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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 21, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> heather: he wanted fries with that look at the giant chicken in kosovo. terrified people thought the monster fowl was man in a costume it's a real bird which can grow up to 19 pounds. rob: that looks like 90 pounds. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we are going to start taking care of our country. [cheers and applause] we are going to drain the swamp. we're going to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. rebuild the united states military. to repeal and replace obamacare. >> fbi is investigating any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government. >> i think it's fine to look into it but at the end of the day they are going to come to the same conclusion that everybody else has had. >> i will do all my powers be
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a faithful servant constitution and laws of this great nation. >> i feel sorry for the democrats they have no idea they will look really bad. i suspect in the end they will not go for the filibuster. >> pressuring. for the win. ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ a good life ♪ ainsley: we all hope that's our children. it's going to be a good life. how cute was that video? brian: steve, they did the william shatner trick. steve: they did. ainsley: what does that mean? steve: we had william shatner on 15 years ago he said back in the 1960's and 170s how do you that he said everybody stand up.
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we all stood up. they would just move the camera. they would go like that and the cameraman would go the other way. that's what the kids did back then. ainsley: i love the teacher allowed them to have fun. how did he do it the teacher had his back to the he. brian: full ride somewhere. ainsley: we should have him on the show. brian: monday boring we have nothing planned for today. oh my goodness my head was still spinning. steve: there is so much going on and so much to watch. you are so lucky you have the fox news channel because we cover it all. today at 9:30 the president of the united states is going to go up to capitol hill and what he is going to do is bend the ear he is of some wavering republicans. it's all about the salesman in chief trying to make the final sale to close the deal on the affordable care act repeal and replace. ainsley: thursday is our chance to end obamacare. so he wants to talk to our lawmakers and say look, guys,
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get it together. let's figure this out. this is your chance. this is something that i told the voters i was going to get done. and actually, this is the anniversary. the 7th anniversary. remember when president obama was on that desk and signing the legislation. brian: it was a big bleeping deal. this is freedom hall last night. the president sells i have been talking to lawmakers. he has been labeled as the closer. the question is we have some slack in the line to order to give the people what they want when this comes to a plan they can get behind? the answer is yes. here he was rallying the people last night at freedom hall. >> somebody from the fake media the other day asked me a question. [crowd boos] they said how are the republicans going to finally get together? i said wait a minute, we won the presidency.
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we won the house. we won the senate. i mean -- [cheers and applause] right? actually, he was a nice guy to ask the question. i was sort of thinking that was an interesting question because we just about never been on a streak like this. i think 1928 of, a long time ago. and we're going to get a lot of things done. and then we're going to get to truly one of my favorite things is called reducing taxes. steve: of course, to get to the taxes, his plan is to first do the affordable care act repeal and replace. why kentucky? well, he could need rand paul in the u.s. senate, but he doesn't have to worry about the senate right now. he has to worry about the house of representatives. because right now they don't have the votes. it's close and they have made some changes. it's called the manager's amendment so paul ryan has changed what we thought was the bill at the last minute
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even though a couple weeks ago he said for the most part this is take it or leave it but now he has changed it. brian: 40 page manager amendment. here are the highlights we wanted to share with you. paul rand has some pull and paul ryan has some give. tanning bed taxes. taxes on the ceos that make over a certain amount. you know, they put the repeal back to 2018. they push everything forward. they also create work requirements for medicaid. they have also are going to have the block grant system put into play immediately. and more generous reimbursement for seniors and disabled medicaid enroll yes. so that is some of the give and some of the problems a cbo had pointed out and some of the things the freedom caucus has pointed out. the question is does the freedom caucus have enough to vote on it yet chad per grammy on capitol hill. it's negotiation. we will go back and forth. i love that question from the
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reporter like why can't republicans unite he said hold on a minute let me remind you republicanrepublicans have unity put my in the white house and we have the senate and the house. paul ryan says this is what the process is like when you are doing it the right way and not passing it over christmas break and not pass it before have you read it. steve: we are not used to actual negotiation on legislation on capitol hill. paul ryan. ainsley: look at this, guys, i love. this. steve: nip and tuck. brian: very good series. steve: don't go far enough for services. they want to end earliyer. does not try to repeal the affordable care act insurance regulations because the house leadership says we can't do that in recollection but a lot of conservatives say try it. you never know. try it. so they are making some nips and tucks around the edges. it doesn't go to the core of what a lot of conservatives want.
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brian: needs 215. steve: doesn't have them now. brian: president obama went to capitol hill to get the tpp passed in 2015. that didn't work. donald trump is going to hear and listen and say what else do you need? he is going to go back to paul ryan and vote on thursday. if it doesn't pass again, go back again and see what happens. there is something else going on yesterday. that was james comey said there is a lot of rumors and innuendo and leaks going on. i have an idea on monday 10:00 i will come down with the nsa director mike rogers and answer some questions that you asked me i will do it in front of house intelligence committee. it was game on for the next six and a half hours. steve: there was a lot going on. he did confirm feds were investigating russia. team trump. if there was any collusion. we knew that he also said the fbi had no information to support donald trump's tweet that obama wiretapped him. also, they said there is zero evidence that russia altered the vote tallies.
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ainsley: so when he talked to jeff sessions he said what am i allowed to say and not alieud to say. most of this is classified information. you can say that you are investigating but that's basically about it. frustrated a lot of people because it was a lot of time that he seat in front of these individuals. thief lawmakers and. steve: we want details but he had to be vegas because of the ongoing investigation. brian: i was alarmed by a couple things. number one he didn't seem to care about the leaks. when you had nine separate sources backing up a story about what the trump people did or didn't do about this investigation, he didn't even seem that curious. ainsley: that was a bigger story for a lot of republicans. brian: for every republican. on top of that he did say the one big statement right on top there is an ongoing investigation to are you sure shaps role in the investigation and the role the trump administration may mr. v. played. ainsley: other than the fact that he is a giants fan. ''. brian: here is a look at what comey did and didn't say. >> i can't answer that same answer. same answer.
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i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer. same answer. i'm trying to be helpful but i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer. same answer as before. i'm not going to answer. i'm not going to answer that please don't overinterpret what i have said. i'm not going to answer mr. swovo. steve: a number frustrated at comey's instability to give them details. they thought he was there to give them details. unfortunately because of the ongoing investigations he he was trying to be swo lawyerly, so lawmanly vague and he was. elm. brian: goat to be ticked off on minor players doing stupid outreach to russia. carter page played almost no role but went back and forth. yous have stone. steve: roger stone? brian: goes out and flee tweets gucifer.
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salutes julian assange says he is a fan. in which julian assange is in the middle of releasing emails. did is it effect the outcome of the election not in the ultimate outcome but it clouds donald trump as he tries to get his agenda into gear be able to go-carter page did reach out. jd gordon did have contact. now as other people have said, it doesn't result in collusion but it just makes president trump look bad. are you going to tell me that reince priebus looks bad? going to tell me that sean spicer knew these people? that's not part of the strategy and fund raising that brought them the victory. ainsley: when you talk about comey, a we were talking about this yesterday. they like him one minute and don't like him next. hillary clinton's camp blame him basically for losing the election. steve: how many people on the democrat side were involved with russia, a lot. and we could detail that that another time but none the less
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there is an investigation. last night, i believe it was newt gingrich was on with martha maccallum. and when he heard comey and the vague stuff, he had this to say about that. >> comey's answers today were pathetic. what he said was i'm allowed to tell threw is an ongoing investigation about the russians and trump campaign. i'm not allowed to tell you about any investigations involving americans who are committing felonies up to 10 years in jail leaking secret information. now, how come he could tell us the one but not tell us the other? i mean, it makes no sense. i find the performance by the fbi director very, very disappointing. frankly, a little alarming. he has too much power to be as politically clever as he is. steve: it was interesting. trey gowdy in the way he was questioning mr. gowdy he made it very clear. look, somebody is leaking this stuff out with names of americans that should not get out.
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that is a felony 10 years in jail. and he insinuated, mr. gowdy did, that unless they find the leakers and they fix this problem, when this fisa law comes up for renewal in the fall, it's not going to be renewed. so that's a good reason for mr. comey to figure out hot leaker is. ainsley: he was saying to mr. comey, you are the top cop in this country. how you cannot find the leaker within your own family? brian: when james comey does decide to comment it's on foreign policy. work in russia's best interest to be anti-nato? yeah. brexit. was he before or against it? i don't know. does he know that vladimir putin platform? who knows what they are even thinking. in the big picture, for donald trump yesterday i think he also had a situation where his agenda was still moving forward. you had gorsuch had a very good day and very friendly way. today will be a little bit harder. you also had the bidding begin for the wall. the healthcare debate moved forward. he is starting to show some
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give. and then when you have the u.n. ambassado ambassador nikkie stands up to israel. that didn't happen for 8 years. unbelievable day. steve: acts of your tax dollars helping them. brian: fbi director james comey debunking the james comey's wiretaps here. >> i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. brian: but could president trump be on to something? a closer look at the loose ends still untied. that story next in the next two hours and 55 minutes. ♪ under pressure ♪
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so eli, we know what he said about the tweets. what do you mean he might be on to something? >> i think that we can now say that it's literally not true that president obama authorized wiretaps of trump tower. but, there was somebody or more than one person in the government that unmasked the identity of mike flynn and monitored communications and then leaked that or at least we know of nine people who leaked that to the "the washington post." that is as well as other news outlets. and that right there is very serious because even though, you know, there may not have been a tap or a fisa warrant to say that they are going to be eavesdropping on donald trump or his associates, if they were picked up incidentally in other conversations, the foreign targets or others who were being surveilled and that was widely distributed within the intelligence community, which is what right now the intelligence committee is looking at, then that's a pretty serious issue. and it's not quite the same thing as sort of nixonian, you know, tapping one's
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adversaries but it is an abuse of power and also a politicization of intelligence. brian: there might have been some of that and some the leaks over the unmasking and trey god's line of questioning tell me the people within the obama administration that would have had access to those names and six of the eight names we know very well we have had access the implication ask him later maybe they did it before they left. >> the issue here, i want to just stress, is not just leaking classified material as a journalist i'm very much in favor of leaks and i think that the government protects many secrets. the issue is protecting this kind of sensitive information. we trust the government do monthly tore and eavesdrop on conversations to protect us. we also need to know they are not going to use that for political ends. because this information was leaked and that led tote resignation of one of donald trump's closest advisors general mike flynn that is a politicization right there. that's crossing a line. and that's, i think, something that, you know, primarily
3:20 am
liberal critics of donald trump need to be very worried about at this point themselves. they should not want to normalize that kind of activity. brian: have you j.d. gordon, have you carter page and ryder stone. all these names have come up and some of them are unexplainable and some of them showed direct tweets and others show i don't know how they popped in there and how they found out that information. >> that's an important issue. there are a lot of unanswered questions. all of these people have not been charged with any crime at this point. there is also a question of when you start leaking, i mean, it's not unprecedented but when you leak about ongoing investigations like that and then suppose the fbi decides and jim comey did say this yesterday that they're not going to bring charges against these people. that's the nature of such investigation. so, when you leak little bits and pieces of it, it's very much unfair to the people that you just leaked on. brian: absolutely and skew the case and public opinion which might have been the intention. great work. >> thank you. brian: many in the media love to report on the president's
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♪ ♪ steve: we have got some quick tuesday morning headlines for you right now. the video is disgusting. kim jong un releasing a clip depicting the fake moment north korea blows up a u.s. warplane. a woman, narrating in the background saying the bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by hail of fire. the shocking video coming are a the communist country threatens to reduce the united states to ashes. the white house meanwhile vowing military action to stop kim jong un's nuclear build up. we'll continue. breaking overnight the white house ramping up airport
3:25 am
security over increased terror threats. all electronics exsemghtd things about the size of a cell phone are banned from carry on items on american bound foreign flights from eight majority muslim countries. that includes laptops, computers, and ipads. all right. ainsley over to you. >> thanks, steve. the mainstream media continues to focus all their energy on what the president is saying about them. the more important question that they aren't asking is what do the american people think of them, the media a recent poll done by gallup shows americans trust and they have confidence in the mass media they say it's the lowest in history. here to discuss is billie hollowwell he is the author of that bic right there. it's called fault line, how a seismic shift in culture is threatening free speech and shaping the next generation. thank you so much, billy for being here. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome.
