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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 22, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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game. >> reporter: this story is gaining a lot of attention.
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parents are furious and terrified about the safety of their own children. gathering across the street from the high school attending a pta meeting demanding answers wisely to immigrants were admitted as freshman students without criminal background checks. >> i don't want my child with a criminal that just walked across our border. >> of this country enforce the laws already on the books, and horrendous rape is not occurred. >> reporter: the suspect, 18-year-old henry sanchez, was stopped by ice in 2016 illegally crossing the texas border and josé monsanto are charged as adults accused of forcing their classmate into a school bathroom as maliciously violating her during school hours. >> someone tried to make this into a question of immigration.
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what comes down is we serve every student that walks outdoors blues we are a public school system. it is not only the right thing to do it the good thing to do but it benefits the students and the community and our state. it is also the law of the land. >> rockville has declared city status, they are in the process of debating it. failing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. this is the tragic event, horrendous and horrible. the immigration taking a poll on our people if it is not done legally. it is why the president is so passionate but he recognizes why we have to be tough on the border. >> we are following the story, bring you the latest. >> thank you so much.
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>> neil gorsuch gearing up around 3. >> democrats tried hammering, but struggled to make a debt. >> 13 hours yesterday. and 13 hours of questioning today, and judge neil gorsuch for an extended time, very extended. throughout the day democrats peppered him with tough questions on hot button issues trying to find any reason not to support his nomination. >> i had a career in identifying -- i know it when i see it. >> when the president has a ban on jews from the united states. >> how we have confidence in you
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that won't just be for the big corporations? that you will be for the little men? >> reporter: throughout the day neil gorsuch responded his job wasn't -- was to follow the law and set aside his own personal beliefs, was mostly cordial throughout the day but there were several exchanges like this one with dick durbin. >> do you believe situations come cost to employer of maternity leave can justify an employer asking applicants and not male applicants about family plans. >> those are not my words and i would never have said them. >> i asked if you agreed with the statement. >> i'm telling you i don't. >> he repeatedly said he would not give any rubberstamp for the president, note issue moving against him. the questioning does wrap up
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today, a number of witnesses with the senate judiciary committee about neil gorsuch and that could take another day as well. abby: he had such a call demeanor. >> a lot of the time it is very boring. something that is fun to talk about, chairman chuck grassley in his 80s. >> twitter had a heyday with this, after eight hours of questioning, the chairman of the judiciary committee, and gathering the colleagues at 8:00 p.m. at 9:00 pm. and take a break, at the local
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diner, and a notoriously early writer. much less when you are 83 years old. >> when you look like that at 83, at 9:00 -- all right. abby: some other news, at center stage one day before critical vote in the house. >> the house bill ends the obamacare nightmare and gives healthcare decisions back to the states and back to the american people. these are the conservative solutions, these are the conservatives solutions for the american people asked us as a
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group to deliver. we are keeping our promises. >> politico reported the president fired a warning shot the republicans if the bill fails saying this but i honestly think many of you will lose your seat in 2018 if you don't get this done. the republicans blowing remarks off as a joke. rob: did the president seal the deal before the big vote tomorrow? pete sessions and freedom caucus member ends utah senator mike lee weigh in on why republicans are still split. >> it really comes down to most of these members on the house side, the house side has an opportunity to look at are we getting a better bill and better position for the american people, and the answer is yes but i think there will be overwhelming evidence by that time that this is a better bill than we have today. there may not be a second shot at this opportunity.
