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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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for samoa. >> remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet us on fnc. that's it for this weeks show. thank you for watching. i hope to see her right ear street. >> the countdown is on to super bowl li. alive look now at nrg stadium in houston where the folks are arriving. we'll be watching the falcon's take on falcons take on the new england patriots as they go head to head. it's a huge game is starting in just about two and half hours from now. welcome to america's new head quarters. >> all eyes are on houston. the biggest nfl game of the year. vice president mike pence and his family will be at the game, along with two disabled soldiers as their honored guest.
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also the start of the tens of thousands of other excited football fans. how is security working? >> we are live at the stadium in houston with more on that and all of the preparations. >> let's get to the important stuff first, the weather. there is a mix a mix of sun and clouds. about 78 degrees. a good day for for paul. we are not sure if the roof of nrg stadium will be open or close. as you can imagine security is extremely tight. we are inside the 3-mile security fence there are other layers of checkpoints, 70,000 fans have to go to before they can get inside. for the most anticipated sporting event of the year. some 5000 law-enforcement officers and agents of from dozens of federal agencies are watching the venue closely from the ground and the sky. it is a strict no-fly zone before lady gaga's halftime.
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it is who apply and hype outside. >> i am extremely confident, 38 - 14 rate that is a big win. but over a crappy team. >> i am very confident. this is are going to be our fifth super bowl and we're going to make history. >> we are going to rise up, let's go patriots. >> several other people are marching in this area, expecting to make. [inaudible] we should tell you that just because people are angry about something does not mean they won't be in front of a tv at kickoff.
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>> i think the falcons have a great offense. but the patriots have been there before. it will be an interesting game. >> are you going to watch the game or stand out here holger sign? >> i'm going to hold the sign until the game starts and then go watch it somewhere. >> so it is tom brady versus -- and there are many people excited to watch this game take place. >> to have any predictions you would like to go for? >> is a jets fan it is difficult for me to root for the patriots. i'm going with the falcons all the way. >> okay, a new yorker through and through. >> i was a good answer. temperatures are looking pretty mild for most of the country today. as. as an active weather pattern continues across the west. will the weather be a factor at the super bowl? we hear there may be a chance for rain. adam, no rain at the super bowl.
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it is not allowed. >> the good news is they can just keep the stadium closed if they want. keep the roof close. we are tracking a couple of showers moving along the texas coast. these are not big thunderstorms, just isolated showers that will continue to go off the gulf of mexico and go up towards houston. you see them scattered throughout the area. it will stick in the area throughout the entire afternoon and evening, heading into the overnight hours. by kickoff they'll be falling to below 70 degrees. it is not the only system i am paying attention to. going across portions of the upper midwest and into the northern portions of new england we are seen some snow falling. it will struggle to stay together as it gets closer and closer to the coast. the big system we have been watching a lot as a winter weather system into the pacific northwest. it is continuing along the coast will be heavy rain. areas getting areas getting as much as 6 inches
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further inland. that is where you are looking at spots where snow is developing. as a result we have winter storm warnings lining the coast and running along the canadian border. ice and very heavy snow. you can start to see some of these very deep blues and purples, we could be talking in some of these area about possibly seen snow pile up to 1 foot or two feet. this this is a lot to snow in these areas. you may be getting stuck in some of these spots before you get said and done. in the the next couple of days the system will progress, this is a low pressure system building and running across the midwest .. up to the northeast. that is the next one we are for now. as for today in houston, we i'm going to go with, i just came appear from atlanta, i am a elkins fan, rise fan, rise up, i'm going to say falcons 34 - 31. they. they will win by a field-goal.
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>> do you like it? >> we can talk about in the wake room because i am a saints fan. >> then you don't care. 34 - 31. i know the saints in the falcons do not get along. >> since we are in the same division i can't say goal elkins, but you see the point. >> so far we have two falcons, we are going to talk to the folks inside the control room. and i want to get the whole tally. >> it's a big game, just under two hours from now. we have coverage of the big game between the patriots and the falcons. it will be on 6:30 p.m. on the big fox television network. check your local fox station. just fox station. just stick with us if you have two tvs.
