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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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killed in turkey in what moscow is now calling a terror attack. there was a loan gunman shooting and killing the loan diplomat. it took place at a speech in ankora. he shot eight rounds at close range and then again as he laid sprawled on the ground. panic on the ground, running for their lives, and the gunman yelling god is great in arabic. enbelievable seeing that picture right there as he fired the shot a at the russian ambassador. we'll have more on this breaking news in just a minute.
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>> another fox news alert right now, history in the making right here at home as the electoral college convenes. making president-elect trump's election official. here are the look at the states that are holding votes. here is a look at how it works. trump needs 270 electoral votes to win. he got 306 in the election. it could take 37 republican electors turning away from mr. trump to send the election to the house of representatives for a final decision. electors rarely go against the state's results. their votes will be counted in dc on january the 6th. dan is live in olympia,
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washington. what's going on now? >> no republican electorate. we are going to have these electors sit down and make it official voting for president and vice president. it's a formal process down to the quill pens on the desk. they were picked by the party and are bound to hillary clinton because she won here easily. never the less, there are a couple protestors with the goal of preventing donald trump from winning the presidency. we're seeing similar states, most are smaller. they're trying to end a message to the elector rate. >> it's n
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>> this is not my president, he didn't win the popular vote, and i don't accept him as my president. >> and these are called the december 19th protests that were organized on social media. >> so the movement so stop trump, has that managed to gain ground? you said earlier it was driven by social media. >> yeah, but there has been a new organized effort. twoing against their donald trump to get the 240 votes necessary. two of the electors are here today. they unselfly sued to overturn .
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>> they cannot be influenced by foreign values. . >> to date, only one republican elector rate said he will not vote for donald trump. as i said at the top, no defectors yet that i know of. >> thank you for joining us live from the west coast. >> united nations security council taking action in syria. they are monitors to aleppo. now the scene of a mass evacuation effort. turkey estimating some 20,000 rebels and civilians have been evacuated so far. we're following all of the breaking developments in
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jerusalem. >> the u.n. approved the plan to send monitors to aleppo, but it's not clear when they will get there. they will probably arrive after most of the evacuations have ended. quite the term that these monosors are being sent there, stopping future atrocitieatrociy don't have much in the way of any power to do anything once they're there. but they're going as after a week or so of efforts to try to get people out of aleppo. at least 7,000 people today left aleppo in these convoys. maybe 20,000 have gotten out of there. it is a big, big part of the population that was in the rebel held area. they captured about the 9% of
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the overall city there. these people that have been trying to leave for the last week or so, they have brayved attacks. those strapped in an orphanage in alep poe. they pleaded for help to get the children out of there. they're safe, out of harm's way in aleppo, but the real concern is what happens next. this effort. but it is a major blow to the lebls that controlled aleppo for several years nows.
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civilians will be caught between rebels and the assad regime. >> we have to look at history or how effective or ineffective they are. we'll keep an eye on that one opinion. >> back to our top story now, the ambassador to turkey was killed in ankara. he informs a speech that was taking place, a man wearing a turbine came in and yelled allah akbar and fired. what can you tell us, if anying
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with so far, about this gunman? >> a remarkable turn here in turkey. . it has been confirmed that even more remarkable, it appears according to the information we just received that the asass sin is a 22-year-old. he was shot and killed at a prestigious opening. just a they have also been killed for the ensuing situation at that art gallery. this is already having a great effect across the country.
