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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 15, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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more times in his life after that first trip ended 524 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" is next. stuart varney is for neil 0. >> new reaction this hour to the leak of president trump's tax returns. did msnbc's scoop backfire big time? tucker carlson just getting the president's response. welcome. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." the fall-out from all of this with former presidential candidate pat buchanan. first, to blake burman at the white house. blake? >> stuart, in this 20005 tax returns, a couple partial documents shows a few things from that year. first off in 20005, he made a lot of money. $153 million worth and he paid a lot in federal taxes. about $38 million worth.
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the overwhelming majority of that, $31 million coming through the amt, the alternative minimum tax. a little while ago, the president sat down with tucker carlson, gave his first comments about the documents and he questioned the legality behind whoever posted them. >> i have no idea where they got it. but it's illegal. you're not supposed to have it. it's not supposed to be leaked. it's certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all. it's an illegal thing. they've been doing it, done it before around it's a disgrace. >> however, the folks over at the democratic national committee are suggesting that the white house knows exactly where these documents came from. a senior advisor at the dnc said the following. "the white house's willingness to release some tax information when it suits them proves donald trump's audit excuse is a sham."
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they to on to say they're probably finding russian connections. >> and now we bring in pat buchanan. straight off the top, who won this one? rachel maddow at msnbc or president trump? >> i said when they look at that nfl -- envelope, they're going to find bannon's finger prints on it. it's the president's tax return. somebody has them and has been leaking them. don't think from his anger that he knows who did it. the leak and its exposition of rachel maddow on msnbc has blown a hole that he hasn't paid any taxes. $38 million on $158 million is a
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lot of money. it's higher taxes than mitt romney paid, warren buffet or maybe even his secretary. >> shepard: and the tax rate back then was 25%. the tax rate picked by bernie sanders is 13%. the tax rate paid by former president obama is 18%. comcast, which owns msnbc pays around 23, 24%. so president trump, donald trump then, is paying a higher tax rate than his critics. >> indeed he is. bernie sanders is paying 18%? >> 13%. >> the man of the little people and paying the little people's tax rate. but this damages the case made by the democrats against the president. you heard talk that he went 18 years and he paid nothing. now you see that he's pay a tremendous sum, quite frankly and a very high percentage.
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25%, for a man of his skill and experience. in a business where depreciate eats up your income in a number of years. it's a win-win for the president. but once again, i think i'd be -- even if my tax turn liked nice, it be miffed and concerned that people are passing it around. >> the president said it was leaked. he doesn't know by whom. he said the problem of leaks goes beyond the irs, goes beyond the tax return. the leaks are coming from all over the place. probably within the federal bureaucracy. that's a real threat, which undermines the trump presidency. >> it certainly is, stuart. let me say this. especially these leaks that you see in the paper where the reporters what are telling the truth, say intelligence sources reveal that trump campaign officials were in con that's correct with russian intelligence agents. now, if they got intelligence sources, those people got that
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how? by electronic surveillance of some kind. at the same time, they're breaking their oath and they're breaking the law. they're committing felonies in order to undermine and damage the president of the united states. i've heard folks say, you know, president-elect or the candidate trump should not have been so rough on the intelligence community. these are crimes, serial crimes committed i think to break the presidency of donald trump, slow it down, to damage his agenda. this is something that really ought to be investigated first and foremost i think by capitol hill, but also by the fbi. who is doing this? have to run them down, find them, fire them and prosecute them. >> what do you make -- it's a conspiracy theory but it's out there, that president trump leaked his own tax return and he leaked it for his own benefit. i know you're laughing -- >> i'm not laughing --
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>> it was reported this morning on msnbc. >> i did not watch rachel's show last night. i said this is tremendous news for donald trump, the president. rachel maddow had something of -- somebody was embarrassed by it when she put it out. so i said this looks like a low-level dirty trick by the trump people on msnbc. but i heard president trump. speaking to tucker. his anger and his -- the fact that he was miffed seemed genuine. >> let me raise this issue. republican chair of the house intelligence committee says he sees no indication that president obama tapped the phones at trump tower. then we had adam schiff, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee saying that the president, president trump, has to explain what he
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said in his treat or retract it. this could be a problem for the president. >> there could be. there's another problem here. i don't believe the president of the united states ordered a wiretap on donald trump or trump tower. but i do believe from what we've talked about, the intelligence sources saying we have this, that hand the other. they got surveillance of some kind. was trump tower or donald trump or political officials, were they surveyed by the federal government of the united states? it's question 1. secondly, if that happened and it was authorized, was the attorney general loretta lynch aware of it, informed about it and was the president of the united states informed about it if it was going on? now, if that turns out to be true and i think there's a possibility, there's a lot of folks that have some explaining to do. >> we don't have answers to those questions.
