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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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he said this. >> bear in mind that brains and learning, like muscles and physical skills, or articles of commerce. they are bought and sold. you can hire them by the hour. the only thing in the world not for sale is character. well said. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> to be breaking down peoples doors and separating parents from their children. >> bill: another stunning piece of dishonesty from the american media. i.c.e. raids targeting criminal aliens misreported. "talking points" will deal with it tonight. >> it is terrifying, it sets you up for all sorts of attacks. >> bill: the radical left continues to bring a wouldn't criticizing the trump administration. brit hume has some thoughts on that. >> if we don't do anything about global warming, what you predict will happen? >> i'm not sure anything will happen.
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i think we will enjoy the snow. [laughter] >> bill: ahead, watters on some harsh winter weather and global warming. >> what do you think about my hat? >> it looks warm. it is it made of wool? [laughs] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a stunning display of dishonesty from the national press and radical left politicians. that is the subject of this evening's "talking points." last week, about 680 undocumented aliens were arrested by i.c.e. officials countrywide. many of them have already been deported. the coordinated raids targeted aliens who had committed crimes in the usa, mostly felonies. 75% of those taken into custody had convictions, including
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homicide and rate. gunman arrested in chicago, an iraqi citizen with a conviction of sexual abuse of a victim unable to consent. many of the arrested nonfelons were associated with the criminals. but those facts have largely gone unreported by the american press. and by the radical left, which is actively misleading you. >> what took place yesterday with raids and personal homes is part of the cause of the trump deportation machine. >> how inhumane this is to be breaking down peoples doors, separating parents from their children. >> this is donald trump executing his campaign plan. he is trying to be a tough guy, so, he will go after the maids, the moms, the people that are working in the shops come instead of going after the hard-core criminals. >> bill: maids, moms, shopkeepers, according to that dishonest politician. now, the false news reporting,
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actually reach the level of hysteria. newspaper headlines screaming things like "the trump deportation regime has begun," "immigrant community on high alert," "fearing trump deportation force." in chicago, news of immigration raids intensifies fears. we could find no headlines in major newspapers, none, that banner to the fact that raids were targeted at illegal aliens who had committed serious crimes. committed them. that is not press bias. that is blatant dishonesty. here's another example. in the year 2013, the obama administration removed from this country more than 434,000 illegal aliens, the highest number in history, which was back to 1892. did you see any anti-obama demonstrations? did you see any screaming headlines in the national media?
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no, you did not. even after president obama said this. >> what we should be doing is setting up a smart, legal immigration system, that doesn't separate families come but but does focus on making sure that people who are dangerous, people who are gang bangers, are criminals, we are deporting them as quickly as possible. >> bill: that is exactly what president trump is doing exactly. but the illegal immigration issue has been set up by the media to demonize mr. trump, as a racist and a brutalize her of the poor. that is what is really going on here, a set up. it is flat out. if the federal government cannot remove aliens who commit serious crimes in this country, then, we don't have an effective federal government. yet, the far left and the press, knowing full well that the
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i.c.e. raids last week were directed at dangerous people, chose not to report that. instead, smearing president trump. we have now reached a low point in american journalism. as for the far left, they are people who do not want any immigration enforcement. they want open borders, they want alien criminals protected, they want anarchy. why? because they don't like america as it stands now. so, it is very important for all honest citizens to know you are not getting accurate information and that there is a radical element in this country that wants to destroy it. if this continues, there will be a breaking point. and that is the memo. now, for the top story reaction, joining us from illinois, nationally syndicated columnist ruben navarrette. so, ruben, i'm very, very concerned about this blatant
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dishonesty, the reportage of the week. are you as concerned as i am? >> good to be with you again. i am concerned. my vantage point is of one who wrote about the 3 million deportations carried about by the barack obama administration. i going to get a lot of the liberals to join me on the front lines. i could not get them worked up and excited. now, it has been surreal to watch the last 30 days or so, they woke up one morning and realize that people were being deported out of the united states for the last eight years, i thousand people of daye united states. what is new is a liberal outrage. >> bill: but these are criminals in the trump administration, most of them were targeted criminals, to be fair, the obama administration, as well. they sent back border trespassers. but the i.c.e. raids were not directed at what that politician said, the chambermaids, they weren't directed at tearing
