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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 12, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ ♪ during two good morning. happy sunday, everyone. disagree 12. i am at the huntsman. president trump enforced immigration laws. one group has the thing to keep a level entrée to legal immigrants in the u.s. >> even democrats started to tell the wrong party to move on. >> what we did is we said how offensive. grow up. that's not reality for most of america. >> of a tree falls in the woods, will they listen? and she's back. meryl streep overly dramatic
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once again about the new administration. her tearful plea to stop the in the coming nuclear winter. "fox & friends" begins now on that cheerful note. ♪ >> bob dylan's home in new york city. >> a sunday morning. tree into this makes me want to take a nap. >> it's smooth. >> that's because you're all hopped up on flu medication.
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abby: i've been sick all week is selected to be back with you guys. i got the terrible flu of 2017. everyone is feeling sick, has been sick or will get sick. it does come to an end. >> was further thought to our viewers spirit with your best home remedies? we will try and fix added by the end of the show. we've got four hours. we will try one each hour. >> i've been doing nasal spray. abby: a few others. i want to hear what you guys think. >> until then, we have a fox news alert. if you're just waking up, president trump relaunched its first ballistic missile defense took office. live in washington d.c. with the latest on the story. >> good morning. the missile tracked over north korea and into the sea of japan. the president hoping to spend a relaxing weekend with the prime
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minister and his wife at the present state of florida. the weekend was meant to be a feminine part of both leaders to strengthen diplomatic bonds. no north koreans appear to send a message to prime minister abe and president tron. both leaders take a break from the golf course yesterday for a choice statement condemning the missile launch. mr. abe say the lunch was absolutely intolerable. president trump pledged continued support for the japanese. >> i just want everybody to understand that the united states of america stands behind japan, a great ally of 100%. >> was president trump returns to washington company promised to fight on an immigration executive order currently in legal limbo saying he may rewrite the order to temporarily barred immigrants and refugees from seven muslim majority nations. more foreign leaders visit the white house this week. on monday, justin trudeau and a monday president
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clayton: post benjamin netanyahu. certainly a busy week. thank you, lauren. >> one of the first big test for the trump administration. all eyes on russia. really north korea. pay attention to me. that's exactly what he's doing. abby: they are testing the boundaries. see how far they can go. pete: a discussion about immigration has become heated as he watched the nightly news. i don't recall this level of skirt me about ayes admin, grabbing people, deporting them, no criminals taken out of this country. if you watch the nightly news of her saturday night or friday night, take a look at what is going on up here. >> immigration as has communities on edge after a string of deportation raids in six states pay 16 million people in this country live in a household with at least one undocumented immigrant.
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>> they are now living in fear. >> in texas can have video and social media shows men being detained by an ice age and in age and in front of a fast food restaurant and the chilling message. >> we are following breaking news. undocumented immigrant arrests from a targeted raids up hundreds of foreign nationals. if the new administration behind the latest crack down. >> a stern warning to 11 million undocumented living in the united states. most of them law-abiding and paid taxes on working that they are no longer safe to say here. >> i'm trying to remember this level of scrutiny. >> you wonder why there's so many people feeling such fear that our show at the future holds because this is what they're watching. it's a really responsibility the media should have to explain what's going on. if you think about president trump, this is exactly what he promised he would do. this week again. pete: total misinformation.
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clayton: ask ice age and this is no different than routine targeted arrest during a bomb administration. here's the statement or may not carried out, reports of i.c.e. checkpoints and suites are dangerous and responsible. reports create mass panic and puts personnel in unnecessary danger and faulty reporting. such activities do a disservice to those that claim supporter. that is fake news. that's not what's going on. they are targeting people here illegally or have criminal records. on monday exactly has been arrested recently. look at los angeles over thursday and friday. 160 arrests. 150 have criminal histories. of those, only five would've not been arrested under obama. the 10 had criminal histories, five are marked for deportation. it happens all the time. those are the facts. >> to your point about the true premise in fact checks here.
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these are the numbers of removals during the obama years. people calling him to deport her in chief. >> look how many peer 3 million metro bottleneck. more than bush. more than clinton combined. i don't recall seeing nightly newscasts about these types of raid going into tyson chicken plant and pulling people out which happens all the time. i remember hearing liberal group setting why is barack obama deported so many people. ever the mainstream media. mainstream media was covering barack obama. i was never a headline. he's enforcing existing law. mostly males. not like schumer supported because they're criminals here illegally, many of which have been deported most full times. he's doing what he said he would do. the mainstream media makes it look like hysteria and a lot of americans think finally.
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>> it's not as if this is some big drastic change. this is current policy. >> this is also wake-up call to president tron. even if he sneezes the way. that's where we are today. the wake-up call in terms of every tiny roles does something to overly communicate what he's doing. that will make it far more complicated in recent history history with other presidents. i think with the executive order last week there was a wake-up call as well. translator's note deportation. these are important decisions. you talk to guys who work on the border. they are thrilled. their hands have been tied for a long time. i've talked to near the border as well. they just wanted to their job because they're criminals running free but they haven't been able to touch. now they can deport these guys. that's good news. >> we will see tonight at the grammys. abby: i forgot about that.
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abby: over the past few weeks we've heard from hollywood. we heard from meryl streep warning about the trump administration. she's back this morning has a message about the coming nuclear winter. if we live through this precarious moment, if this catastrophic industry to retaliate doesn't latest a nuclear winter, we'll have much to thank our current leader for. he will woken us up to how fragile freedom is. the human rights campaign gala. my invitation got lost. she continued from the podium saying that sets you up for troll attacks in jamaica, armies have bought and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to grow. abby: this came at the end of her speech. she actually didn't address president tron by name, but she
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went into this rant. i was having lunch with a friend a few days ago and she said something that is stuck with me. we are now all in this thing together. trump is flying the plane. the doors have been close. we are fine. do we want that plane to crash or do we want to land safely? a reminder that we should all be hopeful. we should all be cheering for this administration to bend at the end of the day because it's about us. >> she says similar things. do you want this guy with a nuclear folk? those people have come on board. those people not support them. people have come together and when you see kim jong good ways and ballistic missiles in the pacific ocean, this is troubling. these are the things winning ticket behind. >> that is the campaign. this is our country now. abby: we want to start with this
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one. united airlines pilot removed from her plan after going on a bizarre way. passengers on the flight explained just how weird it got. take a listen. >> i just want everybody to understand fully now that the united states of america stands behind japan. a great ally. 100. abby: that's not the right tape. but by 7:00 a.m. we will have a great day. several passengers including this man. so y'all, i'm shaking right now. i just left united flight 435. the captain demonstrated she was not mentally in a safe space. 20 passengers would get up the would get up the fight for a different pilot ended up taking over. the airline now being investigated. obama kerry still hot button issue around the country come especially to voters that the losing party. it's angry leftist run a
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republican congressman at a florida town hall. >> anyone over the age of 74 has to go before it is effectively a death panel -- who here has read the affordable health care plan? i love the -- bout that. trade to the trump administration -- in canada, they wanted them. now they get them. u.s. border security pitching threesome on refugees taken out of the united states in the dead of night. just one of several groups since january. you may remember weeks ago the prime minister announced into those fleeing persecution, terror and war will woken you regardless. diversity is our strength.
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welcome to canada. president showing exactly how much he cares about the white house press corps. and set up a luxury golf course, they were locked in the basements of trash bags blocking windows as they played around with shin so abe. the best view from spec teeters if the prime minister sings along cut from the french. also stopped to sign make america great again hats for some japanese fans. >> are you from japan? did you vote for the prime minister? thanks. >> thank you. abby: prime minister abe leaves for japan later today. the first time in 60 years the countries have played golf together. pete: president trumpets in the executive order and immigration. what else can we expect? is vladimir putin ready to send
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heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> i think he's a total traitor and i would do with them harshly. about president putin would give them out. pete: here in houston about trump made that claim. now, edward snowden react and to he could be sent back to united states. i'm not afraid. very things that must be set to matter the consequence. don't be afraid. be ready. there are more of us than them. put may return him as a gift to president trump should we buy it. i'm lieutenant colonel tony
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shafer. first of all, do you buy this? debating this yesterday in the show. where does the story come from? what's the point of the story? >> this is the lack. it's in on nbc. some folks over there trying to present mr. combest somehow in bed with the russians which is what they've been trained to do. with that said, i think snowden has run the course. i don't think putin respects them. let's be clear on this. snowden did is great damage as any defector ever has. the information he gave up was beyond top secret in some cases. that may be clear. i talked to john sensenbrenner who wrote the patriot act and he's sad congressman sensenbrenner says they did not attend nsa and the government to have full access to all americans e-mails and phone
3:19 am
numbers. that's true. snowed snowden could have blown the whistle. gave up everything. he's to be held accountable. president trump is correct. he needs to be brought back and try and portray -- this will look at it. it could've gone to any number of sources. there's ways you could go through and legitimately reports on the bed needs to be looked at. >> what about this argument. this is proof that i'm not a spy. finally, irrefutable evidence i never cooperated. note country traits of a spy assisted restaurant. they are next come in many are next coming meaning you a traitor spy for his eye and if putin hints me over, that proves that i'm not as high. he is damaged goods. a guy named lee harvey oswald, also pushed up by the russians back in the 60s.
3:20 am
we have to look at this for what it is. that is no defense. that is in many ways than a type of medicine and psychology being completely wrong. he did thanks to damage national security in ways that people come it even now don't fully admit or understand in the public. i think it is time that we recognize that the russians want to do that to do that, they do as a matter of good will. when president reagan came in, give up all the american hostages. if they want to give them a great, it's not something we should seek because he's damaged goods. this probably suffering wherever he sat. pete: the justice department would welcome them back. coming up on the show, hundreds of refugees poured into the country with president trump's immigration order on hold. but in our nation's security at risk. we will debate that story next. are democrats ready to crown a new leader?
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could make a difference for you.
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abby: welcome back. hundreds of refugees flowing into the u.s. after a federal appeals court overruled the immigration order. since february 3rd, 70% of the refugees to enter the u.s. for under seven suspected countries alone. is the inclusive left but in our nation's security at risk? joining to react, brad blakeman is a former deputy of george w. bush. thanks for being here. you take a look at these numbers. refugees admitted to the u.s.
3:25 am
from february 3rd to 5. i think, syria, 402 aircraft. amalia, 155. the list goes on and on. unprecedented levels in just a matter of the week. should the american people be concerned that we are press? >> very concerned because we've had the court subvert their judgment on the president. the president has unique and special knowledge because he's the president and he knows what he needs to do to keep us safe. he tried to do that in the first executive order. the court comes along and says we haven't produced evidence to their satisfaction. the fact is the president knows that we are at risk. he tried to implement a sensible solution against seven countries that the obama administration said were unreliable. we could not cooperate the information necessary to make sure the people who come here have good intentions. so yes, the left is siding with foreigners against america.
