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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 24, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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lovely day. it is friday. the end of the week. you're watching "fox & friends first" this morning, i'm heather childers. >> and i'm rob schmit, good morning to you. the first president to do so since ronald reagan. heather: that's right, a rousing first day with headliner mike pence rallying the crowd. rob: good morning, griff. >> hey, rob and heather, good morning, i'm outside the hotel where cpac is being held because the secret service has cleared the building and sweeping it in anticipation of the important and historic speech in the many ways because president trump will be the first president to speak to cpac in first time and that's exactly what vice president mike pence did last night. take a listen.
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>> folks, this is the a team, president trump has assembled the conservatives cabinet in my lifetime. an opportunity that only comes in a few generations. >> mercedes sclapp said that what mike pence said it brought together the populist and conservative establishment in which they believe that trump's agenda is a good movement and important one and a lot of people are excited about it and we heard from a rare person in the white house, steve bannon from the senior adviser last night who talked a little bit about what they hope today accomplish. >> just like they were dead wrong on campaign and dead wrong in transition, they are absolutely dead wrong about what's going on today because we have a team that's grinding it
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and the media better understand this, all of the promises are going to be implemented. >> and that's exactly what we expect to hear from president trump at 10:00 o'clock about the promises he made on the campaign trail and the promises he intends to keep. there will probably be criticism of the media, one of favorite topics, before him, former navy seal and the man who killed osama bin laden but all eyes on president trump to see what he says in this historic speech, rob, heather. heather: familiar face to a lot in fox. rob: gift to the gopaying that he's directly responsible for the biggest overhaul in decades. >> many times since january 20th, i have raised a glassed and toasted harry reid because harry reid employed the
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so-called nuclear option, broke the senate rules to change the senate rules, lowered threshold from confirmation from 60 votes to 51 and a direct result to harry reid that we now have the most conservative cabinet in decades. [cheers and applause] >> i'm sure mr. reid enjoyed that. reid changed rules to help democrats and backfiring for liberals. allows executive office to pass confirmation by a simple majority instead of 60 votes, 51 now. cruz went onto paining a bold prediction about america's top court. >> i think we will have another supreme court vacancy this summer. that happens as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full armagedon meltdown. >> niel gorsuch to fill vacancy are set to begin next month.
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heather: president trump top government officials making amends with méxico. rex tillerson and john kelly working smooth over differences on immigration. >> we agree that our two countries should seize the opportunity to modernize and strengthen our trade and energy relationship, we also reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order along our shared border by stopping potential terrorists and dismantling the transnational criminal networks moving drugs and people into the united states. heather: both countries agree that they are commit today working through the disputes diplomatically. rob: liberal governor directly defying our president vowing not to work with ice agents to deport illegal immigrants. heather: now an angel mom whose daughter was killed by and illegal immigrant fires back. good morning, jackie.
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jackie: telling schools and police to disregard federal procedures following the recent immigration order, our own tucker carlson challenging maloy asking if his decision actually help people in his state. >> does make it easier for illegal aliens to stay in the state of connecticut improve the lives of the citizens of connecticut? >> we are not doing anything for anyone to stay in our state. >> yes, you are. >> we should not be expending local dollars, state locals to do the government's job. >> sparking backlash from people in the state, casey was stabbed to death by and illegal immigrant back in 2015 but he should have been deported years
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before that. delivering a powerle message to the governor. >> i'm outraged, how can he say not to enforce the laws that are out there and in place. it hurts me and it will hurt a lot of people that, you know, we tragically lost our children to criminal illegal aliens that should have been deported or should still be deported and, you know, it's not happening. it's not happening fast enough. >> hartling went on that her death goes on with her in every movement. back to you, guys. heather: tough to hear from those families and how they were impacted. rob: yeah, jackie, thank you so much. heather: thank. fox news alert for you, two police officers shot on the job just one mile from the u.s. capitol. they were respond to go reports of shots fired when more gunfire
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exploded. both officers wounded but they are expected to be okay, that's good. the suspect killed in that shoot-out. rob: well, nearly 2,000 pouring in after police released recording of the voice of man who murdered two attended girl. liberty german courageously record that had as she demanded that she and and abigail williams move down that hill. investigators found the recording along with the picture on liberty's phone. the girls advantage last week and the reward is $50,000. heather: so brave to do that. rob: smart. heather: fired his gun in front of a crowd of teenagers.