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>> we should have them soon. >> yes, sir. pat buchanan, thanks for joining us. great to see you. >> thank you, stuart. >> yes, sir. let's go to the stock market. moving higher today. even as the federal reserve pushed interest rates up another quarter point. the federal reserve signalling any future rates would be gradual. when that news broke, it closed higher with a gain of 112 points. bond prices moved higher. that pushes the yield down on the ten-year note 2.5%. president trump has been promising 4% growth. will the rakes hikes get in the way of that? more on that later. to the tax returns that most people really care ant. is it time for house republicans to get over healthcare and get on with tax cuts? congressman dave bratt is here. and the white house said rachel maddow broke the law with her tax return stunt.
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>> stuart: president trump rolling to michigan where he promised to check out and roll back last minute fuel economy rules set by the obama administration that are hurting automakers. fox business network's jeff flock is there getting reaction from auto executives. jeff? >> oh, he got a warm reception from everybody here. the executives as well as auto workers that were packing this venue here. hundreds of auto workers cheering the president. we talked to mary barra, sergio marcioni from fiat chrysler. he said if you create jobs, i'll take the regulations off of your shoulders. mary barra said she's excited. listen. >> i care about the environment. general motors is committed to
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the environment. we're making -- i'm vesting billions in the technology of electrification and fuel cells and proving every system in the vehicle. so we're committed and want to have a safer environment across the globe. >> yeah, some people say the automakers don't care about the environment. they want to pollute. mary barra says a lot of people that buy cars worry about the environment. she doesn't want to hurt it. she says it's about competitiveness. tell me what to do and i'll do it. don't tell me how to do it. listen to what he says. >> we're smart enough and technologically astute enough to find the right portfolio of technology changes to make the numbers. i don't want to do it that i have to wear a head band and three stripes on the side. that doesn't make me
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competitive. >> sergio marcioni watering his moth-eaten sweater with a meeting to the president. >> stuart: thanks, jeff. back to washington. the president's tax returns, forget it. are folks more concerned about theirs? dave bratt is a member of the freedom congress and joins us now. there's a lot of concern about the slipping timetable for tax reform. the message seems to be can't the gop put the health care fight to bet and get on with tax reform? >> we can, stuart. we have a few major pieces to get right. the last segment you just had was on the great work trump is doing on regulation. we still have not taken care of that when we're doing healthcare. that comes in bucket two with secretary price. as a free market guy, we're
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paying too much attention to coverage like obama did in 2008 but not paying attention to price and bringing down cost. the federal regulations and mandates are the primary cost driver. so trump is getting it right on bringing down the regs. we have to put that in law. if they put that in law, put bucket two in this bill, you'll get more people to yes. that's a total winner. >> stuart: for years and years we've been trying to bring down the ever-escalating cost of healthcare itself. >> right. >> stuart: not insurance, healthcare itself. >> that's right. >> stuart: nobody has been able to do it. what will you do to actually bring down the cost of healthcare? >> right. you got it just right. the healthcare is too intricately linked to health insurance. it started after world war ii with the employer tax preference. that messed things up. you get that and then other distortions. we're going to get rid of the
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mandates coming from the federal government that do not allow a young person right now to buy a a cheap health insurance policy. if you allowed that, if you get rid of the mandates, they don't have to buy this rich silver bronze platinum package, that will dramatically bring down costs. what trump wants is he wants shopping a cross state lines. you put those two together, that's a winner. >> we hear the argument, we see the argument. makes sense. but the argument drags on and on and on which puts the tax reform package further and further away. >> yeah. >> stuart: arguably cutting taxes, reforming the tax code is more important for more people than fixing obamacare. can you get a move on? >> yeah, i'm with you. yes, we can. it all hangs on this parliamentian in the senate. the president trump says hello,
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parliamentian is going to sit here and say thank you very much. we're going to put bucket two in the bill and we're done. if the president and the vice president does that, we have a good bill that will reduce prices, start with the free market premise and then the safety net is easy to take care of. >> stuart: i have to ask you this one. if you don't get your way, are you going to say no, no way at all and it goes away? health reform goes away? >> no, no, no. if i don't get the way of my 800,000 constituents, what are telling me they do not want this bill unless we get a free market solution that will bring costs down, i represent them. it's not about me. i represent 800,000 folks. they don't want it. >> stuart: if you don't get that fix in phase two, you're out of here? yes. >> no, i'm not out of here. i'm open-minded. we'll look for a compromise. we want to get it done. if you don't get the animal spirits moving -- i taught economics and i got my adam
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smith tie going here, so i'm with you on that. that is the fundamental piece. we have to get economic growth going. i'm with you. >> stuart: congressman dave brat. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> stuart: reaction now from the washington examiner's byron york who says, i believe, that is house republicans to blame and getting in the way of holding up tax reform. that's it? >> you were just talking about with representative brat about how complicated this is. what about the reconciliation? what about the three-part process? what happens in budget committee? let's have a 24-hour hearing in the ways and means committee. this has been an astonishing complex process and really a long way to go in it. the question to ask here, what is the the most popular thing that donald trump has done at president? it was the most important thing with the carrier deal keeping jobs in indiana.
