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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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interview at eric: a full-court press pushing the republican healthcare plan. but some conservative lawmakers are holding back saying it does not go far enough. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. president trump will hit the road this week to make a sales pitch in tennessee. earlier on sunday morning futures health majority whip steve skalice said he
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temperatures optimistic about the outcome. >> ultimately this bill does repeal and replace obamacare in the way we laid out over the years. and we have this opportunities. we'll keep moving forward and get it done. arthel: not all republicans are feeling quite as confident as in scali correct, right? reporter: that's right. the members of the conservative house. jim jordan is one of the freedom caucus's found members saying conservatives wants to see fundamental changes to healthcare, not small tweacts. he says if the republican leadership ignores those who have concerns about the bill,
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they will have a hard time getting enough votes for it to pass. >> it seems top me the b -- they choice is work with us or you don't end up getting the votes. that's the real choice. reporter: other freedom caucus members argued, they should add more items to the bill that would help remove regulations on healthcare. he says he plans on bringing up those issues with the president when he visits for the pizza and bowling. arthel: how open is president trump to these negotiations? the. >> reporter: he's open for ideas
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how to improve it. he met with a number of lawmakers to discuss those plans. and his national economic adviser said this is by no means a done deal. >> i think that the president has been open and transparent on the issue of accepting improvements to the bill. we have gone out of our way to say anything that makes the bill better for americans, we are willing to accept. we met with many groups over the blast week, week and a half. we talked to as many groups as we could. and anybody month couples with improvement we are happy to accept. reporter: the white house is making it clear any republicans who don't eventually get on board with the president will do so at their own peril. they will there are president trump in his he will amendment making a deal. eric: former federal prosecutor
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preet bharara speaking out saying the trump administration forced him out of office. he said he did not resign web was fired. there were holdovers from the obama administration, something that also happened when janet tree know was attorney general and the clinton fired all but one of its u.s. attorneys back then. reporter: you know, the preet bharara saga continues today. though many would argue this is standard procedure being blown out of proportion. bharara along with 46 other u.s. attorneys lost their jobs. he refused to resign so he had to be fired. he had a meeting in late november at trump tower when he said mr. trump asked him to stay on with his administration. he has been a successful u.s.
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attorney for manhattan and the southern district of new york. he successfully has take on corruption cases with high-ranking politicians some said were untouchable. he seems a fit to stay on with the trump administration and the drain the swamp team. wednesday three watchdog groups asked bharara to investigate trump regarding possible conflicts of interest. elijah cummings tried to insinuate that a connection between wednesday's request and the trump team then later that week asking for bharara's resignation. >> i'm just curious as to why that is. and certainly there is a lot of questions coming up as to whether mr. trump -- president trump is concerned about the
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jurisdiction of this u.s. attorney. and whether it might affect his future. reporter: also this morning massachusetts senator elizabeth warren tweeted out president trump talked a big game about getting rid of corruption. but he doesn't want them investigating him. if. but senator mccain scoffed at this. >> elections have consequences. people who complain about this are ignoring the history of new presidencies. the president had every right to ask for their resignations. reporter: no update from the white house on this. they are maintaining this is simply politics as usual. as you have said, this happened when clinton took over, it
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happened when obama took over. we'll see. eric: trump tower happen to the reside in the southern district which is the district preet bharara covered. arthel: let's bring in jamie weinstein. preet bharara is known to be an upstanding, independent thinker, in his approach to prosecuting or practicing the law. why would he put his reputation on the line and fabricate a story about having been asked to stay on board indefinitely by a u.s. attorney by president-elect trump himself. >> he didn't need to fabricate the story for it to be true. he probably was asked to stay on board and donald trump changed his mind. there was reporting he said
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bharara could stay on as a favor to chuck schumer. but he doesn't like the way schumer has treated him. so perhaps he's reneging on that deal. and it apparently occurred in the days after his election. but he has every right to do that. past presidents have decided to do away with u.s. attorneys. this strikes me as theater and acting on preet bharara's part to paint himself as a good public servant scorned by the administration. i think he's framing himself as this so he can probably run for office as somebody running against the trump administration down the road. arthel: you heard the rumblings of mr. bharara running for government in 2018 in new york? do you have information not there has been an exploratory -- reporter: certainly not in exploratory examinations.
