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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 8, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and ainsley. >> thank you, i'm your favorite guest. >> a developing stories rocking our nation's capital, first wikileaks and the question is the cia spying on you? there's new detail over how the agency can hack into you're phone, laptop and even television at home. all that as a battle brews the next phase of health care. as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." off we go. >> shannon: someone's spying on you all the time. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. the largest release from wikileaks is being the most significant yet that the central intelligence action can gain
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access to anything that hooks up to the internet and make it look like it's coming from some place it's not. >> bill: and some conservatives balking at the new plan and detail are open for negotiation. >> with members of the senate, members of the house and stake holders across the land and we've gotten to a sweet spot. this is a work in progress and continues to be so. >> shannon: senior counselor to president trump kellyanne conway and first we'll kick it off with john roberts. >> good morning to you. on the issue of the cia leak and what came out on wikileaks the white house don't even want to acknowledge the idea like that could be true because it could be bad on a number of fronts with the sensitive tools intelligence uses to gather
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information in the public domain and the idea that we heard about some of the spy agencies targeting americans and could that be going on. the cia for its part not saying much about this today in a statement only saying, quote, the cia has no comment on the authenticity of the content of the purported documents. this is different from the edward snowden leak and these are tools that most people assume the cia has ape-- anyway and that someone associated with it was willing to dump the documents to wikileaks and last fall this proves wikileaks is a two-edged sword. today the president will continue to sell the new american health care plan and meeting with conservative leaders in congress late this afternoon. yesterday he met with the deputy
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whips to get it through the house. here's what the president had to say about the new bill yesterday. >> i'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encouraged by both members of both martiparties i think we'll something more understood than people can imagine. >> some call it obamacare in a different form. the think they're upset about is the tax credit which replaces the obamacare subsidy. basically calling it just another entitlement. i asked the hhs secretary tom price in the room yesterday. watch this. how do you convince them since it's going to take tax credits to make this work that they need to swallow this and move forward with the? >> we, conservatives and others have said for a long time we believe it's important to equalize the tax treatment for those purchasing coverage,
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gaining coverage through their employer and those not. and the tax credit is the opportunity to be able to equalize the tax treatment. >> basically what the secretary is saying people who get it through employer can write it off and people who don't get no tax break and they're bringing those two together and the white house are pointing out it gets rid of of the surtax for high-income earners. >> shannon: the negotiation will continue. >> bill: lots of reaction from the white house and from the north lawn kellyanne conway with me this morning. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: i thought tom price was impressive yesterday in his explanation in the briefing room and we expect to see more of him. however, you met the opposition and the opposition is republican. when you consider that, kellyanne, how much of this today is a negotiation with t m themnd we're open
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to their concerns and considerations and ideas. the president made clear as the vice president this is the plan and the president has also used the word negotiation. there's a process at play called reconciliation. everyone knows as this american health care act makes its way through the normal channels it will probably be changed somewhat but the basic principles of it to really take out root and branch obama care which we've been living with almost seven years. the longer something's been around the more difficult it is to just wipe out those tentacles and start over but this is a very different plan. it's repealing and replacing simultaneously. you want to have the replacement in there in quick succession so people who rely on coverage don't have a disruption in coverage. you have many americans who live in what we call medicaid-expansion states and
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governors expanded it through the affordable care act. let's be clear what problems we're trying to solve here. you're talking about roughly a third of the counties across the u.s. who have one insurance provider which is a nonchoice and five states with no choices. an increase in premiums an average of 25% and providers pulling out of the exchange saying it doesn't make sense to be there and other health care providers saying obamacare is quote in a death spiral. it shifts a government-run, mandated health care system top down to bottom up so you have savings accounts and you control the spending. >> maybe you should be in the briefing. i allowed you to go that far but you said it can change a bit. put a percentage on that. is that 10%?
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20%? >> it's just reconciliation. the broader principles will be the same because remember this is a budgetary concern also. so you talked about rightly so, the fantastic job tom price has done and a shout out to mick mulvaney who has been very involved to get it over the finish line. >> bill: we have spoken to him the past week. paul ryan went a step further. he said this just this week, watch. >> we'll have 218 votes. it's the beginning of the legislative process. we will have 218 when it comes to the floor i can guarantee that. >> bill: did president trump guarantee it, kellyanne? >> president trump is very positive about the passage of the american health care act and just yesterday here in the white house he and the vice president invited in 35 or so whips from the house to discuss this very issue. i happen to attend that meeting.
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earlier in the day vice president pence went and talked to leadership and rank and file in the house. we are very open to having conservative leaders to discuss health care reform. we're very open to hearing -- >> bill: but you're not going so far as to say he guarantees it in the same way paul ryan just did. >> no, the president is confident it will pass the house and senate and become law. >> bill: and one of the issues is lowering cost. what would you say to him 30 minutes before he appears? >> what i would say to congressman meadows who i respect is obamacare exploded costs and reduced choices and the quality of care. that needs to be fixed. at some level there's going to
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be a binary choice you make good on the promise to repeal and replace obamacare or you're not. we appreciate the fact that others offering their ideas but this has been worked on over a series of weeks if not months and the president and vice president have taken leadership. i want to say this is a piece of legislation also that has presidential leadership. he's really husbanding this through. some suggested he be the closer or the lead-off. the president and vice president are all in here. they are working on this more than anything day by day. >> bill: if that's the case sean spicer asked if we call it trump care now. if or when it passes is it by any other name trump care? >> it's the american health care act and named that for a reason. everyone has access and that didn't happen under obamacare.