3:26 am
you have op-ed. i read it and it's excellent. your message to the media is what? >> look, i'm a trained journalist and i worked as a journalist for years. i think what we are seeing right now is we are having the media go so hard after donald trump that they are forgetting their own biases. we are talking about truth. we are talking about awful these things. it's good. we want the media to talk about those things. we want them to do it equally for every candidate. every president, no matter what party what we are seeing is this panic about donald trump. i think it's really problematic because what journalists are doing is not looking at their own biases which six months ago we saw jeff zucker from cnn admitting that cnn had biases and holding up trump as a way to equalize that bias. it seems like we have forgotten that message though. ainsley: like the title of your book there has been a seismic shift, why the shift? you used to be fair and balanced. you had to tell both sides of the story. they are located in new york and l.a. and not telling the full story.
3:27 am
>> exactly. there is a big cultural disconnect, right? only 8% of journalists go to church every week. 40% of americans were going to church every week at the time that pew asked that polling data. so there is a big disconnect. ainsley: out of touch. >> out of touch. liberal journalists living in liberal cities assuming they are moderates when they might not be. that's carrying through. and the danger there is bias that's overt. people go after christian and conservatives. that's in the minority of situations. what we really have a deep cultural disconnect where journalists don't even realize they have these biases. my message is let's realize there is a problem here. the american public know he is this. as you were saying 32% only have a fair amount of trust that's the lowest it's ever been. only 8% have a lot of confidence in newspapers and tv. that's pretty shocking. again, a huge disconnect there. ainsley: i'm reading. so statistics, you secretary of defense in 2016, gallup poll found 16%.
3:28 am
only 8%. only 23% of american respond dents believe the news media attempts to report the news without bias. >> only 23% that was a poll conducted last year. before donald trump, this is the point. this was a huge problem. donald trump -- it didn't just emerge where suddenly the media were being attacked by trump, no. the public has had this disconnect. it has shaped our culture. it's not justth media is hollywood, its universities. there is this ideological dominance. we have to look at this, i think, because free speech is on the chopping block here. ains apes you write about it in your book called fault line. of the book tackles all three of theories areas. shows where we're culturally. culturally huge changes in the last five years. lossness of truth. i thought that was one of the best quotes that josh mcdowell gave me for the book. that's so true because we are being inundated. ainsley: it's sad. >> being inundated with secular messages coming through hollywood and media
3:29 am
universities. look, if you are not taking your kid to church on the weekends and even if you are, it's a huge challenge because the messages surround us. i think there is sort of a progressive privilege, that's the term that i have been using. i have think we need to realize that and equalize that and the big call that i have in the book to christians and conservatives, look, we can complain all day long about the disconnect, but we have got to engage culture, we have to be present in each of those areas to do that. ainsley: you don't want to live in a bubble did you but at the same time we expect journalists to be fair. ainsley: thank you so much. great to see you billy. a plane full of people packed with people and flames, look at that everyone survived. the story that's almost too hard to believe. that's coming up next. and pete is having breakfast with friends this morning. is he in louisville, kentucky after the president's big night there. hey, pete. pete: always good morning, ainsley. day 60 of the trump presidency, he took to the trail in louisville to talk
3:30 am
about a big week ahead in obamacare a lot of other issues. we were there talking to people at the rally. we are here this morning at the burger boy diner in old louisville. if you are here, come on out, we are doing pancakes with the people. i have my stack of pancakes, of course. we will get the voice of the people which, of course, is the important one as president trump understands. stick around for "fox & friends." we will have more from the burger diner. ♪ when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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child's eyes my child's gift to me. ainsley: first one was take heart my child. and it was because i wanted her to take heart and know that i'm going to love her no matter. what and you all -- you bought that book. i'm so grateful. and it was just such a fun experience. so, i decided to write another book about what my daughter hayden has taught me. and this is the first book. the cover has not been printed for the second book yet. but can you preorder it on ainsley earhardt comes out april 7th. a fabulously talented photographer took that in south carolina on the beaches down there. about learning to slow down. when you find out you are pregnant. you have all these lists for your children of what you want them to do. all these hopes and dreams for them. and then you hold that babyand . you start learning from them. y'all know as parents what they teach you. they teach to you slow down. they teach you to stop and smelt roses even though you are busier than you have ever
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been before. they just -- it's just an amazing experience. so this is my book to the moms out there who have children who have experienced all this. and the dads, too. just how fortunate and blessed you are. steve: we know what you are talking about. brian: can you preorder it now? ainsley: preorder it at ainsley earhardt very similar to the first book. great artist. messages i want to give to my daughter and what she has taught me and messages for other moms. that was just the picture. they always like when we write a book for us to personalize it and this is the picture of me with my daughter on the beach on the back cover. steve: wait until she is order a message from mom to her would be take out the trash. ainsley: i know it's called through your eye he is. one time we were at this store and hayden had never seen a dog before. and we are shopping and in new york a lot of people bring their animals into the store. hayden just starts calculate ling and i turn around and
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there is a dog and hayden is pointing to the dog and laughing. first time she had seen a dog up close. i'm like that's the first time my child has seen a dog. and the first time we went outside and it was raining and she saw rain, she was just staring. i was like i am so fortunate i get to watch a human being discover things that we all take for granted. that's what a book is about. steve: a book of firsts. ainsley: thanks for letting me talk about it. steve: i don't know what i'm doing tomorrow and you know what you are doing in november you have a book coming out. brian: what is pete doing today? pete hegseth. steve: it's breakfast time but pete is at burger boy in louisville where the president was last night. good morning to you, pete. pete: good morning, we are at the burger boy in louisville. if you are in louisville come out and join us. we will be having breakfast with friends all morning a lot of folks showing up. a lot of folks hitting the rally last night president trump hitting the trail bringing the message to the people. if you thought there was a alaska enthusiasm.
3:37 am
you should have been at the ample theater last night. they had to open up new sections to open up to flood of people who came out to see president trump. the message to them was let's get obamacare done over the course of his remarks. and we talked to people on the floor to get their reaction to the speech. this is what they had to say. >> we're right here up front. the rally about to starter. how long did you wait in line to get your great seats? >> since about 11:00 today. pete: 11:00 this morning. >> about eight and a half hours. pete: what motivates you to wait that long to see president trump. >> he has the persona and will to get things done. i support him 100% and go anywhere to go see him. >> i want to come out and show my appreciation for everything he is doing. and me and my wife. pete: what do you like about what he is doing? >> the jobs. i mean, that's the first thing. but several other things. pete: one of the amazing things the press never shows is how packed it us. that area up top was blocked
3:38 am
out. they weren't going to have any people up there. some people showed up they had to remove the scaffolding and now it's packed. there is not an empty seat in the house. as you hear the enthusiasm it's hot. [chanting u.s.a.] >> and there is no place i would rather be than here with you tonight. >> speaking a language we can all understand. simplifying our healthcare is critical. >> this sour bedding anniversary. we chose to spend it with donald trump and we are a little hoarse. [laughter] pete: you were yelling. >> we were yelling. pete: one message for president trump, what would it be? >> right there. it's triumph. we know he is not going to quit. he has our back. and you can see this back here today has his. pete: what did you like about his message. >> my healthcare tripled. i didn't get to keep my plan. i changed plans. everything he said on stage happened to me. so i know what they are trying to do. >> i'm really worried about
3:39 am
mitch mcconnell whether or not he can pull the obamacare thing together. it's a must. >> everybody is talking about illegal vs. legal. really what is the real issue here is th assimilation vs. invasion. that's what we need to be talking about more. we are being invaded this is a trojan horse. pete: if you had one message for president trump what would it be. >> keep staying the course that he is he is keeping his promises. and i think that's great because we finally have a president that's going to do that. >> gate little sleep at night because he works really hard. >> but he has still got to get up early and watch "fox & friends," right? >> that's right. and keep tweeting. pete: as you guys know the pundits and media will say one thing. you get out there with the people they are enthusiastic with the fact that he is doing what he said he was going to do. even in the diner we have folks that waited since 9:00 a.m. to see the speech. people from jim jordan's district in ohio freedom calculation need to come onto the obamacare repeal and replace bill.
