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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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no and white house or in washinn or on capitol hill. thank you for watching, everybody. i am martha maccallum. bill o'reilly is up next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> we are fighting for america. we are saying to those they are patriotic but turn the blind eye to the destruction to cause this country. >> bill: maxine waters once again attacking president trump. what exactly is the beef? talking points. >> it with a very serious effort made by mr. putin to interfere in many ways. in some corners of the world that would be considered an act of war. >> bill: should the u.s. punish russia for interfering in
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the election? >> jesse: if you and i were working together and i said you look dashing today -- coat >> i think it might be a bit leading. >> bill: is political correctness actively harming america? we have some strong evidence. caution, you are now entering this no spin zone. "the factor" starts right now. i am bill o'reilly, thank you for watching us tonight, a liberal congresswoman attacks president trump. that is the subject of this evening. maxine waters, democrat from california has been an outspoken left-wing voice highlighting the oppression she believes black americans experience. waters believes she is sincere
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in her belief system and although many disagree with her extremism, she should not be marginalized by political opponents. in fact, i made that mistake this morning on fox & friends. i said it in simple just just that the congresswoman's hair was stupid and i apologize. it is necessary to analyze what is being said. >> do despite the fact that america has not always been there for us, we have always been for america. we have fought in america's wars, we have suffered discrimination. we suffered isolation and undermining but we stand up often times when others who think they are more patriotic -- who say they are more patriotic do not.
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when we fight against this president, and we point out how dangerous he is for the society and for this country -- we are fighting for the democracy. >> bill: it would be instructive for miss waters to come on "the factor" to define her beef. what is bothering her about president trump? of course, she will not do that. way too risky. she would be challenged by me and she does not want to be challenged. the record shows that president trump has put a philosophy -- that would certainly help the poor including african-americans in that category. the more jobs that are created, the higher income will be on every level. the more americans hired, the easier it will be to get out. more demand. the more discipline imposed in public schooling, the more kids will learn. what exactly is maxine waters
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talking about when she says donald trump is dangerous for america? i have no idea and i do not think miss waters has any idea either. she is spouting the left-wing company line. anyone who disagrees with her -- she doesn't like disagreement. that is not patriotism, madam. that is demagoguery. it would take a miracle, what i really wrists liberal advocates like congressman waters. the ideological nonsense and really focus on what america offers. opportunity. a variety of ways to success. freedom of expression. miss waters makes good use of. and a real chance to help yourself and help others in your life. but in order to succeed in this country, you must be self-reliant. not dependent on the entitlement
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system that maxine waters loves so much. we must work hard. you must learn and develop a skill off the knowledge that you acquire in school. and you must be honest. that is the message congresswoman waters and others should be spreading. patriotism comes in many forms. questioning the patriotism of others and bashing a new president is not patriotic. this useless. the top story tonight, radio commentator in d.c. -- let's talk about -- >> let's talk about honesty here. congresswoman waters is impassioned, a ranking congresswoman, speaking for her constituents and clearly doing a good enough job. they are electing her -- she has
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what, 12 terms now? when we talk about the honesty and integrity of this president, she brings up some good policy questions. let's start with the fact that he is under investigation right now. that is an issue that i do not think we can really go into at this point because there are issues that are brought up that a congresswoman with her clearance would absolutely be privy to manatt with those clearances might not know what is going on. >> bill: that is just adobe conspiracy theory. president trump is not under investigation. there is an investigation into whether there were any ties between his campaign and russia. simple question what is the beef on policy? what is the beef? >> where is the beef, the evidence is not presented itself
