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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. stay tuned for sean, he is next. >> sean: thank you, tucker, great job tonight. president trump is back on the road, he held a rally in music city, nashville, tennessee. this time in hawaii, putting another hold on trump's travel ban and more, let's look at some of the highlights from tonight. >> moments ago, i learned that a district judge in hawaii -- part of the much overturned ninth circuit court -- and i have to
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be nice otherwise i will get criticized. a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries. some of the fake news said i do not think donald trump wants to build a wall. can you imagine if i said we will not build a wall? fake news. fake, fake news. we will get rid of obamacare and make health care better for you, and for your family. >> sean: we will have reactions of the president's rally, coming up later in the show. nbc's corporate jihad continues. an investigation into a server connected to donald trump being a politically motivated hit job. by the way, that is tonight's opening monologue.
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nbc has now hit a new low by releasing a small portion of the president's tax returns. the ultimate left propaganda destroy donald trump media, it's not new. now that he occupies the oval office, the opponent press is going to new extremes and lows. they will not stop until he is out of office. i've been saying since 2008, journalism is dead. now it is in the ground, buried, flowers on top. the long list of attacks against the president, here's just a small sampling. >> here you have a deranged president, or a pathologically lying president lying about the operations of the american government and lying about the previous president of the united states. that is enough. to invoke the 25th amendment. but mike pence and the cabinets are not there yet. >> it was not just a racial -- i
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shouldn't say rachel, it had a hitlerian background to it. >> i understand why you like him. this man is lying to you. >> trump's critics, those who are worried about this president and this white house saw a live special television event brought to you by narcissism, thin skin, chaos and deeply personal grievances. >> this was a white at last. this was a white lash against a changing country, a white flash against a black president in part. and that is the part where the pain comes. >> this is a really sad night. i'm just going to say. this is the very sunlight for the country. you can't polish this. >> are you using the word lie? >> you have to call it what it is. >> i saw sean spicer on fox news
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and he said you were rude. >> what if you had called him a fake president? >> sean: beyond awful. when the alt left propaganda media is not doing what you just thought, attacking the mental health of the president and integrity of him, they are running wild with conspiracy theories about the trump campaign colluding with the russians. there is zero -- no evidence whatsoever -- that shows any kind of collusion. that did not stop the leader of the alt left propaganda media, rachel maddow, claiming that in 2005 a russian oligarch new that donald trump was going to be president so he bought a property from him in florida. and he made a huge profit. rachel maddow thinks maybe russia knew in 2005 that he would be elected in 2016.
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that's pretty pathetic and the media should know better but they would rather put their radical left-wing agenda than tell the truth to the american people. that's why they never invented obama and colluded with hillary. already debunking this russia story and conspiracy, coming up. last week they reported the fbi has found no evidence of collusion between trump and the russians. just like james clapper had said. that is officials that are inside the agency, they are frustrated how it is now being represented by this media that is corrupt. tonight they have another bombshell story. here is the headline. hillary clinton supporter pushed trump russia computer narrative investigated by fbi. according to the report, computer scientist and indiana professor pushed the theory into the left-wing media that a computer server connected to donald trump was communicating with a russian bank.
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now the fbi did in fact look into it. they found nothing to indicate collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. it's very important to note that the professor had donated shockingly thousands of dollars to hillary clinton and her campaign. he is also donated over $10,000 to democratic groups and candidates since 2004 including the radical group, she advocated for hillary clinton. she pushed the trump russia conspiracy connection and talked about joining the. circa news reached out to her for a story. she confirmed the donations and set her actions regarding the server were not politically motivated. shocking but once again, the alt left media -- they did not even bother to look into this. here now with more, the journalist who broke the story, sara carter and john solomon.
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this is a pretty blockbuster information. by the way, you are not a member of my right-wing conspiracy, you work for the ap for 20 years. i doubt you i could get a job . >> probably not. >> sean: probably not? thanks a lot. has anyone else in the media looked into your story, called you about that, asked for background? >> they haven't and at the end of the day, you are more concerned about the facts and what sort of attention or immediate media attention you get. there are so many things being thrown around washington right now. follow the money, follow the politics. he started to see a partisan political line and a money line. i think both of those things are important to keep looking at. >> sean: sarah, has anything
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wow anybody reached out to you? >> no, no one has reached out to me either. the most important thing is getting the facts out to the american public. and ensuring we are doing our job and doing our job well. but we discovered here is that professor kamp who is very partisan in support of hillary clinton who has made donations not just to hillary clinton but to two groups of the democratic party posted on her web site in october these connections. supposedly between the trump server and the russian bank. we know they were first posted on reddit. we did not know by who yet. we know it was one of her colleagues and they pushed the fbi to investigate this. the fbi did investigate this and found no collusion whatsoever. the data that was bouncing back and forth between the trump server and the russian bank -- it contained no data.
