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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 25, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> so disappointed. i'm a little surprised to be honest with you. we really had it. it was pretty much there, within grasp. >> i don't want to cast blame. there is a block of no votes that we had that is why it didn't pass. obamacare is the law of the land. it's going to remain the law of the land until it's replaced. we didn't have quite the votes to replace this law. >> brett: this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington i'm bret baier. donald trump and paul ryan pulled the plug on the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare just minutes before a scheduled vote on that bill. the stunning decision coming after several days of intense negotiations behind
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the scenes of how to get the votes to pass that bill. now the g.o.p. leadership and the trump administration trying to lick their wounds and move forward after their first big legislative loss. the blame game behind the scenes. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house wit where the president as you saw spoke about the decision to yank the bill. we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with the move that really stunned washington today. good evening, mike. >> reporter: bret, good evening, a intense day on capitol hill after republican healthcare package. leadership aidest said it was president trump who called on speaker paul ryan to pull the bill mid afternoon. >> we didn't just quite get consensus today. what we have a member-driven process to try to get consensus. we came very close but we did not get that consensus. that's why i thought the wise thing to do was not proceed with a vote, but to pull the bill.
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>> reporter: mo brooks celebrated. >> i'm pleased as can be that the legislation has failed because i believe it's bad for motorcycle. >> reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi rejoiced after this repeal effort failed? >> it's pretty exciting for us. yesterday our anniversary. today a victory for the affordable care act, more importantly for the american people. >> pursuant to clause 1 c of rule 19 further consideration of hr 1628 is postponed. >> reporter: just afternoon speaker ryan went to the white house to brief president on the stalls of the healthcare bill with ryan telling him he didn't have the votes. vice president mike pence made an afternoon visit to capitol hill trying to make a final push for conservative support from the house freedom caucus. there has been intense pressure on the freedom caucus to deliver conservative votes after extensive outreach from the white house. but after the meeting, some of those conservatives said they there were still nos. and others like congressman thomas massey complained about the pressure to get on board. if exec branch tells
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legislative branch how and when to vote and how it will be allowed to work on if vote fails is that a republic? some tried to play the role of peacemaker and avoided the blame game. >> look, we have support from freedom caucus members for this bill and from tuesday group members. moderate counterpart and we have opponents in both camps as well. so to blame any single group, i think, would be a huge mistake. [gavel] >> reporter: there was also tension of the more traditional kind between republicans and democrats. and some anger erupted with accusations the g.o.p. lowered the volume on the democrats' floor microphone. >> this debate is too important to have our microphone at a lower scale. >> others took aim at healthcare proposal and republicans. >> what does the g.o.p. stand for? get old people. that's what this bill does. that's what people are going to vote yes for today. let me just say this. we have an obligation. >> reporter: this healthcare
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deadline day began with this repeal and replace plan calling for action. >> i appreciate the input of the administration. i appreciate the fact that the directive to us last night was to put our pencils down and turn our papers in. it is time, mr. speaker, this is a good bill. the rule deserves our support. the underlying bill deserves our support. >> reporter: speaker ryan says now they are going to proceed with tax reform and obamacare is reality for the foreseeable future. but the fact they failed at repeal and replace will make, in some respects, tax reform even harder. bret? >> brett: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. just within the past few minutes leadership there said they had about 200 votes so they would have been, as the president said 10 to 15 votes shy. president trump says they were close to getting it done, but his push to get healthcare through the house of representatives just did not happen and tonight the president spoke about what he has learned and what happens now. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with that. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: good evening to you, bret, better no deal
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than a bad deal. that seemed to be the message here at the white house where obviously they simply didn't have enough support on capitol hill. make no mistake about it regardless of the spin, this is a major set back for the president. >> thank you very much. >> what was once soaring on the michelle today finally optimism gave way to the major initiative the effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, obamacare had fallen to defeat. >> we all learned a lot. we learned a lot about loyalty. we learned a lot about the vote getting process. perhaps the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today because we'll end up with a truly great healthcare bill in the future after this mess, known at obamacare explodes. >> reporter: it was a stinging set back for a man who has repeatedly proclaimed the end of the law is close at hand. >> this is our long awaited chance to finally get rid of obamacare. we're going to do it.
