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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  February 16, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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not having hispanics in the cabinet. >> martha: thank you. before we leave tonight, and inspirational quotes to keep us on track. "always do right, this ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: wasn't michael flynn's resignation caused by his own actions or by unscrupulous leaks by people with ulterior motives? discussion at next. just kidding, will tell you it's the second one. will the young han solo movie feature a female droid? finally, googles new ai becomes highly aggressive when competing
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against another ai for resources. i can't see any way this ends badly for humanity. i'm now being told that i'm wrong. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she's always right, never left. kristin tate. this hahn always flies solo. a chris hahn. keeping up with him isn't more arduous than a korean march. michael malice. lucky for him, this can and it didn't carey. sitting right next to me, comedian mike cannon. keep waving. let's start the show. ♪ >> tom: soon after michael flynn resigned as national security advisor, two narratives emerged.
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a conservative one and a wrong one. "the new york times" piece notes that the traditional media focused on what led to flynn's downfall. misleading mike pence about russian transmissions. the more right-leaning outlets focused on the leaks from washington that had put pressure on flynn to step aside and whether these leaks were intended to damage president trump. what do you think? depending on where you get your news, flynn was either held accountable or he was a victim. on a certain fair and balanced network, you heard talk of the illegal leaks. >> the long knives were out for flynn almost at the moment that he was announced. i think this really was a death by 1,000 leaks. >> tom: the mainstream media, the leakers were brave. a writer at the new yorker tweeted that the story was a reminder of a big truth.
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public servants who got the story out are hitting heroes. i wish i had patriotic music to play behind that. an npr reporter observed at -- so which side is president trump on? the answer may not surprise you. he tweeted -- and later he said this -- >> michael flynn, general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very unfairly by the media. as i call it, the fake media in many cases. it's very unfair what's happened to general flynn, the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally, i stress that, illegally leaked. >> tom: illegally leaked,
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michael, he obviously has had a problem with the press. the press which is terrible in many cases, he always qualifies it a little bit. but illegal leaks, this is serious stuff, right? >> the best thing about trump is that he was going to promise a stalemate in washington and the h side ishave this kind of snapping at each other, the better it's going to be for all of america. my goal is to have nothing happen in washington, if they're focusing their fire, fair or unfair and illegal, these people should probably all be in prison anyway. great, let's take them all out. we got the democrats, let's take out the republicans, too. >> tom: you want the do-nothing government. don't we have to first undo the obama stuff and then do nothing? >> once we have up situation where political discourse is impossible, the situation starts to solve itself. >> tom: chris hahn, you and
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your fellow democrats had it in for flynn from the very beginning. admit it. >> no. >> tom: thank you. >> i do think that it's odd that flynn who was supposedly this experts didn't realize that the ambassador to russia's conversation will be heard by people in the justice department. that's incompetence, and i think quite frankly that donald trump fired him for being incompetent. >> tom: first of all, he can talk to the russians. that's what you do. >> he can't violate the logan act -- >> tom: that logan act -- it's ridiculous. >> don't lie about it when you know there's a tape. he had to know there was a tape, or if he didn't know he shouldn't have been in the job he had. either way, the guy can't be there anymore. >> tom: you don't have to raise your hand, i was going to come to you next. >> i don't know what the logan act is, is that based on the new wolverine sequel?
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>> tom: if you turn 30, you have to renew. that's real. [laughter] i like to make references that kristin doesn't understand. mike cannon, don't you agree that they wanted flynn to go from the beginning? i'm going to sketch it out for you, obama set a trap, he put this sanctions in just before walking out the door. the trap was that he wanted trump to remove the sanctions, and then they would point to him and say the russians it did it. then the trap ended up working on flynn. >> i am enjoying the high property no longer the thing we even care about or discussed, it's so obvious that both sides are the biggest hypocrites in the entire world, obviously trump was championing every single leak coming out about hillary clinton during the entire campaign and now all of a
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sudden he's stressing how illegal it is and this is espionage against his entire cabinet. that might be the only smart thing i ever say. >> there's a difference between something from wikileaks and coming from within our government. >> don't those leaks originate in our government and are given to wikileaks? >> you're assuming that the leaks came from our government, you're not assuming that maybe trump was a little bit too harsh on the russians and they said let's get this guy who we don't like. >> they did come from the government. >> tom: the administration. kristin, take it away. >> i'm actually really torn about this. you might be surprised, i tend to be on the side of leakers because i think sometimes we need leaks to expose horrific or unethical things that our government does, and i also think that the fear of leaks can keep a government official in check. so i support leaks when they are done for a noble cause, but the question is what defines a noble cause.
