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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 12, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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and i'm going to figure out who's two million. they're telling me to stop. if you got to two million and didn't get the book, greg gutfeld's next. ♪ we hope to see you tomorrow at noon. eric: at four and six. julie: a busy weekend for president trump as he whose leader of japan and in just about an hour a delegation set to get underway hosted by the president and first lady. mean i'm julie banderas for "the fox report." japanese prime minister shinzo abe kicking off a visit yesterday at the white house meeting with president trump and taking questions from the media. then in florida today the president tweeted a picture of the payer on the golf course before the president got some work in speaking by phone with two more foreign leaders from tunisia and columbia. little rest for the presence twitter finger with posts on his border wall and criticism of the legal system in the wake of his
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travel ban court loss and kristin fisher is following the president at mar-a-lago and palm palm -- palm beach florida. what do we know about what happened out on the golf course? >> julie the white house is describing it as a relaxing and productive day. they say president trump and prime minister abe quote had great conversations on a wide range of subjects and the president looks forward to further discussions with the prime minister at dinner this evening. yesterday they spoke publicly about all the things they agree on that the u.s. will continue to defend japan in japanese companies will invest more in the united states create more jobs but they didn't go into all the things they disagreed on and there is plenty to talk about. president trump withdrawing from the transpacific birders aboard japan's huge trade surplus with the u.s. which the president has promised to level out. so maybe they tackle those issues today. the white house won't say ignore what they say the one that everyone wants to know, right?
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julie: that's absolutely right in this golf trip apparently was meant to try to present a bit of a friendly front for the two world leaders so how did the golf trump come in? >> there's actually a lot of history here. the last time the two leaders of japan and the united states played golf together was 60 years ago. president eisenhower played golf at the prime minister of japan back in 1957 and at the time it was hailed as a triumph of diplomacy between the two former world war ii enemies. well today pride the prime minister's grandson played golf with the new american president. this has been in the works since right after election day. it was actually prime minister abe's idea. remember he was the first world leader to meet with mr. trump after his victory and the president was concerned about some of the harsh language mr. trump is used during the campaign to talk about japan.
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when he showed up at trump tower after election day he brought with him as a gift a gilded golf club and that apparently went over well with president trump at his luxury resort mar-a-lago. today we are really getting our first taste of the kind of golf course diplomacy that will likely become a hallmark of the term presidency. julie: it was also a big day for the first lady melania trump as well. >> it was her very first solo public appearance as first lady. while the men were outcropping mrs. trump and mrs. abe visited the japanese museum and garden 30 minutes away from here. it was her first one-on-one outing with another world leaders thousands night she's attending the dinner for the japanese delegation. they will be sitting down in about an hour at our largo and it sure is a nice night for it. julie: i'm sure you heard about the latest tweet that donald trump about the president reading about ivanka trump originally overhausen nordstrom
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was treating her in her brand badly and now accusing the media of improperly treating a fondness of those continue. >> of course it does continue and he was tweeting about the federal appeals court ruling on his immigration order, still very upset about that of course and behind-the-scenes. on the surface it seems as though this may be a more relaxing weekend have what we have seen so far from this president but behind the scenes the white house is working very hard to really try to reign in two controversies the immigration order and the fallout from that and some of the top democrats on national security advisor michael flynn. julie: you have to give it to him, president trump does not rest. with the white house travel ban in legal limbo president trump telling reporters he may sign a new order on immigration and it could come as early as monday.
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in an interview in fact we see them boarding a plane getting ready to go to florida for the weekend and told reporters you like a surprise, right? i like a surprise. the original ban has sparked massive protests across the country. the democrats hoping to harness that momentum. >> in the face of uncertainty and anger we have seen a new front emerge, people who are united hind our american principles and behind everything that is great in this country and perhaps most importantly united behind each other. united we can as we all know we are a stronger country because of immigrants and because we know this country has long prided itself in welcoming the stranger. julie: garrett tenney has the latest from washington tonight. what does the white house hoped to accomplish with the new
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executive order? >> julie junta member president trump has said all along the temporary immigration ban was vital for protecting the country as a whole whole. until his executive orders in place he believes we are at greater risk of terrorist coming into our country and committing an attack. that's why recent president trump yesterday on air force one say that speed is of the essence and he doesn't plan to sit and wait for this to play out in the courts. >> the problem is it takes time. we also have a lot of other options including this order. >> the executive orders expect to be part of a two-pronged strategy to get the presidents temporary immigration band back in place as kooky as possible so while the new order is rolled out likely early next week the white house is also expected to go back to district court in seattle to argue on the merits of the current executive order. julie: garrett what will be different than about this new executive order and why won't it end up getting challenged in the court as well?