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this cell phone video showing the lapd officer shoot at the ground after the teenagers walked across his property. union claims that the officer was attacked and need today defend himself and anaheim police say it's insufficient evidence, though, to charge the officer, he is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. no one was injured. rob will be a plane packed with people collapses in high winds, moment was caught on camera >> there it was, the propeller ends up grinding on the runway as the pilot tries to touchdown without a landing gear in amsterdam. it appears everybody was okay. as you can see the plane left tilted on its side.
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heather: whoa, which side would you want to be on? rob: left side. heather: trump administration laying out regressive plan. cheryl: steven mnuchin spoke with fox business yesterday and layed out plans as far as tax reform. he's talking about middle-class tax cut, if we do make cut that is help the wealthy with will close loopholes. he sat down with maria bartiromo in mornings with maria. >> tax reform is our number one objective. our timeline is we are going to try to get it done by august. we need to make sure that the middle income gets a tax cut and businesses are competitive to the rest of the world. cheryl: so august, that's the big question mark, guys, we were
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pervious when the interview came it, i was, anyway. we hit ten record days in a row for the dow. we haven't seen the numbers since 1987 but it looks like the market is like, all right, august, we will take it. if we can get some reform done for 2016 you might sort of see football benefits in 2018. heather: you tell us about recall items. 545,000 swings have been recall ed. two children suffered brown arms. very serious recall. this one should not be with your child at this point at all.
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rob: that's not good at all, what about the taco bell or stop selling something? cheryl: i bring you awesome food and take it away. they are taking away at least for now, i'm going to say it thatway the chicken chalupa, it was supposed to be a limited time offer plan, the one with the chicken and taco shell, i liked it. heather: no. cheryl: we were all fans in the green room. i think it did pretty well. heather: not limited time on your waistline. rob: 11 minutes after the hour, media bias alert. >> dear mr. president, dear mr. president, i want you to know that i don't like your definition of american.
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>> i'm afraid that you're going hurt -- rob: nbc news under fire for that video featuring kids who are terrified about donald trump. heather: as conservatives to stand on cpa who do republicans respect the most. >> who is the conservative that you admire the most? >> at the moment i love kellyanne conway. >> what comes to mind is kellyanne conway. heather: who does kellyanne conway respect the most? he found out anyway. rob: a whale of a tale, look at that. >> amazing. >> we will see it all when we come back. in the state of texas. ♪
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", a brand-new report faith leaders are building underground railroad to
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protect from deportations. a group in los angeles is building secret homes to hide families from ice. this comes as the white house ramps up efforts to throw out illegal immigrants. rob: pot smokers have been put on notice. the trump administration now plan to go step up enforcement of federal laws against recreational marijuana. that move could undercut the growing number of jurisdictions trying to legalize weed completely. president trump says medical marijuana can help with debilitating diseases. heather: all eyes are on president trump as he's said to take the stage hours from now at cpac. rob: who do republicans respect the most, jesse waters went to find out. >> is this your first cpac?
