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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 28, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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ke. talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> eric: it's been another busy day at the white house. president trump assigned a series of executive orders one day after the extreme vetting system that has led to the detention of at least one dozen refugees and green card holders. they arrived at the us airport this afternoon. eric shawn and a brand-new order of news headquarters. president trump is on the phone with the prime minister of australia. it's one of five today. the president speakingby phone with leaders of japan , germany and france.most notably
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vladimir putin. the kremlin saying that in their conversation both presidents putin and trump stressed the need for greater cooperation and agreed to keep in contact regularly. kristin fisher joins us live. what more can you tell us, kristen. >> two big things happening. phone calls from world leaders and the signing of three more executive orders. in terms of the phone calls, the one that gets the most is the one with vladimir putin. we are waiting for the white house to release its version but the kremlin is described as a productive phone call in which the two leaders keep in regular contact. it's top priority to cooperate and coordinate the efforts to defeat isis and other groups. as for the executive orders, the three that were just signed ãall three are aimed at fulfilling campaign promises to drain the swamp and defeat isis.
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one imposes a five year ban on lobbying for administration appointees in a lifetime ban on foreign governments. the third would order the defense department to submit its plan to defeat isis and president trump put a deadline on it. he wants the plan within 30 days so he assigned 17 executive orders during his first eight days in office. that is a heavy workload and that's something he wanted to highlight in his first weekly address. watch? >> this administration has hit the ground running at a record pace. everyone is talking about it. we do it with speed and we do it with intelligence and we will never ever stop fighting on behalf of the american people. >> one more thing. one thing noticeably absent from the call, according to the kremlin, was any mention of the us easing sanctions on russia. we will see if that story sticks when the white house
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releases itsversion of what was said . that could come at any time. >> it is a point that is on alert for a number of members of congress and world leaders. kristin, thank you so much. legal residents and visa holders from muslim majority countries are currently returning from travel outside the us and are now being turned away from us flights. this is after president trump signed new vetting measures suspending refugee arrivals and imposing a 90 day travel ban from countries with terrorism concerns.the president says it's needed to keep out islamic radical terrorists. washington officials react to the new presidents extreme vetting program. live here now with the latest, garrett? >> president trump wants to take a long hard look at the nation's vetting process. in the executive order he has directed the department of
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state and homeland security to review the current screening for anyone interesting the countries. also to come up with a list of countries that don't provide all the information necessary to properly vet them. on the pentagon on friday ãall of this is simply about protecting america from radical islamic terrorists. we don't want him here. we want to ensure that we are not admitting the very threats of soldiers that they are fighting with overseas. we only want to admit those into the country who are supporting our country and loving deeply our people. >> republicans are standing behind the efforts. house speaker paul ryan said number one responsibility is to protect the homeland. we will have a compassionate nation and i will support the program but it's time to reevaluate and strengthen the
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process. president trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know who is entering the country. democrats are rallying and against the president over this order. nancy pelosi said as the statue of liberty holds her torch there are tears in her eyes as she sees how low the administration has stooped in the callousness towards mothers and children escaping war-torn syria. this administration has mistaken cruelty for strength and prejudice for strategy. several groups including care, the council on islamic american relations announced they plan to file federal lawsuits challenging his executive order next week. >> thank you, garrett.>> house republicans airs concern about how to repeal obama care without falling out of favor with voters. lawmakers voice their opinions at a closed-door meeting. the recording of the session
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was first obtained by the "washington post". it reveals how lawmakers expressed doubt. the party could be criticized if leaders in the losing coverage. it's something that congress says will happen. carolann shively has more. >> republican meeting first reported with california congressman tom mcclintock summing up republican hopes and fears about replacing obama care this way. we had better be sure that we are prepared to live with the market we've created. republicans only and will be judged less than two years away. republicans hear from constituents that they like the affordable care act like letting dependents in healthcare until they turn 26. middle-class families get crushed by the premiums. >> a big hang up is to not get
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in the trap of rolling back coverage. if they get an implant that leads to people not having healthcare insurance that could have a political cul-de-sac from which it would be hard to extract themselves. >> president trump got the ball rolling with executive orders to evaluate portions of the law that's too costly. that's where congress comes and. >> it's not the republicans problem. it was caused by the democrats. we feel an obligation to fix it and we are committed to fix it.
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they will join us with more on what the members said at the meeting and the challenges that they are facing. the two leaders had a phone conversation yesterday as tensions began between the us and mexico escalating over who will pay for the wall. two leaders take the debate of twitter. >> earlier this week, president trump signed an executive order directing construction of the wall to start immediately and that is thanks to hundred million homeland security budget for fencing and infrastructure. the biggest question now is airing on twitter and how do you expect mexico to reimburse theunited states for the wall? time and time again , donald
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trump promised mexico would pay for the wall. the administration voted the idea for a 20 percent tax on all mexican imports and they later walked it back. president trump and president nieto met last week but that was canceled over the dispute. take a listen. >> to that end, thepresident of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week . unless mexico is going totreat the united states fairly , with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> president trump says the call wentwell . the 20 percent tax on all imported goods would hit companies more than it would mexico. it passes them on to consumers so take a look at the
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representative kevin brady. >> what i heard today from this president was that it's a tax reform that they level the playing field for imports from around the world. they level it with the products and it's here in america at the same rate. sean says the administration could go in another way and it uld cost between 12 ã$28 million. >> okay. thank you very much. it's a dramatic rescue. what happens if the pickup truck catches fire on the highway? democrats proposing a plan to spend $1 million to inject new plans in the infrastructure. how trump and republicans are reacting to the proposal. >> we have a lot more on the republicanretreat . here to discuss the fate of obama care, that is next.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. a judge rules that states can require they label round up as
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a possible cancer threat. california could become the first state to order this kind of labeling. two new yorkers charged in a ticket scaling selling scam. the two men resold tickets for thousands of dollars and conned investors out of tens of millions of dollars. the two men were arrested yesterday on charges of conspiracy, fraud and wire fraud. a dramatic rescue on the interstate and san antonio. pulling a man out of a burning vehicle. his pickup truck lost control. the truck ended up sideways after it was hit by a bus. it caught fire. the man survived. a closed-door meeting at the republican retreat.deep concern for lawmakers about their effort to repeal obama care. expressing doubts on how to do that.
