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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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opine. part of the day, do not be meretricious. while writing to "the factor." please remember the spin stops here, we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," it with an interesting weekend even in these highly interesting times, during a saturday rally in florida you may have seen that president trump set this. >> we have got to keep our country safe. you look at what is happening in germany, what is happening last night in sweden. sweden! who would believe this? sweden, they took in large numbers, they are having problems like they never thought possible.
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you look at what is happening in brussels, what is happening all over the world, take a look at nice. take a look at paris. >> tucker: some said they were confused by this, including the president of sweden who said this... >> i was surprised by the comments made -- about sweden this weekend. guess we have opportunities and challenges, we welcome them every day but we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly and for verifying any information that we spread. >> tucker: how confused are people really? we may never know. though the president was referring to a segment on this show, we show to an interview who visited sweeting to study its immigration experience, some police there told him this, watch. >> to see the violent spreading across sweden?
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>> at least one or two times a week. >> how often? >> three times a year. >> the increase in this crime is exponential? >> i think we are caught off guard. we didn't expect so much increase. >> do think there is a deliberate attempt to cover up crimes? >> rather, we don't want to seem racist. >> tucker: the two cops later denied meaning what they seem to mean, one called mr. horwitz a mad man. thank you for coming on. there were a number of pieces today calling into question the documentary. the allocations of those two policeman, they both said in effect, you must let them and they were not talking about
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immigration at all. and in effect, this is wrong, the depiction of them. how do you respond. >> let me first say that those two guys are really honorable men, they are brave men who are doing a wonderful service to their community. they really are. having said that, can you imagine the amount of pressure that must be on them from their bosses? this maelstrom that they found themselves in? i do not necessarily blame them for wanting to cover themselves on this but the reality is, everything i asked them, they are the ones that discussed. they did not want to be considered racist. describing these islamic enclaves, not me. i've been doing this, very high profile videos over the past ten years. i have never had a subject claim and certainly not prove that i ever misled them or docked the footage. it has never happened before.
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my record stands for itself. it's clear as day, it stands for itself. >> tucker: that's a pretty generous response considering one of these guys called you a madman. they said they were not talk about immigrants, high crime areas. in sweden. do think that is possible? >> oh, no. the no-go zones are clearly a discussion of islamic enclaves. why would they say -- if they were talking about simply suites in heim high crime rates? if it's clear from their answers, they were talking about whatever the subject we were talking about. >> tucker: as it happened, earlier this month, a cop in sweden wrote on facebook his complaints about immigrant crim crime. so, there were a number of other cases today called into question your crime stats.
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they basically all echoed the same point, saying there is no crime wave in sweden and certainly no crime wave of immigrants rapes. how do you answer that? >> i have read obviously a lot of the same stuff. i went in with belts and suspenders. i went through them all over again. the keeper of all statistics of crime statistics in sweden, some exact numbers. between 2012 and 2016, the murder rate is up almost 70%. this is sweden statistics. rape, between 2007 and 2015 is up a similar number. almost 70%. these are there statistics, not mine. >> tucker: are these government statistics? so in the last ten years, rape
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is up dramatically. so the claim, they had a long piece today saying it was not up at all. >> let me say, is it crazy they may be lying? nonpartisan -- if you look at their article today, in discussing our interview, trying to debunk it, they said that i said there are 500 swedish immigrants from islamic countries who have jobs and everybody else -- they said i said that. those words never left my mouth. obviously, they lied. that article. if you look at the videotape and interview, look at what they said you can see they are obviously lying. i do not know what to tell you. >> tucker: i may have it wrong but i believe that statistic comes from the swedish national council, by the way. i think it is incredible. >> i never said it but --
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>> tucker: ami whereabouts, thank you, that was really interesting. the president's remarks did cause consternation in sweden. known for ikea and pop music and it's nice people. joining us, we have seen a lot of speculation today about what people in sweden think. i do not know how you can get to the truth of that because in sweden, we were just talking about, you can be imprisoned for giving an unpopular opinion. in a society that practices censorship like that, or people really free to say what they think? >> one of the policeman, the posted something on facebook -- that case was dropped straight away. he is not under investigation anymore. he was for a while but because
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someone reported on him. but it was dropped. >> tucker: and i am glad he is free tonight. but he's a cop that said the majority of the crimes i investigate are committed by immigrants. that has got to have a chilling effect to put it mildly on people's willingness to say what they really think. >> people going to prison for talking about these issues, as far as i know, that has only been -- neo-nazis. >> tucker: probably people's whose opinions i do not agree with but some people expressing their political opinions who go to prison for that. that is foreign for us here but it has an effect on what people are willing to say in public, do not think? >> there has been a discussion about what you can say in public, as people are talking about hey, what you are allowed to say and not and things like
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that but obviously, he posted on facebook and all the media reported about it. it's not like -- nothing is going to happen to them. >> tucker: as a journalist, you cannot be in favor of that, can you? >> of course, people are reading about it in the media now, people are discussing it. it is all out. >> tucker: there is a book called mass challenge, and i think it's one of the biggest selling books, a real library in stockholm refused to put this book on the racks because library books ought to be characterized by diversity and pluralism. >> i do not know about why they do not have that book. >> tucker: you are from sweden, if i were in a party of educated people and saying immigrants commit crimes, how
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would that go over of people said that's true or what are the statistics or what they say how do you say that? >> right now, the situation in sweden is that the crime rate is a bit crazy. there are some members that are raising, like gun violence for example. but as far as we know and what studies show so far is that it has to do with people coming in from the e.u., the european union. as far as what we know, it has nothing to do with the refugees coming in. it doesn't really have to do -- >> tucker: i'm not making this up, the swedish national council, according that there stats, rape was up 13% from last year. overall crimes are up from 2016, that's a lot of crimes.
