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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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some may say it's a beautiful day. you're looking outside of new york city, "fox & friends first". i'm jackie ibañez. heather: president trump blasts attack at court over immigration order. jackie: niel gorsuch now firing back. good morning, garrett. heather: good morning. >> we just start out by saying it's very unusual for a president to weigh in publicly on court case that is deal with own agenda. president trump is anything but traditional and repeatedly shown he has no problem going after judges who disagree with him and yesterday at a gathering of sheriffs from across the country, the judge layed on the three-court panel which temporarily bans immigration from 7 predominantly muslim
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countries. mr. called what he heard from those judges disgraceful. >> i don't ever want to call a court biased so i won't call it bias and we haven't had a decision yet but courts seem to be so political. the entry of aliens, it's not like, again, a bad high school student would understand this. anybody would understand this. >> and the president's renewed attacks draw plenty of criticism many from democrats, those attacks will weigh into the confirmation of mr. trump's nominee judge gorsuch and gorsuch is not a fan of the language towards judges and that's from democratic senator
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blumenthal. >> his disheartened by the poor comments made by president trump about the judiciary. >> there's growing support for the president's temporary ban for immigration with more than half of those polls saying they approve of it. president trump will try to win over democratic senators by having them over nor dinner all in effort to get judge gorsuch through confirmation without a democratic filibuster, heather, jackie. heather: thank you so much, garrett. president trump expected to swear in america's next top law man. >> the nomination is confirmed. [applause] heather: senator jeff sessions winning confirmation as the next u.s. attorney general, the swearing ceremony for 10:30 this morning. last night's vote 53-47.
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comes after weeks of heated to say the very at least debate and theys from democrats in his farewell aaddress, senator sessions called for colleagues to come together and get to work. >> i would say that would be my prayer for this body that in the future that in the last few weeks would die down and maybe somehow we get along better. >> fiery reaction from senator session' strongest critic elizabeth warren. deeply disappoint that had the senate confirmed an ag whose record does not show he will faithfully force the law. we will not be silent and persist. warren was actually silenced on the senate floor for breaking
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rules when she used, quotes from the widow of martin luther king, jr. to call sessions a disgrace, the niece was describing her tactics. >> we will no longer accept the race card situation, we need facts. >> charles says the left is fighting the wrong fight. >> the left does try to shut down every single debate by using that issue is reprehensible and sets us back in terms of race relations. i think they are doing a terrible job and i don't care they are going to succeed at any of them or maybe one or two of
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them, is that it sets up the fight for the confirmation niel gorsuch. that one isn't even if the whole game, the whole game is if there's another justice that retires after him and they have to fight that fight. heather: and to the other huge story today, extreme weather breaking right now, 50 million americans bracing for a monster winter storm, a live picture in pennsylvania, this is where it's coming down. look at that. the radar shows there's more to come. >> the winter whiplash affecting travel at this very hour, nearly 5,000 flights canceled or delayed nationwide. road crews working overnight preparing for blizzard-like conditions. heather: snow is expect today fall thick and fast with temperatures plunging with below freezing, schools in new york city, boston, philadelphia already making the call to
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close. >> fox team extreme weather coverage rob in new york city. heather: we begin with janice dean tracking the storm. janice: good morning, new york city starting to see thick snow, we are expecting snow for a period of hours and even blizzard conditions on long island towards massachusetts. this thing hasn't gotten cranked up yet. it's going to come off the coast and basically what we call bomb out, 24millibars and that's a massive winter storm. the good is it's a relatively quick mover and dump a lot of snow. right now heavy rain, late rain in dc and philly i'm concerned with you because it's going the make a transition quickly. if people are on the roadways, it can be very dangerous and, of course, they have closed schools, as we go through time
