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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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countries do after its first trade 18 years ago today. how is that working out? should news break out, we'll break in. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> the republican plan to cut healthcare wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again. >> make america sick again? is that what the republicans want to do? >> all that will do is make america sick again. >> will make america sick again. be. >> really? make america sick again? look, each side is entitled to their own views, but it's not entitled to their own set of facts. so excuse me for starting with a common sense up top, but on this matter, it would be sick for me to wait till the end. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." a very unusual world today in washington where you have the
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president of the united states coming to capitol hill to make one last desperate pitch to save his healthcare law. the man that will be the next vice president of the united states is yards away doing his darndest to unravel it. that make america sick again thing was sick. americas already are sick again, my friends. i'm not blaming the healthcare law. but they're getting sicker despite the healthcare law. it's true. because as this law has been in effect, a decades long trend of rising life expectsancy rights have been declining. it's the first time something like that has happened since 1993. for men, an average live expe expectancy has come down.
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now, in developed country, that's not supposed to happen. but it did. just like death rates climbing for scores of major diseases are not supposed to happen these days, but they did and they are. heart disease deaths, up. chronic lower lung disease depths up. stroke-related depths, up. suicides up. drug overdose deaths, way up. in the most recent year tracked by the cdc, soaring to 52,000. that's sick. that's now. that's real. that's scary. so imagine my surprise when i heard democrats touting an affordable care act that hardly is even affordable and then having the gal to say it's the republicans that are making americans sick. like i said, we're already there. that is if you're lucky enough to be here. here's the real other killer. the death rate is going up. not down. from just over 724 americans per
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100,000 people to 733 to americans per 100,000 people. again, there are a lot of factors for this, but let's say the healthcare law ain't helping this. you can make the argument and many have that the deductibles and premiums are so high, the law can be complicating the treatment americans need. we have not seen this stuff in decades. just like we haven't seen the very real prospect of young adults not doing as well as their parents ever, ever. this is the first generation that probably won't do better than the one before. in human history, that's like freakishly weird. it's happening here. pretty much only here. only now. right now. well, i can appreciate democrats getting all healthcare defense to play healthcare offense. this is an offensive in wrong. that's not to excuse republicans that could just make things worse replacing one government monstrosity with another. but they don't have the chance,
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have they? . democrats have. forget about making america sick again. we're pretty sick now. i'm just dying to find out what democrats do to explain that fact now. here's something else that is sick. the cost, the costs that are out of control. california democratic congressman on that. >> so many people are angry now. would you say it didn't work out as you wanted? >> actually, we knew from the very outset that through time there would need to be changes made to the law. >> i remember people telling me get ready for double digit increases and eye-popping deductions. i don't remember people selling it to me that way. >> neil, and i know you were listening, before the affordable care act occurred there were double digit increases every year. way beyond the general rate of inflation across the united states.
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usually two to three times greater than the general rate of inflation. >> i never ever -- i never ever remember a year where scores of states were dealing with premiums going up at a triple digit rate. i don't remember that ever. >> neil, those years -- i was the insurance commissioner in california in the mid 2000s. i'm telling you, it happened. >> all right. so let's play that back. as a former insurance commissioner, you went back to voters in your state and elsewhere and let them know that it's eye-popping increases now, you'll still have eye-popping increases, maybe not as eye popping, but they'll be eye popping and in some cases they'll be ridiculously eye popping, you think would have passed? >> actually what i said then and what i've said today is that as a result of the affordable care act, we've seen -- there's no doubt that healthcare continues to increase -- >> and we're bragging about the rate of increases not being what they were, even that's not borne
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out in state after state after state. we're bragging about the fact that costs are growing up, but they would have gone up more without this law. you simply cannot prove that. >> yes, i can. i can go back to the statistical analysis that has been set in all of the insurance across the united states and in the general healthcare across the united states and show you -- >> but you're bragging about an increase that would have been more without the healthcare law. >> absolutely true. >> what do you tell folks in arizona and north carolina and folks in texas be and georgia? >> what i tell folks is that their governor did not set up a proper exchange. because there was no insurance exchange set up -- >> you're down to two now because these exchanges were such a marvel. >> no, the exchanges have worked well across the gamut -- >> they're going out of business
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faster than eating at a buffet. what are you talking about? >> there's a nomalies in the insurance market that were out of base. yes, there's clearly problems. in my own state of california, the exchange has been unable to overcome -- >> well, you work -- >> wait a minute -- >> i want will you work with republicans to fix what you don't like in this and some of the provisions that might have surprised you on the costs, let's say? >> i'm going to answer that two ways. first of all, absolutely yes. i've offered up as have the democrats to work with republicans to fix the known problems. that didn't happen. the republicans refused to do that. over 60 times they said about repealing it or gutting it in one way or another. >> they did have alternatives. they were just ignored, too. both sides were childish. >> what was the alternative? to kill it, gut it and bring back what?
