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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 24, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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that's it for us. "special report" is next. >> president trump calls a day one. he takes meetings with business and union leaders, signs executive orders, and sensitive top spokesman to answer questions for the first time. this is "special report" ." good evening prayer and welcome to washington. i am bret baier. it has not taken president donald trump long to jump into his new role feetfirst. on this first monday of this first week in office, the president set about fulfilling to fulfill -- campaign promises. business, trade, the economy. after a fiery weekend, his press
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secretary confronted a room full of reporters head-on. >> good evening to you. president trump had promised to hit the ground running and agree with what he did today or not, he certainly made good on the pledge. with a stroke of his executive pen, president donald trump fulfilled a central campaign promise and killed one of president obama's signature trade deals, the trans-pacific partnership. >> great thing for the american worker, what we just did. >> the action drew a sharp response from john mccain who tweeted "potus withdrawing from tpp is a serious mistake for america's economy and strategic position in the asia-pacific." meeting with union leaders, the president defended his actions, insisting tpp was not in america's best interests. >> you guys had a great job. >> the president also assigned to other executive orders, one in providing a hiring freeze on federal workers, the other reinstating the sioux the dashd
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mexican city policy. >> you are great people. >> trade and jobs for the prime focus. meeting with business leaders in the roosevelt room. the president pledged to reduce what he has called business killing regulations. he left open the possibility he might accept a cut to 20%, not his preferred 15. business leaders of expressed concerns about his repeated threat to slap huge tariffs on goods when corporations move manufacturing out of the united states. >> we did talk about the border tax quite a bit and we did talk about the sorts of industries that might be helped or hurt by that. i would take the president as at his word here. he's not going to do anything to harm competitiveness. >> could be more big changes ahead. in his first official weight house briefing, sean spicer indicated an executor border beginning the process to renegotiate nafta maybe just a head and didn't say no when asked if the president planned
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to green light two pipeline deals. >> i'm not going to get in front of the executive actions but i will tell you that areas like dakota and the keystone pipeline, areas that we can increase jobs, increased economic growth, and tap into america's energy supply more, that is something he's been clear about. >> spicer defended the weekend attack on the media arguing it was about more than whether the mlk bust had been removed from the oval office and reports about the crowd sizes for president trump's inauguration. >> he is fighting for jobs, fighting to make the country safer. when you are told that can be true, we doubt that you can do this, this one happened, and that is the narrative when you turn on television every slow day, it's a little frustrating. >> spicer's change in tone from his scorching of the press on saturday may seem to indicate that the white house is eager to move past its war with media and onto more substantive issues like reinvigorating the american auto industry which will be a
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big focus of president trump's morning, beginning early tomorrow. >> bret: see what happens on day two. thank you. as you can see from john's report the president's press secretary sean spicer showed his ground during his first briefing today, and he made an impassioned plea for the media to be fair. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> and his first white house briefing, president trump's press secretary defended his excoriation of the news media over the weekend for their reporting on the size of the inaugural crowd and other issues saying the real issue is a perceived pattern of hostile coverage. >> there is a constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has and i think it's unbelievably frustrating when you are continuing they told it's not big enough, not good enough. you can't win. >> spicer stood by his claim that the inaugural was the most-watched ever, counting in person and electronic viewership. he told reporters he will never intentionally lie from the podium, even as he acknowledged having passed along some white
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ridership figures provided by the inaugural committee that proved erroneous. spicer's tone was far more ingratiating than on saturday when he sharply criticized a "time" reporter for a erroneous report alleging the president had removed a bust of martin luther king that remains in the oval office. >> it was irresponsible and reckless. >> spicer took the media to task for their depictions of the inaugural crowd. >> intentionally framed in a way to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the national mall. >> on sunday journalists across the spectrum voiced dismay at spicer's performance. "the new york times" writer tweeted this is not a political campaign. it's not a game. this is now the white house lying to the american people. spicer's colleagues defended their decision to focus so soon after a largely successful inaugural on media bias. >> are you saying there is a conspiracy? sick others in session by the media to delegitimize theists