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>> there are is no reason to believe it won't flood and after this executive order comes down to this time the white house has the advantage of experience. authority for the rulings from a number of judges across the country and those rulings tell them what problems with the current executive order are so they can tailor this new and to address those concerns. one point of contention that his comeuppance several rulings is the lack of details on the current order on who is included in the ban notably green cards and legal residents. law professor allen dershowitz help sought what some of those changes could look like. >> you have to distinguish between categories of potential visitors to the united states. also have to put a few more due process safeguards into the process so that it seems to be fair for the courts and maybe tone down some some of the weirdest language. demonstrations hope is that executive order will be strong
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and detailed enough the courts will allow it to stay in place while any legal challenges to it play out. julie: garrett tenney thank you so much. pro-life activists and counterprotest rowling at planned parenthood clinics all across the country asking congress and president trump to take away federal funding to the organization. u.s. law bans the use of federal funds for abortion. antiabortion groups say they expect protests as as many as 225 clinics. planned parenthood supporters organized 150 counterdemonstrations of their own. and the north carolina tens of thousands of protesters turned out in downtown rallies. today take a look at this. we are told they are marching against president trump's policies and a state law that they say limits lgbt rights. north carolina's naacp leading the moral march for the 11th year in a row.
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demonstrators carrying signs protesting a variety of things. one of their objections is to repeal the house bill 2. that limits which bathrooms transgender people can use in the state. a fox alert north korea has fired some type of a listed missile. this just in. no report on which kind. this though is according to reporting from south korea would quote the country's military to begin north korea firing off some sort of ballistic missile. not the first time obviously. we will have more on this as soon as we get it. right now we are learning more about the immigration raids that took place in six u.s. cities this week, when they were planned at how many people were arrested. plus a dramatic rescue caught on tape as national guard members save a man from drowning. that's all still ahead right
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julie: national guard members coming to the rescue after an 81-year-old man was swept from a car into rushing water through the dramatic rescue caught on tape. crews were in the area investigating flood damage. a national guard helicopter flying down over the water and lowering a rescue officer to demand who was by the way holding onto a tree below for his dear life. everyone got out of the floodwaters safely fortunately. water now falling over in emergency spillway in the world's tallest dam after erosion damaged lake oroville's main spillway in california. the cave and apparently creating a whole 30 feet deep and 200 feet long and engineers are saying it's still growing. this is the first time in emergency spillway has been used since the dam was built.
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crews saying the dam is safe and there's no threat to the public but it could cost as much as $100 million to repair. immigration and customs enforcement carrying out a series of raids across six u.s. cities this week. officials from i.c.e. saying more than 160 people and all were arrested and that 75% of them had prior felony convictions. the agency says the raids were planned before president trump took office. will carr is live from the los angeles bureau with more. we'll, why do officials say so many people were involved in the sweeping raids plex many like to try to pin it on donald trump on donald trump of the president's immigration plan was set after this was originally planned in the first place. >> that's right julian according to authorities they received a lot of bad information out there. the 160 are rescue mentioned that to listen southern california hundreds of others
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were arrested across the country i.c.e. officials say they weren't coordinated but it did spark a lot of fear in bremer's many of which federal authorities say are not true. on friday i try tried to set the record straight saying the rumors of random sweeps were all irresponsible and put law enforcement in danger. they went on to say they plan to rates for weeks and the majority rest were convicted felons. they arrested fewer people during those raids and they did last summer in a similar rate under the obama administration. >> first of all they are not rounding anyone up. the people that i.c.e. apprehend our people who are illegal and then some. their rates mixed with the administration's hard line on immigration that led to protests in downtown los angeles thursday
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night, now critics say they are prepared to continue to fight the administration moving forward. >> people are scared. they are panicked but as non-profits we are ready. we are here to fight and we are here to resist. >> 37 of the 160 arrested in the los angeles area for rum mexico and they have already then deported. julie: let's make something clear here for all those who are going to attack the trump administration for being responsible because large deportations are nothing new, right? >> that's absolutely correct. there were more deportations under the obama administration then the clinton and george w. bush years combined. as we take a look at the numbers more than 3 million immigrants were deported between the years of 2009 and 2016. it's unclear if the trump administration will actually top that number but we obviously know they have made immigration a top priority julie. julie: thank you so much