3:40 am
we will be talking to them as well here at burger boy diner. steve: pete, i have got a question for you. do they serve burgers for breakfast at burger boy diner? >> they do. the burger boy is the famous burger we're going to be having it in the 8:00 hour. i will eat the whole thing on the air if you want me to. in the meantime i have my pancakes ready to go. ainsley: working person doesn't always get up at 8:00 and work until 6:00. some people get off at 6:00 and need a burger for breakfast. thanks pancake pete. pete: thanks, guys. ainsley: we have headlines for you a commercial flight crashing in a fiery explosion. but thanks to that hero pilot, all 49 people on board that plane right there made it out alive. aviation officials say something went horribly wrong as that plane was trying to land outside of sudan south africa. passengers say the cockpit door swung open. the pilot rushing to get everyone out before the flames
3:41 am
started tearing through the cabin. no world yet on what made that plane malfunction. congratulations are now in order for that couple right there. eric trump and his wife laura, the couple announcing they are expecting their first child, a baby boy due in september. outspoken liberal chelsea handler trying to attack the president's ninth grandchild. i guess one of trump's sons is expecting a new baby. just what we need another person with those genes. let's hope for a girl. wow. trump junior elm turning misspelling genes with a j instead of a jean. sorry about spelling mistake i'm a little stoned. what else your excuse? steve: great. he. the president expressing news. collin quarterback is having trouble finding a job and is he taking credit. >> your san francisco quarterback, i'm sure nobody ever heard of him. nfl owners don't want to pick
3:42 am
him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. i said if i remember that one, i'm going to report it to the people of kentucky. because they like it when people actually stand for the american flag. ainsley: of course the president is referring to kaepernick's season long is now over now that is he unemployed. march madness is full of dramatic moments on the basketball court, right? watch these student pull off an incredible shot in the classroom. >> for the win. [cheers] ainsley: three students at unc charlotte passing around paper. no look behind the back shot into the garbage bin the best part of this the classmates
3:43 am
carry him around in a chair. who thinks to bring a hockey mask to school. he had it available. brian: prevents wind burn. steve: meanwhile when it comes to blocking the president's pick for supreme court. neil gorsuch, democrats don't have a prayer that doesn't mean they won't try. we just find out what they have got planned when questioning starters at 9:30 this morning. ed henry joins us this morning live with that. brian: plus, bulldogs, beagles, lab tores and retrievers. who is america's top dog? we are unleashing this year's most popular breeds right here on "fox & friends." don't move. we have not told them who wins. ainsley: the bulldog doesn't want to be on camera. his back is to the camera. brian: i know the feeling. ainsley: there he goes. good boy. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
steve: well today, that chair will be the hot seat for supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. brian democrats expected to grill him on future court cases and rulings. ainsley: our chief correspondent ed henry is live in d.c. with what we can expect today. >> yesterday was almost like the first round of a boxing match, touching gloves and feeling each other out. democrats is the first day get first crack at questioning neil gorsuch. it's interesting. he presented himself as sort of this humble man who is a consensus builder and above politics. it will be very hard to filibuster someone who presents himself that way. democrats are trying to push back by suggesting when he talks about being an originalist who will strictly adhere to the constitution, that's really code according to democrats for someone who will stand up for the powerful at the expense of the middle class. watch.
3:48 am
>> i urge members of both parties to swiftly approve his nomination. he is an outstanding man. >> i'm honored and i am humbled to be here. i pledge to each of you and to the american people that if i am confirmed, i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servants of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> i am concerned when i hear that judge gulch i gorsuch is an originalist should not simply evaluate legalistic theories. they must understand the court's decision have real world consequences. >> so democrats are going to try to say is he a tool of corporations based on some previous decisions. that's in part because he doesn't have real decisions on controversial issues like abortion. so democrats can't really -- they don't have a lot of ammunition on issues like that. they may push him on judicial
3:49 am
independence, tie him to some of the president's controversial comments attacking federal judges. but, again, he presented himself as someone who is above politics. his own man from colorado, a fly fisherman who is going to march to his own drum. whether you have someone out there saying i will be a faithful servant of the constitution for this great land, it's going to be hard to pull off a filibuster of someone like that, guys. brian: right. they will ask him all the questions. what would you do on roe v. wade and he is going to say i'm not going to talk about that. steve: look what you did on hobby lobby. brian: it will be the sparring that drives people crazy. >> democrats had chances before where democratic nominees didn't answer those same questions. he will follow the same script. steve: gets started of about three hours from now on this channel. ainsley: negotiator and chief heading to capitol hill today to close the deal on obamacare. kellyanne conway the counselor to the president is going to join us live in the next hour with what we can all expect.
3:50 am
brian: but, first, we are unleashing america's most popular breeds right here on "fox & friends" with a labrador retriever, will he or she be the top dog for the 26th year in a row? could the beagle finally have their day in the sun? or could tab german retriever or bulldog or a german shepherd? we don't know but we will soon know. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ he h he y2a1fy yx9y a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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3:53 am
♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad to the bone ainsley: the german shepherd took this year's best in show. but who wins the blue ribbon for america's favorite breed? we have the finalist here in
3:54 am
the studio. steve: spokesperson for american kennel club is here to announce the winner live on "fox & friends." good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: these are the top five breeds. we will start with number five. the first one is that beagle right there, right? >> that's right. number five is the beagle. they are friendly. they are energetic. they are easy to train. they are bread to hunt and pack. so they get along well with other animals. brian: you had your dog with the tail straight out posing. how far do you do that? >> training. brian: a lot of patience. steve: you just pull on the tail. >> it's the treats. steve: ladies, thank you very much. brian: congratulations beagle people. steve: number four. >> number four is lovable bulldog. heroic and courageous, beautiful faces. they have very disding tia features and shapes. brian: great family dogs. >> not a lot of energy. they don't need a lot of walks. ainsley: how many pounds is he.
3:55 am
brian: congratulations you are number four. brian: how old is he? 12 months. congratulations. >> number three is the golden retriever. number three for a number of years. they are easy to train. they love to exercise. they are great with families. they are a nice medium size. steve: here is the thing about golden retriever having had one for 10 years it looks like in the morning it looks like the house actually is a beauty parlor. >> they shed a lot. have you to brush them all the time. they have a nice water resistant coat if you like to swim. brian: congratulations on the consistency. congratulations to all golden retrievers around the world. kennel club most popular dogs is the german shepherd dog. ainsley: did that just change. >> number two last year. they the most probably verse tile breed that there is. they are so courageous. they work. brian: great watchdogs. >> great watchdogs, naturally protective of their family. steve: number one dog in america is the.
3:56 am
>> lable door retriever. brian: congratulations. how many years running is this? >> 26 in a row. america loves their labs. steve: why is that. >> they are family friendly. easy to care for. they have lots of energy. they are super great to live in the house. and. brian: medium size. >> nice otter tail. ainsley: what about the toy dogs and malteses? >> yorkies are in the top ten they have been for many years. pomeranian, shih tzus maltese. brian: my two great pie pier pee are watching. next on rundown. kellyanne conway, tray gowdy newt gingrich. actor. and if he glasure who broke the story about the theft of tom brady's jersey why it went
3:57 am
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4:00 am
tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> here's a look at what comey did and didn't say. >> i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer. same answer as before. i'm not going to answer. i'm not going to answer that please don't overinterpret what i have said. >> trust the government to monitor and eavesdrop on conversations to protect us but we also need to know that they're not going to use that for political end. >> if i'm confirmed, i will do all my powers permit be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> i feel sorry for the democrats. they have no argument. they are going to look really bad.
4:01 am
and i suspect that in the end they will not go for the filibuster. >> twitter going wild over this video. look at the giant chicken in kosovo. some terrified people thought that the monster fowl was a man in a costume but it's actually a real bird. ♪ got wings ♪ coming down ♪ is the hardest thing ♪ well the good old days. steve: looking live at burger boy diner in louisville, kentucky. there is pete hegseth who went to the president's big rally at freedom hall. and, pete, they were stacked to the rafters, weren't they? pete: oh, they sure were. a ton of enthusiasm from a rally last night from the president. we were on the floor. we brought you reaction from people at that reavment now we are here at the burger boy diner in louisville. talking to the people.
4:02 am
what do they like about what president trump has done so far in his presidency? what did they see in the speech? a lot of passion from the tables about obamacare, the repeal and replacement of it and whether lawmakers on capitol hill will step up and support the president and his efforts to repeal and replace. we will be talking to them this hour. get a sense of how they feel and where this whole thing is going. brian: i saw some of your hits this morning in the 5:00 a.m. show it felt like an ncaa game. i mean, the level of the crowd and the loudness of the crowd and the passion of the crowd. it was -- you know, it was like a professional sporting event. pete: it was as unthese as stick as i have ever heard at professional sporting event or before the rallies before he was elected. they are passionate about the fact that the president is doing what he said he is going to doing. don't listen to the pundits or the media the people are excited about it. ainsley: talking about the people, pete. estimated 18,000 people and the lines out the door. i think we have a picture of it. it was according to reports, a half a mile long. steve: look at that. ainsley: those are people waiting to get inside to see
4:03 am
the president. brian: steve reerks minds me of an ainsley book signing. steve: pete, we will catch you a little later on. pete: you got it thanks a lot. steve: 18,000 inside the largest group to seat president of the united states since he was elected. donald trump went over all sorts of things hills cabinet still incomplete. coal miners going to get them back to work. the republicans are coming together. did he not mention james comey but he was there, of course, to push the affordable care act. here is he now talking about how important it is for republicans, particularly the ones who are going to vote on thursday in coming together. >> somebody from the fake immediate other day asked me a question. [crowd booing] they said how are the republicans going to finally get together? i said wait a minute. we won the presidency.
4:04 am
we won the house. we won the senate. i mean. [cheers] right? actually, he was a nice guy to ask the question. i bass sort of thinking that was an interesting question because we have just about been on a streak like this. i think 1928. a long time ago. and we are going to get a lot of things done get to truly one of my favorite things. it's called ruin reducing taxes. ainsley: he is a gifted communicator. when are republicans going to get together on this obamacare you are like yeah, you are right they are divided. but then when you think about the big picture like donald trump does hold on a second before you paint that narrative. they won the house. they won the senate and the they wouldn't presidency. the republicans are together.
4:05 am
brian: i like the old fashioned way of doing things we are negotiating. you how upset freedom calculation members were when they came here on our show and rand paul in the senate and said this is not going to be acceptable. four major changes in this healthcare bill already. will it be enough to go 215 in the house? will it be enough to bring it over the finish line on thursday and many say well, if donald trump goes down today, and he goes and he lobbies the republicans to get on board and makes some changes it doesn't pass what a disaster. not really. then they go back to make additional changes. that is part of the negotiation. it's 11th hour. and then the following week it gets through. that's the way it used to be done. that's what made it exciting and interesting instead of the way we are doing it now. steve: a couple of days ago it looked for the most part that they simply did not have the votes. as the we look like at the u.s. capitol dome the president of the united states is going to motorcade up there at 9:30 this morning to try to bend some, you know, go ahead
4:06 am
and try to get a number of republicans on board. keep in mind, this is a big deal. if he closes the deal, that is a massive win for him because just a couple of days ago, when they first rolled it out, when they finally revealed what was going on, paul ryan said, look, this is a take it or leave it deal. so many republicans said well, we don't like it. we will wind up leaving it he goes not yet. then the president of the united states, conference he persuaded some people. if trump is able to get the win in the house, it's a big deal. ainsley: especially for the first go around. going to negotiate and go back and forth. if we don't get enough votes, don't worry about it we will come together eventually. if he could get it first shot on thursday that looks great. brian: i would like it to work. it would be great for a week or two or six months and then people say nothing is better. then it could turn into a big fail. ainsley: he knows the important party.