3:26 am
it makes no sense. abby: respond to that. >> i don't think the left is siding with foreigners. they are extremely vetted. they take about 18 months to two years to pass all the bedding taken into this country. the disk heads of state the last eight years with the obama administration. we haven't had come if they did miss another sip number 11 on american soi i don't don't think this policy is there anything we should worry about. abby: i am all for protesting. that is what this country is all about. when you're talking about the left in the executive order put in place, is one of their alternative plans to keep you in this country safe, to put forward extreme dieting, what is their alternative plan? >> they don't have a plan. they want to be a welcoming nation. but we can't be a welcoming nation without founders ended the motives of intent for people
3:27 am
who come here. we're a sovereign country. we have nothing to apologize for trying to keep our population safe. love is not an attack on the planet the rest of refugees. the fact we haven't had an attack doesn't mean they're not in america. but i would say is we have a president and give him or her the responsibility special knowledge to protect us. we should let them do their job. >> i'm afraid he's hurting us, trump is hurting us more than helping us. we are at a loss someone good we are going to lose muslims all over the world. they're not going to be happy with us. the left is helping. the rate is hurting as far as i'm concerned. abby: we have to live the debate right there. thanks for being with us this morning. even democrats start to tell their own party to move on. >> what we did is we said how offensive.
3:28 am
that's not reality for most of america. abby: will they listen? ed henry is here to weigh in on that. i'm so excited about this. spacey is back on "saturday night live." does anyone really care? >> mentally though, are you okay? [laughter] >> you don't have a chance.
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>> and led to begin with the president's schedule. 3:00 p.m., president trump will meet with the leader from central asia, president -- any% of the people in chicago have been murdered. i met you. you did that. >> mr. trump, you understand this is a tv court, right? >> that's okay. i'm a tv president. >> .o. embrace, that voice, what would you do?
3:33 am
abby: you can't help but laugh. melissa mccarta. -- mccarthy. >> once he saw her come out, another bad night for sean space-bar. you don't want this to become a thing week after week. it does feel like "saturday night live" this piling on. abby: they kept a lot of the same jokes from last week. heightened them a bit. like had more down. you know what i mean? >> the reports are internally trump is not happy about watching melissa mccarthy portray him as press secretary. >> that's the real significance. sometimes too much. including we are doing it now. one viewer matters which is donald trump. he's not about alec baldwin's portrayal. so with that out there, this becomes part of the conversation.
3:34 am
for sean's basic come of this is character of his reform. the initial part of melissa carthy shouting, but after that the jokes are getting less and less. it was a repeat of last week. even "the new york times" that word is assigned, it's getting tired. >> if you think that to the obama administration, was there a single white house briefing? are there two weeks in a row? maybe one random obama briefly joke you are there. but this kind of weekend, week out. they know they are getting to the white house a little bit that they will keep pouring on. but also as a republican in the white house. >> to most americans even care? it reminds me of the twitter crowd. they go back and forth and then it feels like that is the "saturday night live" is tearing their audience towards. >> they want to be a part of the
3:35 am
conversation. abby: they are not the ones who went the ones when i voted for president trump. >> they are not part of the conversation that i like to double trailer. people care about the middle class. people are on his side. you're not going to hear that part. abby: i watch her thoughts as well for the dnc chair telling democrats, raymond buckley telling democrats to go to. take a listen. >> telling the voters that are told that is infectious. when you are worried about your paycheck, worried about your job, where you're going to live, if your kids are ever going to go to school, they don't really give a if the president is an insult. the reality is we did not offer a positive message to anyone related to. we did not offer a message to my neighbors if they did not offer a message to the people in
3:36 am
indiana or ohio or pennsylvania and kentucky. what we did is we said how does you grow up. that's not reality for most of america. >> looking at the new dnc chair. they are all there. he cannot read i'm an openly man. we did not connect with voters. >> two thoughts. he immediately said we were talking about, the conversation on "saturday night live." a speedup in the administration. i want to talk about jobs at best buy donald trump one. ray buckley could do. >> he is right. a lot of the candidates have been about came out insult dog tribe. let's go after him personally. let's talk about jobs and these other issues.
3:37 am
protests are part of the country. sort of at some point my second day's remember kelley clinton was saying? and would not -- and yet here we are, not days or weeks or months of basically months elections. so democrats angry about the results. >> such a thoughtful speech. it reflects on what's going on in this country. while democrat -- >> be a front runner? i'm not so sure. >> her speech in the senate floor insulting jeff sessions in d.c. to do that. >> i will say in the republican side, mitch mcconnell made a mistake when he attacked elizabeth warren. it's fine to defend jeff sessions. she went overboard on that.
3:38 am
yes he's been accused of these racist comments and actions decades ago. he's answered it. he prosecuted a member. he desegregated the schools. you didn't hear that part by elizabeth warren. the fact that mitch mcconnell said she was warned to basically keep her mouth quiet here and she persisted has become a rallying cry. >> then she ran out of facebook. and then on to be the next day. >> a lot of the dnc were talking about elizabeth warren of cyprus and then now. so this has elevated her big time. abby: could have you here. thanks for bringing the hive. >> i heard you say the beginning of the show you needed home remedies. chicken noodle soup. abby: other headlines to get to starting with terrifying moments as officers find a man near a
3:39 am
burning car in florida. the driver crashing into a concrete area managing to quell a few feet away before collapsing. police racing to pull him away. abby: officers able to pull him back to safety seconds before it the car exploded. the driver is recovering from serious injuries. another attack on america's history. the university giving and to officially changed the name of calvin college of the former vice president during the 1800s. students protesting for a month but is that she will remain on campus. the college will be renamed after grace murray hopper and that petition turned navy career admirals. bernie sanders getting burned during an interview with cnn after a bad fake news show.
3:40 am
>> i don't know. maybe he was watching cnn fake news. what do you think? are we on? looks like we've lost connection with senator sanders. let's try to get that back. >> i never saw that. abby: eventually brought sanders back after a commercial break. i've got to watch that again. are we on? are you there? reporter: i don't know if we know if they happen. did we lose our connection with rick? reporter: i am here. super strange. i cannot turn to go outside. all of the crew is inside to shooting out the door. >> it's pouring down rain. reporter: it's just a couple sprinkles. abby: did you shower today?
3:41 am
>> what are you asking? that's a personal question. actually, i did not. i washed my hair in the bathroom sink if you must know. >> are we on right now? >> will try to get rick back after a commercial. reporter: take a look at the weather. there is a storm coming across parts of the northeast. really mostly in new england and upstate store will eventually get really strong as it pulls away from the coast. but as it does, we'll be talking about is stored that becomes a research. very hard towards the north. some areas may see up to two feet of snow across areas from new york city. you see how that's wound up. a really powerful storm.
3:42 am
guess how hot it got yesterday in oklahoma. >> how hot did it get? >> 99 degrees. we have 99 degrees. it away all the records. yesterday we were at 80 in denver. yesterday we had 99 degrees in oklahoma. we have some snow. so there you go. >> thanks, rick. you know president trump likes winning? >> woman so much coming in may even get tired of winning. as they please, please commit to match winning. we can't take it anymore. how can everyday people helped win the boring american values? tom stark has the answers next. when the low and has a backup
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♪ >> you could read half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable as. right? racist, sexist,, xenophobic, you name it. and unfortunately, there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> i want to bring in deplorable todd stands. self-proclaimed deplorable spears >> i even wrote a guide.
3:47 am
>> that word will be forever tied to your name. >> the deplorable of deplorable is. >> congratulations on the new boat data comes out today. the deplorable sky to making america great again. the trend has been in the day, a lot of things are changing. what can people do about it? >> this is fraught the deplorable americans out there. president obama labeled as bitter americans and the folks that hillary clinton labeled as irredeemable. i believe that moment believe that momentous birthday she uttered, that was the turning point for a lot of people here in america. they finally understood that the liberals really thought about traditional american values. i decided to write this book. we are doomed america, a guide to the apocalypse. unfortunately we were about to write a book about deplorable as instead. >> i think it fits perfectly
3:48 am
with what you're tackling in the book. i don't know if you caught it. raymond buckley was at this dnc for them yesterday. they which remove green and he told the rest of the liberals to grow up, that we weren't talking to america. do we weren't talking to the voters, the people i know talking amongst ourselves. we have to grow up. what you think about? >> i did hear this comment and it ties along with the message of my book that the democrats not only are they not listening to them and they are trying to silence. here in dallas i spoke yesterday to hundreds of young college student from all across the country. young america foundation brought them here. these are the warriors for freedom fighting on college campuses where they create safe space something quite wrinkly implementing policies that will try to silence conservatives. this is simply unacceptable in america where we got to debate
3:49 am
ideas for you agree or disagree. mr. buckley has a very valid argument and understands what's going on here in america. abby: how to deplorable steel they are things are going? a lot of promises on the campaign trail. a number of executive orders. how did they feel things are going? >> the people i'm talking to are hopeful. i don't believe god is finish up america. faith and freedom go hand in hand. franklin graham told me in the book that we are at a moral tipping point in america. we can go one way or the other. i believe divine providence played a big role in what has on election day. >> ruefully comments meant to be a guide and seen people impugned what is one thing people can do based on your boat? >> one of the most important ways to engage us in turn local
3:50 am
publix goals to liberals are using public schools as the engine to change the culture. everyone in impact, we've got to run for school boards and get involved in public school classrooms. >> the book is out now. go grab the deplorable sky at remaking america great again. president trump fulfilling a campaign promise to enforce immigration laws. he is already tweeting about it this morning. abby: the blockbuster movie in theaters now. >> you can spend the rest of your life alone dressed in black, listening to angry music. >> yes, i can because i'm batman. abby: i know clayton s. the lego batman movie. kevin mccarthy's review is in. so excited about this. >> hello, batman.
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:54 am
>> for comments about to. >> don't touch that. >> don't touch that either. >> i've got an idea. better? >> i can't look you in the eyes right now. abby: another plot was to begin at the box office. >> fox news contributor, our good friend kevin mccarthy. >> good to see you as well. the mac lego batman. i took my son to see it and we laughed the whole movie.
3:55 am
it's a genuinely good diamond film. it actually has heart to it. this action, comedy, drama. the scene when joe craig.bad breakup, so funny to watch. that gal tonight was amazing. it's absurd the batman voice. but also such reverence for the batman mythology. all of these old villains. a racer man is in there. if you're a batman fan -- >> they actually show some of the old batman. one thing i love is that the animation almost looks like lego blocks. i gave it a four-point eye about a five. absolutely loved this movie. you loved it as well. >> i do think it's absolutely worth seeing. >> how about john after two periods be mac via a stunt
3:56 am
double the matrix. canterbury is stunt double directed this film. this is one of the best action films i've seen a lot time. not for kids with the weather. the plot line, even ex-hitman, brought out of retirement and goes on a revenge rampage. this time around another revenge rampage. keanu reeves is amazing in this film. an idea about how ridiculous this is, the second one is 141. >> you could do 104. >> overly stylized, keanu reeves is amazing. you can actually see every bit of the action directed. they're actually not editing. making a see everything.
