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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the gang members, bad, bad, people, they one great optimism and sweeping, it is sweeping all across the country. look at what at what is happening to the stock market. look at what is happening to every poll when it comes to optimism in our country. >> is like cliff notes. midway through the speech he called a super fan on the stage. >> that's my guy, right there. come on, come on out. >> this guy spee-01 that's so awesome. what does does this guy
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think of trump? >> when president trump, during the election promised all of these things that he was going to do for us, i knew he was going to do this for us. >> will this guy be a star? >> a star is born. spee-01. >> the left will probably trivialize that moment is ridiculous, that's the reason we have president trump and not president hillary. the markers and the gawkers do not have a clue about what is going on here. there is something going on here. the rights is having fun for once. the left, they are the schoolmarm's clutching there's coin purpose purses. for so long the right used to be the party of miserable old farts. but now the left is in a
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bitter panic holding back their p. it reminds me of 1976 with a world first discovered the ramon's. you either loved you either loved them or you hated them. everything before them seemed tame. trump, he is the ramon's. [laughter] the democrats, they are air supply. [laughter] which is why, sadly, they are all out of love for. ♪ i am all out of love, ♪ >> that was great. that was a great monologue. let's welcome tonight's guest. he is like the eiffel tower. classically handsome and sharp upstairs per the sharp upstairs. the cohost of fox and friends, fox new raise radio, also the author of thomas jefferson,
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brian -- is funnier than a clown joke in ottawa be cushioned. and writer david angela. thank you for dressing up. she is drier than my aunt linda's coffeecake. a reporter and fox news reporter, catherine kemp. interesting fact, stone hedge are actually his toenails, dna wrestler and dna contributor, tyrus. that is all for tonight. now, brian, brian, thank you for joining us. you cohost, you had jean uber on the show who i did not see the whole walk up. i never saw the cutaway pair that is an amazing story. >> it is an amazing story. what.
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what you make of the event so far? >> it was as if he wrote the speech. it is so trump. the speeches before clearly written for him. i thought he needed it. he looked to the future and did not just talk about beating hillary clinton. i beating hillary clinton. i thought in the beginning it was a bad idea. after i sought i thought it was a great idea. >> that is typical of you, you are almost always wrong and then you change your mind. that was as at all. these are my notes. david, what to make of this? people accuse you of playing to his face. >> trumpet knows what he is doing. i like this, he's casual, no tie. no ties to russia, no ties at all.
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>> the just got back from a job? usually that's what people wear when they are masturbating in the theater, not that i would know. but you think the purpose behind the rally was the purposes were talking about the rally not the russia stuff anymore. he's great he's great with that. just like married couples having a florida, trumps going to have problems he goes to florida. i think that's why they go to florida, i think it's fine. >> people get all excited, something funny always happens at these rallies. the guy that loves trump more than i have ever loved anything including myself or my family, and i really love my dad. that is hilarious. i think people want don't want to watch the serious stuff which
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you can cry about but it's a great pr move for trump. >> she has a point there. >> whenever i get my tail kicked and have a rough week i guess going home and getting cookies from mom is a good thing. it was a tough week. i think the flynn thing was really tough and it was hard on him. flynn was very loyal and with the leak situation. one thing we do know is that flynn is not the rats. it's been a tough week. going back to your base and talking to the people that energized you and help to get to where you needed to go was a good thing for him. >> if i could have a rally for me, rally for me, i would never do another thing. >> amount is all you really ever want. my great monologue which he might've missed, i wrote about this thing called the dean warmer affect. if you can get your adversary to turn into dean warmer he was the
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principal and animal house. you have to turn your adversary into a bitter, miserable crank. i think what trump and his faithful are doing is turning the left, everything they do makes the left screen. >> i agree with everything if this is november. now he needs to check some boxes. we have to get stuff done. that the great actor john vernon. >> when did he die? to know old age. i don't know what they're calling it now. do you think he's going to be reunited with his eyes? i think the cruelest joke is that he gets to the afterlife and he doesn't have ties and they tell him and 72 versions.