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>> i do not exactly where you got those numbers from. >> tucker: the swedish national council. >> the numbers we look at, i am a news reporter. if you look at the overall numbers and what has been going on in the long term, the numbers are definitely going down. it is decreasing but one of the crimes that has been decreased the most the last year, that with rape. also, if you look at rape in a wide historical perspective, there are some times when goes up because -- the definition of rape and sexual assault in sweden has been wider. more incidents are now being considered as rape. if you look at your numbers, i'm not exactly sure. i could be one of the reasons
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why it looks like more of them. >> tucker: because of the definition. that may be true. these are government numbers from sweden, not something i cooked up in my office backstage. but the overall crime rate, they said in 2016 -- 1.5 billion 1.e crimes. based on national origin in 2001, they were embarrassing but when they did keep them, they showed that foreign-born men were far more likely, four or five times more likely to commit sex crimes. our people allowed to say that there? >> in 2015, the police started to put a special code for crimes that were related to a lot of people coming in -- what we have seen so far, this is just been a short time. just 1% of the reported crimes
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that have anything to do with refugees. it is not like it has been -- hardly talking about on your show, a crime wave or a rape wave, that is not what we see in sweden. it was 1%, in that study. >> tucker: 13% crime spike in rape, presumably there is still real rapes. >> another set of that, when they ask women if they have ever been sexually assaulted or raped, that number has actually risen a little bit. that may be because many, many years ago, they are realizing now, maybe that was a rape. but the numbers with women reporting rape and sexual assault, that has not been up. >> tucker: i am not sure i
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fully understand but i appreciate the perspective. president trump's comments, a lot of all that has been scrambled to rebut the notion that there's been a crime wave, fox's concerns about swedish crime -- is it that simple, though? is the immigration problem in sweden really about white rate racism? thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> >> tucker: i did not know if we will get to the truth of it but it does seem like there is a legitimate concern about this in sweden, whether the average person feels free to express that. we know the government itself saying too many people are coming into this country and there is a social cost of the spirit if the wave of refugees and immigrants was not a problem, why would they throw it
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down as they have? >> i'm here for two reasons, facts matter. people make decisions based on what they believed to be true and those decisions have consequences. now more than ever when there is so much misinformation, and we have a president that takes advantage of a wide range of resources and you should be privileged to be one of them -- in giving him information to make important policy decisions for our country. it's really important and i appreciate the opportunity to have this dialogue for you. i say or show earlier and i thought it was great when you talked about we need to move beyond the personality and tweets of the president, we need to talk about the core issues. how to have people invested in our country. i think you are asking really great questions. what's really interesting to me, you have some great gas, the swedish journalist you had, i
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think she got in the details of the statistics, i really want to say i could get into it with you for the last two years, i have been steeped in this very much. i've seen statistics and reports. numbers, i would just point out that none of what i have seen packs up the claims that mr. horwitz has made in the interview he had with you and i watched it and i tried to listen for specific evidence or sources that he would say and i did not hear that. perhaps perhaps i missed it. >> tucker: he gave statistics from the swedish national council -- >> tucker: i'm talking about from earlier. >> tucker: these rape stats are real, maybe that's true, i am not an expert in swedish
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crime stats. >> i think we can sit here and talk about swedish rape stats, as her guest pointed out, i am not an expert on swedish rape stats, the crime rate has not skyrocketed as claimed. the reason that those rape stats may be high is because sweden encourages people to come forward. let me move on from that for a moment -- >> tucker: you just said that facts matter and i just threw out that the overall crime rate has gone up 1.5 million crimes in the year. maybe that has nothing to do with the refugees flooding into the country but the truth remains that the government has said it's just too many people, we cannot handle it. what is so controversial for americans to note that this is controversial? >> it's really interesting to me that for the last two days, we
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have been talking about sweden. we are talking about this and i think what the real conversation is, what we are really saying -- this is a conversation about security, fear, and misunderstanding. and it's about us. we are talking about sweeting because what we are really talking about is could this happen to us? i can tell you that sweden is a wonderful country, i can go on about it, it is -- they had their challenges. they have taken a lot of people and they are dealing with the challenges. that does not mean that that is somehow related to migrants, when you take so many people. we are never going to be sweden. sweden has taken about 200,000 people over the last three years, proportion to our population. if we were to take that many people, we would have taken 6-7 million refugees. >> tucker: i'm running out of patience because you're not getting into the core -- it has