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here 9:00 a.m. philadelphia. still in jersey and long island and exit long island around 3:00 p.m., massive storm for boston, where they could get upwards of 12 to 18-inches and wind gust and that's why we have blizzard warnings up for parts of long island and coastal massachusetts where there's going to be a blizzard for at least three hours with blowing snow and drifting snow and dangerous travel conditions, the winter weather advisorieses for millions of people here and that's why they are taking precautions, the salt trucks are out, officials are doing anything they can to make sure people are safe and off the roadways and that's going to be the story throughout the day today. snowfall totals easily upwards of a foot, some cases could have 2 feet or more. this is a big one, ladies, we will be tracking it all morning. i will be out hopefully doing snow angels later. heather: yes, we haven't been
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able to do that this winter. that is where we find rob, good morning. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning, guys, we are down here at the base of manhattan right here by new york harbor. the snow starting to pick up in the last half hour or so, a rainy, sleety mess, the snow will be coming down. some of the flakes are like the size of a nickel or quarter. they are huge snow flakes, people in new york city, officials are worried about that this is going to come down so fast and that has caused them to close schools in new york, that has caused airlines, 5,000 delays in cancellations nationwide because of the storm. they are expecting fast-moving storm to come down to dump and right during the morning commute, 7:00 o'clock this morning and we could be seeing the brunt of this, the foot of snow, more to the north in boston, less as you head towards philadelphia and washed. i'm not sure exactly what you
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can see behind me. the tables are barely covered with just a little bit of snow but new york city canceled today. 1.1 million kids staying home from school today and that creates a problem in itself because parents need to figure out what to do with their kids. i remember last year there was a huge storm and they didn't cancel schools because they know there's such a problem, this one they are taking seriously. you can see behind snow flakes. the first thing starts spreading the salt first thing in the morning, they don't start plowing until there's 2-inches on the ground but they are preparing in philadelphia and boast en, in new york they are doing the same, getting ready for a lot of snow here. ladies, we will send it back to you. heather: thank you. we will check back in. hand hunt underway for a killer who murdered a backpack from
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panamá. strangled by her swim suit cover-up. janet was last seen alive on thursday heading to a popular beach for the day. fbi agents are helping in the search for her killer. >> now behind bars this morning, police say that this guy right here drove himself to a gouge hospital claiming to have the deadly substance on his hands, a quick test of his car found traces, police believe he was experimenting with the substance but claim the public isn't danger, he's been held on reckless conduct charges. heather: gone gotti is -- jon gotti is going to jail. in addition to $240,000 in cash.
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7 people in total were arrested. >> former new york knicks star dragged from his seat all happened during the game for getting into a fight. >> he was involved in something. heather: charles oakley sitting near knicks owner heckling him for his team's poor season, shoved the security guard before dragged out. he was released later and the knicks saying this quote, he was a great nick and he hope he gets help soon. >> all right, heather, as the not thickens in the mystery of tom brady's missing super bowl jersey, narrowing the list of possible suspects with people can access, those include players, team employees and family of team executives and security. he noticed the jersey was
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missing out of his bag after the championship win in houston, but it could all come to a close, an equipment truck that may hold the truck arrives in boston. heather: mystery continues. >> worth a lot of money. heather: the time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and playing politics, norstrum. >> the school accused of cuddling kids over immigration order. heather: can you tell what's wrong? take a
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: some areas we heard janice dean expect today maybe get 2 feet of snow. that's crazy. >> here in new york city about a foot. >> this is allentown, pennsylvania. heather: fox business alert, in nordstrum is firing back. cheryl: seeing companies get involved with the white house is tough for business and this has become a true war of words between the white house and nordstrom over the company's decision to not carry ivanka
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line of clothe and accessories. president trump seemed daughter has been punished because of her last name. white house press secretary sean spicer defended the president's tweet during wednesday's briefing. >> clearly a targeting f her brand. he ran for president, he won, he's leading this country and i think for people to take out their concern about his actions or executive orders, members of his family have every right to stand up for his family. cheryl: in nordstrom issued another statement. sales of the brand have declined to the point where it didn't make good business sense for us to continue with the line for now.
