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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 6, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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for failure. they thought she was going to win. >> didn't need any health. >>et your dvr is so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next with breaking news. >> let's go, let's go, let's go. >> panic in a florida airport. witnesses say a gunman executed people, shooting them in the head without saying a word at the baggage claim in florida's fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. five of those victims are dead and eight more are injured. the suspect is in custody, but not before widespread panic across that airport as people ran from the airport, lined up on the tarmac, reported another active shooter which, at this time, has been unconfirmed. phil keating joins us from the
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airport with the very latest on this attack and the suspect behind the massacre. good evening, juan. >> good evening, bret. you see the runway behind me as fort lauderdale-hollywood remains closed. no plans have landed, no plans have departed for about the last four hours. what is happening, the broward county sheriff's deferment as well as fort lauderdale officials and assistants on the federal level, they are going square inch after square inch of this airport. all of the terminals, all of the parking garages, as well as all of the vehicles, making sure there are no more security threats here today. they believe by the sheriff here and the fbi is that there was one lone shooter and he is alive and in custody as he has been for the past five hours. his name reportedly esteban santiago, and we have no details about him. he served in the puerto rican
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national guard in 2007. went to iraq, served there in 2010-2011, deployed, returned to the army reserves, then went to the last international guard -- alaska international guard where he was released for unsatisfactory performance. at 1:00 this afternoon or thereabout, terminal 2 baggage claim when suddenly, according to witnesses, esteban santiago gets his luggage off the carousel, opens it up, either there or inside the bathroom, takes his gun out, which you are allowed to fly with domesticall domestically, loads it with his own ammunition, then comes out into the baggage claim area and unleashes about 4 minutes of absolute terror and carnage. here is how one witness told our shepard smith how it all went down paid >> i got my first bag off, heard the first shot, and as i dictate, the person next to
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me fell to the ground. and i wasn't sure -- it was very surreal. i turned and looked, and he was holding a handgun, and he was firing into the crowd. everyone from that flight was standing there waiting for their luggage, and he just started shooting. >> in total, 13 people shot, eight wounded, five of those 13 ended up dying. i'll take into local broward county hospitals. then there was a sense of getting back to operations. flight started going up, coming down, taking off, appeared the airport would be back to normal. about 2:00, suddenly it was an absolute chaotic situation, panic, fear, terror. everyone suddenly started running, scrambling across the tarmac, crossing by foot, luggage and hand, going to the north side of the airport as there were reports of reports of
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additional shots being heard in terminal 1, so terminal 1 had to evacuate. people running out of there with absolutely panic cloaks on their faces. this was not a terror-related shooting according to the sheriff, at least at this point. governor flew in, he was briefed and said this was a senseless act of evil. >> my heart goes out to every family impacted. the families that lost their loved ones, and the families and the individuals that have loved ones still in the hospital fighting for their lives. we can't imagine how this could happen to any family anywhere in the world, but clearly we don't want this to ever happen in our great state. >> according to an aunt and a brother of the suspect, esteban santiago, as reported by the new york daily news, saying after he came back from the middle east he, quote, "lost his mind," and was being treated for mental health issues.