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i'll call it trump care if you want to but i didn't hear president trump say to any of us i want my name on that. it's not about branding according to someone's name. it's serious business. people in this country feel that they're health care has been -- many people, millions, feel their access, quality and choice have been significantly reduced and the costs have gone up. look, many people the obamacare people say, oh, we allowed more people to have health care access. if it's unaffordable it's worse than not having the choice in the first place and what disappears immediately is the taxes and penalties millions of americans have been forced to fork over because people were mandated. >> bill: i'm almost out of time and there's another significant story and that's the wikileaks story. can you say to americans they can trust the cia not spying on them? >> what i can say at this point
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because i just confirmed with the national security staff internally we won't comment on these particular evolving events. there'll be a briefing to get to the bottom of this. >> bill: can you deny it or not, kellyanne? >> i can't say anything about it at this point. >> bill: please come back. kellyanne conway from the north lawn we'll wait for the briefing later today. appreciate the time. we'll talk again. >> thanks, bill. >> shannon: all right, we're also going to speak with congressman mark meadows and opposes the bill and says it costs too much. kellyanne's interview with bill changed his mind. we'll find out in 30 minutes. interested she noted the president is hands-on shepherding this himself and nancy pelosi did what most would argue the heavy lifting and he seems more engaged than people thought he would be. >> bill: and face the issues or
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quences, mark hannity. >> once it's repealed or replaced, republicans you're going to own this and those who put you in control will not settle for obamacare lite. you have to get this right and join forces. >> bill: what happens if they don't? karl rove is standing by and we'll talk to karl in a moment from austin. >> shannon: we'll tell you where this happened and how dicey it got. stick around.
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answer questions about president obama and we'll keep an eye on that speech. if anything breaks we'll take you there live. >> i want to put an end to the civil war that seems to be brewing inside the republican party. the current version of the american health care act as tom price said is a first draft. first drafts are never perfect and filled with errors and miscalculation. it's up to congress to fix the bill and get it right for you. >> bill: hannity, hash it out or
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pay a price saying the fight over obamacare can turn into a civil war and karl rove here to react to that from austin. how you doing, mr. texas. good morning to you. do you sense civil war or not, sir? >> well, i sense a lot of division which is frankly some is understandable and some is not. this is not a fresh new idea. this idea was sculpted between october of 2015 and june of 2015 as the house considered the better way agenda which was done from the bottom up. the house ways and means and energy and commerce committee discussing wa they would propose in the caucus. endorsed last june. there's been a national of special health conference meetings which the bill has been discussed. it has republican doctrines from top to bottom but i get it. some people say, now, it's got to be perfect or i don't agree with things but a lot of that is
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posturing. i don't get some of it. for example you're going to have mark meadows on shortly who says he objects to the tax credits. well, in may of 2015 he signed on as a co-sponsor of then-congressmen tom prices repeal and replace bill which included even more robust tax credits which were in the bill. he endorsed that in may of 2015. he signed on as a co-sponsor with 12 other members of the freedom caucus on tom price's bill built around the same idea. >> bill: here's what i'm trying to figure out, karl, kellyanne was just on and i thought she said a number of revealing things including we can change parts of what's on the table. she didn't put a number on it in terms of percentage, 10%, 20%, etcetera but if president trump wrote the book "the art of the deal" how much is part of the
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deal to get as much as they can out of it? >> there'll be three sets of discussion the bill and which changes will be made. you'll have the house discussion which involves two phases, the mark up by the two committees and the floor action and then there's going to be a senate bill. anybody think the senate bill will look like the house bill? no. there'll be senate discussions on what go in the house bill and a committee to reconcile the differences and then it will go back to the house and senate and it may be pinged back and forth several times. look, the bill as it stands today won't be the bill that ends up getting passed and signed by president trump. that's the reality of the legislative process. but as we go through the process it's in -- incumbent from all sides to say it's no different than obamacare. that's not true. it kills the obamacare mandates on the individual and company and penalties with it and kills
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a trillion dollars in obamacare taxes and $100 billion of the subsidies for exchanges and discrimination under young people and young people pay more for their insurance to subsidize older people and gets rid of limits on hsas and other things it gets rid of under obamacare and with a new reform framework that is really exciting. >> bill: well, you're a buyer that's what i take from the last comment. >> i'm a buyer of the process. i know it's going to change but think about this, we have the biggest medicaid reform and doing what they've been saying for decades, giving control back to the states, solve the cost problem by setting a per capita amount for every state that's the same based on three and four types of population and control the costs and put the states in charge. we expand hsas not just return to the status quo and expand what you can pay for it. we have tax credits for the self-employed.
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i understand they say it's a new entitlement. mark meadows has said this, here's a question to ask him, we give favorable tax treatment to companies who provide health insurance to employees but we don't give that to the 15 million self-employed americans and give that treatment to -- we have 2.1 million companies with fewer than 20 workers. that's where most people work and don't have insurance provided by providers are found. if you're not favor of providing a favorable tax treatment to those people who are the base of the republican party, then are you at least going to be confident -- consistent and call for rerepeal of the favorable tax treatment to employer-provided health coverage? >> bill: you make a strong case. more to come. i thought what kellyanne had to say about president trump and vice president pence in the process. thank you, karl rove. >> you bet. >> shannon: a deadly attack in
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afghanistan. isis fighters storm a hospital in the capital city disguyed as doctors. we have the latest in a live report. seeing is believing, and that's why
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taking on security forces for several hours. we're live in your middle east bureau. connor what is the latest in afghanistan? >> reporter: we understand most if not all killed were soldier recovering from wounds they sustained while battling the taliban. this is the main hospital in kabul in a heavily-guarded
6:27 am
diplomatic area and isis, not the taliban taking responsibility for carrying out the attack. they used a car bomb outside the main entrance and gunmen dressed as doctors then stormed the building. a gun fight then took place the next three to four hours. afghan commanders were able to bring an end to the gun fight but not after 30 or so people -- 50 were wounded. it was a brazen attack given what we've seen even by the taliban and the interesting thing is isis is claiming responsibility and not the taliban. >> shannon: what does this tell us now about isis' capabilities and why they've been so much more active in afghanistan? >> reporter: we've seen their growth and they've been popping up and battled afghan security forces and taliban in
6:28 am
afghanistan. it's the type of attack we've not seen from them in the past. it's a more complex -- well-planned traditional attack we've by the haqani network and for security analysts and those working in kabul this is alarming to see isis carry out this type of attack. it's just not the type of capabilities we've seen them carry out or have in the past. if you're now throwing this into the equation in terms of the stability in afghanistan have you the taliban who have long carried out these attacks and now isis. it's a recipe for greater disaster than we've seen in the last few years. >> shannon: connor powell live for us. >> bill: alarming there. >> shannon: it is. and they're losing territory in some places. is it forcing them into other places they haven't been before or are we defeating and containing in any real way?
