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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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4:00 and 6:00 eastern. coverage of the refugee ban. the protest of the reverend jesse jackson will join us. arthel: and the meantime, enjoy your day. we look forward to seeing you this afternoon. >> anger at international airports over president trump travel ban against seven majority muslim countries it is but thousands of people above inside airport terminals that mr. trump defending his executive order. >> we are totally prepared, working out very nicely. you've seen the airport and it's working out very nicely and we will have a very strict ban and will have extreme betting, which we should have had in this country for many years. thank you, everybody. >> a daring seal six rated in yemen takes no senior al qaeda leaders. one american died in the mission
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approved by president trump in who they were going after. >> replacing a conservative icon. days away from president supreme court nominee announcement. illegal panelists here with a shirt that says potential. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. >> for those of you who thought it would be a slow weekend, i am leland vittert. this is a fox news alert as protests are spreading over president trump's travel ban. here in washington, protesters demonstrating right outside the white house. this video, and in the past few minutes. administration officials say the executive order is aimed for terror citing national security concerns. these are live pictures now outside the white house from lafayette park.
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protests are in dozens of cities across the country including new york senator chuck schumer wrapped up a press conference demanding the president overturn his quote awful order. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and un-american. leland: and emotional chuck schumer. this after protest of the nation's largest airports including new york's jfk and that is where we find brian has been there since the controversy began early yesterday morning. hi, brian. reporter: hi, leeland. but that date viewers. currently a people still detained here at jfk. six people released earlier today. two in the morning and for a little over an hour ago.
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at the eight that remain detained, we are talking about the brother and son of a cancer sloan researcher was coming from iran. we're also talking talking about the mother of an active u.s. marine who was traveling here in the active marine had to come up from north carolina and is now at jfk waiting for his mother who is in detained since yesterday. this of course as there are hundreds of lawyers all around the country that are working to get people that have visas and green cars were detained under trump's travel ban release. if you look at this photo, you will see at jfk some of the lawyers working from volunteer lawyers to get these people released and get the court documents and that they may be released. congressman jeffries of new york says they expect all 14 people for the eight remain at jfk to be released by the end of the day. look at this video. an emotional scene of an iraqi man and his day reuniting.
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the 21-year-old female arrived from iraq. they are set to get married. she was held for over 24 hours. this is what he had to say before they were united. >> we are not terrorists. she's not a terrorist. the 21-year-old most beautiful american to me. initially it was bad because they handcuffed her. it's getting better now. she was crying for the last two days as of today it's getting a little bit wetter. reporter: supports all of this after major protests yesterday. hundreds and thousands at jfk and dulles says lois logan airport in d.c. and in boston. senator cory booker and elizabeth warren making appearances at congressmen and congresswomen in new york also playing in speaking to border patrol agent asking for those detained to be released. the federal judge hearing the
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dark granting an emergency stay last night in brooklyn, which means that these people cannot be deported, you doesn't mean mean that they can't be detained. that is what is happening right now in terms of negotiations in trying to figure out to get these people out from being detained in this airports. there is a judge that ordered in boston that they may not be detained or deported and not activist groups are asking for those traveling to get their flights rerouted into boston because the judge ordered they can no longer be detained were reported. lots of legal confusion and activists are saying they are mobilizing all around the road to make sure that those that have the proper paperwork, visas and green cards that were approved way before trump were about to come into the united states. the right step will not be able to do so. from the seven nation that were included in that band.
