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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 10, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> we are awaiting this news conference with president trump in the prime minister of japan, sure he will talk about the travel ban pure governor mike huckabee, great to have you on. >> great to be here, thank you. >> we are back monday at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert, minutes away from the joint news conference between president trump in the prime minister of japan shinzo abe. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jon scott. >> jenna: i am jenna lee, that news conference set to start and a half hour following a bilateral meeting of the two. you sought live on fox news they met in the oval office, he says he wants to but a relationship with mr. trump come up with trade one of the issues near the top of the president's agenda. >> jon: kevin corke is live with a map of today's events. >> get to talk to you, my friend.
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as you know, usa and japan are two of the largest economies in the world so where possible and make sense to work collaboratively. that said, i want to share with you just to give you a window into the thinking of president trump as it relates to the relationship between the united states and japan. take you back to what then candidate trump had to say about japan back in april of 2015. he said this about tpp, the trans-pacific partnership is an attack on american business. it does not stop japan's currency manipulation. this is a bad deal. that is obviously relevant, it gives you a look into the mindset the president has about what he believes is an uneven relationship between these two economic juggernaut spirit keep in mind japan has a trade surplus with the u.s., $59 billion last year second only to china. contribute into that u.s. trade deficit, so you can expect trade to take center stage in a conversation but also security. u.s. and japan have had a long and complicated relationship and the president, it should come to
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no surprise, has set the japanese should do more to protect and defend themselves. meanwhile as we continue what has been a very busy day for the president and his staff, the vice president busy this morning, swearing in the president hhs secretary, georgia congressman dr. tom price. >> president trump has made it top priority of this new congress to repeal and replace the affordable care act with healthcare reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. >> therein lies the real challenge. you want to have something new without growing the size of government. we, of course, would be remiss if we did not mention the president's twitter reaction to the ninth circuit court decision on his travel pause. president reading today: entire opinion, the panel did ""lawfare: "remarkably, in the entire opinion, the panel did not bother even to cite this -- the statute." a disgraceful decision!" meanwhile, his spokeswoman took
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a bit more measured approach. >> this ruling does not effect the merits at all. it is an interim ruling, and we are fully confident that now that we will get our day in court and have an opportunity to argue this on the merits that we will prevail. >> the argument certainly will continue, we are looking forward to that as well as the upcoming news conference as we take you inside the east room for that, and once they step up to the podium, we will bring it to you live here on fox news. back to you. >> jon: that is right, thank you. still waiting for the news conference, we will have it soon. >> jenna: meantime, we move onto other news, republican lawmaker facing more than 1,000 agreed protesters in a town hall and in his home state. [boos] >> jenna: harassment jason chaffetz getting a tough welcome home last night as he tried to hold an open forum in salt lake city. alicia is here with more. >> yes, keep in mind that
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congressman jason chaffetz was reelected to a fifth term in congress just left november and received nearly 74% of the vote, a lot has happened with the newt of people in utah showed up to s town hall to let them know his feelings. >> we are utah, you work for us! >> hundreds of protesters outside the suburban high school could not get into an already packed auditorium. many in the crowd objected not only to jason chaffetz its support of president trump but as the chair of the g.o.p. oversight committee come his refusal to investigate the president for what they call conflicts of interest. >> they are going to complaint and all that stuff, you have to show up and put your money where your methods, or else no one is going to change anything. >> inside, a similar scene, members of the angry crowd holding signs that say "agree or disagree," but one woman was
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arrested during the whole thing. this newspaper called a "largely liberal" crowd peer the congressman's district does include salt lake suburbs, the city is much less conservative than the rest of the state, so we are working on finding out who made up the crowd. >> come on, folks. i get one sentence. >> the congressman has had some weak, he met with president trump on tuesday then came home to his constituents. we have some sound here to show the contrast peer first you can hear from the congressman on tuesday then last night. >> it was an honor to sit with the president. it does not happen every day. before i even hit the chair, the president said no oversight, you cannot talk to me and it got anything on oversight peer my heart of hearts, given the choice, by far, donald trump was the better choice, by far. >> the republican from utah is not a law, our rooms on five
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other examples where g.o.p. members of congress are returnig home to similar crowds, a lot of frustration. >> jenna: alicia, thank you. >> jon: for more on this as we await the news conference with the president and the japanese prime minister, eight columnist at the standard, also political editor for, emily, is it clear to you who is protesting? are these unhappy republicans, unhappy democrats or a mix of both? >> i am not sure yet but i would not be surprised if it was unhappy republicans, although he did not ultimately take the state from donald trump, i think evan mcmullen is the future of where utah is going, centrist republicans who are really revolted by donald trump during the campaign, and we are seeing a lot of them now that are still unhappy. and i think he has a lead in the supporters. >> jon: we just got the two-minute warning of the press conference so we could be interrupting our news segment.
