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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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they need a better bench. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us at je are on fnc. that's it for this week show. thanks to my panel and you for watching. we hope to see right here, next week. potential ties between russia and donald trump. the central intelligence committee is looking into it. democratic leaders demand the resignation of james comey. hello and welcome to this hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i am laura engel in for julie banderas. picking up the allegations after the allegations went public involving president trump and russia. democrats accused comey of
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stonewalling whether the fbi will investigatethe accusations with the same intensity as hillary clinton . the light the latest live from trump tower. a snowfall ãwhat else is happening? >> now there will be a congressional investigation. what russia did or did not do and what the intentions may have been. we are told part of the probe to interview members of the outgoing obama administration and the trump administration. the vice chair of the senate committee on intelligence, mark warner, says this about the investigation. it impacts the democratic system and if it's that important requires a full bipartisan examination. it's worth pointing out that the chairman, the republican senator, richard burke is on board.
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>> things are heating up. it all started last night. one week until swearingen day for the 45th president. lewis told the nbc interviewer that he things donald trump got so much help from russian hackers but he did not deserve to win the presidency. it will be very difficult. i don't see president-elect is a legitimate president. >> he took to twitter with a two part that says this ã congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not and to mention crime infested and worrying about the presidential lex.
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all talk and no action results. sad. the district mentions they do cover most ofatlanta and mr. trump easily one in november . the second time the civil rights icon as shown strong. he testified against trump attorney general of the united states. jeff sessions at his confirmation hearing a few days ago. laura? >> all right, peter do you the snow is falling in new york city. >> kelly wright: here with more between donald trump and john lewis. the chief correspondent ãthank you for joining us. these are two people who will be working together at some point. you would think because of the fact that john lewis is a reputable congressman that does a lot of workon capitol hill . despite what donald trump may think, he has done a lot of work in his own district with people defending him saying
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hey, we might not be perfect but we are a good neighbor and we love each other.we are working together. looks like donald trump will be visiting us anytime soon. >> he is one of the true civil rights icons. what you saw happening on nbc was a political move. democrats really feel that beating donald trump is helpful politically. work for them in the past. think back to the democratic national committee when they had a cool start family come out and announce trump's candidacy. he came swinging back and it was considered politically hurtful. here we are ãjust days away from the mlk holiday. they have john lewis saying trump is not a legitimate president. it is the ultimate way to beat trump by saying he did not win fairly.
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trump came back at lewis and questioned him professionally. heading back on the same level ãwhy don't you go help the crime rate in your district. i thank you have a politic you . can the two sides work together? i don't know. i thank you you have to ask is democrats because they don't accepttrump . they feel he won illegitimately. we don't know where the evidence for that is. there are a lot of hurt feelings. democrats on capitol hill are questioning what happened. that's what it's about. the effort to beat him. it worked to some degree but i don'tknow what the political implications are going forward . his again that people are beginning to see through? >> you don't think it was a wound that john lewis felt.
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democrats feel the emails were stolen.republicans would feel the same way right now. is that why hillary clinton lost? she lost in states where she had trouble during the primaries running against bernie sanders. she lost in urban areas it did not turn out for her in the way they turned out for barack obama. many posters predicted it. there is no hard evidence. what caused him to lose the election. >> let me take you to another aspect of this. senator ben says who stated this. john lewis and his people had change the world. tell me what it does to this entire conversation as we see
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donald trump days away from being sworn in as the president of the united states. what does it mean? change the world? the world of politics or the world as we know? what is he mean by this? >> lewis is an incredible leader. democrats had a protest. he is someone everyone looks to get every time he delivers the speech ãwe are riveted by how he delivers it.he still a politician. a 30 year lawmaker. they know how to play politics. in many ways it's better. >> change the world? does that mean change the world and capitol hill and how democrats relate to donald trump. see the comedian coming out to say we have to do something to bridge the divide.
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it's at a time where we should be saying generosity and curiosity of how we could build a better community and we see animosity from both sides. >> right. it is true. if you have the democrats just saying flat out that it's not our president he is not legitimate ãyou have to question what donald trump would do. he can and will in the future. he's picking away at obama care days before he leaves office. house republicans passed a budget measure which allows them to start the law. he passes it thursday night. kristin fisher is live in washington with those details. hi, kristin.
