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Trump Administration
  FOX Friends  FOX News  March 6, 2017 4:06am-4:20am PST

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there is a story that apparently the white house council don mcgan is trying to do that we have kellyanne conway joining us from the white house. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what is the latest on this thing? because everybody is going he can't say that well he says it because he thinks there was this fisa warrant out there. what's the bottom of it. >> well, let's get to the bottom of it that is the president's entire point. have you a number of -- you have various and credible news sources telling that there was politically motivated activity all during the campaign. and suggesting that there may be more there. i mean, i saw the different introduce over the weekend. and some people left open the possibility that maybe there were departments or agencies or individuals not under their direct purview where this could have taken place. the president's entire point is that the people deserve to know. so why not include in the existing investigation into russia this aspect that whether or not this actually happened. the other thing that's going on here is we have this double standard for anonymous sources.
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the media loves to use anonymous sources for everything and anything that could possibly be derogatory or negative for this president or this administration. yet, they refuse to give any credibility to such sources when it may be something positive or expull can a tore. the other double standard is the investigation. have you democrats every single day saying investigate, investigate. special prosecutors, investigate. well what are they afraid of here? let's investigate this and see where it leads. so let's have the house and senate intelligence committee do their work and think about whether to include this but the president has made clear that he would like there to be an investigation of any possible abuses. and that hopefully that oversight activity will clarify for everyone. brian: when is the first time that you guys within the trump camp when you were the incoming administration or when you were trying to become the next president -- when he was trying to become the next president, when is the first time you heard about possible wiretaps in trump tower? >> well, i won't reveal that i will tell you that it's a big place. and i saw what former attorney
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general mukasey said yesterday on the different network that he thinks it's probably right or correct that this would have happened. but, again, if we don't know, then let's find out together. and then let's also start focusing on the many things that are going to happen this week. i know people, particularly on other networks want to talk about this one thing. they don't want to talk about the amazing joint session speech where the president laid out his vision and very specific in doing so. and all the activity happening this week. new executive order on travel today. certainly repealing and replacing obamacare. infrastructure. tax reform is coming. there many are things that the american people are focused on that are very prom meant in the fox news polling and elsewhere that aren't being discussed because of this frankly. steve: sure. ainsley: kellyanne conway you said we don't know at this point but that's why you are calling for the investigation. it sounds like from the tweets over the weekend the president does know this has happened to him. how does he know that his phone was actually tapped. >> let me answer that globally. he is the president of the
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united states. he has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not. that's the way it should be for presidents. i would note that curiously with the timing, the day after his amazing joint sessions which everybody is polling most honest and analysts said was a complete home run for him, that the "new york times" had a report that clearly showed that there was a rush to preserve and sprinkle intelligence information around the obama administration toward the end of it. now, we should ask why that is. and i would also say, you know, i certainly hope people out there are getting $50 every time they screen the word russia. but imagine if you took the word russia and at least shared some of the space in the country with leaks. this is about bureaucratic leaks. the concern for the president is that we have leaks in the intelligence and security community that imperils all of us. this is serious stuff. brian: well, a couple of things. would you also say that some of the team that used to be around donald trump has not
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helped the president of the united states when j.d. gordon comes out and says yeah, we did bring up a conversation about russia at the convention. when it turns out that paul man ford was at a meeting when russia was brought up at a. when it comes out that senator sessions doesn't remember meeting with the ambassador. when carter paige says we did talk about russia at the convention. all these things might add up to nothing. but don't you believe they are hurting the president by not jogging their memory and coming forward with it? >> they are a distraction more than harmful. no i disagree. he got elected about 118, 119 days ago. you still hear the democrats screaming russia every day. they have haven't shown any connection. many people are trying to redo the election results still. this man has been president for a while now and he is going to continue to just move forward with his agenda. brian: you don't think those four people hurt the president? >> i think the president knows why he is here and what he is
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doing with his agenda. look, again, there is a selectivity out there as to what really gets the coverage. and certain things that someof e news. other things that obviously are news worthy get covered. but, again, how is this the president -- i was the campaign manager until the end. and i was talking to people in mccomb county, michigan, not moscow. people aren't pointing to things that aren't there. have you these attenuated connections and circumstances. and there is just nothing the democrats every single day you see these kyrons on the lower third on other networks where it's all russia all the time. what about investigating these bureaucratic systematic leaks out of the intelligence and security community? i guess some of which are coming from holder. that's really dangerous to our nation, frankly to all of us. that's not a partisan that's a security and intelligence issue. ainsley: we want you to stick
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>> president obama has flatly denied that he has done this. and either way, chuck, the president's in trouble. if he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong. it's beneath the dignity of the presidency. it shows this president doesn't know how to conduct himself. on the other hand, if it's true it's even worse for the president. because that means that a federal judge independently elected has found probable cause that the president or people on his staff have had probable cause to have broken the law or to have interacted with a foreign agent. now, that's serious stuff. steve: it is serious stuff but it looks like it happened. kellyanne conway is the special counsel to the president of the united states. kellyanne you look -- obviously the obama people did not think that your guy was going to win. they were shocked. it looks to many like they hatched this plan hey, let's
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get all this secret stuff. we gathered in the final days of the campaign, spread it throughout the administration so that everybody is able to try to blow him up over the next couple of months, leak stuff to the press. it looks like a coordinated effort by a former president and his team on a scale we have never seen before. >> and what you just said are based on published reports. steve: yeah. >> in the last week that said exactly that. let's make it very clear today. it certainly contra convenience the earlier spirit of cooperation in having a peaceful transition of power. that would be very disappointing. and, again, this is about bureaucratic systematic leaks in the intelligence and security communities. i would say say respectfully to senator schumer, this is a very typical response to the democratic party these days. it's that they have no message. i mean, they have no core. they have no message. their message is we don't want donald trump to be the president. we are going to stop everything he is doing. chuck schumer has been out there many times saying he didn't want to hear who the nominee would be to the
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supreme court let alone neil gorsuch someone he voted for 10 years ago he and his democratic colleagues. he would construct any type of repeal and replace measure. he doesn't know what's in it. he doesn't know the tax reform and details of infrastructure. they want to restrict at every turn. truly the minority party with no ideas, no solutions and just try to throw the logs in the way of the president. i think people will cut through that the other thing i would just say is this is a very important week in this white house where the president is going to continue to act on, along with the congress, major pieces of his legislative and executive agenda. ainsley: like immigration. >> that's right. new executive order today, ainsley, that's correct. what's different is it has effective date of march 16th. there are the legal permanent residents who are always excluded from it. that's made much more clear now. if you have travel docs. if you actually have a visa. if you are a legal permanent resident, you are not covered under this particular
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executive action. also, iraq is no longer on the list based on their enhanced screening and reporting measures. i think people will see six or seven major points about this executive order that do clarify who is covered. also, a syrian refugees are treated the way all refugees are. brian: great. now, real quick, chris ready reported to be a real good trump friend said she spoke with the president twice yesterday about the wiretap story and he has never seen seen him this pissed off in a long time. when he mentioned obama denial he said i will be proven correct. is that the way you understand the president was this weekend? >> yes. brian: which not many people could blame him? >> indeed. he has said what he said. tweets very clearly. he wants investigation. he wants this to be investigated so we can get to the bottom of it people should know what the truth is.
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also, in terms of the president being very determined to discover, you know, once and for all what happened during the campaign.