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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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news as it happens. i will be back with you at noon eastern. we are outnumbered. if you haven't seen it, tune tune in for the first time and have a great week. live next, my friend jesse watters in his world. this is a fox news alert. the white house demanding congress expand its investigation of russian meddling. during the 2016 election to include president trump's claims of wiretapping. welcome to a special live sunday edition of "watters world". i am jesse watters. the president president claimed in a series of saturday tweets, former president obama had his telephones at trump tower wiretaps. let's begin with fox news correspondent who joins us from the white house. leland, besides what had been tweeted about, what has the white house set about this today
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>> not much of anything in terms of evidence to support the president's claims, or for that matter, senior staff coming out and offering a full defense of what the president tweeted yesterday morning. the president arrived here a couple minutes ago. he did not take any questions. early this morning we got a paper statement from sean spicer, the white house press secretary thing reports concerning politically motivated investigations ahead of it elections are very troubling. president trump is representative questing that the congressional intelligence committee exerciser oversight authority to determine whether powers were abused in 2016. neither the white house nor the president will comment further until such oversight is conducted. that was this morning around 9:00 a.m. by five or 6:00 p.m. tonight, we started getting ports the fbi director james comay, over the weekend, weekend, had asked the department of justice, either he or someone from the doj could
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put out a statement denying the president's accusation. they said he felt as though the president was accusing the fbi in some way of breaking the law. reporting from the justice department, matt dean said law-enforcement officials close to the matter say these allegations caught the fbi director and those at the very senior level of the federal law-enforcement apparatus completely off guard, adding they they had no idea what the president was talking about. jesse: thank you. excellent hair as usual. here is the latest about the comay statement. we don't even know if it's true. one, james comey didn't say this on tape. two, he didn't issue a statement, and three it's in the new york times" the senior american officials, whatever that means. is this a leak? is fake news? we don't even know. moving forward, former bush administration general michael
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mckay v defended president trumps wiretapping accusation. >> i think he is right in that there was surveillance and that it was conducted on behalf of the justice department's before but former obama obama administration james clapper said it wasn't true. >> there was no activity mounted against the president elect, or against his campaign. jesse: let's remember who james clapper is. this is a man who misled the american people under oath about spying on americans. roll the tape. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on billions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> closer. jesse: but we know that wasn't true. the obama administration sucked up tens of millions of phone
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calls under its program. clapper had to apologize for his false statements in a letter to diane feinstein. he said his response was completely erroneous for which i completely apologize. we can't believe anything in this story because it's so hard to trust anybody anymore in washington d.c. the press, the politicians and bureaucrats. here to clear this all up, former prosecutor in the manhattan da office, elliott. i want to do this very methodically and ask to start at the beginning. we are hearing reports in the summer of last year the obama fbi started looking into trump and trump associate spread what do we know about that initial investigation? >> multiple sources report that in june 2016 the obama justice department with the fbi started looking at potential contacts between senior officials in the trump campaign or others associated and russian banks or
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russian financial institutions. that apparently didn't yield any evidence of criminality. somehow this got transformed into a matter of national security which would come under the court. jesse: did ask for wiretapping in the summer. >> yes, but not as part of the doj. this was after it was transformed. >> okay so back in the summer, this this is around the same time that the fbi was saying, hillary didn't really do much and they were dropping the criminal case against her. >> right and this is what angers a lot of the president's supporters. the application is that at the same time they were downplaying or ignoring evidence of criminality on the part of hillary clinton, they were on some sort of fishing at exposition to gather evidence on trump. jesse: so we have that summer situation and the reporting now is that in october it became a national security situation and
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they went to a judge and asked for wiretapping authorization and it was granted, allegedly. >> right. this was the second attempt to get them to authorize a wiretap with a narrower scope that didn't mention trump. allegedly, this time the application was granted by the judge. >> if a judge says yes let's look into this association with the russians or the banks, is that a probable cause for a national security violation or potential criminality. >> let me give you background. you can't get these granted that easily. you have to present a pretty lengthy application that shows what evidence of criminology and what your basis is and why the sources are credible. it's a significant amount of work. >> so this is what the president team said. they put out a statement and said a cardinal rule of the
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obama administration was that no white house official interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice as part of that practice. neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. what you read into that statement? there are some issues. >> that may raise more questions than answers. it would the president ordering it. it would be technically be fisa judge. it wouldn't be the white house, it would be the department of justice. you can't take much comfort from that. they may have known about it. they just said they didn't order it. >> it would have to be signed off by the attorney general. i can't conceive of it happening until the attorney general knowing it and discussing it with the white house before pretty big deal if it's true. elliott, thank you. up next, were you touched by this moment?