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>> hey, laura. what they had done as made future legislation immune to a democratic filibuster. it takes 60 votes to end it and republicans only have 52 seats in the senate. when the house voted yesterday it was a near partyline vote at 227 ã198. only nine voted against it. no democrats voted for it? they passed a day earlier and it clears the way for eventual vote to repeal in the place obamacare. every mandate and regulation and every task has to go. we will have a chance to get the market work and that's part of the replacement to get rid of the repeal so you can have a market bring down cost and afford healthcare to the families across the state. >> it puts pressure on
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republicans to figure out what they want to replace the affordable care act with for more than six words years we have waited for credible republican health care plan and none has been forthcoming. all you have is smoke and mirrors. the american people are getting ready to get screwed. >> house republicans argue that the american people voted in they voted to get rid of obamacare. congress is on track to do just that. less than one week beforeobama leaves office . the big question remains, what will he replace it with? laura? >> live in washington, thank you. >> from fox weather center ã another round of winter weather forecast. hammering the center of the nation. it made for dangerous driving and grounded flights at the airport.
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adam joins us live at the weather center i can take you down into portions of new mexico reaching all the way back to new york with snow, ice and rain falling. really, we target the center of the country and that's what will be the worst. we take you into the ohio river valley and see some areas with ice through columbus and further to the south. it will be the area that we play the process of attention to. running through oklahoma and the panhandle into kansas. it's an area we expect into monday. it's really seeing the ice to accumulate. we are under a winter storm watch from illinois down into oklahoma ãthat is ice. it will get a really dangerous driving condition on top of
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that with accumulating ice bringing down power lines. we already see the ice falling and it continues to fall through the overnight. that's where the ice is consistently falling. as far as precipitation, we could get up to half an inch ã one inch and is enough ice to start bringing down branches , power lines and there could be people really struggling with this on monday morning. it will be one that we pay very close attention to. >> that is good advice. i went to college there in oklahoma and i know how people are not familiar with that weather. the worst thing to do is stay indoors and watch fox news. >> a high-profile entertainer pulling out just one week to go. why she is canceling the performance. >> lawmakers launch a new
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investigation into a tie between trump and russia. this is as the president-elect announces his cyber probe. >> i think we also get hacked by other countries and other people. i can say that, when we lost 22 million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they did not makea big deal out of that . >> will will
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here are more headlines. space x launching from california. the craft plaisted placed the first launch since one of its rockets exploded in september. jennifer holiday pulls out of a gig of president-elect trump's inauguration. it prompted an onslaught of public criticism from the fans. holiday explain the cancellation by saying she stands with the lgbt community. unveiling $100 coin portraying lady liberty as an african-american. it's the first in a series of
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coins that are paying tribute to asian, hispanic and native american. launching an investigation into links for the trump campaign and russia. this is as president-elect trump promises his own investigation into russian hacking. trump also slams democrats to blame the fbi for hillary clinton's loss. she should never been able to run. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm. brad blakeman, former assistant to george bush. the former democratic congressman from ohio and a fox news contributor ãwelcome, gentlemen.a lot to get to.
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i want to start with you. mr. trump thinks it's time to move on but many argue the investigation is warranted. looking at the different ways you i handled the claim email server to what happened to the russian hacking case. what you think? >> i think it's a great opportunity for donald trump to play good cop bad cop with the house and the senate. we have two equal branches of government and if the senate or the house feels necessary that the hearing be looked at into russia's hacking of the election and more broad than that. it could be used as leverage to start this new relationship. there are three types of relationships. friends, adversaries and enemies. right now russia is clearly an
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adversary that we don't not to turn into an enemy.>> what about his overall conduct. he looked back at his statement and there is no question that influence the election. the fbi getting involved in politics. what you do about is what we have to deal with. he interviewed in the election and did he have an impact? of course it did. >> there is pretty tricky thing is that they have to use to obtain information from the campaign.