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>> reporter: despite the public bravado artery of the deal speaker ryan's plan to tackle the complicated health law before unveiling his own tax cut proposal considered by many to be political low hanging fruit. instead, after more than 60 days of g.o.p. control in washington and still no deal, a frustrated president today tweeted after seven horrible years of obamacare, skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, bad healthcare, this is finally your chance for a great plan. the irony is that the freedom caucus, which is very pro-life and against planned parenthood allows planned parenthood to continue if they stop this plan. that last comment aimed scwarl a squarely at the freedom caucus it would have ended both the individual and employer mandates and stopped out of pocket subsidies while making major changes to medicaid expansion, premium subsidies and essential health
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benefits. white house officials today insisted the president did all he could. >> has the team put everything out there? have we left everything on the field? absolutely. at the end of the day, this isn't a dictatorship and we have got to expect members to ultimately vote to, you know, how they will according to what they think. >> reporter: still, it's a potentially costly calculation by congressional republicans who may have left the chance healthcare reform a major campaign promise go by the wayside. >> cost to dragging it out and saying just keep letting it going. that's where we came to a decision that it had gotten as far as it can go. >> reporter: okay. so what's next? it's on to tax reform here at the white house, bret that would seem to play to the president's strength. he also expressed support and confidence in speaker paul ryan who, despite having years to get ready for it couldn't deliver on repeal and replace when it mattered most. bret? >> brett: kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. my colleague martha
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maccallum will have more insight on how the trump administration is reacting feeling over tonight's vote when the white house press secretary sean spicer joins her at 7:00 p.m. for the first 100 days on fox news channel. let's bring in our panel guy benson political editor at town kristin an der. leslie marshall and charles krauthammer. charles, your thoughts. >> you could look at this as the big picture or smaller. the big picture, i think, is that it is a victory for philosophically for obama. it is now seven years since the act was put into place. the country has changed. there is now the generalized expectation that there is an entitlement to universal healthcare. that was always around to some extent. but i think if you listen to the terms of the debate, the main argument is who is going to lose, how many are going to lose, which implies that nobody ought to lose,
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everybody ought to have healthcare. and i think philosophically what did the republicans have to offer? the obamacare bill said universal healthcare. the bill that ryan was offering was, how could you, other than we made a promise we want to keep it, what was the essence of it? there wasn't. and secondly, there was the technical issue. which is that ryan crafted a bill to fit the technical requirements of what was called reconciliation in the senate, which is why he could not include in the bill the things that would have satisfied the conservatives, tort reform, stripping out the requirements for what has to be in every bill. the coverage mandate. that kind of thing big healthcare across state lines. he should have put that, i mean in retrospect, and perhaps in the future, you put all of that in a house bill, you pass it, you send it to the senate, and then let the democrats kill it
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with a filibuster. if that's where the country is, let it be that way and then the republicans at least will not have a political black eye. >> brett: kristin, the president said today not everyone understood how good our bill was. he said because you had this phase one, phase ii, and phase 3 which he said would have gotten to a good bill. >> this would have been a very complicated process. and i think part of the challenge was in that phase go 2 you would have had the executive branch doing the things it could do to tweak the regulations put into place by obama's health and human services department. but there had to be a level of trust there. people had to take the leap and say we'll vote for this bill, trusting that hhs will make awful these changes. that level of trust just wasn't there unfortunately to get those folks across the finish line and saying they were willing to vote for it. >> brett: get to you react to the on democrats. >> they own it, 100 percent own it. this is not a republican
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healthcare. this is not anything but a democrat healthcare. just remember, this is not our bill. this is their bill. now, when they all become civilized and get together, and try and work out a great healthcare bill for the people of this country, we're open to it. we're totally open to it. 2017 is going to be a very, very bad year for obamacare. very, very bad. you will have explosive premium increases. and your deductibles are so high people don't even get to use it i honestly believe the democrats will come to us and say, look, let's get together and get a great healthcare bill or plan that's really great for the people of our country. they are going to reach out, when they're ready whenever they are ready, we're ready. >> brett: wherever they are ready, we're ready. thoughts? >> keep that tape, okay? because the democrats are not going to come to the republicans or to donald trump. one of the reasons that the republicans didn't have the votes wasn't just that some wanted a full repeal. but they saw what was in
