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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 1, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> harris: six seconds. thank you for being here. and now, "happening now" ." >> fox news alert for you. press secretary releasing details of what trump delivered last night to the nation and the world. >> jon: sean spicer says the finishing touches were put up at about 6:15 p.m. eastern time. the words are from his heart. we are covering all the news on happening now. >> president trump: everything that is broken and our country can be fixed. our citizens deserve this and so much more, so why not join forces and finally get the job done and get it done right? >> jon: president trump making
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a pitch for bipartisanship to get his agenda done. while democrats and some on his own party accept the offer? plus. >> president trump: my administration has been working on improving vetting procedures and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. >> jon: the president expected to sign a newly revised travel order on emigration in the coming days after the previous one caused a political firestorm. also, severe weather takes aim at communities in the midwest, with deadly consequences and the outbreak of dangerous storms is not over yet. it's all happening now. we begin with this fox news alert. president trump now hosting a house and senate leadership luncheon, but it seems democratic lawmakers were left out of the loop, you might say. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" ."
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>> mellisa: speaker of the house, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell among them. the white house says new democrats are with them. today's developments follow the president's call for unity during his first address to a joint session of congress last night. >> jon: we have team coverage of this hour. we are on capitol hill with reaction from lawmakers, but we begin with john roberts live on north lawn. >> good afternoon for to you. he has met in the past with democrats, will meet with democrats in the future, but this is all about charting an agenda and setting a timeline for that agenda and the people who will be driving that agenda forward in congress are republicans, so that's why he's meeting with mitch mcconnell on the left there and paul ryan, and the rest of the republican leadership, so they can get things done. last night and that speech, the president laid out a pretty bold
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agenda, one that will require a lot of heavy lifting in congress considering he wants to repeal and replace obamacare and virtually every democrat is going to be against that. then he wants to dramatically reform taxes and democrats will not support that as well. he will need a lot of momentum from republicans in order to drive that agenda forward. the president wants to get this all done of course, because, i don't want to jump too far ahead of myself, 2020 is coming up fast. when you want to run again, you have to have a stellar record to run on. >> president trump: dying injury she is welcome going back to life, veterans will get the care they so desperately need. our military will get the resources and its brave warriors richly deserve. a crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads.
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>> when it comes to political christmas trees, that one had a lot of ornaments on it. the president getting a lot of positive reception to his speech last night. at the white house decided it did not want to muddy the waters by signing an executive order on the new immigration ban today and give democrats a controversial issue to hit them over the head with, they want the speech to get out there and marinate with the american public for a couple of days. he's got a big speech tomorrow on the uss ford in virginia. they don't want to distract from that message that he gave last night by putting out this executive order. it's likely won't happen until at least friday. it because they may not want to put it out on friday either, remember what happened with the old original want and what happened over the weekend, they may delay it until next week. a couple of changes as reported last week. it's going to carve out exclusions for legal permanent residents, other people who are already in the united states were overseas who have visa
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records status in the u.s. it's designed more to refuse admission to people who have no previous status in the united states and who are currently overseas. it looks like number of countries it will apply to one from seven down to six. iraq has not been taken off the list, but it's being put in a different category. i'm not sure exactly how the different category works at this point, but we hope to set that up for you in the days ahead. >> jon: sounds like we could wait until next week to find out? >> if i were a betting man, i would bet you that they wait until next week. simply because the first executive order was put out on a friday, we saw it had all of those problems over the weekend, they want to make sure that not only is the language of this one tight, but the message surrounding it is done properly as well. i don't know if they can get that done between now and friday. >> jon: john roberts of the white house. >> melissa: now for the latest
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reaction on capitol hill, we go to mike emanuel. mike, how's it going there? >> many republicans are praising president trump for seizing the big moment last night and being truly presidential on the big stage. many in the g.o.p. here on capitol hill were eager to have the president weigh in on a lot of the big issues on the legislative agenda, from repealing or placing obamacare to tax reform to rebuilding the military and the nation's infrastructure, a number of publicans were eager to praise the president for his hopeful message. >> he didn't speak as a republican, he spoke as a great american talking to the american people about how to fix america and make america great again. very inspiring tonight. >> now republicans are calling on democrats to compromise, to get that agenda done, who take on big issues in this country on the senate floor, chuck schumer fired back today, saying compromise requires something of the substance.