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how will trump steam be able to get to the bottom of this? >> i think trump has the absolute best path and getting to the bottom of this. it's a two track approach. one, the executive branch. remember the intelligence community is controlled by donald trump. it's through the congress ãthe house and the senate that are controlled by republicans. it's hacking within the political communities but also the general hacking of the business community and others. russia is a bad actor ãno question about it. it's an actor that we must deal with. it's in our interest and their interest in the broader interest of the allies in the world. >> dennis ãone of the biggest concerns that we hear in general can it be restored at this point?
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some people are trying to deny the legitimacy of the trump presidency. that's a big problem for america. i want to tell you why ãdonald trump was the elected according to the provisions of the constitution. this is what guides the american election. there is no proof that the russians somehow hacked the election and aided his ascension. what happened is as an attack on the presidency. it's the institution of the presidency and it's in trouble with this. we have to be very careful. you go back to lincoln who took over in the second inaugural in the country was dividedin so many ways ãwhat did he say? he said , with malice towards them and charity for all ãwe have to begin at capacity to be
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able to close the ranks as americans.we don't have to agree with each other. we did elect the president. >> final thoughts from both of you. we round the bend on next week's inauguration. it's a big week ahead. i thank you will be with us on fox news radio. we have a new president and a new opportunity. you too many problems to solve. what binds us is greater than what divides us. there is a higher purpose that we have as americans. we need to get reconnected with that. we need to look at this partisanship where we tear each other apart. it does not serve the country. we have to find a common ground. whether we voted for him or not
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ãwe have to remember that this is about america. it's a much bigger question and statement that anyone person. >>thank you both so much. i'm glad you were able to come in today and give us the perspire . we look forward to talking to you. >> thank you. >> the fort lauderdale shooter went on a deadly rampage. the guest and an incredible story of survival. as the electron takes a tough stance on china. this time it uses the policy toward taiwan as a bargaining shift for economic reform. >> china has taken total advantage of us economically. total advantage of us in the metric massive fortress. taking total advantage of us. russia, china, japan, mexico ã all countries will respect us far more than they do underpass administration.
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back against president-elect trump. after suggesting the one china policy toward taiwan is negotiable. china criticized mr. trump for taking up phone calls with taiwan's president last december. decades of diplomatic tradition and now, michael is the former green been a commander and former terrorism commander. author of the diplomat and contributor. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> we look at the situation in china and as a relates to how it's doing and flexing the
1:30 pm
military muscles along the islands and becoming more aggressive in that posture of showingthe defense and offense . what are they trying to say to the president-elect of the future and negotiating with china for trade, diplomacy and even militarism. >> i think it's worth remembering. china has tested every new president in recent memory. they tested george bush with the surveillance was in 2001. it's harassing one of the ship , the uss impeccable. with taking president-elect trump taking the call from the taiwan president, he certainly has put the chinese on notice. there is a new sheriff in town. as you mentioned, not everything is back on the table.
1:31 pm
the tougher line from the united states and i think the chinese have perceived the russians and the iranians have perceived and pushed hard in all these areas. >> i'm glad you said that. talk about that and what appears to be an ongoing access ofthought , if you will. china,russia , north korea, iran ãwhat is going on that president-elect donald trump needs to look out for in terms of all of them working together? we see north korea trying to be provocative and china not doing anything except sitting by and letting it all happen. what is the president-elect have to do moving forward in terms of showing that the united states does have resolving it gets tough and it will not bow down to china and what they are trying to do. >> you are absolutely right.
1:32 pm
in the geopoliticalstrategic sense , what we have seen is what happened when we essentially announced to the world and the united states and president obama announcing that we had taken military forces off the table and we will reach out our hands rather than holding a fist. rather than his confirmation hearing he says it's the best way to ensure the piece. folks know that we are strong and they will think twice about taking the actions. i think that's the signal that we try to send. now, what the president-elect is sending where we are proposed and where we are prepared to give. if we are going to back out of the iran deal, we are going to need help in terms of reinstituting sanctions and holding them into account and where we need the chinese and the russians and others. a broader strategy.>> collect
1:33 pm
correct me if i'm wrong. somewhere, bottom line is if it takes place in israel. where are the european allies. is it something, for example, moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem ãis it one of the first things we want out of the block? my own view is that we have to enforce what is probably one of the worst diplomatic deals. when i say attack i mean in terms of striking him verbally ãas we have seen that she will tweet something or say something to make sure thatyou know he is a counterpunch or .