3:57 am
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than anyone else in the country. ♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you abby: good morning. figure itself. i am i behind spin. president trump following through on yet another campaign promise. the current immigration not the one group has a plan to keep illegal immigrants in the u.s. by clogging up the court. >> still a sensitive subject to voters that the losing party. >> who here has read the affordable health care plan? >> i seriously doubt that. my favorite phrase of the morning. did any of them actually bother
4:01 am
to vote? i seriously doubt it. america can rest easy tonight. a nation's top diplomat, lindsay lohan has a backup plan. there's always been gross too. what about herbie? "fox & friends" starts now, the seat will. ♪ abby: rainy sunday morning. crazy weather. you never know which are going to wake up to. >> a big nor'easter heading up north. she's still kind of whatever. >> some stuff still going on up there. we have a bunch of people writing in all morning with some
4:02 am
home remedies have been asking to send and period in brooklyn says olive leaf extract. do you just read that or you drink it? abby: every morning at the issue takes a shot of apple cider vinegar. she hasn't been sick yet this year. >> we've got to get this in here. old family recipe. equal parts whiskey, honey and lemon. abby: it is great to be back. i am feeling better. >> i wasn't going to say. i'm glad she did. president trump up early and tweeting about a bunch of different things. one thing as mind is about illegal immigration. we illegal immigration producing new supports of reports of the past few days about illegal immigration crackdowns. he treated this a bit ago. the l criminals is merely keeping a
4:03 am
campaign promise. gang members, drug dealers and others being removed. exactly the point you are mentioning last hour. >> he said he was going to do it. plus i'm about to allow him to do it. they just haven't been enforced against barack obama decided not to enforce them. criminals, drug dealers, are out under my administration. grateful to have the opportunity to make these arrests. they have been impugned. >> are being vilified. there've been unfolded right now. the nightly newscast over the past 48 hours. here's what she want to see. >> immigration status command is on edge after deportation raid and at least six days. more than 16 million people in this country live in a household with at least one undocumented immigrant. >> they are now living in fear. >> in texas commit to doing social media show a man being detained by an ice age and in
4:04 am
front of a fast food restaurant sends a chilling message. >> we are following breaking news. undocumented immigrant arrests. rounding up hundreds of foreign nationals. if the new administration behind the latest crop done? >> 11 million undocumented immigrants and they are no longer safe to stay here. >> us what she would've seen on the nightly newscasts. >> but i don't recall seeing the same level of scrutiny during the opponent to. president obama, more people, illegals were deported under president obama than any president in history. almost double what church of the bush -- abby: he was called the porter in chief. >> remember those newscasts? listen to the voices.
4:05 am
there is rates everywhere. it's always undocumented immigrants. language is powerful. illegal immigrants who committed criminal acts about which is the president trump is talked about. take for example los angeles. 150 arrests, 150 of those 160 of the 10 vibrating micro-deportation. only five arrested would've not been arrested under barack obama. he never enforced in many cases. donald trump is there not drag not rates in the middle of the night. these are criminals have been in our country illegally. >> just going back that he treated this morning. this is exactly what he campaigned on. this is going to be one of my first -- but her same thing going to do. he has done not. i feel like we are here talking
4:06 am
about mainstream media almost been up in arms. when he told us a number of times now this is what is going to do. >> these rates were happening under president obama at a rate unlike anything we've ever seen. these raids were happening at chicken factories in georgia all the time. the problem when they were happening there is space agents felt like their hands were tied. did deport individuals and they would come right back. a new crop of people would show up at the chicken plant in their deport them in new people come in. for the first time you hear from i.c.e. ages we can now do our jobs. a map of the catch and release program when you build a beautiful wall that prevents people from continuing to come back time and time again. the problem is it's not just on the side of the border for president trump is facing resistance. groups in mexico vowing to jim u.s. court, trying to overburden the immigration system which is
4:07 am
already heavily overburdened. basically instruct the medical records keep appealing and they are willing to fund back to jam the court. train today are saying if you are kicked out, file a lawsuit. how many are we talking about? the machida agenda accords could be and how long this could take. that is all going on at the very same time. what does that say about mexico? we are going to clog the court system in the mid-states, detain all of these judges, piles of paper on her desk. they won't get any work done. abby: it goes back to law and order in the country. we've gone around and talk to people throughout the process. one of the biggest issues for so many say what law and order was over to this country again and again. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. that's what people love about president trump.
4:08 am
why citigroup from a foreign country to take our court, when we are just trying to maintain the rule of law. president obama would've never done that. you couldn't conceive of the president trump said. >> actually at her with one democrat that he might say yes, i agree with this individual. i have to think that when you watched last night that some of the comments from randall buckley at the dnc event last night when he was sitting there, running for the new chairman and told the rest of his compatriots, grow up. you are out of touch. listen. >> telling the voters that our opponent is offensive. when you are worried about your paycheck from your job, where you're going to live, if your kids will ever go to school. they don't really give a about if the president is an insult
4:09 am
dog. the reality is we did not offer a positive message to anyone that i've related to. we did not offer a message to my neighbors. we did not offer a message to the people in indiana or ohio or pennsylvania or kentucky. we said our friend says. grow up. that's not reality for most of america. >> i was really, really powerful. for the first time you hear someone you want to take on the role of the democratic party saying with the protest and make it so difficult for adding to happen in washington, let's focus on the american people and get back to the root of the problem. >> how to choose western pennsylvania? please state for many years. how did we lose these other, west virginia which voted for bill clinton. how did we lose it so badly? having those messages resume once again. he might be on the right track.
4:10 am
>> you wonder if he will be voted in. a couple things going on. you also see elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who want to push the party so far to the left and is so progressive. >> so this was an baltimore last night. ted kennedy there. this is the chairman of the new hampshire democrat party. he had this very commonsense message a lot of thinking they would say. the other nine is anger, they trail, and elizabeth warren is their standardbearer, which leads me to believe that it's inconvenient message they need to hear it, but will be surprising. instead it's going to be -- >> we're not hearing that from chuck schumer. >> these midterms are going to be interesting. abby: you've got 10 senators
4:11 am
running in states that were won by donald trump, which is that politics so passé to watch. >> who is 2012, which is an election for them. so we will see. abby: politics. other headlines started with the fox news alert. president trump holding a press conference in north korea launches its first ballistic missile since he took office. japanese prime minister abe and president trump in a fight to condemn of aggression. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally 100%. abby: press conference after the family spent the weekend that to playing golf and touring palm beach. a united airlines pilot is removed from a plane after going on a bizarre rant.
4:12 am
passengers on the flight from boston to sentences to explain just how weird it got. take a listen. >> started off by saying that she had not voted for either triumph or clinton because they are a bunch of liars. >> several passengers leaving the plane including this man saying i'm shaking right now. i just like united pipe for 55 p. the captain demonstrated she was not mentally in a safe space. 20 passengers get off before different pilot would take over. the airline is now being investigated. and obamacare, the voters of the losing party. as angry leftist or not a republican congressman a town hall. >> anyone over the age of 74 passes out for what is effectively -- who here has read
4:13 am
the affordable health care plan? i seriously doubt that. >> as you can see how the democrats getting more agitated. the goal of repeal it and replacing the obama signature legislation. abby: that was a moment. >> i'm going to read the prompter now. protesters outraged at the order preventing refugees coming to the united states. so dinesh d'souza says it is a country of immigrants. not refugees. he'll explain the difference when we come back. >> fakeness to a whole new level. do you see what is wrong with this picture? this is a real story.
4:14 am
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>> in opposing president trump's executive order number gray should come in many protesters a common phrase. >> we are a nation of immigrants and this is really to create more division. >> we are americans. a nation of immigrants. >> america is a nation of immigrants and refugees have played such a role of supporting our economy. >> america is of course a nation of citizens, most of which are illegal. not necessarily refugees could readily conflate the two phrases, immigrants and refugees. here to discuss his conservative
4:18 am
dough maker dinesh deceives. this may feel like a small thing, but it isn't. there's a difference between a legal and otherwise may want to come base of the refugee. write this down for us. >> well, america is a nation of. we are not a nation of refugees. as a critical difference between the two. an immigrant to somebody who has made a decision not the will to choose america. immigrants want to come to this country because they believe in america. they want the life of america makes possible. if you think what a refugee is, someone who just wants to get away from some problem on the civil war, famine come as something going on in his or her country. the difference is the immigrant wants to come here. the refugee wants to come there. >> is that speech were president talks about when he talks about allegiance, loving your country. and emigrate come in here seeking something come at a better life for love of america
4:19 am
visa via refugee but they bring with them a different perspective that may not necessarily mean allegiance to the country they are coming to. >> i think that's true. it's much more difficult. if you think about an immigrant is typically coming from a community, their papers, documents, references. you can check them out. typically uprooted from their homes, from their family. it's much more difficult to figure out who that person as to whether or not to post an actual threat when they come to this country. >> in some cases, refugees or interpreter. most place where they're able to go or do they get a choice in the process? >> the crucial issue here that bears on trump's travel ban is simply this. in this case there's no difference between illegal immigrants and refugees.
4:20 am
the primary duty of any government is to affect the security of its own citizens. if we go back to the theory of the american founding, that's why we have it at all to protect us from foreign and domestic. if someone were to big nature doored a listen, my car broke down. i'm in distress. you've got to help me. humanitarian though it may be a subordinate to the protection of their own family in the same thing here. >> you don't have an obligation to open your door and said my living room. any number of different options where you can still be help up to that person. thank you or break it down this morning. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> you. >> you got it. president trump talking about restoring law and order. what do they hope to see in their communities? we will ask a panel of share snacks. our nation's newly minted influential diplomat that the
4:21 am
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abby: we are back with some quick show business headlines. political opinions. >> use their position to bully others. >> everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> any money they have to donate to the aclu. abby: long time once positions to get political tonight.
4:25 am
one of the tenets of our show is the great acceptance speeches are ones that have it pointed you in our more personal. america's favorite diplomat may have to return to making the movie. >> be in the plastics of the famous. people look at you all the time. abby: clayton, are you listening? lindsay lohan for a mean girls sequel to help solve this here and refugee crisis. trades for its about time. solving our problems. president trump that the shares across the country to discuss restoring law and order and keeping our country safe. what changes do they hope to see you? lucky enough to have shares in the room with the. caroline wasser chester county, pennsylvania.
4:26 am
nice to see both of you this morning. welcome to the show. >> good morning, thank you. clayton: you were sitting right next to mr. trump at the meeting the other day. what did you feel -- teacher ever have that before? >> now. it is a paramount part of president trump's campaign when he was a candidate and when he was president and a lack to emphasize his law and order platform. the fact that he indicted the nations share of. there were shares in that room from all over the country to speak to him and not fattening, to let him know our concerns, issues. it was a very powerful moment to have the president of the united states meet with the nation. >> you were in the room as well. >> it was very forthright. yes all the shares in the room important issues in their
4:27 am
counties back across america and what did he do to help us. >> specifically you'd like to see in your cities? >> i talked about two things important in minnesota. the first was the opioid overdose epidemic across this nation. at the 31% increase last year. 144 people died in my county infected with the issue of mental health in our jails and seeing and dealing with the rising problem. >> ready to ask for? what would you like to see from the federal government? >> the very powerful message from the president was his support at all levels of law enforcement and increased better communication with the federal, state and local law enforcement. the support and also used a term that hasn't been used frequently. that is to help strengthen the bond in the community with the county sheriffs. the sheriffs are elected by the citizens in their communities
4:28 am
and our job is to protect and serve. the president's job to protect and serve the nation. there was a wonderful level of support for communication, cooperation and understanding the president had her back and we assured him we have his beard >> those words at 2017 has been sanctuary cities. i know you brought this up and talked with the president about this. what would you like to see in minnesota? >> first off, in hennepin county there is no sanctuary for criminals anywhere. we think our presidents with the public. that's what they want. >> what did he say? >> he would continue to work with the shares. retype about the pending court decisions. we talked about the rule of law at how we might be able to work within to strengthen our borders as well as protect their communities with respect to this. in pennsylvania, did you get the sense the president was
4:29 am
listening to your needs fair? what about the sanctuary cities, philadelphia, what we are concerned about immigration? >> absolutely, listening to everything we had to say. they would be there to support us. the day before we met with the president, one powerful message was also delivered from general john kelley, who is now secretary of the department of homeland security. does a very strong message from the department of homeland security and other federal agencies, we can be assured we would have their support and cooperation and anything we needed to do. >> interesting meeting. thanks so much for joining us this morning. have a great rest of your weekend. >> the chump administration could come up the new order this week at former leader will give us his take. that is next.
