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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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but he has done business with him. it's going to be fascinating to watch. thank you all. remember, if you have your own prediction for 2017, be sure to tweet it to us @jeronfnc. that's our show. thanks for watching. happy new year. we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ russia ringing in the new year right now with a stunning fireworks display. this is a live look t moscow's red crowds there celebrating the start -- >> where are the fireworks? >> -- of 2017. i'm waiting for them. >> 20 seconds late. >> you know, i see fireworks, right here. he's in the studio. >> oh. >> i'm exploding with happiness. >> talk about a did. >> i'm -- well, yeah. it's okay though. it's less dangerous. you don't want to explode in the hands. >> good afternoon. happy new year, everyone. >> it's great to have you. can you tell i'm just giddy with
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joy. >> i can tell you are and that makes me bed difficult. >> my new year's resolution is to spend more time with my buddy gregg jarrett. i'm julie banderas. >> people are gathering this new york city's times square, there it is for the new year's eve festivities that begin tonight actually for a great many folks it began hours ago. thousands of police officers are working around the clock to make sure that everybody stays safe. all right. he's go to moscow. >> can we just please take the fireworks? i love a good fireworks display. >> only a minute late but better late than never. >> it's 12:01 a.m. i guess they needed to say happy new year. >> that's pretty here. a little overcast in the sky. >> there are going to be fireworks here in new york city, too, at midnight in central park. there's always fireworks which i love to watch. but brian is live in times square right now where i know there's a lot of people starting to sort of coral into times square.
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a lot of security. what is the nypd doing to secure the area other than blocking off all the road? i nearly not made it in to work today. >> happy new year. some people have been out here since 8:00 a.m. to watch that 60-second ball drop here in times square in new york city, america's biggest party. nypd have said they have taken unprecedented action to secure times square after what's been a really tough year when it comes to terrorism security. particularly 7,000 police officers in uniform and plain clothes are here. vapor dogs, police dogs, canines that are able to smell chemicals on bomb, for instance, to protect against suicide bombers. manholes have been covered. trash cans have been removed. and really police dogs are out in full effect. boat patrol, helicopter, you name it. it's all being monday. >> terry:ed out of the command center. on top of that, 65 sanitation trucks, 65 of them are being -- have been placed throughout
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times square in and around the area to protect against possible truck terrorism. it's what we saw in nice, france, over the summer when somebody drove a truck directly through the crowd killing 86 people and less than two weeks ago in berlin, germany, when a terrorist used a truck to kill at least 12 people. that has never been done before. those trucks weigh 20 tons each and some of those trucks are filled with some 15 tons of sand. and that is what's being done to protect this area. but the nypd says, look, no specific threat to new york city and this is among the safest places in the world to be tonight. julie, gregg? >> at least the weather is cooperating. that's always a good thing. >> yeah. >> what is it like for those standing in times square ? if you're go to go to times square go to the bathroom now and don't drink a thing until after midnight because there are no bathrooms. >> this will be the worst place for you. to alcohol, no bathrooms, and it's cold and there's a bunch of tourists. you would hate it here.
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that's right. people have to stand out here for hours and once they get here they get wanded with a metal detector twice. they get put into a pen and they have to stand there and a lot of them have been standing here since 10:00 a.m. they come from all over the world. they're not allowed to bring large book bags or umbrellas. some free pizza was given out. we spoke to some people who have been out here. take a listen. >> the wind is bad. other than that it's not really too bad. i mean, i can't really complain. you meet a lot of people. a lot of people from all over the world telling different stories. you get to know everyone. >> i think there's an explanation, new year's eve, times square. you have to live it once in your life. >> it's been cold. but they handed out free pizza. that was pretty decent. made some friends. >> eight hours away and i am ready. these things just cost me a couple of bucks. i know you're jealous, julie. >> oh, wow. >> wow. how much did you pay for those?
