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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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as this battle continues. let me know what you think send me at tweet at martha maccallum #first 100. see you back here monday. o'reilly is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> chris: hi, i'm chris wallace in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. our top story, president trump wows the crowd at cpac today with a rousing speech that hit on a number of familiar themes. immigration, the wall, isis, the economy, and obamacare. but it was his blistering attack on the media that really got the crowd going. the president doubled down on his condemnation of unnamed sources and so-called fake news. >> a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. [cheers] >> in fact, in covering my
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comments, the dishonest media did not explain that i called the fake news the enemy of the people, the fake news. they dropped off the word "fake" and all of a sudden the story became the media is the enemy. they take the word fake out. i'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody'ssomebody said a poll e out. and i say what network is it? and they will say a certain -- let's not even mention names, right? should we? well, you have a lot of them. look, the clinton news network is one. [cheers and applause] as you saw throughout the entire campaign and even now the fake news doesn't tell the truth. >> chris: but one of the targets of mr. trump's fire
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the editor of the "new york times" makes no apology for his paper's coverage of the trump administration. >> i think the coverage of donald trump has been sensational. i mean sensational in a good way but not sensationalistic. i think it's been tough and aggressive. i think he is not used to it. >> chris: joining us from miami with reaction fox news analyst bernie goldberg purveyor of bernard bernie, what do you make of president trump's continued general attack on, quote, fox news media and his specific attack now on the use of unnamed sources? >> this isn't donald trump shooting from the lip as he so often does. this is a coordinated, calculated, war on the media and the goal is simple. try to bring them down, try to delegitimize them. try to take away what credibility they may still have left, eviscerate that credibility so that when they -- and they will,
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report something donald trump doesn't like, and i don't mean just doesn't like i mean really doesn't like, people won't believe them. comes down to a sentence. steve bannon and donald trump want to bring the mainstream fake media as they put it down before the media bring them down. >> chris: let me pick up on that because the president complained in his diatribe about unnamed sources. he complained specifically about a "the washington post" story that had nine unnamed sources. and he said well, that's bull. they didn't have any sources. but, in fact, the story he is referring to was "the washington post story that revealed the fact that when general michael flynn spoke to the russian ambassador, despite his earlier denials, that he had actually talked about sanctions with the russian ambassador and fake news or not, it was on the basis of that information, not necessarily the story but the warning from the justice department that trump fired michael flynn. >> exactly. exactly. look, let's talk about
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sources and about one of the sound bites that you played leading up to this segment. donald trump says and this is donald trump saying today at cpac that reporters shouldn't be able to use any sources without attaching a name to it. okay. if that were the case, we wouldn't know what was going on in the nixon white house during watergate because deep throat was an anonymous throat. >> chris: listen, we wouldn't know what's going on in the trump white house. we have unnamed sources in the trump white house all the time. >> exactly. let's go today at cpac. a couple hours before donald trump made that statement, there was a press briefing at the white house held by two top officials of the trump administration, but there was a condition, chris. the condition was that they be anonymous sources. okay? i mean, come on. how could donald trump go up there and say there should be no anonymous sources, you should attach a name to it. two hours after his own
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people want to remain anonymous sources. it's crazy. >> chris: bernie, let me ask you about another dust-up today at the white house. sean spicer after the president's cpac speech invited a bunch of reporters, more than a dozen reporters invited into his office for a briefing but he specifically excluded reporters from the "new york times" and cnn. what do you make of that? >> well, let me make sure i understand this. when barack obama's white house tried to marginalize and delegitimize fox news, conservatives rightly were angry. when the obama white house wouldn't let people come on your sunday show, we were angry at that, too. again, rightly. but now the trump white house is saying we don't like these news organizations because they are unfair to us, so we'll keep them out.
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we're supposed to accept that? >> chris: let me just say i should pointed out that the white house correspondence association, including fox news, has formally filed a profit with sean spicer about that, the idea of marginalizing and saying some news organizations will be allowed into a briefing but others won't. >> right. but there are two parts of this that are hypocritical. the trump white house part and the people who are the most avid supporters of donald trump. according to a cbs poll, that's only 22% who supports him, period. we support him under any circumstances. they don't care about this. their position is you did it to us, now we are doing it to you. that's why i have said before and i will say it again to you tonight, chris, in the world of political dialogue, principles are either dead or on their death bed. this is not.
