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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> ed: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am ed henry. i will be your host tonight and for thewi rest of the week. in just aes moment, the democrac national committee who claims president trump's ties to russia are alreadydy on day 26, a scanl bigger than watergate. overreach much? the dnc calls the trump war room will get a chance to make its case. for decades, american presidents in both parties have been pushing a two state solution to resolve the israeli-palestinian conflict. but today in a matter of just a few seconds, president trump suggested a whole new approach that has gotten the mainstream media doing yet another hissy fit. is it a good idea to have some fresh ideas?
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i will go one-on-one with the democratic congressman whose life here tonight. but first, a quick check on all the late-breaking news out of the trust administration today. here is fox news correspondent trace gallagher. good evening. >> president trump says the real scandal is the classified information is illegally being given out like candy. un-american u.s. intelligence it's community, government leaks during his joint press conference with israeli prime ministerks benjamin netanyahu. mostly anonymous government sources involving information gleaned by u.s. intel agencies. those leaks resulted in the departure of national security advisor michael flynn. watch. >> i think it is very, very unfair what has happened to general flynn, the way he was treated and the documents andnd papers that were illegally -- i stress that -- illegally leaked. very, very unfair. >> trump also went after "the new york times" for saying
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that trump associates had connections to russian intel agents. during his news conference with the israeli prime minister, thee president said he has not committed to t palestinian state. the two state solution has long been a pillar of the middle eas peace process, but mr. trump says he can live with a one state or two state solution and the president appeared to startle netanyahu when he dropped a bit of a bombshell, to stop construction of settlements. andrew puzder has withdrawn his nomination, because of his stance on labor issues and the fact that he employed an undocumented housekeeper. it was republicans who sealed his fate, telling the white house that andrew puzder did not have a viable pact. >> ed: president trump has been in office for less than four weeks, they claim the
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white house is already in crisis mode. tonight, a democratic congressman is actually talking about removing donald trump from office. then there is the dnc. senior advisor is charging the trump russia connection as bigger than watergate. you seem to be a calm, reasonable guy. but why the hysterical charge on date 26? this is bigger than watergate. >> i do not think it is hysterical. let's talk about this. we know that a foreign government has interjected itself in the government -- the facts. >> ed: we knew weeks ago that they interjected themselves. >> senior officials were in communication with the kremlin.t not just the kremlin, the intelligence services. there were actually to help donald trump get elected. >> ed: we have heard that for a long time. we have. i want to play the fullha contet of what you said earlier on facebook live.
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watchha this. >> i am director of the trump war room here at the dnc, over the last 48 hours, the press has confirmed what many of us already suspected. donald trump and his aides have continued to lie about their contact with russia. now the american people are witnessing one of the biggest political scandals in american history. this is bigger than watergate. >> ed: he said president trump has repeatedly lied about contact with russia. when did the president lie? >> on january 11th. on january 6, donald trump -- >> ed: what'd he say? >> he was asked whether his aides had contact with the kremlin and that was five days after he received an intelligence briefing where that said the exact opposite. the cia and fbi informed him that in fact his campaign and
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senior aides did have contact with intelligence agencies. not only donald trump lied, mike pence lied as well. on january 15th, he was asked the question, whether a campaign aide had communication with the kremlin. and he said no.ue again, this is after january 6th when he was a part of briefing where he said the exact opposite. >> ed: the story in "the new york times" today said, "the officials interviewed in recent weeks said that so far, they had seen no evidence, no evidence of such cooperation." you may have the trump administration on contact but there was no collusion. maybe donald trump -- and i'm not saying he did, he suggested there was no contact and you arl saying there was contact. i'm still not seeing this as, bigger than watergate.
