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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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released in early april. i've got to get that one. greg: that is very cool. i want to get one of those too. maybe we will get a bargain together. arthel: that does it for us. "the fox report" is up next. greg: good to see you. hope you all have a great weekend. bye-bye. potential fight between president-elect donald trump and russia drying fire again. i'm laura engel and for julie banderas and this is "the fox report." the senate intelligence committee announcing its investigating possible links with moscow and now questions about mr. trump's incoming national security advisor and his contact with russian officials. the trump transition team hired general michael flynn spoke with the ambassador in the same day president obama hit russia with sanctions over election hacking. they said it was for quote to just six in setting up a call
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between mr. trump and vladimir putin after the inauguration. all this as a war of words erupts between mr. trump and civil rights icon congressman john lewis. it started with this remark. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in attempting to dismantle the election and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i have missed since i have been in the congress. you cannot be at home with something that you feel is wrong. lauren: peter doocy has the latest from trump tower in new york city. what do we know about this new senate investigation? >> zwara even though intelligence has recently become a politicized issue the new probe in the senate has the
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backing of republicans and democrats. the vice chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence democrats mark warner from virginia says this issue impacts the foundations of our democratic system. it's that important. this requires a full deep and bipartisan examination. warner and senator richard. burr: the top republican on the committee on the same page and investigation is going to deal with a lot of sources and methods that must stay secret that most of their work is going to be done behind those doors so that when there are the possibilities of having public hearings there will be some they are going to subpoena people who don't want to help them out. could be interesting because they say they want to talk to members of the outgoing of them them -- obama administration and incoming trump and frustration amid questions whether or not trump had any kind of inappropriate contact with the russian ambassador about things the obama white house did on
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their way out. lauren: laura: peter what about john lewis thing --' remarks? >> you hurt a little bit of it there. congressman lewis continued to question whether or not mr. trump has the right to take the oath of office six days from now and when mr. trump got wind of that because to twitter with a two-part response. he says this, congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime invested rather than complain about the election results all taught, talk, talk no action to results. we have been told the president-elect is working out of trump tower for the weekend his last before taking the oath of office. one of the big things on the agenda to nominate someone on the agriculture department and the president made a surprise stop at the food court in the basement of trump tower.
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all we know is he went to one of the buffet areas and ordered something before cameras had a chance to go there and it was such a miss stop that security was caught off guard. laura: no word on what he had but i'm sure with it to that. peter doocy thanks so much. all of that and is thousands of people rallied against president-elect donald trump in d.c. days before his inauguration that started as a march to honor martin luther king jr. but it turned into a reminder of the ones that remain from last year's election. >> over the last several months we have all been reminded of the values we have to fight for. we have all been reminded of reverend dr. martin luther king and what he stood for. how he told us that we had to look via ourselves, look beyond our own generation and make sure this was an america that was
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worthy of us all. laura: the people that came out were dedicated battling near freezing temperatures all day. carolyn shively was at the event that she has more. >> the march is called we shall not be moved to put together by reverend al sharpton's organization and the national action network. they put president-elect trump on notice. sharpton said they came for four no issues voting rights, criminal justice reform, economic justice and the affordable care act. >> we come to say to the democrats in the senate and in the house and it to the moderate republicans to get some backbone. get some guts. we didn't send you down here to be weak-kneed and get in the room and tried to make friends.
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>> many of the organizers of the vendor millennials. >> my generation made a national wave so it's important that my generation we continue to have the tools to make sure these initiatives in these causes are carried forward. >> reverend sharpton urged the crowd to go -- present nominees for his cabinet cabinet. laura: carolyn shively and protesters taking to the streets across 50 states all of them in a show of support for u.s. immigrants and their families. organizers said it marks the beginning of a new wave of opposition to president-elect donald trump at his proposed policies on immigration in the u.s. border. here's what it looked like an albuquerque, new mexico. we have video for you. immigrants join the annual parade in honor of martin luther king jr. marching from the university of new mexico to the civic plaza.