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>> more questions than answers. even from the administration. back to you at news warrants. we also talked about the protest around the country, but also after the visa went into effect, demonstrators propped up across the world. this is video from tel aviv israel were protesters took to the streets outside the u.s. embassy and opposition to the order they are. >> a working weekend for president trump as he signs up in three additional executive orders yesterday. the latest executive action focus on restructuring national security council in the fight against isis. christian fisher -- kristin fisher and five is >> a few hundred protesters a block away and the crowd is going by the minute. the white house has had to spend most of the morning defending
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elizabeth: kristin fisher, thank you so much. leland: reaction to president trump's travel ban has been swift and heated from lawmakers. in michigan it hit close to home. one of the country's largest muslim confirmations and is expected the second-most sudan u.n. refugees in recent years
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that commerce and dan kilby, democrat from flint says that his quote morally wrong. we had that quote right. >> you got it right. trade to lift back this up a little bit from the michigan perspective. this is an issue mr. trump campaigned on that the campaigned on the tibet non-muslims. conceivably what he's done us a little less struck out and then a complete ban on muslim city called for during the campaign. he won the state of michigan. voters are getting what they want in a sense. what is wrong with that? >> the people of the united date did not vote to separate us by religion. >> doesn't do that, though. >> cuba to rudy gianni that help me figure out how to do their non-muslims. this is not an unambiguous question. this is his intent. but even if he can argue this is about security, it targets nations based on the fact they are muslim majority nations. trade to hold on, saudi arabia
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is not targeted. >> excellent point. trade to listen to kellyanne conway's explanation about the countries and then we'll talk about it. >> this list of seven countries was offered by president obama and his administration in 2015. in 2015, chris, congress passed the terrorist prevention act. but it essentially dead is identified seven countries come and expand a blistering four. it's identifying them as a threat. these are countries that have a history of trade name, harboring, exporting terrorists. leland: she's got a point here. libya failed states, somalia failed states. syria, the home of isis, iraq certainly has a number of issues right now. yemen that had orders of al qaeda and the incident to appear the common thread among all of these is the united states does not have a relationship with their security service is if they even have security
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services. adding people from this country is almost impossible. what's wrong with taking a step back and saying we're not going to issue visas until he can figure out how to do with it. >> number one, putting kellyanne conway's release comment about 9/11, saudi arabia is where the 9/11 attackers came from. leland: you would be okay with this society was included in the band? >> no, that's not the point. they are picking and choosing based on whatever metric they want to choose. >> isn't that the president's right? >> no, this is a nation of law. the law says we can object in that is what i'm doing. here's the point. it does not make us safer. you want to talk about extreme betting, does president trump know anything about the vetting process for refugees seeking asylum in the united states? does he know how long it takes? two gears from the nations we are talking about. so let's be clear. your first point is probably the most salient one.
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he told the american people he was going to institute a muslim ban. that is immoral. and then he found a way to do it. >> by banning the seven countries he's trying to get around the issue of the moral ban. we saw the pictures outside the white house and the protesters there. there is about a thousand protesters outside the white house. we heard a protest at san francisco airport at washington dulles. do you get the sense that perhaps we are dealing with the law of unintended consequences here? it doesn't seem as though the president had all intentions here. is there a chance that there was an overreach here without the white house is trying to walk it back? >> i don't know what the president did tensions were. leland: with a bad intentions? >> at least uninformed. if you keep the country safe. this does not help keep the country safe.
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in fact -- >> keeping people out from countries we now have serious security >> that is not what he's doing. we are already doing that. we talked about what it takes to get in. the people being handcuffed her people will already have legal status to be of the united states of america. there's three problems. one common this is what we should do. i disagree. second, if you're going to do it, have some idea what you're doing. this is like a clown show. they don't know what they're doing. they didn't even take time to prepare. third, more important, this update which is inevitable, the object of handcuffing a child goes across the world and webmasters@about how the united states treats, embraces diversity, treats people of muslim faith. >> the white house would argue what they essentially send the optic and message is we are going to protect our citizens.