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>> the bible teaches us there is no better act of love than to lie down one's life for one's friends. laying down his life for his friends, his country and our freedom, and we will never forget ryan. [applause] jesse: that was president trump on tuesday addressing the joint session of congress. his widow karen, the special guest for the address received a standing ovation. some critics are accusing the president of turning her into a political prop. earlier this week i spoke with one of the critics, john schindler. take a look.
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before john we have some of the things you tweeted about this. let's show the audience but we have. bad decision happen, war is war, right until he exploits a widow whose body is still warm, half that. and if watching him exploit the widow didn't make your skin crawl, i worry about about you as an american and other human. john, let me ask you directly, why are you attacking a grieving widow. >> i'm not attacking mrs. owens in any way. jesse: you actually are because urine's insinuating she is a victim and being exploited as a political prop. >> are we really supposed to think that the widow of a needy senior chief is going to tell the white house know i can't make it to this event? get real. jesse: first she said she didn't want to go and then she decided she did want to go. she's going under her own free will. no one made her go. >> sure, whatever.
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of course he wasn't really coerced into going, but come on. i have no problem with the president honoring mrs. owens. why have a problem with is hours before he completely passed the buck and said they had gotten her husband killed. they lost him is what he literally said. what does that mean. jesse: this is an about the raid. we can play the game all you want because president obama through generals under the bus for missing. [inaudible] so does that mean he can't honor any victims from san bernardino? of course it doesn't pretty can honor honor whoever he wants. it's not about the raid. it's about this widow and her husband. >> it is about the raids before it's about the long service he has given this country. what's wrong with honoring that.
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>> there's nothing wrong with honoring that. there's something wrong with honoring it when you give contradictory answers about what happened. as i said, mistakes happen happen. war is war. we lost a member of a navy seal team and that's awful. that does happen. that's not the issue. the issue is president --. jesse: i would ask you a question to see if your consistent. when hillary clinton trotted out the khan family, were they being exploited also? >> while their son hadn't died a month before. i don't think exactly the same situation before your splitting hairs my man. >> no i'm not. look if they wanted to do it they can do it. jesse: okay so if they wanted to do it it's okay. >> do i get to talk here? jesse: go ahead. >> my point which you blew off is that president trump through this entire raid under the bus, denied his ultimate
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responsibility as commander-in-chief and said this was cooked up under obama. that's true. by the way the raid was cooked up under president eisenhower eisenhower and nixon executed it. jesse: we can play this game all you want. hillary clinton, during a speech at the funeral of chris stevens who lost his life in benghazi blamed an internet video. it's politicians. you're saying he is exploiting this person because the raid didn't go as smoothly as planned war is war. i agree with you, but i can't believe you would denigrate the service and sacrifice of this family by accusing her of being upon for the president. you wouldn't say that to her face, would you john. >> sure, absolutely. jesse: if you would say that to her face you would probably get slapped. >> i served in the navy, did you. jesse: i didn't i didn't and i thank you for your service. but your hate for trump is clouding your compassion.
