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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 5, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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world cup and how they bring folks together. >> that's fabulous. >> i like it. that doesn't for us. >> will be back in one hour at 6:00 p.m. eastern. there will be more news and you can see the kickoff >> we are live in houston with the super bowl hours away let's talk politics. politics is my super bowl.
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>> no one can handle trump, including the frantic media that said this, america's sweetheart. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> coming from a professor. >> , professor. >> she is sexy. that's right, that is a is a professor, screaming at the nypd. what a peach. a rotten peach. >> she is a professor. [inaudible] >> i bet she smells great. like a dumpster full of old salad. meanwhile, former comedian, former comedian demanded of violent coup. at the same time they were
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destroying the liberal utopia that was berkeley. she walked it back, she is about as edgy as a panda fart. then there is a deborah messing who tweeted support to the same creep separately. you got to hand it to trump, he is driving the worst people crazy. i love it. crazy. i love it. they are all turning into this. >> i am a professor, how dare you, how dare you. -- neo-nazis. [inaudible] >> so, what is she a professor of exactly? how to be a soaring jackass? i love it. donald trump is like and it should that people can't scratch until they rip their faces off. it is so bad that they now demand tom brady to announce his friendship with trump or face its wrath. these are the same that all -- colin cap next. now no one can stand him. he is a large bowl of stupid. so it saturday night, who would you rather be? a radical group like colin,
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desperately trying to seek relevance as his career dries up or tom brady who doesn't think donald trump is such a bed guy. one of them is plain in in the super bowl tomorrow and the other one is sitting home and is dirty underpants sniff and his fingers. i will let you decide. >> let's welcome tonight's guess he is taught how for then sandpaper. the san francisco francisco 49ers, three-time super bowl champion, randy cross like a coffee and anna anna he brightens my day, brian she is slim, fox news contributor catch kim. finally the goodyear blimp, the the wrestler and fox news contributor, tyrus.
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because you're the least athletic care, i will go to first and talk politics. protests all over the country against john. it's john. as like trump is starting a mutiny. the more action he causes the more i kind of like him. >> think about this. in london london and australia today and the thing is to keep in mind that i have a slogan to one person who voted for donald trump is disappointed. this is exactly what he did. he basically took his speech of his collection of speeches from running for president and one by one his checking them off. people are outraged by. what is the rollout on the executive order on the seven nation? was it communication -- apsley. but since then, think, think about it we had someone with a machete from egypt in france, machete and a french soldier because he was french and not islamic. that is what donald trump is trying to avoid. he is not tried to do anything else but keep the country safe.
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why do people realize that? >> donald trump will make a bad argument for himself but the fax backup's argument. then he is proven right and they said yeah he's right. politics, sports, you are you are an expert at both. i watch your twitter feed. how do you feel about the fact that like they are demanding that tom brady relinquishes friendship to topple trump. >> every time i turn on any kind of news or read anything online, it's people losing their flip and minds. it's like the lady in the open, my that escalated quickly. why should tom brady, why should bill belichick, why should robert kraft explain their friendship, it has nothing to do with what were doing here this week. >> it's true. and by the way, as you know a lot of professional athletes, they do a lot of unusual things. they hang out with strippers, they shoot themselves in clubs. they fight dogs, they don't clubs. they fight dogs, they don't actually fight dogs but they have dogs fighting, i'm against all of that. but here you have a
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guy guy who is a friend with the president of the united states. >> yes, will i miss good sports and soul. i would go to games as a kid and i could impress my uncles by insulting players by on the other team. now they're doing like by saying tom brady is friends with the resident and that's a big insult that you have. if you're sitting at home so concerned that tom brady is out hanging out with the president, maybe you should stop and buy something else to do with your life, something a little more meaningful. tom brady doesn't thing think about what you care about who is hanging out with because he is tom brady. >> by the way i went to the same high school as he did. that's all i got. >> kind of pathetic that seeley sports a trivia fact i have. >> you have another one, you have a link to randy. a link to mr. cross. that's true. >> my mother and your mother-in-law used to play bridge together at green hills country club. >> that's right,. >> you are like a sports -- >> i am almost like --
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>> he went to high school -- he went to the same high school as a sports guy. >> tyrus did you try for the dallas cowboys question. >> actually did. what are your thoughts on this? what did colin kaepernick scene is great customer. >> for his role in sports it's great when great athletes are citizens to bear when you say that i'm talking about mohamed all lean, cream abdul-jabbar, when they went and took on a cause they took and encompassed a cause. they themselves are the movement. so what they did, you respective, you respective because they practice what they preach. colin kaepernick had not become a major star in sports where people looked at him as a hero. on that when he decided to be a citizen and talk about it, he wasn't hesitated, he didn't vote, he didn't back anything up. he basically said he basically said my girlfriend maybe do this. that's why he didn't get the respect he deserves.