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>> let's be clear about how the scandal hasm unfolded. we first learned about it, it was just the russians interfered in the election. not that they had helped trump. then it was it that he helped trump but there was no communication between the kremlin and the top aides. what we need to do is find out more information which is why we need independent transparent investigations that can start to get to the bottom of this. >> ed: there are democratsnd talking about i'm still not hearing watergate. i want to quick points. there are parallels to watergate, just as you have, seems like talking points are going around. cnn said trump aides were in constant cut with russian officials but officials emphasize communication between campaign staff and representatives of foreign government are not unusual. this is not unusual.
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that's what cnn said. and then let's look at the list of what happened in watergate. i will give you as much time as you need. a total of 69 people were charged with crimes, crimes, 48 people pleaded guilty. some of those convicted were major players. the attorney general, white house counsel. p dozens of people, a whole list on the screen there. you have cnn saying it is not unusual for there to be communications between the campaign and foreign governmentn number two, "the new york timesn themselves, screamer of a story, there is no evidencece of collusion. how is this watergate? >> what you're missing here? what is unusual is the frequency of the contact as well as the level of the senior authority of the aides, and communication with the russian intelligence. there have already been three resignations.
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from the donald trump operation operations. general flynn, paul manafort -- who had -- >> ed: he said he spoke to one russian official. he did not resign over that. you just said he did resign over that. he did not resign over that. he got pushed out of the campaign. >> he absolutely did resign over it. i'm going to this point. paul manafort resigned amidst the fbi closing in on his communication and potential coordination with the russians. >> ed: maybe something will happen, we have not heard anything official. >> and then there is carter page, a former policy advisor who resigned during the campaign after meeting with russian officials who were under sanctions including the russian official who was supposedly in charge of the intelligence gatherings on the u.s. election. >> ed: you are throwing out all kinds of things. you're saying it is bigger than
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watergate and there should be an investigation. there are already several congressional committees -- i they're looking this, including republicans like it like lindsey graham was not exactly a friend of president trump. i want to make another important point. it today they formed a panel to look at how to remove a president from office. it said in part, he became concerned about the amendments shortcomings after growing worry over president trump's behavior. he pointed to trump claim that there are a sunny weather during his inauguration when in fact it rained. what is going on in the democratic party right now? if the president said it was sunny, are you ready to remove him from office? it silly the exercise by democratic congressman. >> i do not know anything about that committee. a select committee, a bipartisan select committee which is formed specifically to investigate --
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>> ed: so let's say that tomorrow, the trump administration somehow magically says we are for an independent, bipartisan investigation of all of this. the democratic national committee has artie come out and said it is bigger than watergat watergate. see you prejudge that, haven't you? s >> the investigation has so much to uncover. >> ed: you called it bigger than watergate before it has uncovered anything. it has not even fully started. >> they are investigating whether the kremlin has funneled money to the trump campaign. that's one thing. >> ed: let's point out, republican senator, said he is tired of the drivell of president trump's russia story. "all of it is concerning, all of it is very concerning." i'm acknowledging to you there are republicans saying this could be a problem.
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could be. you are out there, i will give you -- before anything happens, you are shooting first and asking questions later. you have prejudged the man 26 days into his administration. >> we know that his actions are pro-russian and -- the regime on he defended putin's regime on tv. he sees the sanctions on the intelligence community, on russian spies. he has attacked nato and the european union. >> ed: general mattis said nato is a very important alliance. >> he also made moves today to potentially remove support for nato. that is playing into vladimir putin's playbook,od that's doing his bidding.
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that is not standing up. >> ed: there is one thing that i will acknowledge that he is not cooperating with, and that is espn. president obama used to turn over his brackets for the ncaa final four, and today the white house said donald trump will not do that. please to be asking, when did donald trump know about march madness? for goat that is a scandalous thing to say. >> ed: up next, we will dive deeper into the part about the campaign in russia, a fox reporter will separate fact from fiction, also president trump met with israeli prime minister netanyahu today. he is the meeting to signal a shift in another policy. we will tell you what it means for the middle east peace project. the stakes just gotas higher you found the love of your dreams... and together, you had the kid of your dreams. now you can put them in the car of your dreams... for a lot less than you might think.