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yet. trump asked while he was running -- what do you have to lose, you black people who have horrible schools and wastelands for neighborhoods? we are already seeing there are 24 million americans right now who are saying how are you going to take away our health care? we voted for you. we did not know you are going to come after our -- >> bill: so she has the beef on obamacare which did not pass. >> but this is not about the attempt that the repeal did not pass. this is about a president who said i am going to put you to work, america. i'm going to make sure that america first -- americans. we're going to use the keystone pipeline but it's chinese steel. it's not american steel. >> bill: it's not. it was already ordered and he
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cannot and send it back. you are really straying off now. let me ask the question. these are not big deals. do you believe that african-americans generally today in america are prospering? >> i do not believe that generally african-americans today are prospering. >> bill: let me stop you there. i am glad you answered honestly. so for the last eight years, we have had barack obama as president. if you do not believe they are prospering, you would have to lay some of that -- eight years as a long time. as you know, black home ownership went down. >> absolutely. >> bill: the job was not done by a black president, barack obama. now you have a new president -- believe me, maxine waters loved everything barack obama did. we have new president and she says you know what? i'm going to do it totally differently, so everyone will
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benefit. and still, you cannot get a break from maxine waters. at last word. >> president obama spent eight years and he was not able to reverse the losses that happened in the great recession, black home ownership went down. black women's wages. at the american black woman works about five dollars less in the u.s. that has not changed even though black women are the likeliest americans to pursue and complete a bachelor's degree. >> bill: so give a new guy a chance. maybe he can create more jobs, more action and better schools. i just think that miss waters it's been desperately unfair at this juncture. >> if he doesn't, we will all be happy. >> bill: i do not think maxine
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waters will be happy but let's be optimistic. on the run down, shocking update on the alleged sexual assault on a young girl from maryland. it is political correctness now actively harming the usa? you bet it is. those reports after these messages [ ominous music ] [ sniffs ] little girl: daddy! trapped by your unrelenting nasal allergies? [ meow ] [ sneezes ] try clarispray clarispray provides unsurpassed relief. it's 24 hour, non-drowsy and prescription strength. free yourself with clarispray, from the makers of claritin.
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> bill: that terrible situation in maryland where a 14 year old freshman in high school says she was raped by two foreign nationals. now fox news has confirmed that the young girl may have consented to the sex. it is impossible to cover a case like this on television. the two illegal men are guilty,
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what people are believing. until the evidence is presented to a jury or the men plead guilty. joining us now from washington, juan, big story in the district in which you live. >> it is a horrific crime it by any standard. this is unacceptable behavior by anybody. it still is a major story because donald trump has made a major issue of immigration especially illegal immigrants and the associated crime with illegal immigrants. >> bill: the defense lawyers now are staying that the 14-year-old girl and believe me, no 14-year-old -- girl or boy -- is able to consent to anything like this. so let's just be real about it but the law says that if it is consensual, the act -- that the rape is not involved. it gets to be very complicated.
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but the story is explosive on a lot of different levels. you said, juan, and your opening thing, it was a terrible crime. but these guys are not convicted of any crime yet. it's an allegation they are charged with. >> no, no. what i am saying is is that in my mind -- just as you said, bill, for 14-year-old girl in a bathroom and a high school with two men? to me that is horrific. i do not know about the crime and the charges specific in a court but as a human being and friend, you ask hey, what do you think? imagine that was my child or a relative -- i would be absolutely -- >> bill: everyone watching agrees with that. no matter what the criminality is, it should never have happened. lisa? 14-year-old, a freshman in high school bathroom. those guys at bear some responsibility because you just do not do that when you're 17
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and 18 with a 14-year-old. that does not happen in this country. >> absolutely. who cares to the president is? a 14-year-old being raped matters, period. my understanding is the information about a certain text message that went out i believe the day before but a text message is not equaled to consent. >> bill: fox news has confirmed that there is conflicting evidence. that's all we can tell. conflicting. not a slam dunk as most people thought it was last week. go ahead. >> in a court of law, a text message or any sort of exchange -- the point being, bill, what is at issue here is that we also have a commander of the montgomery county police who has explicitly said it was not consensual. we also have a police chief who said it was brutal.