4:30 am
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♪ >> looking for some hot stuff? you found it. she's been suffering with the flu. you actually were sitting. >> i suffered last week from the flu of 2017. i know many of you have had a period it is so bad. you're had a throbbing. you have to get a bag of i.c.e. and stick it on top. it just a taxi for days. >> everyone has had great home remedies. can you help at dl. tina wrote in her home remedies. i recommend using essential oils
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that they do work. shields, peppermint and eucalyptus. half a mug of steaming water at one drop of oil and inhale. my wife swears by this. the sickness goes away like that. >> it's great to hear these now that i'm over it. george wrote this for. a couple of uncooked potatoes. ipo, rented but a little salt on them. i haven't been sick in a decade. on to something. this is mike's solution. get in bed, but had a bottom up at coventry whiskey until you see to have. [laughter] >> i love back, mike. wake up and hope you feel better tomorrow. keep all of your brilliant home remedies coming this morning.
4:36 am
some other headlines this morning. denying a bombshell report that russia is considering the whistleblower back the u.s. he says russia has a basis to hand over. the exchange would be a gift with president trump. he's been in russia since 2013 after being charged here at home under the espionage act. an incredible rescue caught on camera. the national guard swooping in to save and 81 wrote man or raging floodwaters. demand began onto a tree branch track in six feet of water in northern california. he tried driving across the bridge when his vehicle stalled and then they got trapped after trying to escape on foot. a major crackdown a new measure that would put a photo would put photo ids on all foods and cars.
4:37 am
a recent audit of the $2.5 billion program of several weaknesses in the system, and critics of the bill say it could intimidate those who need help. on the level of fakeness. alec altman's over-the-top impression of president trump on president trump runs had been eyed by his convincing. this is not a joke, by the way. the paper using a photo with president trump without realizing it was not the actual president. the newspaper quickly apologizing for that mistakes they made those look so similar. >> remember when sarah palin and tina fey -- a lot of different newspapers that run video by accident. one man you could never mistake because these one-of-a-kind in today's nigel farage nigel farage, leader of the u.k. party. first, abby has been sick with the flu. is there a british remedy?
4:38 am
>> scones. >> no, it ended does seem when it comes to the flu, men seem to suffer more than women when they get back. translate like that. it's very true. >> let's talk about the chump administration. rumblings over the past few days that we could see a second executive order from the trump administration. one that would be tighter legally it would basically throw things right back into the courts again. you see that coming? >> yes, i do. i can't see the point of going onto the supreme court. it would take too long. i think there will be every draft. i also think what needs to be taught about is the judges said nobody's been killed in america by anybody from the seven countries, but there've been 72 people arrested in the u.s.a.
4:39 am
since 9/11 from those countries on terrorism or extreme security issues. i really do think that shout from the rooftops that their people from these countries who do pose a threat. >> one of the criticisms of the original orders that took effect immediately. people ration before it if they knew what countries were temporarily putting a moratorium on. they can't not about where the refugees are coming from. from february 3rd until february 11th, the list of countries where refugee have come from. syria, 402. somalia 155. sudan 37. is this not vindication that if you get warning of what you're going to do, people attempt to take advantage of it until they can't.
4:40 am
>> of course that's great. can i advise you, be careful about using the word refugees. a refugee of somebody in fear of their life because of their race or religion. actually, most people whether it's coming into europe or america, and it's mixed in with some of those that you could potentially get terrorists. i think the refugee gets misused. >> the difference is fundamental. a refugee as someone like a jewish person in germany or austria. a refugee if someone like in india was living in uganda. because that's who you are, because of religion or been persecuted. i can say christians in the area or iraq today. just because somebody comes from a country that had difficulties does not make them a refugee. you know, even the european
4:41 am
commission that millions of people who come into europe, who encouraged that, even they admit that at least 60% of those who come to europe are economic migrants. >> news this morning that angela merkel of germany can the chancellor offering to pay migrants to leave germany. >> that's interesting because you remember the borders of a pin. anyone is welcome here. the biggest threat and now i see mention we will pay migrants to leave the country. >> is very simple, isn't it. an election coming up and tender. the german public art here is what was done in their name without being asked. last week for the first time in many, many years, and she is desperate to try to undo some of the damage that she's done.
4:42 am
she herself admits ultimately this is a voluntary scheme you should set aside 75 million pounds to do it. frankly i don't think it's much more than posturing. personally i think what she did what conditionally opening the doors is the worst foreign policy decision, the worst domestic decision combined of any western leader since 1945. abby: president trump is heading to the u.k. we don't have an exact date. instead of speaking a part of that coming is going to all the major rally at the u.k. stadium. your thoughts on that? >> i was asked about this during the week. did i think that trump doing a big rally in britain was a good idea? i think it's a fantastic idea because westminster, the houses of parliament, most of the liberal media are not prepared to give trump a fair hearing. i think if he goes out into middle england, people would be
4:43 am
very keen to listen. i think it's a very good idea. >> in to speak to the brexit crowd. >> absolutely. if karcher east coast and west coast who were very much for hillary in the middle america. well, london starts remaining in the european union. the rest of england was very much for leaving. they are the people, countless millions who would be interested in hearing for donald trump. abby: nigel farage, life in london. it's hard to tell how you got the idea. >> coming up, white house press secretary jeopardy. former navy seal carpet he was interviewed to replace him. is that true? we'll ask the man himself. can the president make a deal to
4:44 am
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get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. abby: welcome back. mexico not to hum in the idea of paying for president trends big beautiful border wall. >> i am not going to pay for that wall. i am not. abby: no wonder a new dhs report says that could come up could come upwards of $21 billion to build up all. i am reading it will cost more than originally thought, but i've not gotten involved in the designer negotiations yet. when i do like with the do like what the f-35 fighter jet. price will come way down. can he do it right here for a fair and balanced debate.
4:48 am
for city slapping francisco fernandez and immigration advocate. thanks for being here. we will start with you. if anyone can negotiate the price down, it is president trump. >> that's true. when you read president trump out of the deal, it makes that clear he has a clear understanding of how to negotiate. you see up with companies that boeing and lockheed martin on, for example, air force one or the f-35 fires. i think for president trump, he understands one of the areas he's very strong on construction projects. this obviously will be a construction project. the question will become he understands a campaign promise. he understands he needs to get this done. and he will need to work with congress to ensure they are able to move forward in terms of funding in a quick manner. >> that's a great point.
4:49 am
president trump does have an advantage here. republican-led house and senate. if congress and the president can get the ball wall bill. >> we try to build a 15 years ago. we'll have to legalize 100,000 mexicans to build it. bottom line, president trump has to get the money from congress. there's not a single penny to spend or negotiate with and congress acts on the issue. that's who we've been waiting for 17 years for congress republican and democrat alike. neither party wants to move on it. negotiations with the president. >> at the president trump campaigned on. one thing i will be successful it is negotiating in dealing with congress. >> absolutely. there are republican leaders to watch president trump on building this wall. i think we also need to talk about possibly innovative ways of finding the wall. one would eat assets of drug
4:50 am
cartels that represents over $8 billion in terms of money that could be possibly used to help build the wall. i think we have to keep in mind by building the wall is so incredibly important. i know he talks about it generally. when you book for example in 23rd team, 142 individuals who came to the united states crossing the border who are on the terrorist watch list. if a clear understanding we need to take control of our borders. i think there is a sense of very much understanding who is coming in and out of our country. >> i wish we could. we have to leave the debate right here. good to have you here. this debate will continue one. sean spicer's job as white house press secretary jeopardy. one report that carl higby was interviewed to replace. is that true? he is here in the flesh. we will ask that very question. stay with us.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> a sean spicer's job as white house press secretary and jeopardy? the washingtonian for former navy seal was interviewed to replace him. is that true? what faster than himself. carl hickey joins us now. thanks for being here. abby: ever want to know what's going on. you've been on twitter. i've never been to the white house. i'm not interviewed the press secretary role. when you say? >> is that what happened is friday night i got a recall saying i hear you up for president trends job.
4:55 am
news to me. you don't like a depressed. i've spoken to people with to people within the ministration about theirs medication spokesman rose. no interviews, nothing concrete, have her back. i've offered my service. i'd be honored to serve. but nothing yet. no comment, they'll give you more. >> i didn't know anything they can consider behind closed doors. we are now hearing reports that is not the case. you offered up your services for other roles. >> despite what "saturday night live" says, i don't think it's in jeopardy. poor guy walks into a shooting gallery every day. at the view to helping out with with communication, absolutely. >> we exchange briefly on saturday morning. anything you need, i'm here to help. >> you've been involved early
4:56 am
on. is there a particular role you would love to sell? >> without sounding like i'm lobbying for a job, i would do to help them out with the dod state department. i've had trump's back since day one. i'd be honored to be considered. >> where does this come from? this reporter has people inside. others who are suggesting in the press this was for a reason to undermine sean spicer and move them into the communications role. what do you think? >> the woman who wrote the article knew more about this stuff than i do. obviously she has censored event day. >> makes you wonder if it came inside the white house. >> to her credit, she knew a lot about this stuff. i better not comment any further. i was very generic in my comments. i'm not trying to take his job. >> good to have you here.
4:57 am
>> the right back. up next, mike huckabee.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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5:00 am
hang on. i call this next one "junior year abroad." >> good morning happy sunday it is february 12th i'm. abby: and president trump is not wanting to settle the battle over the immigration order. the administration could unveil a new one this week. >> we'll bring that to you. and obamacare sill a sensitive subject to the voters of the losing party. >> who here has read the affordable health care plan? i seriously doubt that. >> i seriously doubt that. i love that line. but did any of them bother to? >> well, it was a miracle on the verge of a quote numerical winter. meryl streep has come to save
5:01 am
us from the evil president donald trump. she's the hero we deserve. fox and friends hour three starts right now. >> it's quiet. it's quiet out there. listen. come to new york. the fog came all the way over from london. abby: kind of an eerie shot. pete: hour three of fox and friends. abby: welcome to the couch. welcome to the show. pete: that's abby's fog from the flu that's resegged. >> i love the home remedies you've been sending. my favorite one so far is whiskey lemon. put a hat at the bottom of the bed and keep drinking until you see two hats.
5:02 am
abby: i just wish i heard some of these since before i got sick. but a busy day. we want to turn to our headline this morning. a fox new alert. president trump holding a late evening press conference. north korea sending its first ballistic missile since he took office. president trump to aggression. >> i want everyone to know that america stands behind japan, great ally, 100%. dagen: the president spent the weekend at the resort in florida touring palm beach. and a united pilot removed from a flight after a rant. >> she was vamping. she mentioned -- >> she started off by saying that she had not voted for
5:03 am
either trump or clinton because they're a bunch of liars. dagen: several passengers leaving the plane, including this man. tweeted so, y'all, i'm shaking right now. i just left the united flight because the captain demonstrated she was not in a safe place. 20 passengers would get off the flight before another captain would take over. the airline is investigation. and obamacare is still a hot issue for the country. especially to voters of the losing patty. listen as angry leftist round out republicans at this florida hall. >> anyone over the age of 74 has to go before what is effectively a death penalty. >> who here has read the affordable health care plan? i seriously doubt that. abby: i seriously doubt that.