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>> it means we have some news help president trump is spending super bowl sunday at his mar-a-lago in florida. they're doing what they can to fight a federal court ruling early this morning denied the justice department's request to reinstate a temporary and on refugees from seven muslim majority countries. we are live in florida with the latest. >> we heard from the president for the first time just a few minutes ago. it is also the first time he has weighed in since the federal court issued its ruling this morning. on twitter he continue to criticize the judges decision, as well as to warn as the consequences tweeting "just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril, if something happens, blame him. people pouring in. bad. i have checked homeland security to check people into our system country very carefully. the
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courts are are making the job very difficult" the white house remains fully confident that in the end the courts will rule in their favor and reinstate to the executive order. today was vice president mike pence who did the rounds on a couple of sunday shows to make the administration's case. >> we have got to do things differently. the obama administration and the last congress identified these seven countries repeatedly, as seven countries who have been compromised by terrorism. by putting a by putting a pause in, a secretary kelly described it accurately, putting a positive for these countries except for syria and beginning to identify ways that we can it insure anyone coming here doesn't represent a threat to our families or communities, what the american people expect. >> the democrats, meanwhile are celebrating the judges ruling banning the executive order. this. this morning on fox news sunday, dianne feinstein suggested that this is a bit of a karma for republicans.
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>> we listened for months while republicans said that obama was issuing too many executive orders and exceeding his authority on executive orders. so, you know, what is soft for the goose is soft for the gander. >> earlier today, the president had meetings with his advisors at trump international golf course and played a few holes there as well. this hour he has a couple of phone calls with international leaders including the secretary general of nato, as well as the prime minister of new zealand. later tonight he will be with his family at the mar-a-lago watching the super bowl. >> a little work. a little play. >> a legal challenges to the president span in federal court stretching from massachusetts to hawaii. lawmakers on capitol hill are weighing in on whether or not the order should be reinstated or if a block by the judge in seattle will continue and be upheld.
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molly joins us now with more from washington. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals does ask the states of washington minnesota. the plaintiffs are appellees in the case to cement their case by the end of the day today ,_and why they want these extra vetting procedure stopped. on the other. on the other hand, the justice department, the defendants are appellants in the case have until tomorrow afternoon to file their paperwork_why the betting why the betting should continue. late last night the ninth circuit refuse the emergency request to reinstate the president's executive order. doj had argued that the president is within his constitutional powers to set immigration policy. lifting the executive executive order posed a threat to the country. the doj appeal said in part " courts are particularly ill-equipped to second-guess the president's perspective judgment about future risk. "unlike the president, courts do not have access to classified
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information about the threats post. the efforts to those to infiltrate the united states in the vetting process. for now, the u.s. district case to halted the extra vetting procedures from travelers from seven countries, stands. the judge says it was "in the public interest to stop the executive order and that the states of washington and minnesota have legal footing to bring the challenge and could win on the merits of the case". the department of justice disagreed and said he did not explain in his ruling why the states might when their case. he contended that the states that brought the suit are not actually "subject" to the executive order. they're not specifically harmed by. therefore they do not have the standing to challenge it. now, to challenge it. now, we wait to see what the ninth circuit court does and perhaps the supreme court.
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>> there are prediction that it will go to this up in court. thank you so much. >> there is a break in the case of a murder that shock new york city and made headlines nationwide. this young woman went out jogging last summer and unfortunately never returned home. when investigators and what they're saying now. >> and belleau riley went one-on-one with the president in this exclusive interview. it aired before the super bowl. coming up this hour, we hour, we will show you that interview between the pres you know the presidents comment about russia and the united states, raising eyebrows, coming up. >> and the trump administration top administration throwing down the gauntlet on iran. what vice president pence is a warning that public as it continues to defy the u.s. they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. [he has a new business teaching lessons.
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>> time now for a check of the headlines. new york city police arrest a suspect in the killing last summer of the karina which ronald. her body was found last august in a park near queens after she went jogging. investigator tracked down the suspect through dna gathered the other crime scene. in florida, work from filling a toxic sinkhole that filled up about six months going to fertilizer plant leaks hundred
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and hundreds of millions of gallons of slightly radioactive water into the florida water supply. to discard drivers, joey legato and -- teaming up for a bet. legato is a patriots fan and reagan is a falcons fan. making the bet on twitter with losers donating $2200 to a charity chosen a charity chosen by the winner so it's no loser there. >> iran is striking a defiant tone. >> i rented again. testing even more muscles yesterday, all part of an annual military exercise. reaction reaction from mike pence said today that president trump will continue to discuss consider if the u.s. should stick with the controversial iranian nuclear deal that was struck two years ago by the obama administration. >> i think the president will make that decision in the days ahead.