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he has called vladimir putin, the president of russia, to ease the tensions probably already brewing. and now we have it will have wide ranging effects from here out. >> we're looking at a gunman right here nap is the hooter right here, and you're reporting for us for the first time on air that he was a part of the turkish services that provide some sort of police detail protection. can you give us some bank account on russian's role. that is because turkey has been going after isis, and some people are very unhappy about
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it. this was very much about the syrian civil war. russia and turkey are the two most fore most actors on opposing sizes, and the gunman after the assassination said don't forget syria and alep poe. until they're safe, you're not safe.po. until they're safe, you're not safe. he also gave a short prayer in arabic just after the assassination, but right now we're seeing another incident of the syrian civil yard flowing over the border into turkey and
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in the capital of anakar now. precisely about these issues and these problems. with this pru can conflict. and by the way, we should mention the united states, our secretary of state, john kerry saying we will off all of the help we can into an investigation into this. we are taking a live look here at a very different kind of story. our election here in the united states. tallahassee, florida, where the electors are voting for the next president. we'll talk to a pennsylvania elector that received threats for voting for trump.
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>> a federal judge weighed in on what he said was a critical decision by the fbi. we have a jam packed show, stick around we'll be right back.
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welcome back, we have a fox news alert on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the e-mails related to the presidential nominated you'll raul that james comey informed congress of the investigation, and now the judge is releasing the redacted versions to be released tomorrow. in pennsylvania, 20 members of the electoral college cast their ballots. this as we look at the electors in florida, colorado, and in michigan. looking at all three right now. let's check in with lawrence. good afternoon to you, sir. he joins us live from
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harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> without one single hitch, whatsoever. 20 unanimous votes for president-elect trump. and 20 for vice president elect pence. >> they say thousands were called and harrised for many days, tell me about what your experience was. >> it was tens and tens of thousands of e-mails crashing my system. one of the electors tell me he had 85,000 that he received. i get hundreds of letters a day. the post office should be making a good profit this year. my cell phone, office phone, people would text me in the middle of the night. it was a tough three or four week period starting november 9th. >> any sense where all of those calls and e-mails were coming
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from? were they from pennsylvania voters or does it seem more like a campaign coming from elsewhere. >> i think to be honest, i think the e-mails were a coordinated effort outside of the state. they were cleverly done. they knew how to do it so you could not adopt rules and other things to try to evade them. they are from all over the country. people sent me books, i got 12 copies of the federalist papers. >> it's a good book, hang on to that one. >> i want to listen to -- i want to listen to one arkansas elector who spoke us with earlier today on fox and friends. his name is robert graham. he says they're being hypocrites. let's listen to this i want your reaction. >> nothing surprises me. when you look at this current administration and their lack of follow through, i mean they
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should stand out and say stand down, people. hillary clinton if she had any class, as it is related to her comments about not supporting a democratic process, people are just standing back and letting this happen. it's a full-on onslaught. >> i think if things were the other way around, if hillary clinton won and donald trump and folks on his side were trying to encourage e welcome tors to flip their votes, what would their reaction be? >> i'm going to make a disclosure on the air, i never voted for barack obama, but i never protested it, i never sent an e-mail or made a phone call. if hillary clinton had onwon, i would have been disappointed. i respect the first amendment, that's fair, but they went beyond that to the point of harassment. >> there was state troopers
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escorting you to the vote today, can you tell us about that? >> they don't want me to disclose security measures, but i had a person come to my parent building yesterday, try to get in, others may have tried to have similar sends. no one felt threatened. >> has anyone in your state reported harassment to the department of justice? that's what they're supposed to do. the civil rights division, to make sure people can go in and vote freely, fairly, and not be harassed or pressured in the process. >> i should probably not go into too many details, but the appropiate authorities have been notified. and yet we have turned out to be
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the target of a massive united states election. >> and casting his ballot for donald trump. sir, thank you for your time, joining us in the capital. >> the man accused of setting off bombs in new york city and new jersey in november. ahmed mouhani. he detonated a twice in manhattan. he pleased not guilty to some 38 federal charges. his trial is set to begin in the beginning of march. winter as not officially arrived just yet. but you could hardly tell by the looks of this lighthouse, completely encased in ice at the
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great lakes. >> and this guy is thanking his lucky stars he did not hit the slopes. how he wound up dangling from a sky lift. all finished.