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they did not find any collusion whatsoever. like i said before, the investigation was less than two weeks. they did not spend a lot of time on it and kind of pushed it awa away. in her email, she said she wished they had continued the investigation. >> sean: it raises questions, before we get john back in here. why did the fbi listen to a political partisan? we talked about the fisa warrant and another one which i suspected came from the fbi. surveillance on the trump serve server. the trump tower although it is off-site, the trump tower server. they found nothing. why do they not tell the american people and move on? >> i do not know. lindsey graham has been asking the fbi to make that statement.
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there is no evidence proving there's any investigation between trump and russia. he hopes that the fbi director james comey will answer that question. james comey spoke with senator grassley as well as senator feinstein and that meeting lasted more than a hour. what they spoke about was classified and they did not reveal what was spoken about but one thing we do know is that coming from our sources, coming from the sources that john and i both spoke with, there is no evidence of any criminality between trump and the trump team and russia to date. that is a fact. >> sean: was she acting on her own volition or their ape potential that there was a direction of somebody in the hillary campaign? >> she is a well-respected computer researcher. she hung out with a bunch of nerds, that was her term and
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they discovered these things and became fascinated by it and tried to get attention from it. the most interesting part of her social media is she seems to lament that this did not get more attention and may have knocked donald trump out of the presidency. it does go toward her motive. the allegations she made, i think those are things the american public has to look at. >> sean: last question. what is the next level of this story from your vantage point? what you want answered? >> i think we have reached the tip of the iceberg. what needs to be answered is that house intelligence chairman nunes posted today. who unmasked mike flynn? who could be exposed by leaks in the future? what are the wagg relations
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regarding those? these are questions that really need to be answered and they are very damaging to the national security of this country as well as to the rights of citizen for privacy. i think there will be a lot more to this story. >> sean: i think there'll be a lot more to it. i think you are right. the deep state obama holdovers, the saboteurs. they are trying to prevent the president from doing his job. are they spending so much time on these things. i think that purge needs to happen. i think the u.s. attorneys was only the first step in my humble opinion. thank you both for being with us. up next, tonight, right here on "hannity"... >> i have no idea where they got it but it is illegal. and you are not supposed to have it and it is not supposed to be leaked. >> sean: president trump reacts to his 2005 tax return being leaked. somebody committed a felony. up next, newt gingrich weighs in on that. >> we are going to repeal and
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," during his sitdown interview with tucker carlson earlier today, trump spoke about the release of his 2005 tax returns. watches answer. >> i have no idea where they got it but it is illegal. you're not supposed to have it and it is not supposed to be leaked. it is certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all but it is in the legal thing. they've been doing it, they've done it before and i think it is a disgrace. >> sean: it was a disgrace and likely a felony. msnbc's joe scarborough suggests that trump leaked the tax returns himself. he tweeted... i guess the russians went out in the dark of night and put it in some guy's mailbox. one positive tax return to
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distract from russian hearings. painfully obvious. nbc is now the network of bizarre conspiracy theories. joining us, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. you work with liberal joe. he's kind of jumped the shark a bit and now he is into mad conspiracy theories. yeah. when you get that look, i know something is coming. >> if you go to the movies and you look at x-men or transformers or a whole range of these hero movies, and these various wild action movies, you understand the mindset of a large number of americans who cannot think anymore. all they want is noise and sound and action and that is the modern left. joe scarborough used to be a much smarter guy but the longer
7:19 pm
he stays at msnbc, the more he seems to drink the left wing kool-aid. he's just out of touch with reality. i agree with 100% on what the president said but it is up to the president and his administration to follow through. it is a felony to release an internal revenue service tax record. they are going to have to start paneling a grand jury. let's be clear. this is not about civil disobedience. this is not about the public's right to know. there are a set of laws for good powerful reasons which prevent people from routinely taking government information and giving it out. we have to enforce those laws if we're going to have any kind of semblance of government in washington, d.c. >> sean: i've been putting up every night on this program,
7:20 pm