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president and we are in -- this president and we are not going to set around and let it happen. undermines the credit of the entire white house press corps. >> they are giving sean spicer, he gave alternative facts. >> fueling the fire was the president's visit on saturday to cia headquarters where mr. trump disputed inaugural crowd estimates and made clear his thief with the reporters did not end with the campaign. >> as you know, i have a running war with media. they are among the most dishonest human beings. >> while rebuking chuck todd for being overly dramatic, the white house appears to have taken a suggestion of his. skype seats through which reporters will be able to pose questions during the daily briefing. >> bret: let's get some thoughts on what could be seen as a rough start of that relationship. fox news media analyst and host
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of foxes -- howard kurtz. why do you think this has been drawn between president trump and the press? >> this president is a master of making the media the issue and revving up his supporters against the "dishonest press." this is a missed opportunity because he took the focus of his inaugural speech and the visit to the cia and put it on a site so issue of whether his crowd over president obama's crowd is bigger which most of the country doesn't care much about. yet we again saw, as in the campaign, trump dominating the news agenda and that wind up taking some attention away from the big women's marches across country. >> bret: that's why putting the spotlight on the issue? sticker maybe in part. we learned from during those rallies that trump cares about crowd sizes but this is about a proxy war about how the white house is covered. they have served notice that they are going to push back big time if there's a mistake, as with the time reporter in the mlk best for you can hear the
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frustration and sean spicer's voice as he talked about the negative media narrative. reince priebus ratcheted up. i have to confess i've never seen such widespread media hostility towards a new president. >> bret: i will say sean is getting pretty good reviews from the news briefing today, taking all the questions he could. will his statement on saturday e kind of relationship issue with this white house press corps? >> he had a strong outing today. sean spicer is a pro. he was put in a difficult position of having to go out there and delivered such a tough scolding to the media with a set of disputed facts. today he acknowledged one mistake about the level of subway ridership and said the media make mistakes all the time but we shouldn't necessarily assume that they are intending to deceive. he would like to be treated the same way. the good news, both sides dial
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it down and were more constructive. >> bret: a truce perhaps? to go well, president trump has a twitter account and he's not afraid to use it. i'm still excising a pretty rough ride. >> bret: howard, thank you. president trump still waiting on the senate to stalk his cabinet. senators are debating they trump pick for cia chief and are moving slowly on some of the others. michael rubio on the senate floor. mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight with the latest. >> good evening. the senate is debating mike pompeo's nomination to be cia director with republicans. as he would not confirm friday. rex tillerson's nomination to be the next secretary of state was approved by the foreign relations committee, 11-10, a short time ago. hours ahead of the foreign relations committee vote senator marco rubio announced he is backing rex tillerson's nomination to be secretary of state. "it would be against our national interest to have this confirmation unnecessarily
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delayed or embroiled in controversy. therefore despite my reservations i will support mr. tillerson's nomination." john mccain and lindsey graham said yesterday they intend to support tillerson. >> he said when america doesn't lead, other people will. the vacuum is always filled by bad actors pretties that we have to have a foreign policy that engages the world. we need to lead from the front. >> democrats have slowed the process. on fox news sunday, mitch mcconnell signaled confidence. >> there is great enthusiasm. >> tillerson has won over skeptical national security republicans, mccain wasn't ready to express our utmost confidence in the new president. >> i do not know, because he has made so many comments that are contradictory but i think the fact that he has appointed and nominated these outstanding individuals is bound to be an encouraging sign.
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>> tempers flared friday between senate democratic leader chuck schumer and arkansas republican senator tom cotton with republicans accusing schumer of breaking his word to confirm pompeo. along with james mattis and homeland security secretary john kelly. the incident reported by the weekly standard and involved cotton getting in schumer's face about speech. when schumer told cotten if he had been in the senate eight years ago he would know that the cia director wasn't confirmed on inauguration day. cotton fired back "eight years ago, i was getting my ass shot at in afghanistan, so don't talk to me about where i was eight years ago." >> we collect the swamp cabinets. billionaires and bankers. it's very simple. there are more people with huge financial holdings which they have to divest under law so they
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don't have conflicts of interest. >> >> after the cabinet, there e supreme court nomination. schumer is promising a tooth and nail fight against whomever the president nominates. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. president trump has selected former republican congresswoman heather wilson to be secretary of the air force. wilson served five terms in congress from new mexico. she was an air force officer in europe during the 1980s. wilson would be the first air force academy graduate to serve as air force secretary if confirmed by the senate. one of the trump administration officials not subject to senate confirmation may already be under investigation to make. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon to tell us who it is and why. >> good evening. a white house spokesperson said he is unaware of any investigation into mike flynn's contacts with the russian government.