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>> >> chris: i got just a little bit of time left and i want to get into one more thing with you because there is another controversy at the white house today. one reason that the white house may be mad at cnn is that they reported a story that reince priebus tried to put pressure on the fbi to knock down a story that had gotten wide circumstance that there was lots of association during the campaign between trump associates and russian intelligence. what do you make of that story. >> first of all i don't know what is true and isn't true. i don't necessarily believe a mainstream media's version of it but i don't necessarily believe donald trump's version of it, either. look, a lot of this the press brings on itself. some reporters -- the animosity level against donald trump in some quarters is in the unhealthy range. some reporters would like to see him destroyed. but, but, bias as bad as it is, isn't fake news. there is a big difference and i think donald trump, sooner or later, is going to
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have to realize that news he doesn't like isn't fake, it's biased, which shouldn't be. fake news is hillary clinton's running a sex ring for children out of a pizzeria in washington. that's fake. reporters -- i worked at cbs news for 28 years. they have biases, they have faults, but they don't go into a room and say let's make up sources and let's make up stuff to hurt reagan, bush, or donald trump. it doesn't happen that way. >> chris: bernie goldberg, everyone. bernie, thank you. straight ahead, more on that dust-up as the president slams the fbi leak about reince priebus. we will have the latest on this developing story. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> chris: in the impact segment tonight, the white house has been fighting back against allegations that during the campaign some trump associates were in
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touch with russian intelligence agents. white house chief of staff reince priebus told me this on sunday. >> the "new york times" last week put out an article with no direct source that said that the trump campaign had constant contacts with russian spies. basically reason to news type accusations. we have now all disciples of people looking into this. i can assure you and i have been approved to say this, that the top levels of the intelligence community have assured me that that story is not only inaccurate but it's grossly overstated and it was wrong. there is nothing to it. >> chris: but now as we discussed briefly in the previous segment there are reports that reince priebus asked top fbi officials to go public to knock down the stories. and that has raised questions about possible white house interference in the investigation. even the president weighed in on twitter blasting the fbi for not finding those responsible for leaking this story. joining us now from houston
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mademocratic strategist and martin attorney and early g.o.p. supporter of president trump's presidential run. so mustafa, what's wrong with what reince priebus did asking the fbi to knock down a false story? >> oh my god, look, of the president's chief of staff goes to the head of the fbi and says, hey, this story is coming out as damning us. can you go out and give us cover. >> didn't happen. >> while the fbi is investigating the president's campaign. >> chris: i think saying that he just asked him to cover up the crime is not quite accurate. >> not to cover up to give them cover. >> chris: go ahead, ed. >> chris, this is drain the swamp stuff. we need an accountable fbi also. the fact are on the friday before that interview on your show, reince priebus was told by the number two guy at the fbi it's all
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nonsense. and then reince said later, can you guys say that? and they said no, we can't and reince said well, why can't you? if comey could say that about the letters with hillary, all this stuff why can't he say it he said you can say it, reince, and he did. what we need they ought to fire people at the fbi who leaked the story about reince's call. the fbi works for the president. if they can't do their job and be upfront drain the swamp call me and mccabe should go. >> chris: we will get to that part of in a second. since reince priebus is the only one on the "on the record" on this story, let's look at what he is saying. he says that he is in a meeting at the white house and the deputy director, a fellow named andrew mccabe comes up to him and says, look, that story that was in the "new york times" about all the contacts we're investigating is b.s., b.s. is a cleaned up version of what mccabe allegedly said to priebus and priebus said can you say that? he later goes to comey and says can you say it? they say no and that's the