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families apart. they were directed at convicted criminals in this country illegally. >> there i disagree with you, bill. but don't be too generous to barack obama. he said as a talking point that he was only getting rid of gang bangers. you heard it there and criminals. but when they did audits of people he removed, they found that many cases, only about ten to 1718% of those folks are criminal records. what you do, the reason this gets confusing, if you have a housekeeper who you trust in your home, with your family, and they get deported, and they come back, the minute they come back, they have committed a felony. >> bill: it should be a felony. >> we call them a criminal. what barack obama did, i don't want you are donald trump to fall into this trap, for eight years, he played in the idea that when he said gang banger or criminal -- >> bill: do you believe that the trump administration last week was targeting violent felons? to believe that? >> i don't believe that we know that the trump administration pulled the trigger on these raids at all. i know we have a statement out
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from secretary of homeland security john kelly, who said -- >> bill: 75%, ruben. >> he said it was a targeted plan that was already in motion and planned before trump took office. >> bill: trumpeted didn't wanted, trump could have stopped it, but he didn't. he is targeting criminal aliens. yet, the liberal media won't tell you that, speed nine! they are not going to tell you that! >> i agree with you. they also didn't tell us that when barack obama was doing it. i think it's a rose have to be careful not to play obama's gain, which is to deport the maids and housekeepers, just say the maids and housekeepers, don't doctor them up with gang bangers. >> bill: let the policy be written but the dishonesty of the arbitrage on the raids last week under the trump administration was off the charts. i don't think i have seen anything like it. >> i agree. it was surreal. there is of the same people who at one point told me not to write about deporting people,
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the fact that brock over my head end. >> bill: they wanted to cover it up for the obama administration but they are using it as a club against trump, same people. >> they discover their humanity of outrage in the last 30 days. in the old days of obama, they supported him, voted him, wanted him to succeed. >> bill: i disagree with you a little bit. the obama administration did target, though, the worst among them. people who -- >> that's what they want you to believe, bill. >> bill: people who were deported and come back again, i believe, deserve to be targeted. ruben, always a pleasure to talk to you. next, on the rundown, we will talk with a former i.c.e. agent about the raids and what we can expect in the future. then, a personal attack on donald trump and his supporters ramp up. charles krauthammer has some thoughts on that moments away. who switch from geico to esurance could save hundreds. so if you switch to esurance,
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>> bill: our lead story, i.c.e. rating, targeting criminal illegal aliens. joining us now from irvine, california, claude arnold. retired i.c.e. special agent was in charge of investigations in los angeles. when you set a local news in the southland, as they call where ye raids, what did you think? >> my first reaction is it was mass hysteria. right? people, it being reported, what wasn't happening. in fact, this operation was a fairly routine operation. the same type of operation they did conduct under president obama throughout his administration. but it was being characterized as something that it wasn't and what that did was it caused hysteria in those communities. people thinking that i.c.e. is out -- >> bill: they turn on the local news channel seven, channel 4, the news out there in l.a., always on, the air hearing that poor, innocent
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migrants are being dragged off by i.c.e. agents, when the status, and los angeles come out of the 165 arrested, 151 had felony arrests. 151 out of 165. and the others that were taken into custody, i understand, how deportation warrants out on them. they were already ordered deported. okay? so, did you hear any of that on any of the network news, local news, and southern california? any of that like at all? >> no, no. i had been doing some media today. so, hopefully, they were they will be reporting what i told them. >> bill: why didn't they report the truth? >> you have to ask them why. >> bill: you don't have any idea, living in that area as long as you have have and dealing with the illegal aliens? you know why they didn't -- >> it is politically motivated. trying to characterize the trump administration as being heavy-handed. >> bill: but it's more than that. they are trying to get migrant
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viewers to watch their channels out there. so, they are not going to say, these are the bad guys, these are the felons, the gang members, they are going to say,y shouldn't be doing this to you, it's about money, as well as politics, is it not? >> it may very well become a yeah. >> bill: ratings. all right, and your experience, does the trump administration doing anything differently than the obama administration? >> i think there is one very small difference. the executive order that president trump issued on immigration has returned to the line level officers and agents the discretion to make arrests for people who are in the country in violation of immigration law. regardless of their criminal histories. so, in doing these targeted operations, which clearly were targeting felons, dangerous criminals, if they encounter someone who was in the country
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in violation of law, instead of looking like the other way, as they are required to under the policies of the obama administration, they have the discretion to arrest to someone and initiate -- >> bill: you use the word discretion. what the i.c.e. people tell us is, if the illegal alien is not deemed to be a danger to the country, all right, they let them go. >> they do. they are not detained. they may put them into the process, initiated removal proceedings, but still have to -- but they are not going to detain them. you are right. they don't have the bed space to detain people like that. they got to prioritize who they detain it with a nod. >> bill: we appreciate it very much. thank you, directly ahead, charles krauthammer on the personal attacks president trump is being subjected to. later, watters talking to the folks about climate change. those reports after these messages. ♪ tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite.
