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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 13, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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but will they find common ground? we are about to find out. >> let's see what kind of statements they open with and what kind of questions they get. >> "america's news hq" starts now. >> a fox news alert. you are looking live at the east room of the white house where we are awaiting a join news conference with president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau. hello, everyone. i'm melissa francis. the news conference is set to begin any moment now. the president welcoming the canadian prime minister earlier today to the white house for their very first meeting. john robert, i don't think of these two as a match made heaven. what's it like there? >> reporter: their politics are definitely different. justin trudeau comes from a rich history of politics. his father was the prime minister of canada for a long
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time. now he is here as the son, as the prime minister of canada. but the two did appear to get along well. there was a warm welcome when the president came out to meet him. they seemed to have a nice time in the oval office. it was a very interesting meeting that the two had there with a lot of business leaders who were women. they were striking a task force called the u.s./canada council for the advancement of women's entrepreneur and business leadership. common ground on trade as well. they tried to put out as much common ground as they could on home. they do differ in terms of allowing refugees into the country. the president wants to put a 120 day pause on the entry of refugees from anywhere in the world to the united states. at the same time as that executive order went into effect the prime minister of canada put out a tweet to say refugees are welcome here. but there's a long shared open border that they have to secure and they have taken steps during
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their bilateral meeting to enhance security along that border. there's something called preclearance in canada and eight airports across the country, if you're entering the united states you clear customs and immigration there in canada. which raises some questions about whether or not the president's executive order on extreme vetting the immigration ban might run afoul of canadian law. canada has very strong anti-discrimination laws. to subject people to an immigration ban as they're entering through canadian ports may be problematic. so that's something they discussed. we'll see if we can get some answers from them in this press conference about what they decided to do on that front. >> lots of topics. i think they look sort of medium friendly in that video we were showing. we'll watch even closer later. >> reporter: when you're having your first meeting with somebody like that, there is going to be more tension, some anticipation. one other thing, talking about security and the immigration policy. we do know that the white house
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is working on crafting another executive order on the immigration ban. we're not sure exactly which direction they're going in, whether they're writing an entirely new executive order or they're writing something that's sort of an addendum to one that's mired in the courts. my understanding of it is, at least at this point the doj lawyers are not thinking of pulling back the order that is there already. we should find out later today or the coming days how all of this will dove tail together. >> national security adviser michael flynn is in the hot seat after allegations that he may have improperly communicated with moscow's ambassador about russian sanctions. west wing sources now say flynn is apologizing to vice president mike pence for providing incorrect information about his call with the russian ambassador before the inauguration. fox news national correspond anne jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer, what can you tell us about flynn's current situation now? >> reporter: well, melissa,
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senior west wing source tells me national adviser flynn met with vice president pence this morning and he apologized for telling him that sanctions were not discussed in a phone call with the russian ambassador in december. that coincided with the expulsion of 35 russian spies and the imposition of sanctions in the wake of russia's interference with the u.s. election. according to the source, the vice president accepted flynn's apology. when asked about rumors that flynn would be gone by the end of the week, this source said wrong. said they would strongly push back on that rumor describing it as gossip and palace intrigue. >> that's one source you mentioned there. but, of course, all the buzz is about whether he's going to stay or go. what other signs are you seeing? >> reporter: well, the president had a two-hour meeting with flynn this morning in which he turned to flynn i'm told and asked his advice on various national security issues. this west wing official told me
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the president and vice president were not happy, but he is not going to be gone by the end of the week. there was not much public support, fueling speculation that his job could be on the line. >> that's a question for our president. he's served his country with distinction. i look forward to having a conversation with you once you've had a chance to talk with the appropriate people in the white house. >> reporter: flynn was supposed to be the keynote speaker tonight at a special operations banquet. he cancelled his appearance sunday. the west wing source i spoke to said flynn was with the president all weekend overseeing the visit of the japanese prime minister. quote, flynn was at the president's side all weekend this source told me. if the inner circle is four people in the white house, he is in that inner circle. that's what we know at this time, melissa. we'll update when we learn more. >> thank you. for more on this, let's bring in fox news politics editor and
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editor of the halftime report. i believe you have a ph.d. in palace intrigue. so you must be able to read through all these tea leaves. what do you think is going on mike flynn? >> i have talked to some people familiar with the administration's thinking, i believe is the washington term that we use for that. but what we know from external indicators are that flynn is not in a great position. something he had picked to be one of his aides was denied security clearance it's been reported. this is by trump's head of the cia. so there are real issues here for flynn. we know also that in the past, there have been reports of tension between general james madis, the new secretary of defense, and flynn over key positions at the pentagon. so this has not been the smoothest of relationships.