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but a boycott of nordstrom is gaining traction on social media. one twitter user posted this, it is amazing that nordstrom has a business model that promotes bully mentality at ivanka trump, #boycott in nordstrom. brands are featured based on a number of factors. other retailers have also dropped the first daughter's lines including nieman marcus, jet and gilt. a lot of people like ivanka trump's clothing and accessory lines and up till i knew was selling very well.
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>> i love her shoes and dresses. >> a great price point too. heather: katrina pearson is firing back as well. she says this is no way this is actually about the sales. >> clearly there's politics involved here. i can tell you as a consumer and familiar with ivanka trump's brand that it's doing quite well and the brand is expanding. more importantly, ivanka trump is the daughter of the president of the united states. we have seen her attacked publicly, we have seen her attacked when she has been privately with her family and because there's a pile-on, we talk about timing, it really is uncanny how the retailers which most retailers by this time have already purchased from their venders for this season, suddenly the president signs a ban, a travel moratorium and suddenly her brand is not doing so great. that doesn't make sense. heather: what do you think, is it really about sales or
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companies are playing politics. >> vowing to perceive from the emotional toll of stalled immigration order. parents receiving letter of assurance. president trump's recent actions have left many members of our community with anxiety, fear and doubt. as always, we are committed to the emotional safety of our students. now the public school system also provides community and legal resources for families. heather: parents in virginia outraged over signs posted at a dc area high school with facts are not political and we are all immigrants. a school board member defending the teachers. >> teachers have first amendment right and they are in their rights to express themselves as long as they are teaching their material and being supportive of the students. heather: teachers are not allow today endorse political candidate or party. at least they are not supposed
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to. >> beyonce slapped with 26 million-dollar lawsuit, that's a lot of money, the family of murder eed rapper claims that she stole voice example for his song formation. >> yeah, baby, oh, yeah. i like that. heather: beyonce swiped copyright material. beyonce has not commented. >> 21 after the hour. tight-wire terror, dramatic circus act goes horribly wrong, what may have happened. heather: the government wasting millions of dollars paying living veterans for their burial .
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heather: you are looking at a live shot from clinton, new jersey. the snow it is coming and that means cold weather, possible ice, slow down if you have to be out on those roads, clifton, new jersey, be careful there. in the meantime, ice as i just mentioned is wrecking -- wreaking havoc. one car after another slamming into each other after freezing rain turned i21 into a skating rink basically.
2:26 am
now, work crews tried to clear all of those vehicles, they did it for hours, eight people were injured. >> officials investigating after five circus performance lose balance plummeting 25 feet down trying a record-breaking stunt in sarasota, florida, two people are in critical condition this morning. the group was practicing 8-person pyramid similar to this one right here. fame tight rope walker it was anchor of the pyramid but he was unharmed. all prm formers expected to make full recovery, the show must go on. heather: make america work again. president trump meeting with airline executives one day after making another major deal, making another major deal, what's on the table for today?
