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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> thank you. that is all we have left. thanks for joining us this evening. >> i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. obama vs. trump. president obama campaigned campn vigorously for hillary clinton in the 2016 election telling supporters, quote, my name may not be on the ballot but our progress is on the ballot, unquote. despite clinton's defeat he thinks he would have beaten donald trump in a head-to-head matchup as he told his former advisor david axelrod in a podcast yesterday. >> i'm confident that if i had run again, and are a articulated it i think i could have mobilized a
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majority of the american people to rally behind it i know in conversations i have had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one. >> axelrod was later asked if obama's comments were a thinly veiled wipe at hillary clinton. >> is this kind of a harsh judgment of hillary clinton he would have been able to do what she could not? >> well, he said this until service of a larger point which is he doesn't accept that the election was a verdict on his view of where the country should be going. shoe got majority of the vote he feels he would have won the election. there is no doubt there is some criticism implicit in his remarks. he went on to say that perhaps the clinton campaign took too much for granted. perhaps they played it too cautiously. >> for his part, donald trump dismissed the president's claim writing on
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twitter, quote: president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis o care, et cetera. unquote. joining with us reaction is lisa booth, a fox news contributor and washington, d.c. richard good stein a democratic strategist who worked on clinton's 2008 campaign. richard, really, of course, he is going to say that now. oh i would have beaten donald trump because he couldn't have run obvious question. is he saying he would have done better against donald trump and this hillary did. >> yes. let me give you an illustration. i was a pole watchner 2008 in entirely black voting place for early voting election day in fort lauderdale, florida. last day the lines were hours long. first-time voter summoned me offer and said, can i just vote for barack i said well you could. >> why don't they have express line for people like me? and i don't think he was joking. i think he was serious. if h they had had one he would
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have used that in a second. my point is you couldn't have paid that guy to vote for hillary clinton. 2016 version of that guy didn't really care about her the 10,000 votes that she lost by in michigan. 20,000 wisconsin. 40,000 pennsylvania. that guy and his sister and tens of thousands like him would have come out. they didn't come out for hillary. >> very good, lisa. what do you think? was that president obama taking a shot at hillary. >> i think it was taking a shot at hillary clinton obviously donald trump as well. as you mentioned earlier in the show president obama said his legacy was on the ballot in 2016 and essentially what it was was rejection of that legacy what ca did he do doer rad occasion of president obama's. he talked about unraveling iran deal. even if you look at
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something like the supreme court. 21% of voters said that was the most important issue for them when deciding which candidate to vote for. those voters overwhelmingly went for donald trump. that's a rejection of what president obama would have chose supreme court nominee as well. >> now with that richard, president obama himself said. i remember this on the stump he was saying a vote nor hillary is a vote for my legacy, guess what happened? they lost. talking about the 2016 that hillarwon by 3 million. >> it cannot be said that if one candidate stands for x and the other stands for non-x and the x person wins by more than 3 million you can't say public was behind. >> we can do that blue in the face. if we remove california donald trump. ' hillary clinton could be president of california at this point. >> not to mention that donald trump was able to
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flip 217 counties from democrat in 2,000 and the previous election to republican. you look at the 700 counties. >> exactly. >> hold on that president obama won in 2008 and 2012 donald trump was able to flip 1/3 of those. i think a large part of that reason is because he ran a campaign as i mentioned before on erratic indicating president obama's policies. you don't think that voters who have felt the economic ramifications of president obama's policies whether it's the fact that he is the only candidate in history. >> hold on i let you speak. >> only candidate in history not see 3% economic growth. we have seen more small businesses go under rather than be created. places like arizona insurance premiums have increased over 100 percent. you don't think that voters went to the ballot knowing that president obama's legacy was on the ballot? pure repudiation of his legacy and policy. >> what i think is that having brought unemployment down by a half and having stock market virtually triple under the obama presidency.