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>> bill: and they remain in jail without bail. >> also court documents that describe a pretty gruesome sequence of events. >> bill: this is not the only thing in play. juan, has critical mass been reached in the criminal illegal aliens zone in this country? people said enough. we do not want these sanctuary cities, we do not want the stuff and we have to clean it up. >> no, i don't think so. i think there's tremendous resistance in the sink sway cities you mentioned against efforts to defund them. >> bill: you do not believe that the majority of americans have had enough with illegal aliens committing crimes in our country? >> don't forget, bill, rudy giuliani -- tough on crime former mayor of new york was the one who made new york city a sanctuary city. it has had tremendous support from police chiefs around the country. >> bill: i think critical mass
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has been reached. >> i think we are absolutely heading there. what president trump said he is going to do with the voice unit is give a voice to victims of illegal immigration because this is something we have not spent a lot of time -- i know you have with kate's law but as far as widespread attention to the issue, it has t been given that much attention. with president trump being the president and having elevated and given a voice to the victims of illegal immigration, these conversations and incidents will become more pertinent and people would be playing closer attention. >> bill: i think that's one of the reasons donald trump was elected president. these crimes that we are seeing, maryland, long island, and san francisco. >> i just worry about fear mongering and unfairly blanketing people who are hard-working people. >> bill: no one has a right to come into this country illegally. he has that right. and they are pouring in. directly ahead, "the factor"
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5:23 pm
been arrested even if i.c.e. asked for a detainer on them unless they are booked on capital charges. to complicate a process and not required by federal law. already texas has denied travis county $1.5 million. the sink sway policy -- it seems to me, mr. rodriguez, a person who is in this country illegally who is then arrested for a crime -- just remember, just crossing into the country is not a criminal defense, it's a civil defense. if someone is arrested for a criminal act should not be allowed to roam around even if sally hernandez wants them to. that's logical, is it not? >> i do believe and support local law enforcement either in travis county or in the rest of texas and i have to do believe and i do believe sally hernandez and local law enforcement here think that this is the best
5:24 pm
policy. i've had the opportunity to talk to local law enforcement not only here in austin but around the state of texas. not one of them has told me that the communities will be safer if anti-sanctuary city laws are passed or anything else. >> bill: you will see that there are laws on the books, right? >> you will see that, correct. >> bill: so does the sheriff of the county, sally hernandez, have the right to make up her own law and disregard federal law? i don't like it so i'm going to impose my own law. does she have that power? >> i do not believe she is violating any federal law at all. >> bill: if i ask for a detainer at a local jurisdiction, they have to cooperate with the homeland security department. >> the detainer is a detainer request, bill. federal law does not mandate local law enforcement to detain for i.c.e. and for i.c.e. to take them away. what this policy in travis county is has allowed the
5:25 pm
discussion to go after violent offenders. >> bill: here is why you are wrong. it is against the civil law to be in this country illegally. to overstay your visa or sneak across the texas border. you are in violation of federal law just doing that. then, at the federal government asks a local sheriff like sally hernandez to hold the law breaker, the person here illegally -- she is required to do so under the statute that these people are illegally here. do not understand that? that is what they are defying in these sanctuary places. >> if you look at what donald trump's executive order was up is basically saying is the officer or sheriff is withholding information from the federal government, then that person is disobeying the federal law. >> bill: are not talk about the executive order, the demand by the federal government that
5:26 pm
all local law enforcement obey the federal immigration laws. that's why they are going to get punished. if you are trying to raise money for your county, right? >> yes, i am. if i can go back really briefly. the policy -- the question is whether or not these detainer's are supposed to be honored. the answer is that they are not. >> bill: you are saying if you are here illegally and i.c.e. homeland security people say hold that person, you are saying under the law, the local jurisdiction doesn't have to do it. that is what you are saying. >> there is some discussion built in. >> bill: it is just not there. you are trying to raise money for sally and the travis county folks because she has lost $1.5 million already. and she will lose more from the federal government. >> thank you for asking. that's not exactly accurate. what the governor did was withheld $1.5 million to the travis, not sally hernandez.