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this afternoon donald trump will take the oath of office as the 45th president of united the united states. as always it will happen on the steps of the capitol building where workers have been busy putting up the stage and scaffolding and other necessary equipment. viewers will pack the national mall to watch the chief justice of the supreme court's where mr. trump and anna kraut is expected to include hundreds of thousands of protesters at that "fox news" is catherine herridge got an exclusive look at the intense training security of visuals are going through to keep the president-elect and the crowd safe. we have that ahead for you on "the fox report." first the push to repeal and replace obamacare. republican lawmakers taking a key step this week. the house passed a budget bill that ensures democrats cannot stop them from dismantling the law. the senate passed the same bill 1 day earlier. kristin fisher is live in washington with the latest. what exactly does this vote dean for republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare? >> laura, it means democrats
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will not be able to use the senate filibuster to derail any future bill that would repeal or replace obamacare and in fact the republican house majority leader explained it like this. listen. >> democrats have historically blocked bills to repeal obamacare so with this one unique opportunity through budget reconciliation we can actually move a bill through the house and the senate to president trump's desk that that's obamacare. >> now republicans see yesterday's vote is a critical first step to repealing or placing obamacare. about -- budgetary measure passed almost across party lines one day after pass the senate but yesterday's vote also puts pressure on republicans to figure out what they are going to replace it with. 20 million americans gained health insurance and reliable premiums have shot up in recent months democrats argue something is better than nothing. >> there is no replacement.
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64 times they voted to repeal the affordable care act and they still do not have a replacement. do not repeal the affordable care act and show us the beef, show us the alternative. >> that's a big challenge for republicans going for it. now that they are in control and now that the stage is finally set to repeal obamacare what are they going to replace it with? laura: kristin exactly where did those replacement efforts stand? that's what everyone said no. symantec many republicans are divided over whether replacement plan should look like that if you look at past proposals as a guide to replacement plan could include things like cutting federal spending easing coverage requirements while relying more on tax benefits and letting the states have more control. a lot of those previous proposals were put forward by representative tom price the president-elect's pick for secretary of health and human services. he is going to be working very
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loosely with republicans on capitol hill to build a framework for replacement, whatever it may be but again they are going to have to move very fast because the president-elect has said multiple times that he wants to repeal and replace to happen simultaneously during his first 100 days in office. laura: kristin fisher live in washington, thank you. right now we are learning new details about a baby girl snatched hours after she was born. this was 18 years ago. that's when investigators say she began suspecting something was wrong. she suspected that recently plus what caused this deadly crash coming up next. i need to promote my new business and do it on budget.
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astra zeneca may be able to help. laura: a driver losing control of a cement truck and causing a massive chain reaction car crash in south china. take a look at this. 19 car pileup for several cars on fire. we are told iraq killed at least six people and hurt more than a dozen others. the driver questioned by authorities. a newborn baby stolen hours after her birth finally learning who she really is. 18 years later picture was born kamiyah mobley in florida race under different name in south carolina. now the woman who allegedly posed as her mother's being charged with kidnapping. rob schmidt is live in our new york city newsroom with more. after 18 years of what finally broke this case? >> this really is something else that investigators say 18-year-old alexis began suspecting something was up a few months ago and in the case
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broke after an anonymous tip to the national center for missing and exploited children and through dna testing that young woman learning her real name is kamiyah mobley. the woman should us an estimate of 51-year-old gloria williams actually posed as a nurse 18 years ago and police they kidnapped her from a jacksonville florida hospital eight hours after she was born. right here is a composite sketch sketch -- sketch as mobley is a baby. mobley lived in walterboro south carolina three hours northbound i-95 from a hospital. the little girl was kidnapped. all indications are kamiyah mobley was raised well, loved by her kidnapper. you can see picture the two of them right there. neighbors say williams not only appear to be a good mom to her stolen daughter but a part-time volunteer, a churchgoer and williams bond hearing mobley the teenager even cried, mama to her alleged kidnapper she stood behind the cage door.
