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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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wages were lower and jabbered tb opportunities fewer. thank you for joining us tonigh tonight, "hannity" is next. see you tomorrow. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" ." we have a lot of guest tonight but first, president trump unveiled his budget that keeps key promises like strengthening our military, building the wall, slashing -- here is the talking about some of his priorities. >> we are proposing a budget that will shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy and i mean bloated. my administration is also following through the promise to
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secure, protect, and defend that border within our united states. our southern border will be protected always. it will have the wall. >> you see what we are doing with our military? bigger, better, stronger than ever before. you see what is happening. and you are already seeing the results. our budget calls for one of the single largest increases in defense spending history in this country. >> sean: also tonight, president trump strikes back against the alt radical left putting you, the american people at risk by going judge shopping. that is tonight's very important monologue. it was not hard to see this coming. two barack obama appointed district judges have blocked president trump's revised travel ban executive order from taking effect. true to form, president trump is
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doing what he always does. that is fighting back. you've got to love it. watch this. >> hundreds of refugees are under federal investigation for terrorism and related reasons. we have entire regions of the world destabilized by terrorism and isis. for this reason, i issued an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from places where it cannot safely occur. a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries. >> sean: we have been saying on this show that this is all part of the radical left's strategy to undermine and delegitimize the president. cherry picking liberal judges to rule against very legal and constitutional executive orders. now what we are seeing has become far worse because these activist judges aren't just
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slowing down the agenda, they are putting your lives literally in jeopardy. it is very clear the left would rather score cheap political points than listen to the repeated warnings about the risks of letting unvented foreigners into this country. it's important for the left to hear this because these warnings initially came from obama era top u.s. national security and intelligence officials that isis would infiltrate the refugee population. take a look. >> would that bring in syrian refugees pose a greater risk to americans? >> is a population of concern. >> the concerns in syria, the lack of our footprint in syria, that the databases will not have the information we need. it's not that we have a lack of process, there's a lack of information. >> that it raises a grave concern about background checking individuals coming into this country.
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>> i would not put it past isis to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. >> we can only query against that which we have collected. so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or interest reflected in our database, we could clear our database until the cows come home but nothing would show up because we have no record on that person. >> there is some fear that some of these refugees may actually be posing as refugees but they might actually be al qaeda or isis terrorists trying to sneak into europe or the united states. what do you make that? >> certainly there's a possibility. you cannot dismiss that out of hand. >> we should be conscious of the potential that they may attempt to embed agents in that population. >> the group is exploring
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operatives into the west, infiltrating. >> sean: it is a dereliction of duty to flat-out ignore what all of these officials are saying. the warnings, admonitions to us. and at the list of countries in the travel ban came directly from the obama administration and congress. not a president trump into the alt left critics of the band, take a look at fox news reporting from last week. here's the headline. iraqi insurgent fighter got through extreme vetting. the investigation is still ongoing but it could show exactly what president trump and all those top obama officials had been saying it could happen to this country. that terrorists can infiltrate the refugee population coming in here. america needs to make a very, very profound choice. it's very simple on the other hand. do you want to sacrifice your safety over the fears of slightly inconveniencing a few people?