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sean spicer said the president would not interfere with any investigation. >> i don't believe he has spoken to anyone about that and i don't know that he has not made in the indication he would stop an investigation of any sort. >> senior law enforcement sources confirm flynn's medications with the russian government have been examined as part of a broad counterintelligence investigation that began five months ago. "the wall street journal" first report of the investigation which is focusing on conversations between flynn and the russian ambassador. in late december, include one conversation on a summer 29th, the same day president obama announced sanctions and the expulsion of 35 russians who the obama white house said were spies. the president's actions were in response to russian hacking efforts to disrupt the u.s. election. spicer said he spoke to flynn last night and there are two phone calls in question which he and the investor exchanged christmas greetings, spoke about a peace conference in syria, and try to arrange an upcoming post
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inauguration call between president trump and vladimir putin. flynn's contact with the investor may have violated the logan act which bars u.s. citizens from negotiating without authorization with foreign governments that have a dispute with the united states. on the other hand, flynn was the incoming national security advisor and it's his job to discuss national scaredy matters with his foreign -- national security matters. >> bret: officials from the u.s. and russia are still trying to get together on when the two leaders are going to get together. amy kellogg is live. early tuesday morning in moscow. hello, amy. >> hi, bret. first there needs to be a phone call and when that does happen it will be the third, i believe, between the two leaders. in the middle of the first to come up there was a letter from
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president putin to trump urging him to restore the currently sorry state of relations between the two countries. now, the two sides are working feverishly to nail down a phone date. in the meantime, it's fair to say i think that russia's tone has really been defined, insisting that the united states respect russia, its history, and its interests and often frankly implying that the u.s. has been to blame for all that has gone wrong so far. the fear among some in washington is that president trump will rush to drop the sanctions on russia as part of a grand bargain involving further nuclear disarmament and that will give moscow the green light to continue its activities in ukraine unchecked. some senators from both parties are already trying to block that from happening. russia has acknowledged that drums promise to put america's interests first dovetails with its own russian nationalist policy. the jury is still out as to whether trump has what it takes
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to pull off the ultimate reset. >> in foreign affairs, he's very naive, very single-minded perso person. but his pragmatic attitude may be helpful in overcoming those serious traditions. >> one troubling tweet from a moscow councilman the other day was "it's done. trump is now president. america is ours." i have to say generally the tone has been one of a desire for cooperation in the future, working to defeat international terrorism, isis, sorting out the situation in syria and then coming up with some mutually beneficial business deals and investments, things that could really improve a lot of people in both countries. >> bret: live in moscow, early
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tuesday morning. amy, thank you. syrian rebels met with representatives of bashir al-assad. the u.s. is not officially involved. there was trouble early. the head of the rebels called for putting pro-government militia groups on the list of terrorist organizations. the government envoy called the speech provocative and insolent. the u.s. aircraft carrier george h.w. bush set sail for the middle east today on president trump's full day, as he called it, in office. it happened saturday. the ship pulled out of port in norfolk, virginia. the bush carrier strike group has, much of nearly 6,000 personnel. deployment of the force was delayed about a month for maintenance. speaking of george w. bush, there's good news for the former president and his wife, barbara. mr. bush is to be moved out of intensive care at a houston
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hospital soon. the family tweeted out a thank you for prayers and support this afternoon. the 92-year-old former president has impressed his doctors with his fight against pneumonia. >> the fact that he is doing so well, five days after the event that caused him to need to be intubated, is a testament to the pulmonary team that's been taking care of him. the doctor and nurses and icu staff and also him. he's a strong person. he's not your average 92-year-old. >> bret: that's good to hear. former first lady barbara bush was discharged from the hospital today after being treated for bronchitis. up next, what's next for the anti-trump movement after the women's marches this weekend? first from some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 7 in austin for a u.s. supreme court rejects an appeal
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from texas to restore the state's voter i.d. law. a lower court ruled is to screw majority. the high court said it could take up the case again. it is still working its way through courts. atlanta cleans up after devastating storms. a tornado made a direct hit on a trailer park in albany, georgia. the death toll in central georgia, 15. this is a live look at santa monica, california, from our affiliate fox 11. the big story there tonight is also the weather. historic rainfalls in southern california sunday. powerful storms drenched that region, downing trees and fighting freeways. waves of up to 18 feet were reported in the pacific ocean and have these inoculations reported in the san gabriel mountains. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report."