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williams is charged with kidnapping and interference with custody and if convicted she could serve the rest of her life in prison. laura: what a story. but have we heard from her real family? >> kamiyah mobley is said to be overwhelmed by this news and probably very confused as you might imagine. her real family cannot wait to be finally reunited with her. her father and grandmother spoke on camera this week. her mom's though not quite ready to make a statement. >> i'm just glad that she's back. i can't wait to see her. i'm just happy. every day you get up there is always hope. >> i wake up and i believe she is waking up too. >> she told her moment that she looks like her daddy. she sounds so intelligent, so respectful and she said she will be here. >> yesterday the jacksonville sheriff's office gave the sketches as mobley a composite sketch along with drawings of her alleged kidnapper. these pictures were sent out 18
4:17 pm
years ago in a search that turned up absolutely nothing until this week. eight years ago the teens real mother chenard mobley who we have not heard from as i said but eight years ago she told the local newspaper in jacksonville ever your daughters birthday she wraps up a piece of her pick a complicit in it in the freezer saving and praying that she would one day find her daughter and the whole time she was not far away, three hours on the road. laura: rod schmidt thank you so much. colin celebrating and russia fuming as thousands of u.s. troops arrive on nato's eastern front. by some polish leaders say they have been waiting for this moment for decades. it was all systems go today for spacex. why the company has reason to cheer after its recent setbacks. , and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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laura: a big success for spacex. the company launching a rocket for the first time since the fire accident in september. the falcon ix rocket lifted off from california this morning. >> liftoff a falcon ix. laura: it deployed 10 satellites into orbit. it landed upright on the so-called drone ship in the pacific. a lunch for spacex has 70 more lined up at thousands of u.s. soldiers getting a warm welcome in poland. the country's prime minister calling it an important day day for year. it marks the first time western forces have been continuously deployed a long nato's eastern border. the move comes in response to russian's annexation of rania
4:22 pm
and fears that moscow could try to further extend its reach into other countries. will carr has more from our west coast newsroom. hi will. >> hey laura. 3500 american troops that so many are now in poland. they write on a cold snowy day when the prime minister there called it an important time for the country. other polish leaders say they have been waiting a very long time for defense ministers saying for decades they have felt like the only one protecting civilization from russian aggression. russia as you might expect not happy with the decision. take a listen to major general kent mcguire. >> two main combat review the soldiers will conduct realistic and rigorous training and exercises with our allies in locations throughout poland and across europe. >> the deployment comes in reaction to russian annexing crimea from ukraine and russian
4:23 pm
backing a separatist insurgents to ukraine sees. can't help but notice the timing which comes after the russian hacking scandal. add it all up in the u.s. to poland is now welcoming what he says is america's most capable fighting force. >> this for somebody's america's ironclad commitment to honor our nato treaty applications to defend our nato allies. >> the polish government organize several movements across the country to welcome the american troops and moving forward nato plans to add for multinational battalions to its eastern flank later this year. one of those will be led by u.s. troops. laura. laura: will carr in l.a., thank you. iraqi forces making it gains in their fight to liberate mosul from isis redirected troops backed by u.s.-led airstrikes reclaimed three of five key bridges. the military planned plans to
4:24 pm
take complete control of eastern mosul before heading west were heavy resistance is expected by isis biters who still control the area. democrats are calling for the resignation of fbi director james comey as he faces investigation of the clinton e-mail case. now the top official from the bush administration is joining that call plus hundreds of thousands will fill washington street for donald trump's inauguration including protesters. we have an exclusive look at how the secret service is training to keep everyone safe. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
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lauren: i'm laura engel in for julie banderas and this is "the fox report." president-elect donald trump fighting back congressman civil rights activist john lewis. moments ago the president-elect tweet it this congressman john lewis should finally focus on
4:29 pm