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this, and they saw that quite frankly the premiums, the increase in premiums, that's a major problem with obamacare with were not going to be addressed. they saw that the elderly, senior citizens that the lower income and a lot of services for women and services that are needed couldn't stay in place and have the financial end game that they wanted. >> brett: we should point out that g.o.p. does not stand for get old people. just to point that out. >> i would agree with you there. i have a lot of young republican friends. and, look, this is something. i was very shocked. i have to sigh as a democrat. because of what i think happened today is republicans didn't get on what i thought has been an obsession, an obsession for almost 8 years to repeal or to replace. they even campaigned on it. and today they listened to their constituents. some people said this isn't a full repeal. there are others who say wait a minute, i'm starting to like this or i don't like what you are replacing it with. we are seeing -- we are looking at production who repubo
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today say look i had 1800 phone calls to vote no. five to vote yes. they are listening to their voters. that's that we need to do. that's one of the problems that congress have had. they have not been listening left or right to the american people. >> brett: guy, they ran on this in 2012. 2014, 2016 they got control of the white house and senate because of the monday tranchts i think the president is right. the status quo of obamacare is failing and 100 percent owned by the democrats because they passed it with no republican votes. but now republicans have been given, by voters, everything that they said they needed to repeal and replace a failing law. and they have been unable to do so. therefore, there is now some ownership of the resulting mess on the republican side of this. and one other point, in this city we're going to talk about who's weakened and who looks bad who got hurt a lot of people breathe ago sigh of relief today that
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obamacare is helping them. millions more people being actively hurt by this law. they hoped republicans would come and save them. and so far that is not happening. >> brett: let alone small businesses who can r. concerned about the taxes who don't expand beyond 49 workers because they don't want to be rolled into this. i asked the senate minority leader chuck schumer about what they would do if they had the negotiation about obamacare. >> they would have toen compromise wets republicans. we would give the state insurance commissioners more authority to limit the price increases. we would be for creating more competition in the exchanges by allowing a public option. we were always for that not every democrat but most. that will create some competition by a group that doesn't want to make a profit. so maybe they will reduce the costs. we would lower the cost of prescription drugs. you know, the president has claimed he wants to do it. >> brett: why not put out your plan to say this is alternative. >> you can't do it if you
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are going to try to repeal it. >> brett: so now we are past that, charles. i would be interested to see if a public option makes its way back into the vernacular in this town. >> what chuck schumer said is so telling. everything he says is compromise between obamacare and markets based system. everything he offered is increase in government, control of healthcare, and increase in subsidies. the democrats are going in one direction. when obamacare explodes or collapses or ends with a whimper instead of a bang, but it's going to expire one way or the other, the democrats are going to head in one direction and one direction only, single payer. they are going to go to the british system or the canadian system. that's et logic of obamacare. it was a jerry built system which was going to temporarily create an entitlement but would not work because it was financially impossible. so financially impossible it collapses. but they have succeeded in creating an expectation of
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universal care and once you have that, that's the reason why the quinnipiac poll had the reform, the ryan reform had 17%. that's pathetic. that's lower than anything ever in obamacare. what we're going to get is in time. democrats are going to go to single payer and republicans are going to try to get a stripping away of government control and i thin its time is slipping away. the zik in the country has changed. >> brett: kristin, is repeal officially dead? are we dealing with fixing obamacare or does the republican congress and this administration have another bite at this apple at some point down the line? >> there's another other stuff on congress' agenda that they want to get to that i think makes it very challenging for them to have the band width to go back and start on this issue. president trump says he loves making deals. he loves winning. he said or tweeted out or said that he would be
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interested in working with democrats. he would love something that brings them to the table. of course, if you do that are you going to be losing the conservatives, the very conservatives that already weren't with this bill? this is where you get this friction within the republican party where for president trump he loves winning and deal-making and loves it far more than i think limited government conservatism which is what animates a big piece of congress. >> brett: quickly. >> when it comes down to fixing obamacare, as charles says, not a single thing that chuck schumer said is a compromise at all to conservatives. and the right will lose its mind if the republicans pivot to fix and repair when they have been promised repeal and replace. this is a politically untenable situation. bret brett okay. with that bright moment, we will move on. the panel will be back a little bit later. up next, troubling intelligence as top house intel members go public in the ongoing fight over reports of trump team members getting subsequent up in intelligence collection. first here is what some of our folk affiliates around the country are covering.