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end of the story. how is i giving him cover? he was basically saying why don't you say in public what you just told me in private? >> well, look, the investigation is much bigger than that. it's not just the fbi investigating. there are multiple sources. this is national thing the cia might be investigating, the "new york times" didn't say their source was the fbi. when president's chief of staff goes on and talks to the head of the fbi and other officials in the fbi on an investigation that's ongoing, that is. >> chris: but he is only asking them too say in public what they told him in private. >> right. >> chris: that the story is bs. >> this is what we know based on information. we don't know what else they have talked about. the fact that they're talking about an ongoing -- the president's chief of staff is talking to the fbi about an investigation. >> chris: mustafa, let's talk about the leaks. how did you like it when the fbi was leaking? whatever happened, it was the fbi that put out the story to cnn that this
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conversation had taken place. obviously reince priebus wasn't going to tell cnn. how did you like it when the fbi was leaking about hillary clinton? >> well, how does the president like it the fact that when reince priebus is naming unknown sources and he doesn't want -- the newspapers and the media to report unknown sources. there is a huge hypocrisy. >> chris: wait. you are duc ducking the question. what do you think about the fbi leaking it. >> look, the fbi and others, there are so many leaks in this white house and in the intelligence organization because there is not a credible investigation that's going on people quote investigators. we need jason chaffetz. >> come on. >> chris: ed, you get the final word here. >> i think we have the fbi on the shot seat and rightsly so. the fbi works for the president. weave ought to have some protects on letting things go go forward. it sounds like reince was hung tout drive on mccabe a story a chief of staff's job
5:17 pm
is to manage all of the government, including law enforcement and he has to do that. he has to ask for law enforcement to help him do his job. i think reince did the right thing here. >> chris: gentlemen, we have to leave it there thank you both mustafa and ed. coming up next growing controversy or the trump administration's plan to deport what the president calls "bad dudes." a noted journalist and critic of the news sweep claims more than just criminals are at risk for deportation and eagle join us. he'll join us. legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> chris: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, during a cpac speech today, the president once again promised to put up a wall between the u.s. and mexican border. and crack down on illegal immigrants who commit crimes in this country.
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>> we're building the wall. we're building the wall. in fact, it's going to start soon, way ahead of schedule. [cheers] >> way ahead of schedule. and, remember, we are getting the bad ones out. these are bad duties. we're getting the bad ones out okay? as we speak today immigration officers are finding the gang members, the drug dealers, and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country. >> chris: yesterday, mr. trump described the effort as, quote, a military operation which press secretary sean spicer later qualified was not meant to be taken literally. and homeland security secretary john kelly also tried to calm fears during a meeting yesterday with mexican officials. >> there will be no, repeat, no mass deportations. everything we do in d.h.s. will be done legally and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the united states.
5:22 pm
>> chris: joining us now from miami univision anchor jorge ramos. jorge, first, thanks for talking to us. >> nice to be here. >> chris: best crime figures that we could come up with were that roughly 820,000 of the people in this country illegally are convicted criminals. do you have any problem with finding them and kicking them out of the country? >> i have absolutely no problem with criminals. i have no problem with terrorists with drug traffickers. but the problem, chris, is that president trump is criminalizing, everyone in this country. the vast majority of immigrants, vast majority of undocumented immigrants in this country are not criminals, are not terrorists. and that's precisely the problem. you know, they come here because they want to work. they harvest the food that we eat, they build our homes, and they don't want to get in trouble with the police. i was reading before doing the interview a report by the american immigration consult immigrants are less likely to be criminals, be
5:23 pm
behind bars than u.s. citizens. >> chris: jorge, i understand that but, i mean, here you have john kelly, the secretary of homeland security saying there are not going to be mass deportations. have you got president trump in his speech talking about rapists and gang members and drug dealers. why not take yes for an answer that those are the folks that he wants to deport? >> actually, that's fine. but the problem is that how you define criminal now. during the obama administration we have to say it, president barack obama deported more immigrants than any president in the president of the united states 2.5 million. now at least they intended to deport only violent criminals. that's knot the case right now. general kelly, i heard exactly the same thing that you did, he is saying that there will be no mass deportation then what happened a week ago? they deported more than 680 immigrants. how do you define that a deportation and the problem is they were deporting not only the criminals what they
5:24 pm