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you know you can -- >> $5. >> $5? you paid $4.99 too much. >> probably asking $10 and he got him down to $3. i leak that. brian, back at my place later for the party? >> yep, yep. i'm there. >> okay. see you later. please wear those. all right. see you later. >> i will. >> and stay with fox news channel as we ring in the new year from times square. kimberly guilfoyle and eric boiling will bring the action from the crowds to the big ball drop at midnight. coverage starts right here on fox news channel 8:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss fox news channel's all american new year. on a more serious note a vermont electric utility now confirming it discovered malware linked to russian hacker os one of the laptops. that move raises serious fears among u.s. officials that the kremlin is actively trying to penetrate the power grid to carry out potential ating thes. in the meantime a russian plane believed to be used to transport diplomats stationed in the
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united states back home is getting ready for takeoff at, there you see it, dulles airport just outside washington. this after president obama slapped russia with sanctions as pay back for meddling in the u.s. election. carolina is live in washington with more on that. caroline, when will the diplomats lift off and head home? >> officially kicked out tomorrow, gregg. that's when the 72-hour clock runs outset by the obama administration. the blame that will transport those diplomats home looked ready to go at dulles international airport in nearby virginia. russia's news agency says almost 100 people will be on there when it takes off. 35 diplomats and their dependents. russian officials say it's part of the special flight squadron. basically their version of air force one. they locked up two of their luxly compounds yesterday at noon in new york and maryland when the us blocked access to them as punishment for the larger hacking scandal. the obama administration says the gorgeous buildings were used for much more than vacations,
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specifically intelligence gathering against the u.s. diplomats in san francisco are also getting kicked out of the consulate where u.s. officials say the russian had a spy network. the russian consult general wishes vladimir putin would do what president obama has done and kick out our diplomats. >> we consider these sanctions completely unsubstantive, unreasonable, and very detrimental to the bilateral relations between two neighbors, between the united states of america and the russian federati federation. >> putin says u.s. 2ki7 mats can stay and waiting for the trump administration to take over on january 20th. >> the obama administration also accusing russia of potentially meddling with our infrastructure. so give us more detail on that. >> sure. the burlington electric company found malware on a company laptop yesterday after the department of homeland security shared the malware code with
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utility financial and transportation companies. the infected laptop wasn't connected to the power grid system but senator patrick lay he say the russians were trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter. leahey calls that a direct threat. >> caroline, thank you very much. >> you bet. meantime, president-elect donald trump remaining doubtful the russians interfered in the election. mr. trump praising russian president vladimir putin for shoeing restraint following a new round of sanctions from the u.s. peter doucy is live from palm beach. peter, what do we know? do we know what the president-elect has on his schedule this new year's eve, first of all? >> julie, this morning we know the president-elect snuck out for a round of golf to one of his other clubs half an hour away. and he also tweeted a holiday message that had a reminder in it that his 2016 was really good even though some people were
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giving him a hard time at every this. happy new year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love. tonight there is going to be an 800-person new year's eve party in one of the big ballrooms at mar-a-lago. we're told the trump family will be joined by luminares like fabio and sylvester stallone. we don't know what we will see of this party once night falls and people start showing up but i can say i saw something for the first time in many, many days here near mr. trump's property at mar-a-lago about an hour ago a helicopter flew over the causeway with the trump name printed on the tail and landed right on the back lawn. we don't know who may have been getting dropped off, who may have been getting picked up. but it has not taken back off. it's sitting over there behind a couple of trees. >> peter, how are trump allies responding to his message for
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vladimir putin? >> so mr. trump said he thinks that putin is a smart guy after he found out that the russian president does not plan to retaliate against the united states for punishing the kremlin for allegedly interfering with the u.s. election. and trump ally governor mike huckabee said today that the trump flattery of putin is all part of a larger plan. >> i don't think donald trump has any illusion about helping to make russia great again but i think he understands that putin has an ego, putin is not necessarily a nice guy, but if you're going to deal with him at all deal with him with some respect and it may be easier to work with him and to get him not to do the things you don't want him to do. >> next week the only thing we know of mr. trump's schedule is a briefing where high-level u.s. intelligence officials plan to tell him what evidence they have that makes them so sure it was russia and not another country
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or another person interfering with the u.s. election process and that is a briefing the president-elect has agreed to sit for even though he thinks that people should just move on and talk about anything else other than hacking. julie? >> that's not going to happen. but we'll have to see how we deal with it. peter doocy, thank you very much. for more on the russian hacking controversy what it means for the incoming trump administration and out going obama administration. let's bring in ambassador john bolter to the u.n., fox news contributor. mr. ambassador, happy new year. thanks for being with us. does the inially discovered russian malware that we were just reporting on demonstrate to you a couple things. first, that the russian hacking is more rampant than many people thought and, second of all, that president obama's reprisal, if you can even call it that, is woefully inadequate and does nothing to deter russia?