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>> no. listen to what lindsey graham had to say. >> he has a problem that he needs to fix with his president. and all i can say about the national security adviser, they serve at the pleasure of the president and if the president still has confidence in general flynn, that will be okay with me. one thing his national security adviser you have to remember, people have to believe what you say. >> oh, yikes, burn. what do you think? people have to believe what you say. unlike other jobs where they don't have to believe what you say. in this one they definitely do. >> in politics they don't have to believe what you say. when you're telling politicians about national security, yeah. the question with flynn is this. he's had a close relationship, or has had a deeper relationship than some people are comfortable with in the past with the kremlin. that causes those concerns. the fact that the phone call in question here and that not telling mike pence.
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what he did not tell the truth about to mike pence, whether flynn did so mistakenly, out of forgetfulness or intent, we don't know, but the topic at hand was russian sanctions for interfering with the 2016 campaign. so that doesn't help flynn's case that he is not bound by some inappropriate connections to the kremlin and putin and all that stuff. so he definitely is in a jam here. whether or not he can make the case to trump and those around trump that he is trustworthy and clean on the russia stuff, that's what we're going to find out. >> i want to steer you to some other palace intrigue. i don't know if you caught steven miller over the weekend doing the rounds on the shows. let me play this for you. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> we have a judiciary that has taken far too much power and become in many cases a supreme branch of government. our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, as we
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begin to take further actionses that the power of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> okay. first on style, do you think that's intentional, that sort of labored, he is not going to deviate from what he is saying? is that force? >> that's how he rolls. that's his delivery. look, will not be questioned. i mean, of course it will be questioned. gets questioned in court. gets questioned by congress. that's why we have branchs of government. that's what i does. the press, the people. questioning is what we do. we're americans. we're skeptical about the government. yay for us. the challenge, miller was part of drafting the order that caused the problem that they're talking about rescinding to replace with one that doesn't have the green card issue in it. drawing hard lines like that means that walking them back gets harder and harder. if you take these extreme
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positions. if you say absolutely we will not be questioned. >> what's walking back? since when does trump walk stuff back? what are you talking about? >> he's a big walker backer. he does not mind moving off of an issue. we started out with a complete ban on muslims entering the united states. right stphr >> i don't know if i agree with that, but okay. >> that's where he started. first thing he said was, until we get everything straightened out, we're going to ban every muslim entering the united states. over time that changed. now we have a temporary ban on refugees entering the united states and a ban on new travel for people from these seven country. that doesn't look like anything that he started talking about on the campaign. that's okay. that's not a bad thing. making a government work, applying the power of the presidency, this is not laser guided orders. you have to work in broader generalities, you have to build consensus. it's okay to walk stuff back.
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walking stuff back isn't the problem. problem is people who are not able to walk things back. people who get shackled with statements, one thing they said one time, then they have to own it forever. that's the situation politician don't want to be in. >> we are watching this news conference which is about to start. we'll go to it live as soon as it happens. so back to the issue of steven miller. somebody was saying to me recently, if you look at everything trump does through the lens that he's trying to project strength. that's what he's about. strength strength strength. him sending steven miller out this weekend and that posture kind of makes a lot of sense. makes me think it's intentional. he went head to head with a lot of hosts over the weekend. it was a lot of brute force. yeah? no? you don't like that. >> i agree. if you send steven miller out, that's what you're going to get. that's a hard line. that's his point.