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>> bill: "personal story" segment. it seems hard to believe that president trump has been in office for only 25 days. the outcome of the countries in an appropriate part of that includes personal attacks leveled at president trump. >> we have a president who is delusional in many respects, a pathological liar. >> how did we get a pathological liar in the white house? where are his lies coming from? why do so many people believe him? what can we possibly do about it? >> i just want to thank president agent orange for perpetuating all of the evil that he is perpetuating throughout the united states. i want to thank president agent orange for his successful attempt -- >> bill: joining is now from washington, charles krauthammer. ronald reagan, george w. bush, they got hammered by the personal stuff but nothing like this.
5:21 pm
so, what do you think the effect is, it's not going to get any better, and it's going to get worse, on the general population? younger people? a civil discourse gone forever in this country? >> look, it is clearly going to have an effect, the younger people will grow up in an atmosphere where this kind of stuff is the norm. i wouldn't disagree on one point, about this being completely new. george w. bush received as much abuse as any president i have ever seen. in fact, i'm the one who coined the phrase "the bush derangement syndrome" because of the fact that so many people on the left were attacking him in ways that were deranged. they were over the top and it was a personal animus. he was called a nazi and all that. so, we forget. the difference is this, that set in after the iraq war. it was a reaction to something
5:22 pm
that bush had done. today, it is trump, who has only been in office for 30 days, i mean, for three weeks, and he has got this reaction, it is a visceral, personal reaction. i do think it can only have a negative effect. the problem is, he feeds back into it with his own infective. then, you get a new generation, raised in an atmosphere, where there are no adults in the room. >> bill: throughout our history, we have had presidents that did fight back, like mr. truong, andrew jackson being the most notable. but they were presidents like grover cleveland, and people like that, who did that kind of thing. but now, the mass media and social media transports every tweet, every insult by not only the president by by those attacking the president, right into everybody's computer and machine. so, i think, this is going to
5:23 pm
poison -- poison -- reasonable discourse going forward. there is no coming back from it. a pretty black. but i think that is is what's happening. >> i'm not sure that is what is happening. the reagan years are pretty bad. the problem is, he was so amiable. clifford was the democratic wise man who coined the inimitable phrase that reagan was in amiable duns. you couldn't hate reagan. you could think he was wild, you can think he was a fascist, whatever. but it was hard to hate him. after a lot of invective against him, you had to the bush senior years, they were fairly quiet. the clinton years were pretty rough. the guy was impeached, after all. it went a long way. so, i think we have had some pretty rushed for -- >> bill: but the media didn't serve up the attacks on clinton. they came from primarily
5:24 pm
political sources. >> the media were as hard on them as any democrat. the media, of course -- >> bill: it wasn't a personal thing. you remember the mantra, that is promoted by the media, as well, the big city media, that it is only about. that is all. yo big deal, you got to ignore it. this is coming about -- this came from the liberal media. they pushed it. now, every single day, trump is this, trump is that. high school kids in particular, i think i'm a college kids, they don't pay attention, but high school kids, they hear this stuff, and you saw it last week in new york city, i don't know what you saw, watters' report, with these kids went out of class to protest. we caught up with them and they didn't know what they were protesting against. they were yelling ridiculous logos they had no idea what were they were saying. >> but that means less than anyone else. high school students have no idea what is going on.
5:25 pm
it is like the occupy wall street people. you interview them, they had no idea why they were there, it was fashionable. the first blast of a cold winter wind and they were gone and scattered. i am not sure that matters. also, young people, they do grow up. it takes a little bit of time. >> bill: but some of them. >> the 18-year-olds become 35-year-olds with two kids and a mortgage. and they stop acting like snowflake idiots. so, i'm not so sure that as a permanent phenomenon. i do think i might want to let you off the hook here, trump contributes to this by giving back in his own way. you know, crooked -- it might have -- >> bill: it got him into the white house. >> but that makes it worse! you got a positive incentive to go ahead and do this. he will be imitated by others after he comes and goes. that is what i think is going to hurt. >> bill: i am not justifying any and hot among them, to the man come attacks in anybody.
