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tv   The First 100 Days  FOX News  March 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'm off to spring break for the next week. i'll be back. the following monday, the first 100 days hosted by martha mcal der starts now. >> a victory for the republican freedom caucus that broke down the white house bill and calls from some for speaker ryan to step down as the president voices his support. it was an epic day 64 of the first one hundred. here's the day. >> i'm the eternal optimist. i believe we'll get it done. >> it's n work. >> it's the fix of the fix of the fix. >> the republicans all have their finger on it. >> the fbi briefed the committee on the ongoing counter terrorism
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foundation. i'm pleased to sign the keystone pipeline. >> have they left everything on the field? absolutely. at the end of the day, this isn't a dictatorship. >> the vote was postponed. >> i told the president the best thing to do was pull the bill and he agreed. >> sean spicer to take us behind the scenes of a busy dayed. mike emmanuel joins from capitol hill. this was a wapper. >> they had 200 votes in the house but that was not enough. speaker paul ryan briefed president trump today. made the call to pull the healthcare bill and after it was over, ryan expressed regret. >> this is a disappointing day
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for us. doing big things is hard. all of us. all of us, myself included, we need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, what welcomed have done to do it better. >> the white house says congressional republicans didn't go down without a fight. some of the conservatives said they were going to vote no, and it wasn't just a conservative problem with moderates saying they didn't like it either. >> i'm an opponent. i will be voting no today. i don't think it lowers premiums. that's what the american people want. i think the democrats should come to the table on this issue. they are responsible for obama care and so far, they have refused to do so. >> top democrats called today a victory for the affordable care act, obama care. >> the bill went down today because the majority of the representatives of the american
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people in the house of representatives thought this was a bad bill, went in the wrong direction. left 24,000,000 people behind, raised costs for seniors. >> speaker ryan says they are moving on to tax reform, another heavy lift after what many call a missed opportunity to scrap obama care. >> republicans have the house, senate and white house, something they have dreamed about for a long time. the first crack at passing legislation crashed and burned in slow motion today. the president came before the cameras. he was reflective and vowed to forge ahead. >> i worked as a team player. i would have loved to see this pass. there wasn't a speech i made that perhaps the best thing that could happen was what happened
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today. we learned about loyalty, the vote-getting process, rules in the senate and in the house, so it's been for me, an interesting experience. in the end, i think it's going to be an experience that leads to a better healthcare plan. >> the president after a rough day joining me now, a man who has no doubt had a busy day. white house press secretary sean spicer. thanks for being with us. we watched you yesterday. you said we are going to vote and it will pass. then we heard that there would be a vote at 3:30. that fell apart and the vote was pulled. what happened between your last podium statement and the pass.
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>> they had been working the phones pappephones up and down l hill. there were 10 or 15 people not with us. the speaker decided to pull the bill. clearly, the message today, the dissent is, democrats own obama care. we have zero zero percent from . the message is the same. it's a failing system, scrie rocketing deductibles. it's in the hands of democrats that own this. >> the president talked about loyalty. he said we learned something about loyalty and that brings to mind the house freedom caucus, the conservatives who you guys fought hard to get on your side and immediately when this went down, you see tweets from jim
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jordan, let's get started. we are ready to repeal and replace. what do you feel when you hear that? >> i think the president said it best earlier today. he's disappointed. he worked hard and gave the numbers to the freedom caucus as well as the house republican conference, the tuesday group study committee an opportunity to have their voice heard and put into the bill. he acted in good faith and went above and beyond. to hear him talk about the appeal process, it did start, and we had the opportunity. >> the president has done a lot by executive order. this is his first up at bat with legislative process. was he angry? how difficult is the reality
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with how tough it is to pull the two sides, moderates and conservatives together in his own party. what was the reaction today? >> he's realistic. he knew it would be tough, that there are a lot of factions in the party that make up the conference. he felt he had listened to everybody and gave them the opportunity to have their voice heard and share their input. clearly, he's disappointed. we worked hard for this. he has an ambitious plan ahead. he has a desire to do fundamental tax reform, something we haven't seen since 191986. the agenda moves on. his view on healthcare is that
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this will collapse. democrats will crawl back once the system fails on its own. the people that stood with nancy pelosi today understand the system is going down and the higher costs are on their shoulders not ours. >> let me ask you about what the president regretted that he went first to healthcare reform. you heard signals of this in the past week or so. let's get this done so we can go to health reform. we all want tax reform. the reality, and this is where the nature of the process doesn't allow for the full understanding of what is happening. the savings you achieve through
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obama care which we would save billions of dollars, could be used toward the pot for tax reform. interestingly, the more you took care of this and got healthcare passed, which is why the president kept saying, let's get through this. >> i have to ask you something about paul ryan. rand paul said during the process that the president had the wool pulled over his eyes by paul ryan and ryan and priebus wanted them to see it his way. will this affect their relationship going forward? >> not at all. the president knows how hard paul ryan worked to get this going forward. it was an entitlement we haven't