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heather: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", a live shot there at time square for you. definitely wet and it's going to get worse. >> i'm jackie ibañez. extreme weather breaking right now. live picture in alengthtown, pennsylvania where it's already coming down there and the radar shows what's to come next. heather: this winter whiplash impacting travel this hour. nearly 5,000 flights canceled or delayed nationwide and the road crews, they are working hard,
2:31 am
they worked all night long across the northeast preparing for the blizzard-like conditions. jackie: schools in new york city, boston and philadelphia and washington, d.c. already making the call to close schools. heather: let's get to janice dean. janice, it was over 60-degrees yesterday. janice: yeah we set records. 61, i believe, was the daytime high and now into 30's and we are getting a mixture of snow and sleet right now and i think the city did the right thing by telling people to stay off the roads because it's beginning to be ongoing for the next couple of hours. let's take a look at the maps to show you the temperatures you can see where they have dropped around the freezing mark in new york city, 38 in boston, the cold front is packing quite a punch, as you can see a rain event in philadelphia but that will transition very quickly and that's why i'm concerned that people are on the roads they're in for a not so welcome surprise
2:32 am
as this transitions over to snow. it's going to be a thick, wet, heavy snow, people are urged to, you know, if you have back problems, respiratory problems, get somebody else to shovel. we are dealing with a lot of snow. blizzard conditions are possible. wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour in dc area, 20 miles per hour, that's going to continue as the storm strengths. that's what we call bombing out. thest going to drop millibars in the next 24 hours and become a. >> strong northeaster, the storm is going to be until new york 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. it's going to be treacherous throughout the evening. my kids are off school. happy birthday theodore. it's my youngest son's birthday. momma loves you, momma is doing work. heather: it's his birthday and
2:33 am
he gets a snow day. bad. jackie: hey, good morning, rob. it looks like it's picking up over the course of 30 minutes. >> come and go things, it comes in bands, when i started walking out here a couple of hours ago it was dumping and stopped, it's a mix. 34, 35-degrees, heavy wet snow and when it comes down it comes down fast and that's exactly what they are word about in new york city city. they advising to take trains, don't try to take the car because it'll be a mess. there's not much on the ground at this point. maybe a half an inch at this point. trucks won't come out. for plows won't come out until 2-inches on the ground. right now they are spreading salt. we can show you video from pennsylvania where we are expecting 6 to 8-inches of snow
2:34 am
in parts of philadelphia, they are expecting a foot here in new york city, they are expecting maybe a not and a half, 18-inches in boston. it's going to be a wait and see thing. as you go north, they are certainly expecting more. new york city schools, parents to figure out what to do with the kids and whether or not the participants go into work. a lot of companies are telling people, use your best judgment. you don't think you can get in, stay home and we will send it back to you. >> that's hard when they close the schools. heather: you to guess the night before. president trump anxiously await it is fate of his stalled immigration order while lashing out at the courts. his pick for supreme court niel gorsuch now firing back several. garrett live in washtdz -- washington, d.c. with the latest on this. >> heather, jackie, good morning to y'all. the white house repeatedly vowed to use every legal power available to get the order reinstated but the president is
2:35 am
not leaving it strictly to the courts and yesterday he continued to criticize all the judges involved in the case. at a gathering of sheriffs, mr. trump said the law over the matter is so simple that a bad high school student could understand it and lamented that the courts are so political. this type of executive order is exactly what he was elected for. >> i think it's a sad day, i think our security is at risk today and it will be at risk until such time as we are entitled and get what we are entitled to as citizens of this country. we want security, one of the reasons i was elected was because of law and order and security. >> and the presidents were new to tax judiciary to jump plenty of criticism mostly from democrats that say those attacks will weigh into the confirmation of mr. trump's nominee for the supreme court judge niel gorsuch. gorsuch himself is not a fan of
2:36 am
president attacking judges. >> he certainly expressed to me that he's disheartened by the poor comments made by president trump about the judiciary. >> according to one new poll from politico, there's growing support for the president's temporary ban from seven muslim majority countries with more than half of those surveyed saying they approve. tonight president trump will try to win over some democratic senators by having them over to the white house for dinner, all part of his effort to get judge gorsuch confirmation without a filibuster possible. heather: thank you so much, garrett. >> you got it. jackie: president trump coming down hard on the judges weighing in on the travel ban. heather: fox news radio host is with us with his take on supreme court nominee, judge gorsuch's response and one-minute commentary. good morning.