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by having finally middle class incomes go up for the first time in 15 years. i think all those people in counties that went obama and obama in 2008 and 12 would have voted for the real thing in 16 and not the guy making all these promises that we know he can't keep. >> fair enough, maybe that is the case. however for president obama to just a month after the election to come out and say by the way i would have won, is he taking a shot at hillary clinton. i mean, look, there is no question he was her best surrogate. i would say michelle obama and barack obama were hillary clinton's best surrogates. in hindsight barack obama has to protect his legacy. is he now trying to distance himself from hillary's loss so that's that his legacy is intact, richard? >> again. owe bomb maps favorability numbers and trump's were the inverse of one another on election day. the fact is as regards hillary, i think if you had hillary clinton on this program, eric, she would admit that there were certain things that she would do differently not just campaign in wisconsin and michigan and so forth. >> how about that?
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not just that. but that was a big flaw on their part. >> of course. i'm talking about just the change argument. the fact is i think she and her team could have done a better job. >> here is the problem. i'm going to bring lisa in. up until november 8th. president obama is like yeah, hillary clinton and i, we are on the same team here, we are both progressive. a vote for her is a vote for the progressive agenda. she loses. all of a sudden he wants no part of it. >> also not to mention the fact. you want to talk about facts and numbers. how about the rejection that president obama's legacy has seen from the state level to the federal level throughout the past 8 years. the democratic party holds fewer state legislatures than ever before in history. republicans control the majority of governorships in the country. republicans have the house and senate under president obama's failed policies. now they have the white house. don't tell me that this is not a repudiation of president obama's failed policies. >> hold on. but let's just add this. you can't say this is all one team. this is all what we are about until your team loses and say we don't have
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nothing to do with them. >> have a civics lesson for every democrat in the country who doesn't know how the electoral process works? >> richard, final thought. >> on every other planet on the planet what we call popular votes are votes. >> excuses, excuse every single woke. >> i understand if we take comey and russians out of mix, i swear it would be a different result. >> and let's not leave obama care and deplorables. lisa, richard, thank you very much. when we come right back, accusations that president obama sold out one of our closest allies. also,. [cheers] >> violence and chaos in malls all throughout the country on the day after christmas? what set it off? we have a complete report we have a complete report moments away.
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states' closest allies? on friday the u.s. abstained from a vote in the united nations to condemn israeli settlements in dispute dollars areas this was a dramatic break with long standing history. benjamin netanyahu called the action shameful anti-israel ambush. now his government is claiming the obama administration was actually behind the u.n. resolution. >> we have rather ironclad information from sources in both the abe world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the united states and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place. so it's deeply disappointing this has been the path of president obama. >> israel is not being deterred by the vote. the government says it will move ahead with plans to build thousands of new homes in the disputed areas. and rethink its relationship with the united nations, organization that critics say is a disaster. >> it is an organization
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that exacerbates tension. it does not assuage them. it was born in hope, the end of the second world war. it turned out to be a disaster. i think it's good real estate in downtown new york city and trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> joining us now from washington former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. mr. ambassador, thanks for joining us. we were on last week as well. talk a little bit about that comment. is this a deliberate push by the u.s. to, i guess, sway the sentiment in the middle east? >> i think it is. i think it's clearly intended to box in the new trump administration. you know, these are decisions that fly in the face of half a century of american policy. and obama has brought them forward with a month to go in his presidency. i think it's very i will advised. i think if there are any foreign officials or foreign diplomats listening tonight, i would just say don't operate under any allusions here, no matter what else
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obama does from last friday through to the 20th of january, don't operate under any allusions that that's not easily reversible by incoming trump administration in terms of u.s. policy. >> ambassador, you know, it feels like president obama is no friend to israel. based on this latest act is he set ago personal score with benjamin netanyahu by doing this? >> i think there is personal score there to settle. i think this is a deep reflection of obama's ideology. he sees israel in much the way he sees the united states. he dislikes american exceptionism. he dislikes israeli exceptionism. i think he sees this as his way to set it straight that just one more country, just like the united states is one more country and is he going to try and affect that in his remaining days in office. that's what this vote was about in my view. >> does this assist the peace process in israel in the middle east? >> i think it cuts entirely against it.