consider criminals but also people that really have absolutely no problem with the law, a woman called guadeloupe garcia 22 years in this country, she was deported. she was just a mom. >> chris: well, first of all, are you saying that when general kelly says no mass deportations is he misleading? he is lying? >> no. i'm saying i don't know exactly how he defines mass deportation but the fact is that he ordered the deportation of 680 immigrants last week. how do you consider that? how do you define that? >> chris: some of those were criminals or most of them were criminals. do you have any reason to disbelieve? >> some of them but many of them are not. >> chris: let me ask you about to get government benefits? do you consider that a
5:25 pm
crime? >> it is not a violent crime. and honestly,. >> but is it a crime? >> it is a crime. and but, you know, they are here because of us they are coming here, again, not because they want to go to disneyland or because they want to kill americans. they are here to benefit our. they are here to millions of americans benefit from their work. >> chris: i mean with all due respect isn't that a decision that the president of the united states and our elected officials should make? i mean -- >> -- exactly. but, again, let's not be naive, they are using many of them yes they use fake ids. many of them use fake driver's license why? because they are working for us. the reason they are here, chris, is because of us. so we have to be responsible for that it is not simply that they come here and they just wanted to come here and make money, yeah, they want to do that. they want a better life but also they are here to help us. so we are partly responsible
5:26 pm
for that and i think we are partly responsible for finding a solution. they are not criminals, most of them. >> chris: i want to ask you a question in the time we have left is general kelly was in mexico yesterday along with secretary of state tillerson to try to repair, to improve relations with mexico. how broken right now, given the talk about the wall, given the talk about detort porting even non-mexicans back to mexico, how broken are relations between our two countries? >> in mexico a few days ago sean spicer says that the relationship between mexico and the u.s. is phenomenal. i can tell that you is not true. 86% of americans according to a report in a leading newspaper, 86% of mexicans have a negative opinion of donald trump. and the mexican government eposes the wall, opposes paying for the wall. opposes deportation. opposes the ending of nafta. the relationship right now is probably out worst since the u.s. invasion in 1914.
5:27 pm
it is terrible right now. >> chris: of course, what president trump would say is that's because there has been a soft policy, we haven't been enforcing our border and finally we are. >> well, what i would say is that president trump is wrong. there is no invasion of mexicans coming to the united states for the last five, six years. it undocumented of population has remained stable aught about 11 million. by the way more mexican live in the united states than coming to this country there is really no invasion. of the problem right now with the mexican government is that trump wants mexico to pay for that wall and mexicans, believe me, won't pail a cent for that wall. >> jorge good to be with you. the president flex he is his military muscle and promises to quote obliterate isis. what is his plan? we will take a look. as republicans promise to repeal and replace obama administration? is it actually getting more popular? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪
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>> chris: in the factor follow-up segment tonight, defeating isis. last month the president ordered a 30-day review of u.s. military strategy to destroy isis. and yesterday our nation's top general said, quote: a full range of military options remains on the table. but he warned against the notion there is an easy answer to the threat posed by isis. >> most of the problems that we are dealing with today don't lend themselves to simple solutions. the only people that have
5:32 pm
simple solutions to complex problems are refugees from accountability. >> chris: without giving any details on what strategies will be employed, the president said this today. >> in a matter of days, we will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep america safe. you'll see the action. [applause] i will never ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the american people. i won't do it. >> chris: joining us now from palm springs former u.s. spokesman at the united nations ric grenell and here in washington david that fury a former state department official in the obama administration. rick, let me start with you. what do you expect the generals to come up with that 30-day deadline is next week and what do you think president trump will actually do? >> well, look, one of the problems that we've had is that we don't have very good timely intelligence. and we have got to solve that problem. that doesn't mean thousand
5:33 pm