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>> they should do that. this actually works in the wrong direction. leland: congressman, appreciate you being here. imac and talk associate you with these issues at the airports. >> i will. leland: good to see you. elizabeth. leland: let's take the moment to look. the crowd is really starting to grow. we heard the protest was forming around last evening and gathering 15 minutes ago. we heard from kristin fisher we are not sure how many will gather, this certainly trying to make their voices heard. while he look at this picture, let's bring in our panel. served in the white house and would not defend is the former chief of staff to utah senator mike leigh. thank you for joining us as we look for those images coming out and also we just are representative killed the say, and i quote, he's here sitting in the studio that it is really
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wrong. that target muslim majority nations. i want to bring you in because the word muslim is not in that order, that you hear the aclu's same outing clear this is illegal. what is illegal in his executive order. >> i think the border is outrageous. elizabeth: i know it's outrageous, but what's illegal? >> you cannot make such a dramatic and radical change in the policy of our immigration without consulting with congress, without making more consultation with the agencies that implements it. listen, you've had judge after judge push this down and push it back. the president has over reached here and he is going against everything that this country stands for and is illegal and unconstitutional. i think that's been shown already. elizabeth: i'm not a lawyer and i'm not here to decide if that's my job. we have a fair and balanced
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debate. when i look at the executive order and we're here to have you both write it down. i want to know exactly what you find therefore not a legal voice. when you say it's overreach, when elizabeth says it's overreach come and do you agree or disagree because parts that are temporary, parts of it not temporary. >> that's right. it is important to recognize that the order does this actually confirms a lot of things going on during the obama administration. there is a confirmation that refugees will comment to the contrary which is exactly the average from 27 -- 2007 until last year. there's not a whole lot the changes. it's important to also recognize that caution as it relates to national security should not be confused with lack of compassion and the american people. the administration missed the opportunity in terms of how they rolled this out. communication matters and the tone matters is so while it is
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right or the president to sign a light on national security in the vetting process and how we make sure we're secure the country, ultimately this has to be done by congress. i think that is where things will have to move. the messaging also matters to the world. >> let me interrupt you there. communication matters in tone matters. i want to play a couple pieces of sound here. the first one from kelley in cali and the other is a lawmaker the different reaction to it. i want elizabeth's reaction. take a listen. >> the judge in oakland order doesn't affect the executive order at all because the executive order is meant to be it. it's preventing, not detain him. >> the order by president trump. >> i can tell you what's going on here is he has established a target of refugees and i don't think that is our vulnerability. if you want to make america safe, the refugee program is the
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program and our government. >> this is why have a particular soundbite. you had mentioned the judges react to base. we see that kellyanne conway says this is looking forward. what is your reaction to that? >> i think that this order does not help our national security. i don't think it is a good message to the world. it reinforces the claim isis has made that american variant i meant. it alienates us from our allies and it makes us more of a target for terrorists all over the world. the messaging has been terrible and frankly it's because policy is terrible. what's your reaction to that? >> i think it is right that we are getting the focus on it. we need to do a better vetting process out of place is like syria where we know we are struggling to document people and track them appropriately. i want to make sure we are making the masses to the nation that we are not targeting anyone
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because their religious belief. that's very anti-american. the rollout has created some of this disturbance out there and unfortunately it is the political leaders on both parties. congress has got to come together. but both the political leaders in the parties are content with the american people that we are too divided. if the country believes we are too divided to do with immigration, that gives congress an excuse to do nothing and executive of either in the white house the ability to do what they want with the stroke of a pen. really incumbent on the establishment leaders of both parties to address the issue. >> elizabeth, you can get the last word. >> nobody has fanned the flames of division and conflict more than donald trump and it is too bad to have this unfortunate policy move forward, but to say that people need to come together, i agree with them.
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you need a leader that is trying to pull people together for that to happen. elizabeth: will see the repercussions as this goes on and will continue to break it down as well. thank you for joining us. fox news is your place for the latest from the trump administration at 2:00 p.m. eastern after our show, will they will sit down with kellyanne conway, adviser to president trump to discuss the back lash after the executive orders. i will talk to white house press secretary sean spicer at 3:00 p.m. eastern. they'll be discussing the coverage the white house has been getting so far and why president trump says the press has the opposition party. coming up after the break, operation forces have a senior al qaeda leader in yemen. the very latest. president trump set to talk to saudi arabia came within minutes from now when the travel ban for seven majority muslim countries be part of that conversation.
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moore and mr. times executive orders including a new one he says will make it easier to fight a says. --
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elizabeth: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures
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outside where producers on the ground say 1000 people a party gathered. they are protesting president trump's most recent executive order. one of his most recent executive orders. it was signed on friday evening. obviously a travel ban from seven muslim majority countries. what we do know is they're also long lines forming outside of some of the mattress.. as i said, our producer mentioned a thousand people on the ground. they are chanting things such as refugees are welcome here. no hay, no fear. a very peaceful crowd and they already are on the gates of the white house because the migration took place via >> they push the security permit her out a little bit because they are taking on scaffolding and those kinds of things. another picture looking on from the white house on position. it doesn't seem as if the protesters have been able to make their way there yet. kristin fisher who was on the one earlier with saying that she
10:26 am
could hear the protest or is all the way and that's a good 100 or 200 yards from where she would've been standing to hear these is. as you mentioned, we are looking at even growing crowds coming in. there's already reports that the metro stops have been overwhelmed by people coming here. when you keep an eye on this at the white house, checking with the white house that they have any kind of fonts to the protest according to the white house producer on the ground in the briefing room. no response from the white house does far when it happens come if it does, will break that in. moving on, one american died in a firefight during a raid on a senior al qaeda leadership group in yemen yesterday. and this raid, we are hearing was approved by president trump. the seal team 16 killed 14 al qaeda members, but they lost one e. 22 offspring. conor powell live in our middle east bureau with the very latest on this and who they were after.