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look, the whole theory of the united states and the rest of the world, frankly, after the 1967 war was the only way you are ever going to get peace in the middle east is for the parties to the conflict to agree to it themselves. any attempt to impose peace from the outside would inevitably fail. and because people are frustrated that things haven't turned out the way they want, they are now trying to impose a particular kind of solution on israel. as you said, the israelis are defying the resolution already. there is no way this is going to be conducive to peace. and they should have understood it. the president should have understood it. it will actually, i think, boomer rang. >> but it does embolden the anti-israel faction to push back and some of them frankly are people we don't really get along with, also. >> no, that's right. look, this has been a tragedy for the united states and israel and frankly for some of our arab friends in the region. we is indications that a
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number of countries interestingly russia at the end of last week were beginning to realize that shoving this resolution through was not a good idea. they went ahead and did it anyway. now we're going to have negative consequences. i think there are a number of things that the trump administration when it takes office it could do to try to reverse. this i have written about it in the "wall street journal" this morning. we talked a little bit about it last week. i think beyond anything else in the next slightly less than a month until the 20th of january, foreign governments should not go along with any obama plan or suggestion or idea that they can carry this process any further forward. enough damage has been done. don't make it worse. >> well, what else is there? what else might president obama do in the next 24 days? >> well, there is a lot of speculation. here's a hard fact. on january the 15th. france will convene a so-called middle east peace conference in paris. and you know, just consider the timing of that, eric. five days before a new american president takes office, the french are going to convene a peace
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conference. that was a freudian slip it will be a press conference. come out with declaration that acknowledges the existence of a palestinian state. they could bring that declaration back to new york and try to ram that through the security council. this whole thing is a big mistake. and i do think it will have negative consequences for people who really want a just and lasting peace in the middle east. >> ambassador i only have a minute or. so very quickly, what is our share of the u.n. 20 to 22 percent of the budget. what kind of hard number does that look like. >> when you add everything together, assess contributions, and voluntary contributions roughly about $8 billion a year. about $3 billion for the u.n.'s regular budget in peace keeping and we pay 22% of the regular budget. 25% of peace keeping. >> a lot of people are saying push back on that. maybe cut that in half. ambassador bolton thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> explosion of christmas holiday violence in chicago
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>> in the factor follow-up segment tonight, there was a violent and deadly christmas weekend in chicago. according to the chicago
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tribune 61 people shot in the windy city over christmas weekend and at least 11 people died from their wounds. police say these weren't random acts of violence. >> these were deliberate shootings by one gang against another. they were targeted knowing fully well that individuals would be at the homes of family and friends celebrating the holiday. while this is the sickening reality, it shows yet again that our penalties for caring and using guns here in chicago are just not an effective deterrent against repeat gun offenders. >> according to police, there have been 753 murders in chicago so far this year. a stunning 57.5% increase compared to 2015. and as you can see in this map, compiled by "the chicago tribune," the homicides primarily occur on the city's west and south sides which have high minority populations. joining us now from chicago with reaction former republican congressman joe walsh and matt magill.