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>> we have nothing of the administration. nothing on infrastructure, nothing on trade, nothing on ac aca, you want to sit down and talk, let's see what your plans are. see if you get your own act together before you're pointing the finger at democrats. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi also caught in the president to show his proposals to back up his rhetoric. pelosi calling it a bait and switch type speech. >> melissa: will have to start talking faster. mike emanuel, thank you so much. >> jon: if you watched president trump last night, he called for big investments in infrastructure here at home, but those proposals could face stiff resistance, and only from democrats, but from conservative republicans who want to cut spending. >> president trump: mind administration wants to work with members of both parties to make child care accessible and affordable to help ensure new parents that they have paid
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family leave. to invest in women's health and to promote clean air and clean water and to rebuild our military and our infrastructure. i am calling upon members of both parties to pass an education bill that funds school choice for disadvantaged youth, including millions of african-american and latino children. >> jon: let's bring in assistant editor of "the wall street journal," editorial page. he's a republican president, but this is not a typically republican speech. >> that's right, there's a lot of spending in there. the donald trump agenda and the ivanka trump agenda, a lot of child care and so forth. on trade, certainly not a typical republican, but certainly a lot in here for conservative republicans to celebrate. a spew on the proposals he's been talking about, with regard to tax reform, businesses that export like them, businesses
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that import like retailers and holding companies, they don't much like them. >> last night, he didn't go into details. he just said is going to be a big tax cut which is a good starting point, but as you said, if he decides to embrace water adjustability, they definitely need a new name if they're going to sell that one. i think what he has to do, is explained to people how it's actually not punishing one sector over another, it's a way to get lower rates and more growth. >> jon: and reviewing the speech last night, the ap wrote an article saying that donald trump finally gave republicans what they spent months begging him to do. the question is, how long will they be united, will they be behind him on some of these points? >> i think they were thrilled last night, even if they disagreed with some of the details, because he is now showing that he looks like he's going to be a successful president, and they need a
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successful president to get what they want to get done legislatively for their political futures. at the same time, i really put pressure on democrats to not be in the resistance. if they are in a swing district, now they have to deal with him. >> jon: chris wallace said after the speech last night, i'm paraphrasing just a bit, he said, i believe president trump finally became the president of the united states last night. do you agree? >> yeah, i think he's made it much more difficult, not just for people on the left, but the remaining holdouts and the public and pendants to say this guy is not an authoritarian bent on destroying the country. they treat him like a normal president, and he was presidential last night. >> jon: let's talk about infrastructure. one of the things he hasn't said is that if he can grow the economy, if you can get gdp up a couple of points, you'll be able to pay for a lot of the tax cuts and other things that he is
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proposing. ronald reagan essentially found or proved to the same thing. if you go out to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure and you employ a lot of ironworkers, you name it, you name or trade, but you employ a lot of people through that kind of program, would republicans necessarily be that a post? >> i think republicans know that is not a way to grow the economy. they know a lot of that money will be misspent, it will take a long time to get spent because a lot of statements in a myriad of other reasons make it so that nothing is a shovel ready. >> jon: like that shovel-ready jobs that president obama said we are not there. >> they understand, if that's the price, they have to roll together with a big tax cut that does provide incentives for people to work and invest. at some of that will get through for sure. >> jon: what about the most conservative tea party republicans? are they going to be with him on this speech and some of the priorities he laid out? speak out there will be some