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that's a slippery slope, there's a thin line between nobility and just leaking for political motives. i think flynn has to go, he lied to vice president pence. but i think we also need to expose who leaks this, because of their no consequence is for leakers, everyone in the government will think they can just leaking national secrets with no consequent this. >> what's a national secret, this is not a national secret. this is a phone call. >> the point is if there are no consequent as for leaking, other people who do have national secrets will think -- >> tom: we went all through this with the wiretapping, everyone up in arms over it, this is one of those peep piece they were tapping the phones, but there was an american citizen on the other side. >> who should have known it was being attached. >> you should have known that people were listening to the tap at the time, the man is incompetent and shouldn't be in the job. >> donald trump calling him a great man, unfortunately this
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happened to him, that sounded like a guy with a lot to lose right there. >> tom: i think flynn is still in good with trump. we maybe have not seen the last of a flynn. now it's time for -- ♪ >> tom: for all those people who didn't get enough of the 2016 election because of the coverage you received on cable news, you'll soon be able to relive it in all of its glory in a ten hour miniseries by the screen writer and producer mark bowl. he is best known as the writer and producer of film such as "zero dark thirty" and "the hurt locker." those were good films, that's why he is going to have trouble with this one, the left is going to be demanding that this is anti-trump, which is a mistake.
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i know hbo has made dramas that were completely anti-republican, but their hero obama won at the end of that movie. that's not the case with hillary. the only way a 2016 election drama will work as if it was totally pro trump. [laughter] here's my reason. trump won in the end, and as a drama it makes a great underdog story. so here's my idea for casting the drama. as trump, george clooney. i know what you're thinking, he's no fan of trump, but that's okay. because the things that hollywood hates about trump are all the things are that supporters love. the more that clooney tries to make them seem unlikely, the more trump fans will like him. as hillary, meryl streep. i know she won't do it, but you have to lie to her and say you're doing an alternate history drama like the man in the high castle. a utopian fantasy where hillary
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lenz, and at the last minute tell her she's been punk. and for bernie sanders, -- [laughter] siegal looks like a billionaire. a >> that's lot more hair. >> tom: chris hahn, do you think anyone it needs to see more of the election? >> i'm done with 2016, i need to move on. i have not routed for this guy to fail, i think there's been a lot of problems with president trump. i think there's probably more to come, i think he could right the ship by bringing in a jim baker type that everyone respects, doesn't have to be jim baker but someone like that. >> tom: who do you think you should bring in? >> i think he should bring in
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john kasich. stu and he hates guy. >> he's starting to lose the republican party. >> tom: who was the guy that just jumped out. >> it was an olympian -- >> tom: he went down today, he's the only guy who lost. >> that's not his biggest problem. his big problem is that national security thing, he needs to bring in a stabilizing force of his government or he's going to face a challenge from his own party. >> tom: malice, about the movie, what do you think? should we dramatize the election? >> let's go back to a moment
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during the election, you want to watch it in a drama, it's not going to be realistic. the second debate, do you trust donald drunk donald trump with the nuclear button? this is awful. you're watching this, it's all non sequiturs, how do you have a realistic drama where the president all cabinet is talking about the size of his junk during the debate. you can't have a narrative where that hero is erratic and random and you don't know his motivations, and yet here we ar are. >> donald trump has never found a button in his life. >> he's found buttons. >> tom: i don't know, let's ask -- don't you think that you can't make it more interesting than
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trump, i don't care who's playing him. >> i don't think george clooney should play him, i think it should be bill murray and he can wear his "kingpin" week. give this some time to marinate, i just watched it. i don't need to remember something that i already remember. the reason why the o.j. simpson thing on fx wasn't so good, because it was 20 years later, you got to see how each character played out and got a good scope of what they're up to now. let's wait until trump is either dead or onto his sixth wife. >> tom: could they possibly be fair to trump in a drama? >> if they did that would be an awesome movie. i would love to see the purging of hillary clinton and barack obama be played out on the screen. but obviously it wouldn't, this is going to be the same hollow hollywood at drivel. trump is going to be the big bully, no one's going to watch it and it's going to get no ratings.
