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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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smith who has more on the breaking news out of germany where a truck plowed into a christmas market. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in new york, 9:00 p.m. in berlin where local authorities report they believe an attack has happened in the last hour at a christmas market in the city of berlin. a large truck plowed into a crowd outside a church in a fashionable neighbor. local media report 50 people injured. no organization has claimed responsibility. we have no information on that driver. we're waiting for more information from the scene and we'll get it to you the moment it comes into us. first here at home for team trump, it's official and for at
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the dump trump crowd time is running out. gathering to cast their ballots. the electoral college has 538 numbers. it takes 270 to win and shin president-elect trump won 306 votes, 37 elengthorred would have to go rogue to deny him the white house, but based on every single survey and history, that won't happen. usually this day is gist a farmallity but this 'er it's getting more attention. protester are turning out across the country, trying to get republican electors to change their vote. they point to fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote and russian hacking has rope to go against the process. neither is valid. a, it is that a race for the popular vote win. never has been and, and b., there's nothing to suggest that the cop firm russian enter enter phoenix change the outcome of the election, some electors say
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they're going to vote their conscience, others are being pressured to vote for trump. >> i have hope the republicans would join me and i could still slow for secretary clinton. >> get e-mails constantly saying that donald trump did not win the popular vote. that hillary clinton won the popular vote. that's not the way we determine our president. >> some electors say they have gotten threat. the president-elect has weighed in. what else. he tweedded: if my many supporterred actioned and threatened people like toes who lost the election are doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. here's the states where the electors are meating and those that have been meeting, president-elect should pass the 2 70 mark based on those numbers. dan springer is live in olympia, washington. hell dough. >> reporter: 12 electors in
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washington state just passed behind in the in olympia and will be sitting down and passing out ballots and then voting officially on president and vice president. the whole processso should take 30 minutes but 200 protesters were in to the rotunda and through the cappal, trying continue news the vote of other electors in other states as they have an organized effort to change the outcome of the election. sim larry protests around the country, denver, illinois. the message is the same, that trump is not fit to be president so so far we he no reports of republican defectors but one individual got attention in texas. a republican elector said he would not vote for trump. we just know he need -- they have to get 37 people who are
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republican electors in one state to deny donald trump the presidency. >> tell us about the stop trump efforts there. >> reporter: there's a loose every time online and special media and then more pointed effort by the so-called hamilton electors. hey eave couple in washington state. one is behind me and is an elector who is a democrat trying to get to other republicans, erectors in states that donald trump won, and get them to not vote for donald trump. his idea is to vote for john kashich and may do that today in solidarity with republicans who can vote for conscience and vote for some on than donald trump to deny them the electoral votes. we it's a hail mary pass. we have had 84 electors who voted their conscience in the history of the country and has
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never changed the outcome of the election and doesn't look like it's going to happen today. no records of defectors in any state. >> dan springer, live in legitimatearch washington. some electors could face legal trouble if they don't vote for their party's candidate. the 29 states and the district of culp ya have laws -- columbia have laws requiring ecorrect for follow the rule. if they refuse they could face fines or being disqualified. few do that but minuting a the a he collector in maine voted for bernie sanders. then in 2004, an elector voted for. >> in 1972 a republican voted for the libertarian candidate.