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bret? >> bret: phil keating. now to the other breaking story today. the u.s. intelligence community officially is raining russian president vladimir putin for ordering a campaign to influence the u.s. election and hurt hillary clinton's chances of becoming president. it is all part of an unclassified report by the intelligence community released today after officials briefed president-elect donald trump with declassified version. senior national correspondent john roberts joined us live from new york outside trump tower with mr. trump's response to the intel briefing. we begin with chief intelligence corresponded catherine herridge with what we are learning. what jumps out to you, catherine? >> acting in the decades i've been covering this, i have never seen a document so definitive and strongly worded and where the top judgments and topline conclusions are all at the high confidence level. in the intelligence world, that
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means it is eight a or an a+. multiple sources. i have never seen something quite so definite and so strongly worded. >> yet so back as far as specifics. maybe that falls under classified. but this particular document doesn't have the backup. >> the unclassified report was never going to have a lot of details about the sources and methods, so you have to take a lot of it on faith that the underlying data is there. what i would say is that donald trump was briefed and has now announced he will take aggressive action as soon as he comes into office. that tells me he felt satisfied with the quality of the information. just to remind people, the findings are that the russian president ordered an influence campaign to impact this investigation election with the goal of hurting hillary clinton's chances and then also helping donald trump. if you look at the full screen, it also tells you that at a certain point, moscow understood
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they had not succeeded. "when it appeared to moscow that secretary clinton was likely to win the election, the russian influence campaign began to focus more on undermining her future presidency." even the russians understood or believed that whatever information they put out had not significantly influenced public opinion. >> bret: that is the motive and intent they get to. as far as they make clear that it does not impact the vote tally. >> i thank you for raising that. i think there has been a lot of misconception as to what the heck's really meant. this report makes clear as to the testimony on never evident's -- never evidence that they got inside the voting machines. they also say that it was not their job to assess how this changed voters minds. some influence polls say it was not a big factor, but it is
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something we really can't say. >> bret: now you have president-elect trump, vice president prensa saying they're going to go hard after cyber attacks. >> saying they felt it gave them confidence that they needed to take action in the future. >> bret: catherine, thank you. the president got his much-anticipated briefing today leading up to the election. president trump issued praise, gave a promise, and acknowledged russia's role in these cyber attacks. senior correspondent john roberts is outside trump tower with more in today's meeting. good evening, john. >> bret, good evening to you. in the lead up, trump had been very skeptical about the involvement, but after spending 90 minutes with the chief of the intelligence agency -- chiefs of the intelligence agencies, donald trump seems to give a tacit acknowledgment that russia was at least trying to hack the
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democratic party. >> it was a who's who of the intelligence community today. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, see a director james brennan, the fbi's james call me, and mike rogers from the nsa. following the 90 minute meeting, trump said he, quote, "had a constructive meeting this afternoon." trump grade russia, china, and others are trying to hack us, he firmly stated there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines. trump acknowledged we need to aggressively combat cyber attacks and said he will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office. but before trump even met with the prefers he was venting his frustration that portions of the classified reports were leaked to a news organization today. trump tweeting, "i am asking the chairs of the house and senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with nbc prior to me seeing it."
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and if you did today pointed fingers, saying, quote, "they got beaten very badly in the election. i won more counties than ronald reagan. they are very embarrassed about -- paid to some extent, it is a witch hunt." we are learning more about james woolsey's departure from trump's team. he denied it had anything to do with woolsey being concerned about trump restructuring the intelligence agencies saying woolsey was never really part of the team and that he was upset that he was never interviewed for any intelligence, dod, or ambassador jobs. here is how woolsey himself put it to megyn kelly. >> i didn't feel i was misrepresented, but i was not called upon to go to meetings or participate in work on the transition. >> trump's transition team was pushing back today against reports general james mattis isn't happy about staffing choices at the pentagon. sources tell fox news it is nothing more than the ordinary
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griping by subordinates. transition communications director sean spicer tweeted, "great communication at dod. reports to the contrary folks" " there was a sharp response from vice president joe biden. biden took aim at trump's reference to senator chuck schumer as head clown. >> grow up, donald. grow up. time to be an adult. you are president. you've got to do something. show us what you have. >> trump is pledging to show the democrats exactly what he has but not until he takes over the presidency on the 20th. back to the intel report. donald trump warning against the sort of league of classified information that happened yesterday with that report, saying, quote, "the methods, tools, and tactics used should not be a public discussion that will benefit those that seek to
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do us harm. bret? >> bret: john roberts, thank you. it is official now, mr. trump will be the 45th president of united states. but the normally routine process to certify the electoral college votes to declare donald trump the winner was anything but routine today. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has that story from capitol hill. >> vice president joe biden bald presiding over a joint session of congress confirms donald trump as the 45th president of the united states after a hard punch 2016 election, house democrats tried protesting the results in ten states won by mr. trump, but no senate democrats joined in, and biden had to gamble them down. >> the objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> it is over. >> preparing to take power, there are discussions about