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but there are stories about preet bharara's ambitions. there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. a lot of people have gone from his position and run for office. rudy giuliani the most famous example. he's the one person holding out to say he was fired. this is a common practice. there is a lot to criticize donald trump for, but for doing what other presidents have done is not an alarming effect. arthel: we are not criticizing. >> some are. arthel: but let's talk about attorneys general under president obama and george w. bush. they tried to stagger departures over a few months. president obama was advised that firing u.s. attorneys en masse could harm couldn't newt and throw law enforcement efforts into disarray.
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when you consider the timing of president trump's decision, could there be something behind the curtain. reporter: you get the sense donald trump thinks there is a deep state from political appointedees undermining his presidency. perhaps he got mad and said let's get all these fights out of there. i'm sure he could have don't in a more orderly process. but it's his right to replace u.s. attorneys. you may well be right that this is not the smartest way to go about it. but he was elected and elections have consequences and this is one of the rights he has as president. arthel: this is mr. trump's right as president. do we have any idea of -- if there are any appointedees on deck? reporter: the trump administration is low to make appointments at all sorts of level. i don't know if they have people lined up.
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jeff sessions knows this area and probably has a lot of recommendations. let me make a pointed why preet bharara may have been put on this list of people to be let go after he was told he could stay. there was a report steve bannon may have been one of the people pushing to include preet bharara. he was the one who put dinesh d'souza behind bars. that was a public and angering thing that that occurred. arthel: we'll talk to you about this and other topics in the world of politics. eric: the radical islamic supporters of isis reportedly linked to a plan to attack one
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of the country's largest malls. they used an online messenger group to urge supporters in germany to attack the mall. syrian president bashar al-assad taking a swipe at american forces who have been deployed in his embattled country, calling them quote, invaders, and saying the trump administration needs to do more in the fight against isis. it's part of the fight to take back raqqa from the islamic terrorist caliphate. joining us is john bolton. former ambassador to the united nations. the army rangers in northern syria are flying the stars and
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stripes. does this open up a new front and fight against isis or does it put a target on our backs? >> i think it's almost certainly a reflect of president trump's desire to move up the pace of the destruction of isis from the obama degrade and destroy over some indefinite period of time. it may be these deployments were planned previously. al-assad is laying down the markers saying their presence in syria is illegitimate. an invasion inpresumed to be an act of war. it leaves it open if they come under fire by syrian forces, hezbollah or russian aircraft or who knows what. but it's also a way of trying to get the united states to find a
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way to accommodate him so there is not an artificial clash and thus bolster his regime. i think it's complicated enough to bring isis down which i hope will happen sooner rather than later. the last thing we need to do to arrive at some kind of understanding that preserve assad in power and assad in lebanon. it's fine to eliminate isis the sooner the better. but we have to look at in effect what the next conflict in the region is going to be. >> what is that conflict and how do we achieve the goals you just laid out? >> the second conflict is under way. a struggle in the region between a coalition on the one side led by iran with the baghdad government which sadly they substantially dominate, the al-assad regime in syria and
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russia as a key component. jordan, egypt and others on the other side. this is not a fight we wanted to get into, but a fight that does involve our vital interests. i think the iran nuclear deal us such a debacle. i think iran continuing action as the world's leading banker for terrorism is another part of that threat. eric: what do we do? russia, they are expanding their base in syria, their naval base, and they are growing, taking moaferg it over and getting stronger. >> they built from scratch during the obama administration. russian influence over the past several years throughout the middle east has grown to a point
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where it really is close to exceeding the influence they had during the 1970s. i think iran continues to go from strength to strength here. this is a very, very dangerous moment in the region. i think it requires very close u.s. attention. >> do we need more troops on the ground? do we need less? and will these objectives be achieved? or will we gift over and remain with assad and more russian power. >> after we defeat isis, what comes next. it would and mistake to think the sunnis of walk will quietly go back under the domination of the baghdad government which is controlled by shiia politicians and figures who are in turn under the domination of the ayatollahs in tehran. you may resolve the isis threat but the ground work for the next conflict is right there.
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the same is true in syria. sunni arabs who want no part of assad's regime are not going to halfway turn back and say forget the past 60s years, we are going to go back and be part of assad's syria. you have to have some idea. but going back to the status quo and antebellum is not going to happen. eric: john bolton, thank you. arthel: the house intelligence committee throwing count gauntlet, demanding the trump administration reveal it evidence showing the tower was wiretapped during the campaign. a losing battle over the budget. can the white who is keep it promises about the military and domestic programs as well as avoid sat fight on capitol hill?