1:19 pm
it wasn't a huge deal in terms of the work force but sent a message and said, i donald trump got elected to fix the economy and that's going to be my first priority. so the more president trump gets bogged down in this parliamentary details about replacing obamacare, the less he's talking about jobs. >> stuart: can the president cut through it? say we're going to do this. can he do it? >> no, he can't tell congress, tell the senate no, you can't use reconciliation. that's why we have branches of government. he can list his priorities for his party, republicans, in congress and he could have chosen a different path going toward more job oriented measures. >> stuart: but he didn't. >> the problem is, and you know about this, this is more of the complications. the republicans say we can't do tax reform until we do a budget and we can't do a budget until
1:20 pm
we do obamacare and it's all tied together and it has to go in the same order and the reconciliation rules or its a one-shot things and it's complicated. >> stuart: does have it to be that complicated? does have it to be? >> it might not. the president might have said, we're going to do this for jobs infrastructure bill. some of you republicans don't like that but i'm the president and we should do that. he could have taken other paths. >> stuart: but he didn't. >> he's gone down this one. >> stuart: you do recognize that there's a rising tide of frustration that this is politics as usual. parliamentary maneuvering. the country is upset about this. >> it's not a reasonable conclusion. that's what's going on. so i do think if president trump is going to be the ceo who has the big vision, he has to bust out of this somehow. i'm not sure how you do it
1:21 pm
because we've gone where we've gone. i was talking with someone today who is an expert about these things. said the republicans could have just done the right bill. a big bill to replace obamacare and forget about the reconciliation stuff. send it to the senate. see what could be done. if democrats block it, it's a political issue. that didn't happen. we are where we are. the president will have to find a way to break out of it. >> stuart: i do sense that frustration on my show on the fox business network, "varney and company." we're constantly told, get on with it, get on with it. this is just what we used to and we don't like it. real level of frustration here. byron, i know you feel the same way. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, stuart. >> stuart: president trump promising 4% growth. is the fed going to stand in the way with its rate hikes? we'll be back.
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>> stuart: as promised, the fed hiking interest rates today by another 1/4 point. expecting two more hikes this year. we're asking if the rising rates will throw cold water on president trump's promise to heat up our cold. we have carrie sheffield and steve cortes and gary here with us. going quickly, gary. are these rate hikes going to mess up 4% growth next year? >> i don't think so. we're still at 1% here around the globe. negative rates and the printing of trillions of dollars. for me, what could trip things up, the two words, "great
1:26 pm
expectations." you speak to any small business owner, they have great expectations on tax reform and regulatory reform. if that doesn't get done, then we're going to see problems. we're hopeful. >> stuart: okay. carrie sheffield, the rate hikes. will that interfere with 3, 4% growth next year? >> i hope not. the hope is this will spur investment. there's so much corn in the silo, unused, untapped. people are uncertain whether they want to deploy it. this could nudge people and help the seniors living on fixed income. they're not getting interest. we could see things heat up. there's certainly a risk here, but let's be bold and take a risk here. >> can we go 3 for 3? steve cortes, are you going to agree with everybody else and say yes, we'll get growth and the rate hikes won't interfere? >> yes, we'll get it. if i can channel joe namath. i can say i guarantee it. rates are rising for the right
1:27 pm
reason. we finally have growth, particularly in regards to wages and optimism because of what president is doing weeks in his presidency. those forces of tax reform, regulatory relief, they're bigger than rising interest rates that we're going to see 4% growth. >> stuart: there's news that doesn't make it to the front pages of "the new york times," we have news about optimism and confidence. the ceo roundtable, the home builders index, small business index, consumer confidence. all of those areas, connie dense is at a ten-year high, optimism at a ten-year high. that sets the groundwork, sets the table for growth, carrie. >> it does, stuart. we put a man on the moon. there's no reason why we can't achieve 4% growth rate. even if we don't, there's no reason why we shouldn't shoot for the moon. we should be a moon shot country. even if you don't hit the moon, you land in the stars. let's keep the optimism going.