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two drivers dead and 18 students injured after semi-truck veered into oncoming traffic including a bus carrying a texas high school track team. the accident late thursday happened about 100 miles northeast of dallas as the athletes were returning from a meet. fox 5 in new york where two amtrak trains clipped each other near the platform at new york's penn station this morning causing the rear of one of the trains to derail. all 248 passengers were able to get onto the platform, exit the station safely. however, service into and out of the station was suspended for some time but resumed on a limited basis for the evening rush. this is a live look at milwaukee from our affiliate fox 6. rainy there. big story tonight budget whoas a nonpartisan group reports wisconsin state budget could be more than $1 billion in the red by 2021 baits based on a proposal smithed by governor scott walker. the proposals do not take into account possible growth and state tax collections or additional expenses buff the governor is working on the
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numbers. that's a nice live look outside the beltedway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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♪ >> brett: the panel will be back in just moments about the healthcare and the way forward on capitol hill. accusations though flying today between the two top members on the house inintelligence committee over the handling of reports by members of the trump campaign and trump transition were accidently picked up and identified during surveillance of foreign targets. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on the battle between the members and the sudden change of plans for next week's public hearing on the russia case. >> reporter: in back-to-back news conferences the leaders of the house intelligence which committee argued over
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the russian investigation and impact of new intelligence reports that identifier unmasked members of the trump campaign. >> there was additional unmasking that was done and the documents that i read the other day. i don't know who asked for -- i don't know who asked for them to be unmasked. i just know that there are more. >> it's not just that he hasn't shared them with democrats on the committee. he hasn't shared them with republicans on the committee. all of us are essentially in the dark. >> reporter: nunes the only committee member to review the intelligence reports says he needs to know more before revealing trump team were monitored -- >> we won't know that until we actually receive all of the documentation. it's hard to know where the information came from until you get the reports and have time to go through them. >> reporter: in this letter business manager carter page offered to meet with committee investigators, writing news reporting and other organizations has been built on the foundation of
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many falsehoods with potential support from members of the obama administration. roger stone also offered to cooperate with his lawyer writing mr. stone deeply recents that several members of your committee have intimated that he has committed treason is in his political press and social media activities. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort said he would do the same. >> republicans and democrats will work with his lawyers to see what exactly he wants to do. if he wants to come out and public and have a public hearing, he's more than welcome to do that. if he wants to do it in a closed setting, that's also fine with me. >> reporter: nunes is recalling the directors for a classified hearing next week. just eight days after their public testimony where director comey said he had seen no evidence backing up president trump's wiretapping allegations. previously scheduled testimony from former senior intelligence officials and the deputy attorney general under president obama will now be rescheduled. the ranking democrat offered his own theory. >> there must have been have been a very strong push back
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from the white house about the nature of monday's hearing. it's hard for me to come to any other conclusion about why an agreed upon hearing would be suddenly cancelled. >> reporter: the republican chairman said the nsa has partially complied with the committee's request for how many americans were swept up in foreign surveillance investigations. including members of the trump and clinton campaigns. the rest of the nsa documents are expected over the weekend or early next week. the review will take several days, bret. >> brett: thank you. eporter: you are welcome. >> brett: james comey was at the white house today said there was inner agency meeting. investigators are hoping to find a smoking gun that would prove the obama administration used legal surveillance methods to actively spy on the trump transition team. chief washington correspondent james rosen broke that story for us. joins me now with blea has learned. james, good evening. where would g.o.p. staffers find 1u67 evidence? >> bret, goo good evening, as we have been reporting the national security agency was