8:21 pm
both are radio talk show hosts. matt, chicago, my hometown what's going on in chicago, sir? >> you know, you look at black chicago. you block at black america, historically these communities have been neglected and not invested. it's real simple. everything that average americans want money put into education, money put into the business community. money put into housing and jobs, that's what black america wants and since it has not been getting that for a very long time. >> matt, matt i have got to stop you here for a second. i was born and raised in chicago. i was there when the homicide rates were skyrocketing far higher than they are right now. but it got better for a long time. and all of a sudden in the last five years or so, six years it's getting substantially worse. what is happening? what changed? >> well, i think the economy is changing. look what happened in 2007. we are still seeing results of that bad economy. people being laid off and jobs not in our community anymore. you can go back 50 years though and track why we are
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experiencing what we are experiencing today. and that is disinvestment, non-investment. whatever you want to call it in the african-american communities is going to surface and it's going to look like this. >> let me bring joe. in the economy is bad in a lot of places. a lot of places are suffering the way chicago has. in fact maybe suffering worse than chicago yet we don't see the spike in murders and homicides and shootings that we see in chicago. >> look, eric, this isn't complicated. it's called the ferguson effect. for about two and a half years, ever since ferguson, missouri, we have been hating on cops in this country. a lot of people have. there has been a war on cops in this country. and you can see it most pronounced in chicago. homicides are up. shootings are up. and, yet, eric arrests in chicago are way down. cops are policing less aggressively. they are policing less assertively. nobody can blame them because from rahm emanuel to everybody on down in the city of chicago, they are getting hated on. when they go in to some of these south and west side
8:23 pm
neighborhoods, man, they are sworn by some of these folks and everybody pulls out their cell phones. cops are tired of this. all of this hating on our cops and what it's leading, to eric, is it's leading to young black men being shot and killed. >> and, matt, let me add something here. chicago is one of the most difficult places to get a gun to defend yourself. look, you want to look at -- >> -- no, it's not. >> well, it is. it has. so most stringent gun laws in the country. washington, d.c. and chicago are two specific areas. look at the crime rates in both of those cities. >> well, first off, in response to joe, i would hate to think that cops' feelings are so hurt they would stop policing. when you have cases like eric gardner being choked to death by a cop on vape in broad daylight and we can't bring cop to justice. >> it's not their feels. they can't do their jobs. they are getting people throwing rocks and bottles at them. eric, two months ago we had that female chicago cop who was afraid to pull out her
8:24 pm
gun when some thug attacked her because she was afraid about all the bad press she got. that cop almost died. this is real. >> joe, let me say. this cops can do their job. their job is not to shoot unarmed black people. if they do their job and serve black people maybe you would see reduction of crime. maybe the black people would be less afraid of cops. and maybe we will see a functioning community. until america decides it wants. >> let me get this straight. you have a couple incidences where cops shot unarmed people. >> a couple? >> hold on. >> a couple? >> you are going to blame these couple incidences on 753 murders in chicago, a 58% increase in murders, a 45% increase in shootings over a violent year last year as well. i mean, look, you have tough gun laws, you have very liberal mayor. you don't think this has anything to do with it, matt? >> no. this is not a party issue. this is not a democrat or republican party issue. this is not a libertarian or
8:25 pm
a wig party issue. this is an american issue. america has not invested in black america and this is the result of it. schools are broken down. neighborhoods are broken down there. is no trust between the community and law enforcement. >> in chicago these crime rates are specific to chicago. let me get joe in and there i will let you get back in, matt. but let me get joe on. go. >> eric, it's always been that way. i'm not going to disagree with matt. chicago is a typical democrat one party run city that has destroyed life for exrerns in the city. but as long as african-americans in the city of chicago continue to hate on our cops, the ironic thing is african-americans are going to die. and that's what we have seen in the city of chicago the last two years. >> final thought, matt? >> all right. i will say. this the only thing that distinguishes chicago maybe from other cities is the legacy of gangs and we have had it going back to organized crime. >> come on, matt. i want to give you the last word but you can't spin your
8:26 pm
way out of this. come on, los angeles had far worse gang problem than chicago ever had. i know i lived in both cities. l.a. back in the 1980s was far worse than chicago. >> l.a. does not have the long legacy that chicago has that distinguishes chicago from any other city. >> matt, it got better. it got better, matt. the murder rate didn't -- was low from 2000 to 2005. 95 to 2005. it dipped. it is on a rise again right now. guys, i have got to lee it right there. very hot debate. joe and matt, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. shoppers move along after chaos. and riots break out in about a dozen malls across the country. far left insanity reaches new heights on a campus with one professor calling for white genocide. now he claims it was just is satire. we h h h h h
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live from america's news headquarters, president obama laid a wreath at the uss memorial, marking the first visit by a japanese prime minister to the memorial. mr he did offer condolences to those killed. tonight, fans and friends sharing kind words and memories about actress carrie fisher. she died today at the age of 60. harris on-ford remembers her as funny and emotionally healing. now back to the o'reilly factor.