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there's nothing wrong with finding out if people who want to come to this country agree with our values, constitutional rights, our principles. that should be a prerequisite before coming here. it's time to put protecting your life, the life of the americanry correct. we cannot let the left drag us into a pre-11 mindset because we have seen what happens when we let our guard down. the 9/11 terror attacks, it could be the only evidence the left needs to see when the country is not being vigilant. 2,996 americans died that day and over 6,000 others were injured. we saw what happened at the finish line in the boston marathon bombing. terrorists took the lives of four people including two policemen. the injured 264 of our friends and neighbors. in san bernardino, jihadists slaughtered their coworkers at a holiday party. 14 people dead, 22 others injured. orlando, the nightclub in
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florida. radical islamists have the savagely killed 49 people. if the alt radical left wanted to undermine the president's ability to keep you, the american people safe, if a single person dies because trump policies being blocked, they will have blood on their hands. they own it. here now with reaction, the editor, good friend of the program -- this is not a joke because all these instances happened here, if you want to come to america, is it really, really that bad that we are going to check out that you are coming here as a friend, not a foe? is it really that horrible to do that? >> sean, you hit the nail on the head. the president's responsibility, supreme responsibility, is to safeguard our independence and freedom. safeguarding our security. without security, our freedom
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doesn't mean a lot. you have to have a secure natio nation. our framers entrusted the executive, the president, with this responsibility. the fact that we have district court judges in maryland and hawaii, washington state or oregon, california or pick your poison, who want to on their own with a stroke of a pen and a lamely argued opinion want to just wipe all that away, i cannot really understand why judge robert bork believed it was time to circumscribe the jurisdiction of the federal dishes judiciary. it's gotten out of control. even if you do not like the policy of what trump is doing, the legal reasoning is
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preposterous. and most serious legal scholars understand what i'm saying when i say that. >> sean: you are an attorney attorney. they actually used the establishment cause here. then, there was no analysis of the authorities that gives the executive branch or the president as commander-in-chief but we have eight usc statutes, immigration determination. the president gives broad -- it couldn't be more clear. >> entire classes of people can be excluded from the country if the president sees fit to do that because of the number of consideration. the statute is clear. the constitution doesn't prohibit the president of the united states to do exactly what
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he did and even if this was a muslim ban, let's speed that issue, just for the sake of argument. even that would not be prohibited under our constitutional understanding. that is not what the framers intended. again, we have activist judges, both of these appointees of barack obama -- one of them, his entire experience has been in the government, the maryland judge which you might already have covered was involved in the benghazi issue, chuck grassley, other republican senators voted against his confirmation because he was at the homeland security -- state department during the benghazi issue. these guys are political players and they are making a political statement and these opinions, anyone who cares to look at this fairly will conclude that. >> sean: let me go to the issue, one of the strategies, outlined by david brock -- one
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of the strategies is to tie the trump administration up in the cords. clearly, not only the judge who issued the ban in hawaii is a former classmate of obama, they also want to go to the ninth circuit. they are overturned what, about 80% of the time? it makes it harder -- they have this ability to tie it up. i think it goes to the supreme court, i can't imagine they would go along with this reasoning. what you think? >> i think you're right. judge shopping, donald trump doesn't like it but neither did obama when the d.a. ca case came up. to stop those work permits from going forward. it goes to the question of the judiciary, sean. we focus on the executive and legislative branch but right
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now, there are 90 key vacancies on the federal bench that jeff sessions, the trump administration has to fill those vacancies. there is going to be extreme havoc being wreaked upon the trump agenda. roadblocks, monkey wrenches, airless lawsuits filed, some will be thrown out and some won't. this will be a constant problem they have to deal with. they have to fill these vacancies and get great judges in there who do not make the law but follow the law. >> sean: great analysis as always. also coming up tonight, and explosive new investigative report from sara carter and john solomon. their reporting suggested a hacker may have been behind the communication between the russian bank and a server connected with the trump tower. we will check in with them and later tonight... >> some of the fake news said i do not think donald trump wants
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to build a wall. can you imagine if i said we are not going to build a wall? fake news. fake, fake news. >> sean: president trump says a border wall will be built despite what the mainstream media is reporting, lou dobbs will react to that and also tonight... >> i don't remember the last three days because i was so [bleep] up. >> sean: .time of year again, every wonder what happens when your kids hand head out for spg break? how dangerous this might be for your children. straight ahead. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50!