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>> ed: tonight, fox's confirming new information, it's alleged contact between the trump campaign and a russian intelligence operatives. we go straight to catherine herridge. good to see you. >> the fbi and investigation on form a national security advisor mike flynn included contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials, these communications we weress told we picked up during routine monitoring of foreign intelligence targets, no indication tonight that laws were broken. republicans urged the trump white house to solve -- to keep attorney general jeff sessions out of the russia case. >> there is real concern that administration transition and campaign officials may try to cover up ties to russia by deleting emails, texts, and other records like a china light
9:17 pm
on those connections. >> the bottom line here is that we should have a joint select committee if there is any credibility to the accusations h for trump interacted with the russians and appropriately. >> there simply -- i've never had any connection to putin or the russian government, either directly or indirectly before, during or after the campaign. in the meantime, flynn just days into his tenure as nationalft security advisor, after the january 23rd white house, that conflicted with the transcript we are told the russian ambassador not to overreact to the sanctions and he made no promises to russia about changing policy. tonight, the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley and dianne feinstein sending this letter to the attorney general and fbi director, any evidence
9:18 pm
that will resolve potential leaks of classified information. >> ed: thank you, catherine. or, there were no real fireworks in today's joint news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin tatiana. neither of the reporters pressed the president about his contact with russia. he did briefly ask about michael flynn in the context of this broader question. >> thank you, mr. president. prime minister. both of you have criticized the iran nuclear deal and at times even called for its repeal. i wonder if you are concerned at all, not just about general michael flynn but about some of those events that have been going on with communication and russia, if that will hamper the deal at all, whether it would keep iran from becoming a nuclear state. >> ed: mr. brody's question and others, any difficult questions from the press but is
9:19 pm
that a fair criticism? david brody joins us live. these news conferences, the president is calling on conservative news outlets in their eyes, and is basically not being asked the big controversy of the day. you raised flynn but you did not press him at all on this notion about what we were just been talking about. it's all over the front pages, that he has been too close to russia, the fbi is looking at it, and forced out flynn. why did you not press it? >> it's important to understand that this is cbn, the christian broadcast network. one of the biggest audiences. last time i checked, it was watched by quite a few evangelicals. it's a tier-a issue, israel is. if you have the prime minister of israel and the president of the united states, a tier-a
9:20 pm
issue, that's a slam dunk your they got into russia somewhere, somehow. i figured the way to do that, you intertwined it into the iran nuclear deal, you take that but here's the key, if you mention russia and you mention michael flynn, you can be sure t donald trump will have a reaction to that. because he wants to have a say in it. >> ed: what i will say in your defense, you open the door. you did not docket, you open the door on flynn, the president could have gone deeper, he defended flynn, he did not go further. but there will always be critics, no matter how you ask it. here's jim acosta at cnn. >> when the last three news conferences, all of the questions the american news media have been handled by conservative press. i think there is no other to describe it but the fix is >> ed: the fix is in. he is suggesting you had a deal with the trump white house, to fix this so the president didn't
9:21 pm