of american or nato forces or even blue helmets from the u.n. but it does mean that we have to have intelligence officers on the ground, as few as possible, but as many as need i had. and we must have timely accurate intelligence in order to go after the enemy. >> chris: but, rick, intel isn't going to be enough. i mean, the president is going to want to want an action plan saying we need more intelligence first. do you think that's going to be enough for donald trump? >> no. but i think that's the missing piece, chris. what we have had is a lot of bombing. we have had a lot of drone strikes. we have had a lot of individual military actions without timely intelligence. for me, that's the missing piece. if we can get accurate timely intelligence and then do a credible military campaign, i think then we can start to turn this tide. make no mistake though as the general said, it's very difficult we have waited too long in some instances. >> chris: let me bring david into this. president trump says the obama administration was too
5:34 pm
timid and that you guys were too open and always announcing what you are going to do. he used on the campaign trail to make fun of the administration to say we are going to invade mosul in three weeks. we're going to inel slide mosul in two weeks. dolls he have a point. >> he has a point. first of all, i was not in the obama administration. i worked for his campaign and previous to that i worked for the state department actually under president bush. i was based in baghdad. president trump has a point the u.s. department was slow to respond to isis and have a military campaign against isis in iraq and in syria. but it's going pretty well now. i was in iraq last in december, two months ago. and the campaign is going quite effectively. in fact, we have pushed isis out of the eastern part of mosul. they are in the western part of mosul. they will be out of iraq soon. the real struggle right now will be to come up with a plan to pacify iraq after isis is pushed out and to find a way to push isis out of syria where the
5:35 pm
battlefield is very, very complicated. that's where we don't noe what president trump is going to do. he would make a mistake if he aligns himself with russia. >> chris: rick, the head of joseph said this week we may well need more troops on the ground especially in syria. is that the right move and i don't think it's one that president trump is prepared to make? >> well, look for sure president trump is going to make the best military decision according to the experts. one thing we know about president trump is that he had a i credibility threat of military action. that he was one of the mobs we have had in the past. diplomats that i have talked to have never really felt that the american government has been credible. who want to start wars. that's affected what's been happening inside sir yanget you can't talk about this issue without talking to iran. iran doss doesn't want to just have terrorist cells in
5:36 pm
every country they want to have competing source. >> chris: you are getting it awfully broad here let me bring ricbring ric in to wrap ts up. is that what's needed to end this war? >> i believe that is what is needed. it's good that general did you knowford is reviewing the plan to take on isis. part of that should be adjusting the troop levels, increasing them in iraq. should consider having a permanent presence in iraq and kurdistan region of iraq and increase troop levels in syria. we also have to do a better job of arming the local forces and givings themth types of things they need to take on isis. all that happens, we will beat isis. >> chris: gentlemen, thank you, president trump says obamacare doesn't work but what should it be replaced with? we will talk to one of its
5:37 pm
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♪ >> chris: thanks for staying with us. i'm chris wallace in for bill o'reilly. and if the factor follow-up segment tonight, president trump says one of his top priorities is to repeal and
5:41 pm
replace obamacare. today he pressed the point. >> we also inherented a failed healthcare law that threatens our medical system with absolute and total catastrophe. now, i have been watching, and nobody says it. but obamacare doesn't work, folks. i mean i could say, i could talk, it doesn't work. and now people are starting to develop little -- the people that you are watching, they are not you. they're largely, many of them are the side that lost. they lost the election. >> chris: but a new poll shows the affordable care act may be gaining in popularity a survey from the pew research center found 54% of americans now approve of the affordable care act that's the highest level ever recorded by pew. 43% disapprove. worries that obamacare may be repealed have ignited
5:42 pm
protests town halls recently. >> i could tell you three members of my family, including me, that would be dead, dead and homeless if it was not for ac. a.c.a. >> joining us one of the architects of the affordable care act and fox news contributor. doctor, i want to put up a couple of statistics about obamacare. in 2016 premiums on obamacare premiums went up. this year up 25%. this year 2% of reason yields had only one insurer to choose from. now that's true for 1%. you are one of the architects buff would you agree that the program needs substantial changes? >> did needs both reform. even when hillary clinton
5:43 pm