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president trump is urging them to move quickly. putting more political pressure on the democrats before the midterm elections two years from now. >> everytime they tell you about obamacare , we take them out of the big jam. we put ourselves at risk to a certain extent. we take it off the platter. i think we have no choice. i think we have no choice. we have to get going. i think it will explode like you've never seen an explosion. no one will be able to go forward. david hawkins joins us as the senior editor. david, the republicans have been confident but the tapes contradict that. in public they have been
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confident about the pledge to replace it. certainly confident about their pledge to repeal it. it's become something of a running joke in washington and republicans have voted like 35 times two repeal the's no secret while the tape may have been made secretly and without the knowledge of the members ãit's no secret all that the republican members of congress have never reached a consensus about how it should be replaced. how much should be replaced and how it should be replaced. it's a way they don't become complainers and be left on the cold. no consensus. three ãfive years of trying has never reach an agreement. >> they would have these private discussions and it's interesting. who could have done this? why would they have done this and is there a purpose ?
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i undermining themselves? what does your gut say? it's a great question. members of congress see it's republican house members and senators. they were out of town and in philadelphia. it's a case where the republicans meet among themselves all the time. it's ways where the press is not invited. staffers are invited and support staff. who would've done this?i wish i knew. i wish they sent it to me. they did not. >> we see the president in the oval office. this phone call is of australia. he is discussing a variety of international issues. it's in the office as he conducts a very busy and active
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working saturday david. >> it's a very busy day. also dealing with obama care. what is the present do? how does he react to the republican members of congress and what they said about the plans on capitol hill. he seems very confident to get something done. >> he does. i think republicans are looking to him totake the lead and i think they would love it if he proposed a replacement . as i said, they have not been able to come to a consensus. this is the clichc that comes to is a clichc. the dog that catches the bus. the republicans have been running after this moment for several years and they finally got there. now there is no choice but to come up with a solution and i have to believe that the voters will be quite annoyed if they don't do the repeal and replace part. what is a challenge is that it's easy.
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it's a way to reveal with simple majorities and without going down the procedural rabbit hole ãthe only way to replace it is with super majorities. it can't be just republican votes. it will take democratic votes. getting the 60votes to actually change the law . whatever they do will have to be some bipartisan cast to it and they can't ever figure out what it should be. they reach out to get the democratic support. >> democrats will not cave on planned parenthood. the newly elected upstate new york conservative was quoted as saying this ãhealth insurance will be tough enough to deal with without having millions of people on social media come to planned parenthood's defense and sending hundreds and thousands on the committee.
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i would just urge us to rethink this.he is looking ahead. he saying ãhere are some of the potholes and pitfalls. you think they will finally, they mold the clay of legislation and they make the proverbial sausage which is not pretty to look at ãto these concerns enter into it and will it be addressed? >> i think he is right on politically. he comes fresh off thecampaign and he knows , as a campaigner, don't add things to your plate if you don't need to add it. don't addadditional ingredients . i think what i hear him say is that it will be difficult enough for the health insurance system. don't complicate that. it's a cultured soldier social
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issue. it goes right to abortion rights and antiabortion. you will compound something that is difficult. stay away. >> what you think will happen? do you think it will roll out in a few months? what will it look like? >> i think the pressure will be intense. but we haven't mentioned is in addition to thevoters , so are the uncertainty. it will annoy them and anchor them so repealing without replacing will infuriate the insurance company. i think they will have tofigure something out. obviously they wait for tom price , the house colleague from georgia. it's a bit of a slow go. once that happens, the pressure will be very intense to do something by the summer.
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>> by the summer we will see what roles out. david, thank you for the analysis. sausage making and legislation and how it gets all done. >> thank you. the kremlin has made a statement. >> about a phone call between trump and vladimir putin. it's an agreement made between the two powers. it's a protest at jfk airport. it's two iraqi men detained upon arrival. it's the bottom of the quarter.
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iran's prime minister saying it will issue limits to lisa's. this is one day after president trump signed an executive order banning non-us citizens from
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seven muslim countries including iran from entering the us for 90 days.meanwhile, iran's president says today is not the time for building walls between nations. >> devastating wildfire they are. 11 people have been killed so far after the fire has burned 900,000 acres. nearly 120 wildfires remain active in the southern part of that country. >> serena williams clenching the record-setting grand slam. the single tighter. she beat her older sister at at the australian open and she moves ahead for the most major. >> foxes alert says 27 people have been detained or sent home as a result of the trump refugee band. the new action has sparked protest. this one at john f. kennedy airport here in new york city. that's where to iraq he refugees were detained last night under president trump's new order that temporarily bars
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refugees from seven muslim nations. the man who was detained happens to be a us former army translator. he was released a few hours ago while 11 other people remain detained at jfk. the american civil liberties union has filed a lawsuit against the order charging it as illegal. brian is live at the airport with more on the development and demonstration that we could see continues. >> 11 people continue to be detained. they came from the seventh band countries under president trump's executive order and he bans immigrants and refugees from the seven countries. these are people who were allowed to board a were planes and visas and green cards.