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>> bret: we are learning more tonight about just who may have been behind sponsoring at least several groups that took part in saturday's women's march, marches around the country and here in washington. peter doocy tells us it's also unclear whether the anti-trump movement will go on indefinitely. >> more than 3 million americans spent this saturday protesting president trump, according to a pair of professors who did the math but now there are questions about how this movement is going to maintain momentum since women weren't just rallying around a single issue. >> reproductive rights are human rights. >> we reject the dehumanization of our muslim brothers and sisters. >> let's talk about the economy
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because that's a woman's issue. >> some conservative critics aren't sure there's enough cohesiveness to keep bringing big crowds out to protest. >> we don't know if this movement is going to be a one-time deal or something that's going to be long-term because as we know with liberal democrats at this point, they've lost the direction of their party. >> democrats argued this kind of broad approach is working. >> they were saying that the issues that impact women impact the nation. >> the timing of these massive marches was puzzling to the new president who tweeted "watched protest yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election paired why didn't these people vote? celebs hurt cause badly." later, "peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. "their cause has been bankrolled by george soros who's donated millions of dollars to more than 50 of this weekend's participants including planned parenthood, and double acp.
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there have been false reports about his involvement. supporting a wide range of organizations, including women and minorities. they women's march makes a promise on its web site "we worked peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equality for all." but all were apparently not welcomed on saturday paired >> we know many pro-life groups who tried to apply. they were accepted at first for the march and then afterwards when they found out who these groups were. they were denied access to go into the march. >> is not clear today either how different the women's march was from other marches because its web site is asking people to print out a blank post card, write what they are most concerned about, and send it to their senator which is something about every protest group asks members to do. >> president trump c has a
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ten-point -- says he has a ten-point plan. >> i have the legal authority to take actions. >> president obama didn't wait for congress to rewrite immigration laws and neither will president trump. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> white house spokesman sean spicer said today president trump already asked for money to build the wall. >> he's doing everything he can under direct agencies and congress to commence with the work as soon as possible. >> the secure fence act of 2006 called for 800 miles of double fencing. steel mesh or concrete like this. the primary fence there, erode, and the secondary fence. instead we only got 50 miles. president trump could use the existing authorization to start planning for his wall. out of almost 2,000 miles, the u.s. installed 250 miles of single fencing in the border states and 300 miles of
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barriers, according to customs and border protection. the existing fence includes all of metal, steel mesh, vertical poles. a wall, trump argues, is more effective. >> the idea of restricting movement, protecting american jobs and in terms of actually preventing movement at the border, building a wall is not a very effective strategy. >> when fences are backed by agents, cameras, sensors, evidence show walls stop immigrants and deter others. central american children and families account for nearly half of all arrests. president trump promised to end of the catch and release policy. >> they can be returned and when that starts happening, people are going to get the idea that it's not so easy to show up here and claim asylum. >> spicer didn't address
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deporting children and families but said the new administration would go after criminal aliens. >> we need to focus on those in the country illegally and have a record, a criminal record, or pose a threat to the american people. >> william la jeunesse, fox news. >> bret: the trump immigration policy is prompting some changes in what he has traditionally -- what is traditionally a very democratic state. >> president trump foreshadowed how he plans to crackdown on illegal immigrants. >> will expand and revitalize partnerships will help identify hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens in local jail jails. that we don't even know about. >> the program which aims to train local law enforcement to partner with federal immigration and forces will likely see a
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boost as the new administration takes the reins. dozens of local agencies are already participating. among the latest to sign on, the plymouth and bristol county sheriff's departments in traditionally blue massachusett massachusetts. >> it's a time-saver and a lifesaver. prevents someone who might go out and kill someone who we wouldn't get to in time. >> the officers will be able to look at criminal records, run prints, and detain inmates on immigration violations. the officers can initiate the deportation process so illegal immigrants would not be released until ice steps in to determine what comes next. >> it is smart policing. we are taking individuals arrested for criminal violations by the local agencies and taking action against them. >> opponents argued the program will have a chilling effect on immigrants heavy communities.