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he will listen to all of his advisors. make no mistake about it, the resolve of this president is such that iran would do well to think twice about their continued hostile and adjourns action. >> will happen is retired captain and former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney and author of a new book voices of the bottom of the south china sea. >> it's good to see. >> it's tough talk from the vice president. you think the iranians will listen question work. >> i think the iranian should listen and realize there is a new national security team as vice president pence just mention and they will look at all the policy options. this is a different time. iran has done this in the past and i think they should take us very seriously.
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>> largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world according to the state department. continued with their ballistic missile research, development and launching those missiles. some say in violation of the security council resolution, but the resolution just calls on them not to do that. it is not specific by law and the resolution. so, if you are in teheran, what is going to your mind and can you calculate what you think you will do versus the white house question work they are not backing down from their belligerent aggressive actions about us. >> i don't believe they will back down. this has been a norm of the iranian regime ever since the revolution. it is a revolutionary regime. we see not only ballistic missile test, we have seen harassment on the seas, international on the seas, international waters with the iranian revolutionary guard corps. we seen our transfers to different locations route the broader middle east, including lebanon as well as destabilizing conduct inside iraq. we have also seen direct conflict with the united states and various times over the last 30 years since the iranian revolution.
1:20 pm
they will continue to play their particular game. it is a new game with united states states though. it's not really game, it's very serious. it's not just the united states, it's all the members of the permanent council, the security council resolution. i like what vice president pence said. we are looking at policy deliberation, this president is very serious and iran should take notice. >> you cannot scuttle the un approved it deal all by himself, can he? >> he cannot. he has to look at the other parties to the agreement. it is a comprehensive agreement. there are other ways for proliferation as well, not just for flirtation on land with all the centrifuges. but also proliferation and see. if i'm not mistaken, the physical location of iran where they're doing the ballistic missile test back 20 or so years ago was also a location where the north koreans came to look at this particular technology.
1:21 pm
that has been a concern of mine especially when i was a former commanding officer of a cruiser in the persian gulf, with the iranian navy. on many different occasions it was a possible transport of nuclear proliferation or missile technology control elements via the c to iran or to other places. that's a very good concern. i think think it is a welcome change to look at this policy. >> and quickly, you talk about harassment. they have the small boats, which they have been harassing warships. could there be an incident at the golf but remember back in 19811 president ronald 1981 when president ronald reagan, during his administration the libyan air force fired on the f-14's and we shot them down. you think there could be something similar whether it's intentional or unintentional? >> i think think there could. if you look at iran's conduct and recall back in 1987 or 1988, they were caught mining.
1:22 pm
in the persian gulf which led to operation praying mantis in 1988 where you had u.s. navy interdiction and missile firing so the oil platforms. you've seen it time and time again with arms transfers and most recently with the troubleshooting surface deferred surfaced order navy ships and most recently the saudi arabian -- that got hit out there. they need to really think about what they're doing. they need to actually manage the irg see who is a prominent player within the regime. >> will potentially there is -- thank you for your insight as we continue to follow. >> thank you meanwhile, demonstrations continuing today over president trump's trumps immigration order. even as a federal appeals court denies the justice department
1:23 pm
request to immediately reinstate the travel ban. plus, outrage from both parties over, made by president trump in an exclusive interview with fox news channel, bill o'reilly.
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>> the leader of al qaeda in yemen releasing a new audio recording, mocking president trump. the recording emerged late last night, the terror leader speaks to its followers and describes the president, is the quote white house's new fool. he goes on to allege that the u.s. rate in yemen last sunday which is the first such raid authorized by president trump, gil 25 people including women and children. he claimed scores of u.s. soldiers were killed or you wounded. according to the u.s. or you wounded. according to the u.s. military, one navy seal was killed in that rate.
