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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 1, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i think the stance of our country now is why we need a supreme court so badly. we're doing very well in that regard. when problems are a lot bigger then people understood. i think will straighten out those problems and we will do that very strongly. he is an exceptionally qualified person in education. columbia with honors. great student, great intellect, supreme court justice. i think it's great we are having this meeting because we want to have him go through an elegant process as opposed to a demeaning process. it's very demeaning on the other
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side and we want to make him look as good as possible. at the press can be very demeaning too. i really think he's a very dignified man. i would like to see him go through a dignified process. i think he deserves that. hopefully it will go quickly and it will see what happens. what we might do, we might ask for the folks in the room to give yourselves a quick name and introduction. wayne, i would say they know you better than they know me now. [laughter] >> i doubt that. >> i'm with american values. thank you mr. president for his nomination. >> u.s. chamber of commerce.
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>> americans tax reform. >> leadership institute. >> with that, i'll ask you all to hit the road. >> as you pointed out last nigh night, a member of democrats say -- what would you say to those
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democrats and would you encourage senator mcconnell to vote the nuclear option? >> i think there's a certain dishonesty. he did get a unanimous adjustment. he'll be a great justice. i feel that it's very dishonest if they go back to that. yes, if we end up with a gridlock that they've had in washington for the last, longer than eight years. if we end up with a gridlock, i will say it if you can, mitch, go nuclear. that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web. i would say it's up to mitch, but i would say go for it. thank you. thank you.
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>> jenna: there you have the president of the united states at the white house, meeting with supreme court groups. many influential conservative groups like the nra he was meeting with, u.s. chamber of commerce, american values, guttural society, national right to life, leadership institute among others. you heard some of them congratulating him on the nomination of the neil gorsuch last night. donald trump just said was the most important thing he can do. about gorsuch, he said he is almost perfect in every way. he has an exceptional blade qualified candidate appeared about the nominating process, he said that he hopes that the gorsuch is going to see a dignified process. that was donald trump live from the white house meeting with supreme court groups. in the meantime, reaction pouring into president donald trump's choice of conservative rural pills judge neil gorsuch.
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vice president mike pence troubles with neil gorsuch to the capital to meet with mitch mcconnell. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain meghan mccain, eboni williams, and today's one lucky guy. eric bolling. he is outnumbered. it good to you. speed >> eric: great to be here. >> sandra: i saw you weeding out this morning you are excited to be here. 49-year-old neil gorsuch tapped by president trump to succeed the late justice on spring cour court. >> i took the task of his nomination very seriously. i have selected an individual
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whose qualities define, and i mean closely define, what we are looking for. judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline, and has earned bipartisan support. >> sandra: and the man of the moment, giving a glimpse into his philosophy. >> and our legal order, it is the right of the congress and not the courts to write laws. a judge, who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge. stretching for results he prefers rather than those the law demands. >> sandra: chief national correspondent joins us live from the steps of supreme court. >> good to see you. it there's a lot of work and service to cheer with this nomination. it neil gorsuch, 40 for nine years old could be confirmed on
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the court for a long time. he's from colorado, he's a hunter, he's a fisherman. remember that his mother served as the head of the environmental protection agency under ronald reagan and his own is kind of a conservative fire branch. he is very much in the mold of the man he hopes to replace on the court, antonin scalia. he believes that you don't make the law, you don't legislate from the bench, you apply the law. that is very important for conservatives to hear. in fact, and a big speech last year, the judge said and focusing on scalia's legacy, you don't focus on your own moral convictions or your desire to change the world and reshape the law. what that means in plain english is, he is a solid conservative on a juice like gorsuch opposed strongly the obamacare mandate that
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religious groups had to provide contraceptive coverage. gorsuch was vindicated on that. on abortion, it's important to note that he is a little bit of a wild card he has never written a decision on abortion. conservatives believe that since he is someone who wrote an entire book, he is someone who will protect life. the bottom line is, conservatives feel good about this. they took extraordinary measures to get this under wraps. at one point, we are told, he was hiding out at a starbucks and a safeway shopping center in colorado to make sure the press didn't see he was meeting with white house officials to get here. >> sandra: live from the steps of the supreme court. a lot going on there. thank you, sir. >> meghan: democrats are running to filibuster the nominees.