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arthel: president obama expected to unveil his budget plan.
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the budget director mike mulvaney says they plan cuts to the state department and the epa and department of education to help fund a big boost for the pentagon. laura blanchard joins us live with the latest on this. how difficult will it be for the president to get the republican-led congress on his side? >> the government ran a $587 billion deficit last year. now president trump promises to do a lot more with less. thursday he's planning to send his proposed budget to congress that could make politically painful cuts to domestic programs in order to move money to security and cut back and waste. >> we are working hard to strengthen defense, strengthen america's national security. secure our border which is such an important point to do. reporter: cuts would hit the epa and education departments and
9:23 am
house and urban development. the president promised to leave medicare and medicaid virtually untouched. mike mulvaney is asking what's more important? defending the bored or some of the other programs. arthel: what is the white house proposing for border security and military spending? >> reporter: the big winner in the president's plan is the pentagon. but the money has to come from somewhere else. the white house considering cuts to fema, the coast guard and tsa because they say the shakeup is necessary to repair the military. still, not everyone is convinced it will help in the long run. >> unfortunately we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military. these are tough decisions, but
9:24 am
the president has shown he's ready, willing and able to make these tough decisions. to take away the capability in the areas that need to be sustained makes no sense if you are doing that. reporter: he says it would undermine the softer power. eric: the president said he will be proven right he vengsly that trump tower was wiretapped. will he have it and what could he turn over?us there is a new f suspicion swirling around julian assange. who might have attacked a u.s. senator who has criticized wikileaks, and the russians.
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the leaders in the committee from both parties want to prove from the president by tomorrow. kristin fisher eyed at the white house at the very latest on this. really going down the gauntlet with the deadline and is there any indication from what they can provide? >> we don't know if the white house will comply, nor do we know if any evidence actually is and today the top democrat on the house in colleges committee said he doesn't think it exists. listed good >> i don't think we'll see any evidence for this either.
9:30 am
i've really come out and did one of two possibilities here. the price quite deliberately for some reason made up this charge are perhaps more disturbing the president really believes this. >> the charges former president barack obama ordered the wiretapping of drug power during the election. the former president denies the charge. so has the director of national intelligence. james coburn reportedly asked the justice department to publicly reject the president claims and now says that he is planning to ask about this directly when he testifies before the full committee later this month. eric: the democrats to appear the republicans have been critical as well. >> just this morning, republican senator john mccain for president trump has two options. you can retract his claim or provide proof to the public and congress to back up the claim.
9:31 am
the >> i have no reason to believe that the charge is true, but i also believe the president of the united states could clear this up at them this up in a minute. all he has to do is call the director of the cia, national intelligence and they would have been because they certainly should know whether the president of the united states was wired after the trump towers. >> senator mccain is not alone today. republican senator roy blunt also noted this is an issue president trump could likely clear up all by himself with one phone call instead of asking congress to investigate. eric: reports he made a braveheart. we'll see how this goes tomorrow. arthel: julian assange now under a new cloud of suspicion. damascus senator saying he was hacked after he blasted the wikileaks founder as the enemy
9:32 am
side heads up, i've been critical of wikileaks this week. big surprise that the multiple password reset. so if you see crazy tweets for me tonight, don't assume. let's talk about this now with congressman ron desantis of florida sits on the house foreign affairs committee and its chairman of the sub committee. good to have you here this morning. >> thanks for having me. let's get your reaction to the account being attacked. >> that is very troubling. i agree with the senator wikileaks and julian assange are not friends of the united states. during the campaign that things are put out critical of clinton, a lot of republican got a laugh at that. i said though, he would not hesitate to release things damaging on a trump administration or the american people more broadly.