10:27 am
hi, connor. reporter: for the last 15 years or so the u.s. has battled al qaeda in yemen and the arabian peninsula mostly with drums. for several years, al qaeda fighters in the militant group had been taking heads and their ability to launch attacks. as the civil war in yemen has grown more and more chaotic, al qaeda has begun to expand its cooperation in begun to regroup there. according to the pentagon, special forces launched a raid over the weekend targeting senior al qaeda fighters and leaders in the southeastern part of the admin. according to the pentagon, one u.s. servicemember was killed to three others injured in a firefight with militant militant. at least one other servicemember was killed. according to al qaeda who put this out, around her to keep her were killed including women and children, including the 8-year-old daughter of him are
10:28 am
all lucky, the yemeni american leader of al qaeda killed several years ago. the first time a servicemember has died in combat under president trump with a more aggressive -- pentagon officials did say president trump did authorize this raid, but it was planned for several weeks in advance. leland: conor powell, live in our mideast bureau. a receiving word that president trump was informed of that servicemen job. growing image protest outside the white house. their are a lot of folks fired up. after the break, the latest on the demonstration in against diseases if you would. massive protest of american air forces well. a live look at the nationwide
10:29 am
response to president trump's visa ban. hi, will. reporter: cave bear, prevented the aclu has set up a makeshift office has thousands of protest there is coming to lx throughout the day. we'll have a live report coming up after the break. bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet?
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. leland: live pictures back outside the white house. this is the area around lafayette park. there are a number of demonstrators. our producer says the numbers in the thousands, but it's so hard right now to get a real number. they are all out chanting against president trump's travel ban from those seven muslim countries for folks coming into the united states. this story has really developed since friday afternoon when the travel ban was signed. saturday morning we saw people being detained at airport now here we are today you see that sort of a hodgepodge of groups had an american flag bearer. we are the chance of no hate, no
10:34 am
fear. a palestinian flag on screen latch. hard to read any of these signs. we are being told a lot of evidence that protests are growing, especially the one at the white house. the washington metro system report service disruptions and member stations had to bring and shuttle buses to bring people in the people around washington. a number of them were told headed to the white house had obviously we'll see if we can't get a wider picture to get a sense of the scope and scale of how good the protesters. christian fisher on the lot earlier stated she could hear these protesters that she was well and i security barrier and you could imagine the white house seniors cap when i was working today at the white house, who was there. they will be hearing it. they can certainly see it on television. they have surpassed her as they try to get to work. so far from a white house far from the white house producers, no direct response from the white house to this protest although we've heard president
10:35 am
trump yesterday at issue here is not that much of his ativan on muslims and as far as he was concerned it was working very well. elizabeth: speaking of the president right now. donald trump is scheduled to speak with the king of saudi arabia. the phone call expected to begin moment ago. the call is the latest in a series of conversations president trump is holding with leaders this weekend. five calls were made to mr. trump yesterday including one to vladimir putin. today president trump also speak with the prince said the united arab emirates and south korea's acting president. leland: and back to our top story now. protests happening at several airports across the country. as we sat around the world than the one of those airports is lax that that's where we find someone. give us a sense of the crowd spirit are the growing or shrinking question dark >> so far we've seen about 50 people trickle in here. they are expecting a massive
10:36 am
protest about half an hour, hour from now. aclu blears about a dozen show up. they've set up a makeshift office that comes after a day of chaos across the country yesterday. here is lax we know at least seven refugees lead to spontaneous protest. hundreds of people showing up. a similar scene in seattle for thousands showed up. at one point they shut down the light rail they are. about a thousand protesters. we heard from one woman who was waiting for her father to riot a transplant from iran. he's 80 years old. listen to what she had to say. >> we've been pretty anxious and frustrated. right now they're letting some people out. right at this moment i'm pretty happy and just hoping he will come out in a minute.