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selling insurance across state lines? that doesn't solve anything at all. >> it's a start. >> no, no. depending -- the way they proposed to do it, it opened the door to rampant fraud. insurance companies -- >> you don't think we have rampant fraud now and cost gouges going on now? >> of course we have a fraud across the united states and gouging across the united states. but there's a frame work in place called the affordable care act that provides for regulation of insurance rates for the first time. you repeal, you repeal the affordable care act and the regulation of insurance rates is gone. >> that's open to some debate about one democrat than didn't meet with the president with me right now. instead, joe manchin met with the vice president-elect, mike pence. senator, good to have you. >> how are you doing? >> very good, sir. the vice president-elect, why did you meet with him rather
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than the president? >> here's how it began. i heard there was going to be this meeting and the president was going to explain. i said that would be great if we met together, republicans and the democrats and hear the. and ask questions and go from there. well, i found out it was only going to be democrat caucus. i can understand that. neil, i've been here six years. we're the second day in to the new congress with the new president and new staff and new secretaries coming in. here we start out in this most partisan way. i've said -- then we had the existing outgoing president coming up speaking on the democrats today. we have the newly-elected vice president coming in speaking to the republicans. i said, you know, we have to start this dialogue and build some type of relationships. so i said i'm not going to go. it would be counter productive. i'm not going to do it. then i thought i'm going to reach out. if i'm going to be talking about this, i ought to be reaching out and seeing if vice
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president-elect pence would like to meet with me. i'd like to meet with him. so we called, made our a rangements. he's here today. i met with him at 2:15. we had a productive meeting. we're trying -- >> you and the vice president-elect? >> just me and vice president-elect pence. >> what did your democratic colleagues think of you deciding to meet with him rather than the president? >> i reached out. i said it's bipartisan. the president could have reached out. i'm sure republicans could have reached out to the president whether they would have met with him or not i can't answer that. i did what i thought i was supposed to do. that's start building relationships and bringing america together not letting democrats and republicans stay apart. he was willing to meet with me. we had a productive meeting, exchanged phone numbers. i told him my job is to find eight or ten or 12 moderate
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democrats and working with moderate republicans and find a pathway forward. they have to fix and repair. i'm not going to vote to repeal. i want to help repair in a lot of areas. show me where we can find the middle and move forward. that was the conversation. it was healthy. very good. i'm appreciative of that. >> you've heard this pitch that some of your democratic colleagues have made today that republicans and what they're concocting is act making america sick again. >> i've heard president-elect trump and i've met with him and we have a good relationship. i feel very good about that. i think we have a working relationship. we can build on a personal relationship, too, which i think will be very healthy. that's how this place used to help, neil. >> i understand that. maybe i wasn't clear. what do you think of that pitch that your colleagues have, republicans are about making america sick again? republicans, anything they're doing will make americans sick. >> both sides hype it up. that's not --
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>> you think that's hyper? you think that's going too far? >> that's not my repertoire. you know me, neil. the bottom line is, i have 172,000 west virginiians that have healthcare now that didn't have it. i have many seniors getting care know through the doughnut hole, people on the exchange. we have to find a pathway forward and pay for it. there shouldn't be winners and losers. i shouldn't have small business people like i am that are basically paying double, sometimes 30, 40, 50% or more and trying to offset the cost on the other end. there's got to be a way to fix that. the president-elect said he doesn't want to do away with pre-existing conditions. he doesn't want to do away with the 26-year-old or the caps. so those things, if we agree on that, don't you think we can sit down and find out how we can preserve the good parts, get rid of the bad or repair them to the point they're more acceptable? that's all i'm trying to do. i'm not going to say people trying to kill people or make