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>> well, i think that hacking by foreign government, china, iran, north korea, as well as by the kremlin is much more prevalent than people realize. it's been several years now since the pentagon put out a report saying that the top 500 american corporations had been hacked by foreign source, primarily china. and yet our response has been as far as we can telfairly minimal. now, everybody should understand obviously a lot of what a response might be is never going to be made public. but what our objectives should be, whether it's russia, china, or anybody else, is not to have constant cyber warfare but to build up structures of deterrence that convince them not to do it in the first place. and a big part of that is what we can say publicly to convince them and everybody else what our capabilities are. so i think we have to put the efforts to meddle in our election, whatever this may be,
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in connection with the vermont public utility and whatever else may happen including if the ball doesn't drop tonight in times square the immediate conclusion, that's the russians, too. we have to put this in a strategic context. we have not done that. this has been an utter failure by the obama administration. >> well, a lot of people are saying why not deploy offense, cyber capabilities to disrupt or cripple some sensitive russian computers. the kind of thing that would actually get vladimir putin's attention. is that, do you suspect, being done covertly? >> i don't think the obama administration frankly is doing much of anything. and i think it's certainly something the incoming trump administration has got to focus on. we need -- we need a lot of things, not least of which is conceptual thinking about what cyber warfare involves. the kind of ladder of escalation like we had from the theorist of nuclear warfare, albert
1:14 pm
wallstead or herbert conn and others to help us gauge what our response should be. to just look at it, some of this hacking is vandalism, some of it is criminal, some of it is espionage, some does amount to war. but people who understand the cyber world better i think need to come and help us formulate a strategy because these attacks are not random and our response spount r shouldn't be random either. >> putin's response surprise some people, a symmetric, didn't retaliate in kind, which is the norm. is he simply dismissing president obama as irrelevant and weak and way too late? >> well, all of those things. but i think it also plays in to what putin is clearly trying to do to set the stage for a deal with the incoming trump administration. and i think this should be a signal to be cautious. that it's such an obvious effort
1:15 pm
to cure favor that you have to ask what's behind it. the expulsion of the diplomats who are almost certainly intelligence personnel was in part because of the cyber efforts but also because of harassment of u.s. personnel probably intelligence personnel. >> he combined the two. >> he should not have done that. >> president-elect trump continuously says we should move on. yesterday he seemed to praise putin in a tweet. should americans be concerned that this new president is not taking russian hacking seriously, that he's overly defer shul to putin and putin may try to manipulate him? >> it's possible that trump is playing putin, too. i mean, for all those who have not been engaged in real estate transactions with donald trump over the years, i include myself in that number, we don't really know how he negotiates. he's described it in his books. but he could well be psyching
1:16 pm
putin out just as putin may be trying to psyche him out. i think we're going to have a lot to watch here after the 20th of january. >> all right. ambassador john bolton, again, happy new year. >> happy new year to you. glad to do it. with russian diplomats preparing to leave the u.s. as part of the obama administration's sanctions over hacking during the presidential election, what impact, if any, will this have on future relations between the kremlin and the trump white house? we will debate that fair and balanced. and with the holiday travel crunch in full swing, what you need to know about possible changes to many airline loyalty programs and frequent flier policies. also, we're just a few hours away from the big ball drop in times square. >> very pretty. >> keep it right here on the fox news channel. where would you rather be, here or there? >> here. there are bathrooms here. >> you are going to be watching america's biggest party. we're going have it for you here
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on fox.
