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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 27, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you have a great kids' book series. time to reciprocate. >> do you want cash? >> bill: good morning. president trump opening the door to democrats after the health care overhaul was pulled. the president shifting the blame for failure of the health care plan to conservatives. we have lots to go flew this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer back in the newsroom with you. >> shannon: lots happened. >> bill: my sense is a lot will still happen again. we're not through it yet. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum and in the fallout president trump with a warning if you won't help pass the agenda he'll reach to the other side. here's the chief of staff, reince priebus.
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>> this is a president who wants to provide and you're right he wants to make sure people don't get left behind and make sure there's competition in the marketplace so rates are lower and people can choose their doctor. if those three things are incompatible with some members of the republican house it's going to be incompatible and we need to work with moderate democrats to make sure that happens. >> shannon: chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn this morning. good morning, john. >> good morning. the president is clearly blaming conservative republicans and outside groups for having to pull the bill on friday tweeting out democrats are smiling in d.c. the freedom caucus with the club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood and obama. on saturday questions arose when the president may be blaming speaker paul ryan when he put out a tweet that seemed to
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promote the idea ryan should go and reince priebus dismissed the idea. the two spoke on saturday and spoke again sunday afternoon. while the white house would not characterize what the conversation was all about doug andre a spokesperson for speaker ryan said the two spoke again today and the president was clear his tweet had nothing to do with the speaker. they're both eager get back to work on the agenda. the president is insisting he wants to a new bill potentially with the support of some moderate democrats who think obamacare is heading for disaster and want to get in on recrafting it so they're not left holding the bag in 2018 if obamacare comes apart but i would suggest any bill to repeal and replace obamacare will be a tough order. >> shannon: it will be a heavy lift for sure. the president's son-in-law taking on a new role at the white house and critics on that as well.
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>> i imagine too it's going to be a pretty big fight. jared kushner is tasked with supreme -- streamlining the bureaucracy and now jared kushner will apply business strategies towards a federal bureaucracy to try to get rid of the waste and inefficiency. it's likely he'll run up against the entrenched bureaucracy as well as resistance from unions deeply entrenched in the federal government. we are also learning he may be headed up to capitol hill to testify in the investigation into what was russia was doing during the election and whether there are ties to the trump campaign in regard to that. the white house putting out a
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statement saying quote, throughout the campaign in transition jared served as the primary point of contact with foreign governments and officials. given this role he volunteered to speak to senator burr's committee but not yet received confirmation. there's reports the intelligence committees demanded he speak to them and others say the volunteered. ist chairman nunes asked for anyone to come forward. >> bill: it's time to stop pointing fingers and roll up your sleeves. here's jim jordan on that point. >> instead of doing the blame game let's get to work and do the responsible thing and get to work and do what we told voters we'd do. maybe the fact we opposed it we did the country a favor because this bill didn't repeal obamacare. it didn't do what we told the american people we'd do.
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>> bill: the freedom caucus loft a key member on sunday citing the strategy on health care so byron york, chief political correspondent and fox news contributor and the fall in washington, d.c. there's a metaphor. truth is lots of folks were in the mix to achieve failure here, correct? >> it's a little too early to the blame game and republicans are in shock. there's blame for the president who thought a massive legislative project can get through congress quickly and without months of work and blame for the leadership and remember the hearings that went close to 24 hours and overnight that seemed crazy. there's blame for the house freedom caucus jim jordan belongs to which took a my way
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or highway approach to the bill and blame for republicans overall because they'd been talking about obamacare for seven years, had seven years to prepare for this moment and found themselves throwing something together at the last minute. this is not the kind of thing that happens on a friday and by monday everybody's chirpy and happy again. >> bill: now you think about what's next and you talk about tax reform. ok, maybe. but that's far from a layup in the midst of march madness. >> it's extremely complex. it's another thing republicans had been talking about for a long time and remember how we used to say republicans never united behind a single obamacare replacement plan well they haven't united behind a tax reform but they do agree on cutting the corporate tax rate currently 35% a high rate cutting out down to 20% or somewhere around there. they mostly agree on reducing
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individual tax rates maybe some agreement on whether the super high earners deserve to get a tax cut as well but they have a lot of disagreements. we hear about a border adjustment tax and there's skepticism in the senate and that will have to be worked out and it will take time. >> bill: when you look at how the markets have responded since the election they've gone through the roof and now pulling back a little bit because they're not sure if the deals can be done. i mentioned the statement that no is easy and leading is hard and leaving caucus will allow me to advocate for the people ef texas it's time to leave. end quote. more on that fallout in a moment. still, obamacare is the law and obamacare is still out there so then as the majority party what are you going to do about it? >> and it's not going away and i'm not sure there'll be
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complete support for the collapse and replace strategy from the white house. there's significant problems with it. the problem is in all the talk about working with democrats, i mean democrats are sensitive to the idea of doing their signature legislative achievement in the last generation and generally want to fix obamacare by pumping more federal money into it which is precisely what republicans do not want to do. it's likely you'll see republicans take a different strategy. for example, in the house passing an omnibus repeal and replace bill and just pass it and send it to the senate and see what they can agree on but the idea the republicans and democrats will hold hands to fix obamacare is far fetched. >> bill: let's come back to the president for a moment. was it friday when he said he learned a lot about the process? what did you think about that comment over the weekend? >> well, the president had
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gotten a lot of attention a few weeks ago when he said who knew health care was this complicated the answer is everybody in washington knew it was this complicated. the president worked hard on it for a week or a little more but remember in earlier efforts including obamacare itself, presidents have devoted months to this and suffered setbacks and kept going and the idea that i believe there were 17 legislative days expended on this and the idea you do this and fail and move on to something else is not how people accomplish big things in washington. >> bill: thank you. byr byron york, thank you. >> shannon: there's plenty of questions as we deal with the fallout of the failure of obamacare. did the move too fast? some argue they had seven years and we'll talk about it with georgia republican congressman doug collins and then in the 10:00 hour jim jordan. he's a member of the house
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freedom caucus which the president is blaming in large part for the bill's failure. we'll get congressman jordan's reaction. all that ahead and an interesting quote my way or the highway. >> bill: and jim jordan saying he did america a favor. in the meantime we have this fox news alert, breaking news in the fight against isis. the pentagon now sending more u.s. forces to the region. details on that in a moment. plus, there is this now. >> my understanding is chairman nunes briefed the commander-in-chief due to the matters and if that's the case we sunk to a new low. >> shannon: the head of the house intelligence committee painted as a surrogate to the white house he's posed to be investigating. mike huckabee to join us on that
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>> bill: and monster hail and tornados destroying homes and the latest on the clean up and where the storm is heading next. >> you can hear it from the distance like a stampede and all of a sudden there was thuds in the skyline and it went through. old medicine alone.