get pressed. >> is there anything above 100%? wrong. that is insanely ridiculous. i like jim, he is a good friend and someone i know well. to even entertain that, the whole idea of the fix is in, that is a question for the white house, and what i mean by that is if they are having this new day in d.c. and they want to call in cbn and some others, that's a question that can bring up to the white house. we are doing our job, to intertwined that -- >> ed: i've known you for a long time as well, i respect your work. here's jim acosta, i respect i m as well. i've worked with him for a long time. he is saying that the fix is in. he said flatly that basically you are on a corrupt deal. >> you might want to go to there is the plug, by the way. you can go down the list, if the fix is in, that would mean the
9:22 pm
fixes and for all the conservative news. that is not the case at all. >> ed: just one of many times that president obama got what you might consider a softball. watch this one. >> during the first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving in thised office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most? >> now, let me write this down. >> ed: that was at "the new york times," he is now a colleague of jim acosta at cnn. you are being accused that the fix was in.e he was asking the president about what enchanted him in the first 100 days.s. >> there are no softball questions here at all. it's very, very simple, news was made with those questions todaym on michael flynn, on the settlements question, i asked a part of that question later on. the truth of the matter is, this is all coming up in the federal
9:23 pm
lawsuit. as it relates to the questions i asked than sitting president viewed weekly about christian reviews being aug priority. look -- >> ed: a big issue that other people do not ask about. >> i've asked very good questions about that, d transgender rights, even why evangelicals want a president like him. he wants a fair shot. barack obama wanted a fair shot. that's what folks expect out of journalist.nt >> ed: that is indeed what people expect out of journalists. thank you for doing your w job. i appreciate you coming in. upna next, the president's back and forth with the press was only one of many highlights of a series of meetings he had with the israeli prime minister, the president also brought a whole new gamee plan to israeli-palestinian peace talks. i will ask a democratic congressman whether that position is a tenable one, next. friend of yours? that's frequent heartburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't.
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ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. what's in your wallet? >> ed: president trump hosted benjamin netanyahu at the white house, the prime minister appeared happy to be dealing with the president who did not spend u.s. taxpayer money to undermine or make him wait while he hadad dinner upstairs, like what happened in the last administration. that may be why netanyahu called the president the best friend israel could hope for, it was president trump who stole the spotlight for 15 years, the u.s. has endorsed a two state approach as a way to resolve the palestinian feud. trump suggested that position could be getting mothballed. here is exactly what he said. >> two states, one state, i like
9:28 pm
the one that both parties like. i am very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. i thought for a while the twoot state looked like it could be the easier of the two but honestly, if bibi and the palestinians are happy, i'm happy with the one they like the best. >> they are two prerequisites for peace that i laid out to several years ago. they have not changed. first, the palestinians must recognize the jewish state. they have to stop calling for israel's destruction. they have to stop educating the people for israel's destruction. second, and any peace agreement, israel must retain the overriding security control over the west of the jordan river. if we do not, we know what would happen. otherwise, we will get another radical islamic terrorist state
9:29 pm
in the palestinian areas, exploding the middle east. >> ed: we have certainly heard that from mr. netanyahu but the president's ideas are certainly new and may be novel. are they smart? a big proponent of the two state solution, democrat from vermont. good to see you. what's wrong with what the president has to say today? >> two things. 's it's good to see that they are getting along. israel is a strong ally of the united states. president obama and that the congress, republicans and democrats, supported a $38 billion aid pact. we are friends of israel. a two state solution to a one state solution, what does that really mean? the whole point of the two state solution is acknowledging an israeli and palestinian state living side-by-side.