crime invested inner-city in the u.s.. i could use all the help i can get. it comes as the congressman said he doesn't see donald trump is a legitimate president. also in the headlines republican lawmakers on capitol hill taking a vital step needed to repeal obamacare. both chambers passed the budget bill effectively tied in with the democrats. as paving a way for an official vote that would dismantle the law. for more on all that tune in tomorrow's "fox news sunday." chris wallace will be talking with vice president-elect mike pence and don't miss this exclusive interview for cia director john brennan. check your local listings. we are just six days from the inauguration of donald trump as our next president. crews are getting ready to stage the capital or the chief justice and the supreme court will administer the oath of office. on line security secretary jeh johnson says he knows of no specific threats to the activities but law enforcement personnel are getting ready. cheap intelligence correspondent
4:30 pm
catherine harris has an exclusive look at that training. >> at maryland training facility secret service agents are doing in the preps for inauguration day. "fox news" was granted exclusive access to this week's training and includes a mockup of the parade route. >> we do want to see these events for the first time on january 20. secret surgeons agents -- secret service agents trained. >> if there is an assault or a mortar attack every scenario has a different response. >> at secret service headquarters director joseph clancy says the inauguration shares the same high-level security designation as the pope popes visit as well as the republican and democratic conventions. are there specific or credible threats to the president-elect? >> there is nothing specific or credible threats. he lasted inauguration we
4:31 pm
weren't is concerned about drones and uavs. in this drill a drone sprays the crowd with a chemical agent. >> we tried to what if these things constantly maybe tabletop exercises or phones in the same page. more than 7000 people are expected about the same size as the last inauguration but this time i didn't protest groups have applied for permits. >> if you make an overt action you cross that line. we will respond but if someone is shouting or yelling certainly their first amendment right to protect. >> like times square new year's eve there will be a hardened perimeter and response to terrorist mowing down protesters in france. >> that as a precaution that we are doubling down on. >> while director clancy serves on president obama's detail
4:32 pm
during the campaign mr. trump was rushed off stage in nevada. >> i have. >> i have sat down with mr. trump on a couple of occasions and we talked about security in general and what we can do for him and his family. >> what is that relationship like? >> he has been very gracious. if you have seen publicly he spoke highly of the men and women in the secret service. >> directly clancy came out at retirement. four years ago he was part of the crowd. >> there really is a joyous experience in and a great symbol of our democracy. in washington catherine herridge "fox news." laura: broadway singer jennifer holliday pulling out of pulling out of a scheduled performance at next weekend's inauguration. holiday known for her tony award-winning role-based criticism following the announcement that she would participate in the festivities. holiday apologizing in an open letter to her fans and quote my only choice must now be to stand with the lgbt community and to say unequivocally that i will not perform for the welcome concert or any of the
4:33 pm
inauguration festivities. as the senate intelligence committee takes up the investigation into potential ties between russia and president-elect donald trump democrats are calling for the fbi to get involved or they accuse director james comey of stonewalling on whether the fbi will investigate this with the same intensity as hillary and sends e-mails. some are even calling for him to resign over his handling of the investigation of went on's e-mail server. the former attorney general under george w. bush michael mukasey agrees. >> it might not be a bad idea because the public has to have confidence in the chief law enforcement officer and i don't know that we can waste the outcome of all of these investigations until we find out whether we can have that confidence. >> it's been compromised that much? >> yes he has been compromised that much. now the justice department says the general is investigating the conduct during the clinton case.
4:34 pm
meanwhile chief washington correspondent james logan takes a closer look at the politics of the justice department's investigation of call me. >> for decades democratic congressman john lewis of georgia if he wrote the civil rights movement has enjoyed unique status in congress as the voice of moral conscience but when asked by nbc news is chuck todd if he plans to support the relationship of the next president lewis intimated that donald trump is not worthy of such respect. >> i don't see it as president-elect is legitimate president. lewis comments came a day after the justice department's inspector general announced a probe into the conduct of the ti director james comey, movement including mr. trump size part of a broader effort to delegitimize his election victory. what were hillary clinton's people complain about with respect to the fbi the president-elect tweeted. based on information they had she should never have been allowed to run, guilty as hell.