every example of every leak from the intelligence community. now we have his tax returns leaking. in every case, you are right. this is a felony and i talked a lot about the deep state. the lies and conspiracy that keep getting repeated by the destroy trump media. it's gotten to the point where i've got to believe that 55% of the time, the trump team is now spending defending things people like john solomon are reporting are not true. there's been no proof or evidence on any russian collusion. where is james call me? why is he not telling the country yeah, we investigated it, it's over. >> what the trump team should do is appoint one or two people to deal with nonsense. they can be called the nonsense squad. >> sean: who wants that job? i work in the white house and i
7:21 pm
am on the nonsense squad. >> they would go in and they would start spicer's press briefing with a bunch of nonsense and then they would leave. everyone should focus on infrastructure, solving the health problem, kinds of thingse average american. they should not allow the elite media to waste their senior management time chasing a bunch of stories that are garbage. here's the garbage patrol, may be think of it to the person you are mad at. i do not care how they do it. maybe they can go recruitment romney. there's a lot of opportunities to serve us here but what they should do is have a be basical- >> sean: so they should have a garbageman. a propaganda garbageman. part of it is funny but when you
7:22 pm
have the president of the united states, a deep state bureaucrat, obama holdovers, lifelong bureaucrats that want to destroy the president and are breaking laws, it's got to end. these people have to go. they have to be fired. it's hurting the country. >> the only way it will end is for trump to cave in and surrender or for them to root out, fire the people who are doing this including career civil servants were breaking the law. there is nothing in the civil service rules that allow you to break the law. i think they have to enforce it very aggressively. >> sean: i think the odds of donald trump, the president, retreating and surrendering or about negative 1,000. i do not see that scenario unfolding. it's a lot easier to act like being president. i did not see you like it was
7:23 pm
like that in tennessee. we will be right back. we have to take a break. we will talk about beyond conspiracy theories. >> we are going to repeal and replace horrible, disastrous obamacare. >> sean: president trump promising obamacare must be repealed and replaced. can he get it done with republican lawmakers that are at each other's throats? also later tonight... >> some of the fake news said i don't think donald trump wants to build a wall. can you imagine if i said we are not going to build a wall? fake news. fake, fake news. >> sean: nbc, cnn, fake news. calling out the alt left propaganda, destroy trump media at tonight's rally. also, michelle malkin is here on this busy news night please stay with us.
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>> we are going to repeal and replace horrible, disastrous obamacare. if we leave obamacare in place, millions and millions of people will be forced off their plans. the bill that i will ultimately sign and that will be a bill where everyone will get into the room and we were going to get it done. we will get rid of obamacare. and make health care better for you and for your family. >> sean: that was president trump earlier tonight in nashville, saying he is optimistic he will hammer out a deal with republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. during his interview with tucker carlson, the president said there are five or six republican senators who oppose the g.o.p. health care plan. in my opinion, they were ill prepared for this moment. now it is time to get it right. there are reports from
7:29 pm
"the washington post" -- back with us, newt gingrich. i think that was before today, the speaker said it is not going to be the binary choice, take it or leave it that they were once selling. i said from the beginning, they ought to get the freedom caucus, reince priebus and stephen bannon. the study group should get in there. i think they ought to get senators in there, get the groups that are opposing it. heritage. it get them in a room, take away everyone's phone, fill the box that you talk about, and creating legislation and get it done. it seems like all this infighting shows they are ill prepared after eight years of running on this.
7:30 pm
>> i think you are partially right. >> sean: i think i'm always right. >> i know. you invited me to be your guest so i will give you a slightly different opinion. >> sean: i am kidding. i know. i'm sorry. >> this is what folks on the right sometimes forget. you also have to get senator collins from maine, from alaska. when you look at the summit margins -- zero democrats are going to help because they cannot possibly be for killing obamacare. you have 52 votes in the senate. period. oh, by the way, now we have lost five senators over here. that's not a win. >> sean: there has to be a sweet spot. a win-win. in districts where hillary clinton won the district
7:31 pm
but they won the republican seat. don't abandon those people but i am using your analogy here. you create a box and within that box is the answer. no one is going to get everything they want. >> you are right and i believe in that box. my first point to the freedom caucus is the box has to include everyone. which makes it harder, not easier. second, i would say to you, the number one key i learned from way back in 1979 -- listen, learn, help, and lead. they better spend more of their time listening and less of their time lecturing because it is a free society. you have to get all these folks talking and they have to sort it out. and say may be, planned one does not work what about a plan to go?