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funny and emotionally healing. now back to the o'reilly factor. m segment" tonight, police still trying to figure outford funny and emotionally healing. now back to the o'reilly factor. funny and emotionally healing. now back to the o'reilly factor. . one night after christmas. [screams] >> oh my god. >> get in here. [shouting] >> fox news rob schmidt has much more on the story. >> police evacuating the town center mall in aurora, colorado after several fights in the shopping center. >> we had multiple squirmishes and altercations occurring throughout the mall that we needed to close down the mall for public safety. >> the brawls are said to have started during an arrest when an unruly crowd of some 500 people advanced on one officer. at least five juveniles taken into custody. >> we had a citywide call tore assistance. all officers that were available throughout the city were called in. >> another disturbance taking place at beechwood place mall in ohio where authorities used pepper spray to disperse a large crowd after a fight there a
8:31 pm
report of gunfire later determined to be false. the police did place at least one male juvenile under arrest for allegedly trying to hit an officer. >> running, screaming, i seen a girl get trampled over. it was really scary for real. like i said, it's just really sad. >> similar scenes playing out in connecticut, illinois, tennessee, and several other states. >> i'm still not quite processing exactly. but yeah, scared is a very good thing. i have been calling everyone and just trying to, you know, get home. >> no official word whether all of these fights are connected. there are indications there may be a link through social media rob schmidt, fox news. >> joining us from newberry port, massachusetts on more on what might have prompted some of the brawls dr. keith ablow. >> schmidt points out elizabeth, new jersey, fayetteville, north carolina, texas, it goes on and on on the same weekend.
8:32 pm
what's going on? >> well, one thing is we know the crowds behave less well than individuals do. crowds make worse decisions. that's why, you know, when you hear about somebody not being attended to, is being assaulted, it's always that there are many onlookers because individuals can do the ethical thing sometimes when crowds decide oh, we will take a little off here. we will take a few liberties there. so the bottom line is number one the crowd, number two social media, eric, it's a big thing. because these folks are coming. in not number one, depersonalize and do you humanized to begin with from facebook and instagram and the rest of it, looking for drama. we have made people addicted to drama. to being in their own little movies. and they are, therefore, on a hair trigger to begin these kinds of melees. and they think that gunfire, you know, is part of some kind of made-up for life drama that they are starring in. >> you are saying maybe they are addicted to drama and looking for it.
8:33 pm
>> absolutely. >> there are a lot of mall shootings that we are hearing about around the world. mane not only the drama, they are also fearful. >> i think they are fearful number one, they think there may be shots fired because we as a culture and almost a worldwide people concerned about liberty have ptsd. we have been exposed to a lot of terrorist events and people are therefore on edge. there is another thing they are addicted to as well. that is the kind of merchandise that bring them technology. it used to be a sweater or pair of pants. now not having certain things make you feel that much more like you're disconnected. you tonight have the right technology. you don't have the right sneakers. these folks are there looking for their identities when really they need the identity come from within. but social media deprives them of that as does a particular kind of consumer. >> does social media and maybe even video games, desen at this advertise these kids. >> absolutely. >> where violence may not seem real you see it on the
8:34 pm
screen but certainly is real when you see it in the mall. >> these people, you know, even the, you know, little clip you had there, people say wow, it was actually scary. yeah, it's scary. because it's real life. but, you know what? youing to geyou toggle video gau think you are the king of the universe. bottom line is these are real events. i think they may be trigger by the kinds of folks who run facebook and other sites like that. >> talk to us a little bit about the herd psychology. they said up to 1,000 teens were involved in this. >> yeah. i think that that becomes a kind of viral event. the same kinds of feelings that get triggered by a rock concert can get triggered by this kind. >> what is that. >> mass movement. >> what is that feeling that's being triggered? >> i will tell you exactly what it is abdication of of
8:35 pm
aautonomy. leaving behind what you should have been taught at home and perhaps in school the types of ethical choices and choices for self-preservation and care of others that you would makes a an individual. people are ready to abdicate that much too soon now to join the spec spectacle to join that big dramatic explosion that they think makes them something bigger than themselves. >> that is dangerous. >> so dangerous. >> that filter that you have to have to say yeah, i would like to step out there and maybe addie indicate that authority or reason. i would library to be out there because it will be fun to be out there. i will step back in. thousand people doing it in the same time same plates that's real danger. >> real danger. herd mentality. remember it's not long ago how could it be that young females are posting fighting videos to youtube? why? because they don't feel that it's them. they think they are acting in some kind of drama that is removed from their own existence. so what we need is real law
8:36 pm
enforcement. we need folks who want to preserve their safety really armed. and we need to take this very seriously. >> maybe parents would get involved too, maybe. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> thank you, sir. >> directly ahead, left wing professors running wild including the latest case a college professor who called for white genocide in a holiday greeting but conservatives are striking back. we will have that story coming up.