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seen in 30 years. this is a very big thing, something we hoped to get through. the agenda moves on. we have a bold and robust agenda. we'll roll on. >> there are reports on breitbart and conservatives calling for paul ryan to step aside. what's your response? >> it's up to the members of the house. i think the president showed his confidence in the speaker today. the speaker worked hard as the president noted. >> we'll see where that goes. thank you. good to see you. >> more on that to come. the other fast developing story, the now congressional probe into spying on then president-elect trump as volunteers vote to clear their name, eric flawwell. peepete hoekstra responds.
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>> breaking tonight, three to testify. paul man forth and carter page eager to refute allegations that they were working with the russians against u.s. interests. house intelligence chairman dev p nunes is investigating say they are coming forward on their own and this propose is not a witch hunt. >> yesterday, paul offered the opportunity to interview his client. we are not just bringing in americans because they were mentioned in a press story. >> fallwell is asking for paul
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to step down. we begin with catherine hairage on all of this. >> the fbi arriving at mid afternoon eastern time spending just over an hour inside telling director comey was there for experience. three former trump team advisers are willing to go on the record writing letters saying they are victims of a smear campaign. we don't know if they'll publicly answer questions or do it behind closed doors. no word on the timing. they are calling for a classified meeting next week eight days after the public testimony where director comey said he saw no evidence backing
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up the white house wiretapping issue. the ranking democrat offered his own theory. >> there must have been a strong push back from the white house about the nature of monday's hearing. it's hard to come to any other conclusion about why it would be canceled. clearly it has to do with the week. >> the chairman cannot continue to lead the investigation, but it's not their call. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> with us congressman smallwell. we don't know what was discussed, but you would imagine that the white house would like to have a better understanding of the information chairmannen nunez gave about why there would
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be raw intelligence reports with names unmasked floated to a wide circle of people within the intelligence community. >> we don't know how much of that is true. i have not been calling for him to be removed. i'm calling for him to find an onramp to the investigation we were conducting. he has chosen to take an off ramp and go toward the white house to act as their surrogate collecting evidence that is classified and present it to the president without sharing it with anyone on the committee. >> let me ask you a question about that. why would -- i heard peter king involved in intelligence this morning, of course the president should know that information. there was back and forth about the order in which this happened. if you wt you want the president to know, and wouldn't it put the president at a disadvantage if
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he was not aware that his family was being discussed on open channels and even was aware of it but he was not. >> martha, the simplest answer is sometimes the correct one. the president has this information and nunez implied he received it from someone at the agency. why weren't they able to give it to someone at the white house. >> if that's the case, why do you care that he went to talk to him about it? >> he job is to conduct an independent collaborative invest investigation. the chairman has put himself into the office of someone whose campaign is under investigation that we are supposed to investigate. that compromises our integrity. >> wouldn't you like to know how that intelligence got into those people's hands and wouldn't that
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have to be signed off by someone like james comby. comey? that doesn't upset you at all? >> we have not seen evidence nor have you in the press. right now, the chairman has his own intelligence service receiving classified information outside of our securitied facility. seems like a lot of it was dumbed down. >> oh, no. no. no. no. the people that would have been able to see what he claims is out there would be highly classified information. the names are being unmasked meaning that an american person's name is being revealed. this is classified at the highest levels. >> thank you, eric. good to see you. pete hoekstra former chairman of the committee and former
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campaign manager joins us now. you heard the discussion with the congressman. what do you think? >> devin's doing the right thing. what you have happening here, and we saw this in the obama administration where the intelligence operation going on in the middle east were worried about what was happening as their intelligence was moving through the system. the higher ups are changing the intelligence to fit the narrative of the obama administration. you may have the same thing here. whistle blowers are within the agricultureagencies are uncomfoh their leadership and think the only way to get the truth out is to be whistle blowers. the intelligence community has real problems going on right now. >> what about the other
4:22 pm
information we talked about at the top that paul manifor wants to testify. what do you think? >> absolutely. get him in front of congress. i'm thrilled they are doing it. these are individuals going through a smear campaign. i think they are right. give them the opportunity to come to congress to fully cooperate with the investigations, explain to the congressional committees what they were doing, why they were doing it. they were making a living. they want to get this behind them. i'm thrilled they'll be there answering this question. america needs to get back to governing. so does washington. >> someone needs to air these issues and figure out if the transcripts exist and who would have authorized the release of them, unmask them. do you see the process playing out that way?