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chuck schumer saying "judges gorsuch has her pedal he corporations he makes me skeptical that he can be a strong independent justice on the court." "an extreme ideologue will threaten privacy rights include women's health care, worker and consumer protections and public health and safety" ." nancy pelosi weighing in at a town hall. >> elections have ramifications and here is a leaving, breathing example. it is a very hostile appointmen appointment. as far as your family is concerned, if you breathe air, drink water, take medicine, or in any other way interact with the court, this is a very bad decision. >> meghan: republicans now closing the door on the nuclear
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option. mitch mcconnell. >> are you going to use the nuclear option? are you going to change the rules? >> i'm not going to answer that. let me tell you, we are going to get this judge confirmed. >> is not answering that? >> we're going to get the judge confirmed. it donald trump won the election. that's why he's making this appointment and some of hillary clinton. there's nothing wrong with having a fight, but we intend to win the fight. >> meghan: president trump moments ago saying he encourages that nuke option if necessary. i'm going to go to you first, eric. do you think you will get to that point where they need the nuclear option? >> eric: i think mitch mcconnell needs to do it now. i think it should go ahead and convene a senate and all he needs is a majority to change i it. bret baier insinuated what could happen. the theory is, they'll go to the hearing, democrats will filibuster, they'll play the tactics that they'll play and mitch mcconnell will invoke
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the nuclear option. do it now, and do it in front of that, don't let it get to that. chuck schumer basic leasing we're going to filibuster. they're telling you in advance that they're going to do it. do it now. there's no more filibuster on supreme court nominees and you've got your nominee. it may be don't want to do it right now because you think you're going to get this one through, but the next one will be certainly a dog fight. why not do it now? they're going to tell you in advance that they're going to be obstructionists. what the american judicial system work. >> what you're saying makes a lot of political sense for both political parties because you don't want your candidate politically bloodied on the way into supreme court. or however you want to put it. you don't want that. you also don't want a situation for democrats where they put all the powder in this fight and this person is replacing a conservative justice.
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what happens when we need to replace a liberal justice with a conservative? >> eric: or a liberal like kennedy? it may be the hats off to candy saying i'm 80 years old, and you may write her anyway. it would be a good opportunity now. kennedy is of the most liberal of the conservative judges. that's where the democrats have a fight. >> meghan: i'm just happy this is such a home run and this is the first really big win for donald trump when it comes to support with all facets of the party. people who have been critical of donald trump in the past saying this is the rightful heir to antonin scalia. he couldn't be a younger, cuter version of him, if i do say so
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myself. he will really hold up the values. >> harris: he has his own political module behind this. he is taking some of the heat away from senator mcconnell by saying nuclear option, letting the words come out of his mouth. >> sandra: i'm looking at ebony. they just want to seem to fight about everything. >> eboni: if you're a democrat, you're not going to be happy around this, but ultimately, we know as an attorney, this is right. this makes sense, politically speaking. this will make conservatives very happy. he will strike down things about affirmative action, things of this nature. sandra, if you're a democrat in the senate, you had to push bac back. really, eric, you're actually right. people have to do what they have to do for their political interests. i do not expect anything short of a complete filibuster from the democrats. if we know that. >> eric: to renew the charade? do we need the right beating up
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the left? do we need to hear al franken go on and on and on on everything? including taking shots at ted cruz that had nothing to do with anything. >> eboni: no democrat how reasonably minded is going to sam going to vote to confirm this person based on the strength of how good of a justice he will be. it would be suicide. >> meghan: it's a lot of political theater. they're reaching out in the face anyway they can. we have to move on, lots more to discuss about the presence picked to sit on the highest court in the land. a big support coming and support of gorsuch. how could it force them to forgo a filibuster? democrats refusing to show up for hearings and republicans have had enough. what they did and what they will
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the >> harris: more developing news today. it president trump's cabinet choices now, republicans are fighting back to get mr. trump's nominees approved. this morning, the senate finance committee enforced a rule to allow g.o.p. numbers to vote on the hhs nominee price. without any democrats present. both nominees go to the full senate. democrats boycotted a panel vote to scott pruitt. despite a delay on the vote for jeff sessions, he advanced in committee just a while ago and now that will go to the full senate for confirmation. meanwhile, a full senate vote is expected this afternoon on secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. here's whitehouse resentment of
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>> the president continues to take action. i know i repeated this every day, but honestly is getting a bit ridiculous. the idea of these highly qualified nominees cannot get a full vote are being solved because democrats are boycotting the vote is outrageous. >> meghan: eric, the only thing that this is missing is some music and dance moves. it >> eric: to not show up, really show up and speak her mind, that's how the democratic process works, but not even to show up is despicable and a disservice to the american people. i'm happy they've said we don't need them anymore, we change the rules. i just think that's what we should be doing on this supreme court nomination level