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>> but he did all those things to try to make a point. he didn't have the afro before. so if i grow in afro and i can relate to this because i'm whites light skin to thought he be more black and that's not how it works. >> i a theory, does me. i know that cat might not understand this because you're only 12. >> thank you. >> donald trump is the 1976 to six to the 1980s oakland raiders. so a reputation for dirty play. they went out but they want. in the press and the media there the 1976 tampa bay buccaneers who lost every single game. i was going to say the 2008 -- >> i can understand going out late getting your work done the next day. >> were terrible. that's the media. how. that's the media. how is that for theory? >> that's not terrible. i think the raiders -- talk
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about j lo. >> one my favorite old movies in the 70s was billy jack. it was a terrible movie. >> he was a bad guy. i'm gonna take his right foot and put it on the right side of your face and there's nothing you can do about it. and donald trump is the billy jack a president. >> that didn't occur to me. >> here's the other thing. if you ever like it in trouble and say how do i get out of this? donald trump does not mind the angst that normally overcomes people. he does not mind the stress and the controversy. he embraces it. he does not care because he is thoroughly convinced that he is right. people love that about him. >> listen to the protest real quick. you know what i consider that? they watch their friend hillary get beat up in a street fight nobody did anything. she was laying down another like all, what happened. so they're going to protest everything.
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>> she is clearly, she was alone. >> that was a woman who gets paid to teach kids. by the way, i noticed that all athletes are conservative. here's why, because liberal -- does not work. you cannot have affirmative-action for like your offensive line. there are no limits in the super bowl. that's unfair, that sex is. >> what they they should've been in chicago in 1968. >> we have so much more, up next to the show get political, we have no idea but were going to pretend that we do. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic.
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>> welcome back. my ex-wife, lady gaga, says she will start the super bowl halftime show the same way that i sleep at night. suspended from the roof. i wonder if it will be special? she has been planning it said she is for. she knows exactly what she is going to do. >> it will be special. i have been. i have been planning this since i was four. i know exactly what i am going
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to do. >> the only thing i played when i was where was my next poo. some are wondering if guy got an outspoken hillary clinton supporter will use the show to take a shot at president trump? meanwhile, their reports at halftime show will feature hundreds of drones. it's true, she hired, she hired the entire msnbc lineup. i cannot resist it. >> i don't blame you but i do think she will use this opportunity to speak out against trump. i don't think there's a question about it. she indicated she would and i think it is totally up hornets. if it is her concert, i paid i know paid i know i'm getting. but this is not her show. it's between the teams and it should not be about her. there can be in the locker and saying what he think about lady gaga did instead of bradys passes or what ryan completed. it bothers me because i think people people are egging her on. >> if there's one thing i want when i'm watching a football game, it is to be lectured by a rich a posh posh singer.