6:29 am
>> bill: people in afghanistan felt it was a matter of time. 28 past the hour now. back to the republican leadership. await news conference there. we expect reaction on the two big stories of the day. the bill to repeal and replace obamacare as well as new wikileaks allegations against the cia. the details. how the spies are tracking their targets which could include everyday americans. >> i will say the cia is an intelligence service and collects evidence on foreign intelligence. it doesn't do intelligence work domestically. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> bill: wikileaks calling it the biggest story to date over secret cia documents focussing on hacking tools and techniques including ways to turn on your smartphone, your smart tv and
6:33 am
other devices connected to the internet in your home. still the question remains over how these documents have been obtained. katherine heron is live in washington. good morning. what have you learned? >> we're getting reaction from the company and not confirming or denying the authenticity saying quote, while our initial analysis shows they were patched in the latest operating system we'll continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerability. the documents suggest cia has expanded operations in the cyber world going on the offensive work the nsa to exploit weaknesses in phones, televisions and other automated services to eavesdrop and collect information. the document also show significantly the cia cyber branch has the ability to mask its operations making the
6:34 am
breaches making it look like the work of iran or russia and this is a standard tool for virtually every intelligence agency in the world. >> bill: kellyanne conway referred to the cia suggesting they'll have something later today at some point. we'll get it then. is this as bad as the nsa leaker edward snowden? >> people have made comparisons but i would say there's significant differences. the documents released information of ongoing information. so far what we've seen from the cia records it does not seem to provide a window into ongoing operations though it does reveal new information about some of their tactics and it doesn't imply they were used against americans so that potential exists. the house ways and means weighed in ot on this yesterday. >> this is early on in the investigation but these appear
6:35 am
to be very very serious. we don't know who is responsible for what's happened in the latest wikileaks round. let's just leave it at that and let them come out and brief you at the proper time. >> you flagged this on your show earlier and we're monitoring the event in boston with the fbi director speaking on cyber security director this morning and see if he addresses the leaks and documents. in these cases it's always important to look at who benefits from the leaks. in this case the exposure of methods and tactics is helpful to russia and worth noting the intelligence community noted the russian agency used wikileaks to interfere with the u.s. election. it's important for people to start looking at those data points and who benefits, in this case, russia, and the methods of dumping the documents is similar to what russia used. >> bill: good context.
6:36 am
catherine in washington. >> shannon: check it out, the cover, i spy. one of the details revealed the cia can apparently, allegedly cover it's tracks with fingerprints pointing to someone else. it will raise allegations of russian election hacking. a former secretary to bill clinton. david, you know the conspiracy theorists are going to love this because they're going to look at this and the cia said we don't comment on the authenticity of the documents some will say maybe president trump was right all along. our enemies know how to leave the fingerprints of someone else. >> well, the theorists will always come up with whacky theories. i can't stop that but i do think
6:37 am
it increases the intensity and need for an investigation into all these questions. bloomberg news has now characterized president trump's comments as impeachable when he alleged president obama wire tapped him. i think there's been an effort to blow a lot of smoke and we need a sober, independent, thorough investigation into two separate question. one, was there russian interference in the election and did the trump know about it and collude. and the second as you've alluded to in the story are there leaks going on that need to be addressed. i think they can be addressed in a sober, independent bipartisan way. >> bill: we have the fbi and senate intel and that's been going on for months. so far, brad, there's no evidence showing collusion between the trump campaign and
6:38 am
russia. those are ongoing investigations and because you used the "i" word impeachable a research center said while everyone's freaking out about the president's comments they pointed to the new york times the day before the inauguration this went up on the website talking about the fact there were government intercepted communications between trump associates and russian officials and intelligence reports based on wiretap communication had been fro -- provided to the white house. new york times was talking wiretapping just weeks ago. >> congress has the constitutional responsibility of oversight. there's no need for an independent investigator. we have congress and a bipartisan intelligence committee on both sides to do what david is suggesting and that's what they're going to do. look, what happened with wikileaks is a two-edged sword one is to protect sources and
6:39 am
america and americans. what troubles me is when congress learns of these things from an outside third party and not from their own oversight investigation. we need more oversight of our intelligence services. we have 17 separate intelligence services spread within our government. there's got to be a complete audit done under president trump to see if there's overlap, whether they're doing the right things or whether there's too many intelligence services to begin with. as we've seen with clapper under obama's administration under dni he lied to congress and said this was no metadata on americans when he knew it was a lie. we to be sure congress is doing their job every day and not relying on third parties. >> shannon: one person doing the job is congressman devin nunes and where they're going. >> is it possible president
6:40 am
obama knew about general flynn in we don't know the answer to that question. is it possible president obama was directing his people, his department of justice to go into the court to seek a warrant? i don't know. >> shannon: david, do you support an investigation that covers all those questions whether there's collusion between trump and this russians and the campaign and russian actors. whether the president or somebody within the administration had a fisa court order? those things should be discoverable. >> when i call for an independent investigation that's it. it should be independent of the republican-led congressional committee and independent of politics and pointed by the attorney general and we have to go back to what you said in the new york times piece, there was wire intercepts. that's a very different statement than what the president said over the weekend
6:41 am