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>> yes, i'm so excited, i'm full of energy. >> is that a fact? >> who is the conservative that you admire the most? >> i would have to say nikki haley. i think she pave it is way for a lot of money and i love watching her the way she speaks and carries herself. >> for me ronald reagan, i grew up in the 80's and so he was the man back in the 80's. >> i grew up in the 80's too. >> you're an 80's child. >> i'm going to say ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan or margaret thatcher. >> think about it the left portrays women, rock star who loved america and worked with us on things. i think it's pretty awesome. >> that was awesome. >> who is the conservative that you admire the most? >> at the moment i love kellyanne conway. >> what comes to mind kellyanne conway. the woman who embodies how a
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woman should be in politics. >> the conservative i admired in living is president donald trump. >> is really realigning the conservative movement. he's an outsider and not legacy politician. >> i love dana parino. she's a strong woman and i hope i get to be press seghtrary one day. >> i have to put jesse watters, two t's. >> thank you very much. >> she did say jesse watter. heather: stars promise today get political but many say enough is enough, why our next guest says why america is sick of kill bringty cry babies. rob: real men provide appreciate. social media fire storm
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> all right, from meryl streep at the golden globes to ashton kutcher and one thing that has stole tennessee grammys at this award show that has been the theme hol woods protesting the president. heather: hollywood's biggest night around the corner, is that really what people want to hear? caitlin colins from the david caller is here to weigh in. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. heather: let's bring up the poll, there's a difference between the different political groups, do you change the channel when celebs talk politics, 66% of trump voters change the panel, 19% of clinton supporters change the channel
2:23 am
but the celebrities aren't going to listen to that, right in they are already prepared with what they are going to say in. >> yeah, it's pretty obvious that celebrities think on behalf of america and if you have watched award shows over the last year you have seen that and they really don't like donald trump and only increased since he won the presidency because, you know, these are people who campaigned on behalf of hillary clinton, they felled fundraisers for her at their homes and upset that their political opinions didn't matter when americans voted on election day. rob: can i ask one thing, i want to play the other side for a second here, when mr. trump goes after meryl streep, she kind of let it off and then he has the big response on twitter and i couldn't help but wonder why does the president care about what meryl streep thinks, he's making this happen? >> that's true, death has shown that he's not a usual president.
2:24 am
somebody asked secretary sean spicer if donald trump would be watching and he said no, he wouldn't be, that he was busy. rob: he will hear about it, though. heather: he will hear about it, for sure. it doesn't matter for people, has your opinion been impacted been an award show, 76% of people say no. >> yeah, that's the one thing that donald trump and hillary clinton supporters have in common, when meryl streep gives up to give a speech, they may like her acting but they don't care what she has to say about politics. >> i wonder if this year maybe it'll be different or with this award to be different. remember a few years ago when clint eastwood went after obama. heather: yeah. >> obama killed him with kindness. i wonder if you just ignore it and starts to go away. heather: don't go see their movies?
2:25 am
do you think they're concerned about that at all? >> i don't think it's going to go away any time soon. they like to lecture everyday americans on what they think should be happening and now since their candidate didn't win, this is their next mode of operation and get donald trump out of office and get that many people dislike him as possible. rob: we understand. >> heather: you assume it at this point. at the same time melania trump will be holding a ball. >> having the governor's ball at the white house sunday night. that's why they said they won't be watching. they are preoccupied. yes, some people may be concerned that donald trump tweeted about meryl streep but on sunday night he will be fulfilling presidential duties and won't be tweeting about the oscars. >> he has bigger fish to fry. heather: i watch the red carpet arrivals and then tune out when the award show starts. thank you for joining us caitlin.