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8:38 pm
>> sthanches for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor flashback segment tonight. a professor claims he is the victim of a white ring witch-hunt after he posted a holiday witch-hunt on
8:39 pm
twitter saying quote all i want for christmas is white genocide. george chick relevant low who is white claims his message was satirical. called the tweet reprehensible and plans to meet with him. beyond debate that the colleges are dominated by left wing faculty members. our kids are being taught by left wing idealogues. 200 college professors of quote leftist propaganda in the classroom, unquote. recently bill spoke with charlie kirk the founder of turning point, u.s.a. >> first of all, how do you determine what teachers to put on your list? >> sure, so this project was many years in the making. you know, as growing this organization now over to 1100 colleges and computes across the country we started doing counter incredible biases some of which you covered university of missouri, all across the country. what really troubled me as i talked to adults and donors and even regent members. kind of like an urban
8:40 pm
legend. kind of like pockets of information. we decided to consolidate all of this information, all of the different biases and examples with third party verification on a very simple easy to use website. every single incident and professor we put on our website is backed up by a third party news source. is mentioned many times. hook, all we want here is to shine a light of what's been going on in our universe universities and the response is incredible. by students and donors and alumni thanking us for doing this type of work because this has really not existed until right now. >> this is serious thing when you say it's backed up by third party reportage. some of the third party reportage is garbage. that's the problem have you know whether the professor is going into the classroom because that's the crux of it when they go into the classroom and force the students to think their way. it's a good healthy thing for college professors to have an opinion and
8:41 pm
articulate it in a strong way. and kids when you put them up there on the website. you know you are putting them in a little bit of danger because people, you know, do you ever think about that? >> i don't think so. look. if the professors are so scared what's going on in lecture hall being made public that's their problem, not ours. parents have a right to know what's going on in these universities. parents especially are forking over tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and they should know what these professors have been teaching. it's important to note we are very deliberate in what we put on this website. in fact, that we did not break any news stories, these are all existing on the internet. it's just an aggregator putting them all together. we are shining a light. putting them all in one easy place for parents, faculty and donors to understand. >> mayor yelle miller young teaches feminist studies at the university of santa
8:42 pm
barbara. apparently this woman pled guilty to assaulting a 16-year-old pro-life person. >> that's correct. yes. >> she -- did she pay any price at the university? from what i understand she is still teaching there and another example which have you covered extensively is dr. click who is formerly at university of missouri and now teaches and lectures at gonzaga university she famously said on camera bring in the muscle when a journalist student was filming demonstrations on campus. >> they dumped her and she went up to gonzaga. other woman pled no contest, not guilty. but she is still there the other guy is julio cesar piano hot fbi i guess is investigating some kind of muslim terrorism beef or something? >> that's right. and according to several news sources, he is reportedly being investigated for allegedly having connections with isis and an fbi spokeswoman confirmed this. >> what does kent state say. >> the official statement
8:43 pm
was somewhat murky in the sense that is he still teaching there and it's trying to be confirmed to the fbi. look, if i was a donor who-to-kent state or alumni or sending my kids there i would be concerned. >> i don't know if i would sign up for the class. >> i wouldn't either. are you kidding me? all we are doing is shining a light. we are not trying to prevent teachers or professors from saying anything. just the facts. >> bill's power house history book killing the rising sun looks to be the biggest selling adult book of the year. now time to sink your teeth into that. bill's kid's book give please a chance number one in category. did you go to bill o' and become a premium member. get any one of bill's books absolutely free. fact. my book "wake up america" is a great read as we wrap up 2016 just ask president-elect donald trump. he wrote a quote for the back cover. some are saying donald
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>> in the personal story segment tonight, get ready for a showdown in the senate over the question of how rich is too rich to work in the white house? headline on the front page of the "wall street journal" today says, quote: wealth of trump nominees complicates their approval.