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>> there is a guy you can applaud his death. he died of natural causes doing, why are we keeping them alive. >> very well with love a lot of shows left the doors are locked studio audience. how did the president beat the press like a dusty old rod? dusty old rod? the greatest monologue of alllll [ distorted voice ] progressive their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear...
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>> it is now day 27 of the media finding its balls. congressman, there is zero chance that we are going to move on until the answer to the question that presented itself at least to get noticed from the white house. welcome today one of what is arguably the biggest presidential scandal since
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iran-contra. >> we have never taken seriously very beginning. russia hacked our election. it was that 9/11 skit scale event. >> thank you mr. mustache. after eight years of sitting on their hands in a unicorn onesie. the media now wishes to speak truth to power. for so long they avoided such bravery because how could they call into question their super dream date brock obama. they check their spines at the door, turned both eyes blind a drop to their knees. listening to the media yakking about during their job after so much sucking up is like listening to a bar to describe its own smell. here is frank rich in a new york times talking about journalist under trump. quote, everyone is on their phones.
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yes, they're on their phones, it's a 2017 frank, who 17 frank, who isn't on their phones? jackass. now, they could've found the same excitement and revelations in obama's white house, but instead they hibernated until now. i wonder why. >> i don't have to tell you what i went to do in north korea. i don't have to tell you what i'm going to do in north korea. >> where you from? how much longer should we stay here? or your friendly reporter? >> i know it's going to be a bad question, but that's okay. [applause] >> and now he could host a reality show. now, before a republican president was always the punching bag. reporters hitting them on the same thing, compassion, same thing, compassion, honesty, character. this was the reverse. trump treated them like the piñata. he is a riddle and loaded kid
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covered in nails. so media, you want to transparency, that is trump. he will not shut up. you find out more about him in a day than him in a day than you did and eight years of obama. i know, trump is one helluva ride. something new, something crazy. i expect hearing trump devoured a live panda which trump devoured a live panda which i would support because panda suck. why should we care if they are endangered if they don't. anyway, after the comfortable sweater of obama the media has now faced with a monster like they have never seen. that monster is you. it is a real person with a real personality. does trumps bluster causes same payments obama care? or housing james rosen or the irs found a new? under obama the press division anti- police sentiment labeled everything racist. the country was on fire and the press was roasting marshmallows.
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so how could trumps attack on the press actually hurt the press? since thursday they have not shut up about it. nobody's be in silence. and said dissent is erupting all over. trump is great for the press the way obama never was. under obama you spoke no truth to power. now power. now you just cannot shut up about it. no wonder you are as popular as a hookers cough. there's nothing worse than a hookers cough. >> chung doesn't hate all media, he happens to like a specific morning show. i want to i want to play the sound on tape. >> the tone is such hatred. i watch this morning a couple and i have to say fox and friends in the morning, they are
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very honorable people. but they have the most honest morning show. >> there you go. let me ask you a question. is he using here the principle of reciprocity. the element of persuasion murphy complements to you almost feel obligated to continue the relationship. it's almost harder, harder to be complemented than criticize. does that make sense to? >> you had a boats and it's been so many summer days we have hung up and have never invited me out. >> you are deflecting. >> here's what i think, you can play the whole soundbite because the rest said they hit me he says when i'm wrong they hit me but they are honorable about it. and i will give you personally
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when he's going after megyn kelly i go back after. when he said george bush will new about mass destruction i went right back at them. then we still do the interviewing can still talk about it. i think he respects when you call it as you see it. i don't wake up everyday thinking he's a horrible horrible person. the other problem i have is for me personally is that for six year he into our show every monday or tuesday and he would take every single topic and bring us ratings and a quarter hour. then we would have a christmas lunch together. next thing enough he you know he said i'm running for president. i said okay. >> any major had the meatloaf. >> and just like chris christie. >> angelo, he might be the most human creature ever to hold office. when i say -- he's us. >> he does stuff, if he didn't
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behave like the people we criticize him for doing the opposite. so the press always does that. but he so flawed that the fact that the media still has to make up stories is like what it is doing. there are so many things that you can do. >> how can this be a dictatorship if the press is screaming about it like all my god is coming after us, but nobody setting them up. and it's not like he's taking people after journalists. >> absolutely. for small am a little concerned about all the angry letters you're getting. >> they can't write. that's why they're so stupid. up and is not invented as single thing. >> pandas are the biggest thing biggest problem we have right now. what are my favorite things about the trump presidency is that the media is going after him so hard. not that they haven't done that. that's what they're supposed to be doing this entire time.
