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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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interviews with carrie fisher. i will be here tomorrow night for tucker no rerun. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i am tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, mtv news comes up with new year's resolutions for white men. what's the big deal? i'm sure there are things like drink less and go to the gym. stuff like that. plus the british equivalent of the oscars will force films to choose diversity. that's better than clorox christmas, an all wait and caucasian santa. and the world will be out of seafood by the year 2048. i get red lobster's endless
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shrimp is another corporate lie. let's welcome our guests. her name is a constant reminder to save tax-free for your retirement. fbn new york stock exchange lori rothman. garelous describes him. professor of linguistics and american studies john mchorder. and he is miserable for your happiness. comedian kevin brennan. and his wallet is so fat he named it michael moore. sitting next to me is the host of lou dobbs tonight on fox business, lou dobbs. let's start the show. you know what is a great way to get my attention? start your internet video like this. >> hey, fellow, white guys. >> hey. >> yes, mtv news made a video just for guys like me.
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let's watch it together. >> hey, fellow white guys. >> there are a few things we think you can do better in 2017. >> what? okay. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. can we all just agree that black lives matter is not the opposite of all lives matter? black lives just matter. there is no need to overcome law indicate it. >> stop staying woke. >> but i love saying woke. >> learn what man spl oo ining is and stop doing it. >> i love man splaining. >> we all love beyonce and yes she is black so of course she cares about black issues. i am talking to you, fox news. >> feel free to take kanye west. feel free to take him. >> you know what you did. >> nobody who has black friends says they have black
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friends. >> and just because you have black friends doesn't mean you are not racist. you can be racist with black friends. >> keep playing it. >> look, guys, we know nobody is perfect. >> but honestly, you could do a little better in 2017. >> some of you do a great job. some of you don't. >> please, because 2016 was bad. 2017 can't be worse than this. >> wow. lori, i get the video this -- i get the feeling this video was not a look at white males. >> if any of my kids were involved in the production of this video i would lock them in the bedroom and make them watch something like "band of brothers." >> that is perfect. >> it is to remind them of the sacrifice and how special and how we are so capable of doing -- not to get too crazy --
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>> it is a perfect example of a movie. how could you watch that movie? how can you be saying stuff like this if. >> it is like we totally forgot. they are catering to what it thinks its viewer ship demographic is. millennials who voted for hillary clinton, right? they are trying to tell them what they want to hear so they will keep watching because mtv, i mean what happened to mtv? >> what happened to it? >> that's more troubling than this pathetic video is what happened to mtv in five years. >> i feel sensitive, but maybe we can start by will you sign my 8 by 10? >> to tell you the truth, i don't understand what any of that meant because there is a lot of irony. there were layers upon layers, upon layers. we have irony today. it is like remember when you were in college and there are
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in jokes with your friends and year after year and everything was james joyce. i don't know if any of that was meant to be sincere. if i was supposed to be laughing i guess we are not supposed to think it is real. they are charming, but i think the aaron knee for me -- the irony for me is they didn't mean it. if i say that, then i'm grumpy and i don't get it. too much irony for me. >> a lot of the stuff they were saying, they say white males don't do this and don't do this. they say don't use woke. well guys like me don't say it. >> if the white guy didn't use the word woke they would say the white guy was out of touch and didn't understand their concerns and was ignoring them. >> what would make them happy? i thought we were being serious after november 8th. it was too layered for me. i am not smart enough. >> too layered, mtv.
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lou, what did you say when you woke up this morning? >> if i can just cut to the chase. the young lady talks about things being too complicated and differentiating in the phrase black lives matter versus all lives matter trying to create them as opposites. the whole damn thing is too complicated. they look like a group of people frankly seeking and searching desperately for you are rel ven see. >> is there anything you would think about applying to next year for yourself? >> i wouldn't consider -- no. i don't think there there is a single person there that looks experience, the intelligence or the talent to prescribe anyone's behavior, especially if it is if -- in a generalized group like white guys. >> i mean, look --
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>> we eat all the same lunch. i don't see color. >> kevin, you are a white guy and you have always been. >> irish catholic. >> i did marry out of my box. what did you marry? >> she is panomanian. white is not the future. >> she is catholic? >> i don't know what she is. >> the good news is she is not legal. if a couple months if she doesn't clean the kitchen she is going back. she can take the kids with her because they are half and half. >> once january 20th comes around the kids will be clean or she is gone. >> can you learn anything? >> the kids are all young. this is like young kids aren't in charge base they are idiots. that's why lou dobbs is in charge. my only hope is they would take on location on a bus and the bus crash on the way back.