1:28 pm
>> stuart: gary, the table is set for a nice uptook in growth. i've been talking about 4% growth. are we going to get 3 or 4% growth? >> i think so. let's not forget the greatest forecaster of them all, stuart, the stock market. the market is a great forecaster of things to come. plus, the fact that there's $3 trillion of wealth that people are feeling which will be a catalyst going forward. it's going to be a give me. they have to come through with what they say they'll do and republicans need to get together and get the job done. >> i have to add to that. what trump's message is, this isn't just about the stock market. this is main street. we need to stay down this wall between wall street and main street. the democrats erected the wall. it's not a real wall. we need main street. that is the life blood of job creation. >> stuart: steve cortes, we don't get strong growth without
1:29 pm
the tax cut. >> that's why we will get the tax cut bill and get it by summertime. there's always watching the -- >> stuart: that's optimistic there, steve. >> fingers crossed. >> stuart: yeah. >> watching the legislative sausage get made can be ugly. those members of congresses don't want to go back to their republican districts where trump is popular and explain to the voters why they impeded trump's agenda, particularly regarding taxes. because of that, they are eventually going to heal to him and he will get this through congress and we're going to grow again. >> stuart: we'll take that optimism. thanks all. appreciate it. now, tucker carlson's interview with president trump already making news on wiretapping. you are about to see why and get reaction from the judge. that's next. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends...
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>> shepard: fox's tucker carlson sat down with president trump and asked him why he tweeted about wiretapping before producing any evidence. tucker's full interview with the president will air at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. first, here was the president's
1:34 pm
response. >> wiretap covers a lot of things. you'll find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> stuart: judge andrew napolitano with us now. what do you make of that statement? >> i think the president is talking about surveillance in general. he's not just talking about phone calls being listened to. he's talking about documents being examined. i think we'll learn at some time in the next few weeks, maybe even sooner, that documents of the president or that the president's corporation or even that the president's father filed in connection with his work were illegally examined by other people in the government. that's what i think he's referring to. >> stuart: so there's news still to come down the pike, a few days or weeks. >> once the documents are revealed. i think the president was generally aware what had been done to him and his family. he characterized all that as
1:35 pm
wiretapping. even though strictly speaking, it was probably more surveillance than wiretapping. examining in an illegal way conversations and documents that the examiners had no right to look at. >> stuart: are are parsing worse here to some degree? >> i don't know what the documents are. information after i got, after tucker's question was answered and put on the airwaves was ambiguous. i'm fairly confident that that's what it refers to. >> stuart: i want to talk to you about rachel maddow last night, the scoop, revealing president trump's partial tax returns, a summary from 2005. was it legal for her to do that? >> yes. the law is if that the matter is of material interest to the public, even if it were top secret and this is right below top secret in the government's hierarchy of protected documents, the tax returns of a
1:36 pm
tax payer. >> stuart: whomever leaked that tax return, that person is culpable and liable. whom so ever it may be. >> unless it's a theory of the colleague, it's the president. you can reveal your own tax returns. so any other person who had custody of that did not have the right to leak it. that person committed the crime. >> stuart: it's not likely on the grounds that the president just said to tucker today, he called these leaks disgraceful. it's a big problem and he's going to find out who did it. >> he's right. it's a big problem. it's happening in his own branch of government, which over which he does not full practical control. >> stuart: rachel maddow doesn't have a legal problem. she has an image problem and a journalistic problem and a political problem. >> agreed. >> stuart: he revealed these two
1:37 pm
pages of summary from 2005. what it revealed was that president or donald trump as he was then had paid $38 million in one year. an enormous amount of money. >> stuart: >> almost as much as you pay in a year. >> stuart: silent. quiet on the bench. but that was the tax rate of 25%. that was almost double the tax rate paid by bernie sanders. >> it revealed that donald trump with at least respect to these documents has been telling the truth about his wealth, the severity of his taxes. yes. >> stuart: for years they said he had not paid any taxes and not as rich as he said he was. >> have "the new york times" commented on that yet? >> stuart: do you know what the headline? trump takes $100 million write off. >> they can twist anything. >> stuart: you're all right, july. >> see you on your show
1:38 pm
tomorrow. >> stuart: new numbers are out. obamacare enrollment dropping. now republicans say that's proof they're on to something. democrats accusing them of sabotaging. one of those democrats is here. is the brexit trump trend continuing? our eyes on it and what it could mean for money here. of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication
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>> stuart: a new government report shows a big drop in obamacare enrollment this year. down around 500,000 people, around a half million down. house minority leader nancy pelosi is blaming the numbers on the republican sabotaged campaign. john yarmouth is the ranking democrat on the house committee. good to see you. >> we have a drop of 500,000 in terms of enrollment.