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people sick. that's not me. >> that's pretty crude marketing pitch, is it not? >> both sides. i'm not going to say -- >> you mentioned earlier that you think you can get eight to ten democrats that can be part of a bipartisan coalition to figures this? is that a realistic goal? the healthcare law came to being without a single republican vote. >> here's the thing. that's what i think is so bad about that. i told them, i said if you haven't learned anything, learn from the mistake the democrats made in 2009. i wasn't there. i don't know if i could have voted the way the bill was presented. i didn't like the mandates. with that being said, it passed with not a republican vote. i told my friends on the republican side, now you're going to repeal without a democrat vote. don't you think you can find the bad parts that we don't like, the things that have caused problem with people in our everyday lives and fix that
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before you repeal it? whatever you repeal with 51 votes hand you want to put back in place more than likely, it will take 60 votes to do it. as toxic as this atmosphere is, until we start building cohesion, it will be hard to get anything repaired or replaced that you repeal. >> all right. senator manchin, good catching up with you. >> thank you, neil. >> senator manchin from west virginia. we'll be talking to a famous doctor, what she makes of what's going on on capitol hill and why the healthcare law has not worked out for her or her patients. the medical take on something that is making a lot of americans sick right now and sick of politics as usual. forget russia. china is now the country that is really, really threatening us. so says donald trump. ratcheting up on the state department and john kirby who is here.
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>> china's party seems to be threatening donald trump and us saying the president-elect should not try to boss china around. maybe arrogant americans realize that the united states of america is just a shooting star in the ample sky of history. anyway, the state department spokesman john kirby with us. happy new year. >> thanks, neil. happy new year to you. >> the president-elect has repeatedly said i'm more anxious about china than ever about russia. do you concur with that? >> i would let the president-elect speak for his views in terms of foreign policies stand on their own. but we have a complicated relationship with china. no doubt about that. areas that we can agree and some areas of tension that remain with china. obviously the next administration will have to deal with them. but look, president obama said there's no more consequential by literal relation in the world
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between the united states and china. it's imperative that we work at this and work through the challenges. >> we're not doing a great job with it. the chinese continue militaryizing islands they don't own. is that a sore point that we're not appreciating, maybe too focused on russia and whether they hacked an election or not? >> obviously we have legitimate concerns about russia's cyber activities and intrusions in the election and the intelligence committee has spoken to that in terms of the concerns there. but look, the world is a complex place and lots of challenges all around. i don't think that it would be a fair criticism to say we focused on russia and not with the concerns and challenges with china. we've been candid with our concerns -- >> but i just get the sense -- not you and the administration,
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the state department, whatever, that they're more interested in israeli settlements and sort of letting u.n. sponsored criticism go through, going after russia and hacking and kicking diplomats out of the country than this other story, china, which seems more alarming. >> don't think i agree with you, neil. we've been clear about our concerns over china. >> china -- >> look, we -- there was a significant major policy speech delivered by the secretary of israel and palestine. we were concerned the following day -- >> that got john mccain upset, lindsey graham upset. isolating our only friend in the region. >> not at all. >> no? >> no, not at all. we consider israel such a good friend and such an important partner that -- >> that couldn't wait until a new president took office? just weeks to go, you dump that in his lap?