was running she secretary of defense there are things we need to do. exchanges are una stable because healthy people we need to make them more stable. >> chris: as i understand it and doing some research for this interview, you are now saying that you think president trump may be the right person to fix obamacare. >> well, look, if you go beneathth rhetoric that it's a disaster, you can see three important things. first of all he said he's to repeal and replace. north repeefl and delay many the way many republicans said. sew wants to stabilize it. second, he has done serial things to stabilize it stabilize the exchanges and reashoe the insurance companies. just this week asked the court to delay a case about the legality of the subsidy so that subsidies could continue. is he stabilizing the marketplace. he doesn't want to disrupted it and i think he could coming to a bipartisan plan
5:44 pm
to actually repair it neld think think that's the way to go. >> let's just talk about the bipartisan plan. obamacare become more popular and we have seen this turnout particularly republican town halls i think people will he jat in thely worried what's going to come next. should democrats instead of fighting and obstructing should they thrive to work president trump and arrive at a tromp pro-mize. >> look. if you look at the ryan proposal, right? it turns out to be very, very bad. >> chris: this is house speaker ryan. >> house speaker ryan millions of proferlts, throw people over insurance raise premiums and raise cost for most americans. if we are going to get to something more leenel we can't use the ryan previously cannot be the approach. the question is what is that little ground. the republicans don't like out mandate. can we go to something like
5:45 pm
model enrollmentment in a everyone would get for the. democrats won't like the skin inness of the padgett. republicans won't like that everyone gets it that being loose like that will be the compromise u. >> chris: democrats instead of saying hell no should try to work with the president. >> in everyone approaching these is in the conspirator of compromise. it takes two to tango it talks the democrats to tangle. both have to say yes to do that. i wouldn't buffett on the on house they are democrats. >> you can call me chris. thank you. just ahead on the democratic party as they move further to the left. will the heft turn really help their cause? we will take a look really when the factor returns. ♪ ♪
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>> chris: in the second unresolved problem segment tonight, the democratic party at a turning point. even the "new york times" says party leaders have been, quote, reduced to their weakest state in a generation. this weekend they're meeting to plot their next move and pick a new leader of the dnc. and that direction may well be further to the left since controversial minnesota congressman keith ellison is considered to some to be leading his rivals for the job of dnc chair. >> and i will commend the democrats for one thing. if they name keith ellison as the head of the dnc then i will commend them for truth in advertising. >> chris: joining us now from atlanta where she is covering the dnc meeting this weekend indicately
5:50 pm
huey-burns a reporter for real clear politics and from washington bob cusack, editor and chief of the hill. caitlin, let me start with you. because you are down there. while this is a seven person race it seems to be boiling down primarily to a contest between congressman ellison and former obama alicia secretary thom perez. what wing do either represent and who do you think has the edge? >> this is shaping up to be kind of a provocationy fight between the obama administration white house wing of the party and bernie sanders more progressive wing of the party. represented in the race twine ellison and perez. >> chris: let me quickly point out. ellison is the sanders' representative and perez is the obama representative. >> exactly. and so, you know, after the election, people are looking at the dnc chair race to kind of identify the heart and soul of the democratic party as it began its
5:51 pm
rebuilding effort. in those intervening months have you had this rested democratic liberal base kind of rising up through the grassroots. have you had all these other organizations either come up through this movement or others that have been around for a while get more involved. so the focus on the dnc chair is one in which that person will end up having to really play catch up to this base. and i was talking to some democrats here -- >> chris: caitlin, let me bring in bob about this. because you concurred there a moment ago ted cruz licking his chops at the suspect of keith ellison as the chairman of the party. if hillary clinton's problem was that she lost votes from white working class voters in rust belt and in rural america how does it help et democratic party to have a black muslim liberal like keith ellison as the fails of the party? >> that's a great question. the party is definitely moving left. bernie sanders wing is getting more powerful. you are right. trump won the so-called blue
5:52 pm
wall, manufacturingenned at manufacturing states wisconsin. how far could they win voters. >> chris: caitlin we have seen the fury. we had it about some of these town hall meetings about trump. is it the movement of the democratic party? is that moving ahead of the party to the left? >> yes e well e also and you have had really active bernie sanders supporters really involved in some of these state and local elections for state party chairs and those sorts of things that are not really quite as publicized as they particularly are. talking to democrats in atlanta they have seen in their own districts slolly people coming to party meetings that they had trying to capitalize on that energy and figure out how to turn those people in to actual democrats. i was talking to howard dean earlier today, former dnc