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i want you to react to this. the widow of chris kyle, american sniper had this to say, patronizing her is a cowardly and cheap attempt to discredit the legitimacy she stood on to accept on behalf of her president. the expression of gratitude was not just for the one fateful day he was killed, but for his years of service in fighting the war on terror as a silent professional. how would you like to react to that? >> fine. she is a seal widow as well. that's her right and her opinion. this is america. you can say what you want. i want to raise one issue. you realize i was an extremely harsh critic of hillary clinton over benghazi and the lies. did you do any research. jesse: i did and i found you to be a trump hater and i think you should be ashamed of yourself for putting down this widow and saying the entire country is out of bounds for applauding this
5:17 pm
beautiful moment. everybody in america thought this was a beautiful moment except you. >> yeah, sure, whatever. you want to throw in with michael moore and bill, but the the rest of this country thought that was a powerful moment and it was about her. it was an about your political agenda. i will give you the last word. >> maybe if you had served he would have a better perspective. not having served, you don't. that's cool. god bless america. jesse: president trump with a call for unity this week. the democrats come completely unglued and left a powerful waters word is up next. later, a sex offender scandal rocks the oscars. we'll have that, next. that will generate over 600 million results.
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jesse: welcome back. democrat identity crisis is the subject of tonight's waters world. president trump delivered a patriotic address on tuesday night. the theme was the renewal of the american spirit, rekindling our economic engine and a call for national unity. this beach was well received. here is a sample of media reaction. >> i feel like tonight, trump trump became the president of the united states. >> tonight he is the most presidential that he has been. >> he became president of the
5:22 pm
united states in that moment. jesse: when chris wallace and tom brokaw all agree, that is what i call consensus. members of the democratic party, it during the speech, exposed themselves for what they truly represent. not only did some sit on their hands during his powerful acknowledgment of ryan owens widow, but their behavior at other moments raise questions about their loyalty to the country. >> intel, walmart and many others have announced they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states. they will create tens of thousands of new american jobs. [applause] i have ordered the department of homeland security to create an office to serve american victims the office is called voice. victims of immigration crime
5:23 pm
engagement. we are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by media. my job is to represent the united states of america. [applause] jesse: let me get this straight. democrats did not clap at the creation of tens of thousands of new american jobs. they groaned when he sought to honor the victims of illegal immigrant crime and democrats sat down when he said he represents america, not the world. here we have the democratic party siding with no jobs, illegal criminal aliens and foreign countries against america. that my friends is all you need to know about the state of the democratic party today. surprisingly, nancy pelosi thought members of her party conducted themselves appropriately. >> i was very proud of the dignity of which are members listen to his speech which was clearly a bait and switch speech
5:24 pm
jesse: no no no. that is not how i would describe your behavior. something along the lines of the soil. the far left cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that he gave a good speech. instead they tried to denigrate him with personal attack. >> who knew we had the attention span to stick to the teleprompter and be coherent. what an idiot. you've got to watch that idiot for an hour and nine minutes but he says one hateful thing after another. he so embarrassing. >> you're embarrassing to. jesse: the mainstream media is suffering from trump arrangement system because the not going to listen to "watters world" advice. maybe they should listen to the advice of their own patrons say, jon stewart. >> you know what i say, i say say stop your whining press, do something for yourself. something productive. take up a hobby. recommend journalism. jesse: his new style has been entered the democratic party. celebrities on far left are
5:25 pm
dragging them hard left, perhaps over a cliff while some democrats and reasonable members of the media realize the midterms are two years away and they must. [inaudible] while trump is speaking to americans, democrats are not. the democratic party, are they a party of foreigners, criminal illegal aliens and no growth or is it willing to put patriotism over politics. just ask your friends if they believe in america first. their answer will be telling. joining me now with the take on the left latest attempt to take them president trump, correspondent at-large geraldo rivera. >> what you think about the memo. >> i think that was a scorching polemic. i don't think you gave them and a quarter. jesse: is that the state of the democratic party today? when you don't clap for job
5:26 pm
creation, that's not a a good look of your democrat. >> i don't want to do number one i think your talking points were excellent. they were very partisan in your own way, and i appreciated the millennial hyperbole. in terms of the democrats. jesse: is that an insult. >> no no. in terms of the democrat, i don't think there is a democratic party. there's the activists responding to the fear of obamacare repeal without replacement, you have very activists filled with their emotion and traumatized by the shocking election, and others just trying to find their way. i don't think, the fact that they stand or don't stand, if you see a state of the union, i know this is and address to the joint session of congress, but rarely do you see them standing together. >> this was not your traditional
5:27 pm
conservative ideological speech. it wasn't a typical republican speech. this was a unity speech. this was above politics. president trump is not your typical right-wing ideologue. i don't see why, celebrating america first is a bad thing. you believe in america first, don't you geraldo. >> i believe in america first but were talking about party politics and generally speaking you have one guy stand and the other one stands, it's the most vivid depiction of the divided political --. jesse: but even if you look at the media that night or the day after, they they still can't come to grips with the fact that present trump is president and that he might be doing some good things for the american worker. i think the media is dragging the party so far to the left that they won't know what to do with themselves when they start running for election.