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that's not a good holiday message, but you can't win with this kind of thing. no matter what i say i will get a lot of backlash. >> we learned after what happened a month ago that might be a man that is getting tired of that. i understand that there are things white america might want to know. i can understand you feel you are damned if you do and damned if you gary don't. >> i did wonder if this was supposed to be a piece of satire and it was white guys saying how can we be self-depricating? >> i mean that was not -- >> i think they take themselves seriously. moving on, a high school principal banned a cheer because of the word white in it. they say we say blue and you say white. blue, white, blue, white.
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it is fun. i believe because their school colors are blue and white. there is a senior tau decision to shorten the rally and cry to white, white, white, white. but that's mott okay anymore. the principal wrote a note that due to the social climate across our country the use of the word word -- the white cheer is under suspension. the superintendent elaborated -- >> in road games we are dressed in blue and even though it is senior tradition to say white over and over, i think the context is not understood by everybody. >> students are outraged. one wrote on facebook "this stuff has me outraged. they are trying to take a simple chant our school has done for years and years and trying to make it about race. >> lou, what do you say? it is their school colors. >> it does raise the
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question. it doesn't take much to add both chores. i don't get it. >> it is only the seniors who can do the white chant. >> as john was talking earlier there are too many layers here. this is getting too complicated and to have the principal or the advice principal suspending the cheer. >> this is a moment in that high high school's history they will remember forever. this makes no sense. we are raising idiots. the reason we are raising idiots is we have idiots teaching them. it is bizarre. >> you were in contact with students all the time and you are a teacher. why do you think the administrators have to come to them? the young people are so politically correct. i think they would do that anyway. would you get that sense? >> i get that guy. i can imagine he feels he is
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doing the right thing and he feels his job is to keep people from saying the color that is not black, but white over and over again. this is why there are ways it is good to be black because i do not have to be a white person dealing with the current climate. he can change these rules and make the gesture and it can go on tv, but it will not solve any of the problems he is hoping. there will be something he is deemed doing wrong about six weeks from now. i feel sorry for him because he is doing the right thing, but nothing can do what he is hoping for which is a christian ab sew louse. absolution. i can do what he did, but i don't have to because i am just black. >> if someone told you wouldn't that make you want to
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say it more? >> i want to say it now. the seniors say white, white, white. why don't the juniors say blue, blue, blue. >> they don't. i watched the video. >> it is all dumb. when i saw the video it made me laugh when they said white, white, white. there is something funny about it. >> so you would think race even if this story -- you would -- would you think it is straipg? >> i would run. >> did anybody go to sleep away camp in the northeast? >> we call it boy scout camp jievment there is something called a color war. for a week or two weeks one team is blue and the other is buff. it is not white, but blue and buff. this is like a hundred year old tradition, and i think it is a subtle change to avoid exactly what we are talking
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about here. kudos to the team forgetting ahead of it. >> you mean you take your clothes off? >> it is not in the buff, tom. >> here we go. it is another layer. >> i just assumed. moving on, unlike hollywood the british film industry has a diversity problem, but they are doing something about it. the uk equivalent of the oscars announced that beginning in 2019 films that are not diverse will not be available for outstanding british film and outstanding debut by a director, writer or producer. to be considered they must work to improve diversity in two of four areas. on screen characters and themes, senior roles and crew, industry training and career progression. audience access appeal to under represented audiences.
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so do they have a diversity problem? i don't know. take a look at this year's scene on standing british film. >> it is highbrow for me. >> and i think that counts for diversity. kevin, how can you be picking a best film if you are not basing it on what is the best. >> what is going on here? >> you can speak freely here. >> no, i can't. >> you can. speak freely.