9:33 am
the cia leak as an example. the consequences could be very serious. much more serious than the links which were course of nature deal because you are talking about exposing sources and methods which give the enemy in china to our intelligence services operate it at the margin it does make you were difficult to deal with allies if they don't take variable to keep the secrets under wraps. >> package of congress as well as the president to assure the american people and point out you can't trust of classified documents with the leaks were all to see. how are you sure the american people that were not in danger that she got a handle on it? >> a wet day the fbi on the trail that this will will be altered their account and be able to hopefully apprehend someone to bring them to
9:34 am
justice. i was very disappointed when president obama parted because when he was releasing all the documents, that was very damaging. we need to send a signal send a signal that this love will take seriously. it is suspected that the guy who leaked this was one of these contract first. edward snowden was a contractor. what kind of david are they going through and i'm in support of tough fighting for people of the country frontier regions, but certainly we should be happy to have read it here. i would like to know if there's anything we've done to drop the ball as the government in terms of people getting access to the information. arthel: federal officials opened up the criminal investigation into the leaks. what do you think attorney general john sasha and the trump administration should do about wikileaks founder julian assange? >> is clearly violated a number
9:35 am
of u.s. laws. he's been holed up in the embassy for years now. i put or correspond not play ball with the united states. they are not friendly to us. clearly, julian assange has done a lot of damage to american national security and that his son dave jeff sessions understands. he has a strong track record of being tough on american national security and he wants to do everything he can to protect the american people and bring people to justice who are in danger to our security. eric: does that mean we'll eventually see julian assange accurate america in prison? >> yeshivas can you extradite him and as long as he is on the area soil so to speak in britain at the embassy, they probably wouldn't play ball with us. it could be something they would have to negotiate with some other countries and put some pressure to bear. i can't predict that will
9:36 am
happen, but just to look at this very closely and i don't think you live a if it means protecting the american people. arthel: speaking of leaving no turn on tread pattern turned combo should there be a thorough investigation into intelligence reports that russia interfered with the presidential election through fiber tech ask? >> i think they should support the congressional investigations going on now. you just mentioned on the broadcast a major hearing what you bring in all the key people. senators also doing it and i will be able to get to the bottom of the extent to which russia is engaging in cyberattack. and they are not just the people involved in politics. other rooms as well. i also think it will be important to put too bad some of the paranoia swirling around in other parts of the media.
9:37 am
luscious get the facts and put them out for the american people. that's a good thing. arthel: unusual amount of leaking out of d.c. where do you think this is leading to? >> i do think there certain element of the government who are hostile to the coming president a new president. some of these lakes are blank violations of the law and i think those absolutely need to be investigated. i like to see people brought to justice because the problem is the american people are not going to want to have such a robust intelligence capability if they think the tools will be used against american citizens. you had leaks targeting mike flynn and some people with really political opposition research. that is a bit no-no. we are trying to reauthorize programs of the congress. it makes our job more difficult for people like me who support a robust intelligence capability
9:38 am
if there's on accountability for people not following the law and protecting information the way it's supposed to be protecting. arthel: congressman ron desantis. i have to leave it there. good luck for your time. true to the white house making a big push which all a trip to the house eventually have that coming up? we'll talk to congressman darrell i said. he is here next. first i made this yesterday for the president mike pence. >> this'll be a battle of washington d.c. for us to seize the opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare what's it for all, we did have a republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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9:43 am
neighborhood and a suspenders are now vastly outnumbered. the fighting is getting tough now is that those two narrow alleyways with no room for armored vehicles. meanwhile, thousands of people flee the war-torn city. the u.n. opening several new camps to house thousands of refugees today. >> the battle over health care. the trump administration with mary to keep its promise to repeal and replace obamacare. mike anthony kentucky yesterday pulling them out to short support for the republican replacement. kentucky the home state of one of the most vocal can survey of critics, senator ran paul. other republican lawmakers facing tough questions for voters at town halls across the country. what is that mr. issa who joined the staff of vista, california. you're smiling this morning but it got pretty heated. two townhouse in oceanside. what you say to the critics who
9:44 am
worry about the republican plan? >> i also got cheered when i reminded them i asked for the attorney general to recuse himself to allow for independent investigation into all of the committees of the russian. what i heard was predictable and appropriate. if you get through the professional organizers and look at the many people who came to the town hall wanted to get questions answered, what you see is a trillion dollars worth of federal money that is forwarded to the expansion of medicaid and it has done some good and that's why republicans are a little split facing down but not eliminated benefits that have accrued to people and bad in between. they are not poor enough for medicaid conventionally, but they still need a helping hand to afford their health care. that's a big part of what the bill tries to do is find a