6:19 pm
to do with us -- >> what does this have to do with us? >> tucker: they have the exact same response, anyone with a quality about this, my point is their real reasons not to like it, you do not have to be a bigot not to like it, there are social and economic costs and nobody on the left wants to admit it and i do not know why. it's very patronizing and annoying to have to lie. >> would mr. horwitz with having that conversation with you, saying i went to some swanky party, that actually made me crack up a little bit. that is this is just me. >> tucker: the party that was considered so right wing is now
6:20 pm
vying for second place. >> you want to talk about core issues, this is another country we are talking about, the politics and demographics and challenges of another country. why are we talking about any other country? why are we talking about sweden? >> tucker: we can talk about france, germany, belgium, great britain. it's a template for what is happening here. that is why. >> that is what i'm trying to say. that's what i started out by saying, let's talk about the core issues. we are talking about this because we think it has something to do with us. >> tucker: we are out of time, i wish we had gotten more to the point here, ambassador. i appreciate your expertise. up next, president trump announced his next choice, we will tell you more who he picke picked. also spent hours debating whether our president would be welcomed by the queen, we talk about with that debate might. mean for our special relationship, next.
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>> tucker: president trump revealed his replacement for general mike flynn today, announcing that general h.r. mcmaster will take his place as national security advisor. we are joined by john roberts. >> good evening to you, h.r. mcmaster, a highly decorated career officer in the military, the guy who has been a combatant commander in the gulf war operation iraqi freedom. very, very well respected. very hawkish on russia and
6:25 pm
skeptical on vladimir putin. the president clearly happy there, mara log out of a national security advisor on board. >> a man of tremendous talent and experience, i have read a lot over the last two days, he is highly respected by everybody in the military, we are very honored to have him. >> i just want to say what a privilege it is to be continuing to serve our nation, i am grateful that opportunity. >> look at what senator john mccain tweeted out... on the docket for tomorrow here at the white house, we are expecting that the white house counsel will approve some new powers and manpower for dhs to deal with illegal immigration.
6:26 pm
secretary john kelly sent over documents, they will among other things hire an additional 10,000 i.c.e. agents, and more border patrol agents and focus on prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens, convicted of a criminal offense, those that have a charge pending against them, people that i've abused public benefit programs. interesting aspect and a subject to removal orders but are still in the country, basically they are targeted for deportation but they have not yet left the country. the 287g program which of the partnership with local law enforcement to get them involved in defending the border and apprehending illegal aliens. but it does not include the national guard. of course, later on this week we are expecting the extreme vetting executive order. this one according to the white house will pass legal muster because -- a big week for
6:27 pm
immigration this week. >> tucker: we will be following us. liberal activists use the presidente holiday for something -- outrage. we will talk about that next. switch to esurance could save money on car insurance. in fact, safe drivers who switch from geico to esurance could save hundreds. so if you switch to esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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6:31 pm
caribbean, but for some people, presidents' day was a nice excuse to protest. thousands gathered across the country for a "not my president's day" protest, we are joined tonight by person who's participated today. when i see a lot of protest leaders, i am mostly in why? there been a lot of protest against trump in a lot of famous people, people with tv shows jumping up and down saying he is hitler, et cetera, it does not seem like it is has had much of fact why do you think your protests will have much of a difference? >> i think they are deftly making an impact. it's called a movement and as you have seen, the protests are getting larger. their multiple protests coming up in reference to trump's taxes, as a man, there lgbt protest in reference to
6:32 pm
potential actions against the speetwelve community. it's a movement, it is getting to trump as well. we can see them getting frazzled by the media, i deftly think they are making a definite impact. >> tucker: you want the president to be more frazzled? >> obviously you are saying is not making a difference and i think it is. >> tucker: you are saying as a gay man, you want to call to lgbt issues. i am not aware that trump is on a different side of you for many of those issues. what you mean? >> there has been some potential legislation out there, federal executive orders he wants to place. these past protests -- >> tucker: like what? >> let me finish my thought. these protest have started since january, the women's march, the muslim ban, people are