9:30 pm
what you have with israel is our commitment to the jewish democratic state, and if it's going to live in peace with secure borders, and has palestinians that have their own aspirations for theirr own stat. a two state solution's promise is that there will be security for israel. if you have a one state solution, what will happen is it throws into question the jewish and democratic tradition of that great state of israel. >> ed: the premise you just said about security for israel does not exist right now. there are many palestinians juss trying to kill them. terrorism is rampant there. >> you are right. those of us who support a two state solution acknowledge that the palestinians have to acknowledge the right of israel to exist. until they do, that is an obvious obstacle to any kind of peace. the one state solution, you havc right now about 6 million
9:31 pm
israelis living in israel. about 1.4 million arabs. we have about 2.7 million arabs living in the west bank. this way one state solution means you will consolidate those two populations under the control of israel with about a 3-2-2 population again. when do the demographics shift so you have an arab majority in israel and then if you have democratic votes, does the arab majority then supplant the israeli government? obviously, that is not what the jewish democratic state -- >> ed: you certainly raise issues whether it can work. let's look at with the last two presidents, a republican and democrat have said. >> my vision is two states. living side-by-side. in peace. and security. >> as president, i will work to help israel achieve the goal of two states. a jewish state of israel and a palestinian state, living side-by-side in peace and security. >> ed: i guess my question is, you have a democrat and a republican, saying about the
9:32 pm
same thing. for 16 years, it barely moved an inch. it may have even gone backwards. >> you are right about that. >> ed: why not try something new? when you said president trump just threw it out there casually, maybe we should do something different? >> it's a fair question but you can look down the road and see what that means. what to say one state solution mean? obviously israel is going to demand to have control over its current borders. if it now incorporates the weste bank into it and 2.7 million arab citizens, or the demographics are working so that arabs are going to outnumber the israelis very soon, it will create an existential question for israel about their identity as a democratic state and a jewish state. that something looked on the line. president trump prides himself as being a negotiator. let's give him credit for being a good negotiator. but a good negotiator has clarity of his or her goal. even if he or she has
9:33 pm
flexibility of means to achieve it. if president trump was trying to get a piece of real estate, he knew what he wanted. he wanted trump tower, and he might find all kinds of ways to get to that goal. the question here is he has raised doubts as to what theal goal is. if it's a one state solution, it's essentially an israeli domination of an arab population. >> ed: when you talk about the president's skills, on the issue of settlements, he looks then prime minister directly in the eye and he says you have to give me something on that. we really need you to slow the s settlements down. did that, as a negotiator come up with a smart move that allows prime minister netanyahu to go back to israel? and say i've got donald trump giving me all kinds of stuff on iran and other things, we have to stop the settlements and slow them down. it's at a smart move? >> possibly.y. the goal is what has to be clear. when you're going into
9:34 pm
negotiations, it actually is good for everybody to have clarity about what the objective is, keeping that mysteriousct especially in international relationships, a lot of anxiety. a lot of uncertainty. i think the president does have to denounce where he is trying to get us to. and to be transparent about that, both with the israelis and the american people. that's the real challenge. >> ed: he's only on day 26. >> there is an opportunity here. a lot of the sunni arab states are really open to working with israel. it is that shiite states in iran that just love to have a continuation of conflict, including west bank. the settlements are such a political, if you're having a highway, and you have to relocate people, they don't have to move. but when you have people moving in and they are staying there because they believe the bible tells them they have to be there, the government will have an awful time moving.
9:35 pm
>> ed: we appreciate this, congressman. tune into sean hannity tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. a full interview with benjamin up next, everybody knows democrats probably claim the mantle of feminism, but we will talk to tammy bruce who says that feminist concept -- are bashing president trump's family members. also, a new bromance is blossoming on capitol hill. cumbersome, you may want to know this. senator john mccain and ashton kutcher? it was so gushy was more like a romance than a bromance. senator, what in the world is going on? we will show you senator mccain after the break break. double a's here, batteries you can trust against the ear hair you can't.