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>> i don't think she'd be played as a victim, there are a lot of people on the left who are upset with this campaign. all i could think about was yes, the russians interfered, but you always have opposition research dropped off on you, if you had taken august often campaigned -- >> tom: moving on, on monday the half-brother of north korean dictator kim jong own was murdered. he was stabbed at an airport. as you see, in this picture she is wearing the classic garb of the session. some are saying that kim jong-un ordered the murder to take out his half-brother kim jong-nam. he that they may be grooming him
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as a ruler in waiting. the way the democrats did with hillary. i had to get a cheap shot in their. i wanted to get this and because michael is here. >> i wrote a piece on this in the observer. north korea is based on this bloodline, so everything is an assumption of kim jong-un's grandfather. the tenth commandment is the revolution that is written should be filled by generation by the narration. only his descendants can be and that role. kim jong-nam was the eldest, when he went to beijing and said they needed to be more bite beijing, he was an
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environmentalist and against nuclear weapons, he was passed over. the second son was regarded as too much of a sissy. if a kim jong-un is threatened and thinks he's about to be taken out, kim jong-nam is the only possible real backup. this is his insurance policy, because now if someone takes him out, the regime that's currently in power is not going to have any person to substitute him with, and if you look at all of other regimes, when the people in power go down, they have a very vested interest not to liberalize, because if they change governments they are going to be held accountable. >> tom: unbelievable. >> that was a very well-thought-out, i've got to
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read that book now. look, this is a destabilized country that has a crazy leader. eventually were going to have to deal with them, or china is going to have to deal with them more than likely. i see what's happening here, if this was kim jong-un taking out his brother because they thought china was involved, china should get involved right now. otherwise, we don't really know what's happened. >> they can get involved because he would have 20 million people who have never seen a computer and don't speak china going to china. >> tom: should we ignore them, what should we do with north korea? go to the expert mike cannon. >> i enjoyed her assassin attir attire. at least she wasn't wearing a j.k. t-shirt. i don't know what to do, because frankly my foreign affairs binder is quite thin. [laughter]
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>> tom: it was a clever disguise, you don't generally think someone in an lol t-shirt is going to do that. >> i think she's awesome, i want to know everything about her. every thing i know about kim jong-un i learned from an interview, i know he's adorable and loves live music and pretty women and he has a wonderful heart under the tough exterior. >> tom: it's good to learn from hollywood. coming up, and upcoming "star wars" movie is introducing the first of its kind android character. it loves shopping for shoes and the bachelor.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. the search for a new labor secretary marches on this
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morning, president trump's initial choice for the job abruptly withdrew his name from consideration on wednesday. the fast food ceo was scheduled for a confirmation hearing today, but democrats and even some republicans was concerned about his failure to pay taxes for five years for a former housekeeper who wasn't authorized to work in the u.s. the white house has yet to comment on a possible replacement nominee. just to go days after michael flynn resigned over reports to contact with russian diplomat, the cia has suspended his access to sensitive information. democrats are calling for a special counsel to look at other possible ties between the white house in russia. the public and lawmakers say that will be necessary. lawmakers in connecticut are expressing concern over the russian spy ship that has been sailing it near a u.s. naval base in recent days. the representative's are
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condemning what they are describing as russia's increasing aggression. it was later spotted about 30 miles from a sub marine base in connecticut. second woman arrested connected with the killing of kim jong-nam, he was the half-brother of north korean leader kim jong-un. he was reportedly poisoned this week while waiting for a flight. he has fallen out of favor with a kim jong-un and has been living abroad for years. he told medical workers before he died that he was attacked with a chemical spray. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto fox you are watching the most powerful name of news, of course fox news channel. have a great morning. ♪ >> tom: this is the droid you're looking for. if you are a feminist.
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"star wars" movies have only featured male droids, like c3 p po, r3d2 and bb8. the next movie will feature a female droid, the first time a major android will be voiced by a woman. a feminist blogger writes -- before feminists get too excited, maybe they should check out this footage "red eye" obtained of the female droid in action. [laughter] >> tom: we are kidding, that's not it. they haven't started filming yet, but early sketches of the female droid have surfaced. she's good, right?