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he will be combative with press corps that the administration despises. you knew -- if trump sent him out, he knew what he was going to get. this is the administration wanting to look tougher on this issue after set backs and having these problems in court. they are the guys who upgrade the policy. they knew that he was going to take this very hard line. the question is, does i help in the end if what they have to do is rescind that original one and put a new one in that can pass legal muster. >> let me ask you about the press conference that's coming up, this news conference, with the canadian prime minister. these two do not have a lot in common, to say it nicely. you had vp biden saying trudeau was inheriting the liberal mantle from president obama. you have pm trudeau out there originally had this love affair with the media and the press and he's so handsome and has this young beautiful family.
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then the page turns and he gets caught up in this brouhaha where he's elbowing a female lawmaker, you know, on the floor. >> ah, canada. >> that's just canada for you. then he does the loving tweet to castro after he passes saying he was a larger than life leader who served his people. people kind of went nuts. i don't know if you know but castro had a bit of a mixed record there on human rights. >> slightly. >> slightly. he's had his own sort of love affair and then -- in the meantime, he's very much welcoming refugees to canada. his style is opposite trump. but here we are like next door neighbors. i'm just giving you the warm-up. this has got to be quite a meeting. what do you think is going on in each of their minds? >> they obviously are very different human being. very different human beings. two generations removed from one another. trudeau again the son of the
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liberal lion, the most liberal, the socialist enthausiast his father. this is like can dadian camelot. trump is the uber outsider. that's all true. but they need each other a lot. the most important -- arguably most important trading partner for the u.s. is canada. we have factories across the border. we have a lot of trade that goes back every day. two thirds of canada's exports come into the united states. they are dependent on us. we are dependent on them. that healthy secure relationship that we have maintained through ups and downs. we have managed to maintain a pretty healthy relationship with canada. both of them need that. i doubt trudeau will ask too snippity because he needs us.
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>> if he sees what happened to the other neighbors in the south, and maybe we don't want the relationship to deteriorate to that.. trudeau tweeted out a picture of him welcoming i believe it was a syrian refugee, but it was a young girl into the country. it happened in 2015 but he tweeted it recently. it was sort of a tweak at trump. >> oh yeah. >> he does things with hash tag welcome to canada. he does things to tweak him, but he's not openly provocative. is that a good characterization? >> i think that's a perfect characterization. i all think that trump does not want the junior partner in this relationship to come to the white house and be too sassy for him. but trudeau, you can imagine how unpopular trump is in canada. domestic political consumption in canada, he needs to demonstrate that he's tough and strong. he can look like he's a pushover.
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>> he can't look like his side kick. >> right. >> we see them both coming out now. here they are coming to the podium. you see the prime minister of canada right there with trump. let's listen in. >> prime minister trudeau, on behalf of all americans, i thank you for being with us today. it is my honor to host such a great friend, neighbor and ally at the white house. very special place. this year canada celebrates the 150th year of confederation. for americans, this is one of the many milestones in our friendship, and we look forward, very much forward i must say, to many more to come. two nations share much more than a border. we share the same value. we share the love and a truly great love of freedom, an we
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share a collective defense. american and canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together, which we have. in these dangerous times, it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our vital alliance. the united states is deeply grateful for canada's contribution to the counter isis effort. thank you. now we continue to work in common and in common cause against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade and restored growth. we understand both of our countries are stronger when we join forces of matters of international commerce. having more jobs and trade right here in north america is better
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for both the united states and is also much better for canada. we should coordinate closely and we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent, and to keep everyone safe. prime minister, i pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests. this includes a stronger trading relationship between the united states and canada. it includes safe, efficient and responsible cross border travel, and migration. and it includes close partnership on domestic and international security. america is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like canada. we have before us the opportunity to build even more bridges and bridges of cooperation and bridges of
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commerce. both of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people. we just had a very productive meeting with women business leaders from the united states and canada, where we discussed how to secure everything that we know, the full power of women can do better than anybody else. we know that. i just want to say, mr. prime minister, that i'm focused and you're focused on the important role women play in our economies. we must work to address the barriers faced by women and capital, access to including markets and, very importantly, access to networks. in our discussion today, we will focus on improving the ways our
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government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both the united states and canada, and in so doing, advance the greater peace and stability of the world. mr. prime minister, i look forward to working closely with you to build upon our very h historic friendship. there are incredible possibilities for us to pursue. canada and the united states together. again, thank you for joining us. and i know our discussions will be very very productive for the future of both countries mr. prime minister. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'd first like to start by extending my sincere thanks to president trump for inviting me down to washington. any day i get to visit our southern neighbors is a good day in my book.