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," sara carter and john solomon recently reported that the fbi looked into the activity of a trump related server in a russian bank and found no nefarious conduct was happening despite what you hear in the news media. they are reporting that the bank reported to u.s. authorities that mysterious communications resumed recently between one of their computers and an email server that is tied to donald trump's business empire and it is developed evidence, the new activity may be the work of a hacker trying to create a
7:18 pm
political ruse. sarah and john are here to explain more. step one, you found out was, there was two investigations, a fisa warrant and a another warrant. looking into the broader issue of russian influencing the campaign, not about donald trum donald trump. they discovered nothing. even though they did have access to the server or at least a server that served at trump tower? >> correct. >> correct, that it was what was going on. you are right. >> sean: again, no evidence found. they did not even think it was a big deal at all, the connections between the campaign and russia. >> that is correct. >> sean: last night, you talked about a woman, a big donor, with a computer background that she and others were the ones advancing and pushing the story of the russia-trump connection. true? >> true.
7:19 pm
>> sean: the media ran with it, that's where we got to new york what times saying trump was wiretapped, et cetera? >> something secret and nefarious going on with russia, the intelligence community never believed. still does not believe. >> multiple reports, this is server connection last year, when these reports started coming out -- it was everywhere. even today, sean spicer was talking about it at his press conference. these paintings between trump's server and this russian bank became a whole fodder. >> sean: now you have taken it to another level, just late today. the other level, i will let you begin it, sara, that alpha bank is asking the justice department to help unmask where the pings are coming from. they believe it is in the
7:20 pm
united states, correct? >> they believe it is a third-party, correct. masking beings pings. connected to a server inside the united states. think about this, sean. they are asking a russian bank -- the u.s. justice department to investigate this. this is how they figured it out. in february there was a hack. march 11th and march 13th, they were hacked again but were able to trace it. they've gathered this evidence and are willing to share it with the justice department, that is what our sources have told us. they will share all this evidence with the justice department in the hopes that they will find out who is doing the hacking. >> sean: john, i want you to weigh in on this. we don't know for sure if the other two hacking attempts that this bank dealt with -- which kind of snowballed into this investigation in the first place -- we don't know if it is the same in the recent hacking but
7:21 pm
do they suspected was also outside of russia in the united states? it could have happened? >> absolutely. talking to people close to me, the new investigation, the bank last year thought listen, this was just a simple computer communication going on. a spam email. bounces back and says i do not want your span email. they are now beginning to think there is a hacker all along, trying to make the impression that there is something nefarious going on. look at this story is evolution. headlines at donald trump has a secret computer connection, a back door way of talking to the kremlin. and it's perpetrated by someone or advanced by someone that has a hillary clinton sentiment in pushing the story. now we find out maybe the whole thing could be related to a computer hoax, trying to create the impression. that how the story has been developing. >> sean: looking into it, they have found zero evidence.
7:22 pm
there was the wikileaks revelation that showed the cia has the capability -- i'm not accusing them -- where they have the capability to take malware and be the hackers within the cia, but put the fingerprints of the hacking on china, iran, russia or any other country. we know this technology exists, right, sara? >> we know this technology exists but there hackers out there that have this capability as well. we just do not know. will be able to find out the truth? was this done by some kind of government entity? was this done by a separate hacker working with another group? is it connected politically? >> sean: when our intelligence officials going to say we have nothing here. >> oh, they have something. they have at least a springboard to start investigating who tried to make these connections, if
7:23 pm
what the alpha bank at the, who made these connections between these trump servers and russian bank? >> sean: how do you think this is a set up? >> i think the most recent one is going to be very strong evidence, when you look at the logs. this is someone trying to trick at the appearance. we will have to go back and see if we can recreate what happened. >> sean: unbelievable. we are going to keep having you guys on. you are doing great work on this. i don't think either one of you are a member of the right-wing conspiracy like me. we appreciate your work, it is fascinating. almost as interesting as homeland to me. up next, tonight, right here on "hannity"... speak out some of the fake news that i do not think donald trump wants to build the wall. can you imagine if i said we are not going to build a wall. fake news. fake, fake news. >> sean: president trump struck back on his critics, that
7:24 pm
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>> good evening and live it from america's news headquarters. the g.o.p. health care clearing another hurdle to help the but budget committee. the help legislation now moves, the last stop before full house vote. u.s. forces conducting an air strike against an al qaeda meeting in syria. according to central command, the attack killed several terrorists back into january, a strike destroyed an al qaeda.