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>> if black people have to be in all movies i should be in the wayans movie. >> you could. >> i don't know what the solution is. if you tell people what to do, like you said, they don't want to do it. it seems like movies, they are not popular anyway. the one with oscars never make any money. >> who makes money? >> "star wars." and talk about diversity. it is aliens and fantasy. and what is the most other popular thing? "game of thrones." diversity with the made up fantasy characters from a galaxy far, far away. does that count? >> it does count, and you make a great point, lori. john, you don't have to could this to force diversity. the marketplace is global and we make them diverse.
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>> and i know i should say that. to tell you the truth i am in favor of this because there is a sameness about what movies are about. this whole thing about taking over the world, that is a certain thing a certain kind of i hate to say it white guy enjoys. too much hollywood is about that. i am reading about two brilliant men that it is quite clear their tastes are formed by person who loves "star wars" and star trek. i know this. diverse it up and the next thing is it it is not diversed properly. they are not making the right film. the people complaining now is not complaining about the right thing.
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what was the movie they were having problems? >> we narrowed it down to a million films. >> the bali, that one. that was considered a problem. >> appropriation or something. >> and there is always something. we need to mix it up. there is a certain die hard saying we need to mix it up. >> and giving away the magic elixir. >> it worked for centuries. when bafta landed on it -- >> "slum dog millionaire is the film." >> yes. the reality is what kind of diversity are we talking about? you are going to cast a movie so you can get an award.
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what does that do or tis stickily and what kind of nonsense is it? you can see it, but isn't it for the art? >> old-fashioned idea, but i think it worked. the irony is it was taken at the one legged film festival. coming up, jerry lewis is alive and well and just as lovable as ever. the comedy ledge end is next.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. a historic moment in hawaii. president obama and japanese
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prime minister lay wreaths at the uss arizona memorial. it honors the 2300 american service people killed in the 1941 pearl harbor attack. this marks the first visit by a japanese prime minister to the memorial. mr. obama said the pilgrimage shows what is possible between nations and people. he did not apologize for the uhing ta, but he offered condolences to those who lost their lives. syria could be facing serious sanctions for using chemical weapons during its war with anti-government rebels. it would ban all nations from supplying syria with helicopters which investigators say were used in at least three color evening gas attacks. the resolution would also impose sanctions on any company or organization that supplied the chemicals. the u.s. has been pushing for action against syria, but russia is questioning any link between sear -- syria's
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military and the attacks. fans and friends are sharing kind words and memories about actress carrie fisher. the daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher died yesterday of a reported heart attack. harrison who played opposite fisher in "star wars" remembered her as, quote, funny and emotionally fearless. "star wars" creator george lucas writes she was our great and powerful princess. carrie fisher was 60 years old. and tis the season forgiving and giving back. ups will return 1 million packages to retailers on january 5th which is national return day. if ups is correct it will be the busiest return day ever. $260 billion in merchandise was shipped back to retailers. now back to "red eye." 90s. have you ever thought of retiring? >> why? >> jerry lewis is a comedy legend who has always been
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more than happy to discuss show business with the younger generation. the hollywood reporter sat down with him as part of a series of performers in their 90s who are still vital and working. he had plenty to say about how much the biz has changed since he started out. >> what is difference about performing now for you than say 20 years ago? how is it different for you? >> it isn't. >> not at all? >> not at all. >> when was the first time you performed in vegas? >> 1947. >> can you tell me what vegas was like when you first showed up? >> it is not. it is the same. >> it is the same? >> exactly the same. >> when you showed up in 1947, wasn't it a little bit of a dusty cow town? what was it like? >> a dusty cow town. >> is performing if vegas different than it was then? the mechanics or the size -- >> not at all? and how about -- what's your