5:04 am
well, democrats more action of repealing and replacing obama's signature legislation. also bernie sanders getting burned in an interview with cnn after a bad fake news joke. you've got to watch this. >> well, i don't know maybe he was watching cnn fake news. what do you think? it was a joke. >> you don't buy it? >> i'm not -- are we on? >> it looks like we've lost connection with senator sanders. so let's just try to get that back up. abby: i cannot get this over this, and it seems president trump is reacting on twitter while on fake news cnn bernie sanders was cut off using fake news to describe the network they said technical difficulties. >> governor mike huckabee watching that very interesting exchange. governor, what did you make of that? >> well, it's interesting. i mean, cnn has been battling this whole thing of fake news and for bernie sanders to show
5:05 am
up and call them that, even if it's joking, it wasn't funny over cnn, and they certainly had a technical problem. if you guys do that to me this morning, i'm going to report you. i just want you to know opinion to the fcc. >> did we lose the governor? >> we're having some satellite issues. >> we can pull this together. you're live in jerusalem for us this morning and great to see you, governor. ahead of a big meeting with benjamin netanyahu coming to washington d.c. to meet with president trump. what do you think they're going to talk about? >> well, i think they're going to talk about settlements, they're going to talk about the moving of the embassy, they'll talk mostly, though, about the iranian deal. how dangerous it was. how foolish it was for the u.s. to run into it and how we're in this agreement with a country that go has never kept its word on anything since the radicals took over in 1979.
5:06 am
that's front and center without a doubt. >> absolutely. and this comes on the heels of the prime minister of japan being in washington and meeting. so allies getting a lot of attention early on in this administration. also getting a lot of attention is the trump administration's immigration order, which was an interesting week with the courts in the ninth circuit. he's now saying likely a new immigration order will come this week. what do you make of the next move with president trump and how he handles extreme vetting and refugees in this country? >> well, the president has every right to do whatever he has to do to keep americans safe. he has that right unconstitutional as statutorily. the journaling in washington got it wrong. he as a single judge as a single person could overrule the president of the united states who had specific responsibility for that. i think the president needs to reissue that executive order, do it quickly, do it in parts if he wants to. now he's got an attorney general and a justice
5:07 am
department that is his who can vigorously defend it because they're going to be sued. but this is about a president who is more interested in protecting americans than protecting what could be terrorists. here's what we know. since that judge put the ruling in, there are has been a 77% increase of people coming from those countries. why do you think that happened? abby: governor, let's put up the stats. you look at the past week, february 3rd to february 11th, syria 340, iraq 170, 115 sudan, 37. and that's what president trump has been saying, governor. if you lift this ban, that makes it more likely that dangerous people can come into this country should americans looking at these numbers in the past week. should then concerned? >> they should be very concerned because this judge has made us really more at risk. look, we don't think that all of the hundreds of thousands of people who are
5:08 am
coming in here all terrorists. nobody think so that. the president think so if there's just one. that's too many. it's like how many drops of poison would you allowed to be put in your child's milk? how many would be too many? and every mother says one drop can would be too many. this is a president who takes terrorism seriously. takes threats seriously. he ought to be given a little applause and appreciation for it. instead he's getting all kinds of blow back from what i call the ninth short circuit court of appeals that gets overturned 90% of the time because they're just that out of touch with the law and reason. >> there are two reasons emerging. the last few weeks we've seen the protest. senator schumer and sanders pulling for protest. mainstream rallies and what people are calling the tea party. the liberal tea party.
5:09 am
but last night at this democratic event for the dnc, you had a whole bunch of people up there on the podium, green and others suddenly running for the dnc chair position and you had buckley running for democrats in the room we're disconnected from our voters, and we need to grow up. what did you make of those two different themes emerging? >> well, i think buckley may have been the only one with a brain in the room. because, look, democrats lost it all. they lost state legislatures, they lost governorships, the senate, the house, and the white house. you would think that they might think maybe we're not selling enough dog food out there. maybe we ought to change the recipe. but what do they do? they double down and put it in bigger cans. somehow thinking the americans and the american dogs are going to buy it. they're not. so from a republican perspective quite frankly i hope they keep doing what they're doing because it's going to give the republicans even more seats and opportunity to change this
5:10 am
country to get us back on track where businesses and jobs will thrive again. i really am amazed at how tone death the democrats seem to be. but they're really, really getting good at it. >> but the mainstream liberal wanting to label it the liberal tea party. over this idea that there's this new nuanced resistance to a overbearing president trump. certainly not the type of reception the tea party got in 2009 as a response to president obama. i mean, with the one sided media willing to off an fawn, how did the media get what mr. trump was doing? >> i know it breaks the media's heart but donald trump can get more done with a tweet than the media can do with 144 pages. and i think why they're so frustrated with him is he's marketing directly to the consumer, and he's not going through them. the traditional middle man. but the filter they present the gnaws that relates to his
5:11 am
administration is so bias, so off target that there's no way that he could ever entrust his message to the traditional media. >> sure. >> and as they become more irrelevant, i think they're just spinning out of control, and it's frankly their own fault. it's not donald trump's fault. it's their fault font having an objective and a genuinely honest source of news for the american public. >> yeah. highs role's been to suppose them. abby: you're in jerusalem. maybe you missed snl last night. >> i saw some of the clips online. even here you can still see the clips online. here's what i think happened. snl sometimes can be funny. but they don't know where the line is between funny and hostile and bitter intent toward people that they don't like.
5:12 am
and i think one of those nights is where they went across the line. they jumped the shark. and they're really looking more shrill and bitter than they are funny. >> even "the new york times," governor took on alec baldwin's portrayal and says, look, it has become a tired right now. abby: what are people saying to us what's going on here at home in particular the immigration order? >> i think most people here understand it because you don't walk into israel and say, hey, i thought i would jump in. let me in. i don't care who you are. you've got to be vetted. and i think the israelis what donald trump has called the extreme vetting system. they use a lot of technology and human resources to do it. we would be wise to copy a lot of the systems that they put in place to protect americans just like they're trying to protect israelians. >> they have a wall that the
5:13 am
president has also been effective in curbing the suicide attacks. >> they have gone from 1,000 -- i tell you real quickly they've gone from 1,000 suicide bombings to zero the first year they put the wall up. it's a good lesson for the rest of us. >> thanks, governor. enjoy the trip there. if you haven't been to israel, you have to go. it's unbelievable. you just heard mike huckabee's take on a new immigration order this week. what does chris wallis expect in this administration? we're going to work him next. >> on the verge of a new quote nuclear winter, a hero has emerged. >> meryl streep is coming to save us from the evil president donald trump. going to safe us with her singing.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> welcome back. well, president trump following through with his campaign pledge for immigration flaws. >> yeah. last year he kept merely the keeping of my campaign progress. others are being removed. >> and this week a other potential effective order immigration. here to weigh in chris wallis. thank you so much for joining us this morning. as we look to the new week, what should people be expecting? >> well, we don't know exactly. the white house is playing. but i tell you at the top of the hour we'll be speaking to one of the people behind the original executive order. that's the original policy steve miller.
5:18 am
he and steven bannon were behind it, and i put the question to him. is there going to be a new expecting order this week? will the president put it out? and if so how will it be different? i would think that they're going to want to address some of the concerns that the ninth circuit court of appeals whether they like the decision or not was some of the concerns that judges there raise. particularly about due process and especially for green card holders because there was no protection for green card holders who are legally in this country but might have gone out to visit. and although the white house counsel said, no, they're not covered, the judge said that wasn't enough. it has to be in the boundaries of the executive order. >> so you think this was maybe doing the test; right? this was, like, the test before figuring out you can't have a messy executive order like this. were there agencies complaining that they weren't consulted. speaker ryan came out and said it was kind of a mess. do you think they're going through the proper channels
5:19 am
this time? >> yeah. well, look, i don't think that was their intent. i thought they thought they were going to do fine with the original order. but having been evaporate back by the administration and the courts and not just on the west coast but around the country. i think they will try to use that and the guidance they've gotten from that to clean this up. again, we'll be talking to one of the key figures behind it steven miller at the top of the hour. abby: when that court came ou out, trump's decision not to fight, was that the smart way to go about this? >> well, i don't know if he's been quite that definite about it, abby. he's sort of raised two possibilities that he would fight it in the court and also issue a new executive order. my question is he's going to do both. if you could go with the court route, remember, some of these
5:20 am
bans on travel are only 90 days or 120 days. it could take you that long to get it through the court so why not issue a new executive order and then meanwhile you can fight on the constitutional principle in the courts. >> a lot of foreign policy news with the prime minister of japan here. we've got netanyahu coming. you have another guest this morning that could speak to that. >> absolutely we're going to be talking to the did top democrat foreign relations committee. ben, talk to him about what the president's been doing. but also as you point out, you do have a lot of foreign policy issues and you've got that ballistic missile test by north korea today. we'll get reaction from all of that. >> check your local lifting for fox news sunday. as always, chris, thank you so much. abby: well, as the administration weighs a new immigration order, should families present a attempting pause for refugees? father is here to discuss it next. >> interested what he has to
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> welcome back. quick headlines for you. edward snowedden's lawyer denying that bombshell's report that russia has sent the whistle-blower back to the u.s. this comes a day after a nbc news report saying it would be a quote gift to president trump. and canada wanted them and now they may get him. u.s. border catching three somalia refugees trying to
5:25 am
escape the border. you may remember a few weeks ago canada's prime minister welcomed all refugees. >> should families accept a temporary pause for foreign refugees? abby: here to join us. father john. >> it's a complex situation. as soon as you say all christian families or all families of faith should accept this party or this politician, it's a hard argument. >> what are has the norm for the church and families welcoming in refugees? >> you know, i think we have to look at principle. i think the story in the bible of the good samaritan who found a guy on the side of the road and took him in. he didn't ask who are you, how did you get here. am i going to be safe with you? that is one of the principles. there's another principle that when you're a government, you have responsibility to also protect your people.