4:07 am
he invited ezekiel emanuel to the white house yesterday. get one of the architects of obamacare in sit there in front of paul ryan and tom price. ainsley: as long as it's not jonathan gruber. steve: ezekiel emanuel be with us is he partisan but pragmatic. it looks like and this is his third visit to the white house. it looks like he is helping et republicans take apart the affordable care act and replace it with something that works. ainsley: something else he touched on yesterday that i thought was important for the american worker. we had pete interviewing the guy in the hard hat. miner, coal worker. he just said i need to put food on the table for of my family. jobs are important for me. president trump said we have lost 60,000 factories to china since 2001. who have joined which china joined the world trade organization. he is saying we are tired of sacrificing our middle class so that other countries and other foreign countries can profit off of our middle class. is he saying no more of that this is going toned.
4:08 am
brian: chinese leader coming to mar-a-lago in a couple of weeks as far as the secretary of state will blow up the nato summit important to meet with china. the president did not bring tum. no it would bring up more issues. james comey went to capitol hill on monday around 10:00 with the. in sa chair and said this essentially look, there is an ongoing investigation into russia's role in the 2016 election and we are going to be looking into the role of the trump organization in russia's infiltration into our system. then, of course, everyone knows just like et hillary clinton investigation that's going to be a common theme. it's not going to help the trump administration push their agenda forward. mostly after five hours, you come across with what james comey didn't say. for example,. >> i can't answer that same answer. same answer. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. i don't know what to make on that. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer. same answer.
4:09 am
i'm trying to be helpful but i'm not going to answer. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer as before. i'm not going to answer. i'm not going to answer that please don't overinterpret what i've said. i'm not going to answer mr. swovo. i don't want to say. steve: very frustrating. looking at the email i know a lot of you are frustrated. you feel many of you that he was being political. he tried to explain, look, there is an investigation going on, i really have to be vague. but trey gowdy did his best to try to remind the director that, look, somebody really broke the law. they not only leaked information to big newspapers but they took the mask off of an american citizen's name and that could wind up putting somebody in prison for 10 years. here's mr. gowdy and mr. comey. >> do you know whether director clapper knew the name of the citizen that and in the "new york times" and "the washington post." >> i can't say in this forum
4:10 am
because i don't know that there was classified information in the newspaper. >> we have access to unmasked name? >> in some circumstances, sure, he was the director of national intention. i'm not talking about the particular. >> would director brennan have access to an unmeasked u.s. citizen's name. >> in some circumstances, yes. >> would national security advisor susan rice have access to an unmasked u.s. citizen's name? >> i think -- yes, in general. any other national security advisor would i think as a matter of their ordinary course of their business. >> would former white house advisor ben rhodes have access to an unmasked u.s. citizen's name? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> would former attorney general loretta lynch have access to unmeasked u.s. citizen's name? >> in general, yes. brian: i'm giving you a few people to look up. maybe google them or find out if they can stand up to your questioning. the lack of curiosity toward why this stuff was leaking out really bothers me. ainsley: all those individuals worked for president obama. they were with his administration.
4:11 am
that's what trey gody's point is he is saying did these individuals, and he named them one at a time, would they have access to this american, to unmask him? and he is saying they he could. steve: wee have kellyanne conway coming up on the program in a little while. we will ask her all about what we heard from mr. comey yesterday. br headlines i think roger stone, j.d. gordon, carter page and maybe to a degree denies it all let president trump down and senator sessions for not being candid during the hearing. all this stuff kept it going for democrats who kept it desperate to rock the world of the trump administration. and this helped those enemies of trump. ainsley: i just want to know why the fbi is able to find tom brady's jersey but not age to find leaker in the white house. brian: priorities. ainsley: now to headlines this morning. the videoed is disgusting. kim jong un tree lease ago clip depicting the moment that north korea blows up a u.s. warplane a woman narrating in the background saying a bomber
4:12 am
will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hazel fire. of the shocking video coming as the communist country threatens to reduce the u.s. to ashes. vowing military action to stop kim jong un's nuclear build up. breaking overnight, the whowstles ramping up airport security over increased terror threats. right now, all electronics, except for your cell phone being banned from carry-on items on american bound foreign flights from eight majority muslim countries. that includes laptops and ipads. the new guidelines affecting 9 airlines and 10 airports. that new ban will last indefinitely. and it is the video driving twitter absolutely wild. take a look at that giant chicken right there. it is a monster fowl strutting around the farm in kosovo. some people thought that it was a man in a costume. but it's a real bird. it's called a brahma chicken first bread in the u.s. in the 1840s.
4:13 am
chickens can grow up to 4 feet tall and weigh 14 to 19 pounds. steve: somewhere colonel sanders is smiling. brian: basically all you need is that chicken and bucket. ainsley: survive for life. steve: i think we need a bigger bucket. brian: can't get that in the drive-thru. the obama architect is back inside the white house. ezekiel emanuel tells us about his one op. one and one on three with president trump. steve: what if you got fined for not voting. brian: i would do that ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
♪ steve: while president trump was one of obamacare's biggest critics, he was -- he was one of its biggest supporters. defending the affordable care act before it was born which was surprising to see the guy i'm talking about dr. ezekiel emanuel walking into the white house yesterday for a sit down with the president. he joins us right now from philly. doctor, this was the third time you've talk talked to donald trump at the white house and elsewhere about changing the affordable care act, right? >> yes, sir. steve: okay. i know you are a partisan but
4:18 am
you are also pragmatic. how -- what have your suggestions been about making it better? and changing it because obviously the president doesn't like obamacare. >> let me make two points. first, the republican he is are trying to ram this thing through without talking to any democrats. something they charged us with when we were doing the affordable care act even though we did speak with a number of republicans. and i think that there is a bipartisan cam pro-mize. this bill is not it. this bill is going to hurt many people, melina which is a big provider in the exchanges says if this passes their premiums are going up 30%. that's going to hurt people. millions will lose coverage. i have said that over and over again. this bill is not an acceptable bill. it's going to hurt a lot of rural counties in this country. steve: the worry is that the replacement is not as good as
4:19 am
what is it is replacing. dr. emanuel, let me ask you this, given the fact that the house republican leadership has come out with some changes, does that make it better? >> well, actually in some ways it makes it worse. and some of the changes are irrelevant. you know, requiring people who are able bodied on medicaid has nothing to do with healthcare. maybe ideological but nothing to make the bill better. block granting medicaid to states is actually going to be worse. in a block grant more people need medicaid it doesn't go up it doesn't reflect people. have you got a recession and rural kentucky, rural west virginia, rural areas in this country are going to be devastated because they won't have the money to provide healthcare. this is the reason the american hospital association, the american medical association, aarp are all against this bill. it's bad for medicine and it's bad for healthcare in this country. steve: doctor, when you tell donald trump these things as you did yesterday, what's his reaction been?
4:20 am
>> i think he was, you know, he has raised questions. i think it raises questions in his mind. steve: what do you think that means? that he wants the republican leadership to make more changes? >> you're going to have to ask the president what that means. but, you know, i'm not a shy guy as you can tell on this show. and i was certainly articulate in my view about problems with this bill. steve: well, there are problems with obamacare. you've admitted that as well. they have got to make some changes. so, you know, some are optimistic that this new thick is going to bthingis going to bu are sounding the call it's not going to make it better. >> it's not going to make it better. i have long said that the affordable care act is not a perfect bill. we have had it in operation for seven years. we have learned that there are unintended consequences there is a aut bipartisan compromise.
4:21 am
steve: dr. emanuel, thank you for making the house call from philly. >> yes. thank you, take care. steve: let's see if the president listens to dr. ezekiel emanuel we will know in a couple days. [ male announcer ] imagine what you wear every day
4:22 am
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it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
4:24 am
brian time now for news by the numbers. first 30%. that's how many calls to the v.a.'s veteran suicide spe being sent to backup centers. a disturbing new inspector general report blaming a lack of training and leadership. you think? next, $10, that's how much a lawmaker wants people to pay if they don't vote. the proposed bill in new york is aimed at forcing everyone to get involved. and finally $26,000 that's how
4:25 am
many inmates could get a new tablet, people i should say. the indiana department of corrections proposing the technology bill to help convicts stay connected with families. ainsley: what do you think about that? well, many celebrities have spoken out against the president's immigration order. few have actually taken the time to go and speak with the refugees. steve: except one celebrity who took a trip overseas to speak with syrian refugees and the government officials taking them in is conservative actor dean kaine. he sat down with the president of armenia to find out more about the process of resettling all these refugees. >> there was a great difficulty to accept that quantity of people. on the other side, there was a great pleasure to welcome our people back to the homeland and support them. brian: hear that story and all about his trip and everything that prompted it
4:26 am
director-writer dean kaine and actor. what prompted you to take that action. >> i have some ties with friends in are a meania, actually. i heard lots of stories about the situation in aleppo and especially about armenians being repatrioted back to their country. 100 years ago during what was called the armenian genocide although our government still fails to recognize that as a genocide, these people's grandparents were marched down and they settled in aleppo, syria. and the irony is that now 100 years later, these people who are were born and raised in aleppo are now having to go back to armenia pa as refugees, now back to their country of origin. it's shocking. ainsley: what did you see? what are they like. >> it's interesting. talk about refugees. refugees want to come over. it doesn't mean anything to you until you look a man in the eye. you are face to face. you shake their hand and hear their story. and suddenly it's very, very real. that gentleman there had a great salon and stuff over in aleppo. enough to he has a little cubby hole in a subway
4:27 am
station. he just wants to get the rest of his family out and he can't do it because of money. even though the only consulate that's still open in syria and aleppo, rather e is the armenian consulate. he can't get them over because of money. steve: do these refugees understand how the people of the united states look at them like, you know, syria, we have heard so much about the documentation a little squishy, they have got to be extremely vetted because we don't know if they are good guys or bad guys. >> they don't see it that way. they don't understand it. steve: they just want out. >> they actually wants to be home back in aleppo. the arab spring was not a wonderful thing for the refugee that's spoke to. in fact, it was the opposite. brian: these are christian armenians, too, right? they're getting the real short end of the stick. they are being killed by the terrorists, killed by the government wanted and now they are being told to leave to save their own lives. >> armenians have been persecuted for centuries. it's unreal. they were the first bastion of christianity.