9:21 am
as well. you see where they're going to do. it they're telling every one they're going to do, they're going to be obstructionists. stop wasting everyone's time, cory's the vote. >> meghan: this election in november, ebony, i don't know what is about. wouldn't the american people want to be heard? was in the country ready to say we are ready to speak up? do the democrats risk being silenced at the ballot box agai again? >> eboni: i think we have to look at how we interpret tone-deaf. he is right, consequences of this election are playing out before our very eyes. i disagree with the fact that they should be open minded. this is 2008 all over again. we saw barack obama and it democrats from the table, politically speaking. the g.o.p. got really smart and they came together as a party and they strategized to make
9:22 am
sure that didn't happen again. the democrats are have served r base. they have come up with a plan to effectively combat this. i value because after four years as we were obstructionists, that's not enough for the american people. >> meghan: also, do not make it personal what i'm hearing from democrats, not that necessarily that plan, maybe i'm hearing it incorrectly. >> meghan: just from a political optics angle, they are in trouble mob mentality and hysteria. all the ramifications of donald trump becoming president are true. i don't know if they thought he would be more moderate when they got to office, clearly is not the case. democrats need to do a lot of soul-searching. we talk about that at length on
9:23 am
this couch almost every day. it's amazing to me that they will continue making the same mistakes, look like their bullying their way through. and not even show up for is complete and utter disrespect for president trump. i don't want to hear about anything president trump is doing while you're still behaving like a child. >> eboni: i understand there is a greater respect. there are people deep inside the party, they have very, very hurt feelings and are upset about this. they don't want them to talk to america. >> eric: it's like a football game. if you are likely going to lose the football game, you still show up and play the game and may become do something good. someone says we can expand on that and be a better team only play the team again next time. >> sandra: we have to leave it there.
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he said just to show up! >> meghan: by the way, eboni, if they're such great fighters, how come they're not in the roo room? anyway, the campaign blitz is getting in the way. the states, where they are pushing that campaign the hardest and what it could mean for some democratic senators seeking reelection. and a lot of celebrities weighing in on puzzle presidens supreme court choice. is below the belt fair game? when tv wraps up, we pop up online. fox tap on the overtime tab or go to where we are facebook lighting with you.
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♪ >> sandra: a conservative group trying to get ahead of any fight. judicial crisis network launching a $10 million multimedia ad campaign in support of judge neil gorsuch. at the group will begin by spending at least $2 million on tv and online ads in washington, d.c., indiana, missouri, north dakota, and montana. were democratic senators are up for reelection in 20182018 for it in addition to a half-dozen more senators. a fox news exit poll shows the supreme court played a big role for voters. 56% of trump voters say the super import nominations for the
9:30 am
most important factor in their vote, while 41% said it was the most important. >> eric: i've been a trump supporter since day one. towards the end, i was trying to get this point home. at the last may be months of the election that even if you're on the fence, if you're not sure whether you want to vote for donald trump or not vote, think about the ramifications of not voting for trump. this supreme court justice was going to be appointed within days of the election. i feel very good about that, because i love neil gorsuch. i love the extreme the conservative pick. a lot of them sit on this couch, national review, weekly standard, people who were anti-trump said you can't vote for trump because he's not conservative enough. he is your opportunity to say i was wrong, you are right, this guy is conservative, he is appointing a conservative supreme court, which by the way, would be his legacy. it is not going to be immigration, is not going to be
9:31 am
jobs, his legacy, when he leaves office, will be he appointed the most conservative supreme court for many, many years. >> sandra: you heard him say the top of the hour, this the most important thing i can do. it >> eboni: anyone with common sense would say this is true for almost any president who has privileged with the ability to fight the court in this way. because democrats didn't didn't clearly appreciate this in the way, 56% saying they voted for trump. that difference in statistics really tells us why hillary clinton lost a selection. there are many, many people who are dissatisfied with her for a plethora of reasons. ultimately, they should have come to the same conclusion that you're talking about. for them, it is so important that court reflect what they wanted to look like, that they will hold their nose and vote for a candidate as flattish she was. >> sandra: what change with us
9:32 am
have? what will we see as a result of this multimillion dollar ad hashtag >> meghan: we look at people like joe mansion, their people the democrats need right now. it will be interesting if the democrat party continues because donald trump is showing himself at least on conservatives and these red states to be making several choices. the problem is, we are trying with the last segment, democrats haven't done any reflection, no soul-searching. quite rightly, i don't know what mass appeal have in the middle of the country. if those the horses want to bet on, that's well and good. >> eric: can i add one group also? the republicans who weren't on board with donald trump during the general election who said will push back.