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overspending, and they are in a tough place right now with health care, because you saw how well paul ryan was almost giddy last night when troubles talk about health care. he basically endorsed the paul ryan plan for repealing and replacing, which house conservatives, many of them have resisted. i think now they probably need to say it looks, we couldn't get rid of all the subsidies of obamacare, but we will reorient the health care system toward freedom, toward an individual choice, washington is not going to dictate it. i think you'll find a way to support it. >> jon: a lot of people buying the plans they want, not with the government tells them they have to have. >> he doesn't some things, even though he's not politics. he can talk about regulation in the way it crushes business in a much more compelling way than most professionals, so that was encouraging too. >> jon: thanks for coming in. >> melissa: president trump vowing top measures to fight terrorism, the white house says a newly revived executive order on immigration and travel is
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imminent. we'll talk about what changes may be on the way. >> president trump: our obligation is to serve, protect, and defend the citizens of the united states. we are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical islamic terrorism try alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ >> president trump: he was given a high honor of admission to the united states, should support this country, limits people and its values. we cannot allow a terrorism to form and set america. we cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists. that is why my administration has been working on improve vetting procedures and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. >> melissa: president trump taking on immigration during
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last night's address, indicating there'll soon be a new executive order on the travel ban. this revision coming after two courts struck down the initial order. for more on this, let's bring in lawrence jones, radio host of the lawrence jones show. he is also a conservative commentator. a former campaign advisor to president clinton. lawrence, let me start with you. is he smart to give last night's speech at some breathing room? he had a lot of accolades for it. what do you think? >> that's perfect, and he's starting to look presidential. he is more disciplined. this is the right term. it when people say the pivot, this is the pivot. the question is, will he continue to have this same discipline? i think he will. >> melissa: simon, some of the details for what could potentially be the new band have leaked out. a few of them exempting existing visa holders, maybe not singling
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out syria. you say he's caving on a lot of things. >> they are clearly trying to say the travel ban. it was knocked down in the courts, and i think they've taken a lot of time to try to get it right so they don't have a repeat of what just happened where they released the travel ban. the most important news, i think, was they will exempt people from iraq, not syria, which is important, because it was clearly hurting our effort to fight the war against isis and iraq. at the iraqi government was very unhappy with what happened. we'll see what hap on friday when it comes out. >> melissa: the problem, lawrence, doesn't look weak? >> no, it's not weak. he's stressing the people that he put into office. this came from advice of our general of the secretary of state, and homeland security. they got together as well as the attorney general to find a way to get this done. at this is what we wanted, and
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it's better than sitting by and allowing villains to set up our policy to protect our people. >> melissa: it simon, that poses a real danger for democrats, because it's a little bit like last night when they're ready for a fight. they came in and white outfits to protest, they were going to resist anything that happened. he gave a speech that's rousing and reaches across the aisle and they look like bad sports. it is the travel ban kind of the same thing, where now he brings it back, it's been changed to accommodate the criticism, are they forced to go along or look like bad sports? >> let's see what he proposes o on. let's take it at face value. i think the question is going to be, there's a lot of concern that this will do more damage, but the downside was bigger than the upside. whatever upside there was, the downside is bigger.