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i feel better about him not doing as he's supposed to be doing because i know the media is doing its job overall. it's unfair the the sense that they've never done that for anyone else but you appreciate a check on government power. >> i am all forward for its. tyrus bring it home with some savvy content. >> well the guys i dig the rants. [applause] when i hear him talk it's like we want to get ask questions like how much you a how i looked real, why you bother me? and i enjoy that. or how heavy is your chain. thomas ua. i do way. i hate that stuff. when he goes back at them they're complaining about it but they love it. cnn is not showing up said we've had enough. fake news, do without us. us. they come running back every time. i'm a little scared at small talk with you what he want to
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know? can we go on. i can't stand. >> i just like the title smalltalk. i like the like the fact though that he makes the snap judgments that we all make. the jewish reporter was happy to be nice to him. but he jumped in on that. that's exactly what i do. i do that all of the time. like a morning. good morning why. and then it's a new york thing or something because after you snap on a cap driver that's doing his job than you feel bad circling it's okay. that's what he did. i think he knew the jewish god was trying to ask a good question. >> he took too long. >> racing because he's jewish? >> coming up, my cholesterol.
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and now we unleash it onwerful your taxes.pecies has created. hello my name is watson. yep. h&r block and ibm watson together. creating a future of more money going back into the pockets of more families. welcome to taxes won. h&r block with watson. come see us and get your taxes won. lea: i'm lea gabrielle. several people have been killed and tens of thousands are in the dark in california. this is one of the biggest rainstorms in years. rain records broke in several locations. reports of two cars swallowed up
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by sinkholes, falling 0 feet below the street surface. in the north crews are working around the clock to shore up the largest dam in the country before more rain falls. 100,000 people were evacuated on threats of the spillway breaching. norma mccorvey took her case to the supreme court in roe versus wade. >> big news in america this week. barely 11 month into the trump administration, nick cannon quit america's got talent. i couldn't believe
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believe it either. also national security director michael flynn resigned. it's easier to follow the nick cannon story. here's here's a primer on flint and russia. >> michael flynn was chosen by president trump to be national security adviser. that's a big job. they probably have their own bathroom. general flynn has been around. you can tell he could probably beat up a herd of manatees. he said that, i know of thomas dinks but i'm in this new job. i can't really talk now but it's all good. give my best to natasha. but the phone call was tapped, many people were listening in. people who hate trump. the phone call was not illegal but the leak of the call a felony, which is grown up speak for a really bad thing. but the
10:30 pm
but the time dad stole a bmw install it off the cliff, the media who smells blood and wants payback only cares about the call, even though the leak is a bigger deal. it's like someone robbed a bank but the media is mad the robbers don't use turn signals in the getaway car. either way no one would care because the media likes them. obama is their cool friend. and that is -- >> it's like a double dose of valtrex that just cleared things up. they call it a cover-up without a crime. is this the worst scandal ever or is it a nothing fajita? i said nothing fajita because i love the mexican. >> also you like the fact that they give you the ability to make the fajita the way you want. they give you the fajita kiss.