12:26 am
what do you think, should people be excited about this? >> do i get an award for setting my theory to a female voice. i don't member people celebrating c3 po for being gay. >> tom: was he? >> clearly, he was also bronze. >> tom: the other droids, i don't see them as male or female. >> no, because they're robots. >> tom: i don't know -- >> they certainly are. >> we had a female droid, and also if you're a feminist, why are you glad that the female droid is a sidekick? if you're a feminist you should want that droid to be in the lead role. we arty have female droids on earth, they're called washing machines. >> tom: also, "rogue one." >> we couldn't get a female
12:27 am
president, will get a female droid and "star wars." we have to get something, "rogue one" exactly right. to quote strong characters, i am a father of daughters, i'm happy. i don't think it matters. [laughter] >> captain phasma was a woman. >> she's a stormtrooper, they're not robots. >> tom: there's a person under there. kirsten, is it important to see your gender reflected in the android world. >> i was very excited to hear about the first female droid because as you know i'm a feminist, but i was very upset when i found that the actress who plays the part of the female droid works in the cafeteria making sandwiches, and at the end of the movie she transforms into a vacuum robot and vacuums
12:28 am
the whole starship. very offensive. >> tom: that would be a happy ending. >> the robot gets a happy ending? >> tom: i wish we could go back to when all the science fiction movies were just all guys, they were writing them, going to them, enough of this. >> i nerds brought the women into the culture, to be nice, women made themselves at home and now they're posing ideology. it's called gamer gates, google it. >> i thought the force awakening was one of the better it "star wars" movies. >> tom: the fourth awakening? to go the force awakens. >> it's great to see female characters, you change when you get older and you have kids. >> this is political corruption is nonsense. it's not going to work with "star wars." people want to see good movies with a good script, they don't want to see -- >> i'm sorry, you don't think
12:29 am
"rogue one" and episode seven were good movies? >> tom: they were great films, i love them, coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy. a brand-new episode of "red eye" podcast is available, subscribe on itunes and on
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♪ >> tom: hello and welcome back, it's time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. it's been too friday. >> tom: it's -- >> andy: i tried.
12:33 am
>> tom: you almost fooled me. >> andy: the two narratives about michael flynn's resignation. malice, you said you want a do-nothing government. of the thing to me is why are people arguing over whether it was flynn's discussions with russia or the leaks that led to him going, they're both right. >> they're also trying to set up the next domino to fall, they're going to blame it on the individual person, they can say that it's not that they have an agenda, all these people have to be evil individually. >> andy: okay. chris, please don't bring up the logan act on my watch. and nobody wants hear about that. >> i want to law school, i've got to throw it out there once in a while. i paid $5,000 for that. i'm still paying it back, i'm going to be paying it back until i'm like 60. >> andy: you said he should have known that he was being
12:34 am
recorded, i'm sure he did. there's no way he didn't. >> he should've watch what he said. it seems to me like he didn't know he was being recorded, and that to me suggests that he probably shouldn't have been the national security advisor to begin with. >> andy: given his background, there's no way he didn't know. >> he got fired from that job too. maybe he's not the right guy in this position protecting our country. a >> andy: i agree with that. i just don't think he knew he was being recorded, i think he just screwed up. who made the logan's run reference watermark >> tom. >> andy: i was going to say it nicely done but i take it back. mike, you said you're enjoying how hypocrisy is something we don't even talk about anymore. you're exactly right, i don't even have a joke here. >> thanks, i appreciate it. that's the first solid point i've made in four appearances on this show.