4:28 am
first country to recognize christianity. only bastion of christianity. neighbors are turkey close border with turkey they have a conflict going on that was still going on when i was there as well. iran and iraq to the south and to the north it's the republic of georgia. there is this little christian bastion right in the middle all that the funny thing is when i spoke to the president. i interviewed the president and foreign. montel williams was with me. we bang heads politically sometimes but we come together on this issue. what was interesting was when we asked the president specifically about christians being persecuted he got very political because he didn't want to pointed the finger at the christians there still in iraq and syria. he doesn't want to make them targets i believe. he didn't say that bus that's what i took from it. ainsley: some christians. armenia first christian nation. first nation to recognize christianity. last there in the middle east. we think of armenia and many
4:29 am
americans we talk about the kardashians they talk about it all the time. funny a lot of people actually say that to me. but you have american -- you have american armenians, have you syrian armenians and country of armenia. what did they think? did you ask them what they think about syria refugees being tied to terror. >> i didn't ask them specifically about that because there is no way in the world the people that i spoke to you would ever think that they are terrorists. there is no possible way. i understand what's going on and tough in ale it's just disseminated but damascus is not. there is a lot of peace and security for the armenians who are there. it's a whole different picture for them there. ainsley: makes you grateful to be an american. >> i kiss the ground when i come back. you don't know until you are outside. ainsley: what's it like when you saw all this infighting republicans are fighting democrats and be like you better be greatful you live here. >> i understand it and it's very tiki tack though.
4:30 am
you get out there and see the real things happening to real people, the larger issues. i mean, listen, it's a luxury that we can fit an ticky tack. they just want to live. steve: thank you very much. brian: glad you did it. coming up straight ahead ainsley is going to tell us. ainsley: kellyanne conway is here after the break fresh off this huge rally in louisville, kentucky right now. pete is still there is he talking to the voters to see what they thought about it hey, pete. wave. ♪ into the great wide open ♪ under the skies of blue ♪ ou made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son...
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steve: welcome back. kellyanne conway counselor onto president trump joins us from the lawn of the white house. good morning, kellyanne: >> good morning. steve: we know he went to louisville and tiewkd 18,000 people there is he making a full-court press on getting this healthcare thing passed. how many votes do they need to put this across the finish line because, you know, the experts down there say right now they don't have the votes. >> well, the president has projected confidence and optimism that this bill will get passed. the big vote is thursday. it's almost seven years to have the day, steve, that obamacare passed the house and became law. and in that time, you know, premiums have spiraled out of control. people's confidence in heir healthcare system is down. they need the private system of health savings accounts to help them. the president last night in louisville made a big pitch to take care of drug pricing. he really reflected a lot of what we hear from the public all across the country which is it's the cost of medicine, the cost of drugs that people
4:35 am
need that have really made healthcare unaffordable for so many americans. i think what you've seen in the last month or so on healthcare legislation is the president and the vice president showing leadership. this is the president at his finest. listening, negotiating, we have seen different inputs and ideas and advice from the house? from the senate, from the leadership, from the governors, from the rank and file. is he working the phones. he has received people into the office. many of us are on capitol hill regularly. i think that as he promises the bill will be a reflection of all of that. and really just though about how it takes a nonpolitical leader like president trump to uproot a program that just has not worked for many people. you've got people -- have you got the health insurer needing the exchanges. folks saying regulatory framework doesn't work. steve: he had dr. eintreekial emanuel in for the third time. >> he did. that's the president. he reaches across all different political viewpoints
4:36 am
to try to provide care i've heard people on tv talk about the 2018 elections. this president wants to deliver health character care and access and coverage to americans who need it. many people have been left behind by obamacare. have you 6.5 million agree too long pay the penalty rather than forced of to buy government run healthcare. others claiming a hardship exception. but we know it doesn't work and we know it's unaffordable and unsustainable. i really like how the president went tout to kentucky last night though and he really channeled the optimism and confidence we are seeing in the markets. the home builders last week said 12 year high in confidence. you see consumers feel good about the economy. when the beltway gets negative and toxic. the president calls for patriotism and unity which was a really great message last night. brian: we know that president obama in 2015 wanted to get tpp passed went down to
4:37 am
capitol hill and failed. that was not a positive for him. how much is at stake they're this president. down at 9:30 this morning. all these groups involved. paul ryan called him et closer on sound. how much is at stake for him on thursday? >> the president has made very clear this was his top priority. but he also says when healthcare is done, he will move on to tax cuts to infrastructure, to dealing with actors around the world. he actually is going to capitol hill today. i think it's a really great display of leadership. and they are very confident they can get the votes. you know, in going through all this healthcare stuff and deeply involved in the process the last couple of weeks. it really strikes me the diversity of viewpoint in the republican congress. and in the senate frankly. it's a great show of strength for a growing party. and you do contrast that i think, to the other party. which seems to have one message, resist, obstruct, and that's unfortunate. i mean, look what else is going on on capitol hill today. you have the second day of
4:38 am
confirmation hearings for judge neil gorsuch. this man's academic credentials, his judicial temperament and record, his fidelity to the text of the constitution are really beyond reproach. we're hoping that in addition to 8 democratic senators who have said neil gorsuch deserves a hearing and a vote that those 12 democratic senators who voted for neil gorsuch 11 years ago almost, guys and gal that they will come together and say his -- the only thing that's happened is his judicial record has proven itself to be as somebody who has fidelity to the text. ainsley: kellyanne conway last night he said he is anxious to get this done. every american excited about it because it's going to be beneficial if his plan does pass that he ran on. going back to obamacare, the big day is thursday. that's in two days. and like brian was saying yeah, that would be great if he could do this on the first tie. how dtry. how do you assure the american
4:39 am
people it won't be pushed through quickly. the american people hear phase one, phase two, phase three. are we able to change things if things aren't the way want them to be when the vote rolls around on thursday. >> go to the senate. back and forth. of course there is reconciliation. there have been improvements yesterday technical and policy improvement. you see the difference work requirements have been put. in in other words, the progress and improvement was that the president did not say this is the bill and it's my way or the highway. he has been very respectful of different inputs. and that's reflected in the legislation. these three phases really are beholden to the number of votes you need in the cincinnati. steve: sure. >> phase one, getting rid of those taxes and mandates and penalties and expanding health savings accounts. phase three tort reform, drug pricing and of course interstate mobility, buying and selling. brian: that's going to be with democrats involved. >> yes. you need the democrats involved.
4:40 am
steve: okay. kellyanne, also yesterday i don't know if you had the tv on but james comey and guy who runs the nsa were on television in front of the house intel committee. mr. comey did confirm the feds are investigating russia see if team trump in any way colluded or involved. also, there is no fbi evidence president of the united states wiretap claim on twitter was true. director comey was very vague about a lot of things because there is ongoing investigation, clearly. were you disappointed in his testimony? >> >> i thought director comey's testimony revealed a couple things that caught my attention. he had and director rogers both confirmed that no votes were changed or affected in any of the swing states that president trump won. it was very key piece of information that really has been glossed over in today's breathless coverage of those hearings. that's important because if you leadership to the
4:41 am
democrats anlisten to the democ. is there was no collusion it simply was not there devlin nunez went through every single state. you had them confirming that all americans should be troubled about these intelligence leaks and the unmasking of a private citizen, in this case general flynn through, you know, back to surveillance. that's very concerning. i also think that we learned, look, this investigation has been going on for eight months. donald trump, this investigation has been going on eight months. we know very little about it no connection no, fruit. donald trump has been president for two months and he has a lot more to show for it. i thought it left open a lot more questions than it answered. brian: kellyanne, let me ask you something. everyone knows about mike flynn and everyone knows is he not there right now. very insightful for us especially when he had his
4:42 am
book out "war on terror." other names brought up aren't exactly running around the white house. roger stone tweet to guccifer. praising julian assange. greg carter and. these are all linked to the trump campaign and russia. they are not exactly trump insiders. is the president of the united states upset that fringe players have direct ties to russia and have indirect or direct ties to him? is he mad at them? >> you raised a very excellent point which is in the case plaintiff page, mr. gordon, some orioles that they have very attenuated contacts to the campaign that i managed for the last three months. i have spoken directly to the president and other senior officials about this. he doesn't know these gentlemen. he didn't work with them. we -- you know, sean spicer our press secretary addressed this at length in his briefing yesterday. is he absolutely right. there are others more involved in the gain that seem to be of interest.
4:43 am
divenel, where is the nexus? people are so quick to make that nexus. we have conclusions still in search of evidence. that's very dangerous because we didn't learn anything more yesterday to show any kind of nexus. i assure you, i would like to say but let me say it again, i was the campaign manager. i was talking to people in mccomb county, michigan, not moscow. it's very important yesterday under oath director comey and director rogers confirmed that there was no effect on any vote in these swing states. why is that important? because you really do have folks on the other side of the aisle, particularly those involved in our opponent's campaign insisting the opposite is true. enough to we have sworn testimony yesterday from the fbi and the nsa saying it is not true. that needs more coverage. brian: kellyanne, thank you very much for seeing us this morning. you can tell it's spring she doesn't need overcoat. steve: here come the cherry blossoms. brian: greatest mist industry in sports solved after a journalist busted on camera. allegedly tom brady-stealing tom brady's super bowl winning jersey.
4:44 am
they also found one from two years ago. this is not the first time this guy and. jay glazer got the story. ainsley: pete is having breakfast with friends this morning louisville. sorry to yell but brian got us going there. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated...
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4:48 am
president speak last night. both army veterans 82nd airborne. leo, what did you hear last night and what are you hoping the president can get done in the near temple. >> we elected him to make america great. now we have great president. the problem is now we need our undercard. our congress and senators to at the present up to the plate and support him the way they should be supporting him. you know, i'm tired of all our congressman and senators being cheerleaders. you know, if they want to help the team, get out there and make a tackle and help to support pour president. pete: you are both from jim jordan district is he a member of the freedom calculation. do you think he will come on board. >> i wrote jim jordan a letter last week asking him to take action and support our president. i told him he was invited to come over to my garage and discuss politics if he wants. if you take action, i went from discussing politics in my garage last week and now i'm on national television. that's what happens when you take action. >> what are your thoughts. >> i went to the rally yesterday. it was real inspiring. real uplifting. is he a people's president.