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particularly when it's so nice and warm compared to what it is back home. we are suffering under a significant winter storm that's hitting our atlantic provinces particularly harsh. i want to send everyone back at home my thoughts as they shovel out and impress on everyone to stay safe. >> translator: i have had a very productive day today. we had the opportunity to get to know one another better and more importantly, we had the opportunity to talk about the unique relationship between canada and the united states. >> on both sides have understood the bond between our nation is a special one. no other neighbors in the entire world are as fundamentally linked as we are. we fought in conflict zones together, negotiated environmental treaties together, including 1991's historic air quality agreement. we've entered into ground
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breaking economic partnerships that have created good jobs for both of our peoples. canadians and americans alike share a common history, as well as people to people ties that make us completely and totally integrated. our workers are connected by trade, transportation, cross border commerce. our communities rely on each other for security, stability and economic prosperity. our families have long lived together and worked together. we know that more often than not, our victories are shared. just as we celebrate together, so, too, do we suffer loss and heartbreak together. through it all, the foundational pillar on which our relationship is built is one of mutual respect. that's a good thing because, as we know, relationships between neighbors are pretty complex and we won always agree on
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everything. but because of our deep abiding respect for one another, we're able to successfully navigate those complexities and still remain the closest of allies and friends. make no mistake, at the end of the day, canada and the u.s. will always remain each other's most essential partner. today's conversations have served to reinforce how important that is for both canadians and americans. as we know, 35 u.s. states list canada as their largest export market, and our economies benefit from the over $2 billion in two-way trade that takes place every single day. millions of good, middle class jobs on both sides of the border depend on this crucial partnership. maintaining strong economic ties is vital to our mutual success. we're going to continue to work closely together over the coming
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years so that the canadian and american families can get ahead. >> translator: as we know, 35 u.s. states list canada as their largest export market and our economies benefit from the over $2 billion in two-way trade that takes place every single day. millions of good middle class jobs on both sides of the border depend on this controlled partnership. maintaining strong economic ties is vital to our mutual success, and we're going to continue to work closely together over the coming years so that canadian and american families can get ahead. >> -- that president trump and i discussed today. at the end of the day, the president and i share a common goal. we both want to make sure that hardworking folks can go to work at a good job, put food on the
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table for their families, save up to take a vacation every once in awhile. that's what we're trying to do here. today we reiterated that our nations are committed to collaborating on energy infrastructure projects that will create jobs while respecting the environment. as we know, investing in infrastructure is a great way to create the kind of economic growth that our countries so desperately need. and that same vain, we know ensuring equal opportunities for women in the workforce is essential for growing the economy and maintaining american and canadian competitiveness on the world stage. as such, the president and i have agreed to the creation of a canada/united states council for advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. this initiative is more man just about dollars and cents. this is about ensuring that women have access to the same opportunities as men. and prioritizing the support and empowerment of women who are
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senior business leaders and entreprene entrepreneurs. in doing so we'll grow the canadians and the american economies and help our businesses prosper. >> translator: president trump and myself have agreed to work together to fight against traffic of opiates across our border. besides the illegal use in our society, it is nothing less than a tragedy. we will do everything we can to ensure that safety of canadians and americans. ladies and gentlemen, president trump, i know that if our countries continue to work together, our people will greatly benefit from this cooperation. >> -- that in order to tackle our most pressing issues, both foreign and domestic, we must work with our closest allies, learn from each other, and stand in solidarity as a united voice.