4:23 pm
will someone answer the questions for the american people if it was authorized from the obama white house? >> absolutely. if they can't go through the process, many people today have seen the relationship between the intelligence committee supposed to focus on foreign intelligence collecting information. some believe the forces have been turned on the american people. they believe trust relationship has been broken. the trust relationship has to be restored or the intelligence community and its credibility and power to move forward are going to be extremely limited. >> pete hoekstra, good to see you. the president looking to form a new coalition. who authorized unmasking of intelg. we talk to molly hemingway and
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there are reports on breitbart saying they are calling for paul ryan to step aside. what is your response? >> it's up to the members of the house. the president recognized the speaker worked hard. >> that was it. calls by steve bannon loyalists that paul ryan should step down as speaker in the wake of the pulled healthcare bill. this is one of the dominant issues on day 64. here to react to both, molly hemingway and richard fowler new leaders couple fellow and fox news contributor. good to see all of you.
4:29 pm
this has been percolating since last night the questions about paul ryan's standing after this failureple >> well, if the republicans decide what they want to do in response to this substancal failure, by immediately cutting their own throats and plunging themselves into chaos, have fun, but i don't know that would be the best idea. you know as well as everyone else that follows, there is stuff that says it was 100% o'ryan failure. the president called on the phone. to begin spinning the process as well. molly, that was sort of the immediate action in the face of this failure. >> there is plenty of blame to go around. paul ryan shares a big part of
4:30 pm
that. this is his plan. his strategy. this is something to learn from. it's good that this happened quickly and early on. when he has a legislative strategy, you can't orchestrate this behind closed doors without buy in just from conservatives, but he has to make it transparent. this issue is not going away. he needs to do a better job moving forward. >> you make a great point. i thought that was his tenor. it may have been explosive inside the oval office but the president stepped in front of the camera and he was a bit subdued when he has failures, he learns and moves on. what did you think about his
4:31 pm
temperament? >> he was defeated. if donald trump wants to work with democrats to fix the affordable care act i'm sure chuck schumer and nancy pelosi will have a conversation to make with him. democrats had seven years to repeal obama care. they failed because they couldn't get members of their own party to walk the plank and take a vote. you can say all you want about nancy pelosi. she knows how to count the votes. paul ryan can't do that. should he resign? that he is >> up to the republicans. >> chris, when you look at this and where they go from here, do
4:32 pm
they make changes? how do they approach it next time? they plai had plenty of time ben the jim jordans and paul ryans, but they weren't ready. history will record as one of the great failures in modern political history for republicans not to reach a consensus in seven or eight years about how to remedy the problems with healthcare. however, now the thing to do is not to sit there in the feted pit and feel sorry for themselves. they have to move. they have to have new agenda items. they have to come back to revisit healthcare when the law that remains obama care has to be fixed. there are problems in the market that will come up before the year is over.
