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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 15, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> how'd that work out for you? >> did you have a good valentines day last night? >> i had a new date, her name is rumor. >> jon: we are waiting for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu expected this hour. he will hold a joint news conference with president trump. that is set for noon eastern time. >> jenna: what a day for a news conference, right? hi everybody, i'm jenna lee. at the president will no doubt face some tough questions. "the new york times" reporting american intelligence officials intercepted calls between chum campaign staffers and russian officials write about the same time that the recovered evidence
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of a russian meddling the election. the report, although headline grabbing, is not specific. "the new york times" admits it does not know the content of the call. these allegations come right after the departure of national security advisor michael flynn who misled it vice president pence about his conversations with the ambassador. the problem is whoever leaked the intelligence to the media and will try to pull all of this together. john roberts is live at the white house with more force now. >> a lot of fast-moving details this morning. one of the people who has been identified by the fbi and is under investigation is paul manna ford, who was a campaign manager until the end of july. i just got off the phone with
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him who told me unequivocally the following "i never had any connection to pollutant or russian government either directly or indirectly before, during, or after the campaign." he told me last year and he reiterated he did have contact with some people with whom he used to work in ukraine. the caveat in all of this is that sometimes when you're talking to people in this country, you don't know if they could potentially be connected to an intelligence agency somewhere other than the states. he's definitively saying he never had contact with vladimir putin or the russian government itself.
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his attorney was accused with meeting. the president tweeting this morning "this russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in hillary clinton's losing campaign." the president also disputing charges that he is being soft on russian president vladimir putin also tweeting out this morning "crimea was taken by russia during the obama administration. was obama too soft on russia?" the white house has also rushed an all-out campaign to find the leak that is the source of all the headaches that they are experiencing now for about 26 days saying "information is being illegally given to the failing ny times & washington post by the intelligence community nsa and fbi? just like russia." also tweeting out "the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by
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'intelligence' like candy. very un-american!" the president is very concerned that national security is being compromised by phone calls that he is having with world leaders. senator lindsey graham of south carolina. he's also concerned that campaign officials may have had contact with other officials. >> part of the investigation that i'm talking about. it is not fair for the president to be treated this way. at the bottom line here is that we should have a joint select committee if there is any credit that trump interacted with russia. >> as we hope to hear more about this during the press conference with benjamin netanyahu. that last part that senator graham was talking about. they have intercepted paul manna
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for. he told me moments ago "i never had any connection to putin or the russian government directly or indirectly before, during, or after the campaign." the definitive denial thereby paul manafort. >> jenna: good to get those facts. we'll be talking more about this a little later on in the program. thank you very much. >> jon: so how is all of this affecting it president trump's approval rating? michael warren, senior writer at the "weekly standard." >> i do think that this
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investigation into russia's effort to meddle in our election started a while ago. it seems to be broadening and it seems to be something that will continue to be a question. even if mike flynn is likely to continue being an investigation as well. it's a continuing conversation about policy going forward. at the are making it clear that they want some attention from u us. i think it's going to be in the conversation and it's going to make congressional republicans very nervous. >> jon: michael, i know how you feel about it because you had a piece in the "weekly standard" saying this is not going away. >> there's so many different issues in this and it's not just about mike flynn. at the reason is this not a
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personal scandal, it involves so many different aspects. the senate republicans, who really do differ with donald trump and mike flynn on policy toward russia are having to get into this now and are going to be getting into it. the fact that the fbi is investigating suggests that there is more to this story. we don't know entirely what that is, but as all the reporting is done about investigations into trump's campaign, there's a lot more that we don't know. it now that mike flynn is gone, that doesn't mean that we are going to not be looking into it more. >> jon: as john roberts was just telling us, the white house is suggesting the real story here is that leaks are coming
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from intelligence agencies. that's what may have driven the resignation of the president's national security advisor. do they have a point or is that argument moot? >> no, they absolutely do have a point. it's really an outrage and i think senator lindsey graham is right that it needs to be a part of any investigation. anyone in the intelligence community releasing these transcripts to the media is a violation of the code of conduct and the law. it needs to be pursued vigorously. what's in this stuff is true has led to the resignation of a national security advisor and there are other questions about why it took donald trump so long knowing so much about flynn to fire him?