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>> this wasn't about dumping anything -- >> you must be aware of the calendar, right? >> it's about doing what we felt is the right thing to try to see a viable two-state solution move forward. we continue to believe and prime minister netanyahu believes it. we believe the settlement activity -- not just that but the terrorism, all that, none of that is constructive to getting us to the solution. so it's because we believe in that solution, it's because israel -- >> is this -- the pecking order is out of whack. the stuff that are big deals. >> a lot going on in the world. it's difficult to have a pecking order that won't change day to day. you know that more than most. the world is a dynamic place. to say that we haven't been watching and concerned and haven't been expressing it or frankly focusing on the asia pacific region just flies in the face of the facts. 60% of your navies out there, we have -- we try to get ppp passed, which would open up trade opportunities in that part of the world. we're not turning a blind eye to
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china at all. >> john kirby, thanks for taking the time. happy new year to you. >> thanks, neil. >> john kirby, state department spokesman. are democrats up to now making stuff up after this? after this. if you have a flat , dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> all right. this sign is the version of me walking into a health club and saying "you people have to lose" democrats putting a sign out make america sick again blasting republicans for compromising a healthcare plan that will make america sick again. even though i reported statistics that show that americans are sicker. death rates are going up. life expectancy rates are going down. eight out of ten diseases are killing us in numbers we haven't seen in decades. so we talked to a doctor and get the medical read on this.
1:26 pm
dr. elena george, an ear note and throat specialist. that specialty used to take a super genius. great to have you with us. >> happy new year. >> to you as well. on this issue, doctor, help me with it. it seems that i'm not linking the two, but when i hear people that are pushing this program saying that those that don't support it have problems with it, are making americans sick again, we're pretty sick already. what do you make of this and whether it's made your job easier, your patients lives better or what? >> the affordable care act has not made my job easier, has not helped me take care of my patients. it been a hindrance. if you look at more statistics about the movement of private doctors out of their profession, either closing their practices or buying or actually selling their practices to hospitals and
1:27 pm
becoming employees, you can get a feel for how tough it is to actually practice medicine using the hippocratic oath. it's been open season on doctors and patients. i listened to the beginning of your show. you mentioned that you thought that maybe some of the problem was people not being able to access because of the cost of healthcare. deductibles and out of pocket. you were on target. it's not that the healthcare costs going down. people have plastic in their pocket but they can't afford to use it. that's not appropriate. to politicize it and make it seem as if it's winning at all costs at the expense of patients i take offense to that. >> i don't know how your patients break down, who takes advantage of the affordable care act. but to get the premiums affordable for people that need them, they end up with high deductibles, as high as $5,000
1:28 pm
and a lot of patients would take that and roll this dice. you ever see that stuff yourself? >> absolutely. i have patients that forego medication that don't have procedures done, don't go for testing because they find out they have more to pay out of pocket. when the affordable care act first started, we saw three patients a week. they walked in, figured they had to pay more and walk out of the office. so it's been a challenge to put it mildly. it's actually created a growth of a two-tier system. both people that have insurance are not getting the same standard of care. they're paying more for the privilege of nothing than people not using insurance. >> how would you -- how would you fix it but republicans want to repeal it or replace. what would you replace it with? >> i would replace it with a consume-er based healthcare. let people know exactly what the cost of their healthcare is.
1:29 pm
there's absolute lid no transparency. shouldn't cost you ten times more to get a procedure done in a hospital than in a freestanding surgery center, for example. shouldn't cost you so much more money to get a brand name prescription drug. let the people know what things cost that would do wonders for competition. it's a monopoly at this point. it's a lot of winners and unfortunately a lot of losers, which are the patients and the doctors. >> thanks. you're in the front line there. >> my pleasure. >> scary stuff. we're getting word that the democrats could just tie up this whole obama care repeal for years. for years in the courts. it's running out the clock strategy that hopes for a change in the 2018 mid-term elections and maybe after that, the new president. is it so crazy? been there, done that, after this.