1:28 pm
>> has white house battles back against its failed appeal to reinstate the temporary immigration order the protest against that travel ban are continuing across the country this sunday, even as it has been put on hold for now by federal judge. we are live at los angeles international airport where they are in the second day of a protest about the ban. >> hello. we are inside the terminal here at the time bradley international and were not seen protesters here today there are some hunkered down behind me and family members who are what integrate loved ones who are having trouble coming into the country of the last couple of days. we have also seen seat the heavy police presence here today. even that there were all protesters over the last couple of days we spoke with one lax police officer about how they're handling the demonstrations. >> absolutely every experience ago there is a learning expertise. there things that we would like to do differently. things. things that we are going to do differently. >> that officer was referring to the separation of protesters
1:29 pm
separating the trump supporters from the protesters. that was a strategy they employed yesterday and it did seem to work. today, more attorneys than protesters here today as we mentioned an attorney say they are here to stay. >> we are hopeful that we will stay here and monitor the situation and continue to offer advice and legal information to passengers and their family members until are confident that the government and the white house are following the law. >> behind me there are a number of lawyers from the aclu area also this woman offering her help as an immigration attorney. about an hour ago we had a local college student. she was greeted by a lot of fanfare here, apparently she had a lot of trouble coming into the country of the last couple of days. we're waiting for a couple of
1:30 pm
big reunions here today, an elderly couple coming in from from iran that had trouble. again, the lawyers here, despite that ruling from the ninth circuit, they say they are here for the duration. >> thank you so much. >> pope francis is going to play a part in the super bowl tonight. the message for viewers is going out over the big screen during the game. >> also president trump sitting down with fox news channel bill o'reilly for an exclusive interview. and raising lots of eyebrows with what he is saying about his relationship with russian president vladimir putin. that is coming up. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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1:35 pm
election officials say there's no evidence of that. mr. trump raising eyebrows with his comments about russian president vladimir putin, his country, and america. >> so another big week for the trump administration. neil gorsuch coming out very smoothly. >> but the refugee deal, not so much. >> i think it's very smooth, we had 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers and all we did was vet to those people very carefully. >> you wouldn't do anything differently few had to do it over again? >> some of your people did not really know what the order was. >> will that is not what general kelly said. general kelly is now secretary kelly and he totally new and was aware of it and he totally new and was aware of it and it was very smooth. it was 109 people. >> let's talk about iran. your assessment, do you think we
1:36 pm
are on a collision course with the united states with a country? >> i think it was the worst deal i ever seen negotiated rate it should've never been negotiated. it was was a deal made by the obama administration. i think it's a shame that we've had a deal like that and had to sign a deal like that. there is no reason to do it. if you're going to do, have a good a good deal. we gave them $1.7 billion in cash which is unheard of. we put the money out. we have really nothing to show for. >> possibly we tear it up? >> we'll see what happens. i will see what happens, they have total disregard for our country. they are the number one terror states, they're sending money and weapons all over the place. and you can't do that. >> sanctions. that's how you are going to start with them, but you are moving. >> were never talk about military moves. i was criticized president obama that announced that they're going to muzzle her someplace and they give the name, the date, the the time. i don't believe in that. >> so you are not real bullish on our brand at this point. >> i think they have total disrespect for country.
1:37 pm
the deal i would've lived with it if they would've said okay, we are all together now. but it was it was just the opposite. it was like they are emboldened. they follow our planes, they circular circular ships with their little boats . they can't believe anybody could be so stupid as to make a deal like that. >> you talk to putin last week, you had a busy week. >> i patted very busy we can have. >> due respect putin? >> i do respect him. >> why? >> i respect a lot of people but that doesn't mean i'm going to get a long with them. he is a leader of the country. i say is country. i say is better to get along with russia than not. if russia helps us in the fight against isis which is a major fight and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight, that's a good thing. we'll. will i get along with him question i have no idea. >> he is a killer. >> there are a lot of killers.
1:38 pm
do you think our country is so innocent? do you think our country so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> well, take a look at what we have done too. we have made a lot of mistakes. i lot of mistakes. i have been against the war in iraq and the beginning. >> there's a lot of mistakes. >> let's talk about mexico. there was a report, you talk to with the president of mexico and told him this was the report i want to know if it is true or not. that if his army could not handle the drug cartels, that u.s. army, and soldiers were, did you say that #speemac we have to do something about the cartels. i did talk to him about it. i want to help him about it. i think he is a good man and he is a good man and we have a good relationship as you probably know. he seemed very willing to get help from us, because he has got a problem and it's a real problem for us. don't forget forget those cartels are operating in our country.
1:39 pm
they are poisoning the youth of our country. >> at this point, do you consider mexico a corrupt country? this stuff has been going on for decades. >> i love the people. i really like this administration. i think he is a good man. we get along very well. but, they have problems controlling aspects of their country. there is no doubt about it. i'd say the jackson the drug cartels are number one. >> have you figured out what kind of tariff you're going to levy on mexico to pay for the wall? >> right now it's very unfavorable. we are losing jobs to mexico. you look at the plants, these massive plants, i have to tell you i've turned it around already. you see that. for has been phenomenal. they cancel the plant. they are building building. >> you intimidated them. >> no. >> they're afraid of you, you know that. >> no, no, they want to do what's right. >> then why didn't they do what was right in the past? >> they are going to do what's right and they're going to bring jobs back to michigan, ohio and pennsylvania. and all the places that a plus have lost the job or that's already happening.