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>> i don't inc. -- this is what we have been promising for seven years. if republicans will give them a chance to govern we would repeal obamacare. that is not what this bill does, that is what we need to do. this bill doesn't do it. >> of the bill passes the house tomorrow, it could be in the senate as early as next week. >> a nuclear test, fired a missile off the east coast. kim jong-il intensifying after threatening to reduce the us to action after a propaganda video. ready to respond to any nuclear harassment. rob: new details on the hunt for a teacher accused of kidnapping his student, in tennessee
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releasing this picture in his office with 50-year-old elizabeth thomas earlier this year. cummins researched teen marriage on his computer days before this abduction and elizabeth changed her status on social media to wife. her heartbroken family sending this message to their daughter. >> please get away from him, run somewhere, tell somebody. rob: elizabeth's father said cummings brainwashed his daughter with lies about his wealth and secret cia missions. a teenager who sparked national outrage saying he was too which to know the difference between right and wrong once another break. ethan couch's lawyers asking the supreme court to throw out his current two year sentence, the judge had no right to put him behind bars for violating
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probation, running to mexico. couch was 16 years old when he killed four people in a driving crash in 2013. >> barack obama day will not be held in the president's home state. lawmakers voted on a proposal to honor his birthday as a state holiday on august. schools and government buildings would have closed, $16 million in productivity. president ronald reagan was born in illinois in the state holiday. >> president trump giving nasa its first funding boozing seven years angling at putting people on mars. >> the new executive order gives $20 billion to the space agency, required nasa to plan a human exploration of mars by 2030. rob: it pays for use of the international space station for the next 7 years and requires astronauts to get healthcare for life. there you go.
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>> the weather is warming up, huge storm systems, spring showers. >> reporter: spring showers, springlike temperatures. in the mid-atlantic, that is the change, 43 ° in new york city this early, and cooler spots to be north, about to see our temperatures plummet in the next several hours. windchill by this thing down 16 ° political down from the northeast, mid-atlantic, paying attention to spring showers each severe weather taking you out west northern texas, just a chance of severe weather running later today, overnight into tomorrow. paying attention to be set up, some warm air piling off the gulf of mexico bringing a chance
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for a tornado. it is an active season so far. usually we have 130 tornadoes, so far we are up 250. and active spring. abby: that ugly black snow will stick around a while thank you. police officers under attack. credible body cam footage just released of a wild shootout targeting officers. >> your city will protect you. it will know your rights and make sure your rights are respected. >> expanding safe haven for illegal immigrants.
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♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ electronic devices band on some flights coming to the us. a new terrifying threat from ice. >> a new warning you got to hear this morning. steve: so many questions about this. the security measures will restrict electronic devices on flights coming from certain airports, the result of new intelligence that isis was planning to smuggle explosives inside those devices. the information is substantiated and credible.
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the development of homeland security banned all electronics bigger than a cell phone with direct flights from airports in eight countries including egypt, jordan, kuwait, morocco, the threat also leading to the uk banning devices. and the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says he has been forced the trump administration's that against electronics, steps are necessary and proportional threat. i support the new security precautions appointed by the private over the weekends. it includes questions about this. laptops, tablets, cameras, portable dvd players and electronic gaming in your checked luggage. rob: a deep-freeze on ice agents
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lose bill diblasio preparing city schools to resist. teaching employees what to do if ice agents show up at your school, holding workshops for parents. >> when ice agents come to the building they will be in contact with uniformed officers who will lay down the ground rules. your city will stand by you, your city will protect you, to help you to know your rights and make sure your rights are respected. rob: the mayor says ice will not be allowed inside, security will follow them through the building. >> a schools parking outrage over its transgender family locker room policy with the family is taking legal action suing a district in pennsylvania for violating the right to privacy. the school changing guidelines for one specific transgender student who was born a girl. >> i'm not thrilled with it.
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girls should be in the girls locker room, boys should be in the boys locker room. >> i guarantee you a girl changing next to a guy, if this was a guy in the girls locker room. abby: the school says students should be tolerant of the situation. rob: our first look at tom brady have super bowl jersey after was recovered, still has those green stains on it. also getting a clear look at the mexican journalist accused of stealing the jersey, walking around the patriots locker room outside the locker room after the game. minutes later he leaves with something under his arm. then quickly walks down the tunnel and makes a getaway, a big war, so far he has not been charged. abby: if you want to get a picture with justin trudeau you have to do it in person.
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canada band their diplomats from having cardboard cutouts of just him in the us. the move sparked by photos taken after a festival in texas last week. diplomat using it to promote canada. the country's government does not give an exact reason for the been but critics say it undermines his authority. i like the cutout. rob: 20 minutes after the ultimate alarming information about the latest white house breach. and pretty casual before secret service. >> one judges laying down a new lot. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself.