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appreciate it will carr from los angeles. babysitter accused of using two kids to rob a bank faces charges in court. here were one of the children told police really happened. you are not going to believe it. plus russia is reportedly considering putting nsa's leaker edward snowden on a plane headed for the u.s.. why would vladimir putin want to do that? >> if it is true, a couple of things. it would be a win for putin because there's no way after all this time he doesn't have everything in snowden's brain. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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julie: police arrested a convicted sex offender in the
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death of valhall highest in. the 21-year-old plant missing. her body was found the next day near the entrance to a part three police charging brian goldstein with aggravated murder, kidnapping and robbery. after finding the young woman's car near his home in columbus. goldstein was released from prison in november after serving time for robbery and attempted rape. a babysitter accused of using two girls that she was watching to rob a bank and now she is pleading guilty. babysitter 28-year-old rachel on spar faces a six-year prison sentence. happen in colorado. officers say she drove up to the bank passed a note to a teller saying an armed man was in the backseat threatening the children and demanding money. one of the children later told police there was no gunman. former national security agency contractor who leaked classified documents could soon land back
2:22 am
on american soil. rush is reportedly considering returning edward snowden to the u.s. in order to gain favor with president trump. if rush is willing to send him back it proves he is not a spy. what story do we believe? bryan llenas is in our newsroom. no, he's not here. >> it's been a long day. julie: i'm not ron burgundy. go ahead and tell me what is happening with this because you are hearing two totally different sites. >> it depends on who you ask. a government so -- source tells catherine herridge he is now more useful having a bargaining chip to russian president vladimir putin. the implication is the russians would give up snowden to the u.s. in return for something, what we don't know. could be anything. we do know the obama administration, present donald trump's explored -- call them
2:23 am
the terrible traitor and someone who deserves to be executed. the cia director mike pompeo says snowdon deserves the death penalty for this information to "fox news" comes after an nbc report which seems to take a step further when it comes to this report citing to government officials are nbc reports russia's considering handing over snowden to the u.s. as that quote get to president trump in an attempt to curry favor with the president. this changes the meaning of the intent of giving up snowden as the former deputy national security under president george w. bush tweeted the u.s. should be quote wary of the gift from putin. he could very well be an attempt to try to stir controversy in the united states. this is somebody who some people think is a hero and some people think he's a traitor. julie: what is edward snowden thing about this report because he's putting into question whether he is an actually a spy?
2:24 am
>> he denies he's a russian spy tweeting he is obviously not a russian spy because why would they country return is by the could harm them and earlier today the russian government was actually out to get him tweeting quote days ago i criticized the russian government oppressive big brother via now threatening rumors. i won't stop. i don't know if the rumors are true but i can tell you this i'm not afraid. they're things that must be said no matter the consequences. don't be afraid, be ready there are more of us than them. rush granted snow domicile until 2020 in return for safe refuge for the department of justice says he is facing 30 years in prison for violating the espionage act and says he would like to come back to the u.s. with no criminal charges and by the way the spokesman to president vladimir putin says this is all quote nonsense. julie: so it's not going to happen? is all made up they can keep up
2:25 am
with the news these days. thank you so much brian. the new chief of homeland security says he thinks the immigration ban will be upheld by the courts but he says he wishes the rollout had been delayed. but why? we will try to answer that plus swearing in as the top u.s. health care official giving president trump the desired point man for replacing obamacare. more ahead on the challenges the g.o.p. faces with replacing the health care system, next. >> we are both confident that he will bring that experience as a physician, that experience at the state level and the singular experience at the national level to ensure that president trump's vision for a health care system in this country that works for did you make that? i did... n't. hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't.
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uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. julie: i'm julie banderas and this is the boxer for it. let's take a look at some of the top source of the day. president trump the prime minister of japan at his estate imported. we are waiting the start of the delegation dinner and about half an hour and of course it will wrap up a busy day of golf, phonecalls with foreign leaders and tweets. meanwhile the president telling reward -- reporters he might sign a new order of immigration, new executive orders the white house travel band sits in legal limbo.