5:28 pm
>> for me the most telling aftermath of what was an extremely articulate address, i thought it was really terrific, it was the fact that 80% of americans approved of him. 78% plus. for donald trump to get into those kinds of numbers, that means half of the people who would self describe themselves as progressive or left were for the president. i think you have to celebrate the success. the fact that you have a couple stick in the mud --. jesse: who knew president trump could be so unifying. geraldo, thank thank you so much. up next he says president obama used police state tactics to undermine the trump administration. you will hear from him next. later, will the left find common ground with president trump? i hit the streets of manhattan to find out. earned overnight.
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thanks, mom. live from america's news
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headquarters, president trump is back in washington dc, his administration is turning to congress for help supporting his claim that president obama had telephoned the trump tower tapped before the election. president trump is offering no proof of those claims. james comey is now asking the justice department to publicly deny them. to say that they did no wrong. meanwhile republicans in the house are expected to push ahead with the initial step to repeal and replace obamacare. some lawmakers including rand paul have no consensus at this point on how to proceed. he expects repeal within a week. president trump may sign his revised travel ban executive order as early as tomorrow. it could include major changes including removing a rack from a list of countries on the no travel list. now back to jesse watters.
5:33 pm
jesse: conservative radio host is the person who floated the idea of president obama floated the wiretap. that led trump to sound off on twitter saturday morning. here is mark levan this morning on fox and friends recapping his evidence the wiretaps may exist. >> i want to walk you through this, the american people. exhibit one. this is all public. head street, two separate sources with links to the counterintelligence community have confirmed that the fbi sought and was granted a foreign intelligence surveillance act. this is fine. in october, giving counterintelligence permission, u.s. persons and donald trump campaign with ties to russia. let me go on. this isn't me. they say the first request name trump was denied by the court,
5:34 pm
but the second was drawn more narrowly and granted in october after evidence was presented of a server, possibly related to the trump campaign and its alleged links to two banks. sources suggest that a warrant was issued to look at the emails and related documents that may concern u.s. persons. i know people are hung up with his wiretapping, but how did they get access, doesn't really matter? if his wiretapping or whatever it is, exhibit two, the guardian, a well-known right wing british paper, here it is, the guardian has learned the fbi applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court over the summer in order to monitor foreign members of the trump team suspected of irregular contact. this is during a presidential election. the sitting president, the incumbent party is investigating the presidential candidate of the republican party and his campaign to some extent.
5:35 pm
the court turned down the application asking counterintelligence investigators to narrow its scope. a warrant was granted in october. exhibit three. another well-known right-wing newspaper, here they have the agency's headline, fbi, five other agencies have possible covert kremlin aid to drop. the fbi and five other law-enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into russian attempts to influence the november election including whether money from kremlin aided donald trump. two people familiar with the matter said the agencies involved are the fbi, cia, the nsa, the justice nsa, the justice department, the treasury department's financial crime enforcement and representatives
5:36 pm
of the national intelligence. are you telling me barack obama didn't know what was going on with six agencies. hold on. jesse: okay keep going. >> i need to make the case because the media is confused about their own reporting. new york times and other liberal outlet interception intercepted key medications january 19. the fbi is leading the investigations aided by the nsa, the cia, treasury department crime unit, investigators have accelerated the efforts in weeks and have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. one set intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped medications have been provided to the white house. this is the new york times. [inaudible] >> another right-wing outlet. >> let's continue. >> new york times again, nsa nsa gets more latitude to share intercepted communications will.