10:31 pm
unlike the taco where they have already made the commitment. it's my own fault. but i will say this, i think they will find out upon further review there is no rush of their, no scandal. it is typical donald trump does not want to bake off. there's no reason to defend it. when he says he's white the premise, he knows he knows he's not so there's no reason to go about it. a russian connection, no but i will say this, i would like to get along with the vladimir putin. i think they will open this up and find nothing there. [applause] tyrus, do you buy that this might be secret group of obama loyalist? >> no. first of all the democrats hate obama and obama is on vacation, he's not looking back. i think the biggest problem is
10:32 pm
his own party. the thing that bothers me on a lot of levels. when you say there's nothing there, flynn being fired, that to me didn't seem quite worth fire, have an issue of that other than his job he didn't do anything that was illegal somebody was a fire. i really there something there. i don't like to speculate. >> i do. >> he lies. >> he lied, but i don't think he does anything. he's a general. he's a war hero,. >> because none of us made a big deal, kaman. >> hillary was a private see citizen what is she have to do with a five-star general. >> i wonder people seem to be mad when someone else misled the
10:33 pm
fbi in my. when other leaks were happening they did focus only on the russian leaks instead of how the leak happen. i'm i'm just saying. fair and balanced. >> what you make of this is a said nothing fajita? >> who knows, it is funny how quick people switched around. >> if you asked trump and then hillary people were like this is a crime. >> are these two different kinds of leaks? >> the other is a private conversation in world leaders when it shown to national
10:34 pm
security that you should put stuff that is susceptible for been hacked. >> but it's wide spread absurdity. he was trying to block a bill about the government needing more. but then when it was an actual call he wanted to know who made the call. when it's an ambassador and someone in the intelligence agency if there's a call is going to be recorded you have to guess that's going to be recorded. consistency consistency. >> the mother of invention. i guess after that i'm not sure if that's true, they worked in the attorney general office and then the president of redeye. is being president of redeye can help or hurt him.
10:35 pm
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>> so when you been protesting it's always the left it's always more difficult to keep things fresh and new. wearing the hat with it ears was effective but it's been done. screaming in agony like they just stepped on a lego. >> everybody loves that. i can't
10:40 pm
get enough of her. but it's been done. screaming obscenities screaming obscenities and the police has been done too. [inaudible] she's sure seemed like a bubbly way. all that ahead. these protesters are running out of ideas. they want to keep their ideas in the headlines they have to do something bold. isn't that right, protesters at the university of chicago that's
10:41 pm
amazing. that is the opposite of adorable. telling children tear them apart. i've got nothing against against piñata's, keep one above my bed. by giving a kid a swing at a p and yada that looks like the president of the united states and telling him to rip it up and devour it, what are you teaching these kids? you're teaching them to hate. no wonder betsy -- can't go anywhere without armed marshals by her side. imagine if you do that to to a different president or hillary, that would be violence against women. protesters, i'd like to say you are better than that. but we know you aren't. number one, piñata says a a concept is kind of weird tickets
10:42 pm
it's the image your beating image of a cute animal person and you get candy. it's like you are rewarding them with treats for being violent. it seems seems kind of wrong. >> i agree. something needs to be done. [inaudible] look, there's easier ways to get candy. no one else thought if there was no candy? there is no candy in the piñata's it didn't work when they beat up sonny and the principal brought him in. making children push your political views is done. the
10:43 pm
kids do not get it. they look like a walking dead children rip up a body. there is no candy there. the only message they got his mommy lied it may be break a piñata and charlie brown. >> you know what was in there was the tax returns. [laughter] >> you could blot the kids face, they came out about the kids and they do. >> kids never look the same and they get older, all kids look the same. i don't look closely. >> that was her natural look. they were born blurry. with that you have a scowl. >> my face would be blurred all day, every day. the piñata thing is a little creepy that it would be terrible
10:44 pm
if there's anybody else for trump. but have never really gotten mad over a piñata. >> it's hard because it's filled with candy. think about bobbing for apples. that makes me incredibly unhappy. that's that's a great way to get strep throat, influenza, kids have the grossest mouth. >> i don't want to know who has the grossest mouth. >> it it's you. >> you know what i want to talk about? a day without women strike. it's either next week or next month the women not sure for work as a protest. i read their mission statement. we have businesses supporter community today strive for gender equity? this is not about trump. it's about another left-wing radical group piggybacking on whatever they can get.