5:26 am
and there is not only a right but a responsibility to make sure immigration levels are both safe and sustainable. and then we have to make the nuance between he what an immigrant is, someone who's seeking a better life and someone who's truly a refugee and fleeing from their life. those are all nuances that are very important. abby: the left often makes that argument; right? that if republicans, if they want to put extreme vetting in place or banning all muslims as many of them have said this executive order is about, which it has not been, that republicans don't have a heart. . >> but it's understandable that they're considered to be heartless when it was rolled out in the way it was rolled out. i think it started off with then president-elect trump or candidate trump saying he was in favor of a ban muslims. that was his mistake. he walked it back, but it was a humble move to walk it
5:27 am
back. this is what we're going to do in these seven countries, and then it's related to what you've said in the past, it gets complicated. they're learning i hope you can't do it in that way. >> we've had some good clarification about immigration versus refugees. with those refugees truly being persecuted at one level or the other. are we doing enough as a christian with historic christian roots to help christians around the world who are being persecuted? >> and not only help christians come to our country, there's certainly room for that, but also helping them to stay in their own countries and defend them where they are. that's a huge thing. let me tell you a very quick story. growing up, my dad used to pick up hitchhikers. there were seven of us kids, and he would pick uppings hitchhikers. and my mom would be screaming, no, bob, don't do it. and he would look at them and pull over. sometimes he didn't. but a lot of times he did because he thought they needed help. but sometimes earning because
5:28 am
he had to protect his family. and so we have to -- it's a judgment call. we have to err on the side of mercy i believe while at the same time being reasonable and this in responsible positions like politicians have to protect us. >> great story. i want to talk to you about your upbringing. >> a scene from different movies i think. >> i don't know if he would bic them up today. and that's also an interesting point. >> true. thank you, father. coming up one small business owner is getting crushed by the cost of obamacare. and she wanted answers from senator bernie sanders. >> my question to you, senator sanders, is how do i employ more americans without either raising the prices to my customers or lowering wages to my employees? >> good question. so was she happy with his answer? we're going to answer that just ahead. >> and america on the verge of
5:29 am
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>> mix of the little cookie. abby: i have been so excited about this shot of the morning. so i heard about this for a long time. this is called cookie dough and, you know, we have these fads in new york city, like, it was the crow nut two years ago? well, this year is all about cookie dough. and what's cool about it is it's cookie dough, and they have all different flavors but it's safe to eat. >> it's pasterrized; right? people waiting three hours in line. it opened in january. they make 1,200 pounds of this stuff of eatable cookie dough he find. this is what every kid does; right? they lick the bowl.
5:34 am
abby: samantha, bless her heart, and i love her forever because i've been wanting to go for so long. she went to the store yesterday and people wait in line for three years to get this stuff. she got lucky because she was doing it for the show, so they were, you know, going to hand it to her, she was able to jump the line. she got attacked by people in the line that were so upset. they slammed the door on her. >> people are upset about the important things in life. cookie dough. there's nothing like the bottom of the thing mixed ingredients and i also like the fact if you eat it, you could get sick this they pasterrize it. but when you make it at home with real eggs. you're, like, wow if i eat too much of this, it could be a bad day. that makes itiumier. >> you like risk in your food
5:35 am
supply. abby: i was still sick but i came today because i knew it was on the show. >> i got the chocolate one. which one did you get? >> chocolate chip. abby: that's the original one. the original flavor. >> how many cookies do you eat? like a chocolate chip cookie. because this must be at least eight chocolate chip cookies. >> right if you rolled this up in a ball and baked it, vacked whole platter of them. >> and, by the way, wouldn't you feel really guilty or sick to your stomach if you ate eight cookies? >> can we get a shot of the control booth? because typically they get really jealous of us eating this stuff but in the control booth today, they made sure they have a cup down there first. abby: we can't understand what they're saying.
5:36 am
>> that's why they're quiet. abby: what do you think? >> it's amazing. >> it's really good. abby: i don't know if it's worth waiting in line for five hours in the snow. >> nothing is waiting five hours in the snow. abby: what happens if you bake this? >> if you wanted cookies, you just buy this and then bake it. abby: how is the weather out there? >> not very bad. take a look at the maps. we have a storm moving in across parts of new england and ahead of that storm. it is very cold but still look at that minus 14. take a look where it's warm, though. 70 in memphis. we had incredible heat across the south. 99 degrees in okay. 98 in. it is february, guys, and we're almost hitting 100 degrees. we have winter storm warnings in effect across new york. blizzard warnings there across maine. it is really going to be windy by tonight into tomorrow
5:37 am
across much of the northeast again. this is that storm that's going across parts of the great lakes. it's going to be a warmer storm, at least on the southern side of it. so mostly we're talking about rain from new york city to philosophy and dc. all snow that once you get in towards england. and we will see some spots that see maybe up on to two feet of snow. abby: you have a friend behind you that wants a bite of your cookie dough. >> do you want some some? do you play nintendo? >> a new gaming console comes out in a few months. >> yeah. the nintendo switch. >> guys, yesterday was make a friend day. national make a friend day. >> you're never too late. >> share a cookie with your friend. >> thank you. abby: also did you guys know
5:38 am
that valentine's day is on tuesday? >> yeah. thanks for reminding me. abby: you know what? get your wife one of these nice cookie dough cups. she'll appreciate it. >> we have great valentine's day gifts coming up. abby: red velvet waffles with a cream cheese glaze. >> meryl streep is back. she's at it again and blasting donald trump, and she says he will have woken us up to how fragile freedom is. listen to what meryl streep is saying. she was at a speech the other night. >> meryl streep all about freedom. she had the speech, it was the human rights campaign here in new york city. i did not get an invite. maybe you did, abby. abby: i did not. >> but here's what she had to say from the podium. if we live through this precarious hometown, if his catastrophic instinct doesn't lead us to a nuclear winter, he will have woken us up to what fragile freedom is. abby: i think this reminds people why they went out to vote for president trump why
5:39 am
they did. it was almost like hollywood and the mainstream left against the rest of the country. and many of them came out and voted for president trump and we talked to a lot of them across the country and a big reason for that is because he was speaking a different language from the media, from the liberal elites, from hollywood. and i think just they doubled down on that. >> we do hear more of it tonight because the grammy tonight. others i'm sure we'll see on stage making comments about the administration. abby: lady gaga -- >> my wife watched that performance, like, 50 times. the national anthem. and it brought the country together. but i'm sure tonight at the -- abby: you also have -- and you mentioned this earlier. you have people on twitter that a lot of times people think twitter represents the rest of the country. but it often does not. >> no. >> so you have people on twitter that are praising these award shows, praising
5:40 am
meryl streep, which is out there, saying these things about president trump, and it further divides the country. >> and the coastal elites are, like, you speak for all of us, merle. you speak for all of us. >> maybe a few folks who were going to call donald trump a nazi no matter what. >> and just to remind people. we're three weeks in. i was getting meat at the supermarket and the guy cutting my meat was, like -- and he didn't even know where i worked. he was, like, why can't we just give it a chance? i think he speaks for the rest of the country. >> what kind of meat did you get? >> i got fish. it wasn't meat. >> nobody goes to get fish. >> fish is meat of the sea. >> coming up on the show one small business owner is getting crushed by the cost of obamacare, and she wanted
5:41 am
answers from senator bernie sanders. >> my question to you, senator sanders, is how do i employ more americans without either raising the prices to my customers or lowering wages to my employees? >> so was she happy with his answer? we'll ask her next. >> and president trump showing exactly how much he cares about the white house press core. the back story on this picture when we come back. abby: i want to hear this. starr one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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ally. do it right. nice, this stuff check this our house. ♪ whoa ♪ check this out... ...there's always king's hawaiian rolls inside. whoa irresistible kings hawaiian foods. coming this spring, barbeque sauce. (sfx: 2 kids scream) abby: we're back with this. a small business owner worried about the impact of obamacare. tries to get some answers from bernie sanders at a cnn town hall. watch this. >> my question to you, senator sanders, is how do i grow my
5:45 am
business, how do i employ more americans without either raising the prices to my customers or lowering wages to my employees? >> i'm sorry. i think that in america today everybody should have health care. and if you have more than 50 people, you know what? i think i'm afraid to tell you, but i think you will have to provide health care. abby: did bernie sanders really answer her question? she joins me right now. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. abby: i think you spoke for so many americans that wanted a real answer that didn't really answer your question. >> no. not at all. and i asked the question twice, and i still didn't get an answer. abby: what did you want to hear from him? >> you know, i just needed some guidance because -- or i at least needed him to acknowledge that it's a problem in the law that perhaps needs to be looked at
5:46 am
and perhaps needs to be changed. if we want to be able to grow our economy and employ more people. abby: you own five salons. tell us your story. tell us about how obamacare has personally impacted you and your business and your potential growth. >> okay. when i first started out, i developed a business plan for my bankers, and it included up to ten salons employing a little over 100 people. in the meantime, obamacare came into existence and all of a sudden put a whole different light on the business plan. so i kind of had to readjust, and i've maxed out -- i certainly take a look at trying to be able to give insurance to my people that might -- the employees that i have are very important to me. and i want to do what i can for them. but the product margin in our
5:47 am
business is just so low, it just can't be done. abby: i've traveled the country throughout the campaign. i heard so many stories just like yours from small business owners. and it's heartbreaking to hear the reality of what they're facing today. but you read about this in the media, and it doesn't seem to have the same amount of focus, same concerns that you're speaking to. you look at this one. new york times if obamacare's out, where is trump care? stand to suffer most from l.a. repeal. in the meantime donald trump's executive order on obamacare will cripple the health insurance market. there seems to be a real disconnect between those headlines and the very real story that you're telling me this morning. >> well, one of the reasons that i wanted to do this when cnn offered it to me was that i felt i hadn't heard anything about this during the campaign. this is just kind of one of those parts of obamacare that nobody talked about, and i felt like it was important. and so i jumped on the chance
5:48 am
to get on there and tried to talk to bernie sanders. abby: yeah, you want it to change? you want obamacare to change? >> absolutely. i need it to change if i'm going to be able to employ more people. abby: if president trump was watching right now, what do you want him to hear? if he's looking right now how to move forward and repeal and replace this law. what to put in its place. what advice you have to for him because he's looking to help very people like yourself. >> right. you know, it's not an easy answer or quick fix, i know. however, i'm not sure why it's the responsibility of the employer to completely furnish health care for their employees. it seems to me like everybody needs to take some responsibility for themselves, and i do for my employees everything that i can, and i think that, you know, if i'm in a position to offer some
5:49 am
assistance on their health insurance, then that's an added benefit. i don't think it's something that should be required from the government. abby: yeah, you and so many other people. thanks for being here this morning and opening up about your story. i really appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. abby: wishing all the best for you. coming up president trump gearing up for another busy week after meeting with japan's prime minister. we're going to ask assistant what to expect on that. plus looking for a last minute valentine's day gift? how about a trip to jamaica or mexico? that sounds nice. francesca has the best deals on a romantic get away coming up next my name is pam. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly.
5:50 am
i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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>> still looking at a last-minute valentine's day gift? you're looking at a guy who does. why not the gift of a romantic get away? here the travel guru francesc francesca. so you have great deals for us. it's freezing right now. people want to get away. it's that moody, mix cold winter. you have mexico on your list. >> mexico is a great option. >> i just like you saying that. >> and you're going to find that, have these beautiful all inclusive bungalows over the caribbean seas, step down ladders, you've got private butlers, private jacuzzis, and they have a great deal going
5:54 am
on right now, which you can save 30% off of your trip if you book before february 28th. that's the leave winter behind deal they have going on. >> where do you fly into? >> can coon. >> how far of a drive is it? >> it's not too bad. they actually provide a shoul shuttle to take. >> nice. florida. i've heard of that state. >> great option. you can fly right into ft. lauderdale and within ten minutes being at the resort. you're going to have rooms of oceanside views, beach access, even have a restaurant on-site where you can dine under the stars. great package going on right now, which is the beach where you get included with your stay, a bottle of champagne. >> nice. jamaica. >> go to the north shore. it's all inclusive with a ton of activities. it even has six spas, five restaurants, four pools, and a spa. and they have a good deal going on as well, which is the
5:55 am
time in the sand in jamaica. jetblue flies there every day. so that's good. >> and i love they have one more bar than we do restaurant. six bars. five restaurants. now we've got some apps too to help us book some travel. tell us about the hopper. >> hopper is a great app because it allows you to track your ideal flight, and it will notify you when the best time to book them is. and also exploring to see where and when the best place is for you to you to go. >> what about solo traveler? >> why not book yourself a get away? download solo traveler. it's going to allow you to connect with other solo travelers to exchange details or experiences or even meet up. you never know. you might meet that special someone while you're away. >> it's like a travel dating napoleon way. >> it potentially could be. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> president trump is following through on his campaign promise. but the mainstream media is
5:56 am
freaking out a little bit. sarah huckabee, sanders deputy assistant to happen is here to discuss. and the president showing you how much he cares about the white house press core with a pile of cameras outside of a door. we'll get the back story on this picture next. is there a tripod? look at that lonely tripod. so sad.