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>> this is a fox news alert. it just income a republic congressman just sent a letter to the department of justice, calling for an immediate investigation into whether
9:40 pm
classified information was mishandled and leaked during the recent downfall of national security advisor michael flynn. we willsk see if an investigatin is actually open it and keep yon updated. the american left meanwhile believes in and, feminism, female? or so we are told anyway. they seem to be having a hard time with ivanka trump, who despite being a woman, also hasy the intolerable status of being trump's daughter. as a result, a stream of critics have ridiculed her, offering boycotts of stores carrying her products and more. tammy bruce is a radio host in new york, the radio host in new york. she says the left's conduct toward ivanka, melania, and other female expose them as a gang of vapid and petty bullies. oh, my gosh, . what is behind all this? >> as a feminist myself, this is a commitment of mine. what feminism is supposed to be with about lifting up all women, improving the quality of our
9:41 pm
lives. getting more rights for women, making sure we can make choices that best suit us. now it has turned into a political conundrum. they had to as a dividing line, that the left is using to say to women if you do not conform, you're going to become the other and we are either going to ruin you, hurt your business, shun you and this is what is so ironic about this. ivanka and melania seem to be political moderates. they are business women. ivanka the line has been fabulous. she is a mom, everything that the feminist movement that we could accomplish.fa yet, she is now the enemy because she doesn't pay allegiance necessary to theul liberal line. >> ed: i want to add to your point the left is also suggested that president trump is unstable, he is out of control. they believe thank god we have ivanka. they are going to keep him more in the middle. then what do they do? they attack her.av
9:42 pm
>> this is the other problem. if all of the trump children, but for particularly ivanka and the first lady. they are role models, and are pretty much an example that puts the lie to the claims that they make the president. you have women who respect him, they do well on their own, they are excited about the nature ofo what is occurring and they are role modeling to the nation, that is somehow a threat to theo left and so-called feminist movement is saying. feminist now apparently stand for nothing, if they stood for women in general, they would be elevating all of these women. even to the point of with his "new york times" reporter said, about the first lady. i do not even want to repeat it. the oldest accusation to accuse a woman who does not conform of that so that they are then shunned or even worse is done to them. it also evolved into calling women witches. we know what happened when women were accused of that. an old playbook now being used by so-called feminist.
9:43 pm
>> ed: here's the other thing, ivanka trump as somebody was basically -- could be -- the spoiled daughter of a rich guy. but instead, she made it on her own. of course she got a fresher and better start than a lot of other women around the country and world because of her last name. however, she has not rested on that. she has not relied on that. she appears to me, i have only met her maybe two orat three times, she is well-spoken but a strong confident woman. m on her own. why is that not celebrated? >> one of my main points, her style and grace reflects back on her father. because it is political. because she is the threat to g what all of the left has been saying. i'm sure it's a shock to her and her husband jared, because they have been very big and some liberal and democrat circles. this is an education for her as well. being rich and having those opportunities could in fact encourage you to not move forward in that regard but she
9:44 pm
should be a role model for everyone, she really is. as is the first lady, as is tiffany trump as well. remarkable women with amazing stories on their own. the pressure of that environment while also using their successzi to help others and now in the ultimate commitment, leavingng everything behind to help the country. if that is notti being a role model and a feminist, i do not know what is.. >> ed: we could also throw in kellyanne conway, the first female campaign manager in american history, we will have to talk about that next time. tammy bruce, we thank you for your insight tonight. washington bromances are taking a strange new turn this week. actor ashton kutcher testified on capitol hill on human trafficking. this happened. >> i also want to thank ashton -- ashton, i thought you were>> better looking in the movies.
9:45 pm
[laughter] anyway t. >> ed: oh, senator. you are better looking. but what about blowing that cash to mack kiss becca ashton kutcher? that was funny. meanwhile, a candidate for dnc chair hastily apologized after admitting the 2016 primaries are right. that apology shows everything wrong with the democrats. tucker talked to him about it. their conversation iss next. that's great! um hm. just whip bam boom, it's done. that apartment is mine! credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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so come in today.
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>> tucker: a candidate for the committee is a reason to apologize for his tragic tell the truth about his own party. on wednesday, tom perez admitted
9:50 pm
the parties 2016 primary race was rigged in favor of hillary clinton. and hes said he was a candidate who could restore transparency to the democratic national committee. big mistake. his comment outraged clinton supporters and he slithered onto twitter to apologize. glenn greenwald wrote an article, he joins us now from rio de janeiro. glenn, thank you for coming on. you had this line at the beginning of your piece, i recommend it to our viewers. hillary clinton won the popular vote and the singular charisma of barack obama -- in what way is it broken, exactly? it seems robust right now. you say it's not. >> there is obviously a lot of attention paid, hillary got more votes than donald which is true but it up scores a lot of critical facts.