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supposed to turn over a set of documents to the house intelligence committee today. that has now slipped to next week. it's in those documents that staff lawyers and investigators working with committee chairman devin nunes are expected to find a potential smoking gun establishing that the obama administration used legitimate foreign surveillance collection to spy on the president-elect and his transition team. as of now, only nunez will know if the documents income bass or go beyond what he is citing. news today buttress reported overnight. namely that nunes and staff included obama aids unmasked names. that unmasking cannot be explained except as effort to undermine the new president. >> there are reasons to unmask names. i can tell you without question at least some of what i have seen, i don't know what that reason would be, maybe someone has a good reason for it, but not from what i have been able to
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read. >> reporter: nunes not wiretapped by his predecessor. >> brett: has the ranking democrat on the committee seen the same info, same intelligence that nunes has? >> reporter: as of now, no. but congressman adam schiff has been briefed on the contents. he said today that he doesn't know if the pending nsa documents are assault and battery set of what mr. nunes has seen. schiff insinuated that nunes got that material directly or indirectly from president trump. >> in an effort to further justify the unjustifiable, he is now interfering in this investigation, and i think the fact that the chairman's press conference was at the white house is not only symbolically important. it's important in terms of understanding what's really going on here. >> reporter: sources say, as catherine was just mentioning, bret, it will take several days to evaluate the new nsa material when it comes in. >> brett: we should point out nunes hasn't said where he got the documents from. >> reporter: he has denied it was the white house. >> brett: thank you. first they meddled in the
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u.s. election now return shah inserting european elections likely to send tremors to many in europe. tonight amy kellogg reports on what could be behind the moves by moscow. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin hosted france's right wing leader marie la anyone moscow today. he and the presidential hopeful discussed building closer ties. putin says he has no intention of influence the upcoming election. in the past when it needed funds russia lent the cash. in italy, another anti-europe party is getting moral support within the kremlin. recently traveled to russia where he signed a political accord with putin's party. he says he would rather hitch his wagon to moscow than to europe's establishment. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> because they don't have fear. because they were the first to go to syria to fight isis. because they are fighting economic sanctions that don't make sense, which are damaging not only the russian economy but the european economy.
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because they have clear ideas on thousand fight terror. deal with illegal immigration and the future of jobs. >> reporter: there is also the growing influence in europe of russian backed media outlets like rt and sputnik put out in different languages. disseminating fake news on social media and hacking here too which russia denies. so what is the goal here? some observers say that an isolated russia is simply looking for any friends or allies it can find in europe. and others say that they think the plan is more sinister and to destabilize ultimately europe. >> what does the kremlin get out of building these kinds of alliances? well, clearly, they get closer to their ultimate goal, which is to have a paralyzed eu making decisions. eu inward looking. >> it seems european politics are fair game for americans, too.
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there were widespread reports of individual u.s. citizens backing right wing candidate hole recently lost his bid to lead holland. but at a time when the european union appears more fragile than ever on the eve of the 60th anniversary of its inception, russia is pulling at the edges may have a serious impact. in millan, amy kellogg, fox news. >> brett: british police have made 10 arrests in connection with wednesday's terror attack that killed four people in london. police are going through massive amounts of computer data searching for more information about the attacker, khalid blmplet asood. police believe he acted alone but want to know whether he was supported by others. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. an illegal immigrant deported several times now, now accused of an unthinkable crime here in the u.s. how he got into the country coming up.
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>> brett: the fight over our immigration system is back in the forefront after recent reports of a horrific crime being committed by immigrants in this country illegally. in one of those cases, the suspect is accused of stabbing two women and sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl. a suspect that as correspondent laura ingle reports was deported multiple times. >> this is the most heinous criminal act i have ever seen. >> reporter: investigators with the nassau county police department say 31-year-old tommy vladim ventura was known to police for his past criminal history, his admitted affiliation with the know forrous and violent salvadorian gang ms-13 and for making it back on to u.s. soil time and time again after being repeatedly deported. >> he was deported in five years four times. since 2011, he has wandered the streets of mesa county free. and that is deeply
1:35 am