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shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> shannon: strong storms bred
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golf ball sized hail and winds up to 65 miles an hour pounded the region. look at the windshield. one man making the best of the bad weather and decided to use the hail to work on his golf game and it brought the threat of tornados like this funnel cloud that formed in oklahoma. more severe weather is on the way for the plain states. that's one way to make the best of the hail. you as a golfer can use it. >> bill: we could. that's tough. >> shannon: once the storm's over not before. >> i think the house moved too fast. eight days is not enough time for major landmark legislation. i'm not saying we needed 14 months but a more careful and deliberate approach would have gotten us further down the path towards a solution. >> bill: that's a key point
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there. republican senator tom cotton saying the gop made an error in trying to move too quickly. and we go to atlanta, georgia, sir, thank you and welcome back to "america's newsroom." > good to be with you. supported in the end or not? >> yes. we were supporting this. it was good policy and something we worked on for a while and something we felt would do what we promised repeal and replace and provide americans the stant and the assurance to know we're working to get rid of something that's disastrous, obamacare. >> bill: you're colleague jim jordan is against it and your colleagues and friends -- he contends only 17% of americans even knew what was in the bill. i don't know how 17% of americans would even know what's in the bill because none of it was even talked about.
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is he right on that point? >> the biggest thing is making sure the members of congress knew what was on the bill and jim was very much a part of that. i think he was part of the percent that knew what was it in. he'd come to the table and there were negotiations and they were able to receive things they wanted. that's part of the legislative process. >> bill: did jim jordan let you and your republican colleagues and in turn the president down? >> i think -- i was disappointed we didn't get the bill to the floor and that's the problem and in a certain point in time we have to acknowledge the fact we have divisions within our conference we need to talk about and how to move forward with something we've talked about. there were a lot of things very good that we talked about for many years. this was not all of a sudden a new proposal from left field. there were things many of us voted on or signed onto before and for senator cotton to say we
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moved too quickly he never worked on it in the senate because we never got the baill o them. we were hoping to get it to them. >> bill: interesting point you make. jordan said it would not bring down premiums or replace obamacare and that's something he could not support. >> i'm sorry we have an agreement. he's entitled to his opinion and voting card and we were doing away with the mandate and taxes. those are things when most people think about obamacare those are things that first come the government forcing you to buy health care you not only don't want but can't afford in the end and i talk to many colleagues and most admitted was the bill perfect in every way, no, but i have a vote if was
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perfect we'd vote every time. we did what we said and when have you 80% to 90% of most people said we could get at this point and let the senate do their work it's where we have the disagreement. >> bill: back to tom cotton his quote was president trump went around the country and held town halls and spoke to congress. is that meaning president trump did not do enough to figure it out and compete the play? >> it sounds like there's an implication the president didn't do enough but they need to have a conversation and members of our party in the senate and house have campaigned on the disastrous obamacare law. in fact it's the reason in 2010 many members are in the house is because of the passage of the bill and since then we've been talking about the issue and trying to dismantle this piece of legislation since then.
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i believe we had an excellent opportunity to move the ball forward and there were disagreement occurs and members and the house and president were engaged and we had a disagreement. ended up in a stoppage on friday which i believe is a setback but the issue of this not discussed enough maybe the senators didn't want to vote on it. maybe that's the part we're not dealing with. >> bill: is it dead in the water and if so what's it do to the campaign you talked about for so many years? >> we're in a setback and need to decide which way to move forward. those are questions the president will have to answer. many of us felt it was putting forth a conservative piece of legislation and mick mulvaney and tom price and i'm concerned we move forward and bring in democrats and others who maybe don't want to work on the law.
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most of us are saying what can we do to move forward and answer the question came up friday and support the president and move forward to not only keep his promise but ours as well. there are people hurting under the law. it's getting nothing but worse and to say we can't move forward is not attainable for this republican congress. >> bill: sir, thank you. doug collins from atlanta, georgia, thank you, sir. >> thank you, bill. >> shannon: protests breaking out in russia demonstrators speaking out against corruption. it got messy. hundreds arrested over the weekend include prominent critic of russian president vladamir putin. >> bill: and iraq's prime minister saying the country may defeat isis militarily in a matter of weeks.
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wow. he's now blasting the former president's handling of and praising president trump's and we'll have that when ambassador paul bremer joins us live this morning.
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6:26 am
their way to the middle east at the request of the top commander of the coalition in baghdad. where are the new forces going to come from? >> well, shannon, u.s. kansas officials tell me it will be two companies from the 82nd air force division from fort bragg, north carolina deploying to the isis fight. as you mentioned the ultimate destination will be determined by lieutenant townsend. and on asked chris wallace was told isis could be defeated in the next few weeks in iraq. >> they will try so that's where we need the efforts of others to flush them out. >> the pentagon is ramping up efforts against isis and they
6:27 am
began striking friday after arriving in the persian gulf and i'm told the paratroopers could be deployed to iraq or syria to bolster security. >> shannon: both terrible hot spots. any update on the airstrike that may have hit civilians that got attention over the weekend. >> over the weekend for the first time the u.s. and military acknowledged at request by iraqi forces an airstrike and conducted the airstrike in the area where the mosul residents were killed. local residents say up to 100 were killed. the pentagon long said isis uses human shields and an armed services committee tom cotton weighed in. >> very sad develop. the department of defense is investigating. i don't believe it's a result of loosening roles of engagement.