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there's no record of any elector pace facing any spent for not filing the rules. the us feels like nothing ado about nothing. >> it does underscore something. that is happening in the country, which is that the country remains divided after a very, very close presidential race. so i think the emotions behind the push is real. is donald trump not going to be the next president? pretty unlikely. it's an almost certainty that he is -- these results of him being president are ratified in early january by college and he takes the oath of office on january 20th. >> a bit unusual -- everything is unusual -- weighing in on twitter. just like what are you doing? >> yeah. i mean, i -- it has been striking to me how he hasn't tried to unify the country behind his incoming
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administration. typically the transition period is a period when president-elects try to reach out to people that didn't vote for. the, get everybody in the country onboard with their agenda. he hat gone out on the thank you tour and delivered red meat to his crowds and hasn't taken the kinds of steps and the protests are a reflection of that. >> feel like a distraction from the people who are about to run the government? >> i think the people who are protesting the democrats, would say that it's not a disextraction. they argue that first of tall they would like the electors to go with the popular vote. in fact hillary clinton. but if that doesn't happen they would like to send a strong message that the country is not unified hip donald trump and there's room and support for people in congress or in state government to want to disagree with some of his agendas. that is part of what is
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happening. part is overturning the electoral college results and also about sending a message. >> once donald trump gets to the 270 he needs, what is next in the process formally? >> well, so now the -- after the process is done, the results go to congress, where vice president biden has to certify them. he is expected to certify the results of president-elect trump being the winner. so we don't expect any surprises there. that's on january 6th. >> all right, good to talk could you from the "associated press." a gunman assassinated the russian ambassador to turkey. the gunman shodded al lieu akbar before he fired his weapon. this is the russian ambassador, andre car love, making a speech moments before the shooting and this is moments after the
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shooting. you can see the gunman wearing a suit and tie. the ambassador is on the floor next to him. the gunman yelled in turkish, don't forget aleppo, don't forget syria, and then shouted, stand back. only death will take me out of here. this a video of the spire entire shooting. we decided not to air it. as for the gunman, police later shod and killed him. turkey's interior minister identified the killer as a police officer who worked for the ankara riot unit and said thed -- the gunman was injured t not seriously. the-there were protests over russia's role in civil war. >> reporter: hello there. >> please tell us what you know. well, a remarkable event here in turkey and the investigation into exactly what has gone how
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has only just begun. what we know is apparently a member of the turkish riot police has assist nateed the russian ambassador to the country at a time of already heightened diplomatic -- he made it through the -- get behind the russian ambassador and shoot him four times in the chest. the turkish president has spoken to vladimir putin to ease the tensions but this is a serious bone of contention at a coming meeting between turkey, iran, and russia, skilled scheduled for tomorrow. the assassination of an ambassador over the syrian civil war, shouting out religious statements and then also remember syria, while they suffer you will not have any
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security, just an incredible vent and yet more evidence that the wide reaching effects the syrian civil war is hoping. >> excuse me. now to berlin. a witness is speaking live. >> we sat and we were drinking and suddenly i -- i have to sit town for a lot longer than i would normally. my friend said let's go. and i wanted them to give me a few minutes. then we heard a loud bang, and saw some of the christmas lights to our left starting to be pulled down and then we saw the -- going through, people, through the stalls and just pulling everything down and then everything went dark. so, it was very difficult to be there. >> goodness me. >> the latest from sky news in london covering the attack that happened in berlin.
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according in the reporting of "the wall street journal" warn multiple people dead and many injuries after a truck drove through a christmas market, just outside a popular site for tourists. berlin police say it happened around 8:00 local time so just about an hour and 12 minutes ago. earlier this month germany narrowly avoided a suspected terrorist attack. authorities reported a 12-year-old german iraqi boy twice planted an disclosesive device at a christmas market there. it failed to detonate, which bring us to now i tonight, live in berlin. this charge truck plowed in a large crowd of holiday shoppers and party goers. multiple people report dead, multiple people injured. we do not have details of the driver of the truck.
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we don't know about the motivation but authorities on seen say they believe this was a planned attack. they do not believe this was an accident. it comes on the same day that the state department has sent out a warning to americans traveling in europe over the holiday period, saying that americans should avoid open-air markets, large gatherings, and as the number of terrorist organizations have promised attacks in large cities across europe throughout the holiday period. we're waiting for mow. the long and short is multiple people reported dead, at least 50 reported injured according to local media at mark on the west side of berlin, outside the kaiser wilhelm church. the news continue'sen fox news channel after this.
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>> live video. 16 minutes past 9:00 in the each in berlin, as injured are being loaded into ambulances. we have from police, at least nine people are dead, at least 50 people injuredded in what authorities believe is a terrorist attack on a christmas market on the fashionable west side of berlin, outside kaiser wilhelm church. local witnesses report at least -- the truck was believed to be going approximately 40-miles-an-hour, when it came off this divided highway right
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off the -- outside the church, plowed into christmas shoppers and the rest. there were a number of christmas stalls, makeshift buildings set up to sell gifts you might give for christmas, small places, smashed into three of them, destroyed them, and along the way killed at least nine people, leaving some 50 people injured. authorities on scene are not commenting on this but the local newspaper, a tabloid in germany reported the person who was driving the truck somehow managed to escape the scene of carnage and is, as the german up in reports, on the run as fax -- fox reports this hour. authoritys have not commented. breaking news in the united states. president obama has now pardoned 8 people and shortened the sentences of 153 others convicted of federal crimes.