2:37 am
>> good morning, supreme court nominee niel gorsuch says president trump's comments about judiciary are disheartening and demoralizing. radical muslims waging jihad in the heartland. that's demoralizing and you want to know what else is demoralizing, judges that turn courtrooms into throne rooms. the president is absolutely correct. the courts seemed to be so political because they are so political. president trump is just saying what we all know is true, the u.s. ninth circuit are a bunch of sorry so and sos. god, gun and presidents to want to make america great again. it had to be said. heather: fruit loops or whatever else you're eating. >> indeed. thanks. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour. say good-bye to the sanctuary
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>> you're looking at live pictures from allentown, pennsylvania. we will keep an eye for you. 41 after the hour. texas governor dropping the hammer on poll -- politicians to
2:42 am
stop sanctuary cities. the provision is attached to the city to ban sanctuary cities from texas. meanwhile in ohio the dayton police department officially dropping sanctuary policy allowing officers to hand criminal illegal immigrants over to federal officials. new report to tell you about, va sending money to cover veteran funeral expenses but the vets are still alive. inspector general says payments between 4,000 to 16,000 bucks were sent between august of 2014 and january of 2015, checks were sent to spouses that were not even on veterans records. the report found the agency authorized the incorrect payments because they had poor controls and system checks. wow. heather: emmy award winning show 24 is back on fox and this time with a whole new cost facing some brand-new threats.
2:43 am
>> there's a situation. >> whatever is going on over there, it's not your job anymore. >> i'm the only one that could help. >> so let's step into the fox light michael tamara who got a behind the scenes look of the show and the question is, is he returning? >> sort of. [laughter] >> i sat down with the cast who told me what it was like bringing the great series back to life. >> i'm probably the only person in the planet who has never seen any of the 24 -- [laughter] >> i know. >> but i love this one. >> just watch this one. >> new generation, right here. >> that's what we want. >> that's what we want. >> were you guys fans of the original? >> super fan. >> i was a normal fan. >> how are you going to get into
2:44 am
your favorite show. >> our version is new cast and twist. >> maybe this was a part of that. >> do you know what we are doing hits really close to home and almost maybe too close to home and you'll see as the story unfolds that it's very exciting, it's also very scary. >> yeah. >> there is political corruption, the drug trade, there is terrorism, there's terrorist cells. >> there's everything. >> everything that we deal with and it's all the worlds colliding in a show like this while it's topical it's not from headlines every week. >> no matter what happens, you stay there. >> well, great copy. right after the super bowl this
2:45 am
sunday. >> i was going to say. >> what the heck. 24 monday's only on fox. keep it true to original form. >> you're right, that was a great game. >> so good. you can check out more of my interview at and you can follow me on twitter. heather: always great to have you with us. let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up at "fox & friends". i heard snow it's on the way. steve: get a shovel. we are awaiting the ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals regarding the president's travel ban. we have judge napolitano for a legal perspective and kellyanne conway joins us from the white house with political perspective. a senator who told elizabeth warren to butt out, takes us inside the conversation.
2:46 am
republican from the state great of montana is going to join us live. busy three hours will be kicking off as soon as i go to shovel, "fox & friends"
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first". president trump gearing up for big meeting of ceo's today in the heels of another big job's deal. jackie: cheryl casone with what we can expect. cheryl: good morning, ladies, this is going to be interesting actually. we had pilot unions protesting what is kind of a on the controversial issue. pilots and some of these what are line -- airline executives
2:50 am
say it'll cause a problem. there's been skepticism if the airlines and the unions have an argument here. the other big news coming out of the jobs and, of course, the white house would be intel, 7 billion-dollar investment that intel has just announced in conjunction with the white house. they want to work with the white house and with president trump to make sure that jobs are created and kept in the united states. ten thousand new jobs are going to complete an arizona factory, intel is, and the ceo says, look, i want to work with the administration when it comes to immigration, i want to work with the h1b visas. a lot are having problems dealing with the president. heather: remember the president had a huge meeting with the technology officials, so maybe it came out of that. cheryl: yeah. heather: new iphone, it would cost a lot more than the rest. cheryl: rumors, a lot of us
2:51 am
follow on the business side has got a pretty interesting take on what the iphone 8 we think is going to be the iphone 8, apple won't say anything, this is what they always do, could be over a thousand dollars but what they're saying the phone could have is pretty cool, grews, a new display, sheet of glass, they are saying, increased memory, wireless charging. >> nice. cheryl: a lot of people are ready for that. this isn't crazy to be over a thousand dollars. the iphone 7, the top line which is 256 gigs, that's 969. so over a thousand bucks, i can understand that, but the features on it, i think, is a lot of positive. heather: are they going to come out with another new one and -- another thousand bucks. jackie: kfc is rolling out a new menu item and kind of sounds pretty good. cheryl: i am loving all the food mash-ups and we had so many of these.