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congress authorizing money to carry out one of president-elect trump's major campaign promises, building a wall on the southern border. two weeks before inauguration day, donald trump lasted one of his favorite targets on twitter. "the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall (for sake of speed) will be paid back by mexico later." >> obviously a centerpiece of donald trump's successful campaign was, i'm going to build the wall and have mexico pay for it. that hasn't changed. but congress is examining ways, obviously, to have the wall built through their auspices, and mr. trump is making the point that he will have mexico pay it back. speak up when i did tipping fld his congress could authorize the money and then thieves charged at the border -- fees charged at the border would get that. >> i am a fiscal conservative,
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to me, the debt is the most pressing problem of our party, and i can't give up believing debt is a problem. speaker nancy pelosi today sounded skeptical. >> be interesting to see that republicans would put $14 billion in a continuing resolution to build a wall? i don't know. that, i think, is a heavy sale. i think that is a tough sell. >> they are growing concerns from fiscal conservatives about the cost of the upcoming agenda. building the infrastructure, border security, and repealing obamacare without a replacement. expect calls from them to see the impact on our debt first grade bret? >> bret: mike emanuel. thanks. congress has introduced a bill that would hold funds going to so-called sanctuary cities, and as this map from the center for immigration studies shows, there are about 300 places that could
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be in danger of losing a lot of federal dollars. don't see the map, but trust us, it is there. correspondent reporting from los angeles about the impact this bill could have on places from san francisco to new york. >> we will protect american lives. we will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. >> problem is, under current law, he can't. a law introduced thursday could change that. >> this will give the congress department the teeth they need to put in end to this once and for all. >> meaning illegal immigrants accused or convicted of misdemeanor or a felonies are shielded from deportation because there is nothing in existing law that obligates a city to cooperate and nothing to penalize them if they don't. >> we are saying that the good and law-abiding residents of
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los angeles, our family members, our friends, are family -- theg here. >> they did not have the right to pick and choose what laws they want to enforce. >> especially in immigration la law. the obama administration argued the u.s. can't have 50 different policies, and the supreme court agreed. that ruling could now come back to haunt sanctuary cities. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> barletta's bill was stopped, for at least one year, any bill that refuses to cooperate with ice. >> barletta's bill -- twice before, this bill never made it out of committee. this congress promises to be
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different. bret? >> thank you. as promised, look at that map. about 300 places that could be in danger of losing a lot of federal dollars according to the center for immigration studies. i knew we had it. we came within a half point of hitting the 20,000 mark on wall street today, but, alas, it was not to be. the dow jumped to an all-time high, nearly hitting the magic mark after nearly a month of teasing, but closed below the milestone after losing some momentum this afternoon. the dow closed up 65 points disclose as you see, 19,000, 964. s s&p update, nasdaq. the s&p 500, nearly 1.75%, and the nasdaq was up two and a half%. the rally on wall street came after wages jumped by the largest amount in seven years, however 2016 finished with lower lower-than-expected hiring numbers. the u.s. added just 160 --
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156,000 jobs, sending the unemployment rate to 5.6 5.6%. the number of people who are not working or still looking for work remains at prerecession levels. it was an issue that caused a national upper and north carolina. now at least three other states, including texas, are looking at banning transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice. texas' lieutenant governor unveiled a proposal saying it will be a top proposal for the state legislature in texas. tonight, casey stegall reports from texas on their proposal that critics argue could cost millions of dollars. >> protests at the state capital following newly proposed legislation that would mandate which public restrooms a person must use in texas. >> it is going to be a tough fight. speaker senate bill 6, better known as the privacy act, will
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be introduced next tuesday. if passed, the law would require residents to use public bathrooms or locker rooms based on the gender listed on their birth certificate. republican lieutenant governor dan patrick claims its intent is to protect citizens. >> the privacy and safety of texans is our first priority, not political correctness. >> however critics argue this goes far beyond just being pc, flat up calling the proposed measure discriminatory. >> if we are seriously interested in protecting people and trying to stop predatory behavior, then the target of the legislation should be predators. the target of the legislation should not be transgender people. >> opponents also points to the economic fallout and north carolina after that state enacted a similar bathroom lot last year. >> paypal, deutsche bank, pulling jobs and investments from north carolina.
3:20 pm
we do not need that here. >> in droves of businesses, entertainers, and sports organizations boycotted north carolina saying they won't support communities that discourage equality. the texas association of business says if that happens here, the state could lose more than 100,000 jobs and up to 8 1/2 billion dollars. lieutenant governor patrick has called their bluff. >> we know we are on the right side of the issue, we are on the right side of history. >> a speaker in the texas house, i republican, has suggested this is not top priority in the upcoming session. this has lawmakers in kentucky and virginia considering bathroom bills of their own. bret? >> bret: up next, race relations. winter weather for some of our fox affiliates, and charlotte, north carolina's governor authorized a state of emergency as the south prepares for a winter storm this weekend.