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>> we're just getting word from the "wall street journal" that macy's will close 63 scores and cut 10,000 jobs. all is not quite right in retailland. what is happening? back in 60 seconds.
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>> all right. he has a few weeks to go, but the president is doing his best to block donald trump when it comes to the healthcare package and so much more. kevin corke from the white house
1:34 pm
on this strategy to block and save the day. kevin? >> hey, my friend. good to talk to you. a rare trip for president obama but also, neil, i got on the rare show of solidarity for democrats on the hill. after all, the last 1 1/2 years they've been at odds. let's face it, the president for the last 18 months has had to stick his arms out and keep apart the sides of his parties, the sanders and clintons. but today he's trying to protect his legacy. that begins and ends with protecting the affordable care act, obama care. listen how some described the meeting that he had behind closed doors. >> the president articulated the importance of preserving the affordable care act, medicare and medicaid as only he can. it was an inspiring meeting for all of us. >> he's encouraged us to fight, which we had already made it clear we were going to do
1:35 pm
anyway. >> all right. so while it was all sort of cumbaya over there, understand that the democrats now know that they're in the minority, they'll have to figure out a way to deal with the gop on this issue and they do face more than just a prospect of losing the affordable care act. they face the prospect of losing the entire obama agenda over the last eight years. i asked josh ernest about that today. i asked him what most concerned the president about that. here's what he had to say. >> it's time for somebody else to pick up the mantel. does it mean the president is any less committed? of course not. it does mean that the president expects to be in a position that he can observe the kinds of customs and courtesy, frankly, that was afforded to him by his predecessor. >> all right. so what does that mean? ultimately it means that the president will be fighting, but maybe with less fanfare, fighting behind the scenes to
1:36 pm
try to continue the push for his legacy. we're talking about a battle ahead for a legacy that obviously some people will appreciate and others may not. it all happens at a time, my friend, when usually presidents are exiting the stage quietly. that won't be the case for president obama. back to you. >> not at all. all right. thank you. kevin corke at the white house. meantime, this idea of running out the clock, delay, delay and maybe through litigation, host of other things, maybe wait for a mid-term election or a new presidential election to change the makeup of the white house. it's happened before. we talk about a legal strategy and maybe what the democrats are cooking up. anything and everything to block, delay, and delay and block. >> there's one little tiny area where the democrats could challenge any legislation to undun
1:37 pm
due -- undo obama care. that is those whose income is four times under the poverty level, they would be entitled to their benefits under a new program. the theory being the government can't take away a property right, your expectation that you'll have these benefits paid for even one that is given you. the republicans know how to deal with this. they can take these 20 million people and put them on medicare and medication and that defeats the litigation. then that keeps the courts out of it. that allows the president and the congress to craft a new free market-based program and there's nothing the democrats can do about it. the question is can that happen in six months or eight months or can the democrats run out the clock until there's a new congressional election. i doubt they can do so. the republicans know how to address this, have it done in a couple months.
1:38 pm
>> i know this will sound horrible. i'll get nasty e-mails. but you know, the democrats still have the upper hand on this because the republicans are going to switch one large government monstrosity for another. why not just repeal it if it's an overreach issue with big government and deal with it separately than just swap out what will be more government largesse? >> the government largesse to the 20 million people that are below four times the poverty level, people that get this program for free, is a very small fraction of what obama care has done. it has wreaked havoc on the insurance industry, it has wreaked havoc on the medical healthcare industry, it has driven physicians as you have spoken about for the past half hour, driven physicians away from their practices. republicans want to change that. they want to put into place free market opportunities. you can buy insurance from a
1:39 pm
company in another state. you can tailor an insurance policy for your own needs. you don't need insurance like a male buying insurance for an abortion that is impossible for you to use. there's things like that they want to generate based on the free market that they can probably do in a couple months by majority votes and both houses of congress and president trump's signature. >> unless they play out legal shenanigans. judge, always a pleasure. >> thanks, neil. >> they couldn't stop him from getting inaugurated, so now celebrities are upping the ante by saying stop everything he tries to do. everything. isk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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so beautiful. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. >> here's what we ask of our elected officials.