6:28 am
>> there's a briefing later today at the pentagon. we hope to learn more about the airstrike and the ultimate destination where the 200 paratroopers are heading. >> shannon: lucas, thank you. >> bill: and the family of the man killed in the london terror attack are talking and you'll hear from them. and this on a monday. >> the chairman has to make a decision whether to act as a surrogate of the white house as he did during the campaign and the transition or to lead an independent and credible investigation. >> shannon: the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee blasting chairman nunes. did his decision to blame the president in quote, incidental surveillance cross lines. >> bill: and they're up in arms. united airlines facing criticism for kicking two teens off a flight because of what they were wearing. why the airline is now defending
6:29 am
its decision this morning. >> seems crazy to not let them on a flight. >> i wear spandex all the time. >> i don't agree at all.
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when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at >> bill: here we go, markets overseas reflected up at home 150 to the lower side for the dow 30. they had dropped during the commercial break. the issue is now with the health care failure and what investors were reacting to after the election in november were the perform for true reform including tax reform but once you see the issues that have played out on the health care front you also start to see the potential pitfalls for a tax deal that may or may not happen. we don't know yet. this is what the market's trying to forecast three months in advance and six months in advance and it's early.
6:33 am
we're only three minutes into trading. >> it's whether to act as a surrogate of the white house as he did during the campaign and transition or to lead an independent and credible investigation. i hope he chooses the latter. >> they the commander in chief on something that has nothing to do with the russian investigation and if they cannot be briefed by the house intel on the investigation i don't know what they can talk about. >> shannon: members of the house committee on reports of incidental surveillance. now the top democrat adam schiff said it raises questions whether he can lead a fair investigation on russia. joining me now former arkansas
6:34 am
governor mike huckabee and fox news contributor. >> great to be with you. >> shannon: first let's start with the criticism of the house democrat on the house intelligence committee. partsonsh partsonship -- partisanship, are the optics tough, does schiff have a point? does it bolster his argument there needs to be an independent commission looking into these things? >> well, maybe there needs to be an independent commission but not because deffen to the president. is adam schiff saying he'll rise about it and be bipartisan. anybody who knows him knows he's anything but above the fray. i think it's an impossible thing to deal with with a public intel committee when you get good guys together that even mean well they perform in front of the
6:35 am
camera and nothing ever gets done except posture from both sides. you have to put it in the hands of people who will look at this fairly. i'd look at people who have served in washington but have no intention ever of running again. get some from the republicans, john ashcroft or tom lott and tom daschle who who are integrity and sort this stuff out not in front of cameras however, because that's never going result in anything other than chaos. >> shannon: ok. so are you saying you're for an independent commission? >> i really am. i don't think it will ever happen if you do it within the context of the current washington toxic environment. it's so lethal. there's no way the current structure is going to come up
6:36 am
with anything other than both sides accusing and pointing fingers and nothing will happen other than further division in washington and that's the last thing we need now. >> shannon: how do you respond to congressman gowdy who said we don't need an independent commission because we have something called the fbi. >> i'm not sure they can be trusted. james comey has discredited himself in the past several month whether during the election with hilary under investigation or not under investigation and did trump tower get surveilled or not surveilled and both democrats and republicans are having a hard time believing the fbi is as independent at least at the top it needs to be.out in the rank and file yeah, it is. gowdy's right about one thing of course the chairman of that committee has every right to go to the white house and have a conversation with the president. as far as the detailed and thorough and fair and objective investigation, i don't think
6:37 am
it's possible happening within the context of current members of congress, up for re-election with the opportunity to sit in front of cameras and perform for the public. >> shannon: another thing the ranking member, adam schiff, had to say is he doesn't like the open hearing has been changed to something closed in nature and talked about bringing back the fbi and nsa director to talk to them privately and we won't hear tomorrow as planned from the former acting attorney general sally yates. schiff said she'll be key in getting to what happened with general flynn and think it will be good for the white house and why the hearing was shut down. your response? >> the same sally yates that got fired because of her in subordination and told the president of the united states she would not carry out what she would supposed to carry out? good grief. if that's not a bipartisan
6:38 am
approach i don't know what is. she needed to go. she should be fired. insubordination is not something you reward with a job and it's a smart idea to cancel the whole thing. >> shannon: if she could have given answers to general flynn how he cause caught up in surveillance could that be valuable information? >> that could be valuable information but put it behind closed doors. don't give her a forum where she can perform as people throw peanuts at her. that's what we have to avoid and what we've had. in these hearings it's nothing more than a handful of folks going in front of cameras and they're performing to make sure they get the lead story in the 6:00 news. that's not productive. that's not how we get to the bottom of what really happened. >> shannon: yes i love c-span so much and when we play the hearings. i'm a weirdo. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, shannon.
6:39 am
>> to tie it. driving it in and to the rim! >> bill: wow. the madness was rampant. wow, what a game between kentucky and north carolina. somebody had to lose. the tar heels 75-73 over the wildcats. that win puts carolina back in the final four second year in a row. it was great. here you go. here's the rest of the group, south carolina plays gonzaga on saturday, oregon plays north carolina the same night and the winners advance to the final. the madness was awesome. great finish. and the locker room the kentucky players were clearly torn apart but they had an awesome season and fantastic team.
6:40 am
>> shannon: you know also torn apart by bracket. here it is. i've got one team in the final four. >> bill: who do you have? >> shannon: north carolina. >> bill: i have north carolina. so you're doing ok then. >> shannon: have one left. go heels, acc. great finish. >> bill: fun to watch. >> shannon: police now asking witnesses to come forward after dozens of people are shot at a packed nightclub. one person was killed. we'll have the very latest on the manhunt plus this. >> i can see a very powerful determination to defeat. >> but more with president trump president obama. >> president obama doesn't want to get involved in the first place. >> bill: it's a very interesting interview with chris wallace. iraq's prime minister saying isis will be defeated in weeks and what's that mean? we'll peek to paul bremer the former presidential envoy live next.