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>> is the best way to go. you saw the wings she was where there and that one customer. she better have something a little different in my or she will reach terminal velocity and two seconds. >> that's right, she can become a down the roof. there's going to be all of these drones. >> do you like jones? >> no, i do do not like the weights we use drones. to to kill innocent people. she is a great performer. she is entertaining to watch. why waste it? i hope she does not talk about trump at all. first of all, we already know how you feel about trumpet we already know that you are a trump is bad, trump is bad team. we know it that's fine. that's like that's fine. that's like going out saying i like attention. she wore a meat dress. >> hurt base, like eric and concussions. >> don't forget -- super bowl is
2:18 pm
a time to come together. we do not talk about politics, we talk about football. if she goes out there and talks about trump is going to be laughable and backfire on her. bottom line, just get your lip-synch straight, deer dance and move on. it should be a rock 'n roll band anyway. >> keep in mind, her record sales or whatever they call it today are going down. this is an opportunity for her to take 50% of the country that would be against that and not tell them to go by someone else the. >> what if she comes out for trump,. >> shall come out in a red hat. if she comes out with a big left-wing kind of thing, we should demand equal time and airdrop kid rock from the roof. >> absolutely. >> but if toby keith did the same thing i be saying the same thing. not here.
2:19 pm
>> it is literally everywhere else, all of the time. >> when i can us around the listen to the speech. >> to remember why we do this? we did this this because people were tuning out at halftime and their big counter programs like networks like fox put in a special episodes of the senses. but they got real acts there but when the acts become bigger than the game it's a problem. why would the nfl even allow a controversial person to perform? >> it doesn't have to be controversial. >> it's one of the hardest parts about the super bowl is halftime. the normal halftime halftime is 12 or 15 minutes. super bowl is half an hour. >> coaches can only know and have nothing to do. after ten minutes a guy have nothing for you. >> how does one get a job as a water boy? how do you apply for something like that? >> water boy, as a not water man. >> you aged out. >> it's not waterman,'s water,'s
2:20 pm
water boy. >> i'm the right height. it's great, the falcons and the entire organization to this game because it's a team game behind the scene and the offices. >> after a few months ago my son was working in the sales department and he's pretty sick that he is not there he took another job. >> will give him a box of tissues when it's over. >> the falcons are selling out that stadium just fine. >> what's your ideal halftime? >> rock 'n roll. like when i went to the super bowl with bruce springsteen it was great. rock 'n roll roll always sounds better. there's no lip-synching. >> i went to high school marching band. >> i was high school one. >> super bowl 1970 with carol channing. >> or the lady gaga of the golden days. >> chubby checker was all it
2:21 pm
also halftime. >> you can call him chubby anymore, he's more like i think you can call him -- [inaudible] >> we gotta go. brian you are leaving us, thanka. we have more coming up. has anyone done a segment on super bowl ads? i think were going to do that today. we are always breaking new ground. but first, your football terms,. >> it looks like there's some extracurricular activity on the field. >> i mean someone is suing a little something they shouldn't be doing. >> no, it means like volunteer work like something they should be doing like regulates of the children. >> they need to air it out more. >> throw the ball long. >> that means that their socks are wet and they have to dried out on the close line. >> the quarterback has happy feet. >> that means they're dancing in the pocket and doesn't placed in
2:22 pm
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by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™ >> live from american selection headquarters, president trump fighting it federal court ruling
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denying the justice department's request to reinstate his temporary ban on refugees and citizens and seven muslim majority countries entering the us. he was was tweeting a couple of our goes, "just cannot believe a judge would put our country and such perils. if something happens, blame him in the court system. people pouring inches bad. i've instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult " the countdown is on to super bowl li. the. the fans are arriving in nrg stadium to see the atlantic falcons and new england patriots go head-to-head on the gridiron just about an hour from now. the big game is on the big fox.