4:35 pm
they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned to the wrong states on the new enthusiasm. none of these e-mail should have been on any kind of clinton classified system. investigators will probe comey's july for statement or impeach clinton in the court of public opinion for using a private server to handle classified information but declined to seek her indictment in federal court. the group looks at malik zaire the bureau malik zaire the bureau and its close of letters, sent to congress days before the election reopening and closing again the bureau's investigation into the democratic nominee. clinton herself speaking to donors in mid-november blamed comey for slowing her momentum and costing her the election to campaign manager now police comey should resign. >> i think it's hard to be director such an important institution when that trust is no longer there. and the limited scope of the inspector general's probe many trump supporters conservatives and legal experts saw evidence its motivations have more to do with politics than law enforcement. >> they are not looking at the
4:36 pm
lead between loretta lynch and the clinton rdf ai and justice department have been hamstringing serious investigations into the clinton foundation and frankly houthi quentin e-mail issue is handled generally. >> the association called for worth observers to withdraw it judgment. >> in specter general has a great reputation and it remains to be seen when we see the final report as to whether or not it was politically motivated through spokesman for present electron did not respond to my requests for comment about congressman lewis's remarks however republican senator roy blunt of missouri fresh from a meeting with mr. ciampa trump tower in new york called lewis a great man adding he doesn't set the best example by quote constantly looking for ways to do delegitimize the results of an election. james rosen "fox news." laura: army issuing new guidelines for religious dress making it possible for servicemembers to more openly
4:37 pm
express their faith. chief religion correspondent lauren green has more. >> hijabs will become were common in the ranks of the u.s. army. new directive to accommodate soldiers like army reserve major kemal comes from a long line of family servicemembers. >> at father, my grandfather both served in the indian air force. my great-grandfather served. for seikh this is something that is part of us and serves not just to your community but to mankind in your country. it's a part of who we are an part of what we do. >> the new combination is a result of -- on behalf of seikhs >> the rules cover the most commonly requested religious accommodations that include
4:38 pm
turbans for seikhs and orthodox jewish and perhaps others pay jobs for muslim women. an army chaplain says the major pushback against the changes came from the military's uniformity hair short faith and clean-shaven with an all-male and mostly christian rank file but there were also concerns about the effectiveness of gas masks over full beard or protective helmets that turbines an issue the army is still studying for the secretary defense ash carter is speaking on the issue in 2015 at harvard university and said it's a matter of common sense to include all who are able. >> mission effectiveness depends upon as having access to the largest possible pool of americans. p that includes men and women of all backgrounds like the majors is the turban is a part of this identity.
4:39 pm
>> the turbine represents our commitment to the same values that i swore to uphold as a soldier and officer and it's my commitment to social justice, to freedom to stand up for people that can't stand up for themselves. >> we reached out to the other branches of the military and they continue to follow the department of defense guidelines regarding religious accommodations answering requests on a case-by-case basis. in new york's lauren green "fox news." laura: in his last days in the oval office president obama makes a big change to policy and immigrants who make it to american shores. that's ahead plus dramatic video of one state is using as a warning to drivers. why they say it's a bad idea to try to pass a snowplow like you see here with very dangerous results. mmm
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>> if you are tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, tried to talk with one in real life. if something needs fixing lace up your shoes and do some organizing. if you are disappointed by your elected officials then grab a clipboard and get some signatures and run for office yourself.
4:44 pm
our success depends on our participation regardless of which way the pendulum of power swings. laura: president obama said he looks forward to working alongside all americans as a citizen for the rest of his life. president obama also making a surprise announcement this week that the u.s. is sending its decades long policy for human immigrants. "fox news" correspondent steve harrigan has more from miami. >> a 20 year policy of allowing cubans who make it to u.s. soil to remain a become permanent residences over instantly as of thursday. the end of the so-called wet foot, dry foot policy give special privileges to cuban migrants was sudden and surprising. it's hard to prevent any last-minute exits risking their lives on the open water to meet a deadline. a bomb administration officials say cubans arrived without these as could now face arrest and
4:45 pm
deportation like migrants from any other country or it's a change to for raul castro regime wanted and it's been sharply criticized by those who opposed normalizing relationship with the dictatorship in a statement florida senator marco rubio said we must work to ensure the cubans who arrived here to escape political persecution are not summarily returned to the regime. the sadness of the change leaves a number of cubans who have made heart of the journey like those in panama city limbo. i am not going to cuba this woman says. also uncertain is the fate of cubans who are returned to the island through the castro government has agreed to it -- but is offered no guarantees for the treatment nor is it clear what effect if any of the new rules will have. >> cubans are going to leave the island because there is a dictatorship that oppresses them
4:46 pm
more than 50,000 cubans arrived in the u.s. in 2016, more than double the number from two years earlier. in miami steve harrigan "fox news." laura: of "fox news" weather alert and the dramatic scene caught on dash cam to the semitruck running a snowplow off the road in northern utah. the plow roll 300 feet down a hill. look at that. the department of transportation releasing this video as a word of warning to other drivers. >> when you're behind the plow it's a very safe place to be and you don't have any snow flying in your facebook as soon as you try to pass the plow on either side these machines are throwing snow a long distance. laura: the driver was badly hurt but is expected to recover. the semitruck driver is being cited with improper passing and failure to maintain his lame. more nasty weather bearing down on the nation's heartland.