5:27 pm
those are two very, very different things. the money did not go go to the sheriff's department in any way, shape, or form. the money went to the travis county for different programs and courts. >> bill: you are not getting that. >> the family violence courts and et cetera. those are where the governor decided to punish travis county instead of -- he was intending to go after the sheriff and instead he went after innocent folks in travis county. >> bill: no doubt innocent folks are going to get hurt by this but it all comes back to sheriff hernandez and disobeying the law. >> i do think that the governor has a political vendetta against the sheriff. >> bill: i do not know texas policies but reality is reality. i appreciate you coming on. plenty coming up as "the factor" moves along. say good-bye to animal house and
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5:31 pm a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. >> bill: dealing with russia, as you may know they fbi congressional committees are investigating whether the russian government tried to subvert our presidential election. dick cheney spoke about the
5:32 pm
situation in india. >> there's not any argument at this stage that somehow the election of president trump was not legitimate but there is no question that there was a very serious effort made by mr. putin and his government, his organization, to interfere in major ways. with our democratic processes. some would consider that an act of war. >> bill: is he overstating that? >> not technically. i think you can make a case that one of the professor said today, yes, there are international laws that say a country cannot go in and try to subvert an election. i think when vice president cheney -- i think you he is being very clear eyed but you think act of war and 200,000 ground troops are going to be
5:33 pm
sent to russia. >> bill: congress has to declare war. the president and vice president cannot do it. but if the putin government did take active steps to subvert our vote, you would probably slap sanctions on russia. there is no way a vote like that would pass. >> no, going forward since we know the russians have wanted to do this for many decades and in fact are trying to do it right now in france -- because that election -- >> bill: they like the far right candidate who went to moscow to pony up to potent due back putin. i'm not sure they are but certainly they would like her to win. >> it gets back to that definition -- interfere, influence, then act of war. i think the tactics are different. cyber warfare. >> bill: and i do not think america is prepared for cyber
5:34 pm
warfare because there is going to come a time when evildoers try to take our grid down. that means that none of the machines would work. the whole country would ground to a halt. that's going to happen. that would lead to planes and tanks and fighting. if they did that. but it's hard to prove this. i am not convinced the fbi or the congressional committees are going to be able to pinpoint what pruden did or did not do. he uses surrogates. 15 layers. >> it's very clear, for example, when russia invaded ukraine. it was clear. >> bill: yeah, you could see it. with this internet business -- leaking and hacking -- >> and actually holding people hostage like if you do not pay us money, we will release your information. >> bill: blackmailing people. >> it's definitely happening in
5:35 pm
corporate america more so. >> bill: that is what a lot of people are worried about here. if russia had its tentacles deeper inside our system than we know. an interesting happened to about eight years ago. we had somebody hack in and try to harm people who were on our web site. the fbi got the case and they found the guy. he was in akron, ohio. and he got sentenced to prison. these fbi guys are pretty good. it's because of the punishment has to be severe. >> bill: it was a college aged -- he did a couple of years. it just for that. i was heartened by that because i did not know whether the fbi was going to be able to do that. they are pretty good. who is doing what and where they are, even though these people have walls here and there and everywhere. if you're going to try to subvert our democracy, we have
5:36 pm
to put you on some kind of war list. >> the other thing president trump can do, i think he's going to meet with the nato allies at the end of may. that should be on the agenda. cyber warfare, support for each other in this effort is going to be important. that would be a good step for him at the nato meeting. >> bill: dana perino. political correctness is damaging the country. we will tell you how. a special report. but with propane, you can live where you want and how you want. and since it's both clean and reliable, you could say propane is "man's best fuel." she knows what i'm talkin' about don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: in the personal story segment tonight, political correctness has reached critical mass in america. many folks are terrified of even giving opinions for fear of being branded a villain. joining us now, author of the book retaking america: crushing political correctness. professor of liberal studies at nyu. you would were put on paid lear actually attacking the pc culture at your college, correct? >> i established an anonymous twitter account, the anti-pc and why you and i made couple tweet