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the level of economic and social integration that is unmatched on the world stage, canada and the united states will forever be a model example of how to be good neighbors. winston churchill once said that long canadian frontier from the atlantic to the pacific oceans guarded only by neighborly respect and honorable obligations is an example to every country and a pattern for the future of the world. that, my friends, is the very essence of the canada/u.s. relationship. i look forward to working with president trump over the coming years to nurture and build upon this historic partnership once again, a tremendous pleasure to be here in washington. merci beaucoup. >> translator: thank you very much. >> okay. we'll take a couple of questions.
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scot scott? >> thank you, mr. president. you just spoke about the desire to build bridges, although there are some notable differences between yourself and prime minister trudeau. i'm curious as you move forward on issues from trade to terrorism, how do you see this relationship playing out? and are there any specific areas during your conversations today you decided to alter or amend your stances already on those sensitive issues like terrorism and immigration? and prime minister trudeau, while only in its infancy, how do you see this relationship compared to that under the obama administration? >> well, we just began discussions. we are going to have a great relationship with canada. maybe as good or better, hopefully, than ever before. we are some wonderful ideas on immigration. we have some i think very strong, very tough ideas on the tremendous problem that we have with terrorism. and i think when we put them all
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together, which will be very quickly, we have a group of very talented people, we will see some very very obvious results. we're also doing some cross border things that will make it a lot easier for trade and a lot better and a lot faster for trade. we have, through technology, we have some really great ideas. they will be implemented fairly quickly. >> one of the things we spoke about was the fact that security and immigration need to work very well together. certainly canada has emphasized security as we look towards improving our immigration system and remaining true to the values that we have. we had a very strong an fruitful discussion on exactly that. there's plenty that we can draw on each other from in terms of how we move forward with a very similar goal, which is to create free, open societies to keep our citizens safe. and that's certainly something that we're very much in
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agreement on. >> charles? >> mr. president, mr. prime minister and mr. prime minister could you answer in english and french for us, please. little bit of a follow-on on my american colleague's question. president trump, you seem to suggest that syrian refugees are a trojan horse for potential terrorism. while the prime minister hugs refugees and welcomes them. are you confidence the northern border is secure? >> you can never be totally confident, but through the incredible efforts already, i see it happening. formerly general kelly, now secretary kelly, we have really done a great job. we're actually taking people that are criminals, very very hardened criminals in some cases, with a tremendous track
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record of abuse and problems and we're getting them out. that's what i said i would do. i'm just doing what i said i would do when won by a very very large electoral college vote. and i knew that was going to happen. i knew this is what people were wanting. that wasn't the only reason. that wasn't my only thing that we did so well on, but that was something that was very important. and i said we will get the criminals out, the drug lords, the gang members. we're getting them out. general kelly, who's sitting right here, is doing a fantastic job. i said at the beginning, we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones. we're getting them out. and that's exactly what we're doing. i think that in the end, everyone will be extremely happy. and i will tell you right now, a lot of people are very, very happy right now. >> canada has always understood
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that keeping canadians safe is one of the fundamental responsibilities of any government. that's certainly something that we're very much focused on. at the same time, we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards immigration refugees without compromising security. part of the reason we have been successful in doing that over the past year, welcoming close to 40,000 syrian refugees, because we have been coordinating with our allies, united states and around the world, to demonstrate that security comes very seriously to us. that's something that we continue to deal with. >> translator: it is clear that if you want to have a healthy and secure society, safe society, you have to make sure that you maintain, that you focus on security. and we have welcomed refugees
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from syria who have been very successful. we have always taken our responsibility toward security very seriously. an our allies, including the united states, understand this focus very well, and they have done so since the very beginning. >> president trump, now that you've been in office and received intelligence briefings for nearly one month, what do you see as the most important national security matters facing us? and prime minister trudeau, you've made it very clear that canada has an open door policy for syrian refugees. do you believe that president trump's moratorium on immigration has merit on national security grounds? >> okay. thank you. many, many problems. when i was campaigning, i said it's not a good situation. now that i see it, including with our intelligence briefings, we have problems that a lot of people have no idea how bad they are, how serious they are.