1:34 pm
>> you are right. the question is, how does the rhetoric and treats ãhow does it translate intopolicy ? we have seen through general plan and general mattis as the secretary of defense ãwe have seen them will understand the realcost of war . they understand the need to project strength and how it is respected overseas.yet, they also understand the downside. the blood and's the balance that i thank you will see. at the end of the day, we will see a much more assertive american foreign policy to regain the leadership. it's frankly what the allies had been begging for. >> what we do to those who are challenging us? >> i think it will make them think twice.
1:35 pm
what does the military force really do? it acts as a deterrent for the enemies and ask to reinsure our allies. it's something you will use as a last resort. for the diplomats, knowing that we are in a strong position makes their negotiation that much easier. you have to negotiation eight from a position of strength. if the entire world knows that we are not willing to use it and that's been the case for the past eight years ãmakes the diplomacy better. >> there is a change approaching. >> people are braving the elements. marching in washington. it's ahead of martin luther king jr. day. it's preserving obama's legacy. carrion shively is at the event with more. >> they came out and they had to battle near freezing temperatures andthe bruising rain .it's well below the
1:36 pm
25,000 organizers had hoped for. it's a national action network. it's voting rights, criminal justice and economic justice. the affordable care act. >> we come to say to the democrats in the senate and house and the moderate republican to get some backbone get some guts. we did not send you down here to be weak need and get in the room and tried to make friends. >> many of the organizers are millennial's. we are armed with the black life matters and it made a
1:37 pm
national way. we have the tools to make sure the initiatives are an improvement.>> they urge the crowd to go to the members and weigh in on trump's nomination for the current . >> a piece of artwork will be permanently removed next week read it's a painting depicting police officers as pigs. it hangs in a tunnel leading to the capital. republican lawmakers are offended by the content as well as those who protect those lawmakers in the capitalpolice. they take the painting down several times. each time the democratic congressman put it back up . now it comes down for good because the agency that maintain the capital is saying it violates the rules for a
1:38 pm
student arts competition. >> authorities in one state have a warning for drivers after a frightening accident on a snowy highway. look at this ãwatch this wreck. it shows this danger of driving to close to a snowplow. plus, caught in the middle of a mass shooting. one survivor is remembering this stranger who protected and comforted her with innocent lives lost all around her. she is here, next. >> i was just praying to god. my children would have a mothe . a man basically climbed on top of me and told me i will protect you and brought me comfort. it was the most terrifying experience of my life i did not know if i would live or die. [music]
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play close attention to this. utah warns drivers to give snowplows some space. this comes after an accident captured on dash cam video. you are looking at a semi truck clipping a plow as it tries to pass it sending it hurtling down a 300 foot embankment. the driver washospitalized in serious condition. officials say it could have been avoided . >> when you are behind the plow ãeverything is calm and it's a safe place to be. you don't have any snow flying in your face. when you pass the plow on either side, these machines are
1:44 pm
throwing snow a long distance. >> the officer ticketing the driver for improper passing and reading his lane. >> a schoolteacher is remembering the terror and the stranger who shielded her during the shooting at the fort lauderdale airport.monica dean was waiting for her brother luggage. she heard shots ring out and she saw the gunmen walking towards her. she said she hid and started t pray when the good samaritan climbed on top of her and told her things would be okay . five people were ultimately killed and monica dean is here with me now. >> thank you for being here today. i just want to ask you, how are you doing? >> i am not generally an emotional person i have been stunned all week with all of the events. my emotions definitely got to me today.
1:45 pm
i wasn't sure i will be able to do this interview. i am doing all right. i am hanging in there. >> you were coming home from a vacation just as many of us has done. getting off the plane and going to baggage claim one this horror show unfolded. what was going through your mind? >> i immediately recognize the shots. i've been through two active killer trainings through my schools and i went through another one on friday. those drills really did prepare me to recognize what was going on and i immediately looked around for what to do. i wasn't able to escape and ahead. it was my reliance on prayer throughout my entire life. i immediately began to pray for protection. i would continue to be the
1:46 pm
mother to my children. i just immediately felt a tremendous amount of comfort. tony is older gentleman who came to your aid. it didn't sound like you asked for that type of protection did he say why he chose you ? i saw the tape. there was a lot of people who hit the deck. did he ever tell you why? >> i did think him several times. he allowed me to photograph him and i got his number and i posted it to my friends page that this is the man that shielded me during this moment of terror.