10:45 pm
it's hilarious. >> it would mean that if i would only have three people on it. fox would be affected, no ainslie in the morning. >> if i was the boss and somebody show me they were not showing up for political reasons, i would fire them. we gotta go. we have a story so hot you could fry an egg on it. but first, is the president entering the individually wrapped -- circuit? credit karma? why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you? the doctor said it's not contagious. [coughing] credit karma, huh? yeah, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit. introducing new depend silhouette active fit, with a thin design for complete comfort. they say "move it or lose it" and at my age, i'm moving more than ever. because getting older is inevitable. but feeling older? that's something i control.
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>> they hope to be great finding your cell may. it's a dillion white site for trumps supporter. it's make it dating great again. the sites sites founder said he came up with it after coming up with bernie singles. since then it's grown to over 26000 members who pay a few bucks a month to spend messages. it's not the the only site try to capitalize.
10:50 pm
maple matches trying to find canadians who they can be miserable with. meanwhile, i have decided i need to get in on this by creating a few new dating sites. first up, there is you are stupid. it's for people who keep confusing the possessive at you. you belong together. hobbs and dobbs are people who like to eat corn while watching -- in my last one is is like buffer arsonist. their motto is let's let each other's fire. on the trumps and make total sense because you think you know the person and then you find out there marry. that's how how devastating it is to find out the person you love it voted for hillary. get the polarization out in the introduction.
10:51 pm
>> first of all i was on bernie's signals. only match with a 1% but then trump segment singles. the best part is when you go on the date and it looks nothing like the cartoon frog in their profile. i hate that. but what you do is swipe right or swipe all right. >> well done. why are you writing. >> will be in someone who supports trump is a night tire identity. the thing i don't understand is they're all talking to each other on twitter with the little frog twitter but i don't know if it's necessary. that guy from the trump rally is probably a real honk now. >> is going to get a calendar. >> i would imagine the trump dating site is bunch of guys who like trump who think they're talking to girls.
10:52 pm
>> so i will come up with a new show called trumpet fish. >> it's true. i think all dating websites, guess they're good. i wouldn't know. >> i like dating online. that phrase, we met on tender. >> we have to move on. coming up, it is the protest is the westminster dog show. i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can
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>> this week at madison square garden host the westminster dog show. for some reason they included cats in their meet the breed event. our cat was not happy about this, that is her. so she tried she tried to start her own movement, take a look. >> 2017 has been the of the protests. i have not really been into it until now. i found out there's going to be cats at the westminster dog show meet the breed's event. cats are animal royalty and they do not belong here. i'm with her. let's go take care of this. activism. >> on a scale of one to moving to canada however a shorty? >> canada for sure. it's a travesty. it makes all dogs look bad. >> i think it makes catholic bad. >> i don't i don't want to be anywhere near that. >> hits your paths off my cause.
10:58 pm
>> they are going to be cats a at the westminster dog show. how are you going on living in your life with these times like that. >> it's kind of on. i guess we live in a world where everybody is allowed to grab -- you said you love cats, how mad are you right now about what is happening here? >> what is happening where? >> trump's rights, the media is not covering the real tragedies right now. >> so you go to a sports when you go to a baseball game to like football players tackling each other in the infield? nothing is sacred to some people anymore. >> sorry, i'm the i'm the wrong person. >> you should be.
10:59 pm
take your fleas off of my siamese. >> on a scale of one to you can't sleep at night, how angry are you? >> less than one. negative. there putting the cats and costumes. this is a really public health risk. have you tried to put a cat in a costume? >> never. wouldn't dream of it. >> and that is why you're standing here today. >> i'm trying to find my way. >> i'm trying to find my way to. [inaudible] facts do matter in 2017. >> nicely done.
11:00 pm
>> i have to. >> i have to wrap it up. thank you to our wonderful studio audience, i am greg greg gutfeld. i love you jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm your host jesse watters. donald trump laying into the media and lighting things up if florida take a look. >> i want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. [cheers and applause] the dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources, even


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