2:27 pm
>> we are back in weren't in houston. is it sporty as i am shorty. joining us on weekday mornings at fox ports radio. we'll be talking about super bowl ads because nobody else is talking about them. they show up 5 million bucks for 30 seconds of time. >> is it worth the cash? let's start this at from honda. >> when he start out you might not know where you're going. or, what you're doing. or why you are carrying that. >> believe in yourself, do you you think any of these folks believe they would make it. >> probably not. >> it's an amazing place, the all-new crv. >> i don't know but you, that creeped the hell out of me. it is also totally ineffective. i think of it being like harry potter, the moving picture thing. i don't really care what
2:28 pm
those guys look like when their celebrities. were get a mix tech with a car in how people get confused. i thought it was like aha look at me a more famous than all my friends. that's insulting to me. i am boycotting your books. not honda though, i love their cars. >> i don't love their cars at all. i don't fit in them. i don't care for it would be your books, waterfront. >> what you try? speemac, chevy guy. guy. the truck. >> a big truck. i don't know. you know that tells me, that technology can frame us in any crime. that they can make anything possible. i'm going to get framed for some horrible thing that i did in in the film in germany. >> that's what you think about. >> so there's another ad, this broke new ground it features mr. i think it has been working out. ♪ ♪
2:29 pm
♪ ♪ >> i am speechless. what are you in right now? >> every time i see that i'm not sure should be watching it. >> do you know what it is? to they have cameras of their house? i find this whole thing disgusting. like cartoon human sex. she is attracted -- it's almost as bad as -- reality. wow. i went there. if it was a cartoon animal. >> i'm a married guy. this is why pay for someone to come clean the house. because my wife is more than likely to -- with me when the house is clean. if you sleep with me when the house is clean. >> give she's not working two or three jobs and getting it on with mr. clean.
2:30 pm
>> i keep my apartment very, very messy is a feminist act. >> i'm just happy that mr. clean is -- in a commercial. >> this is a very disturbing commercial for bud light. >> yes, to be be honest i don't have an excuse, man. i'm just going to stay in hello. >> mckenzie, what are you doing here? >> it's when people don't drink bud light with friends, at this moment your friends or hanging out near miss not. >> i just a think it was a big deal. >> this is disgusting. >> it's amazing. amazing. >> i think more people should use that to sell products. when he says my soul can't rest when people aren't at drinking bud light with friends. that's amazing.
2:31 pm
i want my tombstone to say that. >> i think i was like the original spud mckenzie. i would would bring it back and keep him back. it was a dead dog. >> but what you don't you need to know about. >> every ad is better with animals. >> that is true. [inaudible] why wouldn't he be dead? there stuff we we need to talk about it some we all share. >> i think they sold it to me. >> it it does not take much to get you to drink a beer. this next ad, surprise surprise the lease never quaaludes,'s for avocados. >> avocados. delicious. eat them.
2:32 pm
everyone loves guacamole. come and get it hipsters. >> do you think this is an ad for ecstasy? >> it is why donald trump is building the wall. let's be honest. and also john lovett has the best damn agent of all-time. how does he get the avocado add of everybody available? >> i like it? i just like the casting of it. >> listen, lester the creepiest commercial was the gangnam -- >> i have a guy in mexico during college that was just like that. and you had a creepy guy in a movie, you bring in john lovett, creepy guy to scarier kid at your kid at a party, bringing john lovett. >> did you notice a year ago
2:33 pm
nobody was putting avocado on toast and now everybody's doing it. >> is very high calorie. >> you don't get back to california very often, do do you. >> i'm not allow their after that incident. >> here's a disturbing ad. it is for skittles, the candy for people who cannot handle m&ms. >> katie. katie. katie. katie. katie. katie. katie. katie. katie. >> i think that is my favorite ad. >> i think it was the worst by four. >> what's wrong with that? >> it's not a lot going on, same thing over and over again.
2:34 pm
>> you wanna watch middle-aged people shipped around the bedroom on the floor. what about that appeals to? >> that's what i do. that's i get up in the morning. >> i expected mr. kling come in there at the end. >> it's amazing to me that someone made millions of dollars to come up with that idea. >> i thought it was brilliant. >> i have never wanted less. >> were they doing before they threw skittles. >> do notice a trend here? avocados and skittles. these are foods that are drug like powers. people need them. whenever you see drug commercials they treat them like inert substances. they're walking on the beach after they take lunesta or something like that. but with food, food is the drug. it's interesting how they switched it, does that make sense? >> avocado, the new crack. >> i have even avocado and i've been fine. it's fine. >> avocados are from mexico. >> i love avocado. >> there okay. >> 21 grams of fat in each avocado. but it's good fat good that. >> i don't buy any of that. >> clay, please come back to new york.