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>> shannon: the family of the american killed last week in the london terror attack are speaking out. kurt cochran and his wife were there and have received outpouring from the community. >> the most difficult part from all this is kurt is no longer with us. we miss him terribly. he was an amazing individual who loved everyone and tried to make the world a better place. he left a legacy of generosity and service that continues to inspire us. >> shannon: the killer khalid masood killed four people with an suv and knife before being killed with police outside british parliament last week.
6:45 am
>> bill: another headline now. iraq's prime minister saying he expects isis will be defeated militarily within weeks. in an interview with chris wallace he said this. >> president obama didn't want to get involved in the first place. he just wanted to forget iraq and i think coming back to iraq was important because of daesh and what they have done crossing the iraqi border and pock occupying 40% of the land and slaughtering people so there was pressure on president obama to come to the help of iraq. >> bill: interesting back and forth. ambassador paul bremer and head of the national commission on terrorism good morning to you in washington, d.c. interesting comment.
6:46 am
do you think president trump has a different approach? his point is president obama was dragged into iraq because isis became such efficient killers. >> it is clear it was a mistake to withdraw american troops in 2011 because it created a vacuum into which sunni extremists in the form of the islamic state and shia extremists to president obama reversed that withdrawal and sent in troops and president trump wants to continue the policy of defeating it and it will be done. >> bill: my sense is general mattis is involved in this and there's more troops being sent whether it's iraq or syria we'll wait and see but there's a ramp up in process and they've been we can say more aggressive in the past several months. would you agree or not?
6:47 am
>> the important thing as the prime minister pointed out yesterday in his interview is we need to win the peace. we can defeat isis in iraq but the question comes for iraqis what kind of iraq do they want and for america what is our overall position in the region. those are two very important questions that need to be answered even once we defeat isis which i think we will. >> bill: here is the comment you just referred to from wallace' interview. >> in iraq and syria how close is isis to defeat? >> in iraq the defeat is definite. we finish the job in a short time it is within reach. >> by when? >> within next few weeks. >> within the next few weeks daesh, isis will be gone from iraq? >> yes. militarily. we are defeating them militarily. >> bill: that's a key point. you say win the peace. define that? what's that mean?
6:48 am
>> for iraqis it means finding a way to build, rebuild an iraq open to sectarian influences and gives sunnis a position in the political process they've haven't been able to exercise and for the kurds whether they'll remain part of the united iraq. as the prime minister said there's a role in this from the american point of view politically and diplomatically to help them rebuilt the country. >> bill: i think in a greater sense the point to be made is that there's a lot of pressure on isis now. i think you'd agree with that in mosul and raqqah and syria. they're facing a different american military now. and if you are successful in both locations you really but a lance in the side of the terror
6:49 am
group. what then? >> then we'll see as we already ha have seen as in london last week one-off attacks by radicalized muslims in various part of the world and the united states. there's a different problem than having base of operations from mosul to raqqah but there's still a danger and they're also active with iranian support against us in places like yemen. so this is a region wide and in many cases an international battle we'll have to stay committed to win for years to come. >> bill: last question here. do you believe in a matter of weeks we'll be talking about a headline on isis being defeated in mosul and iraq? >> i frankly don't know. the prime minister's obviously a lot better informed than we are that's what he must be hearing from his military advisors but
6:50 am
it will happen. >> bill: paul bremer, thank you for your time. >> shannon: united airlines is under fire for stopping two young girls from flying for wearing spandex leggings. they said they were violating a specific dress code. we'll explain the details next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> shannon: united airlines facing backlash after two young girl were turned away from a flight because they were wearing spandex leggings. they were part of a program for friends of employees and the incident went viral. united airlines releasing a statement saying they were not in compliance.
6:54 am
we regularly remind employees when they place an employee or friend on a flight they need to follow a dress code. for regular customers, your leggings are welcome. and so if we show up our leggings are ok. >> we're allowed to but those en gers were not. this was a hot story and people concerned their precious leggings are going to be taken away. we know that's not the cas but you can make the argument united did a poor job getting ahead of the situation responding in a tweet saying the passengers were united pass riders not in compliance with our dress policy for company benefit and what say pass rider and so outrage continued. now we know they were using a
6:55 am
friends and family pass and united expects them to wear nicer the people who use the travel pass because they're representing the company. >> shannon: apparently the folks weren't aware of it before they showed up and the twitterverse went crazy and celebrities were outraged saying it was sexist and body shaming. >> the unbelievable number of people and celebrities who tweeted about it, celebrities like chrissy tegan who is very active on twitter said i have flown united before with literally no pants on. >> shannon: she looks great. >> next time i'll only wear jeans and a scarf. patricia arquette writing leg rutgers business attire for 10 year olds. they're business is being
6:56 am
children. and people are so quick to jump on anything they outraged about. >> shannon: there's a lot of weighing in. >> can you make the argument leggings are sunday best attire. >> shannon: when i was a kid my mom would make us dress up to get on planes but those days are over. >> and some uncomfortable passengers. >> good to see you. >> bill: hang in there. >> shannon: do you wear your leggings, bill? >> bill: all the time. >> looks like a leggings man to me. >> bill: president trump placing the blame on conservatives for dropping the ball on health care reform. what's it mean now for the president's overall agenda like tax reform. jim jordan said he did the country a favor by refusing to back the republican bill. we'll talk to jim jordan live in our next hour. >> i think the president's disappointed in the number of people he thought were loyal to him that weren't. that all being said i want people out there to understand
6:57 am
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>> shannon: the white house launching a new phase of the president's plan to make america great again hiring jared kushner the way government does business like a private company. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm shannon bream for martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. this say tough guy to fire. the son-in-law. the white house unveiling what is called the office of american innovation designed to use ideas from the business world to overall the federal bureaucracy. mr. kushner telling "the washington post" the government should be run like a great american company.