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this is a district, jason chaffetz won his district by 47%. he is a very popular legislator there. it just seems that crowd was not necessarily representative of the people who elected him. >> share, does not seem like the congressman is really at serious risk of not being reelected. his challenge will be that he has colleagues in the republican caucus who are more vulnerable. the real question for a lot of these members is going to be figuring out what percentage of this is organized liberal activists who are never going to vote for these folks in the first place, may not even live in a district and look at something more organic peer when the tea party or came along and 2009 and 2010, they were dismissed by a lot of folks on the left as just astroturf, not really grassroots, it turned out that they were constituents and wound up voting out a lot of these conservative democrats because they had been in consecutive -- conservative issue district that voted for obamacare. so the question is not whether
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this congressman gets reelected, it is very likely he would come about whether or not house republicans pursue an agenda that can help them hang onto the more members of the caucus. >> jon: we are expecting this news conference, it is just seconds away now from beginning, so i'm going to wrap it up there. emily and kristin, thank you both. prime minister shinzo abe of japan and president "outnumbered" have been meeting today at the white hous white house, obviously china and its aggressiveness a big part of their discussion, door is open, the two leaders are about to speak, let's get ready to listen into this joint news conference. >> president trump: thank you very much. prime minister abe, on behalf of the american people, i welcome
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you to the very famous white house. you honor us with your presence. this is one of our earliest visits from a foreign leader, and i am truly glad that it could be from such an important and steadfast ally. the bond between our two nations and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very dee deep. this administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer. we are committed to the security of japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance. the u.s.-japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the pacific region. it is important that both japan
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and the united states continue to invest very heavily in the alliance to build up our defense and our defensive capabilities which, under our mutual leadership, will become stronger and stronger, and as time goes by, ultimately, they will be impenetrable. we face numerous challenges and bilateral cooperation is essential. our country is committed to being an active and fully engaged partner. we will work together to promote our shared interests, of which we have many, in the region, including freedom from navigation and of navigation and defending against the north korean missile and nuclear threat, both of which i consider a very, very high priority.
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on the economy, we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair, and reciprocal. benefiting both of our countries. the vibrant exchange between us is a true blessing. japan is a proud nation with a rich history and culture, and the american people have profound respect for your country and its traditions. i also want to take this opportunity, mr. prime minister, to thank you and the people of japan for hosting our armed forces. working together, our two countries have the ability to bring greater harmony, civility, and prosperity to the pacific region and beyond, improving countless lives in the process.