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2:40 pm
you asked about at the hotel bar, they said yes it should be a holiday. the other person other person said get your hand off my -- heinz catchup is leading public to make's monday and next no holiday saying 60 million people take the holiday off anyway. move the big game up to presidents' day weekend. because it's already a holiday pay make it super bowl monday national holiday would make leave us more time to play ping-pong with her cats. >> that's teamwork. that's like of the new celebrity apprentice. >> we're just talking about it. john lovett's and their. >> when you hang out with love it's you cannot help but start talking like him. >> he was crazy. >> is this whole feud between trump and source to negative
2:41 pm
manufactured for ratings? >> i will tell you, it was surreal. with it president of the united states praying for anna schwarzenegger. don't pray for him, pray for me. i'm final four. there's a problem, it it happened on a tuesday or wednesday. with the new cycle i think by monday by the time, it moved on. >> it is time for boy george to change his name to man george. >> you just said he wanted to be a water boy. >> okay, i want to ask about this whole thing. i'm. i'm not sure i want to holiday. >> by the way, did john kerry have any influence over this # here's my point about this. if you like this is spinal tap where's super bowl sunday. by not moving to saturday and called super bowl sunday have sunday beer day off.
2:42 pm
>> because of their day. it's already the number one call in sick day in america. the day after the super bowl. why bowl. why not just get it over with and go ahead. >> we are not working anyway. >> i think there's been more industrial accidents of people who get to work with a lousy hangover. they get on the forklift indexing you know they have crushed their buddy and that they have left for tijuana. >> this is especially for people who do not especially care about the game like i do. because if you're not interested in something what he have to do? jacket tolls interesting. so the next it's hard for us. >> i have a theory that it is not really the alcohol. it is a food hangover. hangover. you eat a lot of food. >> you are missing the fans journey. they start at training camp, the go through the season and they go through trades and injuries and go through their fantasy football letdowns. and
2:43 pm
then it is combination of everything that comes together. then there's a big depressing there's a big depressing thing like i have nothing to watch. and then you have to fix your marriage and you have to realize we have to do but you can no longer talk out of church because of the big game. it is a rough ending to a wonderful thing that is football. >> why don't they just make the game shorter? >> shorter? they have fewer commercials. >> i want fewer penalties. get get rid of the penalties, all penalties go away. >> if you are injured you stay on the field. >> i do think this would be a move to declare monday a holiday and give everybody, it's a snow day. we all love a snow day. >> but america prides itself on
2:44 pm
a work ethic, we are not france. we don't want to turn into europe, wherever that is. >> if we say we need a day off because we're so drunk and so full of avocado toast i think there's avocado toast i think there's some american pride in that. >> i don't even know why they are applauding. >> what about for the team that leases you have to wait another day to go to work but that water cooler if atlanta goes down by 20 let's say and then that guy is waiting for you and he wants his dollar bet. >> to agree to -- >> monday is d-day. you go in. >> i am sick. but here's the problem. i'm. i'm actually sick. i have the flu. and so nobody's going to believe me. >> it really is all about you. we have to move on. giving you
2:45 pm
the rest of the night off. go get trunk. i can't, and sick. a moment like six different pills and none of them are illegal. unfortunately. coming up, i predict the next segment will be our prediction first predict the next segment will be our prediction first super bowl 51. i know, -- the first a football quiz. >> i'm going to ask you a football thing and you can tell me what it means. >> you're going to call a timeout so by the kicker so he loses his mojo. >> note that so they put their ice. >> no it's not. he says is starting to assert itself. >> all except that. [inaudible] you don't text back because you don't expect thanks for others that you're not willing to expect for yourself. because because you deserve better treatment than that.