4:49 am
and to me a constitutionalist. he invigorates the very essence of the constitution. the essence of liberty is limitation of government. you know, better world. pete: you heard him talk about veterans last night. >> he spoke a lot about vets and actually all our representatives up there spoke about the vets. and, of course, there is an awareness out there about 22 vets commit suicide every day. they brought awareness last night and i appreciate that. pete: thank you very much for spending time with us this morning. you got it. how are you doing, sir? >> good, thank you. pete: bill, how long did you wait in line yesterday? >> we waite waited about eight hours. >> you drove about that long, too? >> yes, we did. pete: you are passionate about obamacare. what is 'about repeal and replace obamacare that you sore passionate about. >> cost for obamacare is getting out of hand. paying $22,000 for a family of four for our health insurance. it's out of hand.
4:50 am
doubled in a few short years. you just don't have the money. it's taking money away that we could be spending on something else. pete: you think president trump can get the repeal and replace done. >> president trump did do anything. pete: a matter of folks coming alongside of him? >> that's right. pete: interesting week with obamacare moving to the house and the senate. that was the focus of the president's speech last night and signature part of his agenda if they can get it through. still here at the burger boy diner. i will be eating a burger after my pancake. brian: thanks, pete. appreciate it. ainsley: $22,000 that that guy paid for family of four. steve: they could have watched ton television last night. they stood in line for eight hours. unbelievable. brian: greatest mystery in sports is solved after jay glazer break as huge story. tom brady's missing super bowl jersey is found. we will get the story next. [ ominous music ]
4:51 am
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4:54 am
brian: mystery of super bowl 51 has been solved and has nothing to do with how the atlanta falcons blue a 25 point second half lead. tom brady jersey gone missing after the game. you won't believe how far they had to go to get it. mexico. and they got more than just his jersey. fox sports reporter super star reporter jay glazer broke the story. jay, we saw some the video with his face blurred out. what did it take to pull this investigation off? >> oh my gosh, brian, if i came to you and say i have a hollywood script for you and here are the players involved. you would have laughed me out of your room. it's so wild when i started doing. this you know, i got on to this about a couple of weeks ago. bibut right after the super bowl. the fbi, and nfl security, the patriot security they all started going through all these credentials and like
4:55 am
basically old fashioned just detective work did. a great job. they worked, once they tracked him down. they realized that the, alleged perpetrator is down in mexico and who owe was and that alone is a wild story. here is a guy who is the director of one of the largest newspapers in mexico, who is using his credential for years to go down to the super bowl and take the biggest ticket items you possibly could. so, once those guys started working together, they had to go authenticate the jersey, get them back here. we then had to crosscheck. i have been really working on this for a couple weeks. they have been working on it since day one and hours and hours and hours of mindless add work. brian: more riccio ortega is his name. he resigned earlier this week. you also reported that he had the mvp last year's super bowl helmet and tom brady's jersey from the year before. this guy is unbelievable. >> yeah.
4:56 am
he really is i think there is more stuff as well. we are going to show more footage later today on fox. when you seat footage with his face not blurred out. you will see how brazen it was. the video we showed yesterday, he walks in with bill belichick just six people behind him as if he is part of belichick's entourage. we will show video of him mulling about in the locker room and him getting ready for years. tmz showed him for the last 10 years ago so taking selfies with different stars at different super bowls. have you to wonder what else he has down there. from what i understand there are more items that he has taken that they are still trying to authenticate. brian: tom brady thanks the fbi, he thanks you and also thanks houston cops for coming together as well as nfl security rather than investigating his footballs. jay glazer, another fantastic job, no one will be surprised that you are the one to bring diswrowivel us all or tell us about it jay, thanks again.
4:57 am
>> you are too kind. thank you, buddy. appreciate it. brian: and more on fox sports one later. president trump art of the deal making his final pitch on capitol hill. what else it going to take to get republicans on board? laura ingraham joins us next. and she looks like that.'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
4:58 am
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> we are americans and the future belongs to us. we are going to drain the swamp. we are going to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. rebuild the united states military. the repeal and replace obamacare. >> when the beltway gets negative and toxic, the president calls americans into unity, which was a great message last night. >> mostly after five hours, you come across what james comey didn't say. >> same answer. same answer. same answer as before. i'm not going to answer. i'm not going to answer that.
5:01 am
please don't overinterpret what i said. >> comey's answers today were pathetic. >> if i'm confirmed, i will be a faithful servant to the constitution laws of this great nation. >> for the win. ♪ ♪ brian: was that outside schumer's house? ainsley: that's in kentucky outside of a diner there with the unity bridge. good morning, pete. >> that was the unity bridge. yeah, good morning. that was the unity bridge outside the trump rally now here outside burger boy, which is a restaurant we're at all morning. we're talking to diners all morning. what do the people think of what the president is doing on
5:02 am
day 61 of otherwise presidency? this morning we're going to be talking to more diners. brian: yeah, and good news, the health inspector was there, and it got an a. so feel good about what you're eating. ainsley: they can come and meet you, and they know the food is clean. >> there you go. pete, it's fantastic. great burgers. brian: indeed. steve: meanwhile let's bring in lori ingram, she has a big radio show that starts in about an hour. and she joins us from our nation's capitol. ainsley: when we're anchoring with brian, if there's a joke to be had, we have to keep our mouth shut. i wanted to steal it, but i gave it to brian. brian: we have informed. we'll do this in the after show report. but president trump shows discipline yesterday not making things worse with the fbi investigation, keeping things on his agenda in kentucky. >> well, i think that after yesterday with the comey testimony and rodgers up there on capitol hill, it's clear
5:03 am
that this investigation has been going on now we know since last july. and one of the most interesting exchanges was when congresswoman alise from california asked director comey what is the normal protocol for reporting to the white house and to senior congressional intel leaders in the dni about an ongoing investigation, a counter intel investigation? and he said -- he seemed slightly uncomfortable and said, well, regularly, it's quarterly. and we're just learning about this in march. well, it indicates that the president was aware of this investigation last fall. this was a moment in the hearing that didn't get a lot of attention. there was a writer on conservative treehouse who caught this yesterday. that was interesting because it does raise the question of a sitting administration
5:04 am
questioning the opposition campaign in an election year on something that seems like quite tenuous at the very best with the information that we know they had at the time. so president obama, if that's true, he knew about the investigation and congress was not notified officially, apparently, until yesterday. brian: yeah, you know what's amazing too is there's no russia. they act like president obama was all over russia for eight years and president trump wants to have good relations. for eight years, there was no problem. the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back. and if they knew they had in their campaign and what they did with john podesta's e-mails in july, we didn't get sanctions until january. >> again, smacks of political acting not pragmatic leadership on the part of the obama administration. and i know everybody's all hot today on comey seemed very forthright and rodgers seemed like they were presenting a very logical case to the public.
5:05 am
but i think there are a lot of follow-up questions that weren't asked yesterday. this is when i always like when outside counsel comes in and questions some of these key people like a comey or rodgers. i would have liked to have had one of the folks in -- one of the people on the committee say, well, how do we know it wasn't one of you who unmasked the identity of one of these targets? i mean, can you say today that you -- you or anyone on your staff wasn't the individual who unmasked this information? now, that's an explosive question. but don't you think we should have had that question asked? or individuals who can never be asked any questions about possible politicalization of an on going investigation. i would have asked that if i were on the committee. ainsley: yeah, it's something everyone is wondering. that would have been an excellent question. folks are writing in, we're checking our e-mail throughout the show, laura, a lot of people are upset with james comey because he didn' a lot of the questions and people are accusing him of being political.
5:06 am
listen to how he did answer most of the questions today. >> i can't answer that. >> same answer. >> same answer. going to comment on that. i don't know what to make on that. i'm trying to be helpful, but i can't answer. i'm not going to comment on that. same answer. same answer as before. i'm not going to answer. please don't overinterpret what i've said. i'm not going to answer. same answer. i don't want to say. ainsley: what's your reaction to that, laura? >> look, if he's responding to questions that are purely political questions or policy questions that are not related to the fbi, then i don't really have a problem with that. but, again, going back to the question of when the president was notified of this investigation and i mean, what was he notified about? was he notified about the specific americans who were swaled? mike rodgers and rodger stone
5:07 am
or carter paige? was he aware of this? and was there any back and forth between the fbi director and the west wing of the white house? those are pretty important questions. at the same time, i do think it's probably pretty wise at this point for president trump not to tweet issues or points that are tangential or not factually confirmed. i think three weeks ago or two weeks ago when he tweeted that comment out about obama wiretapping, that was a mistake. he shouldn't have done that. and i think he should stay focused on the things he promised the country that he would do, which he did tonight. which was obamacare repeal, the wall, rebuilding our economy, all those core issues that drove the electorate. this investigation is going to run its course. but they're going to try to use this to now get him off track every chance they can. they want to get him off track and hurt his creditability. that's their goal. they want him out.
5:08 am
brian: senator said it over the weekend. >> they want him to resign or want him to be impeached. that's what the democrats are after. this is not playing footsie we'll give hum a bad news cycle. they want him out. when you're on the left wing blogs or the cable competitors, they want him out. so is he going to help them or get back to the folks of what kellyanne was talking about, building this country and repairing back the about the federal government. that's what he needs to focus on. i think he's very capable of doing that. but this fbi investigation i think was right yesterday. it will continue to be a cloud over this administration. they just can't -- they can't create any more clouds while they're at it. steve: well, let's hope they pick up some momentum. the president would love the fact that his affordable care act replacement and repeal thing goes through on
5:09 am
thursday. but that looks a little squishy right now. meanwhile, he could also get momentum with neil gorsuch who yesterday, you know, a great first day but today really is the day when they start grilling him. >> yeah. today's going to be some fireworks, no doubt. i mean, gorsuch came across as -- i was reading somewhere aggressively earnest. he got up and hugged his wife, talked about his family, got a little choked up. he came across as very poised and kind of what you want a justice to be. not political. that's not his role. he's not a legislature. but today it will be abortion, there will be all the questions probably about detainees, past precedent at the court, and just because he seems like a nice guy doesn't mean the democrats won't turn up the heat on him today.
5:10 am
brian: senator dianne feinstein tried to land a blow. tell me if she did. >> okay. >> i am concerned when i hear that judge gorsuch is an originalist. who sits on the supreme court should not simply evaluate legalistic theories. they must understand the court's decision have real world consequences. brian: okay. she's an originalist. >> yeah. she wants judges to act as legislatures, but they have to be liberal legislatures which dianne feinstein doesn't understand is that if conservatives got on the court and decided, well, we're just going to act like tom cotton or we're going to be tray gowdy, that's not going to be good for the rule of law. certainly be the going to be good for liberals. what's best is the judges look at the facts, look at the law, faithfully apply the constitution, and that's it. if dianne feinstein wants to change the law, she can try to change the law.