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they allowed them to board the flights and see the united states with no longer valid flights because of the executive order. the activists say the lawyers are unable to many of them except for one of the refugees. his name is the iraqi national high beer. he is a 33-year-old man that landed last night. he was here to reunite with his wife and son. you have the protest here. it's grown from a few ãmaybe a
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dozen at noon to hundreds. they are there at the parking garage outside terminal four. they are determined. they want to make sure that these 11 refugees are released. whenasked about this today , let's take a listen to the congressman nadler and congresswoman velasquez who spoke on behalf of the protesters. >> the people who are in the area should not be taken into makes no sense. the timing of the order, whether it's one day earlier or one day later it's entirely based on happenstance. >> they have been detained's the argument that jerry and i in the international refugee assistance project is making. i am begging you to go and revisit this. it is ill-advised, mean-spirited.
2:32 pm
there is a lot of confusion as to who will be held and who will not. many people were in the air and they landed to find out the documentation was not valid and now you have activists wondering who else is on the list. they thought it was just a refugee band and now they see those with green cards and visas are being detained. boarding the plane in cairo will prevent them from board the planes that are us bound because of the new order.
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a short while ago with president trump only phone call and amy kellogg has the story from moscow. >> the kremlin has began to release some details about the anticipated phone conversation between putin and trump. they claimed an awful lot and they are and it seems they did not get to the issue of sanctions on russia. it's an issue that divides the republican party and also the removal to be a bonus in tension between the us and the european allies. it's under the minsk accords before the sanctions go. the french president brought that up to trump and a subsequent phone call in it was a very busy day for the us president working. the call with putin lasted three quarters of an hour. president putin congratulated president trump on becoming president of the united states. the two expressed a mutual desire to improve the
2:34 pm
us/russian relationships. the priority was fighting terrorism and according to the kremlin, they say the coordinating actions are despite other groups in syria and they discussed the situation in syria more broadly and spoke about ukraine. they talked about iran's nuclear program and the situation on the insula. they would like to see more beneficial trades and stronger economic ties between the two countries. russia's sovereign fund says after the call is already teeing up about 10 key projects with potential for cooperation between the two. they agreed they will remain closely in touch and start workingout the details , time and place of a future meeting. >> amy kellogg thank you very much from the report from moscow.back at home, authorities in iowa investigate how the pipeline ruptured. it spilled hundred $40,000 of diesel. it happens to be the most
2:35 pm
diesel spilled. president trump signed the order with two big pipeline projects including the dakota pipeline and the keystone pipeline. the leaking fuel pulled in a farm field in iowa and you can see the trucks were called in and they were able to remove the field and contaminated soil. what about the claims that russian tried to influence the us election. what they said and what it means for relations with moscow.
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at risk for prediabetes. many of the healthy way adults who are inactive are also potentially succumbing to that. one third of american adults say the studies of elevated blood sugar. the researchers conducted the study and they say the data shows there is a correlation between me exercise and a high level. we have to get off the seat and get off the treadmill or the bike fast. this is true >> have to get moving.cancer death rates are on the decline. a new study finds overall mortality for cancer is down20 percent . thatsince 1980 .
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this is seen in certain counties like colorado ski country and along the coast. cancer increased dramatically and what is being called a hotspot. here is the lead medical director for medstar health and national spokesperson for the american college of the emergency physicians. thank you for being here.tell us where the hotspots areand why the cancer rates are not going down . >> it's actually that they look at cancer death rates. it's what doctors have known for a while. there is a big health disparity and it has to do with access of care and things like that. there were certain areas if you look for certain counties and kentucky and other areas in the south.some in texas and higher cancer death rates. if you look at lung cancer, the deathrates were much higher in these counties . we know about one third of
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chronic disease and cancers are attributed to lifestyle and things like smoking or obesity. >> what is the fix?we can't just let people in those parts of the country just fall by the wayside. how do you help them? >> it's a four-year study stopping around 2014. we don't really know what the expanded healthcare and affordable care act might be but part of it is access to care like preventions and screenings. mammograms and colonoscopies. it's important to get early detention detection to increase's access to healthcare. the hope is that by expanding healthcare we will see if we continue studies that may be there is an impact or a difference.
2:43 pm
lifestyle and personal responsibility in the things you do is very important. >> the cancer rate outside of those zones are down. tell us why that's happening. >> i think some people are taking screening exams and the american cancer society and the national canceler institute has really tried hard to tell people to get these preventative screenings and like colonoscopies.the top three were lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. getting things like mammograms and things like colonoscopies help the cancer early and help with the cure rate. >> doctor believe you there. thank you for your advice. >> my pleasure. >> it's been a busy saturday. he has had several executive orders with phone calls and world leaders. perhaps the most important is
2:44 pm
the one that is he is on the telephone with right there playback among putin. what they talked about and what they did not mention. the general is here to weigh in on the implications of that critical conversation. >>
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. democrats unveiling their plan
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to spend $1 million to rebuild the nation's bridges and roads. challenging president trump to join them. republicans could throw up a roadblock over concerns about massive government spending. the chief political correspondent has more from washington >> we will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports. >> seizing on the inaugural addressreiterating campaign promises to repair the aging infrastructure , democrats unveiled a plan to spend $1 trillion. >> he campaigned on a promise for bigger and better infrastructure. this plan is the way to make it happen. >> among others, democrats spend $210 billion for roads and bridges.
2:49 pm
it increases the national debt. persuading his colleagues. dropping the infrastructure and getting on board with a plan. mitch mcconnell doused ice water on the democrats plan. it's a bunch of federal accounts. not building projects to speak of.
2:50 pm
not increasing the debt and republicans want to see the fine print.reducing the national debt and doing both will be difficult. it's only the beginning of the infrastructure battle that will run all year. in washington, carlcameron , fox news.>> president trump holding the first sit down with a foreign leader. she made it very clear to the president is that she thinks he should follow her lead when it comes to vladimir putin. as far as the uk's concern in relationto the activities in the ukraine , we have been very clear that we want to see the agreement fully implemented and we believe the sanction should continue until we see the agreement implemented.