6:33 pm
disagreeing with all of trump's references to what he wants to do. i think today was just another one of those positive causes where people are uniting together and they are making a statement against what trump is trying to put into motion. >> tucker: i get that, the details kind of matter because it's a protest -- you are trying to influence the most powerful man in the world. what are you worried about as a gay man? what is trump going to do to you as a gay man? >> the upcoming june lgbt march in l.a., today with an "not my president's day" march because many of us to agree. if you're looking at all these protests that are happening, you see thousands and thousands -- the inauguration day march, there are -- >> tucker: i want to bring you back to the point that i asked
6:34 pm
about a couple of times, trump released a letter today saying all the protections for gay workers in place, he's going to keep in place. to say you are worried as a gay, what executive orders are you talking about? >> there was an initial report where -- >> tucker: i think it's fair for me to ask you. >> if you look at his cabinet -- he is on that platform to speak for the presidency, beginning the reelection campaign, mike pence as much as i disagree with the man is actually doing presidential things overseas. >> tucker: i thought pentz was the bad one, now he's a good
6:35 pm
one? >> you are twisting my words. >> tucker: i'm not, you said you're protesting trump because you are afraid of what he's going to do. >> my being gay is not the point of this. >> tucker: you brought it up. >> and if i was a woman i would mention how i was at the. >> tucker: there are gay people watching that her thinking holy smokes, what is trump going to do to me? what is the answer? >> it is well-known that there is potential legislation out there, there is a leaked report -- covered by the media -- >> tucker: but he doesn't do that, that's congress. >> do you want to talk about the actual "not my president's day" protest or we will just go off on a tangent? i made off-the-cuff remarks
6:36 pm
about my being a gay man and i feel like i've been talking about that more than the actual protest itself. if we want to get back about the protest, i'd be more than happy to. >> tucker: i asked you why your protesting, you said there are a bunch of reasons. people of goodwill that say i am gay and i am worried about president trump. >> i also mentioned the tax protest and you are completely deviating, picking up one specific thing i said. i'm glad you find this funny because i don't particularly -- >> tucker: thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. up next, politicians and the u.k. spent three hours debating the most pressing matter in british politics. whether to deny a state visit to president trump. how did that go? we will tell you next.
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>> tucker: there is a furious argument in the british parliament today over trump deserves the honor of a state visit. onlookers were treated to a three hour long spectacle of infective and inventive hostility. here are some highlights. >> he has caused problems, and every particular area in which she is becoming involved. >> does he agree to use the expression grabbed him by the [bleep] and that he should not be afforded a visit with the queen? >> knew something quite refreshing about a politician actually doing what they said they would do before they were elected and while this is quite ridiculous, it is actually a reaction to the chaos caused in the middle east by previous generations of politicians which in my view is far worse than anything that trump has done an
6:42 pm
which many of the people in this room voted for. where is the respect for that? >> tucker: yeah, yeah! in the end, the conservative majority upheld trump's invitation to their home but what does it say about the special relationship between us and the u.k.? we are joined now by steve hilton. steve, it is great to see her. what does this mean? is there something real at the bottom? i have a terrible feeling that this is kind of my fault, it was actually something i pushed through which is the idea that if you get enough signatures on a petition that goes to the british parliament's web site, it's required that it is debated. i apologize if i had anything to do with this. if you look at the reasons that people give, why trump should not be given the honor of a state visit and then you really
6:43 pm
examined -- they say it is due to his attitudes towards women. let's look at some of the people that have been given state visits recently, despots from the middle east. where women cannot vote, drive, forced to cover up in public. it is trump turning into some kind of authoritarian dictator? we heard that a lot, just recently, the british parliament was ponding over the cruel and brutal dictator of china. it has nothing to do with substance, the reason -- just so much as a trump protest here, people cannot just stand trump. a lot of it i think has to do with snobbery, intellectual and cultural snobbery. but he is making money in real estate than some kind of more admirable profession, being a journalist or professor. they cannot stand the fact that he speaks in plain english rather than the jargon of
6:44 pm
politics which usually hides the truth and they cannot stand the fact that he articulates the concerns of working people rather than the cultural elite. those are the reasons that you've got this outcry from -- he should be given a state visi visit. >> tucker: i was in london three days ago, it was a great place but every sketchy émigre in the world is there, open g bodies, it's an open society but the idea that trump is beyond the pale, it's a little weird. >> i know, it's just ridiculous. it's something interesting that's going on. not just in the u.k. but in america, with the left in general. they are becoming really antidemocratic. they really cannot -- they are so angry at some of these expressions of the will of the people who had enough of the policies that have clearly failed like open borders, that