1:47 pm
he is not an attention seeker. he downplayed it. it was that it as if it was no big deal. >> to me and my family it's a huge deal. i am really grateful to be alive. >> we know that he went on a cruise right away. have you talked to him since he has been back? i just text him and let him know i was thinking of him and how grateful i was. i haven't heard back but i am in contact with his son and daughter through social media and his wife.he is not on social media. i shared my story. when i got out and a reporter approached me i had to share
1:48 pm
what i felt was a true miracle. his instinct was to protect me and i'm grateful for that. >> it's so incredible. what an incredible man. you are now an expert on an active shooter situation. you mentioned you've been through some drills. how? i'm sure it's very different going through the drills and being in a real-time situation. how would you give advice to anyone who might find themselves in this unfortunate situation. >> i do think the drills prepare you for it.i was able to stay calm and not panic. the drills in themselves are a little bit traumatic. i was able to stay calm and try to find something to do. it's my responsibility to do my
1:49 pm
best to protect the children. it's a possibility that we would find ourselves in the situation. >> we are so happy that you are okay. our hats off to tony. a real hero in the story. we really wish you all the best moving forward. >> thank you. >> monica, thank you for that. you details about a baby girl snatched from the hospital after she was born. he was 18 years ago. fresh snow is usually good news for winter sports, right? >> some forts are some folks are being kept off the slopes. >> you just go out and get barreled. you get powder in your face. you know. >>
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>> kelly wright: a newborn baby stolen hours after her birth. finally learning who she is ã 18 years later. compliant moberly in florida but raised under a different name and south carolina. please charge the woman who raised her with kidnapping. rob schmidt is live now with more. rob, what can you tell us. >> imagine finding out that
1:54 pm
your mom is not your mom but your captor. alexis mineo began suspecting something was up a few months ago. the case broke after an anonymous tip. the young woman realized. her name is compliant moberly and the woman she is known as her mother is gloria williams posing as a nurse, 18 years ago and police say kidnapped her from a jacksonville hospital. he was just eight hours after she was born.>> the composite sketch of moberly as a baby with no photos even taken when she was kidnapped. all indications are that compliant moberly was raised well. look at this picture of her and her captor. she was loved by her captor, she appears. she cried mama to williams at her bond hearing. williams was arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference with custody. as a teenager is said to be
1:55 pm
overwhelmed by what happened here and her real family at the same time is elated. they can't wait to be reunited. >> she was so glad. she told her mom shelooked like her dad . she sound so intelligent and respectful. she said she will be here. >> she appears to be in good health. she appears to be normal 18-year-old girl. >> well taken care of. she was arrested at home three hours straight from the hospital where she is accused of kidnapping moberly.a small town word got around fast. the accused kidnapper appeared to be good mom to her stolen daughter but also a hard worke , part-time volunteer and churchgoer. the jacksonville office shared the sketches of moberly as a child and her alleged kidnappe . the pictures spread like wildfire. the massive search and sued and turned up nothing for 18 years until this week. the real mom is not ready to
1:56 pm
make a statement but shesaid every year on her daughter's birthday she wraps up a piece of birthday cake and put in the freezer , saving it and praying she would find her lost daughter. >> rob, thank you. rob schmidt. >> wintry weather wreaks havoc. fortunately no one was in the gym at the time and who knew snow could be a bad thing. colorado ski resorts are the avalanche risk. they consider it to be 10 feet phone in the region. that does it for us. >> we continue with the januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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president of the russian hacking investigation with a shadow over the incoming administration. the u.s. senate committee now says it will look at any possible connection between moscow and present a like donald trump campaign team. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. i am craig jerry >> hello, i am marcel level. the committee decision follows a intelligence report.


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