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>> want to take a person who was a local official and train them and deputize them to be literally federal agents, people become afraid of the police. people become afraid to report crime, to collaborate, and to ask for help. >> partners in the programs that only people who should be intimidated are those here illegally and arrested for a crime. bret. >> bret: thank you. a down day on wall street. nasdaq was off 2. state department says it still does not know who ordered an edit of a question and answer during a briefing dealing with the iran nuclear deal. it concerns a portion of portie 2013 press briefing, video and which james rosen asked about secret negotiations between the obama administration and iran. judicial watch has received more documents from its freedom of information act request. some of the findings, despite 34 people being interviewed, no one
1:31 am
knows who made the call. state department claims do not have a record of calls made to the video technician on the day of that deletion. the department also says the deletion did not raise what it calls policy concerns. we will follow a number of investigations. the new president gets right to work, signing executive orders, meeting with business and union leaders and is always upsetting his critics. we will l l l l
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♪ >> our intention is never to lie to you. i will tell you the facts as i know. if we make a mistake, i will do my best to correct it. it is bigger don't be so overdramatic about it, chuck. what you're saying is a falsehood. you are giving sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative effects through that. >> weight, alternative facts? look, alternative facts are not facts. >> the trump team has to understand, this is not a one-day event. every day, they are going to have absolute hostility from the propaganda bring up the left. >> if they waited on the spats,
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the public will get immune to the message they are trying to convey. >> bret: as we said, sean spicer's first press briefing and the press briefing room, he stood by his claim that the inaugural was the most watched ever, including in-person and electronic viewing together. he was asked why focus on this issue. >> it is not just about a crowd size. it's about this constant, he is not going to run, then, he runs, he will drop up. there is no way he could win pennsylvania, there is no way he can run back michigan. there is this constant theme to undercut the enormous report that he has. i think it is just unbelievably frustrating, when you are continually told it is not big enough, it is not good enough, you can't win. hold on. i think it is important. he is going out there and defying the odds over and over and over again. >> bret: that is clear. he has won. we are back with the panel.
1:50 am
mara, you were in that room. there weren't a lot of questions, there were some questions about that from saturday, the crowd and the mlk bus and all of that. a lot of it was substantive. >> it was an absolutely typical briefing. sean spicer did everything he could to redeem himself from saturday. he was funny, he kept her eyes smiling, he was a little bit of complaining in that club you just played. he was informative, he answered the questions, he didn't get into shouting matches. i thought it was fine. actually, everything he listed was how trump was underestimated. isn't that a great story line? is not go to? he beat the odds every time. but it sounds like the president doesn't like bad box office. he doesn't like bad reviews. he really cares how the size of its assets, the crowds, finances, buildings, are described. >> i think republicans often have been really poor storytellers. numbers are brittle things, when you talk about gdp, numbers of jobs created. human stories matter. the democrats are usually very
1:51 am
good at this. they bring up the anecdotes i'm a kid on the hug and a smile. so, i think the obsession with the numbers is a little too muc much. i think today, you saw them turn from the brutal, sterile numbers to the people. human stories. lives are going to be changed for the better. your health care premiums are going to go down. you're going to have a better chance of a manufacturing job in his country. we are going to save the unborn -- much more tangible things that whether there is plastic on the mall or not. none of that stuff matters. it's okay. this is the beginning. people are just starting. people got to cut him a little bit of a break here. they are turning away from that and i think that is a good thing. >> bret: and the more that today that you call a good day happens, the more breathing room he has. right? >> it was a terrific day. it should have been day one. we should erase the memories of saturday. look, spicer got something unusual in life. he got a second chance to make a first impression.