10:37 am
reporter: after the federal judge issued the order last night, that woman and her father were reunited here that has not been the case for everybody across the country he was detained. there is still refugees detained at airports. it is unclear at this point exactly how many here at lax. we are working to find out the numbers. there is a real concern is security. leland, you know here at lax it's chaotic on a normal day. when you add an ever thousand protesters, it is some in the law enforcement will have to keep a close eye on throughout the rest of the day. >> we've also seen senators and congressmen randomly showing up at airports adding to the confusion you might say as well. will carr, back to you as news warrants. thanks. elizabeth: as we've been showing you, live pictures of the protesters forming outside of the white house. the crowd continues to grow. we will bring you the latest. still ahead, trump cap enough
10:38 am
the first week of his presidency by signing executive orders. the famous pic for the supreme court. we'll have a legal panel to weigh in just ahead. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. elizabeth: back to live pictures. growing crowd outside of the white house. protesters started gathering from 1:00 to protest one of president trump's most recent executive orders particularly on immigration folk scene and from seven muslim majority countries. the crowds as we said i've got louder and our producer says there's about a thousand if not more people who've arrived and we are getting photographs from people who live in virginia, maryland, d.c. trying to get on the metro system which is also overwhelmed. following this developing story and of course we will continue
10:43 am
with these live pictures for you. protesters form outside the white house. they are also at different airports across the country. they are demonstrating against president trump. lawmakers on both sides of the eilers lead over the executive order. garrett joins us now with that story. >> even within the president's own party there is disagreement over executive action. the white house is adamant there is not a ban on muslims but a lot of republicans are still uncomfortable with the optics of the direct hit since the seven countries targeted all have majority must own populations. this morning on abc's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's always poised to curing borders, but cautioned we need to be careful how we do it. >> to the extent they are trying to improve the process, i think that's an order. we need to bear in mind that we don't have a religious test and we also need to remember some of our best allies in the war
10:44 am
against islamic terrorism by muslims. >> this past hour with the families of immigrants in the senate minority leader chuck schumer criticized the executive order and announced it's planning to introduce legislation to get it overturned. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited, un-american. and i is your senator from new york will claw, scrap and fight with every fiber of my being until these orders are overturned. reporter: federal judges then new york, washington, virginia and massachusetts have issued orders temporarily lacking u.s. soldiers from a number of people from the seven countries who already arrived in the u.s. and the present executive order was
10:45 am
signed. the aclu estimates 200 people will be affected by the ruling. several immigration and human rights groups challenge the ban as well and several others announced a plan to do the same this next week. despite the lawsuits in the ongoing protests come at the of homeland security says it will continue to enforce all of the president's executive orders. elizabeth: garrett, thank you so much. leland: let's bring in our panel of supreme court experts. elizabeth leiter, president of the constitutional accountability center. chief counsel policy director at the judicial crisis network. i understand this might be a little bit out of your sphere of expertise, but given the protests rate down, we want you to weigh in. it is interesting that so many democrats keep saying it's a moral, immoral and here if you say it's illegal.