5:26 pm
we don't do that here. it is all fact based here. but i don't know, in this vicious climate, all right, i think trump has got to fight back. whether he does it in another way man, maybe they should have a big meeting. last word. >> they got to take away the twitter machine. that is the trump into speaking. and he is strong enough, he got enough subordinates, who can carry the fight. he needs to be above the fray. a little bit more. i don't think he'll ever do it. that is not his nature. >> bill: if success starts to roll in, he might. if failure rolls in, he won't. charles krauthammer, everybody. plenty ahead as a nazi he moves ahead this evening. the radical left continuing to bring up the nazi in relation to the trump administration. brit hume has some thoughts on that. then, watters talking global warming with the folks. >> how many degrees has the earth's temperature resin and
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5:31 pm
joining us from los angeles, leslie marshall and katie pavlich. i don't know -- i didn't even know they were trump home products. >> now you know. >> i am an ikea guy. i'm a simple man. i don't need my house to look like a palace of louis the 14th. but this is also sudden. all of a sudden, ivanka stuff is going out the window, and trump's lamps are going into the basement. what is this? >> first of all, i had to fact-check you and say that ikea furniture is not simple to put together. everybody's goal in life is to buy furniture that is put together rather than the kind you get her mic but i do also like ikea. in terms of what is going on with the ivanka trump brand, it is very clear that her brand is suffering from the campaign, which is essentially a liberal mob that doesn't just go after brands they don't like, but goes after their distributors or the retailer stores that dare to sell that brand. >> bill: what is the mob?
5:32 pm
what is the name? >> grab your wallet campaign. we have seen this before. it is not good enough for liberals to disagree, they have to destroy the livelihoods of those they disagree with. >> bill: grab your wallet is a web site? a social media thing? >> it is a web site that details all of the companies like nordstrom's, sears, that cell ivanka trump or donald trump products. >> bill: for the sole purpose of telling their readers not to buy the stuff, to her the retailer that sells them? >> there is also an adverse effect, another consequence, if the stores decide to continue selling these products, there is picketing outside of the store, threats, customers will be intimidated into not buying these products. one thing to vote with your wallet, another to deny -- >> bill: we had to figure out who is in charge of the steps and we can put their pictures on television. do you agree with that assessment, leslie? do you agree that this is a grossly undemocratic intimidation? >> i don't think it is intimidation.
5:33 pm
i think it is extremely democratic. although it is politically motivated, obviously, they were are those that are saying, we lost to the ballot box, so, we are going to use our wallets and our purses -- >> bill: let me get this straight. you you don't think threats of picketing and disruption in a private business is intimidation? >> i don't think that saying, i don't want to buy products -- >> bill: this is not what this is about. according to katie -- leslie, listen to me. that's not what this is about. according to the web site, they are going to disrupt the business if they continue caring products they don't like. you say that it's not intimidation? >> i don't think that a hashtag on twitter and a web site that lists all of the companies that carry products with the trump name is intimidating. i think what it is doing is educating people as to where they are spending their money. >> bill: you know, education -- wait, katie.
5:34 pm
education is supposed to present both sides of the story. not a hyper- partisan point of view. that is not education. it is propaganda. is it not? >> listen, bill, in a classroom, i would agree with you. >> bill: you use the word educated -- >> educating somebody or giving information on twitter with a hashtag or a web site, that is not always going to be fair and balanced, you know that. >> bill: go ahead, katie. >> one thing for an individual to decide i am not going to stand by her and bonnie on ivanka trump or donald trump products. that is one thing. another aspect for the grab your wallet campaign to go after the stores that dare to sell these brands. this is not isolated to ivanka trump or nordstrom or the stores. we have seen us across the board. if you don't want to sell a wedding cake to a certain couple, then, you will be destroyed financially. if you'd have a political
5:35 pm
disagreement, the firefox ceo, if you dare gin up or something you believe in, your entire life will be destroyed. a leftist tactic, taking a different form. >> bill: last question, real fast. you believe that nordstrom's and sears and the other stores have caved in? you believe they have caved in because of this far left web site? that's if you believe, katie? >> i don't know if it is caving in, i think they are seeing a result of this boycott -- i guess, they would be caving in. they are responding to preventing that type of disruption. >> bill: there are just as many people who like president trump, who could buy from these stores if they were motivated. ladies come a to debate, thank you. when we come back, brit hume on the radical left using nazi analogies to criticize president trump and his supporters. and it watters talking climate change in chile new york city. coming right back.