2:52 am
kfc singapore, it's not here yet but you never know when it'll arrive. chicken and pizza altogether. heather: chicken with the pizza crust. cheryl: look at that. pizza toppings on top of that. [laughter] heather: it looks like there's macaroni and cheese on top of it. i know my mac and cheese for sure. swrak jack bring jackie: bring it to us. cheryl: i am on it. cold-weather food. [laughter] heather: millions of drivers as a monster winter storm churns up the east coast. jackie: yeah in the snow zone, pennsylvania, jennifer.
2:53 am
jennifer, it's really coming down there. >> it is, it's coming down right to my face which is very cold right now. can you guys believe temperatures in the 60's and now early this morning heavy snowstorm here in lee high county. we are actually right next to allentown. we have seen several salt trucks too but they can't come fast enough because taking a look at the roadway you can hardly even see the black top. we have seen cars passing by with the hazards on. people are bracing for today's storm expecting roughly 6-inches or so, definitely a shift in weather today as i said from yesterday and the schools are closed. so we know the kids are happy. we also know that many of the plow truck drivers are happy. we need the snow, we need to work. it's a good thing to be working, right, guys?
2:54 am
jackie: the snowplow gals and girls aren't getting enough business. heather: ten minutes until the top of the hour. talk about a new load. video game that allows players to punch the president. this is unreal. jackie: yeah that next and photo shop fails those accused of altering this picture right here. can you tell what's wrong? we have been looking at it all morning. that's next
2:55 am
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heather: we are back with extreme weather that is breaking right now. 50 million americans in the path of a monster winter storm. >> jackie: you are looking at live pictures out of clifton, new jersey at a train station in bac babylon, new york. snow coming down and accumulating quickly. heather: whiplash. nearly 5,000 flights canceled or delayed nationwide.
2:59 am
>> jackie: schools in new york city, boston and philadelphia already cancelled. the storm expected to continue into the afternoon hours with some areas getting up to a foot of snow. heather? heather: crazy it was so warm yesterday. time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a heart warming moment as the 6-year-old celebrates the end of his chemo treatments. [bell] [cheers and applause] heather: superman jimmy dancing wildly he's rings the bell at pittsburgh children's hospital. he has battling an inoperable brain tumor since he was 4 months old. >> jackie: next the bad. a new low for the tolerant left. outrage boiling over now. violent video game that let's users punch the president, heather and virtual reality game that allows gamers to slap and punch him in the head. that's awful. heather: finally the ugly. this picture has everyone asking what happened to g inch
3:00 am
gi's tan. ashley graham appear thinner as people on social media placed near ashley's waste looks unusually long. >> jackie: i think their legs look unusually long but i'm just ge jealous. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> jackie: have great day. >> i don't want to call courts bias but they are extremely political. >> members of the judiciary disheartening and demoralizing. >> neil gorsuch has to say that it's perfectly reasonable he would take exception to that. >> senator jeff sessions has at long last been named attorney general of the united states. >> i want to thank vice presidet trump. >> man to be attorney general in the last 50 years. >> i brought. so comments i get from twitter. you are a disgrace to the


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