4:33 pm
right now they have to move on. >> can they pull the two sides together in tax reform? >> some think they should have worked on tax reform earlier. there was a logic to having healthcare go first. the bottom line, the best way to deal with failure is to have success. they should get goi going on thm and take time to fix the healthcare problems. the problems of obama care are not going away. it's expensive. it's troublesome. there are many things to be done. they have to put the time and energy into it. >> let's see if the president brings in democrats. he knows some of them and likes some of them. maybe he's thinking of a new coalition since the gop one didn't work out that well. we'll see you when you come back to score the week that was. plus new developments in the case out of rockville, maryland
4:34 pm
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♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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>> we return to a story we have been keeping an eye on out of rockville, maryland putting a spotlight on the already contentious immigration debate. a 14-year-old was raped by two suspects we believe were entered into the united states illegally. the shaken community demands answers. the speects lawyer claims innocence for their client. first doug is live in maryland with the latest on this case.
4:39 pm
>> martha, i just got audio back. the second defendant, the juvenile 17-year-old jose has dispensed with the public defender assigned to represent them and they have hired a high profile criminal attorney. last year he won acquittal for a defendant for sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl. wooten has not met his 17-year-old client but plans to do so this weekend. they believe him to be innocent. >> in my experience as a criminal defense attorney, the truth is somewhere in between. >> attorneys for the other defendant, 18-year-old henry sanchez say since they did a
4:40 pm
series of t.v. interviews, they have been bombarded with hate mail and death threats. in a new event larry hogan fired a point at montgomery county, the state's most pop list county. >> montgomery county is acting as a sanctuary city. they are not cooperating. that's a big problem. >> that backed up by a dhs report saying it's among the highest jurisdictions for rejecting i.c.e. detainers. if this goes to trial, jurors are multicultural. highly educated, and they play close attention to the law making the attorney's job that much harder.
4:41 pm
back to you. >> tonight, david wooten you just saw, the attorneys for the 17-year-old suspect in the rockville rape case. welcome to you. we have a bit of a delay here on the audio. let me start with you, david. you haven't met your client yet. why do you believe he is innocent? >> first o o of all rg thank, tr vuhaving us. as criminal defense attorneys we normally don't want to be on the news to talk about the case when little is known about either side, however we think it's important to come to talk to the public right now because the sensationalism and the outrage and the hysteria taking place in the last week is getting out of
4:42 pm
control. the reason for that, i believe, is because of the disgusting v - >> i don't know what donald trump has to do with this. why don't we talk about the case. i was told you want to focus on the crime, and what happened. i'm sure the 14-year-old girl's family feels the same way. you have not met with the client yet you have agreed to defend him. i'm asking you why you think your client is innocent and why you don't believe the words of captain james humphrey who has dealt with the evidence and had this to say. let's play that. >> there is physical evidence of a rape and sex assault, yes. clear from the investigation that there is no consent whatever. >> tell me if i'm wrong here,
4:43 pm
it's our understanding that immediately after the event the girl went to the authorities at the school and called the police in immediately. is that true? >> that is our understanding of the case. as was stated, they say they have evidence. they say there was no consent. that's her side. there is always two sides. your side, my side and the truth. >> the trial is to determine that. as the case proceeds, we'll get to the truth. our position is that our client is innocent until proven guilty. >> we have a judiciary system we should respect. this is highlighted because of immigration going on in the country. that's why the case received national attention. >> it's natural for people to be
4:44 pm
outraged when people this kind of crime. as you point out, and absolutely everyone agrees that you have to adjudicate the case. both sides will be heard. we have a system for that to happen. people are upset that people are detained by i.c.e. and then released. they are upset that 18 and 19-year-olds are in classes with ninth graders. these clients entered the country illegally. >> this is about immigration. this is a conversation about immigration. we are criminal defense attorneys. we like to decide if our client is guilty or not. the fact that we have to turn this into a question of undocumented or documented. >> that's a fact of the case.
4:45 pm
you look at the individual. you look at the circumstances. they are here illegally. whatever you think about that positive or negative is fine. >> that's the focus that they are here illegally. >> no, the case is that the 14-year-old was raped and sodomized in a bathroom. >> how many other places does this take place but the individuals are illegal which is why people are focused on the case. people are getting death threats that they want to kill the latinos. terrible things because of an issue in this country about immigration. i'm from cuba. i came if another country. there are a lot of people that come to this country illegal. >> you are a citizen of this country? >> of course. >> that's the way it's supposed to go. i'm out of time.