2:51 pm
the president spoke with putin. you see it right there.the video taken outside the oval office with him having the conversation. the two talked about the need to build a closer relationship. they statement made no mention of possibly lifting sanctions against russia. general kane, these phone calls ãas you know ba list of talking points and major issues. do you think anything substantive came out of the issue? >> i think first of all, we are pretty much any place where president bush found himself at the beginning of his administration.resident obama did as well. that is to try to improve the relations withrussia and the principal leader , vladimir putin.
2:52 pm
both of those efforts have failed. it remains to be seen what will happen here. i suspect the personal relationship which is pretty contaminated between obama and putin, will improve between trump and putin. largely because they are strong, decisive leaders and they will be a measure of regard for that.
2:53 pm
russia was undermining our election in this country. there is challenges out there for russia has not toldthe truth about that .
2:54 pm
it's a common enemy being radical islam. the whole reason why they went into afghanistan had to do with radical islam. it turned out to be a failure. there are opportunities there but russia is tramplingon the national interest and as they continue the aggressive behavior, despite the cooperation , i don't see how it improves at all.>> they also probably discuss the meeting between the two. do you think there should be that? >> even with the russians aggression and invasion and apparent interference in the election? >> yes. absolutely. these are important leaders in the world.
2:55 pm
face-to-face communication is a lot better than on the phone. ofcourse they should . we have major differences. that is the start of effective communication that could lead to some change. we will see. president trump has a reputation of being the expert negotiator. he will be able to apply those skills with vladimir putin. >> general, thank you. we will hopefully get some more details of what the two leaders talked about. we will bring it to you when we get it. >> an aggressive agenda and what is in the works with darrell islip. he attended the republican retreat where the plans were laid out. >> the mayor has a sanctuary city vowing to fight back against thepresident's executive order. he could pull federal funds from their budget . the democratic city official
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
headquarters. >> with the present holding a number of phonecalls with world leaders most notably a call with russian leader blabbed -- vladimir putin marking the first time the president has spoken. the president speaking with leaders of japan and germany australia and france. kristin fisher joins us live at the white house with more on the busy day there behind you right kristin? >> always a busy day here at the white house under the trump administration or at least that's all we have seen so far. as soon as president trump signs these three executive actions he says that's big stuff. he believes they will begin fulfilling his campaign promise is two of them in fact defeat isis and to drain the swamp into that and the first one he signed as they plan to defeat isis and the second would restructure the white house national security council and the third would impose a five-year ban on lobbying for all administrative officials and a lifetime ban for
3:01 pm
lobbing for government. >> this is a five-year ban i've been talking about a lot on the campaign trail and we are now putting it into effect. [applause] >> one big question though is how that ban will be in force once president trump leaves office. president trump signs these executive actions in between phonecalls with five world leaders. his first phonecall this morning was the prime minister of japan and then the chancellor of germany, the president of russia and france and the prime minister of australia and the call getting the most attention of course is the one with russian president vladimir putin. we are still waiting for the white house to formally announce that was said during that call but the kremlin is saying both president trump and president putin agreed their number one priority is to unite their efforts to defeat isis. overall the kremlin describes the policy is one aimed at
3:02 pm
restoring russian relations and the two leaders agreeing to stay in regular contact one thing that was not discussed according to the kremlin was the possibility of president trump easing sanctions on russia. now the president of france reportedly urged president trump not to ease sanctions when he spoke with him today and so did the prime minister of britain. yesterday but so far the last we have heard from president trump on that matter is that is simply too soon to say. arthel max kristin we are getting dribs and drabs white house regarding that call with president vladimir putin and president trump. just saying that conversation lasted about an hour but not highlighting any other interest other than what came out from the kremlin so we will keep an eye on what's coming out from the white house. legal residency visa holders from several muslim majority countries who are currently returning from travel outside the u.s. are now being turned
3:03 pm
away from u.s. bound flights. this after president trump signed new vetting measures suspending refugee arrivals and a 90-day travel ban with countries that have terrorism concerns. the presence that is needed to keep out radical islamic terrorists. washington officials reacting to the new president's extreme vetting program and garrett tenney is here live. >> the administration is emphasizing that this is a temporary ban. it will be improving the vetting process but there has been a lot of blowback over the past 24 hours on this particular executive order. even the president's own party is divided on it. yesterday house speaker paul ryan said he supported the effort and the mr. trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country. today though a number of republicans are coming out against the ban. this past hour and a tweet
3:04 pm
congressman justin amash wrote like president obama president trumps executive order undermines our constitutional system and went on to add the president's denial of entry into lawful permanent residents of the united states green cardholders is particularly troubling. that adds to the growing criticism from democrats including virginia senator tim kaine who released a statement this past hour saying quote am appalled by the cruelty the top of is demonstrated over the past 24 hours by suspending the syrian refugee program and invoking a religious test at our borders he defines every -- defies everything our nation stands for. while they are muslim majority nations this is in no way a ban on muslim or any other countries with large populations that are not included in this ban. arthel: garrett tanny, thank you. eric: sharp concerns about how
3:05 pm
exactly to repeal obamacare boomerang on the party in the midterms. republican lawmakers voiced his opinions in a closed-door meeting at their retreat on thursday what was a secret audio recording of that discussion obtained first by the "washington post" that reveals some lawmakers expressing doubt on the plan forward and it shows that they are worrying the party could be criticized if some voters end up losing health care coverage something republicans have constantly vowed will not happen. carolyn charlie has more. >> in taste from a meeting reported by the "washington post" california congressman tom mcclintock summed up republican hopes and fears about replacing obamacare this way to quote we had better be sure we are prepared to live with the market we created. that's going to be called the trump care. republicans will own that lock stock and barrel and will be judged in the election less than two years away.