11:34 am
not on internationally, but when you come right here. obviously north korea is a big, big problem. and we will deal with that very strongly. we have problems all over the middle east. we have problems just about every corner of the globe, no matter where you look. had a great meeting this weekend with prime minister abe of japan. and got to know each other very, very well. extended weekend, really. we were with each other for long periods of time. and our staffs and representatives. but on the home front, we have to create borders. we have to let people who love our country in. i want to do that. we want to have a big beautiful open door. we want people to come into our country. but we cannot let the wrong people in. i will not allow that to happen during this administration.
11:35 am
and people, citizens of our country, want that. that's their attitude, too, i will tell you. we are getting such praise for our stance. it's a stance of commonsense. maybe a certain toughness, but it's more than toughness. it's a stance of commonsense. and we are going to pursue it vigorously. we don't want to have our country have the kinds of problems that you're witnessing taking place not on here but all over the world. we won't stand for it. we won't put up with it. we are just not going to let it happen. we're going to give ourselves every bit of chance so that things go well for the united states. and they will go well. thank you. >> canada and the united states have been neighbors a long time. and canadians and americans have stood together, worked together, at home and around the world.
11:36 am
we fought and died together in battlefields in world war i and ii, korea, in afghanistan. but there have been times where we have differed in our approaches. and that's always been done firmly and respectfully. the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. my role, our responsibility, is to have continued to govern in such a way that reflects canadians' approach and be a positive example in the world. >> okay. >> thank you, mr. prime minister. i will ask my question in french and then again in english.
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>> translator: mr. prime minister i heard you correctly, you said that canadian businesses, canadian workers are concerned for their businesses and for their work and jobs concerning the renegotiation of nafta. so what guarantees did you get from this government that we will keep our jobs and our businesses in the negotiation of nafta? mr. president? >> the last three months you have denounced nafta. you have talked about the mexican portion of the agreement. very little about the canadian one. my questions in two short part is, is canada a fair trader? and when you talk about traders,
11:38 am
are you talking about big changes or small changes? thank you. >> thank you for your question. it is a real concern for many canadians because we know that our economy is very dependent on the relationship with the united states. goods and services do cross the border each way every single day. this means good jobs for c canadi canadians. we are always focusing on the jobs, but there are all good jobs, millions of jobs, in the united states that depend on those relationships between our two countries. so when we sit down as we did today and as our teams will be doing in the weeks and months to come, we will be talking ab how we can continue to create good
11:39 am
jobs for our citizens on both sides of the border. during this exercise, we continue to understand that we have to allow this free fall of goods and service and have to be aware of the integration of our economies which is extremely positive for our countries. this is the focus that we will have in the coming weeks and months to come. >> aware of the fact that much of our economy depends on good working relationships with the united states, good integration with the american economy and the fact is, millions of good jobs on both sides of the border depend on the smooth and easy flow of goods and services of people back and forth across our border. both trump and i got elected on commitments to support the middle clarks to work hard for
11:40 am
people who need a real shot at success. we know by working together, by ensuring the continued effect of integration of our two economy, we are going to be creating greater opportunities for middle class canadians and americans now and well into the future. >> i agree with that 100%. we have a very outstanding trade relationship with canada. we'll be tweaking it, doing certain things that will benefit both our countries. it is a much less severe situation than what's taken place on the southern border. on the southern border, for many, many year, the transaction was not fair to the united states. an extremely unfair transaction. we're going to work with mexico, make it a fair deal for both parties. i think we will get along very well with mexico. they understand and we understand. you probably have noticed ford is making billions of new
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investments in this country. you saw intel announce what i'm doing in terms of lowering taxes. they're coming in with billions of dollars of investment, thousands of jobs. general motors is expanding plans. going to build new plants. fiat chrysler was at a meeting where they are doing their same. we have so many people that want to come into the united states. it's very exciting. i think it will be a very exciting time for the united states. and for the workers of the united states. they have been truly the forgotten man and forgotten women. they are not going to be forgotten any more, believe me. our relationship with canada is outstanding. we're going to work together to make it even better. as far as the southern border's concerned we're gonna get that worked out. we're gonna make it fair. we are going to make it so that