2:30 am
that could come as early as monday but this one would be tailored to address some of the concerns raised so far in the courts. immigration and customs enforcement carrying out a series of raids and 51 cities this week. officials from i.c.e. sang more than 150 people were arrested in 75% of them had prior felony convictions. the agency says the raids were planned before president trump took office. i'm going to cost now. at least i warned you. also today president trump tweeted about the cost of the wall a long the southern u.s. border. that's after the government analysis determined it would cost more than $20 billion bid to president tweeting, and i'm reading that the gray border wall book costs more than the government originally thought but i have not gotten involved in the design or negotiations yet. when i do just like with the f-35 fighter jet or the air force one program price will come way down. meanwhile the new chief of
2:31 am
homeland security going before lawmakers in discussing the immigration travel ban. john kelly said he thinks it will actually be upheld by the courts. he wishes the rollout would have been delayed. catherine herridge has more. >> is the largest opening in the most uncontrolled part of our border is the southwest border. >> his first congressional testimony john kelly did not back away from the frustrations commitment to the wall and the travel ban. >> americans must feel safe to walk down the street, go to the mall to a nightclub anywhere and anytime. fear must not become the status quo. >> lawmakers asked kelly whether his own customs and border patrol think that physical wall is necessary.e need a 2000-milel built along that border? >> maybe there are some places that are too ready to put a wall and we covered that with technology. sample taken some blame for the travel than rollout the seven
2:32 am
mostly muslim nations are not cooperating or can provide the intelligence. >> for the last number of years the vetting is that best loose and the amount of information you taken some these countries we are talking about that are failed states. >> of his time to enhance security checks to stop terrorists from using our immigration system as a trojan horse. republicans and democrats push kelly for evidence. >> you don't have any proof at this point. >> not until they blow something up or go into them all and kill people so we won't know until then. >> there's a new sheriff in town. >> at the white house president trump reinforce his message by hosting county sheriffs many from border states. >> i sat in this room and in this chair and i was pleading and begging for help.
2:33 am
it was 90 degrees from what we heard from the previous administration and it's a big difference. we are very proud to have u.s. president. >> secretary kelly cities and advocate for social media screening and the applicants who refuse to comply will be blocked and the travel ban kelly said he is confident the administrator will prevail in court offering or snow plan b. in washington catherine herridge "fox news." julie: senators bernie sanders and senate minority leader chuck schumer are calling for a nationwide rally in support of the affordable care act later this month. this comes after tom price was sworn in as secretary of health yesterday. a determined opponent of obamacare to help president trump reshape health care prefer closer look at the challenges trump races here is chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> congratulations. after the health and human services secretary tom price was sworn in as president the
2:34 am
president suggested the repeal and replacement of obamacare is necessary. >> now we get down to the final strokes. secretary price is a colossal task ahead through during his confirmation hearings he made these two promises. >> senators working with you in every single member of congress to make sure we have the highest quality health care and every single american has access to affordable coverage. we will commit to making certain that they don't lose coverage under whatever replacement plan goes forward. as the republican congressman price was one of many to offer replacement health care planters so for his house colleagues have failed to find a consensus nonetheless house speaker paul reyna syndicate another big step will come in less than seven weeks. >> we want to move obamacare by the end of the first quarter. >> some g.o.p. senators have argued no appeal should advance without a simultaneous and superior replacement. >> no one's talking about repealing anything until there is a concrete alternative to
2:35 am
offer americans in its place. >> a huge part of the all looming obamacare placement revolves around medicare and medicaid. the candidate president trump endorser block granting medicaid to the states. as a congressman price backed the idea. democrats say the block granting medicaid to the states of the dangers application of a federal responsibility and during his confirmation hearing price had an answer for that. >> our commitment is to make it so the coverage is greater. the last piece of the trump administrations health care team will be confirmation of the head of the center for medicare and medicaid services. the confirmation hearings next week. pushing obama give us presence commitments that health care would be cheaper in if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. republicans are struggling not to overpromise or underdeliver. washington carl cameron "fox news." shirley french investigators taking more people into custody including a 16-year-old girl after they say the suspects were plotting a terror attack.