disturbing. you have a little baby who just talking about this makes me nauseous. a little baby who will never ever recover from the injuries she has recovered at the hands of this monster. >> reporter: investigators claim alverda ventura sexually assaulted the 2-year-old daughter of his girlfriend and then continued his violent crime spree. police alleged he punched and kicked and stabbed a woman at a local bar while arguing over a drug deal. then they sent say he went back to his girlfriend's apartment where he allegedly assaulted and stabbed her after she confronted about her daughter's injuries. representatives from the department of homeland security tell fox is he a national of el salvador and removed by the agency enforcement and operation team known as ero in 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2011. issuing this statement which reads in part: ero plans to seek prosecution in this case within the u.s. district court on felony
1:36 am
reentry charges, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. the little girl and two women remain hospitalized recovering from their injuries. ventura has pled not guilty and will be back in court on monday. bret? >> brett: laura, thank you. another case getting national attention is one we first brought you here on "special report." two teenagers here in the country illegally now stand accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom in maryland. now the senate judiciary chairman wants answers about how they were able to remain in the country after both had been caught by immigration officials. correspondent doug mckelway has our report tonight from rockville, maryland. >> reporter: this morning rockville city police were at the mommy of jose montano the rape suspect being tried as adult. he came here illegally aide and said to live in this shack in his uncle's backyard. of the rejected public defender. now represented by respected
1:37 am
criminal defense attorney the bilingual david would then whose firm website touts multicultural life experiences. last year would then won acquittal for a defendant accused of sexual abuse by a 15-year-old girl. he says montano who is being held at in detention facility nearby is innocent. he plans his first meeting with him this weekend. there is your version, there is my version, and then there is the truth. my experience as a criminal defense attorney, that is almost always the truth. the truth is somewhere in between. >> reporter: attorneys for the other defendant henry sanchez says since a series of tv interviews yesterday which they claim their client's innocence they have been besieged with hate mail. some suggests the firm get metal detectors. larry hogan leveled a politically risky dig at deeply democratic montgomery county the state's most populist. >> montgomery county is acting as a sanctuary county and they are not cooperating with federal authorities. that's a big part of the
1:38 am
problem. >> reporter: that charge backed up by a dhs report monday that documents how montgomery county ranks near the top of u.s. jurisdictions that decline ice detainers. meanwhile the sponsor of a state bill that would officially make maryland a sanctuary state is blaming what happened at rockville high school on american culture. >> unfortunately in this country we suffer from a rape culture. the criminal justice system does not provide environment, a level playing field for a victim to successfully bring a case. >> reporter: she does not mention that many immigrants from south america use rape as systematic means of oppression and control. the next court appearance for montano is set for march 31st and sanchez april 14th. one note about juries in montgomery county, maryland they tend to be truly multicultural, composed of whites, asians, blacks and latinos in any one trial. in addition to that both defense attorneys and prosecutors alike tell you they tend to take their job
1:39 am
very seriously and follow the law. bret? >> brett: doug mckelway live in maryland. doug, thank you. the keystone xl pipeline gets the green light from the trump administration reversing one of former president obama's most controversial environmental decisions and clearing the way for the 8 billion-dollar project to be completed. president trump made the announcement from the oval office today touting it as a great success. >> it's a great day for american jobs and historic moment for north america. and energy independence. this announcement is part of a new era of american energy policy that will lower costs for american families. and very significantly. reduce our dependents on foreign oil and create thousands of jobs right here in america. >> brett: environmentalists pledge to keep fighting the pipeline's construction. mixed day on wall street today. the dow lost 60 points. the s&p 500 lost 2. the nasdaq lost 11. for the week the dow was
1:40 am
down. the s&p was off and the nasdaq was off 1 and two tenths. the sweet 16 tough enough. california state law made have made things more complicated for the ucla men's basketball team. correspondent william la jeunesse reports tonight on how the big game will go on in spite of the law. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when the ucla men's basketball team shows up in tennessee for tonight's sweet 16 matchup, it may be breaking the law. >> i think the ban probably does apply to the university of california. as i said, they have actually made their commitment that they were supposed to be honoring this california travel ban but they are not. >> reporter: new california law prohibits the use of taxpayer money for travel to any stated that has enacted a law that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. >> travel ban was really put in place to make sure that taxpayer funds were not used to fund discrimination in other states.