4:47 pm
that is on top of heavy ice from yesterday's storms that blanketed the midwest making for dangerous driving and cancellations at all the airports. the airport airport authority was close in two places because of the reckon of massive pileup in downtown wichita kansas with more than 20 vehicles involved as drivers tried to navigate the icy streets. the kansas national guard is mobilizing ahead of this weekend whether the left get the latest from adam fox. >> you kind of nailed it, we are looking at a target a bulls-eye running into kansas. that's going to continue tonight running eventually into monday morning but that's what we are looking at crippling ice eventually from this massive winter storm is going to affect a lot of folks that that's where we are seeing the heavy ice and the most damaging effects from any winter storm is going to be ice. for since no one obviously worse than rampant as we are seeing continuing to fall and i will
4:48 pm
continue through the overnight hours. we can run along this line of showers and we have seen a little bit of snow in portions of the northeast seeing in new york farther to the north as well. i may be tapering off a little bit at this point this entire system stretching from mexico into the northeast reduces the big one and again pinpointing an area there that includes oklahoma running up to kansas missouri getting toward southern illinois. all of this freezing rain and freezing rain that is going to be piling up. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. you can run overnight and it just keeps lifting and. we are going to see rounds of this throughout all of tonight, all of tomorrow and eventually into sunday and monday morning. when it's all said and done we could be talking about easily getting up to half an inch or an inch of total accumulation and that is have enough it starts to bring down power lines and snapped tree branches so we could be looking at a nasty situation. certainly something we will pay attention to throughout the next couple of days.
4:49 pm
laura: adam klotz a new member for "fox news" team. here is a warning take your words wisely greater electronic devices are always listening and now they might he used in a court of law. heroes pain should be to a fallen officer in florida.ully a that story still ahead. . panera. food as it should be. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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lauren: dahir adan blue was remembered in this orlando. hundreds of police officers deputy smathers packed the church for the funeral of officer debra clayton. your membership or shot and killed last week while trying to make contact with the fugitive who was suspected of shooting and killing his pregnant girlfriend. during her funeral öland as
4:53 pm
chief promoted her to a tenant and her name will be added to the local and national law enforcement memorial board and meanwhile the hunt is still on for that suspect markeith loyd. there is a 100,000-dollar reward now offered for information leading to his arrest. you might want to watch what you say around these gadgets. many devices monitor what you say that help you do things like search the internet but now investigators in arkansas want to get into the murder suspects amazon echo and that's in the hopes that the electronic personal assistance has clues about the crime. as you can imagine it's quite a controversial request. lisa sigell explains. >> from getting your own personalized weather forecast to playing music on cue digital personal assistance like
4:54 pm
amazon's alexa and apples theory can perform a growing number of tasks for you by just saying the command. >> it's good at isolating the person is speaking. >> what's more your voice prompts are often recorded stored and analyzed to help the gadgets adapt to you but most tech experts warn the convenience of never having to lift a finger can come with a trade-off. >> for an average user such as you or your friends you will never know that it's reporting. >> the wi-fi enabled device may know so much about you it could even hold clues to an unsolved murder. authorities in bentonville arkansas have asked amazon for help after they recovered an echo inside the crime scene. they believe it's possible that some of the events that took place into the early morning
4:55 pm
hours of this murder could have been recorded. >> amazon said it will not release customer information from its servers unless the company is legally required to do so. a bit merriment is that of the fight between law enforcement and apple over unlocking the iphone belonging to the san bernardino gunman. it doesn't matter if it's apple, amazon google microsoft samsung, the list goes on and on anything with voice recognition software. >> the experts say it opens you up to privacy concerns. you can disable many of the features however on the actual devices or through their software. just check the manufacturer's web site for this latest from dallas casey stegall "fox news." laura: alabama could grab a tiger by the tail and now those big cats are starting down the street. how clemson celebrated its first national title in decades. ♪
4:56 pm
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> there was a huge party today in south carolina as the clesm on football team celebrated its first football championship in 35 years. those guys are feeling good. 70,000 tigers fans are packing the stands sa at death valley stadium. that's how fox reports this saturday, january 14.
5:00 pm
i hope you join me from washington is a help anchor our special inauguration coverage. "watters world" starts right [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm your host jesse watters. earlier i sat down with tommy laren about what she thinks is going on with fake news. there is a specific strove swirling around you and we have to address it off the jump. >> let's do it, i'm an open book. >> your name is it tommy, tony? it's spelled in a strange texas way. i don't get it.


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