3:06 pm
republicans are hearing from constituents that they like some parts of the affordable care act like making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions and leading dependent stay on their parents health care plan until they turn 26. they are also hearing some middle-class families are getting crushed by the high cost of premiums. they have to balance it all while not destabilizing the insurance market. >> i think the big hangup for them is to not give into the trap of rolling back coverage. if we end up with a plan that leaves many millions more people not having health insurance we could end up in a political cul-de-sac from which it would be hard to extract itself. president trump got the ball rolling within hours of being sworn in with an executive order directing government agencies to reevaluate provisions of the law that are too costly but that order didn't get into the nitty-gritty which is where congress comes in. >> i think the president is open to whatever we can pass to solve
3:07 pm
this problem. not the republicans problem. it's caused by the democrats. we have an obligation to fix fit and we are committed to fix fix. >> congressional leadership has set a goal of repealing in replacing obamacare by august. arthel: mexico is saying the country's leader and president trump have agreed not to speak publicly about a border wall. the two presidents had a phone conversation yesterday as tensions big between -- between the u.s. and mexico escalate over who will pay for the wall. will carr is live in los angeles with the latest and it seems they have taken this spout off of twitter. see the that's right arthel the phonecall coming after both leaders canceled a face-to-face meeting set to take place next weekend after president trump has doubled down on his vow to make mexico pay for the border wall even if the u.s. fronts the initial payment. his first week in office the president signed executive orders that included directing
3:08 pm
federal workers to start building the wall that can happen immediately thanks to $109 in the homeland security budget slated to go toward border infrastructure. take a listen to paul ryan. >> they are facilitating the deployment of the fence. we voted for this in 2006 along with plenty of people like the minority leader of the senate who voted for a secure fence. >> then candidate trump and mexican president pena nieto let let -- met last august. he said at the time he didn't think they could find common ground and he took a lot of criticism for that. now he stated they will not pay for the wall. he quoted the idea of proposing a 3% tax on mexican imports in a later walk that back sean spicer saying they could --. >> it's something that i have the right to do and something that i can impose if i want. we are getting along actually very well with the mexican
3:09 pm
government. we will see what happens. >> critics say 20% tax on imported goods would hit mexico. the companies would ultimately pass the price onto american consumers. arthel. arthel: will carr in los angeles thank you. eric: it's winter and the great lakes region are bracing for a lot of heavy snow. the adam kleist is live in extreme weather center with what we can expect. sinecure is fully right we have one system where paying close attention to. we could see a lot of snowfall before the weekend is over. take a look of the country a lot of areas are looking at clear conditions are decoupled systems i want to point out what a lot of the gulf coast that is the snow maker could we see rain stretching from texas and the florida panhandle working its way across central florida. to the north this is an area where we are paying close attention.
3:10 pm
we will see some snow beginning tomorrow and that's going to lead into early monday. it's not as though we are seeing a lot right now. we are seeing this air across the great lakes downwind from the great lakes. these are areas where we can see snowfall that his leg driven select affect snowfall going into kentucky. this is lower by hour forecast and you see some of that moisture pumping its way towards key west virginia. these are areas areas under winter weather advisories at this point. anywhere from three to 5 inches as you get into the mountains. these aren't the only areas where looking at seeing some of the snow. as you run farther to the north we are expecting to see this for a lot of folks. it's not horribly widespread. some of these areas easily getting up to half a foot of snow and in some cases a little bit more. the closer he gets to the coast you are right along the coast and we see no more than a sprinkle.
3:11 pm
we are not looking at a whole lot as far as coastal regions but there will certainly be folks waking up just note tomorrow morning. eric: i like the snow effect you have on the map. arthel: adam thank you. g.o.p. lawmakers at the republican retreat getting information on the party's agenda under the trump administration. congressman darrell issa is joining us with the details. when coughing keeps your family awake. breathe easier with vicks vaporub. soothing cough relief that starts working instantly. from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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3:15 pm
are. tom: republicans wrapping up their annual retreat this week. lawmakers in the house and senate hammering out an ambitious 200 day legislative agenda. kathleen -- tackling obamacare tax reform infrastructure spending and a lot more. >> we are trying to fix peoples problems in this country. health care is collapsing. the economy is nowhere near its potential. that's why regulatory reform and tax reform are a growing for more jobs and higher wages. these are the things that people elected us to do. arthel: congressman darrell issa is a senior member of the house foreign affairs committee and a member of the house judiciary committee. mr. issa was at the retreat and joining us now. good to see you sir. >> well it was a great retreat
3:16 pm
and glad the interest by the public equals the growth in the stock market these last two months. arthel: absolutely, we have seen reaction on wall street that before we get to more specifics about their retrieve congressman given the protests are happening today in the fact that you represent san diego they are on the border do you support president trump's executive order on immigration and the deportation of the order and do you have any concerns of the intended consequences? the president's executive order is relatively narrow. he is only limiting immigration or specifically refugee immigration from a few countries that are on the state sponsor of terror list probably look at places like yemen iran and so on is going to have a relatively small impact but it's something where the other half of the president's mission is a thing to get more attention which is he has called for safe havens in
3:17 pm
syria and other areas so that some of these refugees can remain in their countries and yet not be in fear of their lives. arthel: a follow-up question on that but i want to speak to you with why we had you here today congressman. i want to get back to speaker ryan's comments replayed at the intro. can you give us more specifics about what was discussed regarding tax reform in particular? >> well i think the common denominator is we want a flatter fairer tax particular the corporate tax that is called -- caused millions of dollars to be stranded overseas by some of our most successful and innovative companies. the united states has the highest tax on corporations in the world than it does cause multinational corporations the apples the general motors in the ibms to make decisions to move if you will capital investment outside the u.s. and that's something under the previous administration they talked about an under this administration