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>> 25 minutes after the hour, incredible video, issued out with police captured on an officer's body camera. [gunshots] the change i am struck. abby: domestic violence the spec opening fire without warning in cincinnati, ohio committing the first officer. the man's gun jammed after shot, likely saving that officer's wife was both men are expected to be okay, he's facing attentive murder charges. disturbing video of a police officer attacked, terrifying scene unfolding in michigan, a
2:25 am
stolen motorcycle, the suspect losing control and that is when the officer tries to arrest him but he fights back and that gives worse. his brother sees it happening. with a chokehold, driving by, jumped out and helped the officer, both brothers facing multiple charges. >> breaking from tradition in the name of political correctness a boston district replacing classroom maps saying they are culturally unfair. critics say they intentionally make north america and europe appear larger than they really are. the district switching to something called the gall peters map which shows the continent true proportions but some cartographers say this is misleading because the shapes of the continents are off. to act or not to act, massachusetts teenagers caught
2:26 am
breaking the law, performing in a shakespeare play. baby leo. the program shakespeare in the courts is for teenagers guilty of low-level crimes like vandalism. eight kids expected to perform tonight. >> 26 after the hour, she spent an entire day lined up for they's show. susan rice is back with the white house twisting facts. >> what amazon is doing to make sure the things you buy are real. >> on this day in history, president franklin roosevelt
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do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before. um, actually your session is up. hang on. i call this next one "junior year abroad." ♪ i have been hanging around ♪ the whole world ♪ >> a little county crowed to get you started off right. watching "fox and friends" first. rob: fox news alert. in maryland illegal immigrants are accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.
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abby: in already heated immigration blame game. the very latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: the story causing shockwaves, not only furious but terrified about the safety of their own children, gathering across the street from high school and attending a pta meeting demanding answers why two immigrants were admitted as freshman students without criminal background checks. >> what is the next step to make our kids safe? i have a mother or daughter this year. that is more my concern than anything else. >> put down parameters to keep the worst of the worst out. you are 20 years in. abby: the 18-year-old, henry sanchez stopped by ice illegally
2:32 am
crossing the texas border and 70-year-old is a month on you are both charged as adults accused of forcing their young classmate into a school bathroom and maliciously violating her during school hours. >> we don't have the capacity to check immigration. speech is one of the two individuals was stopped by ice in texas and released. how is this on us? reaches rockville has not declared thing to worry status but city leaders are in the process of debating it in a county that is notorious for failing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. >> the city should look at its policies. this executive order dealing with people who committed crimes, local enforcement agencies, municipalities at the state level not dealing with it. >> we are following the story closely and expected to learn more details today and we will
2:33 am
bring you the latest. >> ready father round 3. neil gorsuch back in the hot seat on capitol hill. rob: didn't struggle to make a dent yesterday. what to expect today. >> good morning. if nothing else this show the confirmation process is not a sprint, it is a marathon. for 13 hours judge neil gorsuch endured tough questioning about his personal life and judicial record. the hearing was cordial for the most part but throughout the day democrats were looking for any reason not to confirm him and that led to tense exchanges like with dick durbin. >> do you believe there are ever situation where the costs to the
2:34 am
employer of maternity leave can justify an employer asking only female applicant that not male applicants about family planning? >> those are not my words and i would never have said it. >> i didn't say that but i asked if you agree with the statement. >> i am telling you i don't. rob: neil gorsuch repeatedly stated he would never be a rubberstamp, had no issue ruling against the man who nominated him, donald trump. this is an exchange with lindsey graham meeting with the president. >> did he ever ask you to over will row versus wade? >> no. >> what would he have done if asked? >> i would have walked out the door. not what judges do. i don't do it. at that end of pennsylvania avenue or this end. respectfully. >> the questions will start flying again and it could build for the full day again or it could wrap up to the next day of the hearing to get underway with
2:35 am
witnesses answering questions about neil gorsuch. a lot left to go to. ready for this week to be over. abby: i bet he is. if you want to build the mexican border while you won't be building anything else in berkeley, california. city employees making a black list of companies involved in the project in any way. council members unanimously voting to ban businesses from city contracts. >> the law is divisive and against economic interests and corrosive to our moral values. to make a statement. >> ugly a centauri city first to pass this law but other cities are considering shunning president trump's friendly companies. rob: twitter is cracking down on terror. the social media giant suspending half 1 million