1:42 pm
premiums have gone up, deductibles have gone up, insurance companies are dropping out. there's limited competition. the cost of healthcare has gone up. now 500,000 people and fewer enrollees. senator schumer says we have to drop repeal effort. why should we drop it when the performance of obamacare is so problematical? >> thanks, stuart, first, for having me on the problem. the only problems with the aca right now are in the individual and insurance markets which relates to 6% of the population. everything else is going fine. you have the employer group insurance where price increases have -- are the lowest historic rates, same with medicare. the medicaid expansion is going well. 440,000 people are getting coverage and care. the individual market poses a problem. it does it for a couple reasons.
1:43 pm
one is there's something called adverse selection when insurance comes in and get a disproportionate about of sick people and not healthy. that's happened in a lot of places. >> stuart: how do you fix that? >> a couple ways to fix it. we had a mechanism in the aca called risk corridors, where we had funds to mitigate the insurance companies that did suffer from adverse selection. republicans defunded that. there was no backstop for those insurance companies. you can do reinsurance plans. you can do mandatory enrollment which gets everybody in the pool and that solves the problem. philosophically, republicans don't want to go there. one of the problems we had, our individual mandate was not sufficient to get enough young people in the system and keep them there. so there's a lot of problems in that market. >> stuart: it's your answer to force more people in, make them do it, raises the fines.
1:44 pm
is that your solution? >> no, that's not solution. you said how can you do it. that's one way to do it. personally, the answer is to allow anybody in the individual insurance market to enrolled in medicare. that way you get an established price, healthy people in medicare, which makes it more sustainable. i'm not sure my caucus wants to go there. some do. it's a problem in the individual market. i've talked to insurance executives. humana is based in my district. they say unless the government is involved, there's no way to sustain an individual market in the private insurance system. >> stuart: can i wrap it up with this question? >> sure. >> stuart: would you wrath very the obamacare system staying in place or the ryan plan to reform it? >> i'd much rather have the obamacare system staying in place. you're seeing a cut back on medicaid. would devastate my state and my
1:45 pm
state's hospitals and providers. that's why the american hospital association is against it. this republican plan has more opponents than i can imagine. no one loves this plan. i say it's in legislative quick sand. every time the republicans try to move, it sinks deeper. >> stuart: i have to leave you. thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks very much. >> stuart: this is air force one about to land in tennessee. the president makes a speech in nashville later on tonight. we'll have more on that in just a moment. cowards die many times before their deaths. the valiant taste of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated?