7:01 am
our hope is we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers who are the citizens, end quote. ed henry's on the story live in d.c. good morning to you. is the white house trying to shift attention or is this a new strategy as of today? >> well, maybe a little bit of both, bill. they want to pivot out of the health care debacle and talk more about jobs and the economy. this comes as the white house is reporting the president will be signing bills to rollback some obama era regulations helping out businesses and jared kushner the idea of streamlining government is something al gore wanted to do and he had experience kushner doesn't have but he is a young successful businessman that can maybe bring new ideas but this is somebody with already a full plate.
7:02 am
his father-in-law has assigned him to help broker mid-east peace. >> bill: there's news about jared kushner and russia. what is happening between him and members of the house. >> reuters reporting the senate intel committee and their investigators want to bring him in for questions. we knew he helped broker meetings during the presidential transition with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and now the committee is looking at a meeting he had in december with the head of the state-run russian development bank as well. a meeting we did not know about before. the white house has just put out a statement saying quote, throughout the campaign and transition jared kushner served as the official primary point of contact with foreign government and he has aggrade to spoke with
7:03 am
chairman burr's committee but has not received confirmation. the scrutiny of others of russia continues on capitol hill but there's the idea russians hacked the election but there's no evidence. >> bill: on the senate side. >> yes. >> bill: ed henry there in d.c. >> shannon: for more on jared kushner's growing role katie pavlich is a fox news contributor. many say it's nepotism run amok and don't like the fact that ivanka has space in the left wing but clearly the president is comfortable with this and has a plan. >> with what jared kushner will be doing lines up with what the trump administration said they'd do. 60% of americans believe
7:04 am
government is too expansive and power. and that is over decades that the government involved in where they should hand off to the private sector. there's $125 billion in government waste just in improper payments alone. for jared kushner who has a lot of government experience -- not government experience, excuse me, business experience, to say let's look at this from a special angle and work with congress to get rid of duplicative programs especially when it comes to working with the va and veterans i think it's a good thing to cut down government which 60% of the country believes is too big. >> shannon: we know how washington works. how much resistance do you think he'll face with the federal unions. he'll operate in a different way they're used to.
7:05 am
>> he won't like saying this is the budget we have we won't have extra goodies or have government employees spending taxpayer money in a way that's not respectful. that's been one of the mantras of the administration so far we'll bring back a healthy respect for the hard-earned tax dollars americans send to washington, d.c. but in terms of pushback, sure. this is where it will be very important for the trump administration to really take on civil service reform. they really can't change the culture of waste inside a number of federal agencies they'll be looking at unless they can fire people who aren't doing their jobs properly especially within the veterans affairs administration. that's a big leap they'll have to take and it will be a tough battle but i think they're willing to do it. >> shannon: how much do you think it will help to quiet his critics the fact he's volunteered to speak to the committee on russia?
7:06 am
>> we've seen for months little evidence as the former cia director said there's lots of smoke but no fire and here we are months later with the same accusations swirling. i think it's good he's participating in the closed-door hearing and willing to testify for the information he has but in terms of quelling the critics and how loud they're being i won't quiet soon. >> shannon: we shall see. katie pavlich always good to see you. >> happy monday. >> shannon: you too. >> bill: the health care defeat marked a tough loss for house speaker paul ryan. can this be an ominous sign for the rest of president trump's agenda in working with the hill. pet peter doocy, good morning to you. what are they saying? >> we were wondering who would be next for the freedom caucus who were instrumental in blocking the bill from even making it to the floor that
7:07 am
leadership liked and we know the freedom caucus is weaker today than at the end of the last week because one of its longtime members just quit. congressman ted poe is leaving because he feels he could be a more effective member of congress in not being part of the caucus that kept moving the goal post. >> sometimes you have to say yes. i was not going to vote no because obamacare is now the law of the land and a disaster. i think it was unfortunate changes in the rear including the freedom caucus decided no was going to be the answer and i think at some tile -- time we'll say yes we are in power and have to lead. >> congressman tom massie from kentucky said the group was willing to give up a little ground in negotiation when it came to medicaid expansion but
7:08 am
he said that was about the only place they were willing to give up ground. >> bill: is there any indication republicans and democrats will start working to fix the problems with obamacare? >> not yet, bill. it doesn't sound like top democrats have any interest in that because the way they talk about it because they don't have interest in repealing any part of obamacare. >> stop undermining aca and we'll work with them. we have idea, they have ideas to improve obamacare. we never said it was perfect. we said repeal was off the table. >> schumer said it's possible democrats could help republicans push a tax reform package through but only if that package is designed to benefit the middle class. schumer said if ti big tax cut is in store for the richest americans then the democrats are out. >> bill: ok, peter. thank you sir. lots to follow. peter doocy live on the hill.
7:09 am
being out last week there was so much action. >> shannon: couldn't believe they let us proceed without you. >> bill: my sense is that washington is moving still at a speed that is not used to working in and a lot of that is because of the west wing and because of president trump. so my expectation would be whether it's this week or the week after we'll still be in the ne news cycle for some time. >> shannon: they will not work together on the supreme court. >> bill: what do you think they do? 51 votes ? >> shannon: they may have to go nuclear. the vote is next week. glad you're back. a key member of the freedom caucus saying it's time to stop the blame game. >> we make this job way too complicated. do what we told the people we were going to do. that's what the freedom caucus was created to do to fight for
7:10 am
those basic principles. we're happy to get to yes if it's accomplishing what the american people sent us to accomplish. >> shannon: we'll hear more from congressman jim jordan. he'll join us live in 20 minutes. >> bill: and uber is slamming the brakes on the self-driving car after an ugly car crash. and an encrypted message before the terrorist attack in london and we'll speak to martha maccallum on that coming up. >> it's completely unacceptable. we need to make sure organizations like what's app and others don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other.