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5:40 pm
person, who despises president trump. after her criticism of the president, at the golden globe awards a few weeks ago, mistry per herself received criticism. she didn't like it. >> it is terrifying, a target on your forehead, they set you up for all sorts of attacks. the only way you can do it is because you have to, you have to. [applause] >> bill: now, ms. streep makes mention of brownshirts, the arm of the party, earlier and hits hitler's rise, led by a man named er's room. it essentially thugs, they beat people up and disgrace their country. hitler eventually had the leadership murdered. what ms. streep seems to be implying is that the criticism of her after the golden globes
5:41 pm
came from nazi like people or something. joining us from florida, brit hume. do you have any idea what meryl streep was trying to say there, brit? >> i think she was signaling to the audience in the room, which no doubt has no use for donald trump than she does, that she is one of them. and that she wants them to believe, i guess, that she is courageous for taking on donald trump and that she has been subjected to this nazi like behavior, i guess come on twitter, or wherever else, from people who admire mr. trump. so, i think that it is what it is about. and it is not uncommon these days to hear these veiled or not so veiled references to fascism and's and many conjunction to donald trump. i think it is spectacularly ill-informed and nearly hysterical. there is a lot of it out there. >> bill: reported a call miss
5:42 pm
streep to come on the program and talk about the history that she refers to. what bothered me about it most of all is that she seems to be saying that if you criticize her comments about the president, that you are a nazi. the brownshirts, as you know, anyone who knows history, were vicious animals. they were too gross for hitler, if you can believe it. he killed them, the leadership. they every tenet of civility. so, when you are going to make a comparison to killers, that is with the brownshirts were, to people who criticize you for your political comments in america, that is inappropriate, i would think. that is inappropriate. >> i suspect would happen here, bill, i was pretty critical of donald trump at times during the campaign in the early going, and particular, and his supporters came down on me on twitter pretty hard.
5:43 pm
they said some pretty ugly things. but that is one thing. i suspect, those are words. i didn't enjoy it. i didn't take it all that seriously. it never occurred to me to draw an analogy between these pro trump people who were pretty ugly at times and anything remotely comparable. it is just way beyond. >> bill: there is a difference between gross speech, which happens on both sides of the political spectrum, every day, and the violence that ms. streep is referring to. what are bots? do you know what bots are? >> bots are short for robots. you can set up, for example, on twitter, you can set up basically a bot account, the effect of which will allow you remotely or without you being present to repeatedly post a tweet over and over again so people will see it. it is an automated form of
5:44 pm
tweeting. you can use that. having said all this, bill come i want to add one thing. first of all, meryl streep is a spectacularly great actress, no question about that. some of what she is saying is not too far off from some of the things that are being said, even by some of mr. trump's conservative critics. you hear autocrat, you hear something close to the word fascist being used. so, if you think the way she does, and are inclined to think the way she does, you don't have to look far these days to find people -- >> bill: it's a difference between us those comments, they are leveled at the president. she categorized people who criticize her, and i'm sure she did get some gross stuff, as you did, as nazis. and that is wrong. all right, brit hume, everybody. here he is. watters on deck. the global warming edition. "the factor" is coming right back as we continue all throughout the usa and all over
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, "watters world," as we get a blizzard here in new york city. what a better time to send watters out to talk to the folks about climate change? ♪ >> where you from? >> i am from russia? >> what's up, comrade? >> good, perfect. >> i say, no. but do you know what this is, global warming. [laughter] >> how big of an issue for you is global warming? >> very big. it's a national security issue because we are going to have what are called climate refugees, when the sea levels rise, so much of the world's
5:49 pm
population is living at sea level, they are going to have nowhere to go. it's because that is a very interesting line of reasoning. >> we better extremely about those people. >> it's true. with donald as president. >> how big of an issue is global warming? >> not a big issue. i don't really care. >> i don't think it is big at all. just look out behind us, it is freezing, it is no way, it is cold. >> i can feel my arms! >> it is a big issue. >> how many degrees has the earth's temperature risen in the last couple of years? >> i'm not a meteorologist. [laughter] >> i can see that. >> what do you think we should do about global warming? >> whatever we can do, we should do. >> did i not tell you just to do it, do it. >> i don't think you can do anything. >> what you think happen if we do nothing about global warming? >> sea levels will rise, we will be underwater. >> so, we could go swimming together? >> that sounds nice. [laughter] ♪
5:50 pm