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forecasters say snowfall totals could range from 1 to 9 inches depending on where you live. this is a live folk from fox 12 in portland, oregon. the big story there, also the weather. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch that will begin saturday morning and last through saturday night. forecasters expecting 2 inches before it turns to freezing rain and sleet into sunday. could get messy this weekend. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. e only one o combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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♪ >> bret: four black people charged with a hate crime in the handicapped beating of a mentally disabled white man in chicago made their first court appearance today.
3:25 pm
the judge asked the four suspects where their sense of decency was and ordered them held without bail for the attack broadcast live on facebook. the bidding of the white man beat by black assailants highlights a racial strife in the nation, one president obama contends is gotten better. corresponded kevin corke takes a look at race relations under the obama administration. >> it was a remarkable juxtaposition, days after authorities were made aware of a facebook video showing a vicious hate crime, president obama confidently said the state of race relations is improving, telling the affiliate in chicago, i promise you for the most part race relations have gotten better. but better is subjective, from the racially charge shooting of trevor trayvon martin ended debt of
3:26 pm
five police officers who died defending protesters. race relations and many of america's communities is threadbare. >> i'm here to insist we are not as divided as to be seen, and i know that because i know america. i know how far we have come against impossible odds paid >> incidents involving race have ho shape and ignite the conversation, and not just the controversial variety, like his now infamous beer cement between henry gates and the police officer who arrested him. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody in there was already proof that they were in their own home. >> president trump accused of being tone-deaf after those comments. >> the fact that you see people of a variety of races speaking out on these issues with one
3:27 pm
voice appealing to the same kinds of values gives the president a lot of optimism that these are problems that can be resolved. >> sentiments echoed by civil rights leaders by jesse jackson. >> deep water does not drown yo you. make it to where you were trying to get to. >> the bible calls us to hope. to persevere. and have faith in things not seen. >> emotional and poignant words by the president after the devastating shooting in south carolina, bret, where even after eight years in office, the emotional gap between what the president president obviously believes and how a great many americans still feel is cavernous even tonight. bret? >> bret: kevin corke on the north line. thank you. a republican congressman took matters into his own hands removing a high school's controversial work of art from a wall in the u.s. capitol.
3:28 pm
the painting depicted police officers as pigs. it was on display, among other submissions commence the annual congressional art competition. duncan hunter removed it and returned it to missouri congressman lacy clay, who authorized its display after 20 because annual art competition in may. clay's office has not responded to its removal. republicans plan to repeal obamacare, and that will be no easy task, but with the g.o.p. controlled congress they are hedging their bets and edging legislation to strip planned parenthood of federal funding. last time around was a losing battle, but as chief white house correspondent james rosen reports, this time it could have a different outcome. >> 11 words from house speaker paul ryan reignited a major battle on capitol hill. >> it would be in our reconciliation bill paid >> that means they will use the obamacare repeal effort as a vehicle for stripping planned parenthood which carries out
3:29 pm
some 325,000 abortions a year of roughly 4 million in medicaid funding the group receives for its other services such as cancer screening. >> you know what, the american people are with us. >> republicans and pro-life groups sadie funding will go to local health care providers that steer clear of abortions. the local congressional office says it will impact a certain number of women. >> for many of them, we are their only health care provider paid >> a similar effort by republicans one year ago ended with a veto by president obama. among other promises to pro-life groups, president-elect trump pledged in writing to defund planned parenthood, but just six months earlier, he was talking like this. >> local, planned parenthood has done a very good work for millions of women.