9:45 am
middle ground, face some of the affordable care act, but recognize if you're working near the poverty level, make sure your kids okay check for health concerns in yourself. if you utterly diabetes that if caught in time. eric: i will get to the russian big and effective. 10 million people could lose the health care. premiums rise for the older people. if you're over 60, cbo will come out tomorrow. maybe say that 15 million people won't have health insurance under this plan. how do you address those watching right now, someone watching you who service is concerned to lose their health care. being a there's no question at all but the program that president obama envisioned was a pathway to single-payer with the federal government paid 100% for the first three years and 90% thereafter for a group of people
9:46 am
that we will call for a moment. it was trying to create a federal one payer system. if we begin means testing people were carefully, we began providing assistance, but maybe not as generous and asking states to pay their fair share. we began to move towards perhaps 50 million people who will have to change. they won't be anyone other care. they won't be the classic medicaid, but it will be people in between who may receive a credit to have to come out of their pocket a little more for thstate to have to step up and put in the historic 50% to two medicaid expansion that they haven't done up until now. eric: do you think this'll satisfy the freedom caucus and concerns have ran paul? >> i'm normally a pretty reliable vote and if we were
9:47 am
going to start down this road, i wouldn't suggest that we are voting on. now that we are here and try to unwind his face to did take years to bring in the tort reform passed this week out of the house of representatives and be understanding if there's no straight line overnight. that's why the plan clearly has problems because it doesn't immediately stop signs that shouldn't have been started. get a wide sum over a period of time and replaces them with incentives republican are pretty confident in the long run will lead to more affordability, more access to health care, more people insured and clearly a better market. wednesday i set up a town hall meeting, health care had its problems before president preval excepted. some of those problems are still there and republicans said
9:48 am
democrats have to step up to the plate and look at the cost drivers of health care. otherwise the question of who pays for it will be the question. can anyone afford it. >> the other question raised at a capitol hill. obamacare it took months. here's senator bernie sanders criticizing republican. he said. >> these guys want to take a bill so significant and shove it through because they don't have the gut to hold hearings. they don't want the american people to know what's going on. >> you know, bernie had no problem at all voting for something nobody had read that only had hours of coming out of the back doors of nancy pelosi's office to the point of the two is being signed by the president. this bill is going to regular order. it's not that by two committees which means everybody seen before any changes.
9:49 am
another week i'm confident we'll go through budget is cbo, the second full week has sometimes the third week will be voted audibly le havre access to some of admit that people thought off of this amended. i'm one of them. i've got a piece of change that is critical to be explored to deal with what i would call this group has driven up exchanges. as you know, only sick part of the exchange is that we have a broader base for any insurance pool. we are not done with it. dr. murphy very concerned about natural health. i'm not sure he's comfortable the bill addresses the benefits that accrue under the affordable care act and he wanted to make sure it's there for mental health. we are not baghdad. three weeks on something we've
9:50 am
been talking about holding hearings on for decades is not too short of time. it is three weeks longer than we had with the law was created. >> it's a work in progress. on russia you came under the cape. what he thinks going to happen? >> the russians and putin specifically for evil and murder people. they then played russian roulette throughout the world and now they are caught in the united states something that the dds product before the election, the chairman of the select intelligence committee, we have to pursue it, but we also have to take a different attitude towards russia. i'm pleased jon huntsman has been selected for the ambassadorship. we are going to have to make it clear that our relationship with russia has to change unless they change their behavior in places around the world including the u.s. elections. the investigations are now ongoing and we'll see how that
9:51 am
plays out. congressman darrell isaiah, thank you. as you get behind the closer is the capital of the committee see how that works out. thanks for joining us. >> will have much more adjustable way. we will be right back.
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arthel: checking weather. snow in the southeast this morning. partisans to make its way up the coast where millions are preparing for a blizzard. adam is live in the weather center with the forecast. what is going on? spring doesn't start on march 20th, but the winter is hanging on. >> the last hour sleep and you are thinking of must be spring. not the case yet. dealing with winter storms in the southeast about to run its way up the east coast. everything you see in the blue but if i take you in on the great shaded area, that is a blizzard watch. new york stretching all the way up to boston. seeing some very heavy snow in the next couple days. obviously you be so cold air across the country down into the 40s in memphis a little further north. plenty of spots into the 30s.
9:56 am
the bush are ready down along the northeast. another system working its way up both combined and that's what's happening to the northern plains area. so currently running a portion of the northern minnesota also shifted this direction into the northeast before too much longer. hour by hour forecast spirit future radar showing the system to the south and beginning to spin early tuesday morning, running through the day tuesday into wednesday. but he was talking of snowfall totals? here they are. today just commit to feed in some spots. a very big system tuesday and wednesday. arthel: out of content directory match. we will be back again at 4:00 eastern. eric: stay with us. g new cars.
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