5:41 pm
tweets -- i talked about the halloween costume surveillance for example in which students -- the most scary thing about hallowing today is not being scared by costumes, it's being scared to wear them because of the surveillance upon students. >> bill: if they dress with a sombrero, a mexican. your case had a happy ending, you are suspended with pay. but then promoted to a full professor. >> in the interim, i was promoted to full professor. >> bill: especially at nyu. >> the key is, i held my own and did not back down. i continued to say but i was saying. >> bill: based upon freedom of speech. >> freedom of speech. mr. adams, we ask you to come up with a couple because you are the author of the book, how pc behavior is harming the nation directly. go. >> bill, lots of different examples because i think
5:42 pm
political correctness is behind everything the problem we have seen in america today. straight off the bat, let's talk about hampshire college in western massachusetts. a liberal arts institution. they were doing all kinds of funny and awful things with the american flag -- it led to the united states flag being removed for a period of time under the tenure of the college president and it was only one veterans groups and other patriotic forces gained together that access was taken. >> bill: it was only after jesse watters was up there embarrassing them. what is your second example? >> a pretty recent example of the travel ban and the reaction to it. specifically on capitol hill and even more specifically, senate minority leader chuck schumer who put on an oscar worthy performance -- with crocodile tears and different props. talking about how this travel
5:43 pm
ban, that the president had signed which was really seeking to keep us safe, was mean-spirited, the statue of liberty had tears running down her cheek. >> bill: good examples. how did we get here? how did this happen? when i was in college and the '60s, there was a lot of up for and there was a little bit of political correctness but not anything near this. >> i am doing a book on the genealogy of just how this got to where it is today. it's really is very scary, bill. it goes back to maoism. many techniques from maoism have been adopted by the pc left and now the pc left agenda has been taken up by the administration and universities. >> bill: the root of the maoism is you cannot say certain things. >> the shaming culture that goes on. this goes back to the mouse struggle circles.
5:44 pm
the self-deprecation that people were expected to engage in. this is what goes back to maoist auto critique. in which one fabricates oneself in front of the audience into terry's oneself to pieces. >> bill: especially if you're a white straight male. you are the oppressor, then. that is what the pc culture is going for here. to see the same way, mr. adams? >> i do but i think political correctness is far more than a position on speech. it is a way of life. a mentality, it's a psychology -- you should strive for mediocrity as opposed to greatness. success should not be celebrated or admired, it should be resented. you should not color outside of the lines. i cannot think of anything more un-american or anti-american -- declining education or standards as you eliminate every monday night across america, all of those things really had
5:45 pm
their roots in political hostility and the values that have made america the greatest country on earth. >> bill: here's one point i want to make it, right on the society, achievers are considered the enemy. and people who do not achieve are considered the victims. that pc has seeped in almost everywhere. the flag supporting the police ordered to be taken down in florida. the boys are on next. recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. it'that can make a worldces, of difference.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, what the heck? jacksonville area florida, woman
5:49 pm
has been ordered to take down the flag that honored american police. >> this is the flag that has flown outside his daughter's house for years. he tells me it is to honor him and the many other family members who are law enforcement. >> if you drive by and see that flag, it makes you feel a little bit better. there's a family that supports what i'm doing. >> recently has data received this letter asking her to remove the flag. it saying it does not fit the rules and regulations of the home owners association. it's because she called. they told her it was considered racist and a pencil, they received a complaint. >> here to analyze. the home owners association in florida. i used to live in florida, way back when i taught high school. i was in an apartment complex. we had a little association but all they did was paint the parking lines to make sure they were not giant rats jumping on you when you go into the pool. now it's a political statement.