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>> we demand that you vigorously oppose him. >> all right. they couldn't stop the inauguration. that's still on. so after the inauguration, they're going to stop him at every path. that is still on. that's the push by many hollywood elites to make the life hell for the new president. >> that's making america sick again, neil. we don't need that. here it is, you have the elites that fly around, they have fun. give it a chance. this is just -- there's a concerted effort to kind of like first delegitimize donald trump and now -- they've lost. it's very frustrating. i respect them as artists, but together, we didn't do that for trump. i mean for obama. we didn't do that for obama. saudi arabia today beheaded a guy because he had a little
1:44 pm
protest when he was 18 years old. they beheaded a guy. it's fine to protest. this is beyond that. this is propaganda. celebrities use their celebrity to indoctrinate the youth. most people are hearing that, what they're saying. he's a racist. every single msnbc sound bite that they want to give you -- >> i don't know about the actors and actresses, whether they were part of that crowd that criticized republicans for blocking barack obama on key legislative matters including healthcare act. but now they're playing that obstruction and many have not called them out as racists or anything but exercising their rights. >> right. they are. they're exercising their rights. but at the same time, this is -- they talk about fake news. this is fake whatever it is. everything they want to say in
1:45 pm
terms of racism, it's been proven that he's not what any of those guys are saying that he is or women. >> now they're jumping on this issue donald trump doesn't have anyone to perform at the inauguration. i don't know if that's true. i think it would be offensive if he had a cascade of stars coming in. that's not him. is that a big deal? who shows up, who plays, who does what? >> let's put it this way. it's an honor to do that. i don't know why guys wouldn't want to do that for the country. myself -- there's ridicule in terms of who is an a-lister -- >> you have a great voice. you're a great singer. have you been asked? >> well, yeah, i mean -- i've been trying to -- yeah, i've been putting the feelers out but no response. that's one of the frustrations i think. >> have you? >> yeah. >> my show is watched by dozens. powerful people. you'll be in good shape. but what is that? i would think if you're any entertainer, you're not
1:46 pm
performing for this president per se but for the president. you know what i mean? i think we got caught up in the person. it would be an honor right or left, no matter who it is. right? >> absolutely. i would never -- look, neil, let's be honest about hollywood. o'reilly last night talked about the black list of hollywood because of trump. there's always been this black wrist in the conservative movement since i can remember. it's much bigger right now. i can tell you, i know names of people, singers and artists, that are for trump but won't say it because of the bias that you have. so what happens is this is the reverse of that. the guys get on the bandwagon and say we're not going to perform. it's all that club that says don't perform. >> would they be black listed if they did? if you had someone that expressed a view and would all of a sudden not get a movie role or a concert gig because of
1:47 pm
that? sounds overly childish. >> neil, that's what happens. i've been booked and unbooked. i had a manager in music that said i can't represent you. i have the e-mail. because of donald trump. that's a fact. i'm telling you, this happens in hollywood. it's the black list of the 50s, but no reverse with conservatism. not every one. i've had people that say come out against trump and we'll do this, this and that. it happens. who cares. to me, the country comes first ain't this is what the important thing is, being able to speak your mind no matter what side of the fence you're on except -- >> they know that you have played cop roles and that would be a dangerous thing to push? just saying. >> let me put it this way. i have a gentle side. as a matter of fact, neil, i'm going to run for governor of new jersey. i decided to give piscopo a run
1:48 pm
for his money and put my hat in the ring, so to speak. i figured -- >> that's a lot of italians. >> two pisans going add it. think of the debates. >> thanks. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, neil. god bless you. >> and you remember when the ford motor company president and ceo mark fields joined me on fox business and said ford would be investing $700 million to get 700 jobs. michigan's governor rick snyder is here. very good to have you. >> it's great to be with you, neil. >> if you can hang in there. i want your reaction first time on tv about that and the impact of that after this.