5:57 am
5:58 am
dale. dale!
5:59 am
oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting, or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends? hey, chin up there, dale. lots of bikers also drive cars. in fact, you can save big if you bundle them both with progressive. i'd like that. great. whoo. you've got soft hands. he uses my moisturizer. see you, dale. bye, rob. >> good morning it is february 12, president trump following through on another campaign promise, media is not too happy about it. >> families of undocumented immigrants say, they are now living in fear. >> in texas, video on social media showing a man being detained by an i.c.e. agent.
6:00 am
>> enforcement surge in undocumented immigrant arrests. >> can you believe that the president has the od -- to enfoe law. >> can't handle it, even the democrats are tell their own party, time to move on. >> what we did, we said how offensive. grow up. that is not reality for most of america. >> you don't hear officials saying that he is democratic party. >> i refuse to grow up. >> i was just playing. >> senator bernie sanders calls out fake news, he gets cut off. >> i don't know, maybe he was watching cnn's fake news, what do you think. >> erin? >> yes. >> are we on. >> we lost connection with senator sanders.
6:01 am
>> pull the plug, cnn responding, fox and friends, hour four starts right now. welcome to "fox & friends sunday" this sunday morning, i have been wondering what love is, foreigner will be on our show on valentine's day. tuesday, they will be right here on fox and friends. >> i want to know what love is. >> we're still wondering. >> after all these years. >> i was trying to figure out why i am so disoriented. for men and women, "first sunday" without football for months. >> i am so lost. >> you know super bowl comes
6:02 am
out, it a wasteland. >> i watched that preplay -- there are no sports, no holidays other than valentine's day. which i know you both love. >> because it is freezing cold, we turn our attention to christian fisher, in palm beach? >> a press confront last night on the missile launch from north korea, christian fisher has been following this in beautiful florida. >> rub it in with wind. >> the wind was worse when i got here. all right, here is the latest, prime minister abe is on his way back to japan, returning with strong assurances from president trump, which is what he came here for, president trump vowing that the u.s. will continue to defend japan, we got a first real taste of what this newly recommitted relationship is
6:03 am
going to look like. we got to see this last night, when north korea test fired a missile around the time that prime minister and president were sitting down to dinner at his mar-a-lago resort, they spent little time responding, prime minister abe called launch intollerrible. and mr. trump said this. >> i just want everyone to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its ally, 100%. >> from one world leader to the next, tomorrow prime minister of canada will meet with president trump at white house to talk about trade and immigration, two issues where the men disagree. on wednesday, he will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
6:04 am
on the table iran nuclear deal. and keep in mind, all this is going on, the us hous white houl dealing with fallout of federal appeals court ruling against the president's immigration order, he is still vowing to fight it in court. but he also hinted he may sign a new executive order on immigration, a lot going on. that is par for the course with this administration. all right. thank you christen. >> a beautiful shot. >> sarah huckabee sanders, president assistance to the president, great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> we're thrilled to have you here to talk about some of the big stories. if you have been watching nightly newscast, you would think that the president doing something that has never been seen before in american history. watch nightly newscast. >> immigration raid, some
6:05 am
communities on edge after a string of deportation raids in 6 states, more than 16 million people in this country live in a household with at least one undocumented immigrant. >> families of undocumented immigrants are now living in fear. >> in texas video showing a man being detained by an i.c.e. agent in front of a fast-food restaurant. >> targeted raids, rounds up hundreds of foreign nationals. is the now administration behind the latest crackdown. >> a stern warning. most of the undocumented law abiding, paying taxes and working, that they are no longer safe to stay hear. >> you heard jim avila from abc, saying that is the message from the white house, you are no longer safe to stay here, is that the message from the white house?
6:06 am
>> the message from the white house, is we're going to up hold the law, what donald trump campaigned on. god forbid we allow law enforcement of this country to do their job. the fact that is news, the sad part is, they were not allowed to do their jobs for last 8 years, that is what we should have been reporting on. i guess i am baffled that we have the law enforcement in place, and i.c.e. officers, they do their jobs, they have a president that supports them, and that is more newsworthy than not getting to do their job previous 8 years. >> these are not illegal immigrants, they are undocumented. these are raids, why the utter hysteria and the framing. this is some crackdown from the jack boot thugs of president
6:07 am
trump, highwa how do you deet th -- do you beat through this spin? >> i think it starts with ideally hoping that media covers the real truth. there are a lot of media outlets that don't want to do, that thankfully the president has one of the most powerful tools, and a the reason that media does not like him, he can ignore them, he can speak directly to the people to get his message out. and he will continue to do that. that is what we're doing. the president campaigns and promised to give law enforcement the resources they needed to carry out the law. there were no new laws past, this is current law that they are enforcing. we have to protect our borders and our country, without law and order, we can't have a country. a lot of people wondering, what comes next?
6:08 am
a new immigration order this week? that trump is not going to deal with 9th circuit court in that decision. >> you can expect president to do what he has been doing, since the day he took office. and that is doing every single thing he can, keeping all option on the table to keep our country safe. and protect us from radical islamists and jihadists and terrorists. >> will we see a new order this week? >> i think it possible. again could we're going to take every measure, and we'll take every step we can, whether it is at court level, a new executive order, all options on the table. one thing that i can promise, is he will take every step possible to protect our country. friday we got words from reporters nosing around the white house, that carl hig bee
6:09 am
was former navy seal was perhaps meeting at white house to take sean spic spicer's job as press secretary, that has been denied. your take on this in friday night, i get a call from a reporter, i hear you are up are in sean spicer's job, i said news to me. i did not lie to her, i said i have spoken to people within the administration, no interviews, have not heard back, i offered my service, i would be honor to serve, but nothing yet. she said you are not denying it. i said no comment, the woman wrote the article, she knew more about the stuff than i did, obvious leahly she as some insi. >> yesterday they thought that sean is doing two jobs right now. communication director and press
6:10 am
secretary. he may move more into the communication role, why does the presencpress -- press know abous story. >> i don't think they know about everything. i talked to that reporter before, and said their story of ridiculous, and she posted this anyway, and said that white house had no comment, this is ridiculous, and absurd, th should focus more on the things that donald trump has been doing in first 21 days of office, creating jobs, and making massive reform, and changing washington from the inside that no one has seen, and doing what he campaigned on. that is the real news story, instead of that, they make up things that are not true. >> you deal with real news and fake news. which is not easy. on another network, bernie sanders made reference to that
6:11 am
fake news, and then there were mmic technical problem. would you be surprised that fake news is coming ut. >> president trump tweeted cnn about this, now cnn is hitting president trump saying, he is the liar. he is the one lying about this. >> i wish i could say i was surprised. i am not, this network has continued to look for every single thing they can to attack this president on. since day one, they have not looked for any positive stories to push out, always coming outlooking from negative. again, i wish i could say i am surprised. but we're not. cnn responding this morning, saying he was not cut off, there was technical difficulties. >> that is convenient timing. >> i have a feeling thi is not e end with of this. >> great to see you. >> thank you. all right, we have kill
6:12 am
switch for interviews, right in. >> mainstream media portraying refugees, as victims. >> lawsuit brought by washington and minnesota who claims that executive order harms their residents, stranding college students and faculty that need to thafl. travel,. >> are they giving americans the whole story. >> a newspaper takes fake news to a whole new level. unly will, straight ahead.
6:13 am
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>> the ban caused controversy across the world. >> families detained, makeshift legal clinics set up. >> lawsuits brought by washington and minnesota, who claims that the executiverde order harms their residents. >> if mr. trump continues to defend his temporary ban, he faces a lengthy court battle. >>,. the meeti media that week portraying refugees only as victims. we have amy holmes and chuck rocha. a big topic. a lot of complexities, to why they are leaving, where they are going, what threats it may contain. amy. as you look at this situation,
6:17 am
with refugees, what should we look about and thinking about? >> we need to recognize is that refugees are victims, as are asylum seekers, the united states is the number one country in the world to resettle people who are leaving zones of civil war, and all this. but i think that media does the public a disservice when they talk about refugees coming exclusively from the middle east, which is not true. the number one group of people from u.s. were from burma. and one of my closest friends came to united states as a little girl as a political refugee during the cold war. i think that media is in its attempt to be sympathetic to people coming from a very complicated, conflicted part of the world, are not giving us a clear picture. >> in the last since president trump introduced this executive
6:18 am
order. a tweet, he points out in 8 day, 72% of refugees admitted into u.s. are from the 7 countries he identified. so chuck, is there not a point to the fact, that you could have when you are at wor war with ral islamist, refugees could do us harm. >> we are to look at it as a totality. if you want to do us harm, you are not welcome, but if you are leaving for your life, we should welcome you. we should vet you, we have a vetting system with refugees, the way that you have seen the media look at this as a whole, is almost good for america, we're that beacon of light, but we don't want anyone here who wants to do us harm. >> there another way that media
6:19 am
is distorting this topic, that refugees are not supposed to the country hop, 1 the once they fia country that will take them in, that is where they stay, and apply for asylum, and won' oncee civil war over, then they go back. we see stories of people that went to turkey for example, and then came here and are asking, and people saying why are they not taking people in close to where it is going on. >> and nigel farage points out, in europe. >> the time of war, your enemy, said they want to infiltrate, is extreme vetting what need to happen. >> america is a wonderful place, we should have our borders open to people who want to be here, and make our country better, i don't like our comparison to
6:20 am
europe. our freedom is what makes us special. as people get ready for church, matthew 25:35 he welcomes us. we can do that and not have people -- >> supreme court also tells us that constitution is not a suicide pack. you look at canada -- >> we can be americans and have our borders open, but also make sure nobody gets in. >> if you look at canada, their policy as it was reported in 2015 they are not taking unacomp unaccompanied male, they take people with families. >> we'll have to leave right there, the good samaritan did not bring this person to their own home, they brought them on n
6:21 am
which is interesting. bigger isn't always better. our beautiful diamond heart pendant is just $299.99. that's $200 off! helzberg diamonds. here's to love.
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all right welcome back, quick show business headline, you can expect more hollywood activists at the grammy awards. telling varieties magazine, one of the great acceptance speeches have a point of view and are more personal. >> and america's favorite diplomat may have to return to making movies. movies. >> people look at you all the time. everybody knew stuff about you.
6:25 am
>> lindsay lohan pitching stuff for mean girl. you always have to have a plan b . >> kevin is here. >> that is funny. >> a big weekend at box office. >> it was, release of a few movies, one of them, this morning is batman lego movie. >> yeah. clayton and i are two grown men who love this film, it is amazing. the idea, you have the batman character. one of the best batman films that i've seen in a long time, with good action comedy. >> who plays batman. >> will arnett. >> mariah carey plays chief o'hara. >> right. >> you do love mariah carey. >> michael playing robin. and it is a really funny movie, a great scene where joker and batman break up, he wants to be
6:26 am
greatest batman villain of all-time. the action is amazing. i love that the animation done in a stop-motion looking format biklike lego blocks, it not as d as lego movie but it works. >> if you are a batman fan, there is so much reference to the '60s. my son loved it. >> the movie goes back and shows you older batman, it is cool, with adam west, and christian bale. >> i like george clooney. >> that is okay. >> and this movie is amazing. directed by keanu reef's stunt double from the movie. a revenge film.