1:52 am
and he did very well. i think, to some extent, people will forget saturday, unless he does it again. look, the point about saturday isn't an obsession about numbers, it is the fact that this is an issue utterly trivial. everybody understood that. it isn't spicer who decided to go storming into the briefing room, go into this ranch where he got half the facts wrong, over numbers, and people kept scratching their heads, "who cares." the answer, trump cares. a week and a half ago, he tweeted out something about arnold schwarzenegger's ratings on an "apprentice" and how he did better. it's an obsession of his that is not right, it is not attractive, it really hurt his cause saturday. that was one day. that was sort of the day minus one. now, he is up to a good start. >> bret: steve. >> one of the reasons that donald trump is elected president he is because he promised to do things differently. when they do things differently
1:53 am
like they did today, and made the announcement that they made that they will be taking skype questions from reporters outside the beltway. >> bret: let me play that sound bite. it is expanding the press briefing, who is allowed in. take a lesson. >> as you know, we are all about big viewership's and large audiences here. so, i want to tell you about an effort that we are undertaking here in the press briefing room to offer up more access to a group of journalists from around the country. beginning later this week, i am excited to announce that we will have four, what we call skype seats. life here in the briefing room. this will open up the briefing to journalists who live beyond 50 miles of the washington, d.c., area and to organizations that don't currently have a hard past. >> bret: okay. >> a great idea. long overdue. the kind of unconventional thinking that trump promised on the pupil embrace. saturday was an example of the opposite, it was a crazy day, from what trump said at the cia,
1:54 am
the extemporaneous rambling that he did there, to what sean spicer did when he read that statement. i agree with what has been said here. today was not just a good day for sean spicer, it was a great day for sean spicer. there were some things that he said that i disagree with and that people would take issue with. overall, he showed a facility with policy and details with policy. >> bret: remember, he used to be with the trade rep as a spokesperson. so, he knows the inside out of trade really well. and numbers and immigration, too. >> he was able to come back with detailed answers on the fly that we haven't seen from recent white house press secretary spray that is very impressive. it will serve him well, if he continues to do that, if he is giving statements to go out and read, where he is not arguing with the media, arguing with reality, that is a problem. >> what they said about war, this is going to be warfare between many in the press, not all, but many enterprise and the administration. it gets me ready, we need to accept it. he was terrific today.
1:55 am
>> war? >> not today. >> is a little bit of a detente. mostly, people don't like them. most of the people laughed at him. most of the people thought he wasn't going to be president. that is okay. it is just the way it is going to be. i think the more you do stuff, they are going to have to cover it. they have to cover him going into the inner cities, what he will be doing with nafta, all of this stuff. >> bret: mara, he is breaking the mold, but there is a mold that he will flood into. >> there is a mold. i say this over and over again. reality television without the television. we are entering reality. he is going to have to pass stuff, like a trillion dollars of infrastructure, he can get his own party to get on board with that. he will be judged by the old-fashioned metrics. he can break the mold but he can't break the criteria that he will be judged by in two or four years, which is, did he produce more jobs, our people safer, are the household incomes growing? those are immutable, i think. >> bret: finish line.
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that is it for the panel. stay tuned for an .tay tuned for an . .
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♪ >> bret: finally, tonight, a good story to and on. a ten day inauguration ball is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most. one couple made the most of it. at the armed forces ball, marine and two time purple heart recipient popped the question to
1:58 am
his fiancee while the new president of the united states danced just a few feet away. he told the independent journal review his now fiance helped him through multiple life-threatening injuries and his struggles with alcohol and drugs after leaving the service. he summed it up simply saying, "she makes me a whole person." apparently, he asked her to "make his life great again." she said, yes. we want to congratulate them. what a way to start. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the first 100 days" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. now. >> we are going to put a lot of people back to work. we will use common sense and do it the way it's supposed to be
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done. >> president trump delivering on key campaign promises promises e executives on the fist day. he's just beginning, what's on the agenda today, keep jobs in the united states. heather: there's a new sheriff in town sean spicer hitting the reset button and putting reporters in their place. >> i'm going to come out to you and tell you the facts as i know them and if we make a mistake, i will do my best to correct it. there are many mistakes the media makes all of the time. heather: the changes that he layed out to the daily press briefing. >> is this the message we want to send to our kids, the city facing fierce backlash for a black lives matter curriculum. "fox & friends first" start right now.
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♪ ♪ heather: wakes up to a rainy city. clayton: we will get an update later. heather: good morning, everyone, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm heather childers. clayton: and i'm clayton morris. heather: meeting with other ceos, the latest on his docket as he works to keep jobs in america. clayton: kristin fisher live in washington, d.c. with what we can expect today. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather and clayton. one of the top priorities is not