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>> reporter: right now that list of states includes north carolina, mississippi, kansas, and tennessee. the law applies to state officials, the real impact comes from sports. >> somebody once told me that we have sports to keep us from talking about politics. i think to put these student athletes kind of in the crosshairs seems unfair. they just become pawns in a larger game. >> reporter: ucla and cal both played men and women's games in the listed states. the universities have not scheduled future matches there are exceptions. if private money is substutted for state money, teams can go. >> we know that ucla is complying with the law by using private funds to allow this participation. >> reporter: the bill's sponsor wanted ucla to boycott today's game to stand against discrimination in tennessee. lawmakers in the volunteer state considered retaliating. banning travel to california. but, instead, pals add resolution blasting california for its exorbitant taxes, spiraling
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budget deficits, run away social welfare programs, and rampant illegal immigration. now, some dismiss the california bill as silly and smug, but it's not without impact. in texas opponents of a bathroom bill there point to the california legislation and the potential loss of revenue along with sporting events as a reason not to back the bill. bret? >> brett: william, thank you. president trump and house speaker paul ryan pull the repeal and replace bill off the table. what the death of the g.o.p. healthcare bill means for the president's ability to close a deal. the next deal. a panel weighs in after this. ♪
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♪ >> the first thing we're going to do is repeal and
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replace obamacare. immediately, immediately replacing and repealing obamacare. >> i never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. i have a long time. >> brett: president trump today after the bill was pulled off, not voted on and essentially they are moving on. the president saying in the oval office today it's time to go onto the next thing. >> we'll probably be going right now for tax reform, which we could could have done earlier but this really would have worked out better if we could have had some democrat support. remember we had no democrat support, so now we are going to go for tax reform which i have always liked. bret brett we're back with our panel. guy benson political editor at town kristen soltis anderson columnist for the "wall street journal." leslie marshall and charles krauthammer. give, one of thguy, one of the i
1:47 am
was told they wanted to do the healthcare first was one because they had promised it all along but two deficit savings they were planning, had it over 3 billion at one point. 150 at the end of the negotiation so they could get to the numbers they wanted on tax reform. they will could take out the obamacare taxes that people were paying and be able to use the difference to get the numbers down, the percentages down for tax reform. now they have to find that somewhere else. >> yep. so the baseline was going to be more favorable for tax reform in a post obamacare environment, which is now not going to be a reality and so, it's like well, let's pick up and move onto the next thing. it's not going to be easy. people are forgetting already republicans are at each other's throats on tax reform there is a huge disagreement between the house and the senate on the border adjustment tax, the president is not exactly clear where he is on that issue. and now that there is a trillion dollars up to a trillion dollars of a baseline problem for republicans, that challenge
1:48 am
gets even harder. so, the obamacare piece blowing up on the tracks might also significantly impact this next piece which is why they were trying to do it in the sequence that they at least attempted to. >> brett: charles? >> there is one thing they have learned from this healthcare bill. when you come to a really difficult issue, and there were several on the healthcare that doomed it, the really hard one in tax reform is the border tax. there is a real split among republicans, a philosophical one. they have to work it out in advance. you can't wait for the last minute. it could end up with another train wreck. i think there is tremendous unanimity among republicans and conservatives on the basic outlines of tax reform. they are really ready to go. but, unless they work out some kind of compromise agreement, substitute on the border tax, which is essentially a tax on imports, that favors exports, which means a lot
1:49 am
of winners and a lot of losers and a lot of lobbying that they ought not venture into this. they have got to do their stuff before not like the perils of pauline at the last minute like they did on healthcare. >> brett: remember, have you 11 senate democrats up for re-election in states where donald trump won 82% or more of the counties in those states. so, going in to it, you would think that those states, particularly, are vulnerable for maybe some leverage on big things. it didn't happen on obamacare. weren't going to move democrats over on that repeal and replace. could it happen on tax reform? >> the problem is, and i agree with guy and charles to a degree on this which is you still have infighting with tax reform. if you reduce the corporate tax rate to 15%, what happens to the budget deficit? rand paul is not in lock step with paul ryan on this. and then some people say well, how progressive is it to go back to something that in a sense reagan originally proposed back in the day
1:50 am
you? talked about imports and taxes on that. democrats want tax reform, republicans want tax reform. the problem here is you have a split among both democrats and republicans as to how much and where do you cut or just entirely omit? and i think we are going to see something similar with tax reform that we're seeing with healthcare, unfortunately, because we have two divided parties. but today i think we are seeing more of a fractured g.o.p. >> brett: kristin? >> you like to think that when folks are coming together to talk about something like tax reform. everybody is coming to the table and putting their ideas forward and feeling listened to and everybody agrees on. in reality when these deals get made folks feel like there are consequences for not going along with something they don't love with this healthcare bill i don't think there was a sense there were going to be any consequences for folks who said no. that clip we saw earlier in the program of nancy pelosi jubilant about this result there was nobody that was going to vote no on this going to have an ad in their
1:51 am
district your no vote responsible for nancy pelosi being happy. at this point when it comes to other things are there enough sticks to keep people in line to get consensus on it. >> brett: that's great point. you are not going to get to the right of mark meadows in his district in north carolina. you are not. >> other piece is obamacare repeal and replace really gone? is this not happening anymore? seven years of promises. >> brett: to that point, jim jordan a member of the house freedom caucus puts out statement: the american healthcare act did not have the support it needed neither in congress nor among the american people. now house republicans owe it to our constituents to immediately get back to the drawing board and bring forward a bolder effort to replace the failing obamacare with a to reduce cost b by reducing reduce and by increasing choice and competition. is there a sense that's happening? >> maybe. step one, start over. great. step three, repeal and replace.