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let's let the president make his proposal. let's evaluate it on its merit. >> you guys are afraid, because for mike years, you guys stood by and you will get us all killed. it's not a right to come to america, it's a privilege. the first duty as a president and commander-in-chief is to make sure we're safe. you guys were a tone-deaf during election and that's why you guys lost. >> melissa: let simon respond, go ahead. >> it's my belief that the dhs and our intelligence community have done a great job in managing our border. there've been no foreign fighter attacks the united states the last 15 years. there's been no increase in undocumented population in the last decade. i think the president has done a disservice to the hard-working men and women who have kept our country safe. can we make it safer? absolutely. >> melissa: lawrence, you notice he changed his language
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about how there is been no foreign fighter to the u.s., because every time they make a statement like that, they come up with a bunch of examples and have committed crimes. with that specific wording, you may be right. everybody keeps changing the wording. >> at least he can use radical islam. >> melissa: we have to go guys, thank you so much. >> jon: president trump getting some high praise for last night's address from that joint session of congress. why our next guest says i could spell trouble for some democrats in the senate. plus powerful storms turn deadly. if the threat from dangerous weather is far from over as this system moves east. what's in store for millions of people as we hear eyewitness accounts from the survivors. >> it was just like you see in the movies, we were in our living room, or in our bathroom,
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and the bathtub, and we seen daylight in the bathroom and it got dark. we were in the eye of the tornado. i just watched her go. loud boom
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>> jon: a fox news alert now on deadly storms across the midwest, some even spine tornadoes. one twister hit southern illinois near the indiana border, killing a man and injuring his wife. another tour through missouri and more dangerous weather is in the forecast for today. our meteorologist is live in the fox weather center. >> is the exact system we were watching esther that continues to be a problem today. these are the reports from the last 24 hours. all those little dots are areas where we saw severe weather yesterday.
10:26 am
tornadoes, hail, very strong winds. if that is continuing today just moving a little farther up to the east. everything in yellow, that's a severe thunderstorm watch and are looking at tornado watches a little farther to the south. if i bring you a little tighter into these systems, winds are getting up to 60 miles per hour, hail with these. these are dangerous, largest arms sweeping across the mid-atlantic. i take your little farther to the south, actually see that pink or reddish polygon right there, that's moving into northern alabama. that is a tornado storm. we're beginning to see that torn attic activity. these are your severe threats today and into tonight. really, we are highlighting getting down into the southeast, stretching down into the atlanta area. those are spots or we continue to see tornadoes for the next couple of hours. obviously, very busy here on the east coast, taking onto the west coast where we are paying attention. we continue to see a lot of
10:27 am
snowfall out there. this winter, a lot of rain. that's catching us up for our rainfall totals. you're getting 8-10 feet and some of the higher elevations, and that has allowed us to really come back when you start to talk about drought monitors. this is taking you just back to december, obviously, huge areas of drought, now, as of right now, as of right this week, a lot of rain on the west coast. that's good news. it's causing a lot of problems out there as well, but we could be talk about flooding come this spring, but at least that drought is getting two of the better side. >> jon: adam, thank you. >> melissa: president trump's address to a joint session widely hails of a home run today. our next guest says that's good for all americans, with the exception of a few lawmakers. he joins us with his list of winners and losers from last night's speech, plus the pentagon's preliminary plan to speed up the fight against isis. at the top u.s. army commander
10:28 am
in the ground and a rocket now weighing in. when he has to say, that's next. >> president trump: as promised, i directed the department of defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy isis, a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered muslims and christians and men and women and children of all faiths and beliefs you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> president trump: i'm here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. a new chapter -- [applause] of american greatness is now beginning. >> jon: what did you think of the speech? president trump receiving high marks from both supporters and critics for his speech to a joint session of congress last night. the president laying out an ambitious -- who are the winners and losers as a president starts to implement his plan? running us now, author of political campaigns, concepts, content and consequences. let's get your take on it. >> i thought it was a good speech. it's important to keep in mind that these types of speech is very shipped approval numbers.
10:33 am
on average, if you look back to jimmy carter, the president declined -- the biggest jump was for bill clinton in 1998, his approval went up 10% points after that point. george w. bush, he had a six-point bump, on average, presidents don't change very much in terms of their approval. as far as winners and losers, the american public wasn't certainly a winner in this. the american voters were looking for a reason to cheer for this president, even if they don't support him, even if they didn't vote for him, they wanted something to latch onto. i think they saw at least a glimmer of hope, even if they were critics of his last night. it that's probably helpful. >> jon: another winner is anybody who has money in the stock market right now. >> absolutely. at the stock market is responding favorably to the speech, even though there may be other reasons for that.