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why did he keep his vice president in the dark for more than 11 days? that has nothing to do with the leaks and those are really, really important questions. >> jon: it right now, there's a new fox pull out regarding president trump's job approval rating. at this poll was taken february 11th-13. over the weekend and on into monday. it shows right now he's got an approval rating of 48% and a disapproval rating of 47%. >> it's probably too early to read too much into poll numbers. as the first three weeks of the presidency and he hasn't really had to do much in terms of dealing with congress and addressing any big crises. at what i would be looking for more is what happens with this particular issue with mike flynn
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going forward internally with this administration? there are discussions internally within the white house over mike flynn. people are saying it's all about the leaks and that's the bigger problem than what he did or didn't tell the vice president, so that, i think, will have a lot of weight over the next couple of weeks over relationship with the congress. that may weaken or strain obama repealed. >> jon: also, former head of the rnc, michael, as your
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article suggests, he may have a target on his back now. thank you both very much. >> jenna: a fox news alert, president trump and first lady preparing to greet israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife at the white house. they have a very busy day planned including a joint news conference live which you will see on fox news. all this just hours after a white house official saying there may not be peace between the two countries. >> jenna, good morning. mitch mcconnell said a few minutes ago now is the time to strengthen this important partnership with israel. prime minister is already tweeting about this visit saying excellent meeting with rex tillerson.
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the israeli prime minister arrived to the u.s. last night to start a new chapter in this alliance. it was at times a tense relationship during the obama years over issues like iran. the white house press secretary offered this preview. >> as the president has made clear, the administration will work to create a comprehensive agreement. the way forward, toward that goal will also be discussed between the president and the prime minister. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu it will visit capitol hill this evening. a leading scholar addressed the critical importance of this visit. >> with regard to settlements, we see this with regard to the embassy that it seems as though president trump was the last person to talk to him, and that
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can be the basis for a very chaotic administration. that's why benjamin netanyahu is going to want to figure out where things actually live. >> later mcconnell notes that they face many threats. he suggest making this relationship stronger makes all of us safer. >> jon: as the controversy mounts surrounding michael flynn, one leading columnist says flynn may have been a victim of former obama officials or angry intelligence agents. it was this all means for the future of the trump administration next.
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who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> jenna: as we continue to cover the controversy surrounding the actions and re of michael flynn, a column is getting a nationwide attention. "the political assassination of michael flynn." in it, that's all these
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allegations are at this point. unanswered questions. it's possible that flynn has more ties to russia that he kept from the public and his colleagues. it's also possible that a group of national security bureaucrats and obama officials are leaking highly sensitive law enforcement information to undermine that elected government." you mapped out two possibilities of what this story is all about. which possibility do you think is the most likely one? >> i think it's possible it could be both. i should say i covered mike flynn for several years now and i don't know him is like i'm a person who would tell an outright lie like that. at the same time, i'm waiting for the information. it would be great if these transcripts that are being described by various anonymous
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officials would be released to the public and we could judge for ourselves. what i've heard is that mike flynn forgot an element of a conversation he had with the russian ambassador in which the russian ambassador raised a thank you and said it we are coming into power within the next couple of weeks, we'll look at the policy, cool your jets. obviously, i'm summarizing, not directly quoting or anything like that. that, to me, is very different then the conversation he had with the vice president and his colleagues at the white house. if that's a version of events, i think we'll find out that flynn was smeared here. >> jenna: as you pointed out, we'll see. quite frankly, no one has the content of the call. somebody does. i'd like you to tell our viewers, as someone who has worked in the intelligence stage as far as reporting and has two
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go through conservative information, this leak about michael flynn specifically speaking to a russian official, how big of a deal is that that that leak is out there? how would you characterize that? >> almost never do you read about communication between american citizens, let alone public officials and there is a good for that. if you can leak intercepted conversations and communications of your political rivals, then that's -- we trust the nsa and fbi to have a awesome power to monitor communications to stop crime and terrorism and so forth. but you can abuse that power if you selectively leak this stuff out about officials. in my view, that's a very serious concern.