2:36 am
prosecutors saying they found a makeshift laboratory and ingredients to make a bomb. katie logan has more from london. >> in the south of france yesterday a 16-year-old earl. the french interior ministry said the suspects were planning an imminent attack of. according to please the group had been monitored buying bomb-making materials and set up a makeshift plan. at least one of the suspects were known to intelligence services and was thought to have had plans to travel to syria. this all follows an incident a week ago when a man trying to -- french soldiers near the louvre in paris is facing charges of attempted murder as well as association with a terrorist group. the french government said this
2:37 am
was an attempted terrorist attack. france is still under a state of emergency after mass attacks over the past two years which have killed more than 200 people , thousands of police and soldiers patrolled the streets of paris and other major cities as a precaution. a carnival in nice have gone without incident so far. security had been set up after a truck attack killed 86 people there last july. france does stay on high alert with elections coming up in the spring. julie: katie logan thank you. it is round two a new winter storm another when targeting new england days after the last one and the massive storm to slam the region. plus the stars come out tomorrow for the grammys. we will have the story behind
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julie: reuters reporting north korea has fired some type of missile. this is according to the reporting from south korea. if confirmed this would be the first north korean launch during president trump's time in office and the timing of it is noteworthy. it happens to come as japan's prime minister visits washington and florida. japan a key player in this missile defense program as the united states has set several warnings, dozens of warnings to
2:42 am
north korea to stop stock piling nuclear weapons, to stop firing off these ballistic missiles. between south korea and china obviously threats on those two countries especially china to stop, to put sanctions on north korea to do something and to stick to it for president obama fail. we are waiting to see how president trump does deal with this indeed now this is the first time he will be tested in his administration in defiance out of north korea again. the defense secretary visited south korea and japan on his first overseas trip earlier this month. there were roughly 80,000 u.s. troops stationed in south korea and japan. how the two countries will handle this latest test fire will have to wait and see and of course you will have more on this breaking story as we get it. tomorrow the stars will come out for the grammy awards.
2:43 am
today we focus on one group nominated for a grammy. isaacs is a multi-award-winning family who began singing 35 years ago. beautiful cell includes bluegrass country rhythm and blues. this installment we focus on the founder of the group, a woman whose parents immigrated to this country to give her children that unique opportunity that america offered. kelly wright has the story. ♪ reporter: at a time when some americans are taking any instead of taking a stand when the national anthem is sung, when summer practicing the outcome of the presidential election and others are uncertain about america's future the isaacs is a family that believes the united states is still one nation under god for liberty and justice for all. ♪
2:44 am
♪ their patriotism and country roots began in kentucky more than 30 years ago with her mother lily isaacs. how meaningful is it to you when you hear your children sing that song? wacasa represent? >> my heart races and i want to cry. we are proud of it and my kids are first generation born americans and the national anthem means a lot. >> unlike her children billy was not born and raised in the louvre state of kentucky and she wasn't born in america. she was born in israel to parents who survived the holocaust.
2:45 am
they came to america in hope of building a better life. >> being american has been so important to me and my family and my parents being holocaust survivors we came to america in 1949 and my parents worked so hard to become american citizens. i remember going to ellis island when i was nine years old with my parents and taking the oath to become an american citizen. so i don't take that lightly. we are proud of it. >> seeing what your family endure just to get here to have the case of the american dream and to live it out in the best way imaginable for you, what comes to mind when you see people today? >> well i have to say i respect my parents so much. they are my heroes because when we came here my parents were stripped of everything. they lost most of their family in the war. >> this added harsh realities of war force to resolve in lily and her parents that fueled her
2:46 am
dream of becoming successful in music. she landed her first recording contract from columbia records in 1967 while performing in greenwich village. she met joe isaacs and a banjo player for a bluegrass band from kentucky. >> is back round was so different. he is the baby child of 17 children raised in amounts of kentucky. they say opposites attract. >> they got married and lived in kentucky where they raise their children one love, faith in music. the marriage didn't last but lily and the kids kept making good country and bluegrass gospel music. even earning numerous grammy nominations and awards. for lily it's a platform to share her story of faith. >> we want people to walk away feeling that there is hope in life. there is so much in the world today that we hear and we feel
2:47 am
and the fears and anxiety in trouble everywhere you look so we know you have hope in life and that's what we want people to know from our music. ♪ that was "fox news" is kelly wright reporting in tomorrow is a big night for the isaacs. they're hoping to win their first grammy. good luck to them. major milestone for man's best friend how these k-9s are answering a higher calling and changing lives in the process. that's ahead on "fox report."