5:50 pm
a >> you say home owner associations -- they have like% busybodies. i was a lifeguard at a condo. the home owners people made my life -- i was called the pool monitor. i was not allowed to save anybody because legally i did not have the expertise to save people so they said if anybody is drowning, just stand and wait for somebody who knows what to do. >> bill: so you sat in a lounge chair. what stayed with us? >> northern california. >> bill: you were involved in a condo association. until i was escorted out. this is how insane this is. it's a good thing that you are supporting the police. someone complaining about everything, they don't like those shoes, burn shoes? it is crazy. the only exculpatory thing is that if the condo association has rules about what kind of
5:51 pm
flag -- come if they do not have specific rules they have to acquiesce to the person who called. now we know where: kaepernick lives. you know what i would say? call the cops. for god sakes. relax. >> bill: we are living in a stupid world. just odd. there was an article in the weirdest interview, in the detroit news on a web site we asked the residents what the heck just happened to come up with two each of the weirdest things that will get you booted out of a job. your first one? >> bringing childhood toys to the interview. this is a real thing. this is a real thing according to the study. to me, if somebody did this, it
5:52 pm
is not a mistake because i've lived in the real world. i have collected unemployment insurance. nobody wants to give it up. they make you look for a job. you go on job interviews and he wants to be a receptionist? >> bill: you would bring a panda from your childhood so you will not get the job? >> i would bring an etch-a-sketch or a mr. potato head. you want to be a receptionist at a tuberculosis ward. >> bill: go ahead. >> what if it is my therapy toy? the interview i thought was interesting was asking the person interviewing you out to dinner afterwards. i happen to think that's totally appropriate because it shows initiative. you saw an opportunity and that's why you should hire me. because i am not willing to wait. let's go to the local applebee' applebee's. have some sizzling ribs. >> bill: to be serious, if you
5:53 pm
are looking for a job, do not ask the job interviewer out after for dinner. second one. >> the guy called his wife to ask if the starting salary was okay during his job interview. >> bill: that shows that he is not a real man, number one. you should know what the starting salary is. >> or he was trying to get a job on the view or something in which case -- >> bill: in front of the interviewer? your second one. >> there was a person going for the job that just kept taking off and putting on his sunglasses. i realized it was david caruso from csi: miami. >> bill: so fiddling with their sunglasses. the best one for me -- i know this happens in interviews, you are in the middle of the interview, trying to get the job. your phone rings and you answer it. oh, excuse me, let me get this. i will be right back. you are disqualified
5:54 pm
immediately. that is a real thing. don't do that. thank you. factor "tip of the day." are you old school? find out in the tip. moments away. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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>> bill: factor "tip of the day." are you old school? but first, the mail. not fair. not fair. a tough business based on his interviewing skills, i do not know him very well but it seems he is more interested in how information is presented than providing a political point of view. i guess i could be wrong.
5:57 pm
i wish all politicians cared more about that. i did on the inside, james. but i cannot interrupt serious interviews to harp on people. i am partial to anthony's' cold fire. we have posted the town hall on for folks who missed it. i'm glad you watched it.
5:58 pm
i spent almost four years in a japanese prison camp. the book was accurate. >> you should write a book. well, thank you. rising sun still number three after more than a half year in the market. killing jesus now in paperback. finally, tonight the "tip of the day." speaking of books, my new one. "old school: life in the sane l. hardcover on amazon already, reviews are strong there. i wrote the book with bruce pierce steen, author of real men don't eat quiche. old-school defines with with the philosophy really is and against the snowflake movement we were talking about. you know what is in play.
5:59 pm
i actually wrote the book because i was acting like a snowflake. whining about how bad the pc culture really is in this country. but wining gets us nowhere. so i did something. i wrote old school. mostly humorous but with serious undertones as we discussed tonight, politically correct madness, hurting free speech and harming education, people are fearful. students are indoctrinated in some cases. old school folks must step up. i hope you like the book. please let me know what you think, factor "tip of the day." that is it for us tonight. please check out the pox news factor web site, different from we would like you to spelled out about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be doltish when writing to the factor. i will be on tucker's show.
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that's coming right up, after "the factor." thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." still hungry for bill o'reilly? you will join us on this program. it is free speech withering away on college campuses? protests erupted in another campus when charles murray showed up with some of his opinions. democrats are lashing out at house intelligence chairman devin nunes' saying he needs to recuse himself from the house of representatives investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 2016 election. the only person who can force him to do that though is paul ryan. he is defending him so