8:47 pm
the article points out that so far donald trump has appointed five billionaires and half a dozen multimillionaires to serve in his administration. now bernie sanders, for one, has a problem with that. >> it looks like we have a cabinet of billionaires. i guess they have a few poor millionaires on it but mostly it's billionaires. and this is coming from a candidate for president. mr. trump who told us he was going to take on the establishment. well, maybe i'm not seeing something here, but you don't appoint the head of exxon mobil to be secretary of state. that's not quite taking on the establishment. you don't appoint a cabinet of billionaires to be taking on the establishment. >> but president-elect donald trump has heard this criticism before. and he rejects it. >> one newspaper criticized me why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune. pause now they are negotiating with you okay?
8:48 pm
>> with us now cathy publisher of catalina magazine. shelved founder of bold. start with you. what's wrong with wealthy people being part of the administration? i'm happy that's happening. >> nothing is wrong with being wealthy in this country. okay if they are billionaires but the problem is these people really know d.c.? i would like to see some people that understand d.c. and the problem is with their wealth they are so many financial problems in their lives that it gets so messy that these people may not even see it to the cabinet. >> dts drain the swamp. >> not from d.c. that's the whole mandate trump wrote. i think it's incredibly rich that bernie sanders is going after this. this man has three houses. his personal income is in the 3% personal income. give me a break. bernie sanders has been absolutely dehumanizing and
8:49 pm
dehumanizing rich people. >> let's talk about a couple of these people. rex tillerson as bernie sanders pointed out one of the most successful businessmen in the world. donald trump we know has said i want to run the country the way you run a business. you create deals. you make sure the best deal is for your country, your company. and rex tillerson fits that bill perfectly. >> he fits the bill in the private sector. we don't know if he can do it in the government sector. no other president has ever mentioned his cabinet members before they are actually approved and gone through the process. we don't know if these people are going to make it through the cabinet. their financial dealings might be so complicated there might be such a conflict of interest, may not be it. >> i have to tell you. >> cabinet level not on the president or vice president. >> i agree. we need transparency and accountability. the thing is i used to work at goldman sachs, our disclosures before i could even work one day i had to tell my ex-boyfriend's dog's spouse's name. you know, it's like so many things you have to go through compliance.
8:50 pm
dodd frank, they are overregulated as it is. we already know about their disclosures. other thing is though. >> go ahead. >> the ability to run complex institutions, feedback is in the private sector. it is accountability. if you don't have a successful business. >> stay right there for one second with me. you can run a country the way you run a business, especially a company, a company of $4 trillion company. >> absolutely. you are managing complex institutions. managing multibillion-dollar operations. same way ceo of coca cola can transfer his skills and judgment to be the ceo of home depot. same transferable skill set. ford, carrier, ibm, several companies have said we will keep business here. we will keep jobs here because of donald trump. i like -- you don't like that idea. >> this cabinet might not make it they knew what they were getting business guy who could make the deals. yes, we knew that we didn't know we were getting an entire cabinet. >> what's your push back with rex tillerson?