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audience like? who are your fans? are they different than they used to be? >> no, they are still the same. >> one thing that hasn't changed is jerry's easy going personality and down to earth charm. lou, this is fascinating. >> that was funnier than anything than i could have imagined. that poor reporter got what he deserved. those are some of the most awkward and uninteresting questions that could have been asked. you are talking about a guy who has been around. >> what was vegas like? what is he going to say. >> look at the archives. pull out a b role and read it. >> he wasn't prepared. this was hilarious. do you think he was intentionally hilarious or being cranky jerry. >> i think he has problems. he is 90 and first of all he says he is -- what is his
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act? he sits there and says no? the only reason why i am laughing is that's what happens when i come home and my wife asks questions. no. it is the same as it was last time. she'll move on. he uas a jerk and i thought the reporter should have punched him and it would have went more viral. >> it went viral because of his attitude, john, but maybe -- it seems to be the most successful video of the series. >> jerry lewis was an artist and always crazy and annoying. but he was always intelligent. the only thing that bothered me about him is i never thought he was that good. more to the point, do you remember "the nut -- nutty professor"? he got his, but eddie murphy was much better. frankly eddie murphy is more
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of an artist than mr. lewis. >> eddie murphy is amazing. >> he is race baiting and i am not falling for it. >> i want to show another clip. it wasn't all about the past. jerry talked about the projects she working on today. >> i think i read you are also still writing some screenplays or doing work. >> right. >> is that right? >> yes. >> is it easier now to write a screen -- >> no, just as hard. >> and how about do do you take time each day to write, or do you do it in a dictaphone? >> if i tell you, you will be doing it. >> he is ticked off at that guy. he is an interviewer's nightmare. >> we all have to do this. you have to ask people questions all the time. what was interviewer doing wrong? >> i read the article
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surrounding the background, but the crew set an hour to set up and they turned his house upside down. he is 90 years old. we haven't even mentioned the jerry lewis telethon and i don't know if that goes on still. but he has raised tons and tons of money. >> it hasn't changed. >> god bless him. >> he can be cranky if he wants. i want to read a quote. the hollywood reporter, this is what -- they were approached by jerry's manager and he said now you are leaving and i am stuck with angry jerry all day. that was his manager. >> we are also interviewed. if somebody comes up to you and says well what were you doing in 1999, why don't you look at the file? what kind of writing -- i don't know, here are five book. read the damn things. and about your television show which guy the way we haven't seen, why do you do it?
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you go on these reporters and too often they are in the trades and they will not background themselves. >> learn, people. learn from lou dabs and jerry lewis. the "red eye" pod cast is available now. subscribe on fox news radio
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed
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with andy levey. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> excellent. tom, you said they said something about being friends with black people and still being racist and you had a picture. >> yes. >> it couldn't be more photoshoped. >> i don't think that's photoshoped jievment that's the best you could do? that's the only way you could have a picture with a black person is to photoshop. >> i don't think that's photoshoped. >> it was at that event. >> why are you enabling him? >> lori, you said if your kids were involved in this you would lock them in their room and force them to watch "gand -- band of brothers." >> first of all i don't have sons. i said if they were involved in the production of this. they are young. they are 9 and 7. >> they shouldn't be watching "band of brothers." >> i just rewatched it after the election because i wanted
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some history. then i saw the follow-up. fantastic. >> you said mtv is catering to what they think the demographic is. i think they are catering to exactly what their demographic is. >> still with me? i thought i was off the hook. >> she was christmas shopping. >> thinking about it. this is a busy time of year. i hate to use the word speculation, but i was thinking what is the purpose and what would be the motivation behind putting something like this out. >> i think it is to get fox news mad. >> there was a dig. >> it worked. >> john you didn't know if any of that was meant to be sincere. >> i didn't. >> oh it was. >> you think it is real? >> it absolutely was. >> tom, you said guys like you
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never use the word woke. only liberal white guys use that. as a woke-af white guy i take extreme issue with that. >> there are so many things. >> i am so many things and none is liberal. >> lou, you said you would not take any suggestions to heart. to be clear you won't stop saying woke. >> to be clear, i will speak as i wish. >> kevin, you said your panomanian wife is illegal so in a few months she will be out of heer and take the kids. bad news. your kids are citizens. >> i was going to fact check that. >> that's why i am here. >> you said the cheer was banned. now they say the cheer is not banned. he said the principal, quote,