2:26 am
>> see you later. heather: does liberal hollywood's opinion, their message resinate or are you fed up and ready to change the channel on the oscars, we always like your reasons. rob: 25 minutes after the hour, terrorists paid by taxpayers? where isis fighters are now getting thousands of dollars in welfare benefits. >> john kasich, the governor of illinois said, thank god for medicaid. heather: social media with laughter over nancy pelosi's mistake. that's up next
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♪ ♪ ♪ rob: i do like our red christmas lights or whatever you would call those, the red lights on the tree. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm rob schmit. heather: it is friday and half past half of the hour. president trump hours away from addressing the crowd. first president to take the stage since ronald reagan. rob: mike pence firing up the crowd last night. griff jenkins with a show of conservative unity, griff. >> hey, rob and heather, the secret service still clearing the building, getting ready for president trump's trump speech a little after 10:00 a.m. and i will tell you, it's very exciting talking to the folks here because it's historic that
2:31 am
president has spoke in first term since ronald reagan. reagan you dance with the one that brung you, a clear reference that i'm with you, conservatives, i believe in what you believe in, we will see if donald trump can do that today. his vice president mike pence fired up the crowd last night. >> you have elected a man for president who never quits, he never backs down, he is a fighter, he is a winner and i promise you he will never stop fighting until we make america great again. >> i spoke already this morning to mercedes schlapp who is the wife of matt schlapp and said that pence's speech was symbolic because it signifies coming together to get president's agenda done and we had a rare appearance from steve bannon, the white house adviser, here is
2:32 am
what he had to say about all of that. >> all he's doing right now is he's layed out an agenda with those speeches with the promises he made and our job every day is to competent cue cute -- execute on that. >> so we don't know what president trump will talk about in this speech, we expect he will probably take a shot at the media, he likes to do that but we will probably will hear about a new conservative movement and certainly a lot of millennials. cpac draws new people. heather: president trump is also preparing to show vision to congress, the speech will focus on the renewal of the american spirit. >> the address will particularly focus on public safety including defense, increased border security, taking care of our veterans and then economic
2:33 am
opportunity including education, job training, healthcare reform, jobs and tax and regulatory reform. heather: president trump is previewing tuesday night's address in exclusive interview with "fox & friends" that will air tuesday morning, first morning show appearance since his inauguration. rob: okay, brand-new details in the bizarre cold war style murder of kim jong un's half brother, assassins used a highly toxic chemical classified as mass destruction, completely odorless. isn't that scary? a pair of female assassins, one of the wildest things we had seen, they used nothing but their bare hand to fatally poison that man. heather: epidemic of the government funded terror spreading across europe, a new report revealing multiple
2:34 am
countries accidentally funding isis with welfare benefits. it's true, countries like sweden, denmark, belgium and france using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars giving money to the terror group, giving them unemployment and disability benefits and then finding out that that money actually went to waging war in iraq and syria. >> wyoming senate shooting down a campus carry bill that would have allowed students and other people who aren't police to carry gun on college campuses, those in favor allowing more people would create a safer environment to defend themselves but education officials from the university of wyoming and six community colleges strongly disagree. heather: google accusing of stealing technology, the self-driving car company suing the ride-share company saying a former employee stole company secrets and started his own company that was then bought by uber for more than $600 million and google discovering the
2:35 am
alleged corporate espionage when a supplier accidentally e-mailed the company with confidential information. rob: i did a story about that. all right, going viral this morning, talk about a whale of a tail. >> gizzard, gizzard. [laughter] heather: that is amazing, the tourist is bending down to kiss that great whale while in a tour in magdalena bay. he actually goes down in the water and back up a little bit more. right there. rob: get some love. why not? heather: time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and real men provide real women appreciate. the billboard creating social
2:36 am
media fire storm. rob: i bet. a big weekend for the big screen, of oscars two days away, who is going to take home the awards, kevin mccarthy has his predictions coming up. >> now of your hard-earned money wasted by the government. you will never believe how they were spending it. here is a hint, big foot
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heather: welcome back, "fox & friends first" media bias alert. nbc news now accused of using children to push their political agenda. >> that's right, carley shimkus with fox news headlines, siriusxm. >> the topic, dear mr. president.