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>> all right. trump thanked ford for scrapping a plant in mexico and creating jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning. a lot of people are happy about this news. michigan governor, mitch snyder joins us. >> great to be back. an exciting announcement. shows the comeback of michigan. we won this against other states. when you have the right environment, you can make jobs happen. >> governor, is ford just revamping an existing factory there or building a new one? >> it's building next door to an existing factory. this is an all-new innovation center. that's what is so exciting for us. we led the nation of manufacturing the last few years, automotive jobs. we have a great environment. but this is a new greenfield
1:53 pm
opportunity. we're the center of the research and development. 75% of the r&d happens in michigan. we're the center of the supply chain and we have the most talented work force. the key when you talk to companies today, you should be asking the question, do you have all the skilled trades people, the talent people you need to work. they're looking for people all over the world. the good part is, as -- we have made michigan a focal point to be at the center of that. having to best people build the best vehicles. >> i'm not surprised that many of your colleagues, both parties, in other states have said they have the same talented workers. so this comes back to donald trump. would in have happened without donald trump? >> well, again, i think donald trump and his focus on pro growth really getting the economy going is a positive in that respect. i say we have natural competitive advantages in terms of, again, 75% of the research and development for the entire
1:54 pm
auto industry happens in michigan. that's huge if you think about it -- >> no doubt amazing what is happening there. i'm wondering, governor, when i asked the ford ceo about this, he said he would have done this regardless. you think that's true? >> again, i would take him at his word. ford is a great company. mark fields is a great ceo. >> but ford was getting criticized by the president-elect, right, for shipping jobs south of the border. >> yeah. what i'd say is, it's good that we're working together. again, the way i view it, shouldn't be viewed as a competition between levels of government or who is doing what. the good part, we have an iconic american company. ford is a great company. a lot of wonderful companies in the auto industry. we have a president-elect working with the state, all levels. the locals were fabulous making this happen in flat rock. so this is how things should happen. as people partner together to make jobs in our country. that's the attitude we need and we need to grow faster.
1:55 pm
let's all work together. let's not make it a competition. let's make it a win for all. >> i talked to a lot of these economists-type, governor. they kind of say to a man or woman, well, we welcome american jobs saved and added. the strong arming part of it or the appearance that donald trump would embarrass or tweet out a company and what it's doing, that's not the way to go. that could be a dangerous precedent. what do you make of that? >> well, again, i think we need to give him a chance to get in office and look at the policies and practices. i think there is an opportunity to agree the economy faster. i would recommend they look at michigan as a model. if you step back and look at it, we need tax reform at the national level, regulatory renorm. we've done it in the state and led to us be number 6 in job growth after being 50 for how
1:56 pm
many years, neil? you know that. you can make an impact by a competitive environment and more level playing field for corporations to work. >> thanks, governor snyder. happy new year. >> happy new year. we told you about macy's earlier. big adjustments that they'll make getting rid of 10,000 workers. there's another retail shoe that just dropped right after this. you're here to buy a car.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model,
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so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. >> all right. first macy's, now this. kohl shares are down. macy's is cutting 10,000 jobs. these might be anomalies. retail sales, amazon is like the industry giant. focusing on its members as well as walmarts numbers. two titans of the industry, or used to be titans, hurting badly. also getting word that john
2:00 pm
kasich, who skipped out on the convention and the state because donald trump was going to be the guy, he is going to the coronation or inauguration in washington. the ohio governor will be there. >> hello, everyone. i am dana perino. along with kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." the battle over obamacare begins. both sides strategizing on the fight ahead. republicans have the power to repeal president obama's health care law. vice president-elect pence made a trip to the hill and said it's going to happen. >> they want to see us repeal and replace obamacare. today my message to the members of congress is that we are going to be in the promise keeping business. the first order of business is to keep


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