8:20 am
americans have been there before in the era of j. edgar hoover who had files on american politicians, but we look at that and say america got off the rails. i would hate to see a kind of normalized story of this thing because it's unfair to the people who are being leaked about. in the end, it undermines what is very necessary and an important investigation. >> jenna: based on your reporting, you quoted a few different officials including devon nunez. you and your article this way. "put it another way, flynn is only the appetizer. trump is the entree." what do you mean by that? >> what i mean is that in terms of trump, very fierce political
8:21 am
opposition, having the success of knocking out flynn in less than a month is not going to sate their appetite. you're going to see that they're going to try to knock out others. that is the kind of basic rules of politics. it was interesting to me, president trump has given no quarter at all to many objections people have had on any number of things that he has done in his first three weeks in office. on this, he caved like a deck of cards there. >> jenna: what do you make of that? >> i think that whoever gave him that advice was not very good advice. >> jenna: that means that there is certainly more coming. if you like, we hope to have you
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back. by the way -- i actually can't ask this. i need to go to a break. eli, i hope we have you back on the program. the president tweeted about you and we know how that goes. thank you
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>> jenna: some new information as well. while the ship's main function is to intercept communications and collect data, it's also armed with air missiles and we should mention is getting closer to land. if 70 miles yesterday, now 30 miles today. this after reports that russia is preparing an arms missile.
8:26 am
you both have impressive titles, the fact is both of you have significant interactions with russia before and it severely different ways. peter, bottom line this for us, what is rush up to? >> jenna, russia is ambitious. it's opportunistic and it's revisionist. at this is what we are dealing with. russia is also cozying up to the taliban and afghanistan. at this is huge issue for us. russia is expanding and spreading its wings, and these are just some of the other things you mentioned are part of
8:27 am
that. russia wants to be at the top of the international pyramid of states. >> jenna: also, interesting visitors to moscow. the irani commander arrived in russia yesterday. he decided he needed to pick yesterday of all days to have a meeting in moscow. he is banned from traveling, but he went anyway. would you agree with peter that this is part of a much bigger piece? >> absolutely. i do agree with peter. it's also important to take a step back and find out exactly why there is a spy ship off the coast and russians are deploying a potential missile here. after lots of rumors and conspiracy theories of its reaction to flynn. it's not. it is a reaction to two things. you have a fairly big nato operation with a 3,000 u.s.
8:28 am
troops in europe and you have the u.s. navy presence in the black sea, which we should be doing. we have to keep fresh on russia. these are preplanned events. it they're making a point to say you want to put troops on our border? we can do the same thing here. the missile is not meant for the united states. at the dangerous thing about it -- i have real concerns that it is a really bad path for them to go down. >> jenna: we should also mention that we have russian fire jets. as he points out, there's a little bit back-and-forth here of a similar incident that happened. it has happened before. senator mccain says president trump is being tested by the russians. if this admin's ration is being tested, how do we win the test? >> you're right.
8:29 am
they're looking for acquiescence. i think the president is being very moderate about this right now, moderating his responses to this because he wants to see how his relationship is going to unfold with russia. and fact, he said he had a very interesting tweet today about russia taking crimea, which is different. i think the president has been mainstreaming his foreign policy in his talks with president chi. he's backing our asian allies. i think that president is moderating his views towards russia. he is expressing some concerns about it and i think it's important for the united states to show strength. it today, general mattis, our secretary of defense is in europe meeting with nato members. we are going to see how this unfolds, but i think there is obviously concerns about russia.
8:30 am
>> jenna: the pentagon chief was telling our allies to moderate their commitments. both of you -- peter, you flew reconnaissance mission. i'm curious about your thoughts here about "the new york times" report suggesting that campaign officials were donald trump were somehow in contact with russian officials, and if there is a part to this about whether or not they knew that they were actually interacting with russian intelligence officers. in fact, "the new york times" writes this "it is not unusual for american businessmen to come in contact with foreign business officials, sometimes unwittingly." is it possible that some campaign officials had interactions with russians and it didn't actually know that
8:31 am
they were russian intelligent officials? >> absolutely. i think there is a very delicate dance when it comes to recruitment and running. which is not to say that anyone in the campaign were enacted. literally an intelligent officer makes contact. its oddly enough like selling a product. one person is deemed worthy or may move to the next level. at making contact does not mean that you will become an asset. if you're traveling to russia, if you're someone of note, it's very likely that the russians are going to take a look at you and perhaps make contact. a majority of who this happens with, the report it back. just because you have contact with intelligence officers,
8:32 am
doesn't necessarily mean that you will not become. >> jenna: great to have you both. >> jon: intrigue in north korea. a woman under arrest for the murder of a north korean dictator's half-brother definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> jenna: breaking now overseas. a woman is under arrest for the murder of kim jong-nam's
8:36 am
brother, kim , >> this has female agents, the estranged brother of the north korean dictator. it kim jong-nam was the exiled brother of dictator kim jong-un. he died suddenly at the airport. he told officials he was attacked with chemical spray. the female spies traveling on vietnamese documents fleet in a taxi. if there were also reports of police and needles. kim jong-nam was known as a somewhat of a playboy and a gambler.