2:40 am
the video fea chiers a group of kids who express nothing but despair and fear over the trump presidency. >> dear mr. president. >> you make me feel small. >> i want you to know that i don't like your definition of america. >> you are here attempt to go whitewash america. >> he's afraid the president will hurt his african-american family. >> you are as low as dirt using children to stream your agenda is terrible. it's teaching children to be afraid of their government. how about teaching them to appreciate government? now the conservative outlet says nbc has gone out of its way to present all children of being terrified of a trump-led nation. rob: certainly bias there. heather: nancy pelosi apparently does not know what illinois,
2:41 am
ohio -- >> recent speech at the health action 2017 conference is raising eyebrows from critics who quickly pointed out that he accidentally called john kasich the governor of the wrong state, take a listen. >> john kasich, the governor of illinois, said thank god for medicaid. carley: oops. the small clip is going viral. the president has term limits then all government positions should. love democrats. they make vote to go easy. >> just a defender, i kind of think she knew that because kasich in ohio were huge. heather: how would you make that mistake? i don't know. carley: great debate online, absolutely.
2:42 am
rob: i'm die to go figure out where this billboard came from? carley: strong reaction on social media over billboard that says real men provide, real women appreciate it. critics calling inappropriate and sexist. nancy says what is this 1950, men provide, women provide, respect each other, period. you know what, guys, other people doesn't see it as a big deal. the company that owns that sign is standing by the message calling it freedom of speech. a protest is plan for sunday. about a hundred people have signed up on facebook saying that they will go to that protest. heather: it doesn't say that women don't eastern, it just makes a comment -- carley: what is it even selling? why is it even there? heather: they can put one behind it, women eastern and men appreciate.
2:43 am
rob: thank you so much. all right, let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". heather: good morning, steve. steve: i found this chair in your office. it's really something, you can work out and sit and get a lot -- heather: amazing. steve: i'm exhausted. find out how you can get a super bowl exclusively for you. "fox & friends" viewer. marie harper is going to join us . geraldo rivera and judge pirro, we are all going to put them in the chair coming up. heather: i don't know if you're being tortured or exercising. steve: exercise is torture, believe me. heather: thank you so much.
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heather: welcome back, "fox & friends first", no place to hide now. you shelter illegal immigrant in texas from the federal government it is a felony. an appeal's court ruling that police can pick up where they left off and resume enforcing the state harboring law. the judge's dismissing lawsuit claiming that the law targets landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. >> vowing weekly protests against president trump and his policies. >> we are commit today a resistance and we are committed to building an america that we will make our own.
2:48 am
>> i marched in the 60's and marched on january 21st and i will keep marching. rob: they want to breeze new life in modern world of activetism. heather: award season has led up to all one big night, the of courses this sunday. rob: which films will win it all, fox news contributor kevin mccarthy is here with the predictions, best director in. >> looking dapper. you're already dressed for the occasion. >> heather and rob, good morning to you, i'm rocking my tux. my wife and i are film critics, on sunday when we watched the oscars we dress up. i wear a tux at my house. our dog is named oscar and we watch the show together.
2:49 am
this is exactly what i will be wearing on oscar night. heather: oscar, of course his name is oscar. >> it is, of course. this is a great year for movies, i watch over a hundred films a year but best director is an interesting category, you're going to see a 32-year-old film maker take the stage, he's an absolutely brilliant film maimer, director of whiplash and now la la land. the opening shot of la la land is worth best director award. he's an older soul. a beautiful film with music and dance numbers but shot well on 35 mill miter win. that's my will win and should win best director damien chazelle. >> it's a great movie. rob: i didn't know it was the same guy.