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>> stuart: moments ago, we showed you air force one landing in tennessee with the president on board. also on board was the press secretary, sean spicer. during a gaggle, where a group
1:49 pm
of reporters gets around the press secretary asking questions, the subject came up of msnbc's rachel maddows's and the president's 2005 tax return. he was asked about it and asked did msnbc break the law. he said that was a question for the president's personal lawyer. he did note it's illegal to publish a tax return. he took offense at the network questioning whether the president himself had leaked the return. he said that that idea was despicable and reprehensible and how they have conducted themselves. he also did not deny that the white house leaked the return. he was asked directly, did the white house leak the tax return. he would not deny it directly when asked. there's another item of news coming up here. the white house is, we're told, working with speaker ryan for what is called a manager's amendment. that would be some kind of
1:50 pm
change to the ryan plan on healthcare reform, which would be imposed in phase two or phase three. changes are being made to the ryan plan. all of this happening moments ago and breaking moments ago. we also have this for you. all eyes on the dutch election today. early exit polls suggesting prime minister mark root winning the parliamentary election over populists. we go to the netherlands with the latest. >> we have gotten exit polls coming from the dutch elections. voting stopping 45 minutes ago. it does in fact show some gains for the populist politicians, but lost the expectation games. voters think the party of the incumbent center right prime
1:51 pm
minister, mark rutta, he's done from the last election but won the most seats. guilder's party is in second place, but it's a distant second place according to projections. he's in a tie with at least two other parties. expected that rutta will form a government. and guilders was in a clear league in the poll. his anti-islamic pitch hit a cord with voters. he's pushed the dialogue in this campaign in his direction. take a listen. >> whatever the outcome of the elections today, the genie will not go back into the bottle and this patriotic revolution will take place anyway. >> stuart, elections are coming up next month in france in the fall in germany.
1:52 pm
that populist line is playing a role in those elections. politicses there will no doubt be looking to holland and takes lessons from it. back to you. >> thanks, greg. let's bring in margaret thatcher. nile gardner is with us now. nile, i hope you heard there, exit polls in the netherlands suggest that wilders will come in second. he was supposed to win. he's likely to come in second and a distant second at that. does that mean that the populist movement in europe, very important to us here, is running out of steam? >> certainly i think a disappointing result for geert wilders and the freedom party and a good day for the center right. but however having said that, i think you still see a sort of populist trend sweeping through europe. you did see the wilders vote
1:53 pm
increase over the 2012 elections. a lot of the issues raised by wilder's party, issues over mass immigration, the refugee crisis, also a skeptic message, your seeing that more and more reflected by many of the mainstream parties in holland and across europe as well. the ruling center right government shifted its message significantly with regard to immigration issues in the last few weeks. they could afford a more hardline message reflecting growing public unease with mass immigration into europe. >> stuart: real fast here. we're reporting on an election in the netherlands. why should we care over here about what happens with a dutch election? >> i think it's important. holland is the heart of europe. a lot of the changes you're seeing in holland and the middle
1:54 pm
of europe have whiter implications for the whole of europe and across the world. you're seeing growing momentum in holland, other countries for tight immigration controls, border controls a backlash against an open border s approach. >> stuart: fascinating stuff. >> it's significant. >> stuart: it is. thanks, nile. >> thank you. >> shepard: next stop, nashville. president trump arriving in tennessee. a big rally expected there shortly. will that help motivate people here? ♪ say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity
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speak to a federal judge in hawaii saying he will issue written order to trump's travel ban before he goes into effect. president trump landing in nashville, tennessee, .
1:58 pm
kristin fisher live in nashvill nashville. >> president trump's first stop in tennessee is going to be home of former president andrew jackson, he's going to be laying a wreath at his tomb on his 250th birthday. jackson is a president that president trump has felt a real connection to. they are both outsider populist presidents who challenged the status quo in defense of the common man. listen to what president trump said about him a few hours ago. >> they say my election was most similar to his. 1828. it's a long time ago. usually they go back, like, to this one or that one, 12 years ago, 16. 1828, that's a long way. >> after touring jackson's home, president trump will come to this rally where people have been lined up since early this morning. nashville is a blue city and a big red state. it's 1 of 3 counties in the
1:59 pm
state that one for hillary clinton in november. why here? nashville is a hotbed for charter schools, which president trump supports. expect school choice to come up. nashville is the capital of the private health care industry in the united states. 250 health care companies headquartered here. big question tonight is going to be how hard does president trump try to sell the house republican health care plan? is going to be a full, enthusiastic endorsement or is it going to be a bit more quiet and tempered? will find out and about two and half hours. >> stuart: it's going to be a pretty big rally. several thousand people? >> about 9,000 is what we are hearing. crowds lined up around the bloc block. >> stuart: kristin fisher, thank you. that will do it from here. do remember please "varney & co" on the fox business network. we start at 9:00 eastern. we go all the way through until
2:00 pm
noon. politics and money. that's what we concentrate on. favorite subjects for all of us. "the five" is next. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams. eric bolling, and dana perino, "the five" ." welcome back to the latest episode of... ♪ yes, it was rachel maddow's y2k. as we sit on the brink of a nuclear showdown with north korea, this manic mouthpiece fixates on a 12-year-old tax return belonging to trump. boy,


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