7:11 am
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7:15 am
republican conference. reince priebus saying it's time to work with democrats. >> i think it's more or less a warning shot we're willing to talk to anyone. we always have been and more so now than of it's time for both parties to come together and get to real reformed in the country whether it be taxes or health care or immigration or whether it be infrastructure. this president is ready to lead. >> shannon: joining us to discuss is john sununu. welcome. what do you make from the comments from reince priebus? >> it's a reminder that getting legislation is a messy process. often when it's big and complicated legislation it's an ugly process. give the president credit. he met with -- i think the
7:16 am
number i saw was 120 congressmen and willing to put the time in and if people are disappointed in the result i was a strong learning experience and i think the white house will build on it. >> shannon: democrats say they never got a call on this particular topic. here's what senate minority leader chuck schumer said about it. >> stop undermining aca. we'll work with them. they have ideas, we have ideas to improve obamacare. we never said it was perfect. we always said we'd work with them to improve it just said repeal was off the table. >> shannon: this is the same minority leader who said we won't vote for your supreme court nominee. do you think he means it? >> nah, that's all talk coming from schumer. there's no way the democrats will participate in any repeal
7:17 am
of significant component of obamacare nor will they participate on the issues that kept the republican package from getting through the house. i think the president needs to understand to fulfill his commitment to the people he has to bring his allies, the way he put it the guys that didn't work women -- with him around and the freedom caucus group has to be brought to the game. if the country's going to get a bill that does get rid of obamacare and the pain of obamacare it can't be a bill that schumer's happy with because there's pain built into that. >> shannon: you said he's got to bring the freedom caucus in. i want to read a tweet the president sent this weekend. democrats are smiling in d.c. the freedom caucus with the club for growth and heritage were
7:18 am
part of it. >> that's his introduction to let's talk again. i think he has to keep them in the fold in the long run and think you'll see behind the scenes efforts to do that. this white house learned a lot through the process and i think it's important for them to implement what they learned. >> shannon: ohio governor kasich said he think it's pathetic the two parties are not sitting down like adults and work together and there's things they talked about, infrastructure, lowering plan price. do you think there's things they can come together on whether publicly or privately? >> there's lots of things they can work on. tax reform can be one and infrastructure is certainly one and there are issues republicans can work with democrats on. the only one they'll have a
7:19 am
problem with the biggest one they'll have a problem with is the obamacare issue. maybe that has to come after they have dealt with some of the other issues. >> shannon: all right. governor, always good to hear from you. thank you for joining us. >> bill: nineteen past the hour and the london killer sending an encrypted message moments before the attack. should tech companies be required to allow government access to such technology? it's a big issue we'll talk about in a moment here. >> shannon: plus, it could be sin city or bust for the oakland raiders. will the nfl gamble on moving the team to vegas? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> there should be no place for terrorists to hide and have to ensure there's no secret place for terrorists to communicate and make sure our intelligence community can get into encryptic what's app. >> bill: a to the british official wanting what's app to cooperate. the investigators say they can't read it because the message is encrypted and it's difficult to do their job. welcome back martha maccallum. anchor of "the first 100 days." >> i got up early this morning. great to see you. >> bill: we often talk about this when we think about san bernardino and perhaps orlando. when you develop an app on your phone no one has access to it
7:24 am
makes the job for investigators exceedingly difficult and the folks in london want to change this. >> i remember during the debates this came up with carle fiorina and they eventually went to an israeli company and got them to crack into the phone. they say on a one-time basis now you have amber rudd the home secretary in london saying they need a backdoor for apps like this in what's app and khalid masood used it before the attack. some say once you open the door for security for online banking and all that becomes vulnerable. it's a real battle. >> bill: we should point out there's no indication they could have stopped this killer. >> no, there isn't. >> bill: and the reason why you make the apps is because you want to make sure nobody hacks
7:25 am
you so that your business stays intact. >> they want to know if he was connected to anybody. that's the bottom line but there's no great indication he was. >> bill: in february 2016 it was said once created the technique could be created over and over again on a number of advices. if the physical world it would be the equivalent of a master key. >> it's not in their best interest to allow them to their encryption. that's their marketability and there's a debate over that issue. but these kind of attacks and you saw what happened in nice close up. this is the new wave of these kinds of attacks. we'll see it happen here and have the technology debate in this country as well. it's something we need to be clear on in terms of how to allow these companies to give us that one-time access.
7:26 am
>> bill: amber rudd is the home secretary in london and they want the law to change. >> we're not saying open up or go into the cloud or do all sorts of things like that but we do want them to recognize they have a responsibility to engage with government to engage with law enforcement agencies when there's a terrorist situation. >> bill: i hear her loud and clear and if you're one of the families of the victims you're like come on, give us a chance here. my issue is this is a moving target. tech companies are always innovating and always looking for the next big thing they can create. >> here's the problem. every time there's an attack like this there's this concern and then it goes away until it happens again. we are going to see these sorts of attacks in america i believe that is the case.
7:27 am
we need to figure out a relationship that allows the fbi to get their hands on what they need without jeopardizing other privacies. >> bill: we don't know yet, silicon valley, it's relationship and how it will develop with the trump administration. >> we're getting a good look with the panel with tim cook as are other silicon valley leaders and steve schwartzman and we'll talk about this tonight on "the first 100 days." >> bill: check it out tonight 7:00 eastern with martha on the fox news channel. >> good to see you. >> shannon: a terrifying high-speed crash convincing une tore pull the plug on the self-driving cars and what it means for american roads. >> bill: and president trump taking aim at conservatives. did freedom caucus have a pact
7:28 am
to repeal the bill ? jim jordan was on the group and joins us live in a moment straight ahead here. >> changes were made and at the end of the day it was still a no and i think it's improper to continue to vote no. sometimes you have to vote yes and it was the time to repeal obamacare because it's now the law of the land. ♪ wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency.