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>> where back from houston. so what is super bowl show
2:50 pm
without predictions. the service you randy. >> i love atlanta. i live in atlanta. i think the state of georgia will have the day off tomorrow. right after they went. i want to bore you with a score. >> i want to ask another question. who is better? tom brady or joe montana. >> who has lost the super bowl's? between those two? >> i have to go with my guy joe. i think he is the best. >> joe was not nice to me. he was standing up in my apartment and did not stay say hello. >> he never liked stalkers, even reverse stalkers. >> listen, tom, tom brady is an unbelievable court aback. arguably one of the greatest, but i think after the halftime performance he's going to quit, nazis, nazis running for president and the falcons are going to win. >> interesting. >> i think the patriots by about 20. and tom brady is a saint. if you have seen the movie ted
2:51 pm
to will take tom brady. his greatness. there is only one joe montana that will never be reproduced. with the exception of that error >> brady was intended to? >> i'm going to have to look that up. >> i talked to bill belichick myself. he said that the patriots are going to win, absolutely, for sure. >> of course he is going to say that. >> but i talked to him myself. >> when did you talked him? >> yesterday. >> we never have scoops on the show. i went in and i got that interview. did he going to_a question. >> the question. >> i'm going to pick the patriots because of course, both myself and tom brady are padres from the high school.
2:52 pm
barry bonds was never convicted. >> he's never tested positive. >> he used to sit behind me, no lie, in spanish class and kick my desk so he could look at my spanish answers. that's answers. that's what barry bonds use to do. [inaudible] final thoughts. >> okay everybody if i talk to the patriots owner and coach bill belichick. very exciting. what's the game plan? >> were going to keep the ball away from matt ryan. i think they're going to score a lot of points. >> nice to meet you. that's great. >> yeah football does that. can you believe that? >> no, actually i cannot believe it. >> he knows your name. bill belichick knows everybody's name.
2:53 pm
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bill o'reilly systolic presidential tomorrow. the super bowl pregame show at the fox broadcast network. so you can see more monday and tuesday on the o'reilly factor where the stops. so were running on time you know what that means. >> here's your chance to say. right now. >> so, randy i have a weird question. what's. what's going to happen to you when you die? >> when i die am going to donate my brain to the concussion legacy foundation. the cutting-edge stuff they're doing with research on that. i figure for me it is a pale
2:58 pm
forward deal. for the kids who will play football in the future. they can make informed decision. the guys that play now and in my era we did not make informed decisions. >> it's not like you're going to need the brain. >> know i get to keep wit until i'm done with it. >> no but i would respect to murphy gave her a now, but i understand. >> i have another friend who friends who would probably tell you can tell the difference. >> after such a selfless act like that, i don't want to talk about myself. but celebrity apprentice on monday night and american ninja warriors, back. >> want to say hi to my parents were watching avail. >> it's always the parents. in the spirit of john lovett, the final question, which you can answer, if greg was a flower, would you pollinate him? >> i just want to say that whether your team wins or loses, remember it is always reimbursing to lose.
2:59 pm
>> you know what the best part of being here in houston question people cheering and then other people who don't know you go he doesn't look like an athlete. it's a sad little document. >> all work it up. [inaudible] >> of a fan over here who might be willing to get in on the fun. >> thank you to our guests. i met greg got fell, i love you america. >> are you excited for the march madness? it's february. get in the game. >> i don't know what that means. >> he really cleaned his clock. >> have no idea.
3:00 pm
>> you realize you're at the super bowl, right? he said clean his clock and something got hit really hard. >> a fox news alert, president trump sitting down with fox news channel bill o'reilly for an exclusive interview. their conversation making headlines for some controversial comments from the president. hello president. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello everyone i'm actually the president trump raising some eyebrows with the claims of voter fraud in the presidential race. in his comments about vladimir putin. he's causing a controversy with his comparison with russia and our president. >> another big week for the trump administration. i the


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