namely he said, barack obama, the president, ordered a wiretap on me which would be a criminal offense and we have laws in place against that. we have to know what he knows, how he back that assertion and investigate that and through an independent special prosecutor appointed by the attorney general. i'm all for it. i'm telling you my supposition is there's smoke being blown trying to ob -- obfuscate from the real issue with what we discussed was there collusion by trump and his team. >> shannon: you need an investigation. >> you need an investigation to get to that answer. >> shannon: so far the answer is no. brad, the investigations aren't over. quick final word to you. >> we need a deputy attorney general now. we don't need an obama holdover
6:42 am
for him to point a special prosecutor. no need. congress needs to do this under their authority. >> shannon: good to see you. >> bill: the white house showing confidence in the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president is confident the american health care act will pass the house and the senate and will become the law. absolutely. >> bill: some members of the gop are taking a stand and one is mark meadows the chairman of the house freedom cause -- caucus. he is next. >> shannon: and details on the deadly collision between a train and tour bus. >> the train was honking and honking but the bus just looked like it bottomed out over the hill and when it bottomed out it tried backing up a little bit and you can see the train just -- dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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>> obama care promises to lower costs and it did the opposite of that and reduces choices, access and the quality of care. that needs to be fixed. and at some level there's going to be a binary choice. you either make good on the promise to repeal and replace obamacare or you're not. >> and taking on my guest mark meadows chairs the freedom caucus and has issues with the plan. how you doing and good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. it's good to be with you. >> what would you say to kellyanne conway? >> she knows me personally. i campaigned with him in north carolina and what he talked about is repealing obama care. this bill is just obama care in a different form. kellyanne may know that but i can tell you if you just look at
6:47 am
the bill, the first paragraph said it amends the affordable care act. it doesn't repeal it. so the american people want us to repeal it and replace it with it doesn't do -- it lowers costs for hard working americans and we're talking about a number of suggestions to address that in a real way but today there's not 218 votes. >> bill: paul ryan said yesterday they'll get there. we'll see if that happens but you and some others don't believe the tax credit system is going to work. you're not quite sure how many people buy into it. >> that's a delivery. >> bill: twenty minutes ago karl rove took that on with you who
6:48 am
said the following. >> you'll have mark meadows who objects to the tax credits. in may of 2015 he signed on as a co-sponsor to the repeal and replace bill that included more tax credits. he's already endorsed that. >> bill: that was less than two years ago and your defense on that is what? >> if karl rove wants to bring out his white board and debate back and forth on that i welcome that and he needs to look at the section i endorse. it repeals the insurance mandate and did what we're promising the american people. this is not tom price's bill. this is certainly not what we promised the american people. karl rove knows that. this is smoke and mirrors when we suggest we'll dupe the american people and do this bill behind closed doors and roll it out and expect the american people to believe it. let me tell you, they're smarter
6:49 am
than that and they understand that this is just obamacare with a different label. >> bill: are you open to negotiations? because apparently the president is. >> i am. i talked to the president and he knows i'm open to negotiation. we put forth last night in our freedom caucus three people with health care backgrounds to look at coming up with real ways to come to a consensus. i believe we can do that on behalf of the american people. there's one score that matters, health care insurance premiums must come down. if not we have failed and gone through this headache for nothing. i look forward to robust debate as we do it. >> bill: the theme song is you can't always get what you want. we started hearing that a year and a half ago. can you say today whether or not this will get done or will you and 29 other republicans walk away from the opportunity to repeal and replace the current law? >> well, i can tell you if this
6:50 am
were a repeal of the current law we wouldn't walk away from it. this doesn't do that, bill. i've made a living all my life when i wasn't in congress of negotiating and bringing in two sides together or i didn't get paid. i'm commit to do that. i'm willing to stay in the room to do that. the time is now to make sure we do it. >> bill: you're saying it's going to get done then? >> some repeal bill and some replacement bill will get done whether it's this one or not the jury is still out. >> bill: i hope you come back. thank you for your time. mark meadows the republican from north carolina. thanks. >> shannon: president trump's revised travel ban doesn't take effect for eight more days but critics are not wasting time. how one state is already planning to take this whole thing right back to court. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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>> bill: at least four people are dead and three dozens injured with an accident in a tour bus. one bystander tried to help a woman and problems have been reported at that crossing between a train and delivery truck two months ago. >> shannon: hawaii expected to sue the trump administration over the revised travel ban. the new executive orders don't kick in for more than a week but the state's attorney general is calling it muslim ban 2.0. i guess we should have expected this, william. >> hawaii was original state and they filed legal papers shortly before midnight seeking to stop the new trump travel ban from taking effect. the new executive order stops new arrivals for 90 days and new refugees from sudan, sue --
6:55 am
somalia and yemen and exempts those with green cards or visa or those with work study or business obligations in the u.s. those changes are meant toraliz the states. however, hawaii the bluest of states politically claims the ban will hurt their economy and deny hawaiian residents the benefits of a pluralistic society. >> some feel the new executive order is an improvement and it is from the first one but it still has serious constitutional problems. >> it's preventing grandmothers from visiting for wedding or seeing family. >> and the head of the muslim association claims his syrian mother-in-law can't visit because she doesn't currently
6:56 am
hold a visa. jeff sessions said the ban is necessary because the affected countri countries cannot or will not provide the information necessary to vet many responsibly and the terrorism cases include those admitted as refugees and the state and federal government want this fast-tracked to get it resolved before the ban takes effect march 16. >> we'll track it. william, thank you. >> bill: we're awaiting to hear from house republicans said to hold a news conference in moments from capitol hill. will they come together on a plan to replace obamacare. we'll wait on a comment on possibly something on the wikileaks dump and cia. all that coming up in' moment on "america's newsroom."