5:37 pm
[inaudible] they have expanded the power of the nsa to share personal communications with the government 16 other agencies before applying privacy protection pad why would they do this on the way out the door? march 1, exhibit six. obama administration rush to preserve intelligence of russian election hacking. in the obama administration last day, some some white house officials scrambled to spread information about russian efforts to undermine the presidential election and about possible contacts between associates of president trump and russia across the government i am not done. exhibit seven. new york times. where did they get this off information. the court is always monitoring
5:38 pm
the russian ambassador so how do we know that? maybe they are, maybe they're not. there is an awful lot of other activity. u.s. investigators have examined contacts of jeff sessions and russian officials during the time he was advising donald trump campaign. the focus of the counterintelligence investigation has been on medications between trump campaign officials in russia. listen to this. the inquiry examining his contacts well serving as his foreign-policy advisor in the spring and summer of 2016. this has been going on for a year. jesse: with the reaction, steve hilton, former advisor and chris hahn, syndicated radio host. chris we will start with you. when you listen to the laundry list from various sources, some of of them very leaning and then you add to the fact that the
5:39 pm
obama administration passed angela merkel's cell phones, phones, they seized the records from the associated press reporters, they tapped james rosen's cell phone, is it inconceivable to you that the obama administration may have listened to phone calls at trump tower. >> i think it's very likely that the fbi and other law-enforcement agencies were examining why the russians were so interested in that campaign and trying to ascertain that, and i think the trump people should be very happy that they didn't leak any of that stuff during the campaign. it was kept very secret, and what the president said. jesse: wait, wait, there wasn't any link about the russian connection during the campaign, because that's all i heard. i'm glad you admit it is a possibility that the obama administration did listen to those phone calls.
5:40 pm
i'm surprised you would admit that. >> he said on saturday that president obama ordered this. i don't believe that, i don't think mark believes that, i don't think president trump believes that. if you believe that, you have. [inaudible] jesse: thank you very much. flattery will get you everywhere. i don't think president trump said to tap this guys phone, but if it was happening, he surely knew about it or else he's a can lead buffoon. is that not in control of his own administration. it's the judge that makes those calls and it's the fbi that does it anyway. let me get you in here steve. when you add to this the irs targeting the tea party and various other abuses in the democrats rigging the primary against bernie, hillary getting questions before cnn debates, it's a dirty game, especially on the democratic side, especially of the last year.
5:41 pm
what you make of all this mess. >> jesse you are completely right to say we should be so skeptical of all these denials. they tapped angela merkel's phone and other world leaders, early in the show you said with this note and revolutions they were completely out of control and lied about it. we can't take that seriously. what it shows is that you got this group of people in d.c. and new york, the group we been calling the establishment, the elite, the people who've gotten used to being in power including not just the democrats and their allies in the media, but the bureaucracy, the the bureaucracy, the federal bureaucracy, especially in the intelligence agency who are always completely against donald trump. they thought his campaign was ridiculous. he made so many enemies -- steve >> literally the day after the inauguration of trump --
5:42 pm
>> i know. trump has been blasting these guys from the moment he started running. it's no wonder. jesse: i gotta run, we've got to pay some bills. as much as i would love to debate you, we have to go. still had, from had, from part-time to prime time, how jimmy kimmel gave the oscar spotlight to a racist. charlie has the skill. i'm next, a classic "watters world" in new york city. ..amazi. i have heartburn. alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. enjoy the relief. ♪ ♪
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jesse: president trump's speech on tuesday got an overwhelmingly supportive response. he focused on topics such as make a america great again. listen. >> dying industries will come roaring back to life. her work veterans will get the care they need. our military will be given the resources it's brave warriors so richly deserve. crumbling infrastructure will be risk placed with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and rail roy's cleaning across a very beautiful land. our terrible drug epidemic will slow down and ultimately stop, and our neglected inner cities
5:47 pm