>> oh, boy. [laughs] >> you guys, grab your suits come i will meet you down at the pool. ♪ >> who do you guys think is responsible for global warming? >> the companies, especially like cattle farming in brazil. they take on a lot of trees just to make grass fields for the cows. those trees are filters for the world. >> don't you like a nice day, though? >> i will have a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich. >> who do you think is responsible for global warming? >> humans and cow parts. [laughs] >> people that drive trucks. >> you are blaming truck drivers? >> come here. i want to give you a big sloppy kiss. >> all the carbon monoxide, whoever is in charge of that, probably them. >> or it's just the natural course of the world is taking and we can't do anything about it. >> what do you think you could do to fight climate change? >> we all have to use our vote and get rid of this guy, donald trump. >> oh! >> do you do anything to fight
5:51 pm
against global warming? >> i don't use a lot of water in my home. i always turn off the sinks and showers when they are running where they are not supposed to be. i do recycle. >> carpal. >> followed this global warming, i would hate to see global cooling. >> jesse, honestly, educate your viewers, really. >> you are better than that. ♪ >> what do you think about my hat? >> i like it. very tropical. >> i got a cockatoo here. >> i like cockatoos. [laughs] >> i think it is ridiculous. >> it's [bleep] amazing. >> i like your hat. can i touch her pom-pom? >> it is fox for >> it is fox? >> i am from fox. >> there is a movie called -- they had to fight a little and we have left. >> do you think we will all live in waterworld? >> basically. >> i think you are already living in it. >> i am watters and this is my world. >> oh, i like that >> oh, my god! ♪ >> bill: watters, i know i
5:52 pm
will get a lot of mail on where people can get a hat like that. i'm sure almost everyone does. >> you can buy it at >> bill: what is chubbys? >> a web site that sells really short shorts and crazy hats. [laughs] >> bill: how would you know about chubby's? >> because i have seen it on the internet. you know what the internet is, right? >> bill: no, i don't know what bots are. were you looking for really short shorts? >> they threw in a free hat with that. >> bill: is that it was you were looking for? to short shorts? is that a requisite for your new program on the weekends? [laughter] >> we do things differently on the weekends. >> bill: i would say. you went to a web site, and you got the ugliest child you could find? >> i thought we were going to talk about global warming. >> bill: this is far more important. far more important than global warming. that is man-made right there. god had nothing to do with that. >> the girl from russia goes, what is that, squirrel for?
5:53 pm
[laughs] >> bill: she was embarrassed, you know that, right? she comes to america to try to see what democracy is and you were standing there with that hat. that is going to drive her right back to moscow. she is on a plane right now. all right, watters, very good, i guess. "the factor" "tip of the day," another good deed. "the tip," moments away. (vo) when it comes to valentine's gifts, helzberg diamonds knows bigger isn't always better. our beautiful diamond heart pendant is just $299.99. that's $200 off! helzberg diamonds. here's to love. tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there.
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5:56 pm
example to explain why the trump administration selected the seven countries for the travel scrutiny. not to explain the court ruling. there was no linkage in the countries on the list, there were was no -- they have functioning governments and passport contro control. the court of public opinion does require that, john. the charity fired its top two executives in the scandal. we reported accurately.
5:57 pm
we now give the charity a good report, saying the so-called scandal really did not amount to much. not the spin, just the facts. well, good, john. that is fair. i appreciate that, simon. the entire interview, unedited posted on for the super bowl interview the day of the game, we had to edit it down. now you can see the whole thing with the president, start to finish the way it went. many young americans are
5:58 pm
dopesville. after a while, a significant number of them wise up, as they get older. someday you will lead your generation to sanity. well, i am sorry about your dad. lots of great men lost their lives in the pacific -- that is why i wrote killing the rising sun. happy birthday, 103 years old in tennessee. finally, factor "tip of the day day." i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart -- it has opened up a whole new world the
5:59 pm
day after my leg was amputated, it is quiet in the woods, the lord is truly blessed me with this gift. john is one of the thousands of severely wounded vets whose lives have been changed by donations from bringing relief to the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much. "tip of the day," tip of the hat to all of you who support please check out the factor web site, different from name and town if you wish to apply, do not pay be ungraciou. bowe bergdahl, on tomorrow. we will have our law & order
6:00 pm
team analyzed this. please always or member that the spin stops here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." does it ever seem like the media gets weekly memos? fear, hundreds of illegal immigrants were in i.c.e. rates across several states. you might think no big deal but the press apparently got the memo saying otherwise. fear spreads across u.s. blared one cnn headline. fear grips immigrant communities. deportation rates spark fear in communities. what is this new fo