3:18 pm
they are willing to work with us to do so. arthel: lets talk about something else on the table there during that retreat repealing and replacing major portions of obamacare. wary of finding congressman unexpected challenges and are you optimistic that in 200 days there will be a new health insurance policy and plan in place with the trump stamp on it? >> for nearly eight years i've been promoting the fact that we are going to have an alternative health care plan for americans. americans find themselves without a plan or small companies that need us effective and inexpensive plan. the federal bureaucrats if you will this plan that every federal worker has access to over 11 million workers are on it that is what we, i planted her days as an alternative. i have done it in previous congresses. what's interesting though is their role may two points constantly being asked questions
3:19 pm
are you going to do with pre-existing conditions and what about my 26-year-old and those are commonly agreed we are going to make sure those super visions and those bipartisan provisions if you will are retained but beyond that speaker ryan has said we have got to deal with the cost drivers. tom price who is joining the administration is working on that. we we are going to try to do tort reform and other reforms that drive down the cost of health care regardless of who's paying for it. arthel: right and it seems it's a good roadmap but it seems like there are some bumps that lie ahead. i want to move on and talk to you, i'm sure you heard about the leaked audiotapes. you have any idea congressman issa who leaked the tape sent why? >> i don't. i don't but i think in washington and in america today you have to send there's an apple iphone or in androids listening to everything you say
3:20 pm
and you have to speak as though it's going to be printed on the front page of the "washington post" were seen on fox. i think that's one of the challenges of america today is we are much more public and i think we have to say in private and a public the exact same thing which fortunately it appears for the most part this demonstrations willing to do. arthel: i'm going to move on. so much to talk to you about. let's kind of go down the list here was so little time. it president trumps push for a 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan come up in a group or some sort of a conversation and if it did come up what is the word on that ultimately? would he think is going to happen? >> well i think what the president said that i believe is meant to be on the record was that he loves to build things but if he was interested in getting the condition of art for structure where it should be. in other words it's not about new projects, it's about crumbling bridges and projects,
3:21 pm
areas that are unsafe. the other thing that wasn't talked about by the president that was talked about and suggested to the president and vice president is in america today infrastructure is not just concrete. it's electronic and a lot of what we need to do is ask the question are we rolled out for the 21st century with smart highways, smart grids and i think that was received very well by both the president of vice president. arthel: what about the price tag though, i $000 billion? >> well a million, a billion or trillion. what should be asked are are these real investments or are we just shifting to the federal government and the federal debt these dollars but if they are real investments and if they are things that would not happen otherwise or what have a payback in economic growth than they are investments. one thing about president trump's he knows the difference between spending and investment and is a fellow entrepreneur i
3:22 pm
look forward to working with somebody where we can actually say look i don't want to spend that money but i'm willing to invest money if there's a payback and that's going to did big part of the challenge. seven or eight years ago we sought a trillion dollars spent much of it candidly that took years to roll out and had very little long-lasting effects. this time if we spend a billion, a billion or trillion it has to be on things that have a real benefit to the economy because the american people are tired of running up the debt. arthel: congressman i thank you for joining us. i'm going to come onto vista california to interview you personally, how about that? >> i look forward to that. oceanside and carlsbad are all ready for you. eric: the president's controversial order on refugees prompting a lawsuit from the aclu put 11 detained in at jfk
3:23 pm
airport but the opposition says they are only starting anyone looking life right now it demonstrations that are occurring tonight at jfk international airport. this is bryan llenas. the protesters want 11 others who are being detained right now to be released. that is only one of the controversies in this first week of the top administration. the other one has to do with the executive order dealing with sanctuary cities. several mayors abandoning the fight. coming up at will discuss what that means from the cities to the budgets and what the mayors are saying. oving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals
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tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook.
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in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. arthel: protesters rallying a day after two iraqi visa holders were detained at john f. kennedy international airport under president trump's new refugee band. one of the men a former u.s.
3:28 pm
army translator was released earlier today after the aclu filed a lawsuit against the ban. another iraqi national remains detained at the airport. bryan llenas is live at jfk with the very latest. >> hi arthel confusion and outrage at jfk airport at least 11 people remain detained inside here at jfk. these are people who boarded their flights with proper visas as well as green cards to come to the united states only to be told when they landed at jfk that those visas or green cards or whatever documentation they had were no longer allowed because of trumps extreme diving executive action put in place yesterday. one of those 11 that we know is the -- 33 years old. he was given a visa to come to the united states to be reunited with his wife and son. his wife works for a u.s. security contractor in iraq and
3:29 pm
her life and her family's life was threatened. on top of outlook, i talked about the confusion. let's take a look at this man. under trumps extreme batting order all those with green card visas or latin nationalities or are refugees from iraq, syria, iran, sudan and libya somalia and yemen are temporarily banned from coming to the united states for 90 days. in addition the u.s. will not be accepting any refugees for four months period. there's a refugee band from syria. one iraqi refugee who was detained last night was released earlier today. his name is on need and iraqi husband who works as an interpreter i contractor as well as an engineer for the u.s. military in iraq. take a listen to what he had to say. >> america is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world.