7:29 pm
a close call yesterday at the bus terminal right here in new york city. a man left an improvised explosive device in the deli but it did not detonate. mason was arrested nearby and has been charged. now, back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log onto fox >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." at his rally in nashville, tennessee, president trump struck back at the alt left propaganda destroy trump media, who claimed he will not build a wall with mexico. take a look. >> we will build the wall. don't even think about it. the fact is, you probably read we went out to bid. we had hundreds of bidders, everybody wants to build our wall. usually that means we are going to get a good price. we are going to get a good price. believe me. we are going to the wall.
7:30 pm
some of the fake news said i don't think donald trump wants to build the wall. could you imagine if i said we are not going to build the wall? fake news. fake, fake news. >> sean: it is so fake. it is vicious. even in the face of these attacks by the old left destroy trump media, when it comes to his campaign pledges, president trump is not backing down and that is tonight's mini monologue. the president has made it very clear that he is going to deport criminal illegal aliens and he's going to build a wall. at least one of his key campaign promises. that's not stopping the left and the press from relentlessly attacking the president. as we have shown you, i've personally been down to the border at least a dozen times. i've been playing in helicopters, on horseback. the horse back was embarrassing but i tried. i've seen warehouses, huge drugs in to this country. i've also seen tunnels with
7:31 pm
drugs. i've seen gang members detained. governor rick perry, i sat through a briefing in texas where we were shown shocking statistics about illegal immigration and crime was affecting texas alone. in a seven year. watch this. >> responsible for about 6,000 offenses. >> sean: i'm learning things here today that i never knew about. i would like to consider myself pretty informed on this issue. 642,000 crimes in seven years. we have brave men and women who are literally using military tactics to fight what they consider the cartels. 642,000 crimes in a seven-year period impacting you, the american people. our communities are being heard every day that are pouring across these unprotected border.
7:32 pm
he wants to stop this from happening, he is already taking the steps to make you, the american people safer. trump released his budget proposal which over the next two years calls for $4 billion to fund the construction of the wall. keeping a promise. he's been been all over this for many years, our friend lou dobb dobbs. he's keeping his promises. why don't they believe them at this point? >> is important to talk about who they are. it is fake news. the national left-wing media. we don't need to call them liberal media any longer. these guys have moved so far. watching sean spicer today, contending with that group of where quotes all around it, journalist, it has been embarrassing to those people. what other president has talked about drugs as president trump? none of them have talked about drugs in that way. and focus on the border. he said he's going to build the wall?
7:33 pm
you also see his great passion and evidence every time he talks about the heroin epidemic in this country because most of that heroin is coming across the border from mexico. most of methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine. he's the only one that has stood up and say these words. we are going to fight the cartels who smuggle the drugs and human trafficking as well. he doesn't get credit from the national media. there is one clever columnist over at "the new york times" that has both the integrity and the soul to talk about fellow americans the way the united states does. >> sean: it is like he has lied about in ways, i get lied about. you have been lied about. i don't care. but when the out they outrightt the president, there is an agenda to tear him down and delegitimize him.
7:34 pm
>> the left wing liberals have been spewing, the nonsense, their programs for a half-century. go to any major city. look at the crime rate, what is happening with gun violence in the cities with the most stringent gun control laws. look at the programs that are not working, being funded by the billions of dollars. he's bringing truth and reality to a whole group of politicos who are on the left and they will not abide being confronted directly by a man who delivers on his promises. >> sean: with all the noise we hear from the lying media, do you think at the end of the day when we have a reelection in 2020, it's all going to be about what promises he's captained all about the noise is meaningless? >> i think you are exactly right. those liberals and lefties who are dreaming of 2020, it's going to be their worst nightmare.
7:35 pm
they have an indication of it already. this president is keeping promises and one of the things, if i may, i noticed in that rally -- he was with his friends. they were talking about the common adversary. he is more comfortable with the people, those are the people who matter. for all of us. >> sean: he doesn't have to do another interview again. just go directly to the people. >> exactly right. >> sean: he keeps me and you in the loop. i don't care about these other people. luke, thank you. coming up, alt left propaganda journalist rachel maddow -- $38 million in taxes, reveal. a higher tax rate that her own company and even barack obama and bernie sanders. we will get to that next.