10:46 am
if you look back, it seems the president of the united states has extraordinarily broad discretion to do what he wants it comes to immigration, especially non-us citizens. >> absolutely there is a discretion they are common but then crucially cap and by the constitution. that's the issue here. we have a conflict of values and constitutional guarantees. we started our country is a multi-religious society in constitution guarantees religious path. you will tolerate all religions do not establish one over another. what we see here in the opposition to this refugee and travel ban from across the political spec are a mess you just conservative republicans like dick cheney join in with folks. >> a lot of people have said this is un-american or a bad idea. correct me if i'm wrong, the legal challenges have been pretty narrow when it's come to this. >> obviously what we hope is the
10:47 am
court says they address this and i was famous through the last immigration executive order challenge that they need to look at out with their personal policy preferences are, whether they would do that kind of order, but what the law says. but the little ironic because we have a lot of people talking about discretion before. >> one thing that is being discussed is president trump on the phone. a couple of minutes ago was taken by the white house pool on a sunday. he is on a call with the king of saudi arabia. you can feature a kushner come his son-in-law, senior adviser and mike flynn who was his national security adviser sitting there at the desk during this call. to that point, elizabeth, as you're making this argument that you can't have a religious test. one of the countries that was not and was saudi arabia, one of
10:48 am
the largest muslim countries. have you make the argument are having a religious test to me how this relationship was saudi arabia. >> there have been questions raised as to which are included. we shouldn't have any bad on refugees coming here based on their religion. some people say let's expand it. i'm certainly not saying that. let's not go after people because they happen to be muslim. leland: you heard the president say it's not about muslim. >> rudy giuliani said in your network exactly the opposite. leland: rudy giuliani is not part of the administration. the big news this weekend was the rollout of a potential supreme court nominee will be. it seems as though java reporting focuses on three names. hardeman, prior. any of those you would be okay with? >> whoever the nominee ask him if the burden is on him or her, don't share the extremes of the president nominated not and he will stand a to be a check
10:49 am
within the context of discrimination against people who don't look like you are prey like you are a check on important constitution concerns. leland: if you read about somebody like pryor who is so incredibly dogmatic and say occurred right on an issue of abortion. but you read about his other views and people say he's too far to the left on other stuff. >> again come at the end of the day someone who is to be faithful to the constitution and the law. that means dechold laws he mighe voted for or provisions of the constitution that may be require you to overturn a law you otherwise applied. what is so great about all the people on the list as they are it have a long record of standing up for the constitutional light even when they may not agree with it personally. that exactly the kind of person travis thomas says. >> you don't intend to question where they stand. ladies, we are supposed to get
10:50 am
an answer on thursday about who the president takes everyone happy back to talk about it. appreciate your insights on the protests that are continuing outside the white house. a little bit more on that when we come back. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. ♪ ♪ >> we've been following
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president trump flex his executive muscles using the power of the pen to sign several executive actions. "usa today" white house correspondent gregory cordy has written extensively on the subject, and he joins me now. sir, we look at this executive order, and we've been watching these live protests outside the white house, getting reaction at several airports across the country, other locations. can you break it down for me? when we see an executive order such as this, does it carry the weight of the law? >> executive orders have the force of law on the executive branch. so, yeah, this is the president -- >> checks and balances, is what you're saying. >> what i'm saying is that the president can tell subordinate departments in the executive branch, in this case the the president9 of homeland security or the state department, how to issue visas, how to enforce immigration laws, and he has the power to do that within the existing legal framework. the thing with executive orders, they have to implement some existing law. so this executive order actually
10:55 am
tries to go through and identify these are the authorities that congress has delegated to me, and here's how i'm going to execute them. >> we had congressman killey on the show earlier, and he said, yes, that is the power of the president, but it's also my responsibility and the power in me to say, wait, no, that's not right, that's not legal. >> absolutely. in congress, you know, we do have a separation of powers. congress can pass a law to clarify what legal authorities the president has to enforce immigration law and override them. we have a republican congress and a republican president. what's interesting about how president trump is using executive orders, and this really has been an extraordinary blitz this week of executive actions -- >> but that's not necessarily uncommon, is it? >> well, no. president obama tried to get around congress. trump's just impatient. he can't wait for congress. i do think there is something extraordinary going on here just in the span of nine or ten days we've had 19 executive actions with proclamations, executive orders and presidential memoranda. that is extraordinary just by
10:56 am
number, but also what they do. they have extraordinary impact, as we're seeing, on refugee policy,ing immigration policy, building the wall, the affordable care act. these are all very sub sub instant tuf. >> well, he was elected, he's doing what people wanted. as we do, we've been following these protests for the better half of an hour, they started around 1 p.m. today. our producer says there are about a thousand people, if not more on the ground, and -- leland: second weekend of protests outside the white house, this administration. pretty extraordinary. >> right. so we're going to continue our cover averages but right now fox news sunday starts in about three minutes, and we'll break in with live news as it warrants. point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here.
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chris: i'm chris wallace. federal judges temporarily block part of president trump's travel ban on people coming to the u.s. from muslim countries. ♪ ♪ >> let them out! chris: protests at airports as courts bar deporting travelers affected by the new executive order. >> we're going to have a very, very strict ban, and we're going to have extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. chris: as tensions rise with mexico over plans for a border wall. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico.


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