6:45 pm
have left working people without jobs and without pay rates for decades. they have expressed their will in votes like brexit. the elites are so angry, they can't stand it. they're becoming antidemocratic, they literally want to overturn those results in the u.k. now. you have tony blair just the other day saying there should be a second referendum to overturn the brexit vote. people here speculating about how we can get rid of trump before the next election. this is interesting that the left which used to be based on standing up for people is now standing up for the technocratic elite, for the establishment. it seems to be the conservative movement that is for the people. >> tucker: they use to up for free speech too. that was 20 years ago. a pair of moms in new jersey saying their children schools are suppressing christianity
6:46 pm
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>> tucker: parents in new jersey are disturbed by what they say is the local school inordinate emphasis on teaching the beliefs of islam while suppressing any expression of christianity. in a social studies class were shown a cartoon of the five pillars of islam, statements like there is no god but a la, and it ends with the non-muslim accompanying a muslim friend to a mosque to pray. parents saying the -- thanks for joining us. why do you think this
6:51 pm
instruction crosses the line from simply teaching religion to promoting it? >> thank you for having us. i think it crosses a line because it teaches one religion and not all others. it's a world culture and geography course, no other religion is taught. to me, that is not education. because in order to educate, you need to teach all. i also feel that if you're going to teach it to that degree, you are teaching the doctrines of religion. our question was if you're going to do that in the public school would you be comfortable with teaching the doctrines of christianity? would you be comfortable in a public school to say jesus is the way, the truth, and the light and no one comes to him but through me? i do not know that the school but say that.
6:52 pm
>> tucker: that's kind of the question, i personally think it is worth learning what the great world religions are about but if you ask your child's teacher to say teach them the nicene creed or the kata schism, what kind of response would you get? >> actually had an experience three years ago, my son put together a fundraiser, it was a video production and in the fund raiser production, he had a small quote of the bible and they told him this belongs in sunday school but then how to tell the class that the video didn't work. i am all in favor of teaching religion if it's all done in the same manner and same depth. >> tucker: i think that is a fair request for any parent or citizen. i've seen stories like this before, they follow it pretty familiar course. appearance you simply click the scum of the complaints, parent gets denounced as a snow llama phobic or racist. has that happened?
6:53 pm
>> both as a great expense -- wd then all of our facebook, with people who knew us or didn't not know us, xenophobic, islamophobic, it went as far as the kkk which i do not know what this has to do with it. >> i was stare down at a grocery store and i believe i was in the express line but yet i was still stared down. it was pretty unnerving. everybody in town was really unnerving. >> tucker: how has the superintendent responded to this? >> in the meeting was basically saying he will look into it and maybe he will have the curriculum committee look into it. the meetings are not public first of all and second, when we emailed the superintendent the next day to discuss in detail what we could do to address this, he refused to be with us. >> yeah, we just wanted to keep the conversation going with him.
6:54 pm
we realize the community is not happy with how we presented this before the board, can we talk to again? can we talk to the leader -- the head of the curriculum and he wrote back and said it is not going to be productive. what we really wanted to discuss what was that the state sets a high level goals but we wanted to know who picks the curriculum? the videos that they were shown? the 20 page powerpoint, what gets included and what is not. >> tucker: and you cannot get an answer? i bet you that interest groups are involved in the vetting of those materials. >> i would like lunch. >> the superintendent said to you i'm not interested in hearing from you and blew you off. >> he said it would not be productive and we should continue to come to the board of education meetings and express our opinions and concerns in the public. the issue with that it's your only given a short time to speak and it is usually -- you cannot get into that level of detail.
6:55 pm
>> sometimes it's after-the-fact. >> tucker: i think of a legitimate complaint and i hope this helps him hear you. thank you for joining us. up next, the tsa made an embarrassing showing at jfk airport today, we will tell you what happened and what did not happen.
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
don't forget to dvr the show if you have not already, hannity, up next. have a great night. >> sean: welcome to hannity, the ultraleft propaganda media is now at war with you, the american people ad that is tonight's opening monologue. trump is once again showing he has no longer going to put up with the out-of-control left-wing media bias and that this week in florida, the president once again took direct aim at these corrupt news organizations. take a look at this. >> this dishonest media which has published one false story after