10:34 am
i think the tone of the speech and the universal appreciation with which it was received really set the stage for the kind of response we are seeing now in terms of consumer confidence in the status of the stock market. >> jon: to more of your winners there, mainstream media and vladimir putin. you called them winners? >> they weren't mentioned, there was nothing terrible set about them. certainly, we listened to the president attacked mainstream media and we didn't hear any of that last night. i think the fact that vladimir putin didn't come up is probably a net win for him. >> jon: must talk about some of your losers. you say congressional democrats lose as a result. >> i think it's hard to criticize the president. he saw chuck schumer struggling to respond in a critical way to the president last night. i think he'll come up with better ways to address it and more articulate ways, but i think it was very hard to really attack this president last night. among my other list of losers,
10:35 am
rising stars in the democratic party who weren't showcased at all in the response to the state of the union with the selection of sepia sheared delivering the response. the state of the union was received in terms of their approval could be offset with a strong and effective response from the out party. i'm not so sure that by having steve do that last night, it was favorites. >> jon: when i give elizabeth warren having their eyes and the democratic nomination next time around? >> i think there were good reasons for picking him in terms of obamacare, but looking forward and starting to build ground for the next generation of democratic leaders, i think was a missed opportunity. incidentally, among the other losers were possibly anybody looking for specifics in this speech. at the president laid out a very ambitious agenda, but lacked
10:36 am
specifics. >> jon: that's typical for this kind of speech. >> absolutely. we can throw in with other losers, fiscal conservatives. it may be even tea party conservatives who heard a lot about spending, but very little about cuts and how it might affect the deficit. i think there were certainly people who were listening to this speech on both sides of the aisle who are skeptical, but nevertheless, generally optimistic about the tone of the president's address. >> jon: i was surprised, he gave sort of a dark speech at the republican national convention, talking about the america that he sees out there today. even his inaugural speech had some dark elements to it. last night, everything in the future looked rosy and let's not stop on the way to america great again. >> absolutely. it was a very positive tone. it was a unifying tone, especially compared to his other speeches. people who are accustomed to the
10:37 am
tone of his previous speeches may have been pleasantly surprised last night if they were worried about the tone he tone had adopted in those. i think the president struck a presidential tone last night that seems to be universally how people are reacting to it, and that might make them feel more comfortable, but the prospects for his ability to do this job moving forward. >> jon: the director of the center for electoral politics. a >> melissa: right now, we are getting brand-new details on the pentagon's plan to speed up the fight against isis what the top u.s. army commander in iraq just wrapping up a briefing. it national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. it jennifer, what do we know? >> one idea we've heard being floated includes setting more troops to iraq and syria to fight isis. at the top commander in baghdad seems to be playing that option. speak out i be concerned if we brought in a large number of
10:38 am
u.s. coalition troops without coordinating that with our local partners? i would. i won't comment on the likelihood. i don't foresee a spring in large numbers of coalition troops, mainly because what we are doing is in fact, working. >> he met with general steve townsend in baghdad just a week before he presented the military's recommendations to defeat isis to the white house. we have just learned from general townsend that he anticipates that kurdish fryers will be part of the effort to retake the city. one president trump plans to introduce a temporary ban on friday, he will put a rack in a separate category. i asked general townsend just moments ago, if including a rack and a travel ban caused problems for him and the 6,000 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. >> they were relieved when the
10:39 am
executive order was suspended, and now they're waiting to see how that may play out here in the future, and we are waiting to see how that plays out ourselves. >> general townsend was referring to the iraqi government and the iraqi commanders and what he just said. just to show how complicated, melissa, and a dangerous it is for u.s. troops on the ground corning the fight against isis, general townsend said russian warplanes dropped bombs yesterday on u.s. forces in syria with american troops nearby. >> melissa: wow. it's not going to be easy. jennifer, thank you. >> jon: the death toll rises into terror attacks in afghanistan. the taliban bombings hitting the country's capital. one targets the police station, the other, the intelligence service officers. we are following that story from our mideast bureau and. >> these attacks in kabul come
10:40 am