8:37 am
he was caught trying to enter japan on a fake passport in 2001. he said he was visiting disneyland. since then, he's been there to the protection of the chinese government. kim jong-un who also killed his own uncle was a said to be paranoid about his elder half-brother who criticized the dictator. south korean intelligence is saying that to be 27 on a watch list. evidence says this was the work of the brutal regime. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: another blow to president obama's effort to offer health care to more americans. humana says it will stop selling obamacare plans next year. paul ryan insists the plan is
8:38 am
falling apart. at the time to come up with a replacement is now. >> we have to do obamacare first and our first budget. the reason is that insurance companies need to know what it will look like in 2018. if we wait until the summer, you have so many pullouts. we feel that the laws collapsin collapsing, that is why obamacare first. in the second budget, which you need a budget to do tax reform, the spring budget is when we do tax reform. we pass our budget, he gives of the ability to go right to the budget and that takes us to the summer. spring and summer's tax reform, winter and fall are obamacare. let's talk about all of this with simon rosenberg, president
8:39 am
and founder of nbn. thanks both of you for being here. simon, you just heard the speaker of the house say obamacare is collapsing. do you dispute that? >> listen, there are two things we know about obamacare. a huge achievement. there are tons of millions of americans with peace of mind. there are problems and the key now is for the two parties to work together to make sure that the system doesn't collapse altogether. by talking it down as much as republicans are and scaring insurers and consumers, they are going to bring about the collapsible obamacare faster than would be advised to the millions of people that rely on it for their health insurance. >> jon: is it scaring insurers or are they taking a look at their bottom line and a saying that they can afford to do this?
8:40 am
>> simon, have you looked at the premium lately? >> give me data. i want numbers. >> it is disaster by prescription. don't filibuster, okay? here's the point. it's coming apart. options are dwindling, the only people who love their version of obamacare is the group of people who hasn't had to use it yet. they haven't gone in to see how it works. if they're getting used to subsidies. there are people, as you know, who would like to stand up as a single-payer. it doesn't need any help being broken. it now that the options are gone, you can't have a competition across state lines and so forth to keep it good for
8:41 am
the american consumer. >> jon: simon, humana is not the first health care insurer who has pulled out of a market place united health care pulled out. >> i'm not saying there aren't problems, what i'm saying now is what do we do about it? when barack obama became president, the economy was going down the tubes. he didn't sit there and let it crash. health care system wasn't working well, we fixed it. now the problem with the republican party is they own this now. this isn't obama's plan. can i finish please? you complained about me. be quiet please. the point is, this is not obama's plan. this is the trump administration plan. republicans are going to act like patriots who work together with both parties to fix it or are they going to let this thing
8:42 am
crash and let tens of millions of people suffer as a result? we should fix it. >> yes, we should. only democrats voted for it last time on christmas eve and 2009. that was bipartisan, wasn't it? >> jon: at the replacement plan, among other things that it does immediately as repeal the individual and employer mandates. if you do that, simon, can you still call it obamacare? >> no. [laughs] one of the reasons republicans has come up with replacement was the heritage foundation. there are things they can do. for example, the white house announced last week that the enrollment period in the fall and winter will be half as long as the enrollment period last year.
8:43 am
that's going to guarantee that fewer people do it, it will accelerate a death spiral. i don't know why that's in anyone's interest. >> jon: it seems like it wouldn't take people that long if they know the deadline is. >> fewer options next time around. there will be much left. >> jon: all right. we are going to wait and see more about what is in this proposal. at that will be coming later today. >> jenna: american farmers are among the most productive and efficient in the world, so why are so many of them being forced out of business? will talk to a reporter from "the wall street journal" about this coming up next let's take a look at some numbers:
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>> jon: american farmers are losing more of the global grain trade every year as farming becomes more competitive internationally and it's forcing many of them out of business. at this headline caught our attention.