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the "associated press" reports athlete the most ever in one day by any president in america. the president's white house counsel said president obama par daned a total of 148 people during thing presidency and shortened sevens of more than 1100 others. china will not exercise restraint if donald trump continues to go after beijing when he takes office. that's the threat in a new editorial from a state-run newspaper which warns today donald trump is not behaving as a president who will become master of the white house in a month. he bears no sense of how to lead a super power. president-elect trump blast evidence chosen of the weekend after that country took u.s.a. navy drone. then trump tweeted china rips a drone out of water ask takes it to china in an unprecedent act
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and later wrote we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it, u.s. defense officials say they do expect china to return it tomorrow. officials in beijing deny they stole the drone, saying the military founder it and examined it. of course, repeatedly taken shots at china, especially over trade. the president-elect accused the country of making its now less valuable. the devalue asia of the chinese currency -- president-elect trump took a phone call from the taiwan president. terry branstad has a close friendship with china's president going back decades. jordan chang is the author of the book, the coming collapse of
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china. what are we to make of this? >> the important thing is this was as act of war, piracy. china has a very extensive claim to 85% of the south china sea. the chinese took this outside of this nine-dash area. it's clearly international water. the chinas now what they -- doing because the u.s. navy told them to stop and beijing is trying to lower the temperature but that is what aggressor does when they committed some belligerent act. i think donald trump is on the right side of saying, let's keep the temperature high. >> bit donald trump is saying keep our drone. the chinese are setten it back, is twitter the right place? >> norm. normally you have one president at a time but unfortunately
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president obama in the friday press conference didn't talk about that and didn't answer the question of already racist issue. so someone needs to deal with and it twitter is not the right venue but nonetheless the united states to speak but i'm glad at least trump said something about it. >> now the drone comes back, we continue diplomatic overtures with the chinese, trying to keep this thing from getting out of control. does that seem like -- i mean, what else are you going to do? >> the one thing that the united states can do is impose some costs on china. by necessity we have put our servicemen and women into harm's way, but by not imposing costs 0 china we encourage even more belligerent behavior in beijing. so we need to do something different. i'm not saying what trump wants to do is the right way but our
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current policies and policy approaches are guaranteed to failure. >> gordon chang, at the very much. back to berlin. nine people confirmed dead, dozens injured after what appears to be, according to the hobble officials and the authorities on scene a terror attack on a christmas market on the west side of berlin, outside a church. we'll get to berlin for the latest on this attack next.
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>> this is berlin where you're looking live and this is a large truck. the windshield is shattered before the rescue worker's ahead there. that truck -- you see the christmas in for ground with the star on top. that truck, about an hour and 25 minutes ago, according to local authority, veer evidence off a
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two-lane divided street in 2014 of kaiser wilhelm church on the west side of berlin at 8:00 local time, crashed into a large crowd in that location on the map, killed nine people and wounded dozens more. from "the wall street journal" the truck drove on to the sidewalk. 50 now injured. a spokesman for the berlin police say it happened 8:00 local time when that semi trailer truck, or a lorry drove on to the sidewalk after hitting the people the tuck truck served back into the street and came to a stop. the holiday mark was set up in frond of the kaiser wilhelm church of church, and a popular tourist site. this month germany narrowly avoided an attack on a christmas market.
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authorities reported a 12-year-old german iraqi boy twice planted an explosive device. it failed to detonate. tonightss a attack has come on the heels of a warning from the state department to all americans to avoid markets and places with high concentrations of people while traveling in large cities across europe. let's go to the scene. allen hall is in berlin for us this evening. allen, what are you learning there? >> reporter: yes. as you say, it's a terrorize attack. other 5 injured, nine dead, the lorry veered into the -- before a church that what destride by allied bomb fog world war ii and is a landmark. it's the ritzy, classiest shopping area of west berlin and
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every year the christmas market, with stalls are set up, selling candy, sausages, wipe, many tourists there, could probably be many or some foreigners among the dead and injured. this semi articulated lohrry mounted the pavement, plowed into the people, all we're seeing in the moment is on the social media networks, screams of injured people, a sea of blue lights as the authorities try to clear out the mess. the lorry driver is on the run, as a man crimes -- comes across there trying to find him. >> the manhunt confirmed by in the bild up in and now we are getting that report from local news organizations and from authorities. the person who was driving this vehicle at last report was on the run and unaccounted for.