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we are committed to that goal, highly committed. prime minister abe, on behalf of the united states of america, i thank you for being with us today. we will soon be traveling to the great state of florida, where i know we will have a long and very successful talk, negotiations, and a very, very productive weekend. mr. prime minister. [speaking japanese] >> this is the fourth time in six months for me to visit with the united states. the last time was in pearl harbor of hawaii at the end of last year. i am indeed sincerely grateful
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for the always heartwarming welcome afforded to me by the american people. i would also like to express my sincere gratitude to president trump, he looks like he has been very busy in the very short period of 100 days after your inauguration. in fact, thank you very much for inviting me over to the white house. my name is abe, but in the united states, some people mistakenly pronounce my name like abe but that is not bad because even in japan, everybody knows the name of the great president, that a former carpenter's son can become a president 150 years ago surprised the japanese who were still under the shogun rule. the japanese opened their eyes to democracy, the united states is the champion of democracy. donald, president, you are an
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excellent businessman, but you have never been in the congress or even the governor. you have no experience being in the public office, but you have fought the uphill struggle and fight for more than a year in the election campaign to become a new president, and this is the dynamism of democracy. i would like to celebrate and congratulate donald for being the president. the united states as a country having the largest number of chances, opportunities in the world. that has always been the case, right now as well as going forward. this will never change. and that is the reason why automotive industries and other japanese businesses have built factories all over the united states, hoping to engage in local production here. last year, from japan to the
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united states, there have been more than $150 billion of new investments being made into the united states. those japanese businesses have created large numbers of jobs. the mutually beneficial economic relations have been built by japan and the united states with president "outnumbered" taking on the leadership, i am sure that they will be bigger investments made including the passing of trade peer those of you who have been in japan, i'm sure you will enjoy the speed, comfort, and safety with the latest magnetic levitation technology from washington, d.c., to trump tower, only one hour it would take if you rode the train
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from washington, d.c., to new york. japan with our high level of technical capability, we will be able to complete under president trump good strategy, even more good jobs being born in the united states. but to further deepen these bilateral economic relations between the deputy prime minister and vice president pence, there will be a dialogue to help, we have agreed on this. furthermore, in asia pacific where we see dramatic growth to expand free trade and investment, this will be a big chance for both japan and the united states, but of course, it must be done in a fair manner. never should a state or company
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backed by state capital, should not make any economic intervention. free ride on intellectual property should not be condoned. in asia-pacific region, japan and u.s. taking on the leadership to create free and fair markets based upon rules should be built. i and president trump have confirmed that we will do so. the cornerstone of peace and prosperity in asia-pacific, that is the strong japan-u.s. alliance, and this is an unwavering tie between our two countries. i and president trump will work together to further strengthen our alliance.
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we have shared this strong resolve. as we see, and crucially difficult security environment, we have confirmed that u.s.-japan security pact article five will be applied for the islands, in the united states will transfer in the region under the banner of the proactive contribution to japan, it will play a greater role. at the same time, we will maintain that deterrence and also to proceed on reducing further impact, we have fought through on the realignment of the u.s. forces in japan. the relocation is the only solution in japan and the u.s. will continue to work closely on this. on north korea, we strongly
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demand north korea to abandon nuclear and ballistic missiles program and not to make any more propagation in that we have completely degreed on the importance of the early solutions for the issues in the east china sea, indian ocean, everywhere. we need to maintain the freedom of navigation and rule of law and certain order, it must be maintained. japan and the united states have confirmed that they will strongly protect any use of force as well as declaration to change the status quo. i and the president will address, not only bilateral but regional issues and we have had frank discussions on peace and prosperity of the world that we should contribute. for any form of terrorism,
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should be strongly condemned, and we will cooperate in our fight against terrorism. japan has the will of course to exercise eight can measure it role in regard, and furthermore, the refugees, properties, infectious diseases, there are many challenges faced by the world. these issues threaten the peace and stability of japan and the united states, but japan and the united states and the international community must work hand-in-hand to answer these questions. of course, there are disagreements at such, we should not close down the dialogue just by pointing to the businesses and ignoring the common interests and common goals. we need to have a dialogue because there are disagreements,
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what we most desire, what is most desired by those who are challenging the existing international order? is it fundamental differences, but we should not close dialogu dialogue. japan for the four years i have consistently fought through on our foreign policy. whatever the challenge and difficulty ahead of us, i and president trump will continue our dialogue to seek shared solutions and after lunch, i am looking forward for our weekend in florida with donald. we will play golf together. my scores in golf is not up to the level of donald at all, but my policy is never up, never in, always aiming for the cup. never cut just to the goal with
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shortcuts and short chops. those are the words never find in my dictionary, but in a relaxed atmosphere, i hope to take time to discuss with donald on the future of the world, future of the region, and future of japan and the united states. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much. we will take a few questions unless you don't want to ask any questions, if that is possible. maybe we will start -- where is daniel, "the new york post"? >> reporter: i am curious about yesterday's ruling in the ninth circuit court. has it caused you to rethink your use of executive power, how will you respond and perhaps assign new executive orders for a new travel ban correct mike and mr. prime minister, i'm curious about your reaction to america's withdrawal from the trans-pacific partnership, tpp.