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. the u.s. military is resuming operations of osprey operations in okinawa. the military reiterating the
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crash was not caused by any problem with the aircraft itself. >> the interior minister that attacked in the country sad suicide belts and other weapons which means they had planned more attacks. ten people were killed including a terrorist. >> and nato holding talks with russia and europe's overall security information among ot r others. the midwest seeing near record cold temperatures, look at that right there, 12 degrees in chicago. hundreds of flights had to be canceled over the weekend due to freezing conditions. seeing that bears game is really something else. how is it going there?
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it looks very cold. >> the packers finally pulled out the win. but when the chicago river itself freezes over. as you see there is plenty of ice out there. but cold weather records have been broken fr this day. and that gasoline on the road. 70 vehicles involved in that particular pile up. passengers having to spend the night in a terminal, an icy run way causing a plane to skid off of the tarmac at o'hare, and the
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skiers are loving this weather. if you're one of the people that have to travel up the interstate to get back to denver, that's when the bad news comes back into play. dozens and dozens of cars. chicago people were rooting for the cold. they say if it's this cold, might as well break a record. >> i'm from illinois and wisconsin. i know you are, too, but this is simply too cold. all right, really -- you know, they were saying earlier there is another cold front moving in. i understand there is a search for a car that went under water near chicago and that may be delayed a bit. tell us about that. >> it is pretty sad.
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that is in the town of lynnwood. the diocese are able to get in and search. the problem is that the water is just pitch black. they located the car, but they have not been able to get a tow cable hooked to the car. all hope for survivors has been lost in that case and it is now concerned a recouvery mission, not a rescue mission. mike, thank you so much. speaking of the snow and the cold. this is not the way to ride a ski lift. this happened in ashland. he said he forgot his safety leash, so he ended up this way after he tried to get off.
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so they were able to unclip him so he could get to safety. anyway, what a lesson learned. after seizing a drone, trying to get it back. a north carolina bathroom battle with a surprise move to fight back. and one elector saying they would vote for any former presidential candidate, john kasich made a statement himself just by showing up. >> we now are governed by the electoral college. not something i have always been a fan of, even when it works in our favor. this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion.
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welcome back, starting with a fox news alert. new information into our news room about the man who gunned down the russian ambassador to turkey. the government says he worked for turkey riot police. he shot and killed the russian ambassador turning a speech at an art exhibition in ankara. he was standing at the micro
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phone. it was all captured as it unfolded. panic started in. many people here, you can see the corner the shooter yelled the arabic phrase for "god is great." and he declared the role in the syrian civil war. the united states offering assistant assistant -- assistance in the investigation. and a new law limits protections for lbgt individuals. the governor saying he will call
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a special session. john robert social securis is f developments. >> it all seems to be a a city people who are lbgt, when that was passed, the state legislature passed. and it prompted a huge outcry across the country. it prompted a boycott by organizations like the acc. a lot of film production set to take place in north carolina suspend suspended. papal did not bring in a new office, bruce springsteen canceled a concert there.