12:29 pm
german intelligence had been intercepting indications of a possible attack on a christmas market in berlin for several days. that's according to a newspaper on scene. the truck drove at the entrance next to astore ya hotel and then parallel to the road in the festival grounds. berlin media saying the following: after the truck had driven on to the chimes market there was ghostly silence in at the square. the people were hurting in front of the stalls, holding each other, others hands in frond of their faces, others crying and hugging each other. quoting now, there were dead and injured people. a policeman shouted to a passer-by, the site was secured with a red and white fluttering tape. the bus is a dark seven and a half ton truck, stood on the budapest road near the right rear of the citizen's -- the lane of police examined the drivers cab but the driver as apparently escaped from the
12:30 pm
truck and is on the run. more out of berlin as it comes in. our top story begins the news at the bomb of the hour is next as electors in the united states cast ballots for president. we'll take you live to capitol building in harrisburg, pennsylvania, state that was crucial on election night. the shaky cease fire in aleppo, syria, back on as thousands of men, women and children try to make their way out of a war torn city. it's a very busy monday. this is fox news channel.
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>> more of at least 49 people have died in siberia after drinking a home made alcohol mix. it containedded anti-freeze and methanol. the first responders have been knocking on doors to find more victims and a local mayor declared state of emergency. lawyers prosecuting the case against the man charged with
12:32 pm
setting off a bomb in manhattan push fargo speedy trial. they told the judge today it's okay if you'res don't hear what the suspect told cops. he faces close to a dozen charges for the chelsea booming which hurt 31 people and accuse old planting explosions in insurgence. freezing temperatures blasting millions across the upper moist. this white house east of michigan, is covered we ice. the news continues with shepard smith right after this. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part...
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12:34 pm
christmas stalls set up outdoors in a market where you could go and shop. they sell sausages and wine and christmas trinkets long look the way and there's the spot just outside the church. nine people confirmed dead. as many as 50 others said to be hurt. the person driving the truck, truck with polish license plates said to have come in on the budapest road nearby, that whoever that driver was, believed to be just one person in cab, is on the run as fox reports this hour. police on scene say they are treating this as a terrorist attack. authorities had said prior to today, according to the reporting of two local newspapers, they had been intercepting internet traffic which suggested a christmas holiday market was a possible target in the days to come and whenever coincidence or not we have this. the state department is warning americans, separate from this event, a warning that came out
12:35 pm
this afternoon before the this attack, warning americans not to travel or to be vigilant when traveling in europe to avoid large outdoor markets and to avoid large areas of congregation of any kind over they ever christmas holiday ', as there irindications from terrorist organizations they're planning to attack over the season, and if the police in berlin are right there has been one in that city. in the united states electors are gathering to cass the final ballot in the 2016 election. in pennsylvania voters help donald trump collected enough electoral votes and the state's electoral members made it official. what is like there besides a little chilly, blake? >> reporter: a lot chilly. the 20 electors in pennsylvania made it official, 20 republicans
12:36 pm
the state went red in november, came their the state house, harrisburg, and met for about an hour or so, and at the end of that, all 20 casting electoral college vote for trump. i spoke with one elookor two told me at no point did they ever waiver. >> we were all solid for trump no waiverrers, and all the people in delegation, we were determined to vote for the winner of the popular vote in the commonwealth of pennsylvania >> reporter: it was quite the scene. at 9:00 this morning and three hours after that. hundreds of protesters came to the state house, most. them by and large supporters of hillary clinton, leading into this electoral college vote, as you mentioned, it ain't warm here and they were braving the freezing temperatures to have theirs voices heard.