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do you think that has weakened america's position in asia, and have you envisioned any sort of trade deal with the president working out? >> president trump: your question was unrelated to what we are here for today, but i will answer it. we are going to keep our country safe. we are going to do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe. we have a decision which we think will be very successful, it should not have taken this much time because safety is a primary reason, one of the reasons i am standing here today, the security of our country, the voters felt i would give it the best security. we will be doing something very rapidly having to do with the additional security for our country. you will be seeing that sometime next week. in addition, we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately, i have no doubt we will win that particular case.
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[speaking japanese] >> in the world, we are also facing these issues of the refugees and terrorism. we need to work closely together on the global issues. japan has always played our own role, but going forward, we will continue to work with international community to execute our responsibility and a commensurate manner. and each of our countries has immigration control as well as policy on immigration for refugees. this is to do with domestic affairs of that country, so i would refrain from making any comment. >> president trump: blake berman, fox.
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>> reporter: thank you, mr. president. i would like to pick up where daniel left off if you do not mind. you said earlier this week, i am quoting "i've learned a lot the last two weeks and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand, but we are going to take care of it." based on what you have learned and now knowing that your executive order it is at least temporarily on hold, do you still feel as confident now as you have been at any point that you and the administration will be able to protect the homeland? and mr. prime minister, thank you. i would just like to pick up again on what daniel had asked about tpp, do you feel it is a mistake that the united states has at least signaled its intention to withdraw from the deal? thank you both. >> president trump: i feel totally confident that we will have tremendous security for the
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people of the united states. we will be extreme vetting, which is a term that i developed early in my campaign because i saw what was happening. while i have been president, which is just for a very short period of time, i've learned tremendous things that you can only learn, frankly, if you were in a certain position, namely president. there are tremendous threats. we will not allow that to happen, i can tell you that right now. we will not allow that to happen. so we will be going forward, and we will be doing things to continue to make our country safe. it will happen rapidly. we will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people. we will allow lots of people into our country that will love our people and do good for our country. it is always going to be that way, at least during my administration, i can tell you that.
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[speaking japanese] >> on tpp, we are fully aware of president trump's decision on economic issues, we will be discussing at the working lunch to follow. as for japan and the united states, trade and investment as well as economic relations we are hoping to develop and grow our relationship as i already mentioned the deputy prime minister and vice president have created a new framework for a dialogue, and i am quite optimistic that the good results will be seen from the dialogue. free and fair common set of rules should be created for the free trade regine in the region, and that was the purpose of tpp. that importance has not changed, i, myself believe that.
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[speaking japanese] >> reporter: i have a question for prime minister abe. automotive market and japan as well as foreign exchange of japan in the prior remarks, there have been discrepancies in your positions, so at the summit meeting, what were the discussions, and were you able to narrow down the gap? and president trump has said that he will make united states a great country, what is meant by a great country? and prime minister, what do you mean when you say united states is a great ally for you? now with the birth of the trump administration, new genesis will be built between japan and
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u.s. and economic relations. in order to put forward such a strong message i have proposed to launch a new framework for economic dialogue, and we were able to agree on this. as for other discussions, we will be having a discussion at our working lunch in any case between president trump and i am myself on japan and u.s. economic relations. we have already agreed that we will have vice president pence and deputy prime minister axel to discuss fully on the economic relations between the two countries and we are looking forward for a good result to ensue from the debate between the experts. as for the foreign exchange, we will have secretary of treasury and the minister of finance will
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continue their close communication. for the united states to become a great nation, the role played by the united states and responsibility that goes with it, the world over is faced with increasing uncertainty. that united states will become a great america and become a great and strong ally would be good for japan and for japan and u.s. alliance to be further strengthened not only for our two nations but also contribute to the peace and prosperity of asia pacific. and the united states to become an even greater, we will welcome that. >> president trump: thank you. i will say -- and you have seen it, ever since i won the election and became president-elect, i've been telling companies, car companies and other companies, many
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companies, come back into the united states. they spend coming back in. big announcements are going to be made over the next short period of time. some of you already know what those announcements are. we lost a lot of our factories, a lot of our plants, in those factories and plants will be coming back, and jobs will be coming back to michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and north carolina and so many other places where we have lost so many jobs. those are the people that were so good to me, and now i am being good to them. we have had a tremendous number of announcements. we have had a ford and general motors and many, many others, intel yesterday made a major announcement, and they did that because of what is happening with our tax structure which is going along very well and will be having some very big news over the next short period of time. but we are a nation of tremendous potential, and the
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expression "make america great again," i will tell you, and i will add very strongly and with great or surety, it will be greater than ever before. i just want to thank the prime minister prime minister for friendship. we developed a great friendship when we met in new york city at trump tower, we spoke for a long long period of time. when i greeted him today at the car, i was saying, i shook hands, but i grabbed and hugged him because that is the way we feel. we have a very, very good bond, very, very good chemistry. i will let you know if it changes, but i don't think it will. i just want to thank the prime minister for being here. we are going to be meeting your wife and a short period of time, i look very much forward to that. i want to thank everybody in the room. we are going to have a
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tremendous relationship, long-term relationship of mutual benefit with japan. thank you all very much, thank you. thank you, mr. prime minister. yes, certainly. go ahead. [speaking japanese] >> reporter: i have a question for president trump. obama administration under the rebalance of asia for sized asia, but china has taken hard-line stance in the south china sea as well as china sea, and north korea has went on with the missiles development, so some countries in asia are concerned over the commitment of the united states and asia. so as was mentioned earlier, for the trump administration, for the situation in asia, how would you respond to the increasing difficulty here?