3:30 pm
[applause] >> what they want is sadeh donald trump? >> i don't know, this is his policy. i have a special immigration visa and my passport. >> if you look at where i'm at right now we are with hundreds and hundreds of protesters. started off with tenet men and now they are up on the parking garage and outside demanding the release of the 11 detained people at least 11 detained people and they are calling for an end to this executive order calling it discriminatory against muslims and listen to new york congressman jerry navair who spoke on the issue earlier today. >> executive order signed by president trump is discriminatory, discriminatory on religion and frankly quite disgusting. it's also counterproductive and
3:31 pm
express intent is to protect the united states against terrorists. the aclu has filed a lawsuit here in new york in federal court calling this ban unconstitutional and activists are worried that there could be hundreds of people who were stranded at airports around the country who happened to have visas from the seven band countries you may not be allowed back into the united states at least for 90 days. lots of confusion and a lot of activists say they are mobilizing in airports across the country and executive order continues. arthel: ryan yannis thank you very much for that report. >> i want to say directly to anyone who feels threatened today you are safe in boston. we will do everything in our power to protect you. if necessary we will use city hall itself to shelter and protect anyone who is treated unjustly. eric: that's mayor marty walsh.
3:32 pm
was just one of many mayors across the country who are binding together to fight against the polling of federal funds from cities that remain sanctuary cities. stay policy will cripple city services if the white house does go through with cutting those pit supporters say the cities need to follow the law. this is one of the latest trump ministries and policies that are being challenged in just the first week. a lifelong democrat from a democratic family served in a variety of elected offices from the legislature to the present of the city council joins us now. it's good to see you. what is your advice to mayor walsh and mayor de blasio and others across the country's who say hey we are not going to go along with this. you heard mayor walsh say we will even shelter and.and people
3:33 pm
in city hall. >> i think these mayors are wrong. i think that they should follow the law. those of us who lived in 9/11 and all these other terrorist attacks realize the stakes are really high. bill o'reilly has talked about kate steinle in san francisco who was murdered by someone who came five times back into the country and committed serious violent felonies. that can't happen anymore. you got to understand donald trump, he means what he says. what he said he was going to do during the campaign which i believe is protecting us, he's going to continue to do and is the chief magistrate of the country that's his responsibility to keep us safe so i think de blasio and these other mayors are wrong. eric: look at new york city could federal funds in the amount of $7 billion could be pulled from new york city. lapi show you some of the issues that new york city for example it could lose the near to the
3:34 pm
nypd counterterrorism $236 million and that's for counterterrorism. child protective agency 123 million food services almost half a billion public services have a billion. mayor de blasio is putting aside a billion dollars a year as a rainy day fund. what would you say about back? those who say this is unfair and there should be another way to deal with this without crossing municipalities. >> i would say to the mayor, to follow the law and donald trump does not want to deport 11 million people who are here illegals but he does want to fund many of them who are violent and protect us. i would say to mayor de blasio you have to follow the law and now the law of the land is what
3:35 pm
donald trump signed in his executive order. so i would say to mayor de blasio follow the law because you have to understand the one thing about president trump he means what he says sophie says he's going to defund the city, he is. that would be terrible and horrible for new york city but i think the mayor should try and work with president trump and the rest of the administration to do this in an orderly way to protect people who have been here a long time it legally but also to vet out people who are here illegally should not be here. that was a major part of donald trump's campaign. he won the election and people knew what he was saying and he was going to do what he says. eric: you know what's going to happen, they are going to the cart challenges. you will have demonstrations and protests or they have massive demonstrations and protests last
3:36 pm
week in let's look at a protest going on today over the refugee policy. some most like in the 60s back out on the streets. if you have court challenges and if things are appealed or they are delayed as well as the persistence and opposition on the street as a chief executive how does policy get carried out? or does it just get stymied or changed? >> that's the great thing about our country, people have the right as well as everybody else has the right to challenge the law and it will be decided in the courts but i think for the first time we have someone who is not going to be intimidated and is going to do what he thinks is right to protect the majority of the people. this is a guy eric when i asked him to do -- when i was borough president.
3:37 pm
eric: an old decrepit city skating party. >> for two years we couldn't get it done. donald got it done this under budget. i think you'll be great for the cities because i think he's going to do infrastructure in these going to do it right. you are licensed the plight of inner cities and i think he's going to pay a lot of attention to it that is not going to back down the way he thinks he's protecting the majority of u.s. citizens. eric maki has said some things dealing with infrastructure and we will see how that goes when it comes to the cities. andy stein who has been with us for decades. >> i don't look that old. eric: thanks for joining us. arthel: you certainly don't. president trump claims widespread voter fraud cost in the popular vote.
3:38 pm
is there any evidence to back up those claims? will take a look at the numbers next. john mccain with a warning for the president, don't try to lift sanctions against moscow or congress will take matters into its own hands. ♪ (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light.