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senators john mccain and other top raps using the strongest language possible this week calling for tougher sanctions than the sanctions imposed by the obama administration over russia's hacking of the u.s. elections. this as president-elect donald trump is taking much more of a wait and see approach. >> when you attack a country it's an act of war. >> i think the computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole, you know, age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> let's bring in a by bruce, radio talk show host and doug schoen, former adviser to bill clinton. fox news contributors. tammy, does president-elect donald trump need to get onboard, he says he's going to be at terchding the security meetings next week to get all the information. you just heard him there saying we can't really rely on a lot of
1:22 pm
this information because computers are unreliable. what is he telling us and what do you foresee once he does go to these security meetings? >> keep in mind he's been briefed regularly just not directly. people are getting that information and it's being shared with him. that's a difference. so he's not clueless at this point. i think we also have to recognize there's so much going on that you won't know until you're in the presidency. and his comments are vague enough reflecting that. i do have to say though with john mccain he's been in office for over 30 years. we know the russians and the chinese have been doing this to us since at least 2012 and remarkably now it's an act of war. and interestingly also he doesn't even mention china which has been even worse in the cyber hacking. this tells you that this is all political, at least when it comes to senators mccain and graham, that it's about still donald trump, it's not about the russians and that it's about his choice for secretary of state i think as well, mr. tillerson. i would also suggest though that when it comes to russia the first thing obama and hillary did in 2009 was that the reset
1:23 pm
for the russians. there is -- i don't see why there's a problem in us wanting to at least get along with the russians. some people seem to want a new cold war because it would be difficult i contend of course for a new president. that's what's afoot here and that's what we should reject. >> this is all about russia. it's about russia invading our system. >> sure. >> not allowing another country not just russia but any country to then break these types of rules. obviously there has to be punishment. john mccain is calling this an act of wharf. tammy says that word maybe that's a little too harsh. what say you? >> i say that it was a serious threat to our democratic interest. tammy is absolutely right so this has been going on by russia and china, in fact, i wrote a book called" the russia/china access" to criticize this. i think we need stronger measures against russia and china. these were the weakest possible measures the president could have taken.
1:24 pm
expelling some diplomats is not the real answer for -- >> then what is? >> what is is putting a rapid reaction force in the baltics, strengthening nato, putting a defense shield in poland, making it clear to the russians we will not take it anymore. >> other republicans such as lindsey graham saying that obama did not take strong enough actions. these sanctions and making these russian delegates leave. is that enough? and what should we do? >> both those men, the entire senate urge nothing. they've also done nothing. but i do think this is the answer. we need to actually and this is what president trump will do, is reverse many of the things that obama has done which has invited more aggressive actions not only in the middle east with syria but here at home, online, through the hacking, through the mocking. it's been remarkable and it's been done because the rest of the world's tyrants feel that they've had an open field to do as they please because there has been no one at home in the white
1:25 pm
house. >> okay. >> that's going to change. and you're going see it's going to be better relationships with russia not just through being angry but through good diplomatic relations. >> i want to talk more about john mccain's comments during an interview when he was in kiev with ukraine. and he basically said that the russian hacking was not only an act of war but he, in fact, does say that his -- the republicans need to come together and, in fact, he called on several of his colleagues and brings up concerns about mr. tillerson, rex tillerson. >> there we go. >> and past activities -- specifically as a friend of putin's. >> i have doubts about that. i'd like all democrats have requested to see his tax returns, to have a chance to grill him about his relationships with mr. putin and with other business leaders. >> if we haven't seen trump's tax returns, i don't think we're going to be seeing tillerson's. >> there's a difference. the president has no responsibility to do that. the voters say. the hundred senators have to
1:26 pm
review them. i don't think he can get away with saying i'm not going the give you my tax returns, julie. he has to explain his relationship with putin, the joint projects that exxon did with them, the substantial investment, and whether he can be an honest broker or whether he's compromised. >> all right. we have to go. i'm sorry. i wish i could continue. >> that makes my point though, all this comes down to is a political point. nothing to do with anybody being worried about russia. >> i'm worried about russia. >> a problem with having people in office who understand the russians and know how they operate. >> thank you very much. happy new year to you. gregg? >> julia, possible light at the end of the tunnel in syria. cease-fire plan getting the green light by the united nations. what that agreement entails and whether it could actually stick. and revelers around the world are already saying hello to the new year but folks in times square, well, they still have a few more hours to go. going to have to hold it. a look at the security measures police officers are taking to keep everybody safe while they
1:27 pm
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celebrations are under way around the world as people and julie ring in the new year in places like sydney, australia, and dubai, look at that. it's already 2017. fireworks in tokyo. wow. large crowds just about everywhere at the same time police stepping up their presence in paris and berlin to keep everybody safe during the festivities. kenny logan is live from london with more. hi, kenny.