7:32 pm
plan 11? we did not get the things we got done locking everyone in a room. we kept churning and developing. we had to learn a lot. health care is the most complicated thing we will try to do. ten times more complicated than national security. >> sean: for eight years or even since november 8th, they knew what the president's mandate was on this. of course they are not going to be able to arm twist their way to a successful bill. i am frustrated and i know many other people are frustrated that they will were not prepared. all of the infighting we see going on on tv and radio and in the papers, should that have not been handled way before they rolled out this bill and most of this taken care of and consensus built? >> in theory, yes. i agree. i once read a fascinating book by a golf teacher who had been
7:33 pm
arnie palmer's roommate at wake forest. he said he and palmer would go out and they both had bad shots and all the way to his next sho shot, he beat himself up for being stupid. he's figuring out how to recover. guess which guy did better? my point is, we are where we are. you can go back -- there is not a big enough transition team. they were not prepared to deal with the complexity. tom price who is brilliant and a great doctor and good congressman by himself cannot be the whole department. the democrats successfully slowed everything down by at least two months. there are lots of places you can look at whether it is it ryan or trump or mcconnell, it's just where we are in life. the question is where do we go from here now? i thought trump's interview tonight was very good. >> sean: do you like my idea -- but everyone in a room and all sides, everyone speaks and
7:34 pm
lock the door, throw away your phones and get the job done? >> i wouldn't do that because it takes days to solve this and i don't want people to go crazy but your basic premise is correct. i am very pleased with how trump is doing this. what did he talk about tonight? he did not say it is this bill or nothing, he said you will love the ultimate bill. that is exactly the right attitude. >> sean: the president -- did they not put him in a tough spot? yes to go in and clean up their mess. it's frustrating. >> shawn. he ran for the job. he's a volunteer. it's okay. >> sean: [laughs] they've got the legislative branch, he's got the executive branch. >> if one of those guys could have done it, she they would be president.
7:35 pm
a brand-new guy, being a brand-new game. >> sean: everyone i talked to has said he's been great at negotiations. >> he will be. part of negotiating is patients. a sense of humor. he will get there. i'm very confident president trump will bring to bear all the things he has learned in his career. >> sean: so far, i think he is. i am more critical of the legislative branch but hopefully they get their act together and hopefully we learn something as we move forward to the budgets. they're going to pass two budgets this year. a lot of big issues on the table. we have to get moving. thank you sir. up next, tonight, right here on "hannity." >> some of the fake news said i do not think donald trump wants to build a wall. can you imagine if i said we will not build a wall? fake news. fake, fake news. >> sean: president trump calling out the alt left propaganda media at tonight's tennessee rally.
7:36 pm
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7:40 pm
will not build a wall? fake news. fake it, fake news. by the way, watch what happens. you just booed obamacare. they will say trump got booed when he mentioned obamacare. they are bad people, folks. they're bad people. >> sean: that was the president talking about all the fake news that we have to get bombarded with everyday. just landed and he has a right to be upset. journalism is dead, it died in '08. salivating at the mouth last night, announcing nbc got a hold of trump's 2005 tax returns. let's compare and contrast. between 20,002,015, take a look. keep in mind, trump and the first lady paid in one year
7:41 pm
alone, in 2005, $38 million. by the way, at a higher rate than the obama's. president trump paid more taxes to the government in one year than the obama stated in 15 years, probably in their entire life and then some. joining us now with reaction, jay sekulow and the author of the upcoming book, the smear, cheryl atkinson is with us. it's daily. you have nbc known as the national bazaar national bazaar conspiracy network. how many years have you known john solomon? >> he has excellent sources and sara carter as well. i do not know the details of their story but i tend to think their reporting is solid. i think we are seeing the result of something that has been going on for quite some time.
7:42 pm
i argue we have allowed the mainstream news, political operatives and corporate operatives to infiltrate our newsrooms. hiring ideologues as reporters who actually serve a narrative interest rather than seeking to find the facts. >> sean: does clinton foundation donated jay sekulow, george stephanopoulos, is he really objective? watch him in the war room when he was working for bill clinton. he is not objective. he is not fair or balanced. he thinks and acts like he is a reporter. >> yeah. what you have right now is basically result driven news. not news based on facts. i'm a lawyer, i do with facts and evidence. what you have right now basically result oriented. they have a goal, they want to get to that goal, they would spew the evidence to get there
7:43 pm
and the perfect example of that was the reporting last night on msnbc. that was absurd. donald trump made a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes? i made the joke, and a tax lawyer, i could've done a little bit better for him. at the end of the day, what was that? trying to create a story out of nothing. when you do not have a really good set of facts, you argue the law. the media is doing a lot of making it up as they go and creating something. >> sean: what was your reaction to last night's big dud of a bombshell, sharyl attkisson? >> if they were really seeking facts even though rachel maddow is a opinion person -- >> sean: i beg to differ, she calls herself a journalist. >> there are all kinds of journalists. i don't think she would say she is a neutral player but i think in fairness, there should be an
7:44 pm
obligation to say it for what it is. that you helped what it would have been. and even more egregious example is the example of "time" magazine, the reporter that went into the oval office the day president trump was inaugurated and falsely reported that the bust of martin luther king had been removed. >> sean: so many examples. >> one of the biggest problems, there is no disciplinary action. i'm not advocating for reporters to get fired but five years ago that, that would have drummed somebody out of the business. it shows that they want that sort of thing or at least they do not punish it. >> sean: let me ask jay this question. by the way, that is the president getting off air force one. we had another instance -- the second executive order. extreme vetting by the presiden president.