7:29 am
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7:31 am
>> bill: president trump tweeted early sunday morning democrats are smiling the freedom caucus with the help with club for growth and heritage have saved plant parenthood and obamacare. the former chairman of the freedom caucus jim jordan part of the group that led the way. good morning.
7:32 am
i have a lot to go through. did you screw this up for your republicans colleagues? >> i think we saved the american people from a bad bill. if anyone should be cheering it should be the american people. only 17% of the country approved the legislation. let's get back to work. let's not blame people. let's get back to work and do what american people sent us to do which is repeal the r law. >> bill: what will get you to a yes vote? >> we can start for something we had a year ago that repeals obamacare. a separate piece of legislation which we've introduced sponsored by congress sanford and paul on the senate side and why not replace it. that's what we thought we'd do. we were talking about it on inauguration day having the president sign repeal. the repeal we passed a year ago we conservatives said let's do that and start there and it makes sense on the repeal side and then work on the replacement
7:33 am
bill as well. >> bill: did you take that message directly to president trump? >> we've been talking be that. our text was out with a repeal and replace before the leadership bill was brought forward. here's part of the problem. when have you bad policy which leads to bad politics. it was hidden away, no hearings where you had actual witnesses, no amendments allowed and when you have that kind of process you don't get good policy and it resulted in 17% of the country approving of the legislation. when it was stopped and postponed that's good for the country because it would keep the obamacare structure in place. >> bill: you still have the law to deal with. premiums are still going to go up for those who are opposed to obamacare in the aca, it's still
7:34 am
the law of the land. >> and we still have time to fix it, not fix it but repeal and replace it. let's get to work doing that. after all, i think, that's what we told voters we'd do in the 2010 and 2014 election. >> bill: freedom caucus had three dozen members is that roughly the number? >> yes. >> bill: one less with ted poe now i'll get to in a moment but did you have a pact, we'll stick together against that? >> i don't discuss what we talk about in private meetings, bill, but i can tell you we talked amongst each other and said look, nothing wrong with circling back up as a group we always do that and we'll do that on important legislation like this one. >> bill: based on that answer it's possible you were all together in the room and said
7:35 am
we're not going forward in that sense it would have been a pact, correct? >> we talk every week on what we want to do on certain pieces of legislation and every member can vote their own way as evidenced by the way ted poe did and god bres -- bless him he's a good friend but we are doing what we told me american we'd do. >> bill: are you saying it did not happen? are you denying that? >> when we get behind closed door we talk how to best impact legislation to accomplish what the american people sent us to accomplish. remember our mission statement. we talk about the countless number of families who feel this town has forgotten them and our job is to remember them and fight for them and discuss strategy how best to do that. >> bill: i know you're an attorney as well so i'll mark you as a maybe. ted poe however, said he'll no longer be a part of your caucus.
7:36 am
the message went out and he said this. >> i don't think it will ever change if it had been postponed a week or four months. this was the time to vote against it. everybody was talked to and it was important we show we can lead rather than continue to say no. >> bill: you can't always say no. that's ted poe's message. >> he's a good guy and we served together on the judiciary committee and i worked with him on several issues but i respectfully disagree. the facts don't change. the legislation was still the legislation. the legislation didn't repeal obamacare. it was obamacare lite. the legislation didn't bring down premiums even cbo said premiums would rise the next three and a half years and it didn't unite the republican party or the american people as evidence by the fact 17% supported the legislation. we stopped it to do the country a favor to get back to work and
7:37 am
do the right thing. >> bill: last point and i have to go because i'm out of time, focus in washington can be a fleeting thing. and when the issue is not in front of you, it can go to the sidelines. are you willing to accept the fact that obamacare will now be sidelined for an indefinite period of time. are you willing to face the voters of central ohio when you're up for re-election knowing obamacare has not been repealed and replaced? >> it won't go to the sideline. i think we will repeal it because that's what we told the american people we'd do and they sent us here to do that. we'll do that. i'm for doing it right now. i'm for getting back together and putting a piece of legislation together that repeals it, brings down premiums and gets more than 17% of the country behind it. that's what we should be focussed on doing. let's get back to work and make that happen.
7:38 am
>> bill: thank you sir for your time. jim jordan the republican on capitol hill. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: you do need someone behind the wheel after all. uber suspending the self-driving program following an accident in arizona. william, tell us what happened? >> it wasn't the self-driving car's fault. it had the right of way when it was driving in a self-driving mode and it came to the program after the california dispute unlike california arizona does not require self-driving cars to acquire a special permit and question raised at the time.
7:39 am
>> i hope it brings new jobs and convenience and safety and a way for our disabled and blind and elderly to get around with ease. >> reporter: about six companies are testing self-driving cars and in december an uber car missed a stoplight and last year a tesla was in a fatal crash and a google car swiped a bus while trying to pass. according to a website the uber program is in trouble. they are 43 autonomous cars travelling up to 2300 miles a week but a human has to still take control everybody 8/10 of a mile and it's years away but as advocates point out more than 40,000 people die each year in fatalities and 80% are human error. >> bill: i prefer drivers. >> shannon: do you drive much
7:40 am
around here? i know new yorkers have other avenues. >> bill: i take a cab. >> shannon: the subway. love the subway. >> bill: call for an uber. >> shannon: my husband doesn't trust my driving but i am a good driver. i promise. >> bill: frightening scene in a moment at a mall. an escalator going haywire going in the wrong direction and caused a mess for folks at the bottom and show you how it played out in a moment. >> shannon: and former presidential candidates blasting republicans after the lost of the bill and have they lost their credibility to speak on the issues? our panel discusses next. >> the idea it's a quaint notion republicans and democrats ought to work together maybe what the president needs to do is call everybody out and say let's grow up and run america. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
7:41 am
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and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
7:44 am
>> bill: a terrible scene at a hong kong shopping mall an escalator changing direction sending people tumbles. several people to the hospital and technicians have been charged with tampering with the escalator after the incident. something happened there. they're trying to figure out how. >> shannon: it looks like more than moving the wrong direction it looks like it was going quickly. no way to catch yourself when you're quickly thrown in reverse. >> bill: from hong kong. >> it's not the old days any more. if you don't have them back from the people of americans before they're democrats and republica republicans nothing will get done and if the democrats don't want to reach out and be constructive call them on it. right now from the get go it's all partisan.