9:51 pm
including the fact that obviously the democrats do not have control of either the senate or house, republicans do. they now have lost two-thirds of governorships which are also known the hands of the republican party. they are one statehouse away from enabling the republicans to convene a constitutional convention on their own because they will two-thirds of the state fully within their grasp. both houses of congress. it's a party that has collapsed as a national political force in the united states. it's not just the presidential election. >> but why? why exactly? it was still a close election, it is not obvious that we run up in the place you just described. what is the core problem with the democratic party you think right now? >> that's one of the things of the democratic party, that they ought to be asking. unfortunate, they are not asking it. they are so obsessed so with denouncing donald trump, calling him all the names he called them during the election, talk about vladimir putin and the kremlin,
9:52 pm
jill stein, everything else other than that question that you'd just asked. when the republicans lost in 2012, even though they had control over all these levels of it's power, they got together, issued this autopsy, saying here is everything wrong, here is wrong with our messaging. the democrats are showing no sign of any kind of self critique. why did they lose? because they favored policies throughout the 1990s such as free trade, getting rid of all the restraints on wall street, having jobs go overseas. that's what clinton's advocated and they continue to advocate those policies and then wonder why people in the rust belt who have no economic future and nothing but economic anxiety are abandoning the party in droves. >> tucker: interesting. the party that wins the the middle typically wins the
9:53 pm
election, if a bunch of smart democrats cap to gather to get the autopsy, what specific inclusions would you encourage them to reach? >> let's look at what they did in 2016, they nominated a candidate who was a career politician, who is extremely rich and perceived as being out of touch and indifferent to the needs of ordinary americans. she spouted talking points and focus-proved messaging and i think they need fresh voices. to begin with, look at what they did after this debacle in 2016. they renominated as their minority leader of the house, nancy pelosi, the minority leader since 2002 and then made chuck schumer the top democrat in washington even though he spent his career serving wall street. we need fresh voices. people who are not petrified of their own shadow, who do not apologize for telling the trutho not silicon valley and donor class and corporations but people who actually vote, where
9:54 pm
really worried about their economic future with really good reason. >> you keep coming back to economics and the lack of an economic message. if you were to sum it up in one sentence, is that it? they're not telling the average person why voting democrat would be good for them economically? >> exactly, they have no affirmative platform. you can call donald trump every name in the book, racist, authoritarian, misogynist, some of that might be true. unless you convince people that you are going to make theirar lives better, then they are notm going to go to the polls and vote for you. maybe they will abstain or votee for your opponent but you are not inspiring anyone. that's a core problem that theyb do not want to address. >> tucker: maybe have to travel all the way to rio de janeiro to see that clearly. i think you're absolutely right. thank you for joining us.ja >> thank you, tucker, appreciate it. >> ed: wait, i am back and there
9:55 pm
is more here on "tucker carlson tonight." a the white house continues to be a constant font of excitement. more breaking newsar straight ahead. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> ed: it was a typical day for the trump white house, moving like a freight train. michael flynn lost his job, today, he lost security clearance.yn flynn left because they lost trust -- a wonderful man who was railroaded by the media. the president kept going, full speed ahead, upending u.s. policy on the two state solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict. in 24 hours after losing that national security advisor, the president lost his first cabinet nominee, andrew puzder had to l step side because he gave undocumented immigrants cash. but remember, chuck schumer started with a hit list, including sessions and
10:00 pm
rex tillerson. see you tomorrow, here is "hannity," next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," history in the making, a meeting between president donald trump and at the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu to reset the relationship between america's closest ally in the middle east, up to eight years of a hostile obama administration is very refreshing, it is now clear they're on a new path towardsds peace and to fighting radical islamic terrorism. coming up, we will play you the highlights but first, the alt radical left propaganda media is out to utterly destroy donald trump and it is doing you the american people, a great disservice. that is tonight's opening monologue.


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