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and president, you have repeatedly stated about china taking on the currency foreign exchange policies which are not good for the united states. do you think that eventually it will change in the future? >> president trump: i had a very, very good conversation as most of you know yesterday with the president of china. it was a very, very warm conversation. i think we are on the process of getting along very well. i think that we will also be very much of a benefit to japan, so we had a very, very good talk last night. we discussed a lot of subjects. it was a long talk. we are working on that as we speak. we have conversations with various representatives of china. i believe that will all work out very well for everybody.
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china and japan, the united states and everybody in the region. as far as their currency devaluation's, i've been complaining about that for a long time. i believe that we will all eventually and probably very much sooner than a lot of people understand or think, we will all be at a level playing field because that is the only way it is fair. that is the only way you can fairly compete in trade and other things. we will be on that field, and we will all be working very hard to do great for our country. but it has to be fair, and we will make it fair. i think the united states is going to be an even bigger player than it is right now by a lot when it comes to trade. a lot of that will have to do with our tax policy, which will be seen in the not-too-distant future. we will have an incentive-based policy much more so than we have
10:36 am
right now. right now, nobody knows what policy we have. we are going to have a very much incentive-based policy. we are working with congress, working with paul ryan, working with mitch mcconnell, and i think people are going to be very, very impressed. we are also working very much, and this has a lot to do with business, on healthcare, where we can get great healthcare for our country at a much reduced price both to the people receiving the healthcare and our country because our country is paying so much, in obamacare as you know, is a total and complete disaster. so we are going to end up with tremendous healthcare at a lower price. i think people are going to be extremely happy. difficult process, but once we get going, and you know tom price was just approved a few hours ago, so we finally have our secretary. now we get down to the final
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strokes. again, i want to thank everybody for being here. i want to thank mr. prime minister, what an honor, what a great honor it is. let's go to florida. thank you. [applause] >> jon: president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe are heading to florida to play some golf at president trump's mar-a-lago resort. you heard they are the concerns of many japanese expressed by the one reporter, concerned about china's aggressiveness also north korea in that part of the world. of course, the japanese since world war ii have lived under the protective umbrella of the united states, but president trump has suggested the japanese ought to be paying more for that projection. let's bring in michael, director of japanese studies at the american enterprise institute, author of "the end of the asian
10:38 am
century." they are going to be spending a lot of time together on the golf course and in general in florida, also, the president's defense secretary, general mattis, former retired general mattis made his first overseas trip as secretary to japan. does that signify to you the importance with what president trump is putting on the relationship? speak i think it does, don't forget prime minister abe was the first to visit president-elect trump after the election. i think it was a good move, gamble on his part because the president during the campaign criticized japan a great deal, but he wanted to get there and show that he could make a working relationship with them, and the president just said he hugged him when he got out of the car so obviously abe did something right. >> jon: the security alliance between the united states and japan could potentially be tested. the chinese have been making very aggressive moves in the
10:39 am
east china sea, north korea as well, no friends to the japanese. what are the most worrisome issues and your point of view? >> i think you pegged it. first of all, north korea, we have a north korea that under the eight years of the obama administration, there was really no movement at all to try to curb its nuclear and missile capabilities. it is getting better at both of those, that threatens both us and japan, south korea as well. the south china sea has become an area where china has increased its ability to control the sea lanes, it has built in militarized islands. in fact, we just got a report yesterday that another chinese fighter jet came dangerously close to a u.s. surveillance plane. this is a region on tender hooks, and i think what the japanese wanted is what they got from the president, a reaffirmation that the u.s. will uphold the security of all the areas it administratively controls. that is what they really wanted to hear, and it is coming from the top now. >> president trump: prime minister abe has said the
10:40 am