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>> shannon: republican leaders are about to speak out as the house begins to mark-up the new health care plan. we'll hear from house democrats as well. some love it, some hate it but that's where we are. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. as we wait to hear from house leaders the white house voicing confidence they can reach a deal after the normal set of negotiation. this from last hour, kellyanne conway here on "america's newsroom." >> as this american health care act makes its way through the normal channels it will probably be changed somewhat but the basic principles of it to really take out root and branch obamacare which we've been living with almost seven years, bill. the longer something's been around the longer it is to wipe out the tentacles and start over
7:01 am
but it's a very different plan. >> bill: peter doocy is in here. are they more supportive of the bill after the meeting with the vice president, mike pence? >> no, they're not. the members of the house freedom caucus are still blasting the plan even after the vice president made his pitch. >> when we told voters we didn't say we'd repeal ob -- obamacare but keep the tactics. does they're trying to convince the conservatives that it's conservative. >> we restore control of health care so communities and families can be in control and we restore the free market. these are big steps going
7:02 am
forward. these are conservative ideas. >> bill, conservative groups on the outside like heritage action and others say they do not support the gop leadership-backed obamacare replacement bill. >> bill: you wonder about the other side. is there a window of opportunity for democrats on this? >> bill, they're trying to take advantage of the gop infighting by asking questions like why won't republican leaders wait for the cbo, congressional budget office to tell leaders and the public how much it will cost. nancy pelosi said as a former chair of the committee of ways and means the speaker knows the american people and members need to know the full impact of the legislation yet republicans are rushing to hold votes before the cbo can detail the devastating consequences of their bill both in term of less coverage and higher costs. and in the senate minority leader chuck schumer says this with the state of the other side. >> they don't have their act
7:03 am
together. and that, quote, from the right side of their party and the left side of their party people are taking shots at it. >> and in a little while the relevant committees will start marking up the replacement bill. that means they go through line by line and start offering amendments. it is i have a very long process that today is expected to go until late tonight or early tomorrow morning. >> bill: more coffee and donuts or maybe less. thank you, peter doocy on the hill. shannon. >> shannon: speaker paul ryan said it will pass the house. >> we'll have 218 votes. it's the beginning of the legislative process. we'll have 218 when it comes to the floor. i guarantee that. >> shannon: ok. so the speaker has guaranteed this, the freedom caucus saying,
7:04 am
nope, we're not voting for this thing. both sides say they're open to negotiation. how well do you think it goes? >> i think it will be rocky in the beginning. we anticipate some were going to oppose what was emerging as the republican alternative to obamacare and we knew some moderates like rob portman and others would object and raise questions on medicare expansion. what we didn't anticipate is the number of rank and file republicans uneasy on this saying we've been working on an obamacare replacement for six and five years and this is what we've come up with. we're disappointed in the final product. we're having a hard time selling it and i think the dissatisfaction with the bill goes beyond the house freedom caucus. >> shannon: i want to play what
7:05 am
rand paul has to say where the gop stands. >> we are divided. we have to admit we are divided on replacement. we're united on repeal but divided on replacement. >> shannon: that comes as he and congressman jim jordan saying they'll re-introduce the full repeal bill that got to the president's desk. how much an irritant is that as they try to move it forward the new version of repeal and replace? >> i think you'll have people like jim jordan and rand paul and mike lee and others making the case and saying in effect, look, the bill we passed and voted for in 2015 is a more conservative version of this and let's start with that and then have a big messy fight on where we go from here. there are risks to that approach to be sure. if you do that and you do the sort of repeal part first and you don't have the replace on
7:06 am
offer it leaves a lot of room for democrats to take shots at what the emerging legislation could be. so there are risks both ways but i don't think -- i don't think republican leadership is anywhere near 218 now. we'll see after this process. >> shannon: by the way, if you can stand by we're going to dip in to the gop leadership is speaking the congresswoman said they're on a mission to get this done. let's listen in. >> as we do this we're keeping people in mind. patients, families, the most vulnerable. my message to those watching at home is we hear you. i'm proud to say that president trump and the administration hears you too. this is unified republican government at work fulfilling our promise. we're seizing this historic moment before us to provide families all across this country relief, lower costs and choice.
7:07 am
>> back in 2009 when obamacare started moving through congress we predicted the law would fail because of all the provisions in the bill that destroyed what was good in health care. this is my original copy of obamacare. i had just gotten on the committee when we start to have hearings on the bill and it moved through months and months. you can see the component that were going to destroy health care for families. when the president said if you like what you have you can keep it. we predicted back then the provisions in the bill that took away the ability for families to make their health care choice would destroy the doctor-patient relationship and it turned out to be true. when we looked at the trillion dollars of new taxes we predicted the cost of health care would go up and that turned out to be true. when the bill went through we made a promise to the american people if we ever had the opportunity with the house,
7:08 am
senate and white house we'd going to work to repeal this failed law and rescue the american people from the damage that's been done by obamacare. what's really exciting is today i get to go into the same room and energy and commerce where obamacare passed in 2009 to start the work of repealing and replacing obamacare with actual laws that will put patients back in charge of their health care decision. a real focus on lowering costs for families and letting people make those important decisions so the doctor-patient relationship can finally get restored and the freedom of the ability of fam lids -- families having an elected official tell them what they can have. they can make those decisions for themselves this is a first step in rescuing families from the devastation that is obamacare. >> good morning. i'm phil rowe. it occurred to me as i was
7:09 am
walking down the street this morning i've been a doctor almost as long as as the speaker's been alive, 46 years. and during that 46-year period of time i had time too practice in inner cities and in southeast asia as a young army doctor and 31 years in northeast tennessee and rural appalachia and we'll keep our word and repeal the law of laws to put patients and doctors back in charge of health care decisions. and my state to show you the carnage done almost 160,000 people do the -- chose to pay a penalty and i taught medical students and residents between 60% and 70% of the uncollectible debt are people with insurance. that's not providing care for people. people are delaying care because they can't pay the outageous co-pays and out of pocket.
7:10 am
medicaid is going to be reformed. look, we have first-class people. i took care of them for years who are getting second-class care. with this reform and putting it back in the hands of the states -- look, the care that should be done in northeast tennessee and rural appalachia is different than inner city atlanta. i want the first-class patients to get first-class health care and i think they can with this reform bill. we're going to repeal the taxes the onerous taxes in the bill. and i think one of the most exciting things for me as a physician after seeing patients with no care, taking care of patients with no care, for the first time in my life we have an opportunity to provide health insurance coverage for every american. ladies and gentlemen, that's a noble thing to do. >> i want to thank the doctor
7:11 am
for his decades of service in the medical community. this has been his number one passion of why he's been in congress. he's washed -- watched from his own home state in tennessee. we have to remember why we're here today and why we're working on this. it's not a political purpose. we've listened to the american public. he happens to be from tennessee. we've listened to an announcement they're pulling out and in his home state there'll be 16 counties with no provider at all. do we ignore that? that's not the answer here. we want to solve it. they're not the only ones across this country. after the passage of obamacare we now have one-third of all the counties in america, 1,022 with one carrier. 23 co-ops were given $23 beillin
7:12 am
and 18 of them have failed. we cannot ignore the problem any longer. we had the wisdom to listen and now this week we'll have the courage to lead. it will go through energy and commerce, ways and means and then through budget reconciliation. this is what the american people have asked for. this is what those across the country have wanted. we have been willing to listen and now we will lead. >> this is a good day. the american people, the people we serve, they need relief from obamacare now more than of. you know why? because this law is rapidly collapsing. let's not forget that. the premium went up double digits this year in 31 states. insurers are telling us it will be even worse next year in we stay on this path.