1:40 pm
i think you are going to see a tremendous job growth in this country. >> let's turn to domestic policy. i just and we can california. as you know, they're now voting on whether they should become a sanctuary state. so california and the usa are on a collision course. how do you see a? >> i think it's ridiculous, century cities as you know i'm very much opposed to think through cities. they breed crime breed crime and there's a lot of problems. if we have to we'll defund, we give tremendous amounts of money to california. in many ways it is out of control as you know. obviously the voters agree otherwise they would not have voted for me. >> so defunding is your weapon of choice. >> while it is a weapon. i don't want to defund anybody. i want to give them the money they need, to properly operate as a city or state. if they're going to have century cities we may have to do that. certain that would be a weapon. >> is there any validity to the witticism of you that you say
1:41 pm
things that you cannot back up factually? as president if you say for example, there are 3 million illegal aliens who voted and then you do not have the data to back it up, some people say that it's irresponsible for a president to say that. is there a validity? >> many people have come out set i am right. >> but you have to have data. >> and it doesn't have to do with the end result. it has to do with registration. when you look at the registration and you see dead people who have voted. when you see people registered into states voted, when you see other things and illegals, people who are not citizens and their other registration. look, we can can be babies, but you take a look at the registration you have illegals, dead people, it's really a bad situation. it's really bad.
1:42 pm
>> so you think you will be proven correct. >> i think i already have. a lot of people have come out say. >> but data has to show that 3,000,000 illegals voted. >> forget that. forget all of that. just take a look at the registration. were going to do it. i'm going to set up permission headed by vice president mike pence. >> that's compared let's get to the bottom of it. 2017, can americans expect a tax-cut? >> i think so, yes. before the end of the year i like to say yes year i like to say yes. >> can americans in 2017 expect a new health care plan out by the trumpet ministration? this year? >> in the process, maybe it will take some time into next year. we are sadly going to be in the process. it's a very complicated. obama cares a disaster. you have to remember obama care does not work. we are putting in a wonderful plan, it statutorily takes a while to get. we'll be putting it in fairly soon. i think that yes, that yes, i like to say that by the end of the year, at least something within the year the following year. >> unless question.
1:43 pm
you get four hours of sleep are some crazy thing like that? when your head hits the pillow do you ever say to yourself, cannot believe i'm here. i cannot believe that i am the president of the united states. when i wasn't a politician, did not start out this way, that was not my life goal. does that ever come into your mind. >> well, i must tell you, the other day i walked into main entrance of the white house. i said to myself, this is amazing. when you walk into air force one it is like a surreal experience in a certain way. but you have to get over it. there's so much work to be done. whether it is jobs or other nations that truly hate us. you have to get over it. >> football. how do you see this game question work.
1:44 pm
>> well, i like bob kraft, i love bill belichick and tom brady is my friend. >> there taken a lot of heat. >> yes, but they're getting a lot of popularity out of it. tom is a winner. >> you're rooting for the patriots? >> i think the other team is fantastic though. turned out to be a good quarterback, but there is less pressure on the patriots because they have been there. once you have one, once you have done it, they have done it, once done it, once you have done it there is less pressure. so we'll see what happens. but, you know. you have to stick up for your friends, right? >> sure. now foxworth foxworth is demanding that i ask you to make a prediction. >> i hate to make predictions. i don't even know what the odds are guess it's pretty even. so i will say the patriots will win. >> by how many points? >> by eight-point. >> that's a good presidential production. mr. president, thank you very much for taking the time.
1:45 pm
>> the president with the patriots. you can see see even more of bill's interview with president trump's interview. it will be on the o'reilly factor tomorrow and tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. the factor is always on the fox news channel. coming up here in a few moments we will analyze what the president said to bill about russia, america, and the comments. have you any ? no and what the receiving today.
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>> is a just her, president trump speaking out against his relationship with the russian president, vladimir putin. doing that in his interview with bill o'reilly. there's one comment the president made that compared our country to russia that has outraged some today on both sides of the l. >> due respect to question work. >> i do. >> you do, why? >> i respect a lot of people but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. he is a leader of his country. i say it is better to get along with russia than to not. if russia helps us in the fight against isis which is a major fight, and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight, that is a good thing. like get along with him? i'm idea. >> he is a killer.