9:33 am
>> meghan: eric, we know you're talking about me. >> eric: republican senators right now embracing trump's nominees across the board. there is a war hero who i respect immensely who hasn't embraced every single one of the nominees. my point is this, the people of the world who were. >> harris: i'm going to yield my time to megan to respond to you. >> eric: here's your supreme court. >> meghan: i'm on this show every day. i can respond later, it's fine. late-night host, stephen colbert tweeting. also on twitter from the executive producer of the ellen show, this is trump's nominee, he knows what's best for your of
9:34 am
regina's this tweet from chelsea handler, like all conservatives, i assume gorsuch will be celebrating tonight on grinder. >> eboni: at the lesser first time that word has been uttered. >> meghan: keep a classy, hollywood. there another mob mentality and complete hysteria. harris, you're the ultimate lady to make uncomfortable. >> harris: i don't think you are to be a lady to know that that's on appropriate, but thank you. this is what the president was talking about just a few minutes ago when we started our show and he said he wants to see this process go forth with integrity. i'm paraphrasing what he was talking about, but he wants this to be streamlined to the point where we take the high road. both on capitol hill and in the nation about this supreme court pick in particular. i don't know if everybody is
9:35 am
hearing that message, but he said it today and he also mentioned nuclear option. >> eboni: i agree with him wholeheartedly. i think there are men in this country who feel that they would have liked to assume that same respect and taken at high road. people have got a hearing on that premise. these men represent the law to their utmost ability. >> harris: the problem with that as you had an open concert of the seat. mayor garland was never going to be what the g.o.p. wanted. >> eboni: they have an opportunity to wait for the next fight. >> meghan: i think it's celebrities in hollywood also. i think under president obama, was this feeling of entitlement. celebrities helped get
9:36 am
president obama elected. i think people just started caring about the bottom line more than what's cool and hip. >> sandra: twinkled back to that quote you just read? that was a male producer of the ellen show. he knows what's best for the ladies. >> eric: i gave my time. if they have a problem with neil gorsuch, they are going to have a massive problem with the next justice whether it's kennedy or ginsberg. then you can really sway the court. >> sandra: i just made a snarky comment about andy lassiter, he has 100,000 twitter
9:37 am
followers. i get it. >> eric: i'm agreeing with you you. >> meghan: she doesn't have conservative candidates on her show. i remember having an experience backstage with ellen where she reluctantly said that she was forced to have the war hero that you mentioned earlier on. it's interesting that hollywood celebrities who have done everything and anything possible to make that donald trump was vilified. poor jimmy fallon had donald trump on his still getting about it from liberals in hollywood. >> harris: that backlash around trump surprised me because i understand liberal and hollywood go together like peanut butter and jelly. >> eboni: he was a celebrity. i thought he might have been
9:38 am
given a little more leeway. >> harris: president trump is facing a legal battle over his executive order to cut funding. who will prevail in a fight over immigration legislation? we debate next. "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that. tell me something i don't know. (vo) linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation, or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under 6 and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools.
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(vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> harris: we have been reporting and talk about century cities and maybe now a sanctuary state. california is trying to pass a bill that would make them the first sanctuary state. also, san francisco was the first century city to sue president donald trump over his executive order, threatening to cut funding for cities who don't fully cooperate. the attorney said "the executive order is not only
9:43 am
unconstitutional." you can't put ahead to the san francisco is working stanley was murdered >> eric: i assume there are at least four or five conservatives california watching. instead of continuing all along the southern border of california, cut north rate along that and let california become a century state and also secede from the union? they seem to want to be a part of mexico anyway. they have an open border policy, they want to be a century state. >> harris: there are probably some people in orange county who might have an issue with that. >> eric: do know how much money we get to the state of
9:44 am
california? hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. they should at least be at risk for if they want to be a sanctuary state. >> eboni: what's interesting about that as i'm someone that believes in every state in the union should follow federal law. i have an interpretation that you just back that up. what's interesting, eric, on twitter, lots of conservatives who don't like this sanctuary concept, they challenge me because they are very much states rights people. i am forecasting a very complex and interesting debate on both sides of this. people have an ideological opposition and also a states rights. >> eric: if you and make that your law, you want to harbor illegals, knock yourself out. don't confuse my taxpayer money from new york to finance that idea. >> harris: a few minutes ago
9:45 am
only first to try looking facts about sanctuary cities statistics bloomed from 200 to 300, it was more accessible to say where they are. we have gotten into an area where they have -- are more official. >> sandra: what do you want the president to do? you made your point very clear and we know in his intention is, but how should he work better? >> eric: you can apply that to the century city status, but to marijuana laws as well. states choose to say we're going to push back. it then they should be -- i agree with that. that's bringing everything to the state level, the more the better, but if that's the case, then stop relying on federal funding for police groups for highways and roads. >> harris: megan, you and i
9:46 am
have part-time homes in arizona. it does come up every now and then. we've had some protesting on the border. this is a big issue. it >> meghan: it you're right on the border, i grew up in phoenix. nothing had more protesting or emotional response than anything having to do with immigration. when you hear stories like kate steinle it's very difficult for the most liberal person to not realize that there's a real problem with sanctuary cities. if there's a problem with letting illegal rim immigrants with illegal records back into our country where they could possibly murder an innocent young woman. a century cities, i'm 100% against them, you can't say this illegal behavior is okay, but this one isn't. >> harris: if they have nowhere to go, you do with them at the border.