will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity. before i wondered if run-of-the-mill democrats could get on board with his agenda. i took a walk in new york city. >> are you are republican or democrat. >> democrat. >> i'm a moderate. >> i guess i'm a democrat. >> you sound really part of proud of that. >> the democratic party kind of let me down hillary actually one. jesse: then why that she and the white house. >> because of the russians. >> the russians are coming, the russians are coming. jesse: is there anything you like of donald trump. >> not really. jesse: what you like about donald trump. >> he's transparent. >> i like that he honored the navy seal who was lost in the raid. jesse: is there anything you like about donald trump. >> i don't like nothing about donald trump. they should in peach him. he's trying to deport immigrants. >> if deporting illegal
5:48 pm
immigrants was a crime, he would have been impeached. >> but he didn't deport anybody. jesse: no one? >> not that i know of. >> you're never too old to learn something. jesse: is there anything you can get on board with donald trump's agenda. >> no, nothing. jesse: so you don't want to destroy isis. >> they're not doing anything to me. >> what? >> i like that he's bringing manufacturing jobs back but the way he goes about it i don't agree with it. he wants to get rid of nafta which i think is a terrible idea. it's not just about america. jesse: do you believe in america first. >> no, i guess i don't. jesse: do you believe in america first. >> while i think that. jesse: it's a yes or no question trump is promising massive tax relief to american family. >> that's a great thing but i'm
5:49 pm
not major shopaholic. jesse: do you support the construction of the wall. jesse: no. >> no. jesse: why not. >> i don't think immigrants are bad, i think. jesse: so you believe in open borders. >> pretty much as long as they are well vetted. jesse: how do you bet someone if there is no wall. >> i don't know. jesse: trump says he wants to buy american and hire americans. >> we could use the work. i'm all for americans working. jesse: i think you're coming aboard the trump train. >> to chew before do you know who i am. >> you look familiar. what is your name. >> david schwimmer. >> okay. i don't know, i don't understand. i'm jesse watters and this is my world.
5:50 pm
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this week all eyes are on hollywood as tinsel town hosted the 89th academy award but things do not go so well. who could forget the. >> for best picture, lala land. [applause] >> we lost by the way. >> i'm sorry, no, there's, there's a mistake. moonlight, you guys one best picture.
5:54 pm
moonlight one. this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke. moonlight has won best picture. moonlight, best picture. jesse: maybe all those anti-trump celebs should have been paying more attention to their own issues. just look at the ratings. president trump won again. 11 million more households watch the president speech tuesday them watched the oscars. joining me now on hollywood's disastrous night is carly shimkus. it wasn't just that debacle. they had some sex offender up on
5:55 pm
stage and no one knew about this guy. >> he called himself gary from chicago. he was part of a tour group that jimmy kimmel orchestrated to come into the adobe theater and mingle with the celebrities. people fell in love with him because he was very interested in taking selfies and all that. it turns out he was released from prison. three days before the academy awards he was released. he served 20 years. one of his crimes was he was convicted of attempted rape. also burglary and robbery. jesse: quite the rap sheet. >> i do have to say, he found christianity in prison and he also fell in love. >> father wes would definitely approve of that. also, they had another faux pas, they put a living a living person in the memorial. >> very much alive. jesse: you can't do that. >> that's a big no-no. a producer named jan chapman, her photo was used in place of a fashion fashion designer who passed away. janet patterson. big mistake. inexcusable. the person who made it would probably say that the two worked on a movie together. their names are also kind of
5:56 pm
similar, although i have to say our graphic department here would never make that mistake. jesse: we would never make that mistake. i would but they would not. we also had a female winner who, i think she snubbed the oscars. i thought this was supposed to empower females, but she didn't want anything to do with it. >> yes, her name is dede gardner. she was one of the producers for moonlight. no official word on why. there is speculation she is having issues with the production company. valley make her and millions of other americans. thank you very much. i appreciate it. we'll be right back able foundat. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. th...oh, baked-on alfredo?e.
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6:00 pm
jesse just bank that guy, thanks thanks for standing up for her. sometimes children need punishment. and finally, jesse waters is more a beast. tonight, i take my question strictly to the white house. i will speak exclusively with a counselor to the president, kelleyanne conway about about the investigation, reallocations and where we go from


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