just weeks after the commander was killed in an air strike over the weekend. some people are saying this is connected to that attack and the killing. these attacks are very similar to what we've seen the taliban and carry out and cobble for the last decade or so. military police, buildings and headquarters, bombed in the first case in the western part of kabul. attackers with guns rushing in. at several gun battles followed. ultimately, the afghan police and military were able to kill all the attackers, but not before 16 people were killed in total between the two attacks and at dozens more were wounded. president trump last night, talked about a lot of things in terms of national security, but he did not talk about afghanistan last night during that state of the union address, but the pentagon is working on a plan whether or not to send
10:41 am
additional troops to afghanistan, whether or not to ramp that were up. the larger issue that the u.s. has an afghanistan in the last several years or so, it doesn't matter the trip numbers when the taliban has been able to use neighboring pakistan as a base of operation to go in and out of afghanistan. the larger issue has not been the number of troops in afghanistan, but how to deal with that safe haven across the border. no word yet, speech anyone come about that with the u.s. might do with that issue. >> jon: america's longest war grows even longer. conor powell, thanks. >> melissa: breaking out another wall street record, the dow jones soared past 21,000 and will stay there green arrows in reaction to the president's speech. plus, the unexpected proposal to slash state departments and foreign budgets. if the president is vowing to
10:42 am
remain engaged and foreign policy. more on the overseas reactions to the president's speech and a live report. this before our foreign policy calls for direct, robust, and meaningful engagement with the world. it is american leadership based on vital security entrance that we share with our allies all across the globe. my job is not to represent the world. at my job is to represent the united states of america
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>> the stock market has gained almost $3 trillion in value since the election. on november 8th, a record. we have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job crushing regulations. creating a deregulation task force inside of every government agency. my economic team is developing historic tax reform that will
10:46 am
reduce the tax rate on eric companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone. >> melissa: the market left it, that was president trump on the stock market performance since his election and today, the dow hitting 21,000 for the first time ever. investors seem to like what the president had to say last night, rockman is at the new york stock exchange to pick it all down, like a party down there today. >> as you know, we had a pause leading up to today's huge session because investors were really concerned that trump would drop the ball last night, and as you know, he just knocked it out of the park. he delivered and then some. essentially, the traders here telling us that trump locked in his promises and reassured investors that the gains we have seen in the market since election day, something like 14.5% on the dow alone, 2600 plus points are just the start. it is no holds barred come up over 300 points right now on the dow. leading this market really since
10:47 am
election day or since 20,000 until 21,000, apple, goldman sachs, boeing, broad range of industries there. talked about infrastructure spending, infrastructure stock purchase at a tear, look at dicom, u.s. concrete, talk about almost 20% today. also have defensive stocks climbing, no response, the promise to bump up defense spending. you might not have heard of a lot of those names, not like bowling or some other household lockheed martin type names you've heard of, but still critical to our defense contracting in the nation and they are benefiting greatly. all-time highs logging today on the broad market on the dow in particular, you're looking they're coming up home depot, goldman sachs again, these companies really leading the way. back to you. >> melissa: rough like the expectation the economy is willey going to grow. thank you so much. >> jon: while this worker day on wall street shows investors like what president trump had to say, there has not been a lot of
10:48 am
reaction from the rest of the world. the president talking about foreign policy during his address, saying the u.s. is once again ready to lead. rich edson live at the state department with more on that. >> good afternoon. the president says the united states doesn't need to take more of a global leadership role, but he says the u.s. is going to have to do it with less spending on the u.s. state department and on foreign aid. he says the u.s. has spent way too much money rebutting other countries and we need to spend my money back here at home on u.s. infrastructure. he also reiterated the u.s. commitment to nato, the north atlantic treaty organization. but he says nato allies rely too much on the american military and need to increase their own spending. >> we expect our partners rather in nato, the middle east or the the pacific to take a direct and meaningful role in both strategic and military operations, and pay their fair share of the cost.