7:13 am
choices had dwindled to the point one of every three counties in america is left with just one insurer to choose from. the ceo of aetna said the law is in a death spiral. we know without a shred of doubt the law is collapsing. that means this is the choice we face. are we going to stay with obamacare and ride out the status quo? are we going to just let this law collapse and whatever happens, happens or are we going to do what we said we would do? are we going to repeal and replace obamacare with something better? this is the covenant we made with the american people when we ran on a repeal and replace plan in 2016. this is what our bill does. go online and read it yourself go to
7:14 am
it repeels obamacare spending and mandates and creates a vibrant market where insurance companies compete for your business. where you have lower costs, more choices and greater control over your health care. it returns power. this is most important. this returns power from washington back to doctors and patients, back to states. this is what good, conservative health care reform looks like. it's bold and it is long overdue and it is us fulfilling our promises. i encourage everyone to go online and read the bill. are there any questions? >> reporter: did you expect some changes to the bill would get conservatives onboard? >> as you know we had this bottom-up process that's been
7:15 am
over a year long. last year we assembled working groups from any house republican that wants to participate in fashioning the repeal and replace plan which we did and ran on in our better way agenda. then this year the committees have been lead process all year long, briefings, listening sessions, conferences, committee hearings. we got a lot of feedback from members over that process. our chairs, walden and brady in ways and means and commerce got feedback from members on two provision. whether we have a cap on the size of the credit or whether there's a cap on the exclusion. those two concerns were addressed in the latest draft of the bill because again this is a p participatory process and brought by members and not just conservatives and those concerns were addressed because it's an inclusive process. i think what you're seeing is we're going through the
7:16 am
inevitable growing pains of being an opposition party to becoming a governing party. in being an opposition party we have 64% of our members have never known what it's like and it's a new feel and system for people but all the more reason why we have to do what we said we'd do and deliver for the american people and governor and use our principles. that's what this is. >> reporter: you seem to be trusting the white house to help deliver the votes you need to get this done. are you outsourcing this and are you confident the white house will deliver? >> this is a team sport and this is something -- i talked to the president twice yesterday. he had dozens of members in the white house yesterday. we're working hand in glove with the president and vice president pence and we all ran on repealing and replacing obamacare. we know if we do nothing the system collapse. we know if we just repealed it, the system collapse. this is why we have to pass it with something better.
7:17 am
look, i'd say this, look at what this does. this is a conservative wish list. look at what the bill does. it repeals obamacare taxes. that's a trillion dollars in tax relief for families helping with the costs and expands medicare spending and subsidies and repeals the mandates on individuals and businesses and sends the money to community health centers which there's more of and the biggest entitlement reform anyone here has seen. it nearly doubles the amount of m money people can put in a health savings account which is critical for create free market in health care. tax credit for health insurance is something as reformers have been working on for years. as the crowned jewel to have a
7:18 am
free market and bring consumers in the market and put pressure on providers. we don't have true price and quality competition in health care. we want all the providers of health care services, insurers, doctors, hospitals competing for our business as patients, as consumers. you do that when you create a vibrant individual market. lower costs, more competition and more choice and most importantly get washington out of the business of micromanaging and running health care to the ground and get it back to patients, doctors and states. that's what this does. this is monumental, exciting reform that fixes these problems. i've been working on this 20 years. this is exciting. this is what we've been dreaming
7:19 am
of doing and know it will make a positive difference in people's lives and against the backdrop of a collapsing law doing real damage to families every day in america. [question indistinct] >> we know it will come before the bill gets to the floor. it's common you have mark-ups where you have a score. it's common practice. because we made changes this weekend to accommodate members' concerns, particularly conservatives it pushed the date back so i spe expect next week we'll get the score before we get to the floor. >> reporter: you said you have no doubt that you will get the 218 votes to pass the bill. what are you seeing on the ground -- >> i have no doubt we'll pass this because we'll keep our promises. every house republican -- i think every republican in congress including the president of the united states made a
7:20 am
promise to the american people. the promise we made to the american people is we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. because we made that promise i'm confident we'll make good on the promise. thank you. >> bill: some of the headlines at the end of the comments speaker ryan saying the following, quote, this is monumental conservative reform. he mentioned he's been talking about the principles going back 20 years. he said i have no doubt we'll see this passed. just a day after he guaranteed 218 votes in the house. do they get there? we'll wait and see. twenty past. shann shannon >> shannon: cyber spying tactics are now public and who's behind it all. the fbi getting ready to investigate. ralph peters said one familiar antagonist may be the one to blame. g new cars.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
is that we just won't comment on these particular evolving events. i'm going to leave it to them and the briefing they're expected to have later this morning to get to the bottom of this. >> shannon: that was the president's counselor about the alleged hacking secrete. the fbi is preparing to investigate how the documents were made public. our next guest think russia played a role and we have fox news contributor. what wikileaks is saying the public needs to know about this and it's possibly a former contractor or employee. you think it's a red herring. >> why won't they tell us where
7:25 am
they're getting it and lose the source? it's amazing to me the way this has been spun by the nutcase media that some thank you the cia are spying on us. no, they're not. if the cia had not developed these tools it would be dereliction of duty. our enemies use smartphones and watch television. it's amazing how it's being orchestrated and who profits? the russians profit. they've virtually owned wikileaks and control the timing of what's released. i'm sure of this. i'm sure this came from the russians to further disrupt our government and destroy trust and by the way to harm our cia's ability to find terrorists and other enemies of the united states. >> shannon: wikileaks tweeting it's only one percent of what they have and there's an estimation on how bad this is.
