> the company is starring at a deadline in the admission scandal. they are deciding on what to do about 80,000 vehicles. they already reached a deal for about 475 million vehicles. what do you know so far? >> we're waiting to hear how
10:54 am
generous will the deal be for owners and how much will it cost vw. will they have to buy back the old cars. the first cars had a small two-liter di srdisiel engine. and as you said, it effects 80,000 owners in the use. he wanted it done today, but he gave them until tomorrow morning to settle. audi, porsche, and the remaining cars will be released in the morning. >> what exactly is vw accused of? >> they got caught cheating by rigging their cars to pass the
10:55 am
emissions test. then the motor reset to perform better and pa lute more tpollut rest of the year. they were caught emitted up to 40 times more pollution than they claimed. all sides right now under a dprgag order. vw said we're working hard to make things right. we'll know tomorrow morning how much it will really be. >> your mother is right, cheaters never win. william, thank you. >> santa is taking to the sloops. actually it is old st. nick. where this christmas tradition is taking place.
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the slopes are turning red
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in california. hundreds of skiers and kn snowboarders get free lift ticket as long as they donate to charity. and one village is getting into spirit. the various seens are on display. the hillage is about an hour outside of nice and a nice reminder of the meaning of the season. >> we have a fox holiday party this evening. >> are you looking for headlines. just saying. we're going to have our own little party. >> do you have a go-pro for that? america's news headquarters starts right now. >> starting out with a fox news alert right now. a russian ambassador shot and
11:00 am
killed in turkey in what moscow is now calling a terror attack. there was a loan gunman shooting and killing the loan diplomat. it took place at a speech in ankora. he shot eight rounds at close range and then again as he laid sprawled on the ground. panic on the ground, running for their lives, and the gunman yelling god is great in arabic. enbelievable seeing that picture right there as he fired the shot a at the russian ambassador. we'll have more on this breaking


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