7:36 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," rachel maddow has taken a lot of heat for her
7:40 pm
massive letdown when she focused her show on trumps 2005 tax return leak. she's not pointing the finger at herself. it maddow says because i have information about the president does not mean it is necessarilya scandal. it does not mean it's damaging information. if people got that and conclusion -- oh, i get it, it's the viewer's fault that they were let down. oh, okay, rachel tweeted this. we got trump tax returns tonight. then one of her liberal colleagues tweeted yes, seriously, i will be watching. and then of course, this is the night we have been waiting for. sound like a typical liberal to me. obama blaming george bush for eight years. here with reaction, corey lewandowski, austan goolsbee. he paid a higher rate, you are
7:41 pm
the economic guy. he paid a higher rate than comcast/nbc. a higher rate van obama's. the obama's paid $6.1 million in 16 years. he deserves a pat on the back. looks pretty generous to me. >> i don't know, that was 12 years ago. i'm surprised you are going through this, sean. i thought you don't like releasing this kind of information. >> sean: i don't have a problem with nbc reporting it at all. but whoever leaks it, that would be a felony and they would get five years. >> i was going to say, i would be upset on your behalf. i've been totally consistent on both wikileaks against clinton and on the things against trump. i don't think people should be dwelling on getting a legal stuff and illegally releasing it. i don't think they should be doing it. >> sean: i can appreciate that point of view but in journalism,
7:42 pm
doesn't matter if you are an advocacy or liberal journalist like rachel is, in that sense she is protected but corey, that is not the point. the bigger point -- the fact that they tried to tie this to a 2005 property sale of a trump property to a russian oligarch, somehow the russians in 2005 knew that he was going to be president, elected in 2016. and take office, somehow they were buying some influence back then? when nbc cannot even figure out on election night the donald trump won. a little bit humorous. >> i'm going to tell your listeners something that they may not already know. donald trump is really, really rich. he made $153,000,000.11 years ago. he paid $38 million in taxes. he bought a piece of property and sold it for double what he paid for. that's what smart business people do. at the liberals had their way, they would say he took a loss on the property.
7:43 pm
the bottom line is he did his very best for his family, for all the people that work for hie liberals do not want to talk about that, that bernie sanders paid 13%, donald trump paid 25%, no one saying donald trump isn't rich anymore. he made $150,000,000.11 years ago. it's amazing. >> sean: your friends, they are not doing so well, keeping up with obama's rate. trump paid $38 million in a single year. 19% tax rate. >> it almost sounds like you are talking about the tax returns the president obama released and you are comparing them to the tax returns that president trump never released. this is from 12 years ago, sean. >> sean: it was found in a
7:44 pm
mailbox. vladimir putin may have put it in there. >> the last 45 years, every president has released their tax returns. >> sean: there is legal obligation. >> is there anything that could be on the tax return that would make you upset if you found out that he had received -- >> sean: it took us a year yeao get barack obama's birth certificate. >> did that bother you that it said he was a u.s. citizen? >> now they do not want to talk about the tax returns, this was a nothing burger. the fact is, he paid 25% effective tax rate and made $153 million. he's really, really rich, now the liberals don't want to talk about it because he's paying more taxes than barack obama or bernie sanders combined almost. >> sean: a big controversy,
7:45 pm
mcdonald's. i love a quarter pounder with cheese, french fries and a coke. one of my favorite meals. their twitter account was hacked earlier today. they put out a nasty tweet about president trump. we will get reaction from the one and only herman cain and very nasty voice mails today. they got it, they are back, college kids hitting the beach for spring break. we sent a producer to south padre island, texas. you think your kids are havingak fun? how dangerous isdi this? we will expose it. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." twitter went nuts today after mcdonald's corporate account tweeted an attack against president trump writing, @realdonaldtrump you are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have @barackobama back, also you have tiny hands. mcdonald's later addressed the tweet rating twitter notified us about the tweet. joining us now, fox news contributor, herman cain. i was so close to being so unhappy, i was not going to eat at mcdonald's and i am on a diet and of right now but i'm so addicted to mcdonald's fries,