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everybody is happy. thank you very much. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. >> okay. there you go. we were listening to president trump an also canadian prime minister justin trudeau with a join news conference after a meeting they had in which they say they are great friends and have a long relationship. they got a couple questions that could have provoked some dicey answers but seem to have navigated it very well. >> let's bring in the fox politics editor jerry wilson from the fox business network. you made a really interesting comment to me. you said these two are out there. it's not equal relationship. you say that you have a canadian husband. >> that's right. i love my canadian friends, my canadian husband. we're the power house. that relationship is very
11:43 am
unequal. these are not two countries who share equal burdens. in the nafta relationship, guess who is the junior partner in that? it's not mexico. it's canada. canada has the smaller gdp. when you look at trade, the problem with trade, mexico we have a trade deficit of $63 billion. with canada, it's just 11. 75% of what canada sells into the open market comes into our country. 20% of absolutely everything canadians make comes into the u.s. they need us more than we need them. >> chris, did you get closer to the television when that one reporter asked the question about, we are having our own situation with refugees, but you seem to be welcoming in. what do you think of our policy here? sort of tried to drum up a fight between the two of them. what did you think of the exchange? >> it was very telling that the prime minister, given the
11:44 am
opportunity to prove president trump did not. part of that goes to what terry pointed out. neither of them would benefit if this turned into an ugly spat. we know if you criticize trump in public, if you say something denegrating about trump's attempted ban there would have been push back right there. >> do you agree with that? >> absolutely. it's in nobody's interest for these countries to not get along. we share a very long border. >> doesn't it make sense to have good relations with mexico? seems like we haven't been worried much about that one. what's the difference? >> we've seen a lot of jobs go to mexico. that is trump's primary goal, bring jobs to america. when you look at mexico, that's where a lot of our jobs have gone. >> chris, overall, what was your take away? what did you learn from that that you didn't know before? >> i knew the canadian people
11:45 am
were very polite. >> really drove it home for you. >> definitely reinforced. i think both of them ducked. i think that trump was very lucky not to get questions on actual news of the day and the actual matters. those reporters who got their questions for trump maybe should have thought about asking about general flynn or about other things instead of just saying, tell me more about nafta. >> they didn't ask about general flynn. on the other hand, he was asked questions and he veered off into some territory that could have been dicey. he voluntarily commented on the issue with mexico, saying that that's a different situation. he kind of went down that road for awhile. he talked about border security. he talked about, you know, now that he has his own team in place, that he feels like secretary kelly, he is totally confidence that he has our border situation under control. when he was basing it on that one. he did go further than you would be, right?
11:46 am
>> yeah. he threw in north carolina -- not north carolina. north carolina's fine. north korea came in. so trump was a little expansive. but both seemed to be trying very hard to stay to the script. >> thanks to both of you for siting through that and talking to us. all right. let's go to the democratic strategist and senior director of research for we all have mercedes slat a republican strategist and former spokes person for president george w. bush. jessica, what was your take on what we just saw? >> i'm going to echo what chris was just saying. we knew canadians were very polite. justin trudeau certainly proved that. he was very smart to answer the question about the immigrant ban by saying that canadians don't expect him to come down here and to lecture about the way they do things up there. we know how canadians feel about taking in refugees. they are going to con their policies. and donald trump is the
11:47 am
president of the united states and he is going to make his decision. clearly we don't want to be in any spats especially with countries that are important to us. going back to things we've discussed on this program. i think the fighting with mexico is not smart for us anyway. but i thought it was perfectly played by him. i was also disappointed to hear nothing ab general michael flynn or the voter fraud comments this weekend from steven miller on all of the sunday programs, or also the fact that steven miller doesn't seem to understand how the judiciary works either. i would have liked more on that. >> alas, no one asked any of those questions. prime minister trudeau has a very fine line to walk. on one hand he seems like he doesn't want to offend. on the other hand, his constituency bristles at the idea of being america's little brother. he can come here and look like he's cow towing to donald trump. they have differing views on things. it's almost like it would be
11:48 am
difficult for him to make anyone happy. did he achieve it? >> i think obviously trudeau looked like president trump's little brother. >> i know. that's not good. >> what i liked was the fact that when you have face to face conversation, the ability to talk about trade, immigration. being able to understand that it is a vital relationship between the united states and canada. it's very effective. it shows that when these words happen on twitter and social media between these leaders, kit be somewhat harmful at times. we saw this with the case of when president trump moved forward on the immigration, on the temporary halt order on the immigration issue and what did prime minister trudeau do? he sent out a tweet saying for those fleeing persecution, come to canada. >> yeah. >> i believe these meetings that president trump is having with these foreign leaders is incredibly important.