2:48 am
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julie: ready for round two? i know i am. more winter weather heading for new england days after the massive storm hit the region days ago dumping more than a foot of snow on parts of the northeast to the areas bracing for several more inches of snow. "fox news" meteorologist adam klotz is live in the fox weather center with more. bring it on adam. >> good news for folks in northeast if they want snow but it's been a wacky forecast. i want to show you the things happening across the country as well. snow on the way to the northeast is what's happening to center the country, look at some these
2:52 am
temperatures near record breakers incredibly mild and warmer cross the center of the country. especially in the southern plains states. we still got places in dallas at this hour at 83 degrees looking at 87 degrees in midland and portions further off to the east the middle 70s in this area 75 degrees in jackson. incredibly warm in the center of the country as of right now. the cool spots in the cold spots in the northeast and they will eventually see rain move in that direction that will turn into snow and the big winter storm. here's what looks like across the northeast getting a bit of her break. the new system i'm tracking is working its way in for your sunday eventually into your money. this is an hour-by-hour future forecast. taking early into sunday morning beginning to see the rain run into colder air. first it's a wintry mix as it heads further north that's when it becomes more of a snow event. you are looking at upstate new york stretching over portions of maine. all areas will see significant
2:53 am
snowfall taking you from sunday all the way into monday. how much know my talking about? we can look at some of these accumulation numbers and it does begin to pile up especially boston towards portland maine and we are talking about easily 18 inches and maybe closer to 2 feet. a little farther to the south a little bit less snowfall but still this is another big nor'easter we are going to be talking about for new england throughout the rest of your weekend and eventually into your money. as a result the winter storm warning for large portions again at upstate new york stretching towards boston and farther to the north. this is going to be the big system we are tracking later today through sunday eventually into monday as well. julie: adam klotz thank you very much. here's something to make you smile. a passing of police ceremony for group of newly trained service dogs. san diego's jason sloth has more.
2:54 am
>> a graduation ceremony at k-9 companions for independence in oceanside is a celebration of hard work and new journeys for 15 service dogs amend it companions including solana de la cruz who can't keep her hands new service dog, nick. nick is a good match for solana who severs from a developmental disability along with anxiety. >> if she starts getting nervous or hear something that's too loud and it startled her he will come in and put his head on her lap and calm her down and make her feel better. >> waiting up to this moment the dogs retrieved -- receive training performing tasks with the emotional support that makes the companionship. >> it's getting them out in about and they are enjoying life more by having a companion. >> valenta has clad is by her
2:55 am
side and they quickly bonded. >> they just know and they feel the connection. it's indescribable actually but you just know. there's no way i'm giving her back. >> there bittersweet that fights for families to raise pups for 19 months to prepare them for their training. >> is an incredible feeling to work with it.that adores you. >> it may be hard but they are going to go off and do something so amazingly someone else. it's really what they are meant to do. >> all the kids and adults to get these wonderful dogs are not charge. this is basically done to -- to the help of volunteers and donations. if you'd like her information will have a it for you on our web site fox five san in oceanside jason sloss "fox 5 news." julie: president trump making an appearance on the french riviera. his like this anyway. we will have more on this, straight ahead. (avo) did you know two areas
2:56 am
of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system...
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(woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults within the first few months. other serious side effects include seizures, increase in blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, manic episodes, glaucoma and allergic reactions. do not take with opioids. reduce hunger, help control cravings. contrave. the #1 prescribed weight-loss brand. go to >> reporter: smithsonian national zoo is saying good-bye to their panda cub. all giant panda cubs born at the
2:58 am
zoo are moved to china before they return 4 years old to take part in breeding programs. it's carnivale time on the french riviera. a familiar face, donald trump in the city of nice. i was watching this video earlier and i can't quite tell what those things are. it looks like a blow dryer. very creative and well done. that's how fox reports this sunday. thanks for watching. "watatatatat
2:59 am
past century and period test test. ♪
3:00 am
♪ ♪ during two good morning. happy sunday, everyone. disagree 12. i am at the huntsman. president trump enforced immigration laws. one group has the thing to keep a level entrée to legal immigrants in the u.s. >> even democrats started to tell the wrong party to move on. >> what we did is we said how offensive. grow up. that's not reality for most of america. >> of a tree falls in the woods, will they listen? sh


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