12:37 pm
all 20 electors in as going for mr. trump. >> blake texas first break ought of berlin. just got word local media reports there were two drivers inside this truck so a driver and a passenger in the cab of this truck. both of them escaped, according to local reports now. simultaneously. and bild newspaper is reporting, along with others in germany, that one of the two inside the truck has been killed; that thef you will, and in other words the two who were inside the truck are ethe dead or in the authority custody. german police are warning people to stay at home tonight, as it's just about 23 minutes before 10:00 in the evening. as they work to assess the situation, determine whether there are dangers to any other. germans told to stay home. donald trump's team seems to
12:38 pm
be backtracking from the claims we have no idea what happened in the hacking. reince priebus said they too -- if trump was behind the act if they come together and put out a joint report. >> i think he would accept the conclusion if these intelligence professionals would get together, put out a report, show the american people that they're actually on the same page. >> he also said that if it was russia in fact, there is no evidence that the cyber attack changed the outcome of the election, and we have reported exactly that. this is not about that. this is about russia interfering with our election, according to the unanimous belief of 1 united states intelligence agencies and the fbi. not that it would change the outcome of the election but interfered with the leaks. that anyone would think that is
12:39 pm
okay is something akin to crazy land. trump's aides have previously suggested the attack claims are just sour grapes from the democrats. fox news can confirm they're not just sour grapes. all 17 intelligence agencies reported the hacks came from the highest level of the russian government. yesterday four united states senators sent a letter to mitch mcconnell, republican, calling for a bipartisan committee to investigate the attacks. republican's john mccain and lindsey graham signed the letter as well as the democrat chuck schumer and jack reed. >> reporter: reince priebus says the intelligence communitied ins to get on the same page and they say they're already there the cia director john brennan says there is a consensus between them, in the fbi and the director or national be generals. the difference is the fbi doesn't dethe deep analysis the
12:40 pm
cia does. the cia said that it was -- the last time we heard from mr. trump on this was on december 12 in a tweet where he wrote, quote, unless you catch hackers in a chance. why wasn't this brought up before the elect, it was brought up before the election but not to extent we have seen over the last two weeks. >> do we have a sense of what could dom crime at the congressional investigation. >> tear trying to figure out how to investigate this. the senators want a select committee. that would have more power. they can subpoena people. mitch mccome has not signed on to that yet. he said in past he had gone thinks the senate intelligence committee could handle this but all seem to bon the same page saying we need to get to the bottom of this. >> whether it actually had an effect that will be for the political scientists to determine but it sure should
12:41 pm
raise the hackles of american. >> dues in a amongst is probe reb's full review of the hacking. >> thank you. ahead, more onber lane and we have just gotten -- on berlin and we just got word from authorities that the driver of the truck is now under arrest. and it is reported by multiple news organizations a passenger in that truck has been killed. in addition we'll have a look inside the situation in syria, where so many people are running for the very lives, coming up.
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see your lexus dealer. >> the berlin mayor has just reported the situation is now under control, nine people confirmed dead, 50 people confirmed injured after a charge truck crashed into a shopping mark, a christmas shopping mark out the kaiser wilhelm church on the fashionable west side of berlin. two people inside the truck when it did the crashing, both escaped the escape, since the driver has been captured by authorities and another person who is believed to have been in the front of the truck, according to the local media, not authorities, has been shot and killed. the local media reports there were warnings of a possible attack on a christmas market prior to today but no one at this event was giving that notification. according to one witness, record
12:45 pm
reporting to "associated press," quote, definitely deliberate. this truck came on to the scene, according to multiple witnesses, at approximately 40 miles-per-hour, crashed through the criminal stands -- christmas stands and then went into the road when the two people inside escaped. the headline is the mayor there, michael mueller, saying the situation is under control, investigation to continue. hundreds of men, women and children trying to escape the syrian city of aaleppo. a fragile cease fire situation is on again. "associated press" reports some 15,000 civilians are still inside aleppo. the united nations approved sending monitors to the situation as french diplomats warn of mass atrocities. this video shows 47 orphans trapped, finally making it out of harm's way. u.n. workers say some are in
12:46 pm
critical condition with injury asks dehydration. survivors describe chaos on the evacuation buses. a man told ap, children were screaming some people fainted. evacuates in these nearby shiite villages. gunmen torched several buses on the way to the villages yesterday. they were supposed to take hundreds of sick and wounded people to safety. the fall of aleppo into the hands of bashar al-assad forces who are backed by russia and iran is his biggest in the american proxy war there and the civil war that began six years ago. assad has murdered and thousands of his own people, many of them women children. where does this stand, ab? >> it's a -- -- the cease fire and refugees are being evacuated but the criticism is we're well into the siege, too many people
12:47 pm
have dried or become sick or starving or freezing and this is kind of u.n. coming in to monitor what has already happened, as you reported, the buses taking people out have been attack educement you have this agreement that is on eggshells with the assassination of the russian ambassador in turkey today, meeting between representatives of the government of russia and assad's government and the iranians regime, set for tomorrow, in turkey, is still supposed to be taking place but this kind of tragickity surrounding -- fragility surrounding the tensions between the countries, russia and turkey and the assad regime is not providing an opening for any influence. we have to leverage in the fight. it's up to what kind of agreement turkey comes to with the russians and the iranians to allow for the flow out of syria and the care for those refugees.