8:51 pm
>> what's the push back with the guy that runs carl's jr. >> carl jr.'s ads are so offensive. >> running the treasury? why the push back. >> it might be the senate. might not approve these guys. we don't know. they haven't disclosed anything yet. we don't know what they're made up. >> 52-48. you need three to flip. >> they are in good shape i agree we want transparency and. we want people with judgment. we want people who are successful. i think america actually -- we are not sick of winning. we need people who are winners and know how to negotiate. >> speaking of that there very quickly 65% of americans believe 2017 will be better than 2016. your thoughts on those. >> according to a poll. and polls are so iffy. we know that polls are not to be depended on. 55% such a small group of people. >> just a faulty poll. it's going up. it's rising.
8:52 pm
>> said that 77 percent said 2016 was a better year for them than 2015. anyway, forget polls. look at the stock market. we are getting record highs, 20,000. we have never seen that in human history. forget polls. 20,000. that's we never see that in human history. forget polls. look at the actual companies that are creating jobs. >> we're going to have to leave it right there. thank you guys. coming up. america loses an icon. show you amazing interview with bill o'reilly when we come right back. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you,
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we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the passing of hollywood royalty. died today at the age of 60 after having suffered a medical emergency on all flight to los angeles last week. an actress and prolific writer. best known for portraying princess leia in the original "star wars." interviewed back in 2004 when she was promoting her book. we thought you would like to see that interview. >> there's a million books out there. tough sell these days. take it from me, i know. what would i learn investing
8:56 pm
money and time in your book. >> well, it's a sequel to a book i wrote called post cards from the edge. >> very successful meryl streep film. >> it's about susan bale, an actress in hollywood, the daughter of a celebrity who gets left by a man for a man. >> so you're dumped. >> it's not -- very different from me. >> no, it isn't. >> oh, i'm sorry. it isn't. >> that's what happened to you. >> sit what happened to me. >> some guy leaves you for another guy. he's crazy and what not. >> thank you. >> what am i going to learn. >> well, you're going to learn what it's like for them. susan goes off her bipolar medication to find a straight guy. that's how you do it, isn't it? i have no idea. >> i turned you straugt when i got in the outfit in the third "star wars." >> i was pretty much there.
8:57 pm
>> this is basically an adventure through hollywood l labla i made you i saw you and susan together. i was very confused. >> i say bill o'reilly gets a lot of. >> kill him with kindness. >> no send him a bunch of lamaas and big and goats. >> meanwhile people will benefit. >> sending their kids to school. >> and bs. >> that's not confusing at all. >> she has a charity with people send people lamas.
8:58 pm
>> don't you think people -- a lot of people do good for her charity and in the meantime you gets lamas and bees and bunnies. >> why would i want a lama and what good is that going to do someone to get. >> you don't know until you get it. >> what if they don't want a lama. >> get that lama off my lawn. >> people get -- all right. with all due respect. i had no idea what you were talking about there, but i suspect i'm not looked upon with favor by the hollywood community. >> i think you're misunderstood. i think you're misunderstood and you've got to come out there. they don't know -- >> the real me. >> the real cuddly you. your inner child. you bill that loves disco music. >> you read my book. >> they don't know that. if th they knew that.
8:59 pm
>> they would all be at the airport sobbing and playing disco music. >> as me and the la malama. >> they don't like your politics some of them. >> which is what? i'm an independent. >> i thought you were conservative. >> that's what my mother told me. >> your mother loves me. >> she does love you. >> i would have been good in hollywood in the 40s and 50s. >> you're still good. my mother is still a babe and it's not just my mother. >> susan, i'm not going to win her over. >> you're not going to win susan and the other conservatives golf a lot. >> i think you're reading me wrong. we want everyone to buy your book. we really appreciate you coming in here. >> thank you. it's been a pleasure.
9:00 pm
>> thought gosh out to the family of carrie fisher. that's it for us. for bill o'reilly, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, new reports that the obama administration may be planning yet another fight with israel. as that country's prime minster accusing president obama of orchestrating an unprecedented move against the jewish state at the united nations. welcome to the kelly file. sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. tensions reaching a fevered pitch tonight. prime minster netanyahu and his spokesman claimed to have ironclad evidence that the u.s. was pushing last friday's resolution condemning the construction of settlement by israeli citizens.