7:45 am
the democrats did it with obamacare and the republicans try to do it with just republicans. doesn't work like that in our country. >> shannon: ohio governor john kasich slamming president trump for not reaching out and he's not the only one teeing off against mr. trump. jeb bush taking aim. let's speak about it with scott brown and mary anne marsh. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> shannon: mary anne, i'm getting you're not surprised there are people who would be critical of president trump's performance. >> it's not a surprise. they're stating the obvious and the fact is donald trump suffered a big loss on friday. the reality is buy -- bipartisanship is not rewarded
7:46 am
and they have taken over by opposing a democrat president now you see the same thing. will it change with the loss on health care? perhaps but i doubt it. >> shannon: senator, what do you make of this? every sunday i turn on a show and he was one of the last men standing with president trump for the gop nomination and the governor of an important state and he's on generally every sunday and doesn't have nice things to say about how the administration is doing. >> i have a lot of respect for him. i was disappointed he doesn't even come to his own convention in his own state and for me and others it set the trend. it's not unexpected you'd have people that president trump beat who are now trying to be critical with respect to all those folks it takes two to tango. you need both sides to get along. as mary anne just referenced
7:47 am
it's exceedingly bipartisan. i was the most bipartisan and now i'm with fox because theme wanted partisanship. they didn't pass the bill but the good news is he's only been doing it 65 days and i command congressman poe for standing up for the american people and not just a small caucus in the house and more people need to do the same thing and t democrats night to come along and start playing ball too. >> shannon: we're hearing from florida governor jeb bush who's been quiet since he lost the nomination and here's a bit of what he said. he's a distraction in and of himself and stop saying things that aren't true that are distractions from the task at hand and the wiretapping is a distraction that makes it hard to accomplish things i know he wants to do. he's trying to be supportive, mary anne. i'm guessing the president will not take advice from jeb bush.
7:48 am
>> i think that's true. the reality is jeb bush is stating the obvious here which is donald trump has been so far been able to get away with saying things that are not honest and truthful and you saw in the latest quinnipiac poll that most see him as none honest and 40% of voters support him and 60% of voters don't see him as honest it's donald trump who has to change the way he does things. i don't think that's going to happen but you need to get to 51 plus one to get anything passed in congress. when you stand up in front of republicans and say i'm coming after you if you don't vote for me they look at me and say i beat you by 30% in my district. i won't take that from you. >> shannon: quick final words? >> it's no different than what nancy pelosi and harry reid did and they did all the dirty work.
7:49 am
the problem with our leadership now is they need a consensus. they need the votes counted before they bring something out. i thought it was a mistake and they need to do it better. >> shannon: that put the brakes on things friday. good to see you both. thank you joining us. >> bill: and it's beautiful outside. >> it's rainy and gray. it's amazing. it's all perception. goes to politics. we heard on your show, republicans are moving ahead despite the setback on repealing and replacing obamacare. up next the big tax overall and we'll talk about that and what happens now to health care as we know it. is it really in a death spiral? a healthy debate on that, pun intended, top of the hour. >> bill: i think we saw that has no alibi. see you in ten minutes. could a move to vegas be in the cards for the nfl. whoa. a green light by the owners
7:50 am
might come today so they say.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> bill: so the nfl now ready to roll the dice on the oakland raiser proposed to relocate to las vegas. the raiders. the league expect to vote as soon as today. why is that a big deal? good morning. i thought the deal was dead in the water and apparently it's not. >> roger goodell voted in favor
7:54 am
for them to relocate from oakland to las vegas and the stadium wouldn't be ready until the 2020 season and it was mark the third franchise moving in a short peter the rams, chargers and now raiders. it looks like they'll get the votes. jerry jones said it looks to be an exciting day for vegas oppose to every other day in vegas which is quiet. >> bill: we never talk about it once we leave town. my feeling is the owners will go for this because they'll make a lot of money. >> it's unchartered ground. never did we have major professional sports in las vegas and a nhl team to begin in the fall and more people live in las vegas than oakland. there's been growth in wages and real estate which it hasn't been so much in oakland and cities and states and county funding going forwards the raiders and
7:55 am
so oakland is willing to build them a stadium. this sport has never been more popular and i would argue more profitable. >> and yet at the same time look at the changes being made. the nfl something else they'll be voting on today at the voters meetings in phoenix is about tightening up how the commercials are slotted late in the game to keep fans from not tuning out. >> bill: i like that idea. i'd go for that. so the nfl is the big giant but it's at a time when they're allowing a team to move to las vegas. do we have time to run the clip? i feel bad for kentucky but if they played three more seconds maybe the outcome is different. unbelievable. >> roll it.
7:56 am
>> bill: north carolina advances and kentucky ends a tough thought season. >> saturday we have great games going on in the final four. bill, like james taylor's saying in my mind i'm going to carolina. north carolina and south carolina in the final four. oregon is in the final four for the first time since the first ncaa in 1939. >> bill: nice to see you. don't talk with the no-hitter in the 8th inning. here's shannon yet again. >> shannon: president trump moving his agenda forward and how he plans to change the way uncle sam is currently doing business.
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>> it's good to have you back today. listen, your bracket lives. maybe you should go on vacation. my bracket -- >> i'll take you up on that. bye-bye. >> the political fall-out from the failure to repeal and replace obamacare as the president turns to tax reform. >> hi, jenna. >> i'm eric in for jon scott. as the president participates in a roundtable with women business owners at this hour. he's set for a new advisor, jared kushner, tapping him to bring business efficiency to the federal government. this as fox news learns that


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