8:47 am
"the next american farm bust is upon us." "across the heartland," some are shutting down, raising concerns of the next few years could bring the biggest wave of farm closures since the 1980s. we are joined by a reporter from "the wall street journal." it is the rest of the world getting that much better in its farming techniques? what's causing the problem? >> thanks for having me. it's all of the above. this is a difficult period for many american farmers. at the u.s. deferment of agriculture earlier this month projected farmers would see their incomes decline this year for the fourth straight year. as you mentioned, there is an oversupply of grain in the worl world. we saw incredible demand over
8:48 am
the past decade and farmers across the world responded. they brought a nearly 180 million more acres into production and u.s. farmers have evermore increasing competition to deal with as a result. we can't rely on foreign importers to soak up every left colonel that we used to because more countries are producing more food for export. >> jon: i have relatives who farm in nebraska, it wasn't that long ago or so it seems. i guess we're talking ten years ago or so, corn price was at a record high and things are looking good on the family farm. what happened? >> that is one of the upsides. as recently as 2013. when we talk about this for your decline, the fda is projecting that we'll see a 50% drop in farming since 2013. imagine your income being slashed in half.
8:49 am
it however, because things were so good for farmers for years leading up to that period, we have corn prices above eight dollars a bushel. farmers generated significant savings, so they have been working through that. one of the reasons farmers didn't take off as much debt as they did it prior to 1980s. there are a number of mitigating factors that cushion the blow of these lower prices, but we are seeing increasing financial stress. another part of it is the cost of production hasn't come down as quickly as prices have. cost for inputs like seeds and pesticides and fertilizer, they haven't dropped as sharply as prices have, which is squeezing profits for growers. >> jon: and the sad part about your story is the suggestion that the family farm in many places is going away. >> the number is declining and
8:50 am
if this a long-term trend that we've seen over the past decade. at the number that really stands out is that if this trend continues, we could see under 2 million farms in the u.s. for the first time since the mid-1800s, essentially a sense pioneers pushed west after the louisiana purchase. we are seeing numbers decline, however, these firms aren't going away. we are going to see bigger, fewer farms. we'll have fewer producers that are raising crops for our food supply. spoon the same thing happening in farming that's happening in other sectors of the country. thank you. >> jenna: as you can see, we are alive at the white house. we are awaiting a joint news conference with president trump and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. will have that alive for you next on fox news
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>> jon: "outnumbered" coming up at the top of the hour. what do you have? >> harris: we are excited to see everybody. we are awaiting a joint press conference at the top of the hour. we'll hear about the middle east peace process and may be a difference that's coming. it we expect the president to also be questions on the controversy surrounding senator flynn's. >> sandra: senator rand paul says republicans should not be investigating their own. is he right? >> harris: all of that plus our #1luckyguy. of >> jenna: this breaking in the world of entertainment. harrison ford landed his
8:55 am
airplane on the wrong runway nearly missing a boeing 737 jet. >> harrison ford as a flying enthusiast and a veteran pilot. on monday, the 74-year-old was landing in orange county. he was cleared to land his husky on runway 20l. he landed on the taxiway and passed over an american 737. ford asked control if the airliner was meant to be underneath him. thankfully, nobody was hurt. up but it's affords a second major incident in the past two years. in 2015, he crash landed a world war ii single era plane on a golf course after he had engine failure after take off. it ford spoke about his injuries after that crash with ellen.
8:56 am
>> a dislocated right ankle, a shattered pelvis, a broken back, and a serious bump on the head with major lacerations. >> are you conscious? >> no. >> you wouldn't expect any other answer from indiana jones. he also crashed a helicopter in 1999. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: we are awaiting the joint news conference between president trump and prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel. the prime minister expected to arrive any moment. the two men will be stepping up to the microphones there for their first joint appearance as israel and the u.s. attorney
8:57 am
page in the relationship that dates back four for decades. we'll have it for you live yeah, so mom's got this cold. hashtag "stuffy nose."
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. it "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: let's begin with the official start today of a key relationship with israel. you see the president and the first lady standing out front there because they were expecting the arrival of the israeli leader. he's expected to get to the white house at any moment for their first face-to-face meeting since the president took office. a lot of things to get to today. at such an important picture as we look outside t


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