7:26 am
take a listen and i'll have your response. >> the real story is i think it's worse than snowden. it's one thing to disclose names and places and even operations but once you're describing sources and methods key to what we do and when we do vetting on yemeni nationals shouldn't we spent more time on contractors. >> shannon: you are pointing the finger squarely at russia saying it undermines our intelligence agency, the confidence our citizens have in our intelligence agencies. how do we get to the root of who's doing all this to holding someone at wikileaks responsible? can the u.s. government do that? >> i think you raise a very important point. first of all, as an intelligence
7:27 am
officer i look at patterns. the pattern has been russia has been providing data to wikileaks going back to edward snowden and the relationship is very tight. now, we need to realize in this hyperdigital age we're at war not just with terrorists but in cyber space. until we take it seriously and pass the correct laws and treat cyber attackers as enemies of the united states we're not going to make significant progress because right now for most of these hackers who are involved in this there are no penalties. we're not responding in force or in kind or symmetrically so it's a free pass for the bad guys. >> shannon: we hear on capitol hill when they deal with this we know we are not keeping up with the technology. how do we do a better job of
7:28 am
that? >> well, congress has a lot on its plate, obviously. but laws are made by congress. if congress does not engage on cyber warfare we're going to continue to lag. now, there are brilliant people working for our government. if people in our intelligence community are patriots. they're not spying on the american people. the american people are indeed being spied on by gaggle, by apple, by facebook, by amazon but the u.s. government is trying to keep us safe and the russians are doing a marvelous job of destroying trust and oh, by the way, shannon it's attack on america. >> shannon: we'll see as the investigations continue. colonel peters good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> bill: there is a critical
7:29 am
section about to start on capitol hill the start of the study of the repeal of obamacare and can they unite and what role will president trump play in the process. we'll take you live. >> shannon: and president did a major rule change with days left in his agency make intelligence leaks a more serious risk? >> the obama administration may have, i emphasize may have created chaos for the trump institution by allowing information to be leaked and that's subversion. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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7:32 am
to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of preventvention. call now to learn more. >> bill: there's a health committee to get the law passed. it the go through the legislation line by line offering changes and amendments
7:33 am
and it can last well into the night. i want to bring in david dr. camati professor of the hofstra lig school of medicine. nice to see you. a lot of stuff on the table. i want to talk about the doctor-patient relationship. when it comes to access today in health care in america how does it rank? >> some of the frustration of all physicians and i speak on behalf of thousands of doctors there's been a big gap between the patients and doctors and you have insurance companies and bureaucrat and politics between the patient around they should shorten that and patients have to be able to choose a doctor. when you talk about access, what do we have today? we have medicaid, medicare, private insurance or self-pay that says i want your service.
7:34 am
this is what i can pay. there's a problem with medicare. it's a blank check. you can go from hospital to hospital and get more prescriptions, more chair and there's no limit. if i have a blank check you'll put it through bankruptcy. you have back pain you get an mri. it's not out of your pocket because of the card. >> bill: it has to do with costs? >> correct. >> there's a freedom caucus a group of house republicans resisting suggestions because they want to bring down costs. he said this last hour. >> i want do drive down health care costs. what i've seen of the plan so far does nothing to lower health care costs and premiums for hard-working american taxpayers. that's what we have to do. i'm committed to do that. >> bill: so he's holding the line on that and that reflects on what you were just saying. you don't know how much you're spending for health care today
7:35 am
as a patient. >> that's very true and we don't have a competitive nature. one hospital can charge one thing and another another thing. so how do you fix this? every car in this country has insurance. you can't drive without insurance. it should be the same thing. you should have basic catastrophic insurance. a basic right, basic catastrophic. if you god forbid got hit by a car and wind up in the emergency room you're covered. in america if you want to buy more you get extra insurance and go to better doctors etcetera. they should not deny where and how you choose your doctor and that should be the first essential thing republicans need to bring in here. if you promise they can see david somali for prostate cancer let them choose but patients in california are saying you can't go to new york to get this
7:36 am
treatment. >> bill: a lot of that comes back to care now, correct? so talk about care. >> not every care is good care. if you sit in the waiting room for four hours to see the doctor for five minutes that's in the good access or care. we have to try to add more doctors in the system. you brought 20 onpeople but kept the same number. we're doing more surgeries and seeing more patients and not spending more time. quality of care is going down. patients are unhappy. i can't believe i waited for hours and he just brushed me out and i'm out of his office. let's concentrate on quality of care and incentivize doctors and find out who is the best and incentive. >> bill: based on what you have seen from the proposed plan does this answer the questions? >> i think it's a good step but it's not really going to covering everything.
7:37 am
whatever we do today it will effect all the doctors and patients ten years from now. my message to all the democrats and republicans, bring in the doctors. ask them what are the issues. study this well and quickly. >> bill: tom price is the doctor. >> i'm happy to talk to him and give him my perspective. i've been around europe and many other countries. i think i know what works and doesn't. >> dr. david samadi in studio. shannon. >> shannon: high-takes showdown with north korea and set being up a system -- south korea as the north prepares another long-range missile and china is warning of a head-on collision. greg palkot is tracking the developments. what's the latest regarding the growing tensions over north korea, greg. >> beijing is now getting into the act. the chinese foreign minister saying today there could be a clash between the united states and north korea and all to cool
7:38 am
things down suggesting north korea should suspend its nuclear and missile program. just this week the regime of kim jong-un said it was a warm-up for an attack on military bases in japan and china is suggesting the u.s. should call off the military exercises. they have called them an invasion rehearsal and they don't like the just-deployed anti-missile systems and there's no sign of any takers for the plan yet, shannon. >> shannon: greg palkot thank you on a tense situation. >> bill: amid a flurry of intelligence leaks there's now questions whether the obama laid the groundwork for leaks under a trump administration.
7:39 am
>> it's very important because by national security agency sharing raw information, unvetted, with the fbi, cia and other agencies you open the potential for leaks and that's exactly what happened.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> bill: did president obama try to trip up president donald trump during the final days of the administration? that's what bill o'reilly questions that. >> did mr. obama order the change? we need to know. it's very important because by national security agency sharing raw information, ok, unvetted with the fbi, cia and other intel agencies you open up the potential for leaks and that's exactly what happened. in effect the obama administration may have -- i
7:43 am
emphasize may, have created chaos for the trump institution by allowing information for spread across agency. that's big. >> bill: the democrat strategist and fox news contributor and thank you for coming back. serious stuff. what's going on? >> so this is serious stuff. the changes put into place a weak before president trump took office begin eight year earlier during the bush administration. at the time the aclu spoke out against this saying the sort of thing we've seen could be at risk.