1:31 pm
>> it is a time to celebrate there is concern that some of these public events could be vulnerable to attack which is why we're seeing extra security in place at many of these events. here in london tens of thousands are already in city center getting ready to watch the fireworks. this year police say they're taking extra precautions to keep the public safe, but the message from the mayor of london is that people to still have fun. >> we've made sure we've got the balance right in relation to keeping our citizens and business safe but also ensuring that we continue to abide by way of life. it's that fine balance between reassuring people about their safety and deterring bad guys from doing bad things. we think we have the balance right. it's going to be a great fireworks tonight. the best london's ever had. will be the envy of the world, i can promise you that. >> now, in berlin, those fears about security became reality recently with that attack you remember on a christmas market. but people are still out
1:32 pm
celebrating the new year at the famous branbenburg gate. concrete barriers out and more police on duty to help prevent another similar ating the. another city keenly aware of the terror threat is brussels after that airport attack earlier this year. here there's an increased police presence tonight but there are fireworks. last year they were canceled. in paris the firework display is a gang called off france still in a state of emergency following a series of attacks there in recent years. but hundreds of thousands of people are still on the streets of paris to see in the new year. so there is hope, gregg, that these new year's celebrations can pass off peacefully and without incident. >> kitty, thanks. julie? a fox news alert now, the u.n. security council unanimously approving a measure that supports a cease-fire agreement in syria. the plan brokered by russia and turkey calls for peace
1:33 pm
negotiations as well as safe and quick humanitarian aid for the war-torn country. john huddy is live in our middle east bureau with the latest. hey there, john. >> julie, the resolution also supports russia and turkey's peace effort in syria where a cease-fire is largely holding at this point despite some reports of violence and on going fighting just north about ten miles north of damascus in a rebel held area there. the free syrian army, syria's rebel alliance, main opposition group threatened to abandon the truce tonight if attacks on rebel held areas continued but so far though that hasn't happened. it remains relatively calm in other parts of the country. now, russia and turkey crafted the latest truce. two countries as we know that have been on opposite sides of the fighting in syria's nearly six-years civil war. the u.n. security council supports the cease-fire and talks between syria's government
1:34 pm
and opposition groups in kazakhstan next month. and it also calls for unhindered and rapid humanitarian access throughout syria. that's been a huge problem particularly in aleppo and speaking of aleppo. while other cease-fires have failed as we've seen time and time again, including this past year, the difference this time is that it comes after the carnage in aleppo so both sides may be more willing to accept a long-term truce. that said russian president vladimir putin allies of syrian president bashar al-assad reportedly spoke by phone today agreeing to continue working on peace efforts in syria, efforts excludeing the united states although the u.s. did vote in favor of today's u.n. security council resolution. so, julie, the question now, will 2017 finally bring peace in syria or more bloodshed? julie, back to you.
1:35 pm
>> john huddy, thank you very much. gregg? >> this caught our attention. a new analysis out exam mying how much various diseases and ailments are costing you, the american public, topping the list of total expenditures is diabetes. take a look at this. u.s. spending on diabetes now topping $100 billion. the disease becoming so wide spread it is now weighing more on health care costs than heart disease, back and neck pain, high blood pressure. the cost of diabetes affecting all americans health care spend whether they have the condition or not so, wow, got to wake up to that. brets ling in dr. rat cliff who is a private practice physician and anesthesiologist. happy new year. >> great to see you. >> why this skyrocketing increase in diabetes diagnosis as well as treatment? >> first of all, every year health care cost s do increase but over the last few years people with the affordable care act and medications being introduced are high in price.
1:36 pm
>> but diabetes, it has risen twice as fast as all the other ailments combined. >> right. that's what's very interesting. it is the seventh leading cause of death amongst americans. exceeds the cost that we pay for heart disease which is the leading killer among american men and women. half of all american adults are affected by diabetes, half. 29 million have diabetes. 79 million have pre-diabetes. we are going to see these numbers increase. and it is 6% every year. >> is it because increasingly americans' waistlines are expanding and obesity is related to several kinds of diabetes, type ii diabetes? >> maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important things we can do. fat cells affect the way the glucose is effected pendant and if you sit there and burn that fat you're decreasing your risk for diabetes. >> there's a new nih study,
1:37 pm