10:49 am
>> hours later, germany's foreign minister said of his country, a nato member, that if it increases its spending, it would turn germany into a military supremacy in europe and ten to 15 years from now, allies on the continent would not exactly be supportive of that spending. some democrats also reacting to the president's speech in particular when it comes to the trump administration's plan to cut foreign aid spending, this is from eight top democrat on the foreign affairs committee. "america's role as a global leader in his plans to cut american diplomacy are downright dangerous. ultimately, i am more focused on the president's actions than his words, but if indeed he threatens america's standing in the world, congress must also act to keep him in check." the president says he's also willing to find new friends and partnerships around the world. in the past, that meant the administration -- the type of language they've used to describe the potential partnership with russia, however the u.s. still continues to condemn russia for actions in
10:50 am
ukraine and syria as we wait more specifics on what exactly the trump initiation plans to do when it comes to foreign relations. >> jon: a lot of questions still out there. daca seven californians reacting to president trump's promise to get tough on immigration. william la jeunesse is at the u.s.-mexican border just south of san diego. william? >> you know this is that steel fence along the border. agents tell me that illegals come here on a daily basis and cut holes in the fence with battery-powered grinders and saws, 500 a year. so is the president's enforcement plan part of the solution? residents tell us coming up on "happening now" ." yes, sir, we need your password. the password that i use? yes, sir, your password. there's been another breach! sir! right. okay. i-h-a... ...t-e-m-y-j-o-b-1.
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>> i am dana perino, we have a big show for you, reaction to president trump's edge as from both chris wallace and former press secretary ari fleischer, he has some advice from george w. bush's 2001 playbook plus congressman trey gowdy says mr. trump's immigration order could use some clarity. what does he want to see? we are going to ask him and asked the chairman of the ways and means committee whether a border adjustment tax is definitely part of the big tax reform plan. that and more just ahead on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> jon: you might've heard president trump stressing the importance of border security in his first speech to congress. william la jeunesse has reaction from residents of san diego county just miles from the mexican border. william? >> one of the things we heard all night is the economic value of the low-wage, unskilled worker to the economy, to the labor market. residents told us, be careful what you wish for whether it be the prices of produce, restaurants or services, they could go up if everyone is sent
10:55 am
back over the border this isn't ethnically diverse, working-class neighborhood in san diego. they manager here agreed to break the cardinal rule of the bar, no religion anno politics, for one night only. you said he was going to enforce immigration law so it it means if you are here illegally, you have to go home. >> i am torn with that because i kind of agree to a certain extent. i have no problems with i.c.e. rounding up people who are already in the country illegally. jaywalking come he did not get sent home. so were talking little things like that, but home invasion, you go home. >> anyone hear an illegal alien is a criminal that needs to go. >> if you committed a violent crime, no matter if you are a citizen or not, there needs to be some sort of detention. >> i think a wall would be nothing more than a symbolic gesture at this point. >> i don't believe it makes a
10:56 am
lot of financial sense. >> as far as the ball is concerned, i am not a big fan of it. >> who is to say that putting a lowball. anyone coming in. >> if we limit illegal immigration, wages in the united states will rise. >> no, that is the corporations. it is not like the people picking lettuce where i do not see any trump supporters signing up for those jobs. >> so the razor wire you see there is there for a reason because illegal immigrants would stand up there or sit up there rather and throw rocks and bottles down on the agents so the razor wire has helped. after all, they are spending eight grant to get smuggled into the country. while some people think that the wall is extreme or unnecessary, the people who spend their career down here don't necessarily think so. back to you. >> jon: fascinating report, william la jeunesse, thank you. we are back in a moment.
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right now. >> now the challenge is to turn the speech into reality. hello everyone. mr. trump working to smooth that path today in a lunch time meeting with republican leaders from the house and senate. those lawmakers will be instru phpbtdal in helping him accomplish his goal including replacing and repealing obama care. >> this will be guided by two principles. buy american and hire american. tonight i am also calling on this congress to


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