u.s.-japanese security relationship should, he expects, get stronger under president trump. are there areas in which the obama administration let it slip, where do you see the relationship getting stronger? >> that is a good question. i think on the mechanics of the alliance, the obama administration actually did pretty good. they renegotiated it with abe, much deeper alliance than it was ten years ago. but it was the policies that the japanese were worried about, the ambiguity of the obama administration in terms of confronting china over its belligerence in the east and south china seas. trump has indicated he's going to change that appeared on the the other hand, he also touch on the tensions and his phone call with president xi jinping of china, upheld the one china policy and basically what the president has done is buy himself some time to get his whole team in place then figure out what your policy is going to be. >> jon: wasn't wise in your view for him to give that
10:41 am
assurance to president xi and restate the one china policy policy? >> it certainly at one level looks as though he backed down from things he had been talking about. on the other hand, if you look at the way the white house phrased it, it was that president xi of china asked president trump to uphold the policy, in the president consented. they are trying to maintain the upper hand in setting the pace of the relations between the two countries, but the truth is the hard work is going to start now. you have to come up with a policy on this end, then you really have to start negotiating with the chinese. i think the message today was that we are going to stand very closely with the japanese. the president thinks it's going to be a good set of relations all around, and that is at least for a wild going to reduce tensions, at least until the next crisis. >> jon: it has not been since the eisenhower administration that the two leaders of japan in the united states actually played golf together. that's going to take place tomorrow. it is going to be fascinating to
10:42 am
find what comes out of it when you think of what was going on just after world war ii really went i was president. interesting timing here. thank you very much, michael, we appreciate it. >> jenna: we just heard from president trump who says he has no doubt he will prevail in court over his travel ban of seven mostly muslim nations. the latest on the legal battle is next. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way, i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. you want this color over the whole house?
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>> jon: washington state attorney general claiming a victory after the refusal of the appeals court to reinstate president trump's immigration traveled ban, that is where the lawsuit against the executive action originated in the present respondent on twitter at that time: "see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!" so that is also what he said that joint press conference, what are his options now? dan is live in seattle with more. >> he also said in a tweet this morning "l'affaire" very
10:46 am
aggressive, but a little more subdued in the news conference today, not saying exactly what he's going to do by giving us some hint, let's look at what he could do. first he could appeal to a larger panel of the ninth circuit court, that is an on banc hearing, 11 judges picked randomly from the remaining 26 a judges in the ninth circuit. he could also appeal to the u.s. supreme court, justice anthony kennedy would receive it, and they could decide to temporarily reinstate the ban but then four justices would have to agree to hear the case in it would take five justices to overturn the lower court ruling. he could try the case on its merits in district court, which he intimated he might do, while doing something else. we will get to that and a second. he could go back to judge james robart who issued the restraining order, that's the same when he called a "so-called" judge or rewrite the executive order which is what he might have said through the lines today, making it clear that legal permanent residents such as green card holders are not affected by the travel ban. the white house counsel tried to clarify that when it comes to
10:47 am
reinforcement, but it was after the fact. again, judge robart would hear any appeal to that. that is what we are hearing from legal experts, that even if you rewrite the executive order, he might still get challenged. here's what the attorney general and washington said last night. >> the president has a choice, he can continue to fight this or a tear of this executive order and start over. i would strongly encourage them to consider the latter choice in that. >> that was attorney general bob ferguson in washington state. again, if president trump were to reinstate or do a new order, executive order, there is nothing to say that washington would find that acceptable and not file a challenge to that as well. we will see what president trump does, but he did say in his remarks today that we should expect something on the front next week. >> jenna: we will be watching that. dan, thank you very much. we will continue the debate on "fox news sunday" this weekend,
10:48 am
chris wallace and ranking foreign relations committee member will be there, 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. >> jon: it was the double medic dustup heard around the world but especially in china. president trump breaking decades of tradition just by taking a phone call. a call from the president of taiwan. how the white house is now reassuring beijing. plus crews searching for a missing person amid a gigantic fire that could take days to burn out. >> it is a very high-pressure fire, high intensity. when you get close to it, it is singing, really singing, and the tone goes through changes. remember when you said men are superior drivers?