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you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. a monkey wrench in the planned meeting with president nieto. president trump kellyanne conway telling the judge she says the wall should be built. >> you want to be in america we have the most generous immigration laws in the world and we have big hearts as well. go stand in line and do it the way our ancestors did it. you have an entryway here but you can't break the law and that allow these liberal elites to tell you a legal immigrants are here. many americans have stood up and
3:43 pm
said excuse me i will do that job i want to do that job to support myself and my family but i'm not doing it for $5 an hour under the table. eric: to see more of judge jennings interview with kelly on conway tonight to our snappy justice with judge jeanine right here on the "fox news" channel. arthel: the white house has issued a statement person trumps phonecall this afternoon with russian president vladimir putin. the white house and quote the positive call was a significant start to improving the relationship between the united states and russia. dad is in need of repair and quote over senator john mccain is warning saying he will not stand back idly if the president plans to lift sanctions against russia. senator mccain issuing the statement or the strength of america's national security and that of our allies i hope president trump will put an end to the speculation rejects such a reckless course. if he does not i will work with
3:44 pm
my colleagues to codify sanctions against russia into law. james a senior fellow at the heritage foundation is here and the center foreign-policy analyst and neither the white house -- carafano, i beg your pardon. neither the white house nor the kremlin is making any mention of easing u.s. sanctions on moscow. to expect that topic to come up on the call? >> no, i think the whole thing is talk. putin has been touting that he's going to have a positive relationship with the president so he is going to make the best of it. a president has part of the strategy saying i'm giving you an opportunity to have better relations with the united states but everybody knows the president has indicated he's not looking for sanctions relief in
3:45 pm
the near future and theresa may said that yesterday. everyone knows it's on the table and as a matter fact senator mccain knows it's not on the table right now. arthel: why is senator mccain making these public pronouncements about it even as early as this weekend? you will have to ask senator mccain that but the point is for the russians to get sanctions relief they will have to show a position of strength. you have to give something to get something and they will have to show the president of the united states and the european leaders that they are going to stop destabilizing russia and europe so they can start living up to it. they did something like that the president would be justified and looking at sanctions relief but it's not like we will just let you off the hook. arthel: you feel at this point president trump's getting into his art of negotiation with putin? >> i think there's a lot of "the art of the deal" and president trump was going to hand europe to the russians he hired exactly
3:46 pm
the wrong cabinet. kelly doesn't trust the russians and -- has worked with the russians that he understands yet to be tough with the russians. k.t. mcfarland who is on your network hates the russians. the congress is dead set again not hang tough on the russians. if the president wanted to do this which i'd totally don't believe part of the negotiating strategy everybody else has a big obstacle to do that. and i think the russians know this. even the russian announcements that they know this isn't going to be a cakewalk for them. arthel: let's talk about president trump's executive order on immigration. we have a senior administrative official saying the president advisor had been in contact for many weeks with key state department of homeland security officials so i want to ask your appraisal of the order execution of it and where do we go from here?
3:47 pm
>> as you may or may not know i worked on the presidential transition team. it's a nonpartisan activity and i worked both on the state department cited after the election on the homeland security side. i think the executive order is the right thing to do and the reason for that is is actually forward-looking traders looking at the future and if isis loses its faith in iraq and syria tens of thousands of foreign fighters that have flowed in have to flow out and they are likely to flow to these countries which is why these countries are and they might go from there into western europe and united states and the means by which they would travel would be through the visa or refugee process so it's a proactive forward-looking reasonable step to take. arthel: by the way i did know that and that's why you are here and that's why i asked you that question. you see the protest and you have people when the executive order was signed and there are 11 of
3:48 pm
them at least at jfk hoping to be released. >> you know we see this every time we change it. besides when obama change policies. we also saw this when president obama to policy changes. there were people caught in the middle. when congress passed a law that required notifications to somebody other be supplanted this happen so it's very difficult to make this -- for people who travel every day over the planet and quite frankly until you are the president of the united states on january 20 people cannot listen to you. you only have one president at a time. you cannot do anything until the president orders you to do it. arthel: james we will see how this settles out. i have to go we are running out of time. mr. carafano pardon the mistake earlier we will talk to you again serve. >> thanks for having me. eric: president trump's pushing for investigation into what he
3:49 pm
has claimed was widespread voter fraud in the election but do his numbers add up? >> lab report coming up next on hard evidence. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before.
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if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
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eric: white house is president trump will sign an executive order an investigation into what he claims is widespread voter fraud. the person claims millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election. running up against one the question, where's the evidence? chief washington correspondent james rosen has the details from washington. >> president trump some lawyers proclaim the 26th election free of voter fraud in contrast with the person's own claimed this week that invalid ballots passed by millions of illegal voters the cost of the vote. white house secretary sean spicer said the lawyers are focused on state recounts. >> look at california york i'm not sure those are states where we would look at those states in particular that a lot of these issues could have occurred in bigger states. arguing against proposed recounts mr. trump's attorneys affirmed in december all available evidence suggested the 2016th general election was not tainted by fraud. house speaker paul ryan agreed in remarks to reporters on tuesday that surely after
3:54 pm
7:00 a.m. the president tweeted i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and those registered to vote who are dead and many for a long time. depending on results we will strengthen voting procedures. a democrat of connecticut secretary of state and president of the national association of secretaries of state. >> there are nonpartisan commissions and i must every state that it received allegations of voter fraud and there simply hasn't been an individual person voter fraud in the country. >> congressional democrats agree. >> once we investigate something that can clearly be proven to be false but you want to resist the investigation of the russian disruption of our election and any connection to his campaign. >> i want to investigate all the people who don't get a chance to vote who are being denied the
3:55 pm
right to vote. >> one widely cited 2014 study found anywhere between 2.8 million illegals and properly cast ballots in 2000 nature's sharp challenge in peer reviews and of its authors while standing by their work have warned against anyone citing it as evidence of massive voter fraud. election experts told us while there is some dead people who remain on the voting rolls it's much more in the tens of thousands of living people are registered in more than one state. the experts also say these dual registrations tend to get cleared up at polling sites and all such are tallied up would prove negligible relative to hillary clinton's marginal victory in the popular vote from 2.9 million. washington james rosen "fox news." it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. the 2017 e-class.
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so simple. get the recipes at arthel: here's something we don't want to hear when we are surfing and that is hello trump. check it out a 10-year-old boy e boy's father took a picture of him. the man noticed a dark shadow swimming up behind the boy. eric: it turns out that shadow was a great white shark. shark experts say the great white was it juvenile only about
4:00 pm
8 feet long but i don't want to see anything like that in the water. arthel: i would have a heart attack on the spot. julie banderas is up next with "the fox report." julie: president trump and russian president vladimir putin vowing to -- as president trump signs three new executive actions in the oval office. i'm julie banderas and this is "the fox report." mr. trump and russian president vladimir putin speaking by phone this afternoon at the white house calling it a positive conversation and first steps towards improving relations between the two countries. the videos were shot from outside the window from outside the window. the present fielding calls from several other world leaders today including those from japan, germany, france and australia. the present taking an afternoon break from the phone to use his


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