5:53 pm
chair, and he said, you know, north all these people who are seeing up are necessarily with the party. so it's incumbent upon the eventual dnc chair to really harness that energy and turn it in to votes i i think that will be the key. >> more with caitlin and book in a moment as we thirst address first five weeks. factor continues. ♪ ♪ or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure, qualified mortgage approval in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket]
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>> continuing now with caitlin he weighed burns with real clear politics next tuesday night, president trump will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress, what should we >> the address will particularly focus on public safety including increased border security, taking care of our veterans and economic opportunity including education, job training,
5:56 pm
health care reform, jobs, tax and regulatory reform. to speak to some observers said president trump cpac speech day was somewhat of a dry run, how much of a it is donald trump, the anti-politician walking down the aisle with all of the politicians around? >> it's going to be great theater for democrats get to go for the election. congress kind of languishing, part of the message can be get going and unify the republicans agenda, obamacare and tax reform. >> chris: i want to pick up specifically on that issue, there are splits within his party not between republicans and democrats but among republicans on obamacare repeal and replace. on a tax reform. how much does he have to get them some direct and marching orders as to what they need to do? >> he's the head of the party, he has to have proposals and his budget sooner.
5:57 pm
he's had to have ever obamacare replacement plan. it's got to be him. if congress can tinker with it but he's got to leave this party. >> chris: caitlin, the democrats have the thankless job response of the president is going to be given by former kentucky governor steve bashir i was surprised and thinking what's that about? i read somewhere that it's because obamacare has been relatively speaking a success there and the main goal is to try to defend obamacare talk about that. >> sure, usually the opposing party tries to pick a rising star to highlight, and this time it's actually very different. they are honing in on this idea of obamacare being an issue, we've seen and in the town halls. democrats are rising into the defense of this law knowing that republicans are working on repeal. i think it will be interesting to see what republicans have taken away from their recess this week, the directive that donald trump gives them during this address and how they balance those two things. >> chris: do you think the
5:58 pm
president is going to be speaking to the members or do you think he's going to be going over their head and speaking to the nation? >> i think if we judge by the speeches that he's given before, this is a broader address to the nation. particularly talking about his campaign process and the ways he has fulfilled those pledges that he made to supporters, listing things he believes have been successful. >> chris: another big story this week, the speed of the country and the speed of the congress prayed the white house is promising to roll out its new revised travel ban executive order. how'd you expect them to try to go to school on what the courts found us problems in the first executive order and to try to satisfy some of those issues? >> it has to be legally tighter, it has to be vetted. it was rushed out, confusion about green card holders. the president has a lot of authority and he can win in court but it has to be done properly and i think that's why they're taking more time this time around.
5:59 pm
>> i was talking with rush limbaugh on fox news sunday, he thinks of the president comes out with a court order and he's skeptical about courts and judicial review, he thinks they'll find another reason to block it the way they did with the first one. >> i think that's a distinct possibility. trump can lose this battle, this is something keep promise on the campaign trail. on the same time, those are george w. bush judges against him, he's got to win in the second round. >> your thoughts on the likelihood he could do something that will pass muster. >> it's written the right way, the law gives the president atomic power, the way it was done in the first time, no good. >> tucker: thanks for watching us, bill o'reilly will be back here on monday to restore order, i'm chris wallace, join us this weekend on fox news sunday,
6:00 pm
among my guests terry mcauliffe and scott walker and see you on sunday. meanwhile good night tonight from washington. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," will talk to the mayor of a city on the verge of bankruptcy who insists on maintaining sanctuary cities status. we'll talk to a leader of the transit or rights whose furious with president trump's recent action on bathrooms. first up, it's undoubtedly a new age of nationalism. politicians who reject globalism are thriving all over the globe and nowhere is that more obvious than at cpac the last three days, watch. >> president trump: global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good, it's very important. but there is no such