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is not telling them what they can and can't say in the gym at the games. he wants them to come, but to reflect the positive things they do outside of the gym as well. i don't know what that means. >> i love it. the principal goes down. >> lou, you asked why they can't say blue and white instead of white, white, white of i think they do it when they are wearing their home white uniforms. that's the only thing i can think of. >> there is blue and white, of course. >> then i thought if they were playing a school with a lot of black athletes it may sound wrong to chant kite, kite, kite. >> what would you have them chant? >> east hampton high which is the school in question, they are 91% white. they are so white they can
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never win a bafta. >> that really hurt. >> then i looked at the racial make up of the schools they play against and all were between 85 and 93% white. i think my theory doesn't pan out. >> there you go. by the way, from looking on their website one member is actually black. i wanted to make the joke. >> and it was a very good joke. >> it was so worth it. >> they won't give movies without criteria. >> i am not really clear. >> which movie do you want to go through first? star "star wars"? >> they were of color? >> a good example of -- >> tell me what a good example would be. >> fast and furious
12:38 am
franchise. >> i never got into that series. >> you should. if you care anything about family. >> john, you said you are in favor because of the sameness to movie theaters. >> if you are giving an award hospital it be for the art? >> i thought we would have a diverser -- not a word, but a bunch of films that get chosen. it seems too often we are supposed to think the best thing is the thing that -- whoa i am getting too old for this. doesn't that get tiring after awhile? yes, but they don't win. >> they are people around a kitchen sink, or somebody bo is young and cheeky and 17 in west chester and has an attitude. is it time to get beyond
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having diverse movies. have outstanding british film and then have an outstanding british film and an outstanding debut for a producer. >> it is only the best and problem solved. the jerry lewis interview. you said the reporter got what he deserved. i kind of feel like whatever the reporter had to ask, he was going to get those kind of answers. >> i missed job -- your subjective conclusion. >> i was giving my opinion. i am allowed to do that. i am an opinion guy. >> as i notice. would you like to argue? >> no, i was giving my opinion. >> i was giving mine. >> i know. that's how this works. this is not lou dobbs where it is only your opinion.
12:40 am
on this show other people can give their opinion, lou. >> i don't think this show has many blemishes, but that would be one. >> i feel like maybe just don't do the interview. he could have just said no. >> lastly, john, you said i had de -- eddie murphy's "nutty professor" was much better. >> do you agree? >> yes. >> i have him on dvd. he had seven characters. xomeing up, the hotlines are no just for phone 6. a
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. turkey-state news run agencies report turkey and russia reached an agreement on a cease-fire for all of syria. the news agency reports the terror organizations will not be included in the cease-fire agreement. the two countries are reportedly working to make sure the cease-fire takes effect at midnight local time. there has been no confirmation yet on this. russian investigators say they are going over the black box from a crashed tu154 jet with as they like to put it, a
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fine-tooth comb. they hope the flight data recorder will give them enough information to determine what caused the plane to crash in the black sea. all 92 people on board were killed. meantime, search and rescue personnel are racing the clock to recover more bodies and wreckage before predicted bad weather moves in. and a federal judge in south carolina says the civil trial of this man, former north charleston police officer michael slager, will start on may may 1st. a mistrial was declared in state court where he was charged with the murder of an unarmed black man, walter scott. jury could not reach a verdict despite eyewitness cell phone video showing slager shooting scott in the back. slager is charged with violating scott's civil rights in court. cuba announces its economy fell 1% this year. that's its first economic pull back in 25 years. the surge was not enough for troubled venezuela.
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the 55-year-old u.s. embargo is also getting some of the blame for cuba's economic problems costing cuba$4.5 billion last year. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines head to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. have a good morning. according to a survey 51% of monopoly games end in a fight and 25% in death. so to cut down on quibbling there is a monopoly help hotline. the company will have experts on hand with the official rule books to settle any disputes. the most common arguments arise when people make up rules, people being too cocky when winning and somebody buying a property you want when they don't need it. people taking too long to take their turn and someone stealing from the bank.