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they said tell you what, i'll ti take steps if the city council overturns the ordinance. they said they wanted nothing new to do with that. they took a vote to repeal that ordinance if the legislature did the same thing. so basically they accepted the deal. what changed in that time? with the university political science president -- they were not willing why does it look like charlotte was successful. and now, they decided to do it,
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the city council gives them a legislature to repeal it, and so it sort of answers our questions about how politics played into it all. >> i think it is probably safe to say when you consider rory cooper was on the phone lobbying members of the council. they say no, there is no politics involved here. >> we don't have to do a thing. there is nothing legal, there is no requirement for the state to take any action that preevens what the city has done. >> but the governor, who will soon be ex-governor mccrory says
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the sudden reversal with little notice after the buber in a tor yal election sadly proves the entire issue organized by the political left. they said it was laughable, that they refused the deal seven months ago. >> glad you're home in time for christmas with those babies of yours, welcome back. >> thank you so much. joining us in atlanta today. voting as we speak right now, around the country for the next president. let's look at the electors in florida, colorado, and michigan all doing their duty. in the meantime, john kasich attending a gathering of ohio electors. one texas elector will not
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support donald trump and says he will cast a vote for donald trump. he said ronald reagan did not win the cold war so that vladimir putin could pick our next president less than 50 years later. i think voters picked mr. trump, not vladimir putin, but i get hit point, what do you make of all of this? >> i'm grand the karate hands of john kasich, and i got to see it. it's normally a very boring thing. the technical recording, really, of the popular vote in these states, the kind of thing where you go see your friends, you saw them at the state convention. this time because of the pressures, because of the people saying that democrats mostly -- saying that republicans should. pause it right there, we're
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going over to shepherd smith with breaking news. >> breaking news out of berlin, and it is disturbing information. a truck has plowed into a crowd at a christmas market in berlin. this is a map there. we have been monitoring sky news for the united kingdom and across europe. and they don't have any pictures out of there. i can tell you that this truck plowed into what has been described as a christmas market. and we know that according to the reporting of sky news, one person reported dead, multiple people with injuries. the truck flowed right into the crowded outdoor christmas market on an open street. we're expecting our european affiliates and our connected networks will have more in minutes and we'll bring it to you live. >> thank you so much.
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bringing us that news. live out of germany. for folk that's have spent any time there, we know those christmas markets are packed with people there doing shopping. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. the electors today for donald trump, i'm wondering, many predicted that democrats would not see what they wanted in the overturning of donald trump's election. and i'm wondering what the end game here was for many of them. >> question only take people at their word for the most part, and i believe that many people believe the campaign rhetoric during the cycle that said donald trump was a facist, there would be a nuclear war. if you believe these things to be true, you might do anything within your reach including h s
11:41 am
harassing electors. there is probably a heavy dose of cynicism here. delegitimatizing hem on his way in so you say this guy did not win the popular vote, anything you can do to put a dent in his fender so as he arrives departments can say it's not legitimate. >> such a busy news day today with lots to cover. thank you for joining us. >> now let's talk about china. u.s. navy sources telling fox news that an under water surveillance drone will be returned to the united states sometimes tomorrow. the pent gone calls it an ocean glider. it's a drone that was mapping the sea floor when it was intercepted by a chinese ship last week. live for us at the pentagon with
11:42 am
the latest, tell us about how this hand overwill happen. i'm told a u.s. navy warship is on hand for the transfer. in an area near the scarborough shore. the chinese say the water belongs to them. it is the same area where china stole the drones and the american crew watched from a short distance away. officials say the same chinese ship that stole the drone will be returning it tomorrow. now the glider was an unclassified system. officials say it can help counter chinese submarines. it can spend weeks under water. it's an autonomous system. it measures temperature, is a
11:43 am
political -- salinity and they wondered why beijing would want to steal an unclassified system. >> we have used this vehicles around the world previously. we're confident they were being used in an appropriate fashion. >> china's defense ministry sis they seized it to ensure the safe passage of ships. what will president obama's post white house gig be? he says he wants to be a talent scout of sorts for future leaders of the democrat party. should he have worked on that in the past eight years. a car swerving out of control. what finally brought that door a