exercising is the top way to shed extra weight, but it's low among overweight people because of a chemical imbalance in the brain? >> right. that study was done on mice, animals. that may be true, in people, in humans what we have to realize these are the people who need to do it more and be more committed to it. so, yes, we cannot say that we have a handicap on our shoulder that we cannot exercise because we are overweight. there are other things we can do which is eating healthy and consuming proper amounts of food. >> another thing, we are spending $90 billion year on low back and neck pain and it is especially acute among working age people under 65. 70% of them are suffering from this chronic back and neck pain. >> two very important points. first of all sometimes it may be rest, physical therapy, and nonsurgical interventions but many times we jump to having surgery right away so we need to look at this. this is why studies like this are important. it helps us focus, allocate and reallocate funding to make sure
1:38 pm
we're getting the most effective value for our dollar. i want to point out another thing is that op poid, we have an opioid painkiller epidemic in this country. that the number three cost of health care dollars. are we really considering the cost of opoids in that? >> another thing is prices for existing brand name drugs grew by double digits. and that's the fourth year it's done that. >> right. and as more -- as we get more technology costs increase. we have to look at, for example, diabetes. 60% of the cost is for medications. but, are these medications decreasing hospital visits? are they decreasing the amount of surgery? >> they might be doing -- >> improving quality of life. >> look, people increasingly can't afford their meds. >> correct. >> do we need a concerted effort for more generic brands? >> we do. they help us look at this picture in totality. for people watching, these
1:39 pm
numbers sound astronomical. billions if not trillions of dollars and they cost us a lot personally. as we're welcoming the new year, 2017, our resolutions, i want to encourage people to make it their health the number one priority. >> we said diabetes is at the top. i don't want to misrepresent what's going on here because cancer should be. it's $115 billion a year but the study devids it up into the. different categories of cancer, but if you add them all up cancer would be tops. >> absolutely. bring up a good point. >> always great to see you. happy new year. >> thank you. happy new year. the challenges of holiday travel long lines and delayed flights not to mention airlines making major changes to their frequent flier programs. so up next, how to plan your trip without the headaches. stay tuned. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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former ufc champion ronda rousey making her long awaited comeback after 13 months absence but victory was nowhere in sight. take a look. >> reach early. mixing things up. >> she tagged her again. she hurt her. again. she hurt her again. ronda's in trouble. >> okay. rousey lasted just 48 seconds against a flurry of fists from the bantamweight champ before the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. rousey protesting the stoppage before leaving the cage. didn't last longer than 48 seconds in "entourage" in the octagon? >> she had to retire after this, right? is she done? she's done. >> she had been off. i don't know if she's going to
1:44 pm
we are tire completely. is he going to retire? >> that's what i heard. >> we're looking at our floor director who knows these things. >> yeah, i would say retire. call it quits. >> i don't know. that's kind of a waste of talent. >> she made 3 billion bucks for showing up for 48 seconds work. i'll do that. >> i'll do that. the end of the year marking one of the busiest and most unpredictable travel seasons. winter weather delaying flights and snarling holiday travel plans this month. many airlines changing their loyalty programs and frequent flier policies to make it more of a mess for all of us so make it a good time to review your travel strategies. gary left is a blogger from a view from a wing and cofounder of hopefully you have inside secrets to make us all sane when we go to the airport. what should passengers be looking for when looking flights in the new year? >> the thing to really look at is that airfares are actually lower than they've been and inflation adjusted terms lower than they've been ever. and part of that is low fuel
1:45 pm
prices and part of that is more competition from the really low cost carriers. and what the mainline airlines have done, united, delta, american, they really discount for very short periods of time, 4 hours. you want to know when you want to go, and be ready to pounce when you see a good deal. so you have to start by knowing what a price normally is so that you can recognize that good deal because you will see pricing, you know, even 50% lower thanno time. what the airlines are trying to do is get people to fly that wouldn't otherwise be buying those tickets filling the incremental cheaps quickly rather than giving discounts to people buying airline tickets anyway. >> it is a. good time to plan tripping right now? when you talk about discounts, a short window of a discount? when do we know that these airlines are slashing prices so that we know when is a good time to buy? >> well, you know, first of all, start with where do you want to go and when and what the price
1:46 pm
normally costs. and then what you want to do is follow sites like the that shows you where those very limited time special fares are. >> you've got to go on there every day basically just to check? >> you can go on there every day or get e-mail alerts or follow them on twitter. you'll see when those deal are coming up. but to get the very best deals you've got to pay attention. now, i think broadly speaking, there are great deals sort of all the time even without those incredible 50% off sales. and that's because we now have airlines like norwegian and wow air across the atlanta, spirit and frontier domestically that are driving down the introductory airfares. >> is it still a good idea to use kayak and orbitz and travelocity, all of those or do you have to go to the specific deal websites to get these discounts when they happen? >> well, i think what you want to do is start with a site like a kayak or a hip to search the web and collate the results for you. it makes it quicker and easier