6:27 am
an ex-hit man brought out of retirement when gangsters kill his dog. there are double kills in john wick 2. the act film that acted fans deserve. i thought quijan. >> is still kicking butt. >> 50 shades darker, i saw the first movie. >> and here is the -- this is derived from twilight fan fix, jamie has to film intimate scenes with his costar, but he is married to an actress in real life. i wanted to know, what is it like, do you have to pea speak r wife before you shoot the scenes
6:28 am
with the other woman. >> do you have a discussion, do you say i have to shoot these scenes. >> there is a wee bit of, that my wife is an actress, she knows it work, a strange way to spend the day, it is all make believe, it is kind of like, fine. >> got to go to work. >> i give it a 3 out of 5. if you are a movie fan, keep an eye on poster in background of grey's bedroom. tweet me, if you notice it. >> you don't miss a beat. >> i don't. >> it is an honor to be on the couch here in manhattan. >> great idea. >> we should do a public service announcement, if you go see lego movie in the theater with your
6:29 am
kids do not walk into the 50 shades theater. >> that is a good idea. >> good to see you. >> thank you kevin. >> coming up. some democrats coming to their senses about the election. >> what we did, he said how offensive. grow up. that is not reality for most of america. >> but will the rest of the party actually listen? >> valentine's day, is coming. feeling the love, we serve up breakfast in bed. ideas to make at home. >> he made it for himself. >> in a twin bed. >> keep it classy, rick. ♪
6:30 am
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6:34 am
we did not offer a message to my neighbors, we did not offer a message to the people in indiana, ohio, pennsylvania or kentucky. what we did, he said, how offensive. grow up. that is not reality for most of america. that is sound that is resonating for democrats this morning, a tale of two democratic parties right now, with the warren wing, and chuck schumering saying protest, then you have raymond buckley there who started this speech yesterday. saying i'm an openly gay man, we're out of touch with the voters, we're out of touch with my neighbors, and the democratic party better get in line. >> he is running for chairman of the dnc, a different message from him, than we've heard from others, mentioned pennsylvania, to did he. how did they lose states they won for years, i spent time with
6:35 am
grant in pennsylvania, but got close. and i heard from a number of democrats, they said we're so sick of being promised these things from democrats, and they have not delivered. to his message, they are spot on, we have to get back to what american people care about. most importantly jobs. >> most of loudest voices are saying let's go further left, that creates a ton of complications, but a voice like, that maybe they could speak to middle morning, and maybe they could say, we could work with president trump to solve from of these problem that are leading to less security and losing these jobs. >> it is refreshing to have someone say, look at ourselves, we make a mistake, take an ownership, this is a lesson of life not just politics. >> he has listened to his neighbors, these politicians get
6:36 am
so stuck in ways of politic, versus listening to people around you, your neighbors, what issues do they care about. what made you excited about that election, and angry about the election, that is what we did. >> we'll see if he takes over, he could be -- >> he has just been elevated this morning. >> other headline. >> national guard rescue helicopter swooping in saving an 81-year-old man from floodwaters, the man is clinging on to a tree branch, trapped, in 6 fight of water in northern -- 6 feet of water in northern california, he tried drives across a flooded bridge his vehicle got stalled. >> a major crackdown on food stamp in ohio, new measure to put photo i.d. on all food stamp card, an audit of the program, found several weaknesses in the
6:37 am
sim, opening door for fraud and scammers. >> critics of the bill say it could intimidate those who need the help. >> and a new level of fake news, alec baldwin over the top impression of president trump on "saturday night live" is very convoking, looks at front page of this news paper in dominican republic. the paper using this photo of alec baldwin, not realizing it was the president. >> and bernie sanders getting burned during a interview, he joked about fake news, listen -- >> well, i don't know, maybe he was watching cnn's fake news, what do you think? >> you don't buy it. >> it was a joke. >> i know it was a joke. >> yes. >> -- are we on? >> it looks like we lost connected with sens senator san, let's get that back up. >> president trump reacting on
6:38 am
twitter, on fake news, cnn bernie sanders was cut off. they said technical difficulties, soon after this cnn fired back as well, posting a transcript of ap an interview. >> also, on "fox & friends," sarah huckabee sanders said no one at the white house is surprised by this. >> this is a network that has continued to look for any single thing they can to attack this president on. since day one, they have not looked for any positive stories to push out. >> show did bridge sanders back on after a break. and i have a feeling this not the end of this battle. >> no. >> if you need last minute valentine's day plans, what would surprise your sweetie, breakfast in bed. >> delicious ideas with chef george. >> thank you, are you ready for
6:39 am
some loving valentine's day ideas? >> cue the music. >> we are. >> very nice. >> it smells good. >> waffle maker, grab a nice waffle maker and make my favorite, a red velvet waffle. simple to do. you take a classic batter. but secret to getting something red velvety add that red food colors and cocoa powder that gives a dark rich color, today we work with the ultimate waffle maker, bright and beautiful. >> that is all you do, food colors and cocoa powder. >> that is how they make the cake as well, that darkness, but that red food color. >> be prepared for who you serve this too. clayton is repaired to be served. breakfast in bed. >> this goes on top.
6:40 am
>> on top. you want to do make sure you have a nice waffle maker like this one. you want to make sure it has a medium setting, you don't want to burn it, close it up, it will cook. you want to get something washable, this one you can remove the plates and wash it. >> what do you think? >> very nice. >> can i get a napkin. >> anybody have -- >> we can make one. >> i had a tough morning. >> let's make a quick, frozen stau berries and water, and agave. you have a nice cool elias you put that in a glass, a nice strawberry barlinnie. it needs a good santa margarita.
6:41 am
that works well with this, perfect for grammys tonight,. >> a pariba a -- >> if your kids are involved? >> you can use sparkling cider. >> tonight, all those men and women who want to surprise their spouse, no excuse. >> smell the roses your. >> how was it? >> >> many stream media quick to defend retailers for dropping ivanka's trump clothing line, and companies are getting
6:42 am
attacked for supporting the president. >> lowering overall tax burd en oen-- burden on american busines is big league. >> they may be having to wait longer, and they can blame the left. >> how am i going to follow strawberry waffle. >> come have a bellini. >> thank you. fabulous.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
democrats get their way by continuing to delay the vote for president's treasury secretary of mnuchin. >> here on weigh in maria bartiromo. what do you make of these delays, and. will we get the tax cut, either individual or business. >> we'll get tax reform. the stalling ta tanaka ticks ar- tactics are beyond, i think that president trump will get his entire cabinet confirmed, 100%. they just are losing it. because they are so unhappy with the election results still, they are prolonging, steve know stevn will be secretary. >> what are their criticisms of him. >> they don't like the fact he was in business, and he acquired a bank after financial crisis, they say he took advantage of it.
6:47 am
the truth is he has a strong resume. >> too successful. >> right. >> what is that tactic telling about tax reform, compromise of deal to be made to get manage passed. >> -- something passed. >> i did expect it sooner be that we'll get it i think we'll have a clear idea of what tax package will look like the first 100 to 200 days, but it not be implemented until the second half of the year. we have border adjustment tax. but, president trump is going to have to come to a meeting of the minds with g.o.p. plan. >> you mentioned likely all of these nominees will get through the process, how will democrats look at this. it is sphawl stall stall, stall. the people that are getting hurt most are american people. >> i don't think this people will forget this, i think that
6:48 am
in 2018, they will represent, not only is this representative from my state, they had these stall tactics but they didn't get the business done the way that i wanted it, i am talking the average american from the election we know wants to gettings done, whether tax reform, and repeal and replace obamacare, and borders and safety. >> they are making it complicated. >> they are. >> your show, sunday morning futures, you have senator lindsey graham, you could see a new immigration order from president, what are you expecting? >> before that, i said is it high time you and trump went out for a beer or something, and put your differences ash side. he said -- aside, he said only thing that i disagree with president trump on is russia, i agree with most of the things he has done and is doing, that is interesting, we have former attorney general john ashcroft, and carly fiorina.
6:49 am
and this week, a big wee 4 final economic proposal. we have chairman of committee we're expecting that steven mnuchin gets confirmed tomorrow night. >> all right maria. >> thank you. >> some bellini for you. >> cheers. >> brown noser. >> fabulous. >> see you next show. >> unarm or crow -- under armor ceo called out for praising the president. >> he is highly passionate, a pro-business president is great for the country. >> of course, many stream media is quick to defend nordstrom. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist
6:50 am
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6:53 am
welcome back explai, mainstm media quick to. why double standard. >> radio talk show host. wayne allen, thank you. tell us why this very clear double standard? >> well, the media is involved. they will play up whatever the more liberal leaning ceo has to say, and make a big deal of it in a positive way. and play up whatever the republican ceo says in a more negative way. this is our own fault at
6:54 am
conservatives, liberals they boycott, they make a big deal about a ceo saying something supportive of trump. we don't do it, it is time for us as conservatives to get more active, there 62 million people in america who voted for donald trump. and when nordstrom takes an action that is this offensive, and drops ivanka's line we have to boycott nordstrom, the uber, the lyfparticularft and starbuce the taxpayer money -- >> as you made, nordstrom has every right to do this whether you agree with is or not, or whether you believe it is political, to do that. >> they do have that right, it is capitalism, you own the company will. but first you have to answer on the board of directors, and shareholders, and consumer, and
6:55 am
the customer who buys from you. we have a right to punish them. but i have to tell you the conservative ceos don't involve their companies in support of donald trump, for me to say, i like donald trump, i think he is doing a great job, he is pro business, i love him, that is not same as uber saying we'll contribute millions of dollars in illegal defense fund to help muslim refugees or millions to aclu or starbucks to say i'm taking company money, and instead of hiring u.s. veterans, homeless veterans, they are going to hire the refugees. that is unpatriotic, i am sick of it. >> here is under armor ceo. >> i think he is highly passionate, to have such a pro business president, is something that is a real asset for the
6:56 am
country, people show grab that opportunity. >> here is what the rock said, his words were divisive and lacking perspective, creating a situation where personal political opinion of unarm or partners and employees were overshadowed by comments of the ceo. >> it is just amazing. nobody worries about offending americans and patriots and business owners, but everyone worries about offensing foreigners and illegal aliens, something is backward in america, that is why president trump was elected president. >> thank you. >> good to have you on this morning. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes, we'll be right back. restlessness , it's gas. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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crammed into your brand-new car. i'm so sexy, you can't keep your hands off me. do it again. there you go... i can do whatever you want. except keep your eyes on the road. now would be a good time to have new car replacement. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in good hands. >> we recognize that president
7:00 am
abraham lincoln would be 208 years old today, born in 1809 in kentucky, we'll pop a bottle for his birthday. >> and happy valentine's day. >> i hope you get pampered. maria: good morning trump and japanese prime minister holding a late night news conference last night, i am maria bartiromo, welcome to sunday morning futures. what message are they sending, how should u.s. respond? carly fiorina is with me here this morning. and president trump weighing his options after a federal appeal court refuses toy e to reinstats travel ban.


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