1:52 am
step 2, shrug emojy. like what is going to fill that void? we just went through this. all the same dynamics are going to apply all over again. i hope something happens. it needs to happen. there are good ideas on the table. it's a real struggle as we just learned. >> brett: charles, this is why people hate washington. it really is here is hillary clinton's tweet. today was a victory for all americans. you know, one side is saying yea, they lost. the other side is saying we're going to move on, but there is still this problem that we know is looming, right? >> look, i think there is wisdom in sort of what the president has said. at some point when obamacare really falls apart. whft premiums explode, which is going to happen, when so many insurers have pulled out there are going to be counties, states, where there will be no insurers, they will have to do something. at that point you can actually appeal to democrats and say you've got to help bail the country out, otherwise, you are being unpatriotic.
1:53 am
i think the democrats would have to do something. i think for conservatives to get together with the republicans, it is not that hard. forget about reconciliation. put in the bill phase one and phase three together. that will get the freedom calculation on board -- caucus on board instantly. tort reform, been waiting 50 years for tort reform. >> brett: put it all in one bill in the house. pass it out of the house. how do you get to 60 votes in the senate? >> then the democrats are going to have to think. do you want to kill this? i think it would have a lot of popularity. there are people out there who have suffered from tort reform. there are doctors who are quitting because there is no tort reform. it's just one item in this. it's a very important one. ocosts about half a trillion dollars a year. we have the most expensive system in the world. 17% of g.d.p. switzerland, i think, is the next with about 10. the gap is huge. and our medicine is the best in the worlds. but it's not twice as good. i mean, there are places to do this. and this would do it.
1:54 am
let the democrats be the one who bring it down. we will actually have a national debate on these items. and i think the conservative side would win. >> brett: it will be interesting. quick reminder my colleague martha maccallum will have more insight about all of this in tonight's no vote when white house press secretary sean spicer joins ler at 7:00 p.m. this week's winners and losers from our panel coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> brett: a busy week here in washington. winners and losers. we're back with the panel. >> now the sniping has begun.
1:58 am
this would have been a tax reform bill and set the stage for the bigger tax reform bill. the winner is former speaker john boehner who i suspect is glad he was not in washington this week. maybe watching with a glass of wine. >> 50% of the people say fix what we want. loser, law enforcement that didn't send out amber alerts. 17 young girls, latinos and african-americans missing since february 2009, no amber alert for them. >> nunes released his news without explaining what was in it and went to the white house and press before his colleagues.
1:59 am
the winner, barack obama. his obama care doesn't have long to live, but he planted the seed of the idea of universal healthcare. he originally wanted a single-payer system, wanted it but didn't want to get it. i think within ten years we'll have that because of the expectations he created with obama care. >> down the road, do they get a tax reform deal before the end of the year? >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> i have to say yes. we have never had a panelist use the shrug e moaj ji. emoji. that's a winner. thanks for everyone in your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid.
2:00 am
i'm off to spring break for the next week. i'll be back. the following monday, the first 100 days hosted by we're back monday. sean is next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity, former speaker of the house herman cain will join us today. the g.o.p. health care bill was pulled before a vote could take place in the house of representatives. there is a lot of anger, frustration, in washington around the country and tonight we will examine how we got here and how we can make sure this never happens again. and that is tonight's opening monologue. ♪ ♪ all right, so the republican healthcare bill has officially, at least for the time being, hit a dead end. last night on this program, we told you that the reason republicans are in this position without a vote to repeal and replace obamacare is