3:30 pm
we're not going to find as long as you have abortion going on, we understand, and i've said it loud and clear, but will see what happens. >> still, they expect him to make defunding and other promises reality. >> begot those in writing, and we are looking forward to him holding good to his pledge to defund planned parenthood and redirect those monies to facilities that will provide conference of health care for women. >> polls show most americans do want women under certain conditions to have access to abortions, but one in five voters according to november exit polling cited supreme court nominations as their number one issues, and such voters went heavily for donald trump who promised to appoint pro-life justices. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. national security correspondent jennifer griffin sat down with the outgoing secretary to ask you why if you knew russia was trying to influence the elections didn't he say so
3:31 pm
publicly before the election. >> secretary of state john kerry has had more contact with the kremlin than any other u.s. official in the past four years as he tried to engage his russian counterparts, who he badly needed to secure international agreements. but that relationship couldn't stop what u.s. intelligence chiefs say is not the first time the russians hacked into a u.s. election. there were attempts prior to this summer. and now some former members of the obama administration say the president should have tried to stop the russians sooner. >> frankly, i think president obama should have acted much earlier during the summer when we have the first information that this was going on. >> former cia director leon panetta said that president obama should have taken action when it first became evident that the russians were trying to hack the u.s. election. he said it was an attack on our country. why didn't you take action then? >> the president did take action
3:32 pm
by, in fact, making it public, and he reserved the point at that -- reserves the right at that point in time to take action when he felt it was appropriate. >> but it didn't stop? >> it diminished. i think the important thing is that the american people are made aware of what was happening. and president obama e asked its team to reset its relations with russia. >> recent possible with vladimir putin at the helm? >> i found we were able to cooperate on a number of important issues of importance were begot good results. we managed to cooperate undated chemical weapons out of syria. we had syria's cooperation in russia and agreement on the iran nuclear agreement. >> in effect, could trump, a friendly approach, could it be the answer to friendly relations? >> not if it is just giving them
3:33 pm
what they want and not achieving something. >> it is not clear what woolsey catherine achieved in syria. defense secretary asked carter who has watched the russians establish military bases in syria for the first time since the cold war cast doubt on the u.s. ability to work with russi russia. "russia has been explicitly thwarting the u.s., doubled don on the civil war" ." kerry says his work is not done paid >> would you consider a run in 2020? >> i am not planning elected office, but i am not ruling out any possibility of sport and might or might not do in the future. >> that could mean just about anything. >> jennifer, thank you. the intelligence community issues at unclassified report saying russia's vladimir putin ordered the hack's predilection to help donald trump radar panel
3:34 pm
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♪ >> it was really quite stunning disclosure. >> it is pretty obvious that they were certainly trying to hurt mrs. clinton and their efforts. >> simply can't show the nexus. >> why would russia wants donald trump to bring back a presidency? donald trump is going to increase the defense budget. >> all the claims like fake news and jim call comey are mostly g over spilled milk. >> the russians are really good at this. we don't want france's elections to be affected, we don't want germany's elections to be affected. >> the intel community has put out an unclassified version of this report. the classified version was given to donald trump eat here are some of the highlights that was
3:38 pm
put out. we assessed that vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at the election. russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process, denigrates secretary clinton and harm her electability. we further assess that putin and russia developed a clear preference for trump. blending covert intelligence operations such as hyperactivity with overt efforts by russian agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries, and paid social media users or trolls. we assessed with high confidence that they used a persona and to use data obtain and operations and relay information to wikileaks.
3:39 pm
wanted to take the time to read the highlights from the report. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt, political columnist for "the washington times" ." edward-isaac dovere, and charles krauthammer. okay, isaac, your thoughts on this and how it has been perceived? >> we have a statement from the president-elect that seems to take the presentation seriously, more seriously than he had been taking it from the tweets that he had been putting out to this point. what we don't have is any clear acceptance from him of the assessment from the intelligence community. it seems like at least his team is continuing to question it, and we have a statement from him
3:40 pm
and then from the base president-elect saying that they will be taking new action once they are in office. but it doesn't change with the 17 agencies put together, what they are saying is very high certainty here of russia's intent and russia's role in the influence of the election. >> bret: charles? >> i think trump understands that the fight he is and is a losing proposition. he is in what should be the honeymoon period of his presidency. he is supposed to start when he is sworn in, supposed to be anticipated, like most presidents, start with the wind at their back. he has been so involved with so many issues, so many tweets, that it is as if the marriage has already started. and this is not something he can win because they are so many republicans who are concerned about the intelligence and don't want to denigrate it or diminish it. i think his statement today was a good one. we had a good meeting, he didn't say i accept or don't accept,
3:41 pm
but he said i take it seriously enough and will order an investigation, for 90 days, a general one into cyber attacks. we are going to be tough on this. that's fine. he needs for this debate to sto stop. the details about what russians are doing here in germany and france and elsewhere is, but it should not be trump versus the world. it sort of reminds leo when he got into the fight -- one you can only lose, a personal one, and i think he understands he has got to let it go and i think that is very smart to do. >> he also praised him as he mentioned, the men and women who protect the nation. house speaker paul ryan issues a statement.