4:46 pm
thank you very much for coming. we'll continue to follow the case fairly and look at both sides as you are. we appreciate your time tonight. thank you both. we go back to our panel to doll out their grades to lighten things up. molly hemingway and richmond fouledder arrest back. plenty were quick to point the finger at threats to the jewish community centers. does the president owe the media an apology on this one? we'll show you what's going on next.
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>> it's friday. the end of week nine of the trump presidency. charles says a series of missteps are chipping away at the left saying president trump would governor as a strong man. richard, weigh in first on that the idea that donald trump was going to stomp his way across washington and have his way with whatever he wanted to implement. today is not the case. >> no, he's right. donald trump fail today
4:51 pm
recognize that there are checks and balances in washington. he has to lick his wounds and get back out there. >> chris didn't write the piece. look back at the week for us. donald trump will lick his wounds tonight. it was a rough day. sean spicer came out and said this is all going to pass. it's going to be great. it wasn't to be. >> after he left your interview he went and hid all of the president's cellphones so he couldn't tweet. >> a flattering confusion, richard. thank you very much. we are going to find out. we get to a certain point. we are coming up on the point. what kind of administration is this? what kind of man is donald
4:52 pm
trump? can they absorb a loss, move forward and keep their heads up or does this evolve to incrimination, anger, rage. >> molly hemingway, we watched the judge, judge gorsuch on his path to be supreme court justice. how do you think that went? >> it went really well. he's going to be the next supreme court justice. for many reason, that's the sole reason they voted for donald trump. should that happen, that would be a great success. the big news is what nunez revealed that the obama administration was collecting information on trump transition. it didn't have intelligence video. it was unmasked.
4:53 pm
we don't spy on american citizens. we are just learning about this. when more comes out, this could be one of the most significant story of this administration. >> who ordered it? who allowed it? >> i agree this is a big story and big deal. the question we have to ask ourselves, why were they caught up with individuals under investigation by the u.s. government. the more it comes out, the worse it will be for donald trump. it's good that they are getting out there to put the fire on the russia story that continues to drip. >> niew nunez says it had nothio do with russia, talking about the family, talking about people on the transition team. >> we have to figure out how were they able to acquire a
4:54 pm
pfizer warrant to tap the trump transition team there in create it is problem for donald trump. why was this president being wiretapped by the former president. >> coming up next, does the media owe president trump anru apology? we tell you the story when we come back.
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♪ speaker time and again, this president has had an opportunity to condemn anti-semitism. had a chance to speak out against bomb threats and he didn't. >> i don't think you can separate the threat to jews in an atmosphere where minorities in general are feeling the stress and threats. >> trumps reactions have added up to a narrative that is but th community understandably on edge. >> president trump finally response to criticism and
4:59 pm
condemns anti-semitism. did he go far enough? >> martha: as he just heard commit the repeated attempts in the media to paint trump as a agitator. now we are learning who is really to blame. this week, authorities arrested an israeli american teenager as the primary suspect in dozens of bomb threats against jewish centers. earlier this month, the former left-leaning journalist was also arrested for making at least eight threats against jewish organizations. the doj has responded saying they will not tolerate this. what a day, right? for tonight's quote, we decided to dig back into the president's book, "the art of the deal." he is what he wrote back in 1987. "i never get too attached to one deal or one approach. for starters, i keep a lot of balls in the air because most deals paul out no matter how promising they seem at first." he went on to say, "sometimes by
5:00 pm
losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war." o'reilly is up next, have a good weekend, we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ >> eric: hi, i'm eric bolling and for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this "o'reilly factor" is special, drama on the potomac. what a dramatic date it has been as republicans surprised everyone by pulling the vote on their health care plan. house speaker paul ryan gave a blunt assessment about today's setback and the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we came really close today, but we came up short. i spoke to the president just a little while ago. i told them that the best thing i think to do is to pull this bill, and he agree


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