7:44 am
individual americans can have their phones tapped and information about them that would be much more at risk of having their privacy threatened if the regulations went into effect. >> bill: you think something smells here? that's basically what you're saying? >> i think it's odd it took eight years when bush was in office trying to break down the barriers between intelligence agencies through eight year of obama to one week before the transition. i'm not accusing the administration but it's odd timing and gives the impression of something owed -- odd going on. >> bill: is there a red flag raised? >> i think the reason is they were concerned when the trump administration came in it may not cast the trump administration in the best light and the obama administration
7:45 am
rightly or wrongly decided to share the information. >> bill: that's been out there more than a month. >> that's right. you're seeing the result of that. whether you agree or not i think the motivation was sunlight would be the best disinfectant covering up what the obama administration and others considered to be -- >> bill: others look at that as subversion, julie. >> i'm not taking a position whether it's right or wrong but subversion can also be the trump administration ordering the justice department and others under their purview not to pursue charges of russian interference. >> bill: it can be a dirty down and business. >> with all the transition from obama to trump there's factors at play. one is are there leaks occurring from folks within the government who entered the government during the obama administration whether it's political appointees or career folks.
7:46 am
folks that typically stay during multiple administration. are those folks leaking information to damage the president or think they're doing something akin to whistleblowing. i think of someone trying to stop something wrong from being done and gone through traditional channels and the traditional channels don't work. it seems like the leaks coming out it's unclear where they're coming from and it deserves or the -- thorough investigation. >> bill: you think of the trump supporters. this is from an editorial from the new york post if you didn't like trump november 8 you like him now and what the polls show is trump voters are sticking with him, they're giving him a chance. for them the election just happened and the idea his administration is on the verge of collapse is ridiculous. after all he just got there.
7:47 am
that's the sentiment you hear from viewers across the country. >> if you're a trump supporter you think he's being maligned and i understand that. look, a lot of democrats me included and the press at times were not fair and i would say donald trump has two mandates for the administration he'll be successful based on the following. one, is the economy going to be better off in four years than it is today because he promised voters that's what would happen and two, where does russian hacking go. >> bill: do you think it goes anywhere? come on. >> i do. >> bill: where? you do? >> we'll have to find out whether people in the trump orbit colluded with the russians on this. the question is i'm not so certain -- >> bill: james clapper was asked that on sunday. no evidence. >> listen, first we need an
7:48 am
investigation into this. we had how many investigations into benghazi and we need one and not by burr and nunes who already made up their minds. >> bill: the president said he was tapped at trump tower. >> where's the evidence? >> bill: quickly, i have to run. >> that's why i think we need an investigation we either have the evidence or we don't. let's find out. >> bill: thank you. kristen thanks to you as well. >> shannon: let's see what's coming up with john. >> we're 12 minutes from the detail on the overall of the health care system. can paul ryan get it pushed through? we'll talk with senator john barrasso and congressman gomer and a report on wikileaks and
7:49 am
congress on its investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election. that's all coming up. thanks, shannon. >> shannon: and it's international women day to show ambitious is not a dirty word. the woman behind the move fashion designer tori burch is live. >> we want to lean in together. >> own your dreams. >> no judgment. >> take the pledge. >> embrace ambition. >> will you?
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> shannon: today is international women's day and
7:53 am
to to to tory burch is urging women to pursue ambition. let's talk about the word ambition. you want to take it away. >> when men are ambitious it's celebrated and when a woman is ambitious is crass. i shied away from the word ambitious so i am guilty. >> shannon: you want to make sure people make their intentions known and be proud of what they want accomplish. women have come a long way. >> they've come a long way. we need to come a much longer way. i think confidence is part of it. i think women have trouble asking for a raise. women have trouble promoting themselves. i think that's not in arrogance but it's important to know your worth. >> shannon: i think there's some things not to be stereotypical but the way things have progressed men are just
7:54 am
sometimes better connected when you look at ceo's you'll have less of a base at that level. you're working on mentoring, networking and something really practical you want to make sure women have loans to be entrepreneurs like you. >> we do and i think one of the most important issues is to bring men along on the conversation. i think the word feminist is sometimes misused and equality supports women and that supports the economy. >> shannon: how scary was it for you to launch and start out and find funding and a business plan and venture as a woman and say i'm going to take a chance? >> very scary. i remember when i went to raise money a lot of the men i met with said never say social responsibility and business in the same sentence because our foundation is part of the business plan from day one. that made me more determined but it was scary. putting my name out there and i didn't have the experience, learning on the job. it was taking risks but i
7:55 am
believed in it. >> shannon: now you have such a huge voice and brand. you're all over the world. nearly 200 outlets. you're strong online and now you have a voice that can leverage the conversation. >> we have 200 stores globally. i think it's an important message globally. women are feeling this all over the world and just by the psa when i wrote a letter it was a resounding yes and we shot on two days and it's meaningful. the best part is when i speak to fathers about their daughters, they want their daughters to have equal rights. >> shannon: we're so blessed in the country and we forget globally how tough it is for women on a daily basis getting food and water and basic necessities. congratulations on the work you're doing. good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> bill: every day's women's day -- >> shannon: for bill hemmer it is. >> bill: nice to see you. thanks,tory. on the hill the future of
7:56 am
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where you goin'? here we go again.
7:59 am
>> not your average traffic stop. a college student pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence. he says, you're wrong about that and i'll prove it to you. the juggling act to help prove it to the police. cops got a kick out of it, they took pictures and video with him with their cell phones. officers say they did not prove his performance of sobriety, but they concluded he was sober. we're just here giving you ideas, america. >> i can't juggle, but if i was drunk, i could juggle. can you juggle? >> i can a little bit. >> if you only knew the truth about bill hemmer. >> officer, i will show you and prove it to you. >> that's a creative way to get
8:00 am
it done. >> we are going to scoot and do the other things that we do. you're back at 7:00. >> we're going to work on a podcast. >> see you guys. ♪ a >> jon: there is no fallout from explosive allegations about the cia after wikileaks releases thousands of documents and claims exposes secret cyber arsenal. including tools to turn smart tvs and cell phones into listening devices. good morning to you on this wednesday. >> heather: wikileaks claiming that the cia turning every day electronics into surveillance devices. it also says the cia knew about flaws in software made by apple,


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