7:50 pm
with cheese and a coke. best meal on earth! i deleted every day if i could get away with it, herman. >> if it were not such a powerful brand, it would be funny. if this were xyz burger, no one would care but because it is a very powerful brand like mcdonald's, it matters. here's the other thing that mcdonald's did it right. they immediately responded so they could protect their brand. this is another indication that people have to be very careful of what they read on twitter, on the internet, or anywhere else. mcdonald's did the right thing in protecting their brand. i think they will come off unscathed from this. >> sean: i agree. i am grateful because getting a quarter pounder with cheese, giving it up would be enormously hard for me. i'm on a diet. let's go do some other issues here. we will put up snoop dogg's new music video, we've been talking about it. pointing a fake gun at a cloud
7:51 pm
dressed as donald trump and pulling the trigger. let's show our audience. ♪ >> sean: the president responded also tweeting out... jail time. by the way, then you have this guy -- whatever his name is, bowwow or something, saying shut your punk [bleep] about my uncle before we your wife and make her work for us. imagine conservatives saying this about the obama's in any
7:52 pm
way. but would the reaction be? >> first of all, that whole thing is disgusting and disrespectful. you do not have to agree with someone to respect them and it also shows that he does not respect the office of the president of the united states of america. the liberal media and people like snoop dogg insisted that we respect president obama and the office of the presidency and now they are doing the exact opposite. it is just simply disgusting and disrespectful and i would certainly hope that it doesn't signal people to do other sick stuff. >> sean: i have to tell you, a little scary in a lot of different ways. the double standard is so flagrant. i do not think it is going away. i think the media is as obsessed with destroying trauma. >> they are obsessed with trying to destroy him but you know what, sean? what i'm hearing for my
7:53 pm
listeners, it's not working. people are not stupid and they are aware of this attempt on that party to destroy this administration, this president, it is not working. >> sean: herman cain. i still love godfather's pizza even though you left the company. did you work for coke or pepsi? >> i worked for coca-cola for a number of years. the best of both worlds. coke and godfather's pizza. >> sean: a quarter pounder with cheese fries and a coke. apparently some very nasty messages being left for me on the "hannity" hotline. i can handle whatever you got. we sent a handedly produced , ar down to south padre island. it's getting worse than ever. we will send you a sneak preview, tonight.
7:54 pm
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." that time of year again, spring break for your kids. we sent a producer down, it is not all fun and a son. next week, we will have our show on the dangers of spring break. ainsley earhardt will join us. here is a sneak peek of what he'll see. >> i don't remember the last three days because i've been so [bleep] up. ♪ >> what time did you all start drinking today? >> uh... ♪ >> oh, god, i saw some guy do drugs of some girls just, like, chest. >> that was you on me.
7:59 pm
>> sean: which brings us to tonight's "question of the day." that series starts on monday. do you think this is out of control? go to, @seanhannity on twitter. let us know what you think. time to plate some of your main messages. lately they've been so mean on the "hannity hotline" ." >> sean: this jacket looks all right, right? everyone like this jacket?
8:00 pm
it's fine, it's new. even my own family says sometimes i am a pain in the u-no-what. have something to say, nace, mean, it doesn't matter. we'd love to hear from you.♪ we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> if this bill were perfect, if it was the greatest thing for democrats and republicans, we wouldn't get one democrat voting for it. >> bill: it's all about politics. "talking points" will address it. [gunfire] perhaps the most underreported story in the world, american troops confronting terrorists in the middle east. tonight, we'll talk to former defense secretary leon panetta. >> any advice for president trump? >> cut back from the twitter. >> replace and appeal obamacare. >> bill: also ahead, watters at the big trump rally last night seeking advice from the folks. >> what would you like to see happen to these protes