12:48 pm
>> there's a thing building here and it has been for years, ab, the russians went into crimea and took -- the russians are accuse ode of shooting down or at least their weapons accused of shooting down a passenger jet that killed some 300 people. and nothing happened. the russians then are involved with bashar al assad in the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in a proxy war with the united states, and the rebels on site, and the incoming president of the united states seems to be backing the murderous dictator who is involved. things that come together and make no sense. >> right. if you look at the administration of barack obama there's much criticism of his sort of delaying and dithering when to come in and arm the rebels and be able to stop what started. it's too late now. we're out of options. donald trump's suggestion of some kind of station within syria, coming to to occupy federal that bashar al-assad's
12:49 pm
country without permission and then protecting and managing that area, is completely unrealistic with russian planes overhead and to this day we're talking about an incoming commander in chief who is not criticized the russians for their role in this war. for backing assad and helping him kill his own people and beat back the rebels. trump said several times that russia is just helping kill isis there, and that we should let them take care of it or have a deal with them to go after isis and has not acknowledged that russia is aiding the assad in kills his own people. so i don't see at this point that we have any kind of a different increase in our leverage or any desire on the trump -- incoming trump administration to sanction the assad government, bank inside syria, iranian's the russians the way the hawks in congress want to do. >> ab stoddard, thank you.
12:50 pm
the president-elect says he can create jobs here in the united states by cutting better trade deals, but analysts say american jobs are not going just to foreign workers but also robots. so what can the president-elect do about that? that's next.
12:51 pm
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president-elect trump could have hard time keeping a campaign promise to bring back factory drops because factories are learning thank you do more work with less people. this past june, the number topped two trillion and manufacturers had more than 13 million people on their
12:54 pm
payrolls back in 2007. last month that dipped to about 12 million. rich edson is live. trade policies and efficient manufacturing. >> companies need fewer workers to make the same number of products. the ball state university study says, quote, had we kept 2,000 levels of product and applied tome 201 levels of production we would have required 20.9 million manufacturing workers, instead we employed 12.1 million. the same study is a the gains account for near live 089% of the manufacturing jobs lost recently other studies point to a half trillion dollar u.s. trade deficit and china's joining over the world trade organization in 2001. certainly thereafter the number of u.s. manufacturing jobs fell sharply. it was said china cost the us
12:55 pm
economy a million manufacturing jobs. >> the president-elect continues to assert that renegotiated trade deals can bring back jobs. >> that's what he campaigned on. he says to the jobs will return when he pen penalize companies who moved jobs overseas and says he will renegotiate trade deals. one analyst says that needs to happen. >> if we got rid of our trade agreements that have the wrong incentives and replace them with rules that stop the bad behavior we into loot more manufacturing jobness their country. too efficienttics say u.s. and they would also point to wages and benefits for manufacturing workers in the united states being much too high. as lead higher than men of the international counterparts. >> thank you, rich. we'll be right become with a look at what historians call a
12:56 pm
major breakthrough in technology. as people listening on the raid -- radio heard a voice beamed to them from outer space.
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1958 people around the world heard the first recorded message from space. it was the voice not of some alien but of the president, dwight eisenhower saying, i convey to you and all mannedkind america's wish for peace on earth. the holiday message was coming to people's radios from an army satellite which blasted off from cape canaveral the date before. at the sat satellite riz tape recorder jammed but scientists got it working sending a message that was out of this world, 58 years ago today. should news break out we'll
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break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. in fact breaking news coverages now out of berlin. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. welcome everybody we're piecing together what little we do know about the berlin christmas market attack. alan haul in berlin with the latest. waugh are you hearing? >> reporter: they arrested the driver of the truck. he fled from the cab of what you would you could al semi, an arctic lated