7:45 pm
also to go back to the ninth circuit. do you believe they got it right and for those in the supreme court, if neil gorsuch is confirmed? to uphold that decision? >> the judge's opinion in hawaii, extreme vetting of six countries constitutes a violation of the establishment clause of the united states constitution -- if that is fact, if that judge was correct, i think it is fundamentally flawed and i think this judge has created a constitutional crisis when there was none and i would take it a step further and reminding that the constitution is not a suicide pact. the establishment of religion? that would mean if the united states in the 1940s would have accepted a
7:46 pm
disproportionate number of jewish people from the nazi era and gave them access into the united states and showed favoritism to that -- i'm sorry about those that were lost in the holocaust -- under this judges order, it would. i think this needs to go to the supreme court. it needs to get there sooner rather than later. >> sean: jay, thank you. sharyl, we look forward to when your book comes out. thank you for being here. i'm next, tonight on "hannity"... >> i think i may not be here because of twitter. because of the fake, dishonest press. >> sean: continuing to call out the fake news media. michelle malkin will weigh in on the corporate jihad. and, your calls to me. i heard they are pretty bad tonight.
7:47 pm
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>> i think that maybe i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for twitter because i get such a fake, dishonest press. i was very good to nbc. they are despicable. in their coverage. cbs, abc, take a look at what is going on.
7:51 pm
i call it the fake press. the fake media. it is a disgrace what is happening. >> sean: that was the president during a sitdown interview with tucker carlson, calling out at the alt left media, the destroy trump media. rachel maddow headed all new low by focusing her show on trump's 2005 leaked tax return. she recently told the ap people want to draft me as an activist all the time. describe that role to me. i'm not, the reason i know i am not is that i stopped doing that in order to be the person who explains the news and delivers the news instead. a very clear line for me. she does think she is a journalist which is hilarious but michelle malkin is with us. it's not really worthy of a discussion in any way. this is serious in a lot of way ways.
7:52 pm
>> the ms and msnbc stands for maddow stinks and sabotages nbc. i'm glad to see that she has clowned herself. even money of her allies among the progressive movement on the left were smacking their skulls after salivating over the hype. i think it is worth discussing this very fundamental question about who is a journalist. if you are some elite liberal from an elite college who gets her pedigree from oxford and brags about her title as a rhodes scholar, it doesn't matter that your soul experience as a so-called journalist was as a radio host for bancroft air america. i and a good friend of mine did what nobody else would do.
7:53 pm
digging into the finances of that decrepit institution and yet here is a rachel maddow who has been able to sail upward for years and years and call herself a so-called journalist. anyone can commit journalism. what these people commit every day is political propaganda. >> sean: i agree with that. people ask me, the first thing i will tell you, sharyl attkisson had a good word. i would say i am an advocacy journalist. there is no one watching this show i do not think that thinks i am a news person like a traditional news man. i am a conservative talk show host. in part, that includes some straight interview sometimes but they in and day out conspiracy theories without any evidence and facts, we've got a big problem in the country. i would argue an informational crisis. your reaction? >> absolutely. if you have a network that pretends that they are arbiters of what real journalism is, and
7:54 pm
they include clowns like rachel maddow and lying brian williams who shamed himself and yet still sits in that anchor chair with his august personality. this is a joke. there are many citizen journalists across the country who can do a heck of a better job from their desks with a smartphone and a camera than these people with their billion-dollar budget. that's a revolution that's happening. >> sean: trump was right in the interview. everyone said you told him to purge the u.s. attorneys. i never mentioned them. he does what he wants. i told him to stop tweeting, i think he was right and i was wrong. that is his own newspaper. he reaches nearly 100 million people. michelle malkin, congrats on your new series. when we come back, we need your help. a very important question of the
7:55 pm
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spill one way you noticing these little things? who cares? we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> but it's illegal and you're not supposed to have it and it's not supposed be leaked. how bad obamacare is and it's the worst, obamacare is a disaster, if i had the greatest bill in the history of the world, they would not vote for it because they hate the republicans. probably hate me. wiretap, it covers a lot of different things. i think you are going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next few weeks. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we sat down for an interview with donald trump.