10:49 am
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>> i am heather, the president and prime minister of japan just wrapping up a press conference a short time ago. what they said about our relationship with china. president trump states "i will see you in court" after the ninth circuit cheats out his temporary travel ban. what is the next step? and the usaa getting some overhaul, what you need to know before you get on the plane. "america's newsroom hq" is coming up next. >> jenna: right now, crews are searching for a missing worker after a pipeline explosion in st. charles, louisiana. the blast leaving two others injured and sparking a massive fire. officials describe it as a giant blowtorch. no word on what because the explosion, it was carrying a natural gas by product. those claims forcing about 60 families to leave their homes and officials say it could take days for it to burn out. >> jon: president trump smoothing over a diplomatic dustup with china, telling the president that he will uphold the so-called "won china" policy, rich edson is at the
10:53 am
state department with more. >> good afternoon, you heard president trump say this a few moments ago, he had a very good conversation with chinese president xi jinping, they are off to a good relationship, the underpinning of that at least for china is the one china policy. more than four decades, the united states has a recognized one chinese government for china and taiwan. that is the government in beijing. in december, then president-elect trump questioned why the u.s. would be bound by that policy. that alarmed china, so last night's phone call was a major milestone at least in the relationship between the trump administration and china peer the white house writes in a statement "the two leaders discussed numerous topics and president trump agreed at the request of president xi to honor our one china policy p representatives of the united states and china will engage in discussions on various issues of mutual interest" peer that is a statement the government of chinese president xi jinping needs to move forward
10:54 am
to negotiate a whole host of issues with the united states. >> one china principle has always been the political basis for a strong, healthy china-u.s. relationship, and also that provides the u.s. guarding for all of the corporations between the two important countries. >> throughout the presidential campaign, then candidate trump used a whole slew of aggressive rhetoric against china come promising to negotiate deals labeling china during that campaign a currency manipulator and hopes to move forward, at least the administration does, on renegotiating certain aspects of the u.s.-china relationship. there is also a military relationship as china continues to build on contested islands in the south china sea, the u.s. navy is also operating in that area appeared fox news has just learned that a chinese military surveillance aircraft passed within 1,000 feet of
10:55 am
eight u.s. navy reconnaissance plane, and so having a relationship or at least talking to one another at the governmental level will probably be necessary when the two navies are operating in such close quarters. the u.s., by the way, said the pentagon sees no evidence that the incident was intentional. >> jon: [laughs] we will see. pretty hard to miss those aircraft with all their capabilities, but as you said, they don't see it as intentional. thank you very much. >> jenna: scary scene after a 10-month-old puppy falls into icy water in wisconsin. police say waldo, the burmese mastiff dog had already been in the water nearly 20 minutes before they arrived. after being pulled out of the ice, while the took a few steps before collapsing, and they will describe what happened. >> you can see the little hole right there right before the big one. that is where i pulled him out. >> jenna: scary, the puppy was treated for hypothermia and is now safe. it is that time of year, does not look like quite a little
10:56 am
puppy, either. >> jon: where's waldo? he's going to be staying indoors from now on. a little pig on the loose. you could say she was looking for love and all the wrong places. final 30 next. ♪ ♪ tory come alive. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. companies across the state are york sgrowing the economy,otion. with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce,
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11:00 am
she needed help so she got it. >> thank you for joining us today. >> jenna: america's news hq starts right now. we start off with a fox news alert. the president's white house meeting with japan's prime minister. began with an embrace outside the west wing and ended with a joint news conference on a whole range of issues including trade and the president's embattled temporary travel plan and some other things. the leaders will head to tphra. they'll spend part of the weekend golfing. our chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us with more. john, good afternoon to you. the president, in the press conference, all talked about the 9th district court ruling during his press conference. tell us what he said about it and what the expectation is. >> reporter: heather, good afternoon.


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