5:11 am
but that's not the role of the justice. but that comment really does demonstrate the divide between those who see the role of the court as circumscribed and those who want the court to be extra judicial actors, namely legislatures. ainsley: there's a long list of democrats that supported him when he was up for the 10th circuit court of appeals and several of them are now saying they're not for him, and we'll have to see what happens. steve: we'll see what happens. laura, have a great day. thanks for dropping by. >> great to see you guys. ainsley: thank you. now with a fox news alert. the airport is ramping up security. right now all electronics except cell phones are ban from american-bounty in response to the flights coming from eight majority countries. that includes all kerry on laptops and ipads. that move will last indefinitely. and kim jong-un depicting the fake moment north korea blows up a war plane. saying the bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit from a hail of fire.
5:12 am
the shocking video threatens to reduce the u.s. to ashes. brian: we tried to threaten them with delta airline. and we are learning brand-new disturbing details about the two teenagers -- did you hear this? accused of brutally assaulting a 14-year-old girl. both here illegally. police say they attacked the victim in the bathroom at a high school in maryland. police arresting henry sanchez from guatemala and a 17-year-old from el salvador, had a depending deportation from ice. what they did to that girl. brian: so two illegal aliens raped a 14-year-old girl. so we're paying for them to go to school, and that's what they do to a american citizen. ainsley: in high school. her life will be changed forever. brian: not good. ainsley: when it comes to delivering on his campaign promises, the president says.
5:13 am
trump: we won the presidency. we won the house. we won the senate. i mean, and we're going to get a lot of things done. ainsley: why is the mainstream media ignoring his win? that is coming up next. steve: and welcome to the west wing. ivanka trump is getting her own office in the west wing and that's not all. ♪ ♪ this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade, told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee.
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steve: president trump giving support in kentucky, warning people to not look to the media for signs of his success. trump: somebody from the fake media the other day asked me a question. [booing] they said how are the republicans going to finally get together? i said wait a minute. we won the presidency. we won the house. we won the senate.
5:18 am
i mean. and we're going to get a lot of things done. steve: so why are the media precedenting that the president isn't delivering on his promises? fox news eric erickson joins us right now live from georgia. good morning to you, eric. >> good morning. steve: so why is it the media not covering what donald trump has achieved so far? it seems like they've got their narrative, and he's doing a lousy job not keeping campaign promises, and he's going to be impeached soon. >> well, you know, you have to keep in mind in addition to the liberal bias a lot of the media has, there's also a bias towards activist government and a lot of what the president is doing is getting government out of the way and the media doesn't consider rolling back regulation or not filling positions within the federal government keeping promises but the net result is that the economy's picking up steam, people are going back to work and the federal government is shrinking in size, and it's all because he's not doing things. his inaction is actual an
5:19 am
intentional action. steve: well, you know how journalists like to operate these days. they like a narrative more than actual facts. they like a story, particularly during the obama years, you know, they would get the narrative from the white house or the democratic operatives, and then that would be the story, regardless of facts. >> right. they're still getting it. look at the james comey testimony yesterday. i think the key point that people are missing is a lot of the leaks are happening right now and almost all of it is not true in the press. he said that and yesterday the media are still running those elaborate fantastic narratives because it comports with their view. running sources that tells me what they believe, not what's true, so they're ignoring stuff from economic buildup to getting regulations on the business sectors to rolling back environmental regulations that were hampering economic production. he's doing all of these things that he promised to do but because they're all being rolled back, he says, well, he's not doing anything. they want an activist, liberal
5:20 am
government. steve: sure. eric, one of the things the president is trying to do is get the replacement bill for the affordable care act. the manager for paul ryan's fixes apparently we're going to find out more about them later on. you're not onboard with this, are you? >> no, i don't like their american health care plan. listen, i realize they're trying to keep a promise, but i don't think this actually repeals and replaces obamacare. i think it tinkers with it, and i think that they could have done more. now, i don't fault the president for this. i think republicans in congress have been campaigning since 2010 on obamacare and it's really shocking the best they could hand the president after seven years is what they've got on the table right now. steve: well, we'll see what happens on thursday. erieric erickson joining us from georgia. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile 8:20 here on the east coast, financed air with welfare.
5:21 am
and congressman tray gowdy pressing fbi director james comey hoping to reveal one of the biggest white house leakers so far and now we know there are only so many people it could be. the congressman joins brian. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms.
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5:24 am
ainsley: we have some quick headlines for you. abisis recruit taking his wife and three kids to join the terror group in russia. he pocketed thousands of dollars in the uk and welfare benefits before bolting. and the trump administration taking action, filing a lawsuit to revoke u.s. citizenship from a man behind a deadly terror plot. was working for al-qaeda when he planned to destroy the
5:25 am
brooklyn bridge back in 2003. the pakistan native now serving 20 years in prison. but the justice department wants him out, once he's released in 2020. brian: fbi director james comey appearing before congress yesterday, on who could have masked classified documents and leaked them to the press. >> do you know whether director clapper knew the name of the citizen that appears in the washington post? >> i can't say in this forum because, again, i don't want to confirm there was classified information. >> would he have access to an unmasked name? >> in some circumstances, sure. >> would director brennon have access to a unmasked u.s. citizen's name? >> in some citizens, yes. >> would former white house adviser ben rhodes have access to a unmasked citizen's name? >> i don't know the answer to that. brian: could you find out?
5:26 am
south carolina congressman tray gowdy is joining us right now from washington, he got in the door with the special pass and was able to ask those questions. congressman, why were you running down the list of obama officials? >> well, i started, brian, with the nsa and the testimony of 20 folks there and in previous conversation with director comey not yesterday. we identified the universal people at the fbi, so i'm trying to find that discrete universe of people who had access to the name. you and i are not on that list, so that will save the fbi of trouble of coming and interviewing you and interviewing me. but i'm trying to help the public and director comey kind of narrow down the universe of people who would have had access to the information to then leak it. brian: when he came out and made this initial speeches after devon nunez came out and congressman schiff came out and made the opening remarks. he asked basically what are your remarks.
5:27 am
i want to confirm there's an investigation going on into russia in the last election, any type of relationship with the trump organization. was that new news to you? >> it was not. it should not have been new news to anyone on house intel. again, the beauty of intel is we do our work behind closed doors, and you have access to information that perhaps other members don't have. you just can't talk about it. so that was not a surprise to me. brian: so what did we learn from yesterday? what did tray gowdy, the prosecutor learn from yesterday? >> i learned it's really tough to run serious quasi-criminal investigations in a public setting, which is why it's never done except in washington. i think the most troubling part for me was when director comey would not assure us that there's a leak investigation. he was more than happy to assure us that there's an investigation into the potential ties between the trump campaign and russia, which may or may not be a
5:28 am
crime. leaking classified information is a crime, but he would not confirm that investigation. brian: were you surprised there's no interest in john podesta's investment in a company that vladimir putin that was invested in that was turned turnover his daughter? i think john podesta played a major role. >> you know, i don't know, and i'm not spoon, and i hope the fbi is working on lots and lots of things involved in this fact pattern. because that's a sign to me the integrity of this investigation, but i have no idea what director comey knows and what the men and women of the fbi are working on. brian: what about the fact that rodger stone and others, paul manafort and others were somehow in contact with russians? and they might deny it. in rodger stone's case, he was praising julian assange, what do you think role they played in this?
5:29 am
>> don't know until the bureau will tell us the names you just mentioned. there are times of life that claim to have a nexus to folks and that's not born out factually. you will never hear me compliment julian assange. but the fbi has access to far more information than even to house intel, and they're pursuing an investigation. and what i told him at the end yesterday is there's a vacuum right now. and politicians will from the vacuum. so the sooner you conclude your investigation, the better it is for the american people. brian: and finally i know i'm up against a hard break, and you have to run, but when do you think this will be done from a at some point after we solve prior investigations. months? weeks? >> you know, yesterday i commented to chairman nunez that it only took eight days to go through all of secretary clinton's e-mails between the first letter and the second letter. i hope, and i'm sure director comey knows the gravity of this from a constitutional perspective, and i'm sure they
5:30 am
would do it as quickly as possible. but it depends upon the evidence and the number of witnesses and the number of documents. brian: somehow if there's a big story in washington, congressman tray gowdy is in the middle of it. thank you. appreciate it. >> yes, sir. brian: fumbled the interview yesterday with james comey, you heard a lot of this. >> not going to answer. same answer. i don't want to say. brian: are those answers good enough for newt gingrich? that's the speaker of the house. and a plane crashes and explodes into flames so how did every person make it out alive? that incredible story is coming your way. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies. they're delicious... and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm. these are good. nice work, phillips'! try phillips' fiber good gummies!