3:42 pm
that is house speaker paul ryan. charles? >> it is a strong statement, probably one that needs to be made. clearly a lot of partisans are trying to complete the two. another thing i thought was very interesting in addition to what charles said about donald trump statements, he and mike pence tend to go aggressively after the cyber espionage, which i think is a smart thing to do, taking it seriously. in addition, it reveals -- it reminds everybody what a bad job, apparently, the current president has done over the last eight years in combating cyber espionage not only by the russians, but the chinese and who knows what other enemies. >> bret: isaac, how far do
3:43 pm
democrats push this, how much does this issue dominate ahead of the inauguration? >> we have a few weeks left. it seems like there'll be more discussion. what is more important, not just democrats, john mccain and lindsey graham continuing to push this. we don't know how far we are going to go in the discussion of whether they should be a special committee set up to investigate these packings and -- these packings and not just what happened, but as it goes into 2d 2012 and activities that have happened all throughout. the public part of it is not getting so much into that, but there is more information about that that our intelligence agencies seem to have, and we will see whether there is a bipartisan effort. if it is just democrats that are questioning it, then it becomes democrats versus donald trump. >> bret: but it is a short jump to make that this is not a legitimate election because the
3:44 pm
voters were somehow influence. are they going to make that jump? we haven't heard anybody say that explicitly. >> so far many of them who have been talking publicly have been very careful not to make that jump. we will see how that goes as this sets in. since election night, whenever that was, about 10:00, 10:30 p.m., when it became clear that donald trump was going to be president, you see this slow process of ingesting it then coming off of the acceptance, rejecting it. i think you will see as we get closer to inauguration day more democrats who start to get a little more publicly uncomfortable with what is going on, may try to carry this in that sort of way. it is tough because they don't want to politicize this, they don't want to make it partisan. they want to try to make this about the real issues. >> >> bret: tried to challenge
3:45 pm
the electoral votes for various reasons, and donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> all of the attempts were pathetic. the attempt to change the electoral college vote, the recount with jill stein in those states. this was all a joke. i think all of us, even trumka might have made a mistake of how widespread a notion this was raked and putin put his thumb on the scale. that year from left leg partisans, the intel reports, explicit, we have nothing to say on this, it is a partisan, left-wing, and it isn't going anywhere. ignoring it is the best strategy that republicans ought to take. >> bret: can donald trump stay off twitter on this issue and ignore it and move on. >> i don't think he sees any reason to. i think he sees it as a valuable
3:46 pm
tool. look at what happens every single day. he sets the agenda of what people talk about. he may pick the wrong thing, but he does set the agenda. >> bret: like the ratings for "the apprentice" under arnold schwarzenegger? next step, the friday lightning round. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. how can 4 ounce portionct of liquid gold velveeta without even touching a knife? ta. da. with 4 ounce,
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spit on a fox news alert, a late update on that shooting, the fort lauderdale airport, five death, eight wounded. telling her producer met dean that the gunman, they suspect, esteban santiago, visited the fbi office in anchorage, the field office there, in november. we're told santiago visited the office to tell agents that u.s.