2:36 am
accounts to islamic extremism. shutting down 636,000 accounts, 380,000 accounts. twitter saying it received 88 government requests to remove content by verifying journalists, that in addition to turkey. abby: an online crackdown over counterfeit goods. amazon taking steps to make sure the real thing is delivered to your door especially if you're spending money on big expensive purposes. >> are you talking to me? may be. amazon, a lot of their companies, their customers, brands you are able to buy, have been leading yesterday and counterfeit goods, and the new
2:37 am
design, somebody else copies it and a whole issue with intellectual property. the marketplace thinking about code on product and the customer verifies it is real and they will do a registration, fighting counterfeit goods. abby: costco making it easier to get groceries, to defend samples as well. what they are doing is a company is doing a test run in tampa, hoping to expand 50 cities throughout the country, and somebody would go to costco for you, pick up the order bring it to your home, walmart doing something similar with huber, kroger, target.
2:38 am
and others really steering them away and it is a tough business right now in general. abby: big pretzels and ice cream. it is a fun trip. >> it must be really unhealthy. abby: you are going to die. you have probably seen it at dunkin' donuts. it is not very nutritious, has a ton of calories. they are going to replace it with what they call the frozen dunkin coffee. a 32 ounce a lot of, 990 cal, 130 g of sugar. only 50 g of sugar at the most. this new amount is not much better. the frozen dunkin coffee, 840 cal, 820 g of sugar. they are trying to get healthier.
2:39 am
rob: when i go to dunkin' donuts i don't expect to eat healthy. >> some healthy options. thanks for clarifying. rob: 38 minutes after the hour. she got caught saying this about the president. change our nation is divided. an act of terrorism. rob: that professor is getting awarded from her school. abby: one step in the right direction, 2 glasses of wine a bad combination. sending ellen degenerate to the hospital. hearing heaven q i de in love this. ted cruz and neil gorsuch. ♪
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back to "fox and friends," 17 minutes, and can you believe that? lawmakers demand the secret service make some changes after surveillance video shows the man tying his shoes, jiggling a doorknob and peering into windows while president trump was inside the white house. congressman jason chaffetz said the agents have no urgency. >> it is simply unbelievable that this person could get over several barriers and be in such close proximity to the white house, undetected. alarms going off but the response was totally inadequate. >> he was arrested carrying two cans of mace. rob: susan rice warning americans about the white house twisting the facts. former obama national security advisor writing an op-ed in the
2:44 am
washington post saying the white house deliberately contorts the facts, it's actions pose a serious risk to america's global leadership. when she repeatedly said this about the benghazi terror attack. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video, a direct result of a pain as an offensive video sparked by this hateful video. rob: the obama administration admitted the attacks had nothing to do with any internet video. abby: the professor who call the election of resident of an act of terrorism was nominated for an award. the president and vice president, one of the most anti-gay human. our nation is divided, it is an
2:45 am
act of terrorism. >> she made headlines with that rent in december, she teaches psychology at orange college in california where her colleagues just nominated her for faculty member of the year. she turned the award down. no word on why. rob: ellen degeneres dislocated her finger and visited the hospital. explaining how this happened. >> in gymnastics you do 1-handed cartwheel and spread the weight evenly between your fingers, i had two glasses of wine and fell into a door. rob: the comedian awarding herself a $10,000 check. heitkamp an unfortunate fail
2:46 am
going viral this morning. >> 600. >> k. >> no. >> m. >> there you go. rob: is catching major heat for missing his guest with one letter remaining. abby: imagine people watching from there tv sets just freaking out. let's check in with steve ducey for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> what do they watch? abby: what is coming up today? >> reporter: remember the connecticut marketing company where the guy trying to hire people realize so many young people don't want to work, feel they got to have royal treatment from their work? he invented a snowflake survey,
2:47 am
asking people before he hired them he is on the show. >> you young activists, champions of character, trophy holders, you realize this is earned by this able to actually survive in the working world. >> the ceo of silent partner marketing is back with employees who took the snowflake survey which people from all across the country called him wanting to know more information. he will be with us in the next half hour. "fox and friends" kicks off on the channel you will trust for your streetcar naked desire. abby: no more snowflakes, we don't need those. we will be right back. in july of '98. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me,
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judge neil gorsuch through marathon on capitol hill but there was one moment that set social media on higher. printing? so many things >> this was a favorite because it involves a little after and levity in an otherwise intense day of questioning for neil gorsuch. been sacks, take a listen. >> my wife sent me a text a little bit ago and said i'm sure she didn't expect -- how in the world is a 14 able to 70 hours a time without being?