11:49 am
i have met president trump. one thing about him, he's very charming. he wants to build these relationships. i think that it's been very effective. i think you're going to see what will come out of this is more of this ability to have these conversations. >> to a person, people especially will go to meet president trump who do not like him, walk in and they walk away saying, wow, he was really charming. he has that ability in a one on one -- it's reported. i'm told. he has that ability to really make you change your mind about him. do you see any evidence around that he achieved that this time? >> i'm not sure about that. that's purely based on the policies that he's advocating that justin trudeau or many leaders of the free world or western world are going to get behind the trump agenda. i have heard a charming thing about him. i have many friends who say just give him a chance. go meet him. maybe you'll like him.
11:50 am
i'm staying away for sure. >> you don't want to accidentally be turned. >> you know me. >> we're gonna leave it there. thanks to both of you. a dozen tsa employees indicted for smuggling 20 tons of cocaine into the country. what we know ab their elaborate drug running scheme and how they were caught. all finished.
11:51 am
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>> new information on the drug smuggling arrest of tsa employees. reports of insider threats within america's airports. katherine harris is live in washington, d.c. with more. katherine, it's important to note these were government employees, right? not passengers. >> that's right. the employees are aqued of smuggling 20 tons of cocaine on
11:54 am
to u.s. bound flight. according to the indictment the suspects are charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. they allegedly smuggled suit cases through tsa security systems at puerto rico's international airport. as many as five drug mules were used on each flight, each checking up to two bags at a time. the suspects worked at the tsa and their full time responsibilities including screening checked and carry on baggage. one of the suspects is also accused of being the main source of cocaine from the drug trafficking organization. fox told was told it could have been much worse with explosives rather than drugs. >> right. of course. >> this dove tails with the report that they've been working on. this was a bribe conspiracy with insiders in puerto rico and
11:55 am
austin texas. this home land security subcommittee investigated the airport insider threat and found employees willing to smuggle gun, drugs even explosives onto aircrafts. that report reads in part these airports are unable to demonstrate the security effectiveness of their existing employees screening ef forts which con seus of randomized screening of tsa officers or airport law enforcement personnel. in this case they found government employees willing to smuggle anything on to these planes for a certain price. in this case it was drugs. could have been an effective bomb or some other type of explosive or firearm. >> that is so frightening. great reporting. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> right now we are waiting for new information on that california dam crisis. what police are now saying about water levels. after 200,000 people in the area evacuated their homes. rodney and his new business.
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>> so this is a live look at capitol hill right now where we are waiting for a meeting between house speaker paul ryan and canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the prime minister in route after wrapping up his joint press conference with president trump a few minutes ago at the white house. his meeting set to begin at the top of the hour. a lot of people noting the press conference we just saw. the president not fielding questions about mike flynn. a lot swirling in that vein. we didn't hear questions on that. plenty on immigration, targeting some friction between the two countries seeing where there might be distance. everybody remained friends at this press conference. a vintage car that fell victim to a sinkhole is now back.
12:00 pm
a 1962 corvette is one of eight cars that took a hard fall when the sinkhole opened up in the museum. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. president trump just held a news conference with justin trudeau. president trump getting questions about the greatest security threats we face, which is interesting considers he's had trouble with his national security advisor. a source tells fox news that general michael flynn had to apologize to the president of the united states over his contact with the russians. as for talk that flynn could find himself out of a job? the word from that source inside the white house says not so fast. north korea testing the west with another brand new missile launch with new capabiliti


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