1:50 pm
putin is a killer. >> there's a lot of killers, do you think our country so innocent? >> we are now joined from the national review. so now "you think our country so innocent? "what you think the president meant by that? >> i honestly do not know. i think that it's charm's it's an indefensible statement to try to compare the way our country does business to the way vladimir putin does business. as much as i was opposed to barack obama, i would never have accused him of a poisoning his political opponents and having his political opponents wind up dead. that is just not the way we have done business in this country. it is a kind of moral equivalence that i would hear from crazy academics back when i was in law school. i never thought i would hear from the president of the united states per lester speak clear. if a democratic president democratic president would've said that the most dangerous placement america would've been anywhere between a
1:51 pm
republican lawmaker and a tv camera to condemn those kind of statements. i don't get it. it's indefensible my view. >> builder pushed back again of course. he said no government officials who are killers. but the president seem to talk about the iraq worse. was he referring to cia plots in the past that we have seen. >> again, i cannot. i cannot get inside his head. even if you look at it the way we conduct our military operations versus the way russia conducts its military operations , they indiscriminately bomb areas. they -- we are very careful to minimize casualties. they invade sovereign countries without justification. we work our military operations we try to work to the un security council. there is just no comparison. it is truly disappointing and sad, again i think it is indefensible for the president to make those assumptions. >> you looking at vietnam, the iraq war that was not approved
1:52 pm
by the scary council, with those, it's her causing controversy today. here some of the reaction. >> i simply do not accept that there was any moral equivalency in the president's comments. look, president trump throughout his life and his campaign and this demonstration has never hesitated to be critical of government policies by the united states in the past. there is no moral equivalency. >> a putin is a former kgb agent. he is a thug. he was not elected in a way that most people would consider credible election. >> and marco rubio saying what has a democratic has been poisoned of course referred to the critics have been poisoned. ben -- is not found of the presidency in murderous thugs in our imprudence defense.
1:53 pm
cheney : it deeply troubling and wrong. then again, during the interview the presence of the, isn't it better to get along with president putin then not? he's trying to see if there is a better way to do that. does he not, in that sense have sense have a point? >> it determines in what terms you're getting along better with a foreign country. for example, the obama administration would say that they left, they ended better terms with on iran them when they started. but the cost of that was as horrible iran deal that the president has been consistently correct in calling out as a terrible deal for the united states. so it always matters what are the terms under which you are having a better relationship. do these terms advance the national interest of the united states. just the abstract idea of we just need to get along, i want to know how we are getting long, what are we giving up to get along, what are we getting and getting along. that's the important stuff. >> and the president made the
1:54 pm
comments as bench on that russia has not gone after the isis terrorist in syria for example. the fighting has resumed in eastern ukraine. >> right, exactly. it looks to me that the russians are testing our result. i thought it was very welcome to see nikki haley at the un condemned u.s. russian aggression in crimea, again in ukraine, i thought it was a very important statement, reiterating that sentience would remain in place. that was very important. >> but me and are up to you. i want want to show the audience what the new you and ambassador, nikki haley said today. >> i consider it unfortunate that the occasion of my first appearance here is one in which i must condemned the aggressive actions of our russia. it's unfortunate because it is a replay far too many instances over many years in which united states representatives have needed to do that. it should not have to be that way.
1:55 pm
we do want to better our relations with russia. however, the dire situation in eastern ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of russian action. >> taking crimea, the russian backed rebels continuing in a european country. david, your view, that message to vladimir putin in the russians. which in a way as a little different than what we hear from the president. >> well, i don't know who that was what happen. but we lost the satellite. it the satellite. it went black. they pulled the plug. conspiracy theorist? know, those kind of things happens. >> it just happens. it's super bowl sunday. >> sunday. >> will have to get his answer another time. >> were dealing with russia, vladimir putin and the international policy of this administration and the united nations. so, we'll continue another time. that happen. >> it happens.
1:56 pm
first for pope francis tonight, they're set to make a super super bowl appearance, we will explain. suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> the pope is making his appearance tonight. the vatican says the pope will announce he hopes the super bowl will help bring unity and peace around the world. it is a papal first but francis is a big sports fan who is enthused over the olympics and
2:00 pm
world cup and how they bring folks together. >> that's fabulous. >> i like it. that doesn't for us. >> will be back in one hour at 6:00 p.m. eastern. there will be more news and you can see the kickoff >> we are live in houston with the super bowl hours away let's talk politics. politics is my super bowl.


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