2:52 am
i won't make you answer the scotus bladder is something the country stands in our of. abby: it was not hilarious, he didn't think it was funny but jamie like to have a great sense of humor and hail bright light, people, we all need something to laugh at once in a while especially lately. he didn't answer questions so i guess that remains a mystery. we all needed that moment. this yesterday. all eyes were on neil gorsuch yesterday. senator cruz's expression, some describing it as respect, and kyle griffin on twitter saying, ted cruz looks at neil gorsuch and falling, you could replace neil gorsuch with anything,
2:53 am
holding a stack of hamburgers with this photo of paul ryan working out so it looks like ted cruz -- it appears congresswoman maxine waters president trump's time in office will be short-lived and california democrat sending this week, get ready for impeachment. waters didn't provide any context or confirm she was referring to president of specifically each and comments was osmosis joe asked did you gather the evidence? until james comey comes back with definitive charges against donald trump, impeachment is a damn pipe dream. eric says this lady is bonkers if she thinks trump will be impeached, he committed no crimes. rof l which means roman on the floor laughing. learn something new every day.
2:54 am
this has me questioning a lot of things, new pink kitchen products, you can't do that, no pink it's products. kitchen aid under fire for its new line of bright pink product. ; advertisements, sexist, it included a description saying the products were specifically for women. hazel calling it every day sexes in a hashtag the feminist right seriously disappointed with kitchen aid. it was made for her disapproval. davison says there is lots of neutral color but i like the color so she is sending it. some of the critics might not have known a percentage of sales for these products would go to charity that helps women with breast cancer is the outrage a little too quick on this.
2:55 am
you with those products. >> i'm not much of a baker but these products. thanks a lot. rob: we will be right back. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's to all of you early risers, what's up man? go-getters,
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because the ones who truly change the world, . . ♪ i wear my sunglasses at night ♪ so i can ♪ so i can
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♪ he he. abby: we're back now with the good, the bad, the ugly. first the good. first the video showing conservationist showing saving a struggling orangutan. drowning in raging waters in asia. doing its best to hang onto the groups. the group used branches creating a bridge for the animals to climb across. luckily that ape is okay. rob: that's amazing. next the bad. talk about penal expensive taste. launching operation wine and cheese arresting 10 members of a crime ring. the suspects accused of stealing $100,000 of wine and massive wheels of parmesan cheese. abby: my dream to own my own parmesan wheel one day. a man who recreated an iconic scene from the movie up has
3:00 am
been ordered a massive fine. cough up $21,000 after tying 100 balloonsen through chair. look at that soaring above the clouds and nearly hitting a 747 plane packed with people. yeah, that bombed. rob: he had a death wish. that he was crazy. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: have a good wednesday. >> it's time to get busy, get to work, and to get the job done. >> the president just came here and knocked a ball to the park. he knocked the cover off the ball and explained to our members why it's important to unify. >> i have think they should cancel et vote because they don't have a vote. >> there may not be a second shot at this opportunity. >> outrage rok ago town of maryland. illegal immigrants accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. >> horrendous event and terrible and disgusting. >> what does it take for people on the left or the right for somebody to wake up and stop this insanity with the illegals.


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