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welcome back, president obama hinting at what he plans to do when he leaves the white house in january. he would like to stay involved in politics and help mold future leaders of the democratic party. >> i'm interested in developing a whole new generation of
11:47 am
talent. there are such incredible young people. making sure that whatever resources, credibility, spotlight that i can bring to help them rise up. that is something they think i can do well, i think michelle can do well. let's check in with mercedes. a former spokes won from george w. bush. mercedes, let's start with you. president obama, part of what he is supposed to be doing all along. >> definitely, the problem became when the democrats decided they would follow a "next in line" strategy. hillary clinton was the obvious choice to be next in line to be a democratic nominee. they went with a flawed candidate who had a lot of baggage that did not spark
11:48 am
enthusiasm of the key constituencies and minorities, millennials. the groups that president obama was able to carry in 2008 and 2012. so now i think that obama is going to focus, like an agent and focus on bringing in younger talent. an example of that is julian castro. who was called latino obama back in the day. >> jessica, i said what is he talking about? a sports or talent agent? oh, that job the president is also supposed to do in part. why do the democrats have shuuca shallow bench. >> i reject the idea that it is a shallow bench. >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren --
11:49 am
>> the republicans ran a 70-year-old man. >> even democrats admit that the bench is not. >> i did just say that. >> why is that? >> i think we have not been attracting the right people. i think we have a lot of work to do. no one can deny that, looking at what the work ahead going up against donald trump -- >> ladies, i have to interrupt you. shepherd has more breaking news. what do you have? >> there was, i guess it was, a private event. the memorial church. you see this large area here on the divided highway. that's where the christmas market was we're led to believe. it is one picture coming out of berlin. what we don't yet know is what
11:50 am
the motivation was. did the person behind the wheel have a heart attack? did something of that nature go wrong, or was it an attack? we bring it to your attention because there out -- state depat warning out today to americans. hertz other picture of the truck in the christmas market. some live video come took your screen. the latest on scene as the police are making their way to the church there in west of berlin. one person is dead, multiple people injured as a result of this. we do not note the status of the truck driver or the motivation but a chaotic -- scene now. a crowded mark in berlin. we are aning it -- following it. >> we'll bring you the latest on
11:51 am
that, one dade, multiple injuries. intense moments caught on a motorcyclist's camera. a car out of control, and it just won't stop. we're out in learning what may have caused this. we'll be right back.
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another update on the breaking news out of berlin and what we feared is proving to be true. there has been an attack of some kind on a christmas market. live pictures out of berlin. six minutes of the hour of 9:00 in evening. streets have been closed down. eye witnesses report the large truck that you see there has plowed into an outdoor christmas market outside on a fashionable
11:55 am
area of berlin and prowed -- plowed into the crowd there. the witnesses say the truck was moving at a high rate of speed. it crashed with a loud bang. there will questions if it was an explosion, it was not. they're crowded into a makeshift building and that was the cause of the bang. there are reports from witnesses a number of pops after the incident, suggestion there might have been gunfire. it will be for authorities to decide. one person confirm dead. we dope have -- don't have a handle of how many victims. we have a number of victims down on the group. this happened within the last hour. sometime after 8:00 local time so 2:00 eastern time this afternoon here in the united states. authorities on scene, streets are locked down the state
11:56 am
department has today warped american -- warned americans in europe to heavenly lance and not go to large gatherings, and whether his is a terrorist attack is yet to be decided, but local authorities on the ground in berlin are saying that all signs point to this was an attack. this brings to mind the attack in the south of france over the waning days of the summer when another lory crashed in a market in nice, and this appears to be a christmas attack. more throughout the afternoon as we getment for now, back to you. >> we'll be right back. @oyu0x?hp
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or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> a motorcyclist dramatic dash cam video showing a driver veering off the road and then slamming into a lying pole and kept going. the driver suffered a stroke. the driver crisscrossing the road, crashing into a streetlight' guardrails. the car traveled before coming to a stop. thank you for joining us. a very busy news day. we'll hand it officer to sheperd
12:00 pm
smith who has more on the breaking news out of germany where a truck plowed into a christmas market. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in new york, 9:00 p.m. in berlin where local authorities report they believe an attack has happened in the last hour at a christmas market in the city of berlin. a large truck plowed into a crowd outside a church in a fashionable neighbor. local media report 50 people injured. no organization has claimed responsibility. we have no information on that driver. we're waiting for more information from the scene and we'll get it to you the moment it comes into us. first here at home for team trump, it's official


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