2:50 am
>> i agree. rob: best supporting actor, how about that one? >> he wrote whiplash because he couldn't get la la land made for so many years. whiplash was angry writing piece because he continue get la la land made. i agree, supporting actor. now this is an interesting category, i think it's going to come down to ali for moonlight and in my opinion lucas, it was much more of a supporting role. he's in the film but i thought that there was a stronger role. i absolutely loved moonlight. lucas deserves the award. heather: we will see what happens. you have the best supporting actress, actress, who would that be? viola davis. she's going to win the award, she's february onlynal with fences and did the stage and she's taking home the award, no
2:51 am
question. rob: i heard fences was fantastic, how about best factor ? >> act or and actress are completely up in the air. before going into the award season was definitely going to be casey affleck, he won the golden globe and critic's choice and on sunday night den zel washington took the award. out of the last ten winners at the sag awards each of them won best actors at the oscars, if den zel won the sag, you have to think you might win the oscars, i think it's den zel washington, don't be surprised if you see casey affleck pop in there as well. heather: either/or. best actress? >> another category, probably the toughest one. leading up natalie portman had it going for jackie, no
2:52 am
question, she had the momentum and isabel won for elle and sunday emma stone won for la la land. i think she will win the award, any three of those actresses can take it home but i'm going to predict emma stone. i'm hoping she wins. rob: she was great in the movie. how about the big one, best picture? >> yeah, i think this is ultimately going to go to la la land but i want to say a couple of things here, la la land has 14 nominations, tied for the most oscar nominations ever with titanic. heather: wow. >> i do think it's going to go heavily against with moonlight as well as hidden figures. i do think la la land will end uptaking it. i love the film so much and damien did a wonderful job. sunday night, i will be tweeting along the whole show at kevin
2:53 am
mccarthy tv, you want to follow me and send me your predictions, i would love to hear your predictions. heather: with your beautiful wife and your dog named oscar. >> we are going to go out and buy a sunday and put our dog affect. >> next to it and put oscar sunday. heather: you had to do it. rob: that was great. heather: i haven't seen any of the movies. rob: some good ones in there. heather: grand finale of what's been a politically charged award season. rob: we want to know what you think about liberal's message or are you fed up or ready to change the channel with all of those speeches, most of you said you plan not to tune in. heather: won't be watching, tired of thinking someone cares about what they think. they aren't important. america first. rob: i will try to watch until it gets too political. that might only take a couple of minutes, mike. i want to escape and be entertained for a few hours.
2:54 am
of course. heather: not spending any money on movies and definitely not watching the oscars, thank you all for your feedback, we appreciate it. we are talking on that online as well on the website and you were saying the same thing goes with espn, also sports becoming political as well. rob: yeah, absolutely. heather: time now six minutes until the top of the hour and -- kindergarten adorable wedding, yeah, for their ducks, the story that will make your morning. >> you're out of focus. rob: also your hard-earned taxpayer dollars funding a study for big foot. heather: wow. rob: you will never believe how much money was wasted here? heather: does he exist
2:55 am
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test. rob: coming up on 6:00, before you leave the house, this is what is happening today. president trump taking the stage at cpac. first time president will speak at the convention first year in office since ronald reagan in 1981. bill de blasio in the hot seat over fundraising. the feds want to know whether de blasio traded government favors in order for donations for campaign or his defunct nonprofit.
2:59 am
kensington blast opening akensi. this year marks 20 years since her death. heather: now it's time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. now the good. this is the cutest thing you will see all day. kindergartners throwing a wedding for ducks ♪ quack, quack, quack quack if. heather: congratulations in order. the kids doing the chicken dance at the ceremony. the ducks were born at the zoo two years ago and they come back to visit all the time. the bad. the siberian tirings taken down a drone. the big cats taking on the chopper battling it out of the sky. thousands of dollars going to study big foot?
3:00 am
>> it's big foot! >> could you back up a bit, mr. foot, you are out of focus. heather: national park service is putting aside 150,000 to do so study the mythical creature. the program looking into sea monsters and unexplained life. rob: should have paid me. i would have done the study. fstles begins right now. heather: bi. >> he is a fighter. he is a winner. i promise you he will never stop fighting until we make america great again. >> every day in the oval office he tells reince and i promised this when i ran and i'm going to deliver on this. >> as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full armageddon meltdown. >> let me be very, very clear. there will be no, repeat, no mass deportation. >> you don't get to yell out questions. we are going to raise hands like big boys and girls president trump goes up to par


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