9:47 am
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>> more outnumbered and just a moment. let's get to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of happening now on a very busy day. >> we are awaiting a white house briefing. about 30-35 minutes from now, sean spicer getting questions for neil gorsuch. mr. trump minutes ago suggesting mitch mcconnell should go nuclear if the senate cannot get the 60 votes needed to confirm his supreme court pick. we are also following the hearings for several trump nominees today. we'll get into it happening now. >> sandra: it jon scott, thank you. >> eboni: in just four days before playing in his seventh super bowl, tom brady being hounded by the media over his support and friendship with donald trump.
9:52 am
some are insisting brady should address his politics, but he is recusing to do so saying he will focus on football. check out a sampling of recent headlines. tom brady has some explaining to do on donald trump. the patriots have eight trump problem and tom brady's politics are more un-american then calling cap her neck has ever been. an excerpt from the piece reading what's most troubling is the way brady's trump endorsement has been treated compared to cap annex. these politics are formal deadly and corrosive than any policy he has supported. sandra, i'm going to give you one second. does brady have the option to opt out of a discussion after publicly coming out? >> eric: politics of come celebrity, pop culture. donald trump has brought
9:53 am
politics. last night at 8:00 to announce your supreme court nominee. here's what i would like. i think there's a time in a place for politics in the super bowl, it happens or before the super bowl when bill o'reilly is going to interview donald trump. that will be the time and it should end when the ball is kicked in the air. let's focus on that. >> sandra: there was time for politics on opening night when reporters get to throw a bunch of questions at the players and a lot of those questions were about donald trump and roger caddell. the nfl post of the transcript from those interviews with members of teams. in the transcript provided, 26 of the patriots players and coaches where trump does not appear in any of them, we know it was brought up many, many times. they scrubbed the transcripts. what are they doing? are they building a wall around it tom brady?
9:54 am
>> meghan: they wanted politicized. people have been protesting donald trump in different ways. it this is a cultural problem in general. if there a lot of people that don't feel comfortable voicing their political views. if you're not 100% in the tank for trump right now, you will get harassment. if you're not 100% supportive of nancy pelosi and the left, you will get harassed. i don't blame tom brady for not wanting to talk about it right now, because maybe he and his family don't want to feel the abuse that the media is already aiming at him, even though he hasn't said anything. i think he was exposed because he had a make america great again hat in his locker. we can't yell at celebrities for saying things about politics and then blame other celebrities were not wanting to talk about it because they don't want to feel the backlash. >> eboni: that's where we are with it. people in my opinion have the right to engage in a political
9:55 am
discussion to the extent they want to. i also feel like if you want to have that type of protest, he has that right. i also think brady has the right to opt out. that is something that he's uncomfortable with. i think the nfl appreciates him opting out because their stance has been very dismal. it's been a bad year for the nfl from a financial standpoint. i'm certainly don't want -- >> sandra: can we have a little fun? >> eric: we can talk about what an amazing quarterback tom brady and matt ryan are. i take atlanta. i'm going to the underdog. >> eboni: that atlanta offense this year, harris.
9:56 am
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and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again. to speak out many thanks to eric bolling for joining us on the couch, thank you for joining us. i have two seconds. you're going to be watching the super bowl this weekend. >> i will take the three points,
10:00 am
i will take the underdog, the falcons. >> thank you very much. we will keep it right here for "outnumbered" on the web and find us online at, we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: we start with a fox news alert, we are awaiting the white house press briefing set to begin a few moments from now. as we have witnessed from over the last few days, we could see more fireworks between press secretary sean spicer and reporters. >> jon: they have a new supreme court justice nominated talk about but also republicans are taking matters into their own hands to advance some of president trump's cabinet picks. we are covering all of the news "happening now." >> let me say president trump last night fulfill the promise he made on the campaign to put principled constitutionalist on the supreme court. >> jon: but not all senate lawmakers feel that way. democrats now threatening a showdown over the nomination of judge neil gorsuch judge of the highest court in the land.


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