1:47 pm
to see where the best deals are. and then go off to these airlines specific sites and usually thaey'll send you there as well in order to actually book your tickets. >> what's ahead for loyalty programs? >> sure. now, what's really changed over the last couple of years is that airlines are rewarding flying based on the cost of your ticket, not on how far you're flying. so it's the expensive tickets that earn the most miles. but the other interesting thing though is, that credit cards have become a lot more important than actually flying for earning those points that are going to give you the free tickets. and that's, in fact, more than half of all miles are now earned through those bank issued programs. rather than from flying. so you've got to pay attention to your credit cards more than just the airline that you're flying. >> all right. and then finally, i mean, when you are flying, i guess there's some way of avoiding the lines. one of them before i let you go is avoid connecting in very
1:48 pm
wintry areas. in other words, try to avoid connecting in places like new york or philadelphia and i guess connect down south. so even if you have to add and make your trip longer it's worth it? >> well, if you can take a nonstop flight, take a nonstop flight because connections open up the possibility for problems to occur. but if you're going to have to connect and it's during those winter months, you just don't want to fly into winter weather. and certainly if you're going to do that anyway, give yourself a long enough connecting time and don't take the late flights at the end of the day where there aren't more options. give yourself as much time as possible for things to go wrong. and than when you get rerouted try to get rerouted into warmer weather because weather just snarls up the whole system. and with flights full it becomes very difficult to get those alternative flights to get where you're going. >> gary luff, thanks very much. >> thank you, julie. >> fly to florida and stay there. you don't have to worry about traveling and connecting and wintry spots. >> no kidding. except in hurricanes. as millions of people flock
1:49 pm
to new york city's times square this hour to ring in the new year we will be talking to our own kennedy and jesse waters for a preview of our special coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. ♪
1:50 pm
i'm worried i can't find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] . . . .
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only a few hours left in 2016 with the clock winding down, ticking down as we speak. as much as 2 million are expected to gather in time square to watch the ball drop. >> i think most of them are there already. fox news channel bringing you a actual action as we bring in the new year. kenny and jesse waters. >> can you see them in the crowd? find them? >> jessie blends right? >> hey guys. >> how you done? >> so what are ydoing tonight, anything? >> she likes a crowd surf. that can't happen again this year. she's a people person. >> i love the crowd. >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> kennedy, kennedy. you know what? she can't be consoled. she loves people that much.
1:54 pm
>> she's uncontrollable. >> i know. >> we have a great show. we're hoping to hear from donald trump possibly this evening. we don't know what he's going to say or when but we're going to keep you tuned in for that. >> and that the unpredictability is great. and live performance precise the rachel platin and gavin degraw. we'll bring all of that. it is a night of music, energy and excitement as you said, millions dlarts at -- gathered at the cross-roads here in time square new york city. >> when was the last time either of you used the bathroom. >> i'm going keep that to myself. >> after your thanksgiving party, i don't think we need to talk about that. >> oh really? what happened at the thanksgiving party? >> i gave out norovirus. baa humbug. >> she gave forty people the virus.
1:55 pm
>> and then later told everyone santa's reindeer got it too and canceled christmas but it worked out okay. tell me more about the crowds here. the street have been blocked off for blocks and blocks. security an all-time high. >> reilly made me shoot a waters world just about an hour ago. i said i'm hosting. he said just go down dl, just knock it out. just got to have something for tuesday. they are ordering pizza deliver. domino's is getting pizza to these hungry people. >> that is always the biggest question. where do you go? where do you got to go? we haven't nelsonly gotten to that. we have seen some great live performances already. the time square authority does a great job of keeping people entertained. and the nypd does an amazing job
1:56 pm
keeping people safe without being heavy handed. we've talked to a lot of a police and firefighters tonight and they have letting people revel and keeping a the safe environment. >> and letting kennedy be kennedy in 2017. >> the best people in the world concentrate right here in times square. >> are they mostly tourists or new yorkers? can you tell? i don't know. did you check everyone's ids? >> i did. i asked for everyone's papers. but you can't do that anymore. >> he asked them too pay for the wall. >> listen, you know, someone's got to pay for it. >> don't remind them that your name is waters, because that could have a triggering effect if you know what i mean. >> i know what you neon mean. >> i apologize for his horrible humor. and our all american knew year kicks off 8:00 eastern time
1:57 pm
with countdown to 2017. kennedy and jesse bringing us the latest from times square until 11:00 p.m. eastern. and bringing in 2017 from times square. don't miss fox fuse
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