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♪ steve: special surprise for all of our fox and friend viewers. you're looking at the future back cover of ainsley's new book, it's coming out in november of this year. brian: ainsley is following up to number one new york times seller with a brand-new picture book through your eyes my child's gift to me. ainsley earhardt. ainsley: i love that song. thank you, all, for playing that. thank you, god, for giving me the gift of child and a book coming out. that's the first book. the cover has not been released of the second book yet. we're in the process of creating that. but it's going to be called through your eyes, my child's gift to me. i wrote it when i was pregnant with her with that little girl right there. now she's here as we know as parents, we see life in a
5:35 am
different way, and it's through their eyes. i was with her when she saw rain for the first time, and i got to witness that. for another human being to see rain for the very first time, something many people hate, something many take for granted. brian: and she's going to come home with a test and need extra help for the first time. here's my one fear. ainsley: yes. brian: that someone like newt gingrich will see the success of your book and write a new book on your story. ainsley: newt, i do want to say the proceeds go to folds of honor because we love that organization. but congratulations on all of your success. and you know a thing or two. >> i hope your next book is also best-seller. it's a great concept. steve: she's got a great idea. haden meets ellis the elephant. ainsley: and haden loves his books. they're wonderful. >> we'll get haden and
5:36 am
ellis -- there's a little stuffed ellis toy we'll make sure we send up to you. ainsley: thank you. that's so sweet t of you. steve: so, newt, what was your headline from the comey, rodgers hearing yesterday? >> oh, how amazingly political comey is. he can explain anything that sounds a sound byte that would hurt donald trump, he can say. anything which would reflect on the obama administration's leaking, the obama administration's ability to break the law, he can't comment on it at all. 97% of the money given to politics by the justice department employees went to hillary clinton. 97%. the place is filled with liberal lawyers who are very eager to destroy the trump administration, and i thought what comey did -- tray gowdy was very gentlemenly and very
5:37 am
cautious in the way he described it. but here you have the fbi director saying, oh, sure we're investigating this about trump. oh, gee i can't comment on the clear illegality of committing a felony by releasing american secrets, which could only have come from people in the obama administration. i mean, nobody else had the secrets. and i think that it's -- he went out of his way at one point when asked about susan rice to say, well, she might have known about this but other national security advisers would have too. there was no other national security adviser involved. again and again he try to sort of soften it for the obama people while being quite cheerful about defining -- and when i say member, the people in the trump campaign. in fact, they had a letter of lawyers telling them to cease and desist because they could not claim to be part of the trump campaign. brian: rodger stone is another one, and you have paul manafort who was running the campaign for a while but let
5:38 am
go because of his eastern european ties, allegedly, and he's pushing back on what they've concluded. but what does it it do to the investigation? how does it affect the agenda? >> well, i think, first of all, the administration has to be very careful. washington's a city as scooter can tell them where you end up first with a fbi director and then there's an investigation and then there's a grand jury and then there's a special counsel. all of a sudden in the case of the bush administration, he locked up a new york times reporter for 85 days. brian: judith miller. >> in order to get her to change her testimony. think about that. that should be an enormous american scandal. a reporter was locked up for 85 days and said he finally wore her down and got her to say something that wasn't even true. so you have to be -- i think the trump administration has to be much more cautious and frankly has to have much more
5:39 am
aggressive legal strategy because these things grow and grow and grow, and i think as laura ingram said earlier on your show when i was listening to it, the left wants to destroy trump. this is not a grame. the left wants to destroy trump. they had enormous support inside the justice department for hillary clinton, these are hard line liberals, they want to work a justice because of their liberal beliefs. if they find a way to weaken the administration, which is exactly what was happening with scooter libby, he had nothing to do with the original case, but he was dick cheney's chief of staff, and they wanted to get to cheney. i worry about comey -- brian: how does it get bigger -- but how does it get bigger than the fbi investigation? it's going to get too big for them, and they need a grand jury. >> well, i'm just telling you having watched this happen over and over, gradually the left starts to talk and then the democratic senators in congress talk, and then people start saying, oh, we need this
5:40 am
or we need that or we need the next thing, and it gets to be very, very dangerous because what happens is they go to the lowest guy on the totum pole and trade up. and they say hi would you like to have ten years in jail or testify and here's great testimony. when the new york times reporter can have that done, you know it's really dangerous. steve: newt, we just put up a banner below you. the president of the united states is going to go up to capitol hill, going to be leaving shortly. it looks like they're going to have a vote in the house on thursday. they've made some changes to the original bill in hopes of getting more republicans onboard. how much peril is this thing now? because you used to be speaker of the house. you know where paul ryan is now. >> my guess is this morning it's 50/50. they have a handful of -- i think they have to get a handful of votes they don't have yet because of vacancies, they need 216 to pass the bill.
5:41 am
and my advice as someone who used to do this for a living, you have to figure out an amendment that brings them on board, and you have to get to 216. i do not think it is healthy to have the president's first big legislative initiative get stalled out and have to go back and redo it and redo it it. whatever they're going to do for a second round, they ought to do right now in the next 48 hours. make sure they have the votes, where frankly it's going to change anyway because mitch mcconnell could never get this through and now with only 52 senators. so they'll send something different, and that's when the president ought to roll up his sleeves and really hammer out a bill that can pass the house and the senate. but phase one you have to get it out of the house. they have two days to figure it out. that means you have to sit down with the last 10 or 15 votes and say what amendment or commitment on regulatory reform or what is it that's going to get you to be with trump? i think it's very unhealthy
5:42 am
because a lot of these guys are from very strong trump districts. and i think from their very first vote to be with nancy pelosi and against donald trump i think is a huge risk on their part and is not something that either the president or the speaker should take lightly. ainsley: well, that would be great if they could come up with amendments to make everyone happy, all republicans happy on the board. we'll see. thank you, mr. speaker. brian: newt gingrich, thanks ainsley: coming up, the president firing out a lot of stuff last night. steve: firing up a crowd. ainsley: so much going on in this country. he was firing up that crowd last night in kentucky and louisville. what do the people there think? pete is having breakfast with his new friend. steve: that looks good. brian: and he's dancing with the stars favorite. derrick huff is here. he has another special project that he's doing with his sister that he's going to explain to us right here because this is fox and friends and that's him. you know who likes to be
5:43 am
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ainsley: we have some quick headlines for you. a miracle on the runway. 49 people surviving that horrific crash right there thanks to the hero pilot. the plane is slammed into the ground bursting into an inferno in africa's airport. while landing, they started bouncing on the runway, that sparked a fire, the pilot rushes to get everyone out before those flames torture the cabin. no word yet on what caused the crash. and cementing her role as a powerful white house influence, ivanka trump will have her own office in the west wing and access to classified material. the first daughter will follow ethics rules but is not a government employee. since president donald trump took office, ivanka has been a visible presence in the white house where her husband serves as a senior adviser. president trump returning to his campaign roots and rally a
5:47 am
large crowd in louisville, kentucky last night. so what do bluegrass voters think of the president's performance so far? steve: pete knows. he's there for breakfast at burger boy diner in old louisville. good morning, pete. >> that is right. i think i still have burger in my teeth. it's amazing food here. some at the rally last night, some were not, all have opinions and such a big part of his campaign and his presidency. chuck and vince are both here from louisville, chuck, you were at the rally last night. what did you think of the president's message? >> i loved his message. the crowd was extremely enthusiastic, patriotic, it was a very lively crowd last night. >> is there anything you wish he said that he didn't say? >> more about entitlement cuts. i did not hear how -- you know, for example, the free cell phones that are going on across the u.s.
5:48 am
that is a perfect example of entitlement that could be cut, and he could have spoken more on taxes. that's a big one too. >> have it through obamacare to get to taxes. vince, what was your take away from the speech last night? >> it was exhilarating and i appreciate the fact that he's big on the border wall and stopping the illegals from coming in. they come over here, they get immediately on welfare, never pay a dime in taxes and live off of the backs of the hard-working americans, and we have veterans living on the streets, and that's uncalled for. >> certainly did talk about the wall last night. paige, your husband is a former marine, veteran. >> and about the va. that's one of the big things i was hoping trump would do. i was hoping he would put you in charge of the va. but that didn't happen. >> but you were depressed over the last eight years, not anymore, though. >> not anymore. i'm very optimistic about what
5:49 am
he's going to do to fix the va. and he's already rebuilding the military, which has been seriously depleted over the last eight years. >> focusing on the v a and rebuilding the military. big issues for you and your husband. >> oh, yeah. >> we have the overjimmy carter here, what was your big take away last night? >> well, i like the part about the taxes. i like the tax cuts. but more than the tax cuts, i'm more interested in where my tax money goes to entitlements and stuff that people that didn't even pay any taxes in or nothing and going to them. that's -- >> that's an interesting point. in fact, director has talked about the compassion where the money goes for the taxpayer not just where it goes. so as you can see from the border wall to entitlements to the va, the military, tax cuts, supporters enthusiastic about president trump making it all happen and the speech last night very well received, as he goes into a critical week on repeal and replace of obamacare.
5:50 am
back to you guys. steve: that explains why people were lined up for ten hours. ainsley: i know. half a mile long. did you see that picture? the line doesn't stop. brian: yep. meanwhile at the top of the hour, next on our run down. ainsley: he's a "dancing with the stars" favorite so why is derrick huff missing from this season? he's going to join us live to tell us what he's up to. come on in, derrick. steve: but first let's check in with shannon for a preview of what's happening top of the hour. well, you're back in the chair in front of the hearing room. >> hey, gang, this is it. another busy day in washington as we're just minutes away from the president's meeting with house republicans. has he done enough to win over the skeptics on this new health care bill? can he close the deal? and right here in the senate, the grilling of supreme court judge nominee neil gorsuch officially gets underway. how hard are democrats going to fight his path to the high court? will they drop the f word? filibuster? coverage here with me in dc in new york, it all starts at the top of the hour. cooper river pl,
5:51 am
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ainsley: well, we all know and love derrick huff from "dancing with the stars." steve: well, now teaming up with jennifer lopez on the hit show world of dance and also joining his sister on their up coming move on tour. brian: and guess what? derrick's here. so you keep it in the family, you go on the road, you're missing "dancing with the stars," any regrets? >> no. not at all. this is our third tour we're going on, 48 cities all around the country, and it's so much fun. and we sing, we dance, it's -- we do every style of dance you could possibly think of, and, you know, it's the summertime. so fouts faust, it's very
5:55 am
demanding, and i know for me we create a little survival kit when we're on the road. brian: like what? >> well, we have a power bars, vitamins, and also it's allergy season so, for me, i actually use allergy relief nasal spray, which is great. steve: absolutely. every time we go out of time, there's a pollen i haven't sniffed. >> and, for me, i rather have the flu than having an allergy attack before going on stage. it's amazing. we're so excited. it's going to be a great show. brian: for me, i rather have the flu than dance on stage because i know i can't. last time i was at the er doctor, it's allergies. >> it's allergies. for me, it's the worst. ainsley: what about world of dance? you and j lo are going to be on the show together.
5:56 am
>> yeah. j lo and neo ,we're all part of the show world of dance, and it's a million-dollar prize. a million dollars. and dancers from all over the world, it's global. bringing them in and every style of dance you could possibly think of. we have groups, soloists, do you owes, trios. steve: is it too late? are you looking for more dancers? a million dollars; right? ainsley: steve dances, he knocks over the ease; right? >> i think he has the moves. brian: stick around. we're going to take a short time out and come back all right? >> absolutely before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. .sc
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kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. >> a video driving twitter crazy. look at the giant chick jon monster. some people thought it was a man in a costume but it's a bird as
6:00 am
a bird covered by feathers. it's actually a bird. later it's going right from those sep to kentucky fried chicken. >> it weighed 140 pounds. >> see you tomorrow. >> shannon: two big stories breaking this hour. president trump set to leave the white house any minute to go to capitol hill. he'll try to close the bill b good morning i'm shannon bream with a special edition of "america's newsroom." hey, eric. >> i'm eric shawn here in new york. most the fireworks happening where shannon is sitting now. >> shannon: you can see we have a bird's eye view of the hearing. behind me 20 senators


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