12:35 am
>> andy: is it really that many? >> and two months' time. i assume people are really agitated by now. >> andy: were not airing the ones you're on. kristin, you said there is a difference between weeks coming from wikileaks and coming from our government. not picking a fight, i'm not sure why you consider them to be different. >> first of all, the things about hillary clinton were not coming from the government, they were coming from the dnc. that's different than government official leaking things coming from the government. is that not? >> andy: i agree with that, i'm just wondering why it matters if it makes a difference where the leaks come from, where they come from wikileaks or the government. if the wikileaks leaks had been government leaks? >> you can punish a government official, you can't punish russia. >> foreign government interfering with our election is not as bad at -- >> it's not good, but it's much
12:36 am
easier for us to punish a government official. >> your logic is mistaken and you should probably try another tactic. >> first of all, are you questioning my intelligence he because i'm a woman? >> no, i'm questioning your logic. >> a misogynist! >> women are illogical, we all think that. >> andy: tom, you said this is one of those cases where they were tapping a russian but they picked up an american. aren't you in support of americans being surveilled by the government? >> if you're talking to a terrorist enter up to no good, yeah. >> andy: what if your talking to a foreign agent to enter up to no good? >> he was doing his job. >> andy: no he wasn't. >> tom: you're supposed to talk to people before -- >> andy: he didn't have the job yet. >> tom: when you're in transition, your job is to call
12:37 am
foreign governments. i think he was doing just fine and he shouldn't have been fired, trump should have drawn a line in the sand, i'm very is appointed interim. >> andy: what about the fact that he violated the logan act? drama being planned based on the 2016 election. tom, you said meryl streep should play hillary, no, she's overrated. overrated. >> you mean hillary? >> andy: we talked with us earlier, it should be hope davis. >> tom: and she's underrated, andy. >> andy: she is as underrated as meryl streep is overrated. you also said the only way this would work as if if it's totally pro-trump, you wanted to end with a classic underdog story. good point, but what you also said it would never happen. what if the entire thing is about how they all suck? sue and i said i don't you can do this, you're going to make everyone mad, you got to sell tickets. >> andy: the five libertarians watching will like it.
12:38 am
mike, you said this tv show will be far more powerful in ten years when trump is either dead or on his sixth wife. or on his third term as president. kristen, did you say this is going to be typical hollywood dribble? >> yes. >> andy: okay. >> i meant that. whatever it is, it's not good. >> andy: michael malice, everything you said in the segment was dead wrong. >> typical u.s. imperialist propaganda. [laughter] >> andy: mike, you said you enjoyed the assassin's choice of attire. can we agree there is something sexy about female assassins?
12:39 am
>> it's everybody's dream come true. >> andy: it had a james bond field to it. >> i like her bangs. >> andy: we disagree on that. the female droid and "star wars," she's just going to keep crashing into things, isn't she? [laughter] as a ninth wave feminist, i can make those jokes. tom, you said in the script that the "star wars" movies have only featured male droids, then you later said you don't consider them to be male. i agree with that, i don't know why people think they're male. >> tom: i don't know. my favorite droid, k2 -- >> andy: if you're going to go by male voice, he was male. it was male, whatever. >> tom: that's why i liked him, he was my favorite. >> andy: also, mike, easy
12:40 am
mistake, but see three po wasn't gay, he was british. and kristin, you said this is political correct nonsense like ghostbusters. i don't think it's the same thing, this is making one new character of female where's the other one was -- >> it's casting a female for the sake of casting a female, what the heck is a female robot, just a robot with boobs on it? >> it could play into it, you never know, she could leak oil for seven days. [laughter] >> andy: that's not funny and i am done. >> tom: thank you, andy. to doesn't look like much, but researchers say it's proof will all be murdered by robots someday. but first, kennedy. >> hey red i hockey goons plus,
12:41 am
i'll try to trick them into building me a time machine and then i'll come see you yesterda yesterday.
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♪ >> good morning and live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. they talked about the iran
12:45 am
nuclear deal, the president also had a request for the prime minister on a touchy subject in israel. >> as far as sediments, i'd like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit, we'll work something out but i would like to see a deal be made. we have known each other all long time, smart man, great negotiator. and i think we're going to make a deal, so let's see what we do. >> as far as -- >> doesn't sound too optimistic. >> that's the art of the deal. >> workers in a south carolina aircraft factory give union representation of a big thumbs down. the election was viewed by a high profile for aerospace workers. another big day on wall street,
12:46 am
the dow industrial rose. both new record highs, it's now up 26% over the past year and over half of that gain coming since election day. california officials say they are making great progress on repairs to the damage spillways at the oroville dam. they say the lake is draining rapidly. i am a jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. have a great morning. ♪ >> tom: many experts have warned about the x essential threat posed by artificial intelligence. bill gates, stephen hawking, and mario lopez. [laughter]
12:47 am
the concern is that ai could become so advanced that it's uncontrollable, puts its own interest above humans, and takes over the hosting duties of the daily syndicated entertainment show "extra." new reports reveal that machines become highly aggressive to get what they want. in this demonstration, when to robots were playing to gain the biggest supply of apples, they turned aggressive to be their opponent. here's another video illustrating the potentially aggressive nature of ai. [laughter] that's more vivid illustration i think of the risk of ai.