12:47 am
it is believed a disagreement lead to the men then committees brother -- menendez brothers snapping. >> that is not funny.e% you mean eric and lyle? >> i am wracking my brains to think of a murder that could be used in a punch line and it is hard. >> i am impressed. talk about a blast from the past -- oh, bad choice of words from me. it is not arch duke ferdinand. >> it is not too soon and not too far away. she was squimish about it. let's talk monopoly. lou, default, you were -- do you get in fights when you play monopoly? >> no, i just win. >> so you gloat? >> absolutely. when you are townsing -- trouncing a 10-year-old, it is a great game.
12:48 am
>> do you play with the kids? >> no, i am one of 10 kids as you well know. and every time monopoly ended the board flipped over and all of the money went over. >> who spilled it? which brother? >> tommy. >> i figured it was tommy. >> he would lose and flip the board and that was the end of the game. >> we could have used a hotline and not just for for ma mop plea. >> he would just buy the railroads. >> he was like a communist. >> that's it. never wanted the big properties. >> it is weird. it is like a blue collar thing. john, what do you think some obviously people have trouble. they throw tantrums when they play ma mop police. what is it about this game? >> it is like macaroni and cheese. you know you go there and with
12:49 am
your friend's is different. my friend's mom makes it with onions and others are crispy. how many houses do you have to have and community eyes and steak chip. you have to get used to different ways and different bodies. >> interesting. >> remember how it was different from house to house? >> you are just pushing diversity, for crying out loud. >> lori, it is the business game. it is good to learn the cut throat world of business. >> i have broken every rule on that board. i steal from my children. >> you have to teach them. >> do you do snake eyes? >> that's a good one. i will work that in. >> we don't do snake eyes in my house. >> we did switch to the digital uh mop police.
12:50 am
digital ma mop -- monopoly. >> you have a monopoly empire and there are so many versions. you could play it from now until forever and never get board. >> we used to do it on a calculator and for some reason we would get very, very rich. you got more money if you had a calculator. >> i think it is called cheating. coming up, there is always more fish in the see until there is not. the end of fish next.
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in 30 years we will be completely out of seafood. yes, we are pulling more fish out of the ocean than the ocean can replace. the world wildlife fund warns unless the current situation improves all fish for food are predicted to collapse by 2048. by that point all you can eat seafood restaurants will become none you can't eat. nobody wants that. i love to eat fish. they are lower in calories. they are protein rich with little to no saturated fat and provide omega try -- three
12:55 am
fatty acids and they are delicious. lou, you like fish. the people at the four seasons say they have it ready for you. >> that's absolutely true, a 30-year tradition. there is also a lot of mercury in these fish. you have to be careful about which you select. >> waiting where? >> the four seasons. >> i'm like, i'm lucky if i go to mcdonalds for a fillet of fish. i shouldn't even be here i am so poor. >> what do you think of these species of fish? >> remember in 2008 i was going to buy a car, a prius because gas was like $5 a gallon. the prius was sticker priced at 24,000 and the guy wanted
12:56 am
32,000 for a blue one. i said i'll wait. and how much is the price of gas now? a dollar. my point is i am mott worried about -- i am not worried about the fish. hopefully i will be dead by then and i won't even care. they make synthetic marijuana and i'm sure they can make synthetic fish. >> did i go too long? >> you did. sometimes it is the population and the fish. i don't believe it. >> we are going to have our blue fish and our mullet. i mean, frankly, the planet is going to help. we will have about two species of animals. >> i think we will be able to synthesize fish because we are having miracles with genes. they are called farm fish.
12:57 am
>> we are out of time. smile for the camera. we have to say goodbye. special thanks. lori rothman and john mc
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two leaders share a moment of silence where 75 years ago destruction rained down from the sky. this is "special report." good evening, and welcome to washington. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier. president obama just wrapped up remarks following an historic meeting with japanese prime minister at pearl harbor, 75 years after the japanese attack that brought america into world war ii. followed mr. obama's trip to hiroshima in may. a moment of silence in an all white room, 2,400 names of the fallen reside on the wall. correspondent kevin corke is on the ground at


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