3:50 pm
intelligence had infiltrated his mind and were forcing him to watch isis propaganda videos. they state santiago appeared agitated and incoherent, stating he was suffering from some mental condition. fox is told santiago did make mention of a deployment to iraq during his conversation with ancients in anchorage. the agents are investigating on a number of fronts and a number of cities. we know he had time with the puerto rico national guard as well the alaska army national guard. that investigation continues. we are backing out with the panel for our friday lightning round. our first topic, charlie, planned parenthood, it seems like this is back on the chopping block. >> this is why americans hate washington. we are not talking about the legality of abortion, we are talking about the use of taxpayer funds by people who think abortion is murder to
3:51 pm
perform abortions. and that is a wholly separate issue. and the fact that it is even debatable here is pretty stunning. >> bret: but the pushback, isaac, will be significant. >> certainly, and i think that is not the only question. this is one of those moments where you see republicans who voted to fund planned parenthood in the past when it was not an issue that would go forward because they knew that barack obama would veto it, some of those moderate republicans or who have political consequences they might face for defunding planned parenthood, it will be a question of whether they still vote to defund it now that it would be a real thing. but on another social issue, bathroom bills. a number of states considering what north carolina did, this transgender choice of bathroom, texas among them. >> this is one of the most bizarre issues one can imagine. this is now the premier civil rights issue in america. the population that it applies
3:52 pm
to is minuscule, but now it has become elevated because of the public way in which the nba and other institutions have punished north carolina for passing a bill of this sort. the government ought not to be in this business in the first place, and the extent that state governments or even local can restore the status quo, which is what we've always understood, you use the bathroom that is appropriate to your gender, does that, i think it ought to be left alone. but it has been seized by the left as somehow the premier lgbt civil rights issue, and it is a way of showing your bona fides. i think it is a pity it has come to this. reasonable people ought to be able to agree on this. but this is no longer in the realm of reasonable people. >> bret: let's talk about race relations, what the president said in the wake of the hate crime in chicago. here is what he told a local
3:53 pm
affiliate there. >> i promise you, for the most part cannot race relations have gotten better. but i think what we have seen over the last several years when it comes to intentions between police and communities, the internet, the horrific hate crimes of the sort that we appear to have seen -- >> reporter: what is your reaction? >> it is terrible. spit on that statement, that race relations have gotten better specifically. >> i think the president is deluding himself. but i think we're on sort of a constant trajectory, whether it had been obama or somebody else, we would be where we are. the idea that he would magically alter that course i think was always a mistake. but i think it is true that if you look at the generation, my son's generation, compare it with mine, the attitudes are totally different. this is really a generational issue.
3:54 pm
it is not going to change as radically as it did on gay rights, but it is one that will change in time, and it changes every year for the better. but if you measure it year by year, it looks rocky. >> bret: restarted president obama with the beer summit and the cambridge police officers. we had a lot of incidents in between there, and now this. >> it has been one of the most frustrating, difficult issues for barack obama as president in part because he knows that no matter what he says on any of these issues when it becomes, it becomes a lightning rod issue. can't make anybody happy. saying too much, saying too little, attacking the police, not standing for fellow african-americans. i think charles is right, there is a year-by-year thing, overall you do see a trajectory in a certain direction. it does seem like it is changing. perhaps barack obama does deserve a little bit of credit for that.
3:55 pm
we'll see 20 years from now, children who grew up thinking of a black man as president. >> if it does continue to improve as it has generationally, it will not be because of barack obama. he had an extraordinary opportunity when he came into the white house to really see a progress -- seal the progress. >> bret: next step, this week's winners and losers. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands.
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ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. >> bret: thanks everybody for letting us into her home tonight. tonight we have the winners and losers with the panel. >> the winner of the week is sam johnson, he fought in two wars, a true hero. picked up a battle award you could possibly get, spent seven years in the hanoi hilton, nancy is retiring today after 25 years of service to the third district of texas. my loser of the week is of course, hillary clinton, who officially lost today. she is so desperate, the clinton
3:59 pm
foundation is so desperate, they're actually floating the idea of her running for mayor of new york. >> i would put the winners of every appointee that donald trump has for the cabinet,'s opera, jeff sessions, people who might be controversial are controversial to a lot of democrats but were going to be clips of attention as they go ahead with the confirmation hearing. losers, the intelligence committee. they seem quite demoralized by the attacks they have been getting on their work by donald trump. >> winner, hands down, tucker carlson giving the 9:00 slot on fox news. he deserves it. he is the definitive proof that leo derosier was wrong, nice guys do sometimes well. the loser is the house g.o.p. they're trying to sneak through the dead of the night. a way to kill a real issue by
4:00 pm
doing it in the dead of night. >> bret: that is it for the report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. tucker is next. >> tucker: we have the fox news alert, a gunman is shot and leaving others shot. we begin our show with a fox national correspondent he was live on the scene in florida. >> we receive on lockdown from the broward county sheriff's department. going through grudges, checking every single vehicle as well as every square inch of the property that includes all four terminals as well as the tarmac's. there helicopters with spotlights tonight fighting over the runway is making sure there is n