12:48 am
isn't it? my, what do you think? are you afraid, weren't you blown away by that amazing video by the people in -- >> i thought it was quite lovely. it shows how far we've come in 2017. does it remind you of the last scene in "war games"? i don't know, i am a pong enthusiast, this is something i think very deeply about, if these scientists haven't developed an absolute kill switch to stop all of machines and they are out of their minds. i can't even imagine how they will go forward with this type of information without that. >> tom: i can imagine how you would have a kill switch, how are you going to do it? >> i'm not a scientist, i assume they have something that connects all of them. >> tom: then people are going to be pulling kill switches all the time. the russians will hit a kill switch. >> what i'm interested in about
12:49 am
the story, you have these two artificial intelligences and they can already get along in any circumstances, we've already had the dream of getting female droids. >> i married, i am not touching that. >> i've never seen a man in a pink shirt so aggressive towards women. >> >> tom: are you worried that this experiment does show that computers actually will turn to aggression when all you did was give them a direction to collect apples. that does, that's scary. >> they didn't give them parameters to collect them fairly, it's just doing its job, it's doing what it's programmed to do. am i worried, yeah, because i think we're the ones programming it. we are programming our own habits into these computers and quite frankly where and
12:50 am
aggressive species and where going to continue to be aggressive and the things we create will be just like us. sue and it's true, kristin, very quickly are you afraid of the machine? >> the solution here is a 3-foot extension cord, if it gets too aggressive, you pull the cord. problem solved. a >> tom: don't let chris hahn tell you that you don't have sound logic. coming up, what should we do when your kids are in restaurants? will discuss with our childless panel. a ♪ a four-star rating, we're good. his name is randy. that's like one of the most trustworthy names! ordering a getaway car with an app? are you randy? that's me! awesome! surprising. what's not surprising? how much money erin saved by switching to geico. everybody comfortable with the air temp? i could go a little cooler. ok.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" ," david, jiy jimmy, rich, madison. ♪ a restaurant owner in italy has, but they solution for rowdy kids disturbing the peace. offer a discount to well behaved families. he said "when you get parents who are rude, the pet think thn do anything.
12:55 am
and annoy the other customers. after seeing a family with several quiet, polite children, he delivered their bill with 5% off. and now that's a policy. a discount if they are delightful. as for children who disturb other diners, he is showing no tolerance. zero tolerance policy i guess, right? kristin, do you think kids ruine were some kids being all rowdy and everyone was kind of annoyed, and then the mom actually apologized and said i'm so sorry, my kids are autistic. and that made me think this is kind of discriminatory against maybe some parents with special needs kids who can't help but act out. >> i've got a special need to have a quiet dinner without your little hellions making a scene. my favorite restaurant in williamsburg, you're not allowed
12:56 am
to bring children there. a restaurant is for adults, your children don't belong there. >> tom: i love a restaurant that allows kids, i have kids, it's great when they make room for kids. >> i married to an italian woman, and this goes against everything they stand for. do i think they should put shock collars to keep these kids quiet? yes, actually that would be -- >> i was concerned when my daughter was younger that she would act out in a restaurant, i get it when you bring kids out, you don't want to disturb them. but that's life, we are humans with more humans. >> there's this bit of jealousy above these kids who have the world in front of them. they're enjoying the dining experience like it should be enjoyed. kids wearing pasta on their head
12:57 am
like a hat. >> tom: we've got to go. kristin tate, chris hahn, michael malice, and mike cannon. my name is tom shillue, i'll see you. eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital
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>> kimberly: set your dvr so you never miss an episode of this fabulous show. that's it for us. special "special report" is nex. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. we are coming to live from the richard nixon presidential library in yorba linda, california. we will show you around throughout the show tonight. this, a busy news night. we are following three major stories of this hour. they followed over the resignation of president trump's national security advisor and the calls for investigations into possible connections by others to russian interests. president trump welcomes